About the blog

About The Blog

Meghan Markle Review is a blog that follows Meghan Markle and also Prince Harry. I started blogging about the royals over at my other site, Kate Middleton Review, and have decided to expand my royal coverage into a separate site for Harry and Meghan.

I started blogging over at Kate Middleton Review because I was too positive for anti-Kate sites and too negative for pro-Kate sites, so I created my own space in which to talk about the royals. I feel a similar way about Meghan, even though I know very little about her. Up until now, she’s been a bit divisive and when reading comments about her I find myself falling somewhere in the middle of the various fandoms’ opinions. So I plan on taking the same approach to Meghan as I do to the other royals I cover.

This is a critical blog, and I will be both positive and negative here. I understand that when someone negatively criticizes someone or something we like, we tend to take that as an insult to us personally. So I’m telling you now: if you cannot stand Meghan being negatively criticized, then this is not the blog for you.

I fully intend to give Meghan the same “new royal” benefit of the doubt that I gave both Kate Middleton and Princess Sofia, but, as I’ve learned from my three and a half years of blogging, I tend to disagree with the majority of people about fashion. So I may dislike Meghan’s fashion, we shall see. Again, if you cannot stand my voicing something along the lines of my dislike of Meghan’s fashion, then this is not the blog for you.

I truly hope following Meghan’s journey will be fun. I blog about the royals because I enjoy it – I never want it to not be fun, and would much rather be positive than negative. I know very little about Meghan and am looking forward to learning more about her. So let’s have some fun, and see where this leads!

About Those Ads

As this is a self-hosted site, I have to pay out of pocket for the domain name and server the site runs on. In order to offset the cost of running the blog, I have several ads on the site.

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Comment Policy

In a nutshell: don’t be rude. There will be disagreements, there will be misunderstandings, but be polite when conversing with others.

  • Do not attack, belittle, name-call, or threaten me or other commenters.
  • Do not demean, belittle, or name-call mine or other commenter’s opinions – discuss the differences, don’t just attack someone for having a different opinion than you.
  • Do not attack, belittle, or name-call the royals (and royal-adjacents) – vicious attacks and hateful language are not welcome here.
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NOTE: As owner of this proprietary site, I reserve the right to delete any comment I think has violated this comment policy.