Why I won’t be blogging about Meghan anymore

Why I won’t be blogging about Meghan anymore

When I relaunched my Meghan Markle Review blog back in September 2019, I did so fully intending to blog consistently about Meghan – keeping up with her working royal life and fashion and such. If the lack of content throughout 2020 and 2021 is any indicator, I didn’t do that. I stopped blogging during the pandemic, even over at my other blog Kate Middleton Review, except for the sporadic post now and again, but specifically I stopped blogging about Meghan and Harry, and I want to talk about why.

There are two reasons: 1) Harry and Meghan are no longer working royals; and 2) The Daily Mail lawsuit.

I am going to talk about the Daily Mail lawsuit first because this is one of the main reasons I really fell off of blogging about Meghan, specifically, and blogging in general. Back in October 2019, Meghan filed a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers (Mail on Sunday) for breach of copyright pertaining to their publication of a letter Meghan sent her father in 2018. I said at the time that:

I don’t see this ending well, you guys, and I worry for Meghan and Archie and Harry. I see this as, at best, a ‘win the battle, lose the war’ situation. Meghan may end up winning this lawsuit, but that’s not going to stop the Mail from publishing negative stories. … I’m not saying Harry and Meghan are right or wrong for this statement and lawsuit. All I’m saying is I worry that this war between the Sussexes and the press is only going to escalate, and that it won’t end well for Meghan and Harry.

That happened. While Meghan did end up winning her lawsuit in a summary judgement and on appeal, this lawsuit has only benefited the Daily Mail and other newspapers because they’ve been able to write all sorts of negative stories on Meghan and make loads of money off of this lawsuit. But I lost so much respect for all parties involved because of this. I never had respect for the DM or Meghan’s terrible father, but I’ve lost respect for Meghan here as well.

Back in April 2020, new text messages came out during the lawsuit. I said at the time: “I don’t know whether it’s the worry over the fallout of a worldwide pandemic, being in isolation for well over a month now, or the unfortunate ambivalence I feel after Sussexit, but I couldn’t care less about these text messages at this point.”

That is the exact moment I stopped caring about following Meghan and blogging.

The lawsuit was filed before the pandemic started, and of course lawsuits continue regardless of outside influence, but reading about this lawsuit between a giant media corporation and a princess living in a multi-million dollar mansion during a pandemic that caused so much harm for people really put things into perspective for me. I think the lawsuit in general was frivolous, self-aggrandizing BS that did far more harm than good.

Secondarily, but very importantly, Meghan and Harry stopped being working royals. For me, the Sussexit drama was really off-putting because I think it was handled quite poorly on Harry and Meghan’s side (and the royal side, but that’s another story). The half-in/half-out arrangement they originally asked for was ridiculous and never going to happen, and they actively misled people on the nature of other royals’ ability to earn money while being a royal. The stories also seemingly kept changing (going based on memory here) because they originally asked for an arrangement that would see them keep the royal duties and titles, but allow them to earn money independently from commercial deals. But then it turned into actively wanting to leave the Royal Family because of toxicity within the Firm, but only after they were denied their originally requested arrangement.

I haven’t been actively following Harry and Meghan in 2020 and 2021, but from what I have seen I know that a lot of the anger is coming from Harry. I, personally, think if Harry was so unhappy with his life in the Royal Family, he should have gone about everything differently. He shouldn’t have made Meghan his scapegoat for exiting the RF; he should have done that himself and then married privately. I have no respect for Harry for how he used Meghan as his scapegoat to exit the RF, and how he has treated his family the last almost 2 years. You don’t get to blow up everyone’s lives because you were too much of a baby to decide for yourself that you wanted to leave.

Anyway, I’ve thought about maybe blogging here and there (as I do for Kate) about Meghan and Harry, but honestly I don’t have any interest in following (to the point of blogging about) celebrities. And Harry and Meghan are now just celebrities, not royals (because they are no longer working royals and have cut ties with the family in favor of commercial deals). I’m not interested in their commercial deals, and haven’t watched any of their shows they’ve been on.

Let me be clear: while I have lost interest in Meghan because I see her as a celeb now, instead of a royal, I actively dislike Harry for his actions. Harry is the main problem here. Meghan is mostly just boring.

Unless Harry and Meghan do something related to the royal family (like attend Christmas or Trooping or something), I’m not going to blog about them. But I don’t need to keep a whole website up for the possibility of maybe covering 1 or 2 events a year.

So I’ve decided any further blogging about Harry and Meghan will take place over on my Kate Middleton Review blog (as I used to do for Harry before I created this new blog for Meghan).

I don’t want to lose the MMR content, so I will be working on moving over the MMR content to KMR. I’ll leave this website up until I can move everything over. Once I have that set up, I will do a redirect so this domain name will redirect to KMR, but eventually I’ll probably let this domain go. I don’t want to have to pay so much for the domain and web hosting if I’m not using this site.

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