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Meghan Markle

Meghan writes about ‘The 10 Women Who Changed My Life’

Between shooting Suits and vacationing with Prince Harry and going quiet on social media, Meghan Markle is mostly MIA these days. She hasn’t done many interviews or writing for magazines since her relationship with Harry became public, but now she’s taken to Glamour to write about her Top 10 list of her most inspirational women. […]

Meghan Markle Tig Archives

Tig Archives: Meghan’s He For She article

Meghan Markle was a presenter at the 2014 UN Women HeForShe launch event on gender equality, and she wrote about the HeForShe campaign in an article for her blog The Tig before it closed. The article was published on September 23, 2014. “I was eleven years old when the LA riots broke out in 92 […]

Flashback Friday Meghan Markle

Flashback Friday: Meghan’s Time article about period stigma

In January 2017, Meghan Markle traveled to India for a week with World Vision to work with young women and girls. On International Women’s Day 2017, March 8, Meghan penned an article for Time Magazine about the stigma surrounding menstruation. “Imagine a world where the female leaders we revere never achieved their full potential because […]

Meghan Markle Tig Archives

Tig Archives: Meghan’s World Water Day article

In January 2016, Meghan Markle visited Rwanda with World Vision, for which she is a global ambassador. In March 2016, Meghan wrote an article for The Tig, which has since closed, about her experience there for World Water Day. Meghan’s World Water Day article was published on March 22, 2016. “I used to take the […]

Meghan Markle Tig Archives

Tig Archives: Meghan’s How To Be Both article

When Meghan Markle closed her lifestyle blog The Tig on April 7, 2017, all of her writing on there disappeared, including her How To Be Both article in which she discusses her charity work. But thanks to the Wayback Machine, I’ve been able to access The Tig’s archives, and I want to post some of […]

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