Blog Update: May 15

Blog Update: May 15

Hey guys. I wanted to write a quick update to let you guys know that I have heard you that there are problems with various functions of the site. I was planning on looking into those problems this past weekend, but things came up and I was unable to. I am hoping I will be able to look into everything this week, and this coming weekend I am scheduling time to work on fixing the site. If the site goes down at any point this week, it’s most likely me fiddling with stuff.

I have a list of issues that I know are problems – the email problem being the biggest – but if you guys have any comments or suggestions outside of the email thing about problems with the site or features you want, let me know. This post is for that. So if you have any comments on blog-related issues, post them here and I’ll add them to the list.

Thank you for being understanding. The site is still new, so please bear with me while I work on fixing the kinks.

10 thoughts on “Blog Update: May 15

  1. Thanks MMR – I just got an email from Admin which links to this post – so something worked out well ! Greetings from Shan in Australia – almost 6pm om Monday night here.

  2. Hi MMR, thanks for all of you hard work you do to provide us with the best possible site. I have two suggestions:
    1. the reply button is in a odd spot, I think I’m replying to one poster but my reply shows up under another poster.
    2. It would be lovely to have the Comments box again like on your KMR site, where we can click to see comments without having to scroll through the entire post.

    Thanks again!!

    1. Adding to Lauri’s suggestions:
      1. As you have in the KMR blog, could you add the time eg 3 hours ago next to the date of a comment? With so many commenters living in different time zones across the globe it’s otherwise hard to keep track of when comments come in. The ‘recent comments’ to the right of the page only accommodates five or so.

  3. Is Meghan’s dad Jewish? I keep hearing that Meghan’s dad is Jewish, but most sites say he is half Irish and half Dutch.

    1. I’ve read all sorts of things regarding Meghan’s religion but I’ve seen no concrete evidence just hearsay. If her dad is Jewish then I doubt he is a devout one otherwise he wouldn’t have sent his daughter to Catholic school.

      Meghan’s ex-husband is Jewish & they incorporated some jewish elements at their beach wedding in Jamaica. However it was not a religious ceremony.

      Also like most of the young royals I don’t think MM herself is all that religious.

  4. MMR – thanks for creating this blog! I’m really enjoying having a place to talk about (future) Princess Sparkles 🙂

    I second @Lauri’s suggestions.

  5. i Hope you can get my e mail link fixed. I would like the facility to just click on the box without having to comment. It works so well on KMR. TIA

  6. Hi again – another suggestion. Assuming Meghan does marry Harry, I’d love to see those same header links/pages you have on KMR (engagement total, fashion total, patronages). Thanks!

  7. Hi. The emails are still not working for me. They are not going to the junk/spam folder though.

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