The lead-up to Meghan attending Pippa’s wedding is exhausting

The lead-up to Meghan attending Pippa’s wedding is exhausting

I haven’t even been blogging about the back-and-forth involving the “will she/won’t she” of Meghan Markle attending Pippa Middleton‘s wedding, but just reading about it for the last few months has me exhausted. I guess after Meghan and Prince Harry‘s debut at polo this past weekend, all the papers are claiming Pippa has invited Meghan to her wedding.

I feel like I was the only one who was all “It’s Pippa’s choice and she’s not a terrible person for not inviting people to her wedding”, so I hope this was actually Pippa’s decision and not something she was pressured into (either by the press, Harry, or Carole). I still think a wedding is about the couple getting married, not about the guest’s happiness, and the couple doesn’t have to invite plus one’s just because their guest complains (and I think the guest is the rude one in that situation).

Anyway, E Online, which seemingly has an inside line with Meghan, has a story about which parts of Pippa’s wedding Meghan will be attending and that she’s already had two outfit fittings.

“Here comes the bride Meghan Markle! Now that The Suits actress has secured a coveted invite to Pippa Middleton’s upcoming wedding to James Matthews, one question remains: How is she preparing for the big day?! Well, despite the obvious pressure that comes with attending such a major event, it appears as if Meghan is handling the next step in her relationship with Prince Harry with stride.

“A source close to the brunette beauty tells E! News she’s already had not one, but two, separate fittings in Toronto for her ensemble. No word yet on what color hue Markle has decided on, but our insider shares her look will include a hat for the formal ceremony portion of the festivities.

“Which brings us to yet another wildly discussed topic: What portions of Pippa and James’ nuptials will Meghan attend? As E! News previously reported, the couple will exchange vows on Saturday, May 20 at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire, close to sister Kate Middleton’s hometown, Bucklebury. Guests will then reportedly gather for a reception at the 18-acre Georgian Grade II-listed manor home of Pippa and Kate’s parents, Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton. And much like Kate and Prince William’s 2011 wedding extravaganza, the celebration will continue with an after-party that evening, usually reserved for the newlyweds’ closest family and friends.

“We’re told Meghan will attend all three different events with Prince Harry, who confirmed his relationship with the actress last November. And to make the most of her trip across the pond, our source reveals Meghan is set to touch down in London four days before the event around May 16. This, of course, is to ensure the Toronto-based star can enjoy plenty of alone time with Harry. Let the countdown begin!”

[E Online]

Exhausting. Because why do we need to know about Meghan’s dress fittings? I will admit that I am very excited about seeing Meghan at Pippa’s wedding, and I hope we get great photos, but I don’t care about dress fittings. Like, of course she has dress fittings, we don’t need to be breathlessly told about dress fittings.

E Online also has this story about how Meghan and Harry are totally following William and Kate’s relationship model, or something. The interesting bit is this quote from a “source” close to Harry about Meghan attending polo: “Harry was the one that encouraged her to come. He hates doing these things by himself and it felt great to have someone he loves cheering him on. With Meghan, he feels like they’re a team. It gives him so much energy.”

I thought some of the commentary around the polo debut was a bit overdone, because Meghan attending polo isn’t a sure sign of an impending engagement. I also think some of the commentary about Meghan attending Pippa’s wedding with Harry is a bit overdone, because Meghan attending Pippa’s wedding with Harry isn’t a sure sign of an impending engagement. Chelsea attended many polo matches over the years, and she was Harry’s plus one at William and Kate’s wedding, and we all know how that turned out.

Having said that, I do think the narrative around Meghan is different than Harry’s previous relationships, and I think they will get engaged at some point. Although 1) I would prefer a fall engagement so that we get a spring wedding because I think that would be better for fashion, and 2) I think it would be best for Meghan’s last season of Suits to finish airing before they get engaged.

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  1. Part of me wonders if these two are already engaged but waiting to formally announce it ala Kate and William. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hid it for awhile. It’s all about timing with the royal family. Im waiting for meghan to shu down her Instagram

    1. Maybe. I don’t think we should freak out until she shuts down her social media accounts. Because as of now her Instagram and Twitter are still up, even if she isn’t active on there much anymore. Once she deletes those, then we can freak out.

    2. @overit, yeah, me too. I’ve been saying this for a while now (already engaged) and what we’re seeing now is the roll out to the official announcement…getting the public used to seeing them together while she closes out her obligations. I wonder if there hasn’t been a push to shut down instagram and twitter because you can’t delete those histories, like she could with her own website (or can you? I’m not on either of those platforms…). So, unlike her blog, the history will be around forever so there’s no reason to hurry to shut it down. One of the reasons I think they are already engaged is that she deleted the entire history of her website, which seemed really unusual to me.

      I also think that all of the press about is she or isn’t she attending “the (not) semi-royal wedding of the year” crap/articles/narrative is coming from Pippa’s side – the Beckham’s PR woman she hired or Carole. I really think that the Midds wanted an enormous run-up to Pippa’s wedding (as if she were another royal getting married or getting married to a royal, like Kate)…but then no one really cared very much. So we’ve seen article after article trying to get people interested and now they know Megs is “hot” right now so they’ve made sure everyone knows she IS invited – come to the wedding, cover the wedding because Meghan IS coming!! There have just been so many OOT announcements about this wedding – including that crazy official announcement from KP…WTF?! that I really believe this is the Midds wanting more and more attention.

      With regard to why Meghan was suddenly invited to ALL the wedding events (and the Midds want us to know this), IMO they want a quid pro quo invitation to the Harry-Meghan wedding, which will be an actual royal wedding. I agree with MMR that people should be able to dictate the terms of their own wedding, but on the other hand, IMO, weddings are typically gatherings of family and friends and I’d want those friends and family to be relaxed and happy at the event so if someone tangentially related to me had a +1 that didn’t have a ring (yet!) I would be more than happy for that +1 to attend…whether it was someone serious like Megs or if it was a reality star like Spencer’s GF. I feel like it’s not my role or right to judge other people’s relationships…or…wait, I shouldn’t say that because I judge all the time, lol, but I guess I mean that it’s not my place to tell them who they can date or to punish them because they have a casual relationship. I kind of cannot believe that the brother of the groom isn’t allowed to bring a date because he’s not married to her. Is James Middy also not allowed to bring his non-ringed GF?

      Anyway…I guess I couldn’t even believe or understand why Harry is invited in the first place. We’ve never seen him socializing with Pippa or the Midds after W&K’s wedding so I think he was only invited to make the wedding more “royal.” But, if he is invited, then I think he should be allowed a +1, regardless of ring status (which was the original argument). I honestly think the sudden apparent turn-around is because the Midds realize Harry is all in with Meghan and they want a to his wedding. (Sorry, this turned into a novel!)

      1. On both Twitter and Instagram, you can both delete all of your posts and delete your account. So there is no reason to leave either of those accounts up.

        1. Yes the accounts can be deleted and the photos will no longer be available to view through IG, Twitter, FB, etc. Google images will still show certain photos posted on social media after a photo is deleted or account is shut down for up to three months. They can however, be requested to be deleted through Google (as long as the original link is no longer active) which won’t be a problem for her people to take care of if they want that stuff gone eventually. The only thing nobody can stop is individuals saving the photos now and reposting them later on fan pages.

      2. It could be that the Middletons wanted to give Pippa a lot of coverage on this day so that her wedding would feel as celebrated as her older sister’s. The Middletons seem like indulgent parents.

        1. Jennifer: You hit the nail on the head.

          All this publicity for the wedding is to put it on a parr with Kate’s wedding. Nevermind that one was a royal wedding such that no matter the bride, it would be a state occassion.

          It shows the Middletons have no sense of proportion and imagine themselves to be global stars on the same scale as the British royals even if they need a publicist to manufacture the same kind of adulation.

  2. Yeah, if it wasn’t enough that we had to deal with unnecessary coverage of Pippa’s wedding, now we also get unnecessary coverage of Meghan attending the wedding.

    I love reading these exclusives on H&M. The reporting is always so over the top it’s funny. That article comparing them to W&K is dripping with sugar.

    I hope Meghan gets to live in London for a while before the engagement. Being in a long distance relationship isn’t the same as living in the same city as your partner.

    1. I know. The PR surrounding this wedding is ridiculous. But I guess this is a test run for Harry and Meghan’s wedding in terms of press craziness.

      1. Not only is it ridiculous, but there’s largely no ‘there’ there. All we know is that Meghan will be there with Harry. The rest is just empty noise.

        1. I’m very interested to know about the Middleton family deals for this wedding. What has she paid for and what is she being gifted? What is she advertising? Pippa has been doing native advertising of clothing for a while – her engagement pap walk with the bag and the dress, etc etc.

          No need to be gauche and sell wedding photos for cash these days, they can make money and obtain benefits (landrovers) in more subtle ways.

          1. These are the wedding services highlighted prominently in articles with specific mentions of names, cost and websites. We see very clear pictures of the the services which are always a marker of collusion for PR purposes. I am willing to bet that they are all heavily discounted for this PR.
            1. PBI glass Marques……providing that giant glasshouse for the reception set up in the ultra private Middleton manor set in the middle of 18acres of land that is normally off limits even if there is a public road.

            2. Gracie Belgravia + Santi Su……purveyors of beauty, spa treatments as well as other services. Pippa very smiley as she’s papped leaving the premises.

            3. Sirtfoods from KY gym…..pippa’s thinned out body. To be fair, Pippa has been going to KY gym for some years, but this PR driven detail about specific food recommended by the gym is new and only came out once publicist was hired. Free party favours?

            4. Lavender Green flowers. Considering the wedding planners are using local florists according to latest articles, why the big flower delivery from this London based florists with big article about their wedding services?

            5. The local florists (can’t be bothered to google) every mention is free PR. Major discount there.

            6. Wedding planner. Fait accompli planned party at the palace and are now planning Pippa’s wedding. A lucky hapstance with a hefty discount to Pippa?

            7. Robinson Pelham. Lest we forget, Kate, Pippa and Carole’s jewelkery for Kate’s wedding. Pippa’s engagement ring. Hints have been made about wedding rings, but nothing concrete. So many mentions that i think another discount.

            8. Whilst Giles Deacon and Stephen Jones have been papped leaving the house, i can believe that they aren’t giving discounts because except for those papped pics, we’ve heard no more about them in the breathless style we’ve heard about the others.

            9. Not forgetting the private estate and church hosting the wedding ceremony and reception. Outside of the cost of the wedding which everyone has to pay to the church at only £400-£500.

  3. Also regarding the plus one thing. Having paid for my wedding out of my own pocket the plus one thing is very frustrating. Guests want to bring someone and they don’t realize the extra cost for the bride and groom especially when they don’t know the person. In my case, we were limited on the number of guests so a plus one took away from inviting someone we knew. But wedding guests don’t think about that. I know Pippa has money so its different, although I’m sure she is limited on numbers. Still I fully support Pippa in who she wants to invite in regards to plus ones. The bride and groom can’t make everyone happy and on that day their happiness is the only one that matters.

    1. I plus one your comment on plus ones!

      Maybe it’s because I’m a very private person and would have a very small wedding with only a very few specific people invited, but I think it’s the couple’s day first and foremost and they can do what they want with their wedding guest list. And I think it’s rude for a guest to make a stink about bringing a plus one when one has not been specified. It’s fine to ask if it’s not been specified but if you get told no plus ones then leave it at that and either attend solo or don’t attend. Maybe it’s just me but if one of my friends or family made a stink about bringing a plus one when I said no plus ones, I’d be fine telling them not to come. If they are going to be a jerk about coming then I don’t want them there anyway.

      1. @MMR – I actually wonder if Harry said he wouldn’t attend, or would only attend the parts Meghan had been invited to – as you’re suggesting – and then Pippa/Carole said “oh, no, please bring Meghan for the whole thing” …especially since it’s the church part that will be photographed by the paps.

        I guess I am just sooooo suspicious of the Middletons media game – from them tipping off Tanna and others to them asking paps for copies of the pics they just took for the “family album” to them feeding the DM stories to that stupid KP official announcement about this wedding – that I can’t give them the benefit of the doubt about anything anymore.

        1. “I actually wonder if Harry said he wouldn’t attend, or would only attend the parts Meghan had been invited to”

          That was my thought, too. That’s why I said I hope it was Pippa’s decision and not something she was forced into by other people.

        2. +1000 I completely agree with you.

          Some people think they need an accessory and forget that the wedding is about the couple rather then themselves.

        3. I’m interested to see if Donna Aire comes to any part of this extravaganza. If Meghan is included for part, then I’d think the long-term girlfriend of the bride’s brother should be included as well. Of course, Donna doesn’t have anything to offer in return–ie, an invitation to an upcoming major royal wedding–that the Middleton’s would be interested in.

      2. Lol, thanks MMR :). I actually had an issue with a couple friends when they learned they couldn’t bring plus ones. But its funny because once they each got married, they then understood where I had been coming from regarding plus ones. They apologized since you can’t always include plus ones.

        1. That’s incredibly rude of your friends. You really don’t need to be getting married yourself to be sensitive to the large financial outlay of a wedding. I don’t understand why people feel they can’t attend a function by themselves for a few hours.

          1. My husband’s best man invited his girlfriend, fine, his mother, ok, his father (divorced), his father’s new partner and his little brother. They were most upset when I said NO to the little brother’s girlfriend (of a couple of months). I was more than happy to rescind inviting the lot of them, ugh. Our wedding was cocktail but still, it was very annoying. My husband is far too accommodating. He knew the family well, but still, it’s ridiculous. Also, still waiting for a present from the best man.

    2. Let’s not conflate your wedding with Pippa’s Media Circus. There have been conflicting messages from the get go: it was going to be just a simple family wedding, it would be so unlike Kate’s state occasion… But, wait, the Middleton’s hired a PR woman to handle all the interest (where there was none) because they really, really wanted attention, yet again. And probably monetized it too. This has meant manufacturing interest by placing breathless ‘stories’ in an attempt to whip up excitement and interest (where there is still none). So the big guns were brought out: using the publicly-funded Kensington Palace PR to announce the attendance/participation of the Cambridge’s and Harry at, at essence, a private function. And we know how the Cambridge’s feel about keeping their private lives private, don’t we? Will they sue if pictures are published?

      Now the Meghan Markle PR card is thrown into the mix with – if MMR is right – leaks about fittings. Who cares? Should we care? Am I missing something? MM should be quiet, turn up as any other guest (especially as one who does not know the couple) and let the bride have her circus of a day. Not every move is a PR opportunity.

      If any of them wanted to do class rather than adopt its veneer, they could have taken note of Amanda Knatchbull’s elegant, private family wedding in 2016 where Charles gave the bride away and with other senior royalty as guests. No news of fittings of the Queen’s outfit leaked. Wonder why.

      1. This!

        The wedding has become a circus & everyone is playing their part. I would have thought that H&M would be smart enough not to get involved with this mess. Meghan does not know Pippa & I don’t think Harry is particularly close to her either so why are they even going. Harry is smart enough to know that anything involving the Middleton’s is always drama so why put himself & Meghan through this? No one turns out looking good from this I’m afraid

      2. Maybe they’re all taking their cues from Autumn and Peter Phillips. Their wedding was attended by pretty much the entire BRF – and captured in a 50-page spread in Hello Magazine! The happy couple was paid 500k for the exclusive.

        1. Autumn and Peter Phillips still get flak for selling their wedding pics, as do Zara and Mike for selling pics of Mia (I think). It’s bad form and bad optics – already privileged people wanting even more of the pie.

        2. ‘Wasn’t Pippa paid roughly the same amount to write her book on party tips which ended up in the bargain bin not long after. And wasn’t Peter Phillips recently accused from profiting from the Queen’s birthday celebrations which his company organised. They are all trading in on their royal connections & it stinks

          1. Yes, they all do it. The Royals aren’t above leveraging their name for personal benefit – don’t they get a massive discount on cars from Audi? As if they can’t afford to pay retail!

        3. Peter may have sold his pictures to hello, but there was no crazy, PR driven run up to the actual event.

          Even now, if you google his wedding, all you get are the hello pictures and ensuing row after the BRF realised they had been sold.

          Very few articles breathlessly promoting the wedding before it happened.

          Let us also remember that Peter is a member of the BRF regardless of his lack of title. Ditto Zara. Both their weddings attracted public interest because the BRF were in attendance. No need to manufacture interest ahead of it.

          Pippa, despite her pretensions, is not a member of the royal family. She’s lucky to have an extra royal attendance in the form of Harry. It’s curious he agreed to attend given his barely existing relationship with her, but let’s not compare the two situations because they are not the same.

          Heck, Amanda Knatchbull had entire BRF, the Spanish and the Greek royal families at her wedding and she didn’t hire a publicity to manufacture interest in her wedding. If she had wanted to sell her wedding to Hello, she would have received as high a price as Peter based on that guestlust.

      3. I really don’t believe Ms. Pippa Middleton could be forced into anything. She and her family are into the Royal ties. They hired a PR firm to promote this wedding. So, it only makes sense to me that Harry and his latest love would attend. It is not like the Midds don’t have the money for the extra guest and with all due respect, MMR, I think it would have been very rude not to invite Meghan — for Harry’s sake. The Midds use the Royals whenever it suits them. Well Meg’s appearance should suit them, too. As long, as she doesn’t take too much attention away from the bride.

        Frankly, I am more interested in seeing Pippa’s gown, little Charlotte and George, and yes, Meghan and Harry than I am about seeing Kate and what she will wear. William, too.

        The only thing that I would say that will be rather off putting will be the comparisons the media make to how much Meghan and Pippa seem to resemble one another. I can see the photos now. I do think there is a bit of a resemblance, with Meghan winning hands-down the better looking of the two. Hate to be mean, but I’m being honest. And, I don’t believe anything will take away from the bride and groom’s day.

    3. @overit, the thing about the +1 costing money is that – for this wedding – Meghan wasn’t invited to the free part, the church ceremony part (or, the not-charged-per-head part). She was initially invited to the part that actually costs per head/plate. So, to me, this argument didn’t work for why she was only originally being invited to part of the wedding.

      The whole narrative we were fed was about Pippa not wanting the spotlight stolen from her on “her” big day (even though that’s supposedly what she did to Kate and what she and Kate did to many of the other weddings they attended over the years). No one ever said anything about space or cost, so I kind of feel like the rules for a normal person’s wedding didn’t apply to this particular wedding, but I do get what you are saying about a normal person with cost or space constraints.

      1. You can have a wedding and reception within your budget and still include +1s. Unless your guests matter less than the show.

        1. Maven I am a bit put off by your comment. My wedding wasn’t a ‘show’ and of course my friends matter more. But no you can’t have a wedding/reception in your budget and include plus 1’s. My wedding was under $10 grand for everything (dress, rings, venue, food, cake, photographer, etc). Which weddings today average around $30,000 in the US. So we were on a tight budget compared to most weddings. It is hard to do a wedding for that price, especially in Los Angeles. We DIY’ed a lot of wedding stuff and still were pushing the cost. Our venue was small, so we couldn’t invite a bunch of plus ones. Plus, each plus one cost us more and put us over budget. We wanted our wedding small with friends and families. Any plus 1’s took away from a friend we wanted to come since we were limited on space and budget. So, no you can’t always have plus one’s included within your budget. I find it offensive that you would imply we only cared about the ‘show.’ Weddings are expensive and some people are on a budget-so you can’t make a blanket statement that “you can have a wedding and reception within your budget and still include +1’s” when you don’t know people’s budgets.

          As for Pippa, it is her wedding day. So whether she wants attention/doesn’t, plus 1s/or not, small wedding/big wedding, etc, it doesn’t matter. Because your wedding is the one day its all about you and your future spouse. The bride and groom are allowed to do what they want on this day of all days. And if people don’t like it, then they don’t have to attend. I don’t know if you are married, but there will always be at least one person at the wedding who thinks you should have don’t something different. That is why it is impossible to please everyone and they shouldn’t try. Only what they want matter on their wedding day.

          1. @ Overit: I think Maven was referring to Pippa putting on a show – not the day itself, but more the hoopla building up to it and insisting –damn it! – that the public be interested and excited about it too. Hiring PR to drum up global public interest in your wedding is at the extreme end of narcissism. Yet the wedding has absolutely nothing to do with the public, who have shown no interest except to voice their annoyance at having endless articles thrust under their noses on a daily basis. But still, the articles persist! Pippa must have not only the attention of family and friends but the nation, if not the world, as well. Pips is a sick pup.

          2. Overit, I was talking about Pippa’s wedding and weddings in general. I don’t know where you got the idea I was talking about you, either, since I was responding to Gudgeon.

            Jen, you are correct- the Midds are all about the show. Nor do they fall under the criterion of a budget on a shoestring.

          3. Overit,

            Since you asked. My wedding decades ago was like the wedding in The Deer Hunter, except not Orthodox and it was Polish. Every time I watch the movie it’s like being at my own reception again. It was in a Legion hall, the Legion ladies cooked for a family style feast and put out a basic midnight buffet, my father bought the alcohol and bottles were plunked on the tables, a close Ukrainian friend brought his fabulous band to play, the only decor was fresh white daisies pinned on the tablecloth of the head table.

            I know times have changed and I find it rather sad, because now there’s so much more to think of and fret about. We ate, we drank, we danced wildly, including the +1s. People were still talking about it years later, especially hubby’s friends who had never been to a Polish wedding before. The people and great cheer made it, IMO. It was a lively bunch!

          4. Maven, I have never seen The Deer Hunter, but your wedding sounds like it was fun! Sadly, the wedding industry has become ridiculous. It is all about the money. Everything is tripled in price just because it is for a wedding. It is a joke. It is sad too because it is hard to plan a cheap wedding. So many people care more about the appearance of the wedding and not the actual meaning of the day too. I have friends who spent about $50 thousand for their wedding (which is a down payment on a house). It is an big day, but it is only one day. I guess I should say they spent their parents money, so they didn’t really care about the cost. It is too bad what the wedding industry has become :(.

          5. Overit,
            Thank you for that. I hope your wedding was a joy given all your hard work and care. Yes, the wedding industry has dominated things just like the funeral industry. Now, it’s all about the $$$$$ as you point out. I guess the times made me really, really fortunate and I am grateful for that. Thanks for pointing out the current harsh and predatory reality. I’m glad you made it past it!

      2. @Gudgeon, I agree that Pippa doesn’t have to worry about money like I did. Her circumstances are completely different. I was just saying I can understand not wanting to invite plus ones to your wedding. I know that feeling and it’s her wedding so she should do what makes her happy. So on this I think Pippa doesn’t deserve criticism. That’s just my opinion 🙂

    4. I completely agree. No one should feel entitled to bring anyone to a private, invitation only event. The wedding day is about getting married, and the people observing the ceremony are there because the couple wanted them to be a part of the private day. I understand that the church may open up ceremonies to the parish members, but if someone truly cares about the couple getting married they probably won’t drop in to watch strangers getting married and take that room away from the couple’s loved ones.

  4. MM already deleted her snapchat one month and a half ago ( I’m following her a 5 years, since I’m a fan of her show) also there’s no activities on her personal or public Facebook a one month. Then she closed the Tig blog and its Pinterested, now her twitter and Istagram are dead as well.
    So I do think they are already engaged but they are waiting so they won’t outshine Pippa’s wedding, maybe as a request or demand of Catherine?
    Or she is just a very sneaky girl and she is pathinf her way through “the ring” distancing herself of anything that doesn’t fly with the royal family, like her skanky pictures with a cleaver age red dress, the sex scene on Suits and the one where she is just in underwear, also her bikini mirror selfie was removed from her Instagram and all those pictures that I mentioned are difficult to find on google now.

    1. I think the plus one thing depends on the size of the wedding. But having a rule that you need to be engaged is just being a jerk. It’s one thing if you don’t want a random fling, but in a wedding with 200 people, is it really fair to make that person come on their own if they don’t know many other people there? The bride and groom won’t be hanging out with that person for any significant time so how fun will that be for the person who has to attend on their own?
      But none of this applies to Pippa’s wedding anyway because if she is inviting the brother of her brother in law, she has extended the guest list beyond the norm then he can bring a guest. It’s not going to be a 50 person wedding.

      1. I would hate to have to go solo to a large wedding where I didn’t know anyone. But the things is, I just wouldn’t go. And if it were a close friend, then I’d make it up to them by taking them out to dinner or something. IMO, as a guest, if going solo to a large wedding would be unpleasant, then don’t go. Don’t make a stink about it, though, because it’s not your day to have fun at – it’s the couple’s day.

  5. There has been so much hype about Pippa’s wedding, I’m afraid it’s bound to underwhelm the media. If we get any pictures of Harry and Meghan it will be with them walking in the large crowd to or from the church, and I can’t imagine Will and Kate wanting too many pictures of their children released.

    1. I don’t understand why going solo to a wedding is a bad thing. In my opinion the wedding day is about the bride and groom. Not about the guests. I personally wouldn’t invite people who were not engaged or married. Or at least an official couple. Maybe a traditional girl but bringing a plus one is not a date night. My sister in laws sister put herself on a good table whilst I was put with my parents and in laws parents. I asked my brother if I could go to a different table and he agreed.

  6. Is anyone esle having issues in getting email advice of a new post ? I signed up for this blog and got a confirmation – but have heard nothing since . . . I have both a gmail and hotmail account that I have linked to this.

    1. I’m having difficulties just like Oz Shan. I have a Yahoo account linked to MM blog. There is no difficulty receiving comments by E Mail on KMR blog. I have also E Mailed KMR to report the situation but not had a replay.

  7. Who knows where these stories are coming from. They can be from Meghan & Harry’s pr, an unauthorized source working with the designer of her dress, or it could be purely bogus. The point is coverage of this wedding has become almost comical & it should have been better handled by all main parties.

    I personally blame Harry for his & Meghan’s participation. How could he not have foreseen the media hysteria & manipulation over this wedding? He was reportedly irritated over the paparazzi photos from the wedding in Jamaica but yet he happily decides to join in the Middleton’s family wedding circus? He should have known better & politely declined the wedding invitation for this reason.

    It is accepted that Harry & Meghan do need to do gradual roll-outs & I thought her attendance at the polo at the weekend was perfect because no one knew she was going to be there, so there was no build up attached to it & no constant drip of information. There are also many society weddings that take place in the year with less fanfare & Harry could have taken Meghan to one of those. I think making an appearance at the Middleton wedding at this stage is a major misstep on their part.

    As for Meghan I think she’s just excited & giddy to be going to a British society wedding where she’ll get to wear a hat!

    1. If Harry hasn’t actually had much contact with the Middleton’s, he may have been pressured by William to attend. This is my guess. I agree that H&M attending is unnecessary and a misstep; citing Jamaica would have been a good reason to beg off.

      Clearly the Middleton’s want to make this a society wedding with as many royals as they can muster. Wonder if Bea and Eugenie were invited?

      1. Agreed. The ever loyal Harry is doing it because Willy pressed him into service for the Midds and his own controlling reasons. I think it’s all part of Willy’s ongoing acting out not only by elevating the Midds but co-opting Harry to further elevate the Midds and his opposing court. I wish Harry would get a clue.

        But now that Harry’s agreed, no more sulking, pouting, needing soothing at what he has wrought.

        1. Yep, no more pouting a la Jamaica. I can’t imagine H&M would be anything but elegantly attired and behaved guests; I doubt M would countenance Harry getting off his face as in the past – those days are over, I’d say!

    2. My messages keep going to the spam account. I have not had any articles sent through. Sorry to bother you KMR.

  8. I’ve been seeing the posts on the DM Online regarding Pippa’s upcoming nuptials and I’m just floored. It’s just absolutely insane and, for KP to make a formal announcement that W, K, H and the kiddos are going? C’mon! W+K+kids going makes perfect sense since they’re family (though Harry going is a head-scratcher) and now that Meghan has been added to the mix? Pandemonium! Now, for all I know, Pippa (and family) actually want this craziness and are looking forward to the three-ring-circus of a wedding but, if this is more than she bargained for, then I feel sorry for her and fiancé, James. Bonus: I feel bad for G+C because of the photographers that are going to be there.

    This is so something the Boleyn Family would’ve done (and probably did back then), it’s ridiculous.

    And the wedding is NEXT weekend (the 20th)? Sighs and shakes head…..

    1. But wait Kimothy because there is more…

      According to an article in the Telegraph newspaper Pippa wants everyone to come along to the wedding with 2 outfits, yep they are going to be expected to change half way through!

      Just a quiet little family wedding? Yeah, right?

      1. Where would they get changed? Go back to their hotels? Strip off in the open fields around Bucklebury Castle?

          1. Well, the way the Midds women have reportedly changed in front of William, I suggest thh guests just prepare to strip down and dress up again in full view of everyone else.

            Such a cozy and friendly affair!

          2. Oh Mary Elizabeth, I had forgotten about that. Ew! So guests might be either treated to a floor show or expected to be part of it?

          3. Ugh, Mary Elizabeth!!

            I still can’t believe the women were so comfortable changing in front of William (and each other) like that!

      2. Pssh…..and I’m 5’10”!

        and the two outfits thing for the guests is a bit odd, IMO. For the bride I can understand. She wants to look all princessy and dressed-up for the ceremony but kick back and be comfortable during the reception. That, I totally understand a support but asking the guests to change is, to me, strange.

        1. I can’t believe it, either, Kimothy. But, there may be a long history of flashing among the Midd women. Do the guests realize what they are getting themmselves into? Just kidding with the previous sentence,

          This wedding will be a three ring circus. And, only two rings are necessary when a couple ties the knot!

      3. Now wait a minute…LOL….so who sent the memo to MM to “try on two out fits”? This is turned into absolute madness!!!

          1. Laura,

            apparently, back during the waiting years, while on some sunny trip, Pippa and Carole changed their bikinis in front of William! :-O

          2. If it wasn’t tasteless, i would post the link to the set of pictures showing Pippa changing her bikini right next to William.

            It’s part of the ‘Kate in a white bikini’ set taken in 2006/7.

            Most postings of those pics focus on Kate OR crop out everyone around her OR use the more PG pictures.

            I think that’s why the topless pics of Pippa go unnoticed and why they are still easily available on the internet.

    2. UK readers must be going round the bend with the amount of PR being poured into getting people interested in Pip’s wedding. I note that the PR woman had an open-ended contract, suggesting further plans are afoot to re-launch Pippa. Man, is Pippa one delusional woman.

      1. Oh my. I don’t know what to say to that Kimothy. Except surly there are bounderies to um getting dressed.

  9. I have to say that I’m looking forward to this wedding, please don’t hate me 🙂 I will admit that I’m a sucker for weddings, all of it, the flowers, the planning, the dress, the veil, all of it really just makes my cold, hard heart flutter a bit. And I’m super thrilled that Harry and Meghan will be there. We haven’t seen them “together” very often and I can’t wait!!

    1. Oh, I don’t think you’re alone in that. I would go to the weddings of perfect strangers if I could. I love everything about weddings and it’s such a joyous occasion. In this case, juicy gossip is a bonus. I wonder if Pips will wear a tiara.

      1. Hi Maven, I’m so glad that I’m not alone on this 🙂 Personally, I doubt Pips will wear a tiara, I just don’t think it’s her style plus it would invite tons of comparisons. I see her wearing a veil attached with a lovely jeweled hair pin. I’m totally loving the juicy gossip too!

        1. If Pippa wears a tiara (even a fake one or one on loan from even a member of the Percy family), there is going to be a HUMONGOUS media backlash. They’ll criticize her, wonder what the *bleep* William was smoking when he married into the Middleton family, and question the individual who thought it would be a good idea.

          A jeweled hairpin or barrette would be just fine. In fact, something similar-ish to the style she wore at her sister’s wedding.

          1. Possibly because when Sally Smith down the road wears a tiara it is a decoration for the day; for Pippa it’s a social-climbing aspiration?

          2. MMR,

            I doubt that Pips would wear a fake tiara, it would be diamonds all the way, and the context renders it more significant.

          3. Considering how much they want Pippa’s wedding to match Kate’s wedding, complete with PR manufactured public interest, i doubt she will settle for discreet hair pieces.

            Her wedding ring dwarfed Kate’s ring, no way is Pippa not wearing a tiara. And it won’t be discreet.

            Pippa doesn’t want discreet for her wedding. She wants as much, if not more, glory than Kate on her wedding day. That’s what these PR driven articles are about and why the media is being saturated with them.

          4. Sounds like it’s going to be a big ol shitshow and, like a train wreck, I won’t be able to look away. I saw pictures of her imported “orangerie “. Give. Me. A. Break. I used to pull for Pippa, now I side eye so hard I’d better be careful or something might get stuck

      2. It seems I’m the only one who doesn’t give a flying fig about this wedding. I’m only paying attention for Harry and Megan, but I wish they weren’t going. I find the Middleton’s Hyacinth Bucket-like attempts to seem more socially important to be ugly and repulsive.

    2. I’m looking forward to the wedding, too. I just think the breathless reporting on it pre-wedding is exhausting.

    3. Lauri I am excited for the wedding as well. I hope we get some great photos of the day.

    4. Oh, me too. I see all of the delusion with H&M and the invites, and the PR woman, and just want to smack my head. But at the end of the day it’s still going my to be total eye candy, especially George and Charlotte in their adorable little outfits.

  10. How do we know that Harry was not the one exception to no ring, no bring. Maybe as a member of the BRF he was excluded from that so called mandate on Day 1, so the Midds could up the aristocratic attendee quotient. I am interested in this wedding and the fashion choices but I am not surprised about all this “news” that will be floating around until the big day.
    There was this crazy article in the DM showing Mike Midds supposedly practicing how cars would be parked at the church. Isn’t that the job of a wedding planner. Totally bizarre!

    1. ‘Oh dear…no wonder the poor man looks worn out most of the time! It wouldn’t surprise me if Carole has him moonlighting on the day as father of the bride & parking attendant!

    2. Wow. The DM is totally on the Midds’ speed dial. Another nothing burger to try to whip up interest. You’d think this was the wedding of the century.

    3. Just another PR article for the DM, this time with Michael pressed into looking as if he is doing something. I wonder if they have the slightest idea how foolish they look to others? I know they would not care, having hides of leather.

    4. I don’t think the Middletons have as much money as they let on, and the wedding is historically paid for by the bride’s parents, at least I think that’s the tradition in England.

  11. Carole would like everyone to believe this is the wedding of the century. Actually, the second wedding of the century — Kate’s being the first. However, she better calm herself down becuase if Harry and Meghan do marry, well, Pippa’s wedding will move even further down the wedding of the century list.

    1. How much is this wedding costing them? Don’t leave out the cost of PR. Can they afford this? Will James get this excessive spending and PR for his big day? This family is going to bankrupt themselves trying to fit-in.

  12. If they are engaged, they would need the Queen’s approval. Any sign that MM has met the Queen? Or would the Queen just give her permission over the phone? I am inclined to think they are engaged and just waiting for the public announcement, but who knows for sure. Maybe Harry has been under pressure from William, who is under Middleton pressure, to get MM the wedding for increased publicity, but that would risk being upstaged….???

    A while ago on KMR someone said how in years past the idea of plus one was unknown, and I am of that generation, too. Everyone was named on guest lists, each person got an invitation. Much easier, but also many weddings just had a cake and sandwich reception in the church hall or bride’s home. Few extravaganzas.

    Lauri, you are not alone in liking weddings, even over-publicized ones.

    1. Does the Queen have to meet the person? Or could she just have a lot of observations done by courtiers, take Harry’s desires into account, and come to a decision?

  13. I wonder if Pippa is going to be holding Kate’s hand more once she is married. Will she and her husband live in London? If so, she’ll be available to hold Kate’s hand at all those upcoming events poor Duchess will have to attend now that W’s grandfather is retiring. It will be the Pippa and Kate show. Kate needs someone in he corner to bolster her image if Meghan enters the family. We all know that she can’t “go it alone.”

  14. Pippa and James already live in his £17 million house in Chelsea. I’m curious as to whether the PR woman will have her contract extended; it was announced as ‘open-ended’, signalling Pippa had some post-marriage plans needing PR. One thing for sure: Pippa won’t leave the stage willingly. I can’t see royal engagements with Kate and her +1 sister being considered, let alone sanctioned by the BRF. Maybe in the deluded bubble the Middleton-Cambridge’s inhabit, but that’s it. I’m sure everyone is jack of them.

    1. Didn’t Kate attend a wedding where another guest wore the same coat or suit? Oops. If I were in Meghan’s particularly prominent boat, I’d make sure not to dress too similarly to the wedding party/ close family. Beyond that, she should wear what suits her and makes her comfortable and happy. Had that dress in Jamaica been cut to midi length a la ’50’s style and no ruffle, it would have been perfect. She wouldn’t have had to hitch it up when sitting – too much fabric in a humid setting.

      1. I agree it’s a good idea for her to find out what Kate is wearing to avoid clashes & media comparisons. But why does this information need to be leaked? If it’s coming from someone in MM’s camp then she ought to try to put a stop to it otherwise it looks like she’s trying to use this wedding for her own hype. If anything shouldn’t her & Harry be trying to dampen the flames?

        It just seems rather odd but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as we don’t know who is doing the leaking.

        1. It could be anyone making it up for the sake of filling air waves or column inches. The article says absolutely nothing except Guest M is looking for a dress and doesn’t want to clash with anyone. Gee, that could apply to ALL women who are attending! If I were Meghan’s PR, I’d go quiet re. anything Middleton – let them do what they want to do. Just be a good guest, remain centred and dignified.

          1. I agree Jen. H&M need to gradually start separating themselves from the Middleton’s. I see nothing positive coming from this alliance!

          2. Geez. You wear what you fancy and what is appropriate because that is what *normal* people do. This has nothing to do with being a celebrity or royal-adjacent. If you are considering everything outside you, you are an insecure and immature mess.
            Put the darn thing on, the one that makes you feel great, and enjoy and cheer on the wedding and marrying couple.

            Why would *anyone* care what Kate is wearing or even begin to kowtow to her? Unless they are a social climber.

      2. Doubt this ‘leak’ came from Meghan’s camp. Just look at her Polo appearance and outfit, we didn’t hear a peep about anything.

        Love this site and discussions btw!

        1. That’s what I think too RIOTACT. In fact, I doubt if there are any leaks from MM and PR. If there were, we would see all sorts of pictures of Meghan here and there etc, but there are none. When she appeared at the polo, I was amazed at how these people move and get on and off flights without any media detection etc.. If Meg was to leak anything, we would have all this info. But since the polo, all is quiet except of course Harry with the Cambs etc, but where the heck is Meghan? Is she still in the UK? Did she fly back to Toronto? Nobody seems to know anything and there are no leaks on anything whatsoever.
          I think all these stories are just fanfic from some tabloid reporters.
          Now its being reported that actually Meghan has NOT been invited to the church ceremony of Pippa wedding but just to the reception as previously reported, nobody seems to know truth from fanfic..Im getting whiplash…this Pippa wedding needs to be done like yesterday,

          1. If so, she should count her lucky stars. She’ll only have to buy one outfit rather than blowing out the bank account on two. So, if one is only invited to the reception would they be required to wear a hat? Or would that only be a must for the ceremony? I don’t know the etiquette for a “change of clothes” service. Will George and Charlotte be required to change as well? What about the rest of the wedding party? Because you know darn well the bride will be changing things up since this was all her idea in the first place.

  15. The Midds have such delusions of grandeur it’s actually sad. I would bet anything that they had big ideas that all the gentry would be in attendance. My guess is it will be all nouveau rich, flashy types plus anyone they plan to use for freebies. They were desperate for Harry to attend (Billy Medd has to by default) and probably had to jump through lots of hoops to make it happen.

    1. Jenny M: in a nutshell. It’s pathetic really. And this entire episode should open the eyes of people who believe(d) that the Middletons were/are lowkey people being stalked by the media and at their mercy. And i include the little seen Mike.

  16. I just want H&M to steal the show with a makeout session outside the church. Now that would make it the wedding of the century!

    1. Awww, poor Pippa- H&M will be the center of attention no matter what. People are a lot more interested in what’s going on with those two than they are about the bride and groom. She would have been smart to leave him off the guest list as I don’t think they’re pals anyway. But I suppose she’s hedging her bets for a reciprocal invite, as someone mentioned before. *That* (if it happens) will be quite the wedding!

  17. When I first read about Pippa’s no ring no bring policy I thought it was tacky as hell but completely expected from these wanna be royals. Yes, it is their wedding day and they should be surrounded by loved ones but if someone is important to you they should be important enough that you don’t feel the need to pass judgement on your friend’s relationships. This wedding sounds like a complete PR move to the point that I question wether the groom is in this for love or royal connections. The only reason Meghan is being invite IMO is to ensure PH attends and generate buzz so the photos can fetch the highest price.

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