Appearance Totals

Find all of Meghan’s official public appearances by year listed on this page.

Rules for Counting Engagements

Counting engagements in the Court Circular is not an exact science, and each person counts engagements differently. I count engagements using the following rules:

♦ Each new location is a new engagement. If there are multiple lines for one location I count that as only one engagement as there was only one location (for example, arriving and being shown around a location will be listed on two lines for The Queen, but I count that as only one engagement).

♦ I do not count weddings, births, baptisms, or birthdays as engagements, even though they are listed in the Court Circular.

♦ I do not count “was represented by” as an engagement, even though it is listed in the Court Circular, as the royal didn’t actually attend the event.

♦ For engagements during the fiancé period, I treat them as a “pictures or it didn’t happen” situation as the royal is not listed in the Court Circular during this time, and I cannot be sure the royal attended the event unless there are photos of their attendance.





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