Is Prince Harry making Meghan an engagement ring from Diana’s old jewelry?

Is Prince Harry making Meghan an engagement ring from Diana’s old jewelry?

I saw an article pop up in my Twitter feed this morning about Prince Harry making Meghan Markle an engagement ring using stones from Princess Diana‘s old jewelry, and I had a huge sense of déjà vu because I could have sworn that the same article cropped up earlier this year. So I did a quick search and it turns out I was correct. This new story is a rehash of the same story from the same publication from March.

Back in March, the Daily Star wrote a story which was clearly BS, because the piece of jewelry quoted actually belongs to Queen Elizabeth and was originally Queen Mary’s, so no way QEII would let that thing get repurposed. In March, the Daily Star claimed (I’ve edited for space):

“PRINCE Harry is having Diana’s tiara remodelled to make an engagement ring for Meghan Markle. The smitten royal asked for Prince Charles’ permission to use his tragic mother’s jewelled headband. While it has been reported he will pop the question on Meghan’s birthday, we can reveal the royal is eyeing Diana’s birthday – July 1. Crown jeweller Harry Collins is said to be already at work on the gems. […]

“Harry is thought to have chosen to use the art deco emerald and diamond piece Diana wore as both a headband and a choker. The People’s Princess first wore the stunning gems with a green gown during a tour of Australia with Charles in 1988.

“Our source added: ‘Diana’s jewellery collection was left in trust for the boys and Meghan apparently loves emeralds. For Harry, like Wills before him, using his mother’s gems means the two loves of his life will forever be linked.'”

[Daily Star]

Yeah, that was utter garbage, so I guess the Daily Star decided to rework the story and try again today, three months later:

“PRINCE Harry will give Megan Markle an engagement ring made from his beloved mum’s old bracelet. A royal source told the Daily Star Sunday the huge emerald ring is ‘flashy but not ostentatious.’ Our mole claimed the piece was commissioned from royal jeweller Harry Collins. And it will take the form of a cushion set on a platinum ring. It will cost around £100,000 to make, but its link to his mother Princess Diana’s tasteful gem collection means it will be instantly priceless.

“When the Daily Star Sunday contacted Mr Collins’ shop in posh Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, an employee laughed when asked about the ring. But they did not deny they were in charge of its design.

“News of the rumoured trinket emerged as it was claimed Harry will propose to Megan at any time. He is said to be breaking the two-year royal courtship pre-engagement tradition to ensure his grandfather Prince Philip, 96, sees him getting hitched.

“Our source said: ‘The romance might feel rushed, but Harry is certain Megan is ‘the one’. It is because of his grandad’s ill-health that he has broken the usual two-year romance protocol. Harry thinks he got his ‘joker’ gene from Prince Philip, and is desperate for his grandfather to see him get married while there is still time. They are very close.’

“Our source spoke after Prince Philip spent two days in hospital last week after suffering a minor infection.

“She added: ‘Unlike his brother Wills who dated Kate for two years prior to their engagement – although they had also dated at university before briefly splitting up – Harry has just reached the year milestone. He has approached his father and grandmother for a ‘fast pass’ for the permission to go ahead and propose. Meghan and Harry are Keen to go official.’

“Harry, 32, and actress Megan, 35, began dating last summer, with their romance exclusively revealed by the Daily Star Sunday in November.”

[Daily Star]

So I guess it’s Diana’s bracelet now since the Daily Star got called out for being idiots when they claimed QEII’s choker was Diana’s. This is basically the same BS story just with the piece of Diana’s jewelry changed, a few added elements for flair, and the claim that Harry wants to rush things so Philip can be at the wedding.

Oh, BTW, the Daily Star did not exclusively reveal the Harry/Meghan relationship back in November, that was the Sunday Express in October.

I must say that rushing an engagement so that a family member can be at the wedding is a bad reason to get married.

Below Diana is wearing both the emerald choker which she wore as a headband that the first article spoke about, and the only emerald bracelet I am aware she owned.

31 thoughts on “Is Prince Harry making Meghan an engagement ring from Diana’s old jewelry?

  1. Well with Harry taking ten days in Africa and Meghan doing Suits, the press needs to create clickbait of them together.

    But, I will say I do like the idea of repurposing jewelry. I find it to be a good way to honor someone in the family yet make a piece individualized for the new recipient.

    I have been surprised how Kate has only worn a few royal jewelry pieces – after seeing her large royal engagement ring, I thought she’d be often wearing select pieces.

    Thankfully, Harry was quick to say in his recent interview that Meghan was not the reason he got interested in talking more about his past anxiety and difficulties dealing with his mother’s death. If he had said she did, then she’d be hounded by all the press right now with a wedding imminent in their minds. As of now, it’s just the more gossipy publications that are obsessed with the idea.

    1. I’m also glad he shut down the story about Meghan being the reason he is starting to speak out more publicly. That would have sent the media into overdrive & given some of Meghan’s detractors more ammunition to pour scorn on her. I’ve already been reading comments on other sites where people are blaming MM for Harry’s Newsweek interview & that she is somehow to blame for it. It is a typical reaction where the man can never do any wrong & it is always the woman’s fault of course!

      1. How is Harry’s Newsweek interview in any way Meghan’s fault? What is their reasoning for thinking that?

        1. Their reasoning is that since Meghan came along she has corrupted his impressionable mind with her Hollywood liberal views and is now the one pulling all the strings. Some even go as far as saying she brainwashed him into dating her!

          There are many out there who still treat Harry as if he were a child instead of a grown man, and they’re more willing to make excuses for him.

  2. Hero Harry and Workshy Wills get out of bed the same way we all do . . . .I’m a bit over all the pap – neither of them get many ticks in relation to all the “turn up stuff” . . . Waity got “Madonna Di’s ring” and I guess the next one will get a red or green one

    1. Red was the color of Fergie’s ring (and Andrew was also the spare) so I can’t see Harry choosing that color. Maybe a nice Emerald or Peridot (Meghan’s birthstone) or other shade of green.

  3. Wait, wait, wait, William and Kate dated for 2 years before getting engaged??? What happened to the 6 years prior, when she couldn’t work because she was a royal girlfriend?? Sigh…it’s always such a shame when the press can’t get their stories straight.

    Second Sigh…as you all know, no one would love to see an engagement between Harry and Meghan happen sooner rather than later than me. However, since the release of Harry’s Newsweek interview my impression of him has changed so much that I can’t quite raise any excitement about this news. I know, I know, this is an obvious piece of tabloid drivel but even as of last week I would have been hopeful that in some way it was true but I just don’t know anymore.

    Third sigh…personally I don’t think I’d want my engagement ring to be made from a piece of my late Mother-in-laws-to-be jewelry. I think I’d rather have a piece that was created just for me, representing myself and my fiancé. It’s always bothered me that William gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring, especially given how that marriage ended, plus it always felt to me that William choice the “cheap” route, meaning he didn’t have to spend a dime or a thought on Kate’s engagement ring.

    Last sigh…I’m sorry I can’t raise any excitement for this news MMR but on top of being bummed about Harry I’ve been suffering with an unexplained itching on my arms and it’s driving me crazy 🙂

    1. That 2yr protocol rule is utter garbage, but you know, stories need to be beefed up especially when first go round didn’t take.

      I’ve always objected to the ring of doom because i’m superstitious about jewellery. I don’t mind repurposed jewels or hand me downs though in the latter case, i’m with you that William was being his usual skinflint. Camilla has a gorgeous ring which was part of the Queen Mother’s bequeathed jewels from Mrs Grenville that is part of a parure.

      Regarding the ring of doom, i shuddered when Kate stuck her hand out at the engagement photocall to give us a look at her engagement ring.

      It was not given with love ie it chosen by Diana herself out of a selection she was offered and she said she deliberately picked the biggest one to shock everyone (paraphrasing) because the expevtation would have been small and tasteful. Then the marriage was a diasater.

      And it says everything about Charles’s feelings for the 2 women that he essentially threw a random ring at Diana, but gave Camilla a favourite ring that belonged to his beloved granny.

      If it were me, i’d have insisted on a different piece of jewellery other than the ring of doom. It’s not as if William couldn’t afford it or the royal vaults are lacking stones that can be fashioned into a ring.

      1. I definitely wanted to get my own engagement ring. Difference: our mothers are alive and we hadn’t any gorgous rings from dead relatives lying around. But I can understand that for some people using the ring of dead loved one is a sign of deep love and respect. From my own experience I can say that the unexpected death of a parent does strange things to you (especially when you are very young). Some things get valued massivly just becase they let you feel a connection. For me there are my father’s jumpers (though it is me wearing them sometimes and not my husband- that would be weird!!!). I just can’t snark on Wiliam using his late mother’s ring cause I can see where he is coming from. And a last remark: If Harry is ever going to propose it will be surely not his mother’s birthday this year as there will be a re-dedicaton of her grave. Not a date where you want to be proposed to.

    2. @Lauri This is the first major controversy that Harry has had since Meghan & he began dating. The Newsweek interview should definitely be an eyeopener for MM and give her a taste of what royal life is like & the criticisms that sometimes comes with it.

      Harry has made worse blunders than this (Nazi uniform, racial slur, Las Vegas naked pics), all of which MM would have been fully aware of. After being together a year I’m sure MM knows the character of the man she is dating but has chosen to pursue with the relationship regardless. As with any couple neither partner is perfect and you take the rough with the smooth. If MM decides that he is too immature, then she still has time to bow out.

      This is why it’s important that anyone that dates shouldn’t look through rose tinted glasses but really take time out to get to know their partner. Too many people simply want to see the good things & ignore major warning signs. Harry is now 32 and people rarely change at that age. It is up to Meghan to decide if this is something she can handle.

      I’m now in favor of the couple getting to really know each other for as long as it takes. All this talk of Meghan’s age shouldn’t come into it because the last thing she needs is a second divorce under her belt.

      1. I kind of liked that William, chose the ring he chose… in so many ways the ring is now attached to happiness, their marriage seems to be a strong and happy one. The ring has been repourposed .

      2. Didn’t William give Kate the ring because he’s just too cheap? And considering they got married, it seems, as part of a deal since he’d strung her along all those years and had a talk with the Middletons about it. It is a good piece of PR. I wouldn’t want that ring for all the money on the planet.

        All the things people say Kate got from him, she bought herself… He bought her cheap teddies after the babies were born, and Kate bought herself a Tiffany eternity ring and all those overpriced Kikis.

  4. I love emeralds and I love almost all of disna’s jewels but I don’t know if I would want a piece as my engagement ring.
    We all want different things in a partner but after Harry’s last interview, if I were Meghan, I’d have serious reservations about wanting to marry him. But I like my men to be grown ups, self efficient and intelligent.

    1. He bought her the Cartier watch as well, I believe. That’s not chump change. I think with Wills it was less of saving a buck (cause when has he ever had to acknowledge the value of money- how plebe) than making a showy grand gesture that he thought the whole world would make goo goo eyes over( we did). And Kate enjoyed it as much as he did. Just all part of portraying the fairytale facade- which is pretty weatherbeaten at this point

      Apologies!! This was in reply to Ellie’s post above. Haven’t posted on MMR regularly- still figuring out reply button 😏

  5. The media are desperate for something to write. Old stories are being rehashed to death, and some are just frankly made up BS like the story about the emerald ring. Another similar story was doing the rounds recently about a thumb ring which was supposedly a gift from Harry, but it turns out she was pictured wearing the same ring pre-Harry!

    H&M are a private couple and they have become even more guarded over the last few months. It’s hard to believe that in roughly a year they’ve been dating there hasn’t been that many clear photos of the couple. I honestly believe that if the media hadn’t gone into mass hysteria & over stepped the line too many times, perhaps the couple would have felt more comfortable being seen out & about. As it stands Meghan is rarely seen out in public these days, hasn’t given any interviews & has stopped posting on social media.

    Part of me is somewhat glad they have gone underground with their relationship. Any sighting of MM always draws a lot of nasty comments & accusations that she is an attention seeker. It also shows some maturity on their part that they want to conduct their relationship outside of the public eye until they are absolutely comfortable & certain where it is going. The marriage talk especially was getting out of hand and I think they’re trying to take control of the narrative & not allow the media/public to dictate the terms of their relationship.

    1. I am confused. How many splits did Kate and William have?
      I do like the emerald pieces of jewellery. I think it would be nice if Meghan had a piece from Diana’s collection. I would not want the ring of doom but it is a stunning ring. It is a shame William gave it to Kate. I thought it would go to someone who deserved it. I don’t know if it is true but I think Megan and Harry would make a good match.

      1. W&K had multiple, at least 3 or 4 I believe? One at university, and some beforehand – Carole offering William their master bedroom in their house to get back together in, at a party, after Kate was over his crap and dumped him (this was in one of the Kate bios I think from Katie Nicholl so probably true) – and then the 2007 one.

        William cheated on her – brought girls to Sandhurst when he was staying there – that sort of thing.

        In the engagement interview it’s obvious they’re speaking of different break-ups.

  6. I would personally want a ring that has no Diana correlation. There’s too much history with her pieces. I am not sure if it’s me, but this relationship seems to have been going on since forever.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. Thank you Ellie. I thought Kate was talking about the 2007 breakup. I had no idea which break up William was on about.

      I would want Diana’s jewellery to be shared out between both spouses wives. It is so difficult given the history that is associated with the jewellery.

  7. If I remember correctly, that emerald bracelet was a gift from Charles. I love it, being a sucker for emeralds and Art Deco, but the stones look to be small baguettest, so hard to make into a ring. I think there was another emerald bracelet with small cabochons, again, hard to make into a ring. So this story seems implausible.

  8. I’d want a new ring myself, something to symbolize the connection and respect my loved one and I have for one another. I don’t have a specific stone or whatever in mind. All I know is that I’d prefer it to be white gold and something with a classic or vintage look/feel to it.

    Also, t-minus: meeting my donor family in 6 days!!!!!!! We have a location and time set!! So far, I know I’ll be meeting my donor mom, Candy, her fiancé, Barry, oldest daughter, Lindy, plus her 3 children, Candy’s brother Michael and his wife, Beth! I **may** meet other donor siblings as well!! I’m going to ask Candy to see if I can do a Facebook live video or record the meeting or something. I *still* plan on bring a stethoscope that I bought so that she can hear her beloved Dulce’s heart beating (and lungs breathing). I dragged out my suitcase last night and started packing! I bought new makeup over the weekend including waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner haha! Lord knows, I’m going to need it!

    Finally (changing subjects completely): has anyone in the U.S. seen the promos for Battle of the Network Stars? It starts Thursday night and I’m so excited for it!! Many of the stars are from programs that I grew up with! I can’t wait!

  9. Just saw that E! has a new article on Meghan and Harry. Apparently he visited her in Toronto and she’s now in London. I don’t know how much of the story is true, but it reads like damage control, and some of the insider quotes definitely seem to have come from Harry’s camp. They are still blaming the mean British press for misinterpreting his interview. Why can’t they just let this go? And I’m thinking much less of Meghan for letting herself be attached to this story and condone his entitlement.

    1. Meghan hasn’t spoken a word in public regarding this relationship. None of us know what her thoughts are.

      The E! News article contradicts itself. One source says Harry visited her in Toronto then another source says he didn’t go to Toronto! When you have sources disputing each other it is hard to know what to believe. Everything could just be made up.

      The only interesting thing from the article are the new pictures of Meghan at Toronto airport. She flew out yesterday & is supposedly now in London.

      1. I also saw the pics and I didn’t know she wore glasses.

        Like I said, I don’t know if the whole article is true, but they talk about Harry’s projects/interview (those quotes clearly came from KP) and then claim the couple is as solid as ever, so the subtext I get is that she supports him.

    2. I just saw that same article. Meghan looked happy and she was jetting off somewhere. I hope M & H wed. I still like him. He’s only human. I need a happy distraction in my own life right now

    3. PAULA, I think MM did well by staying quiet! Why do you want her to contradict prince Harry? he obviously has to setlle some accounts with British royal family and the medias. if the relationship is really serious, all she has to do is support him and help him go forward!

  10. She may just be there for promotions… and this trip may have nothing to do with Harry.. I mean he did chose to spend his time in Africa rather than her… soooo

    1. No he did not. Meghan was busy filming last week while Harry was in Malawi. He is now either on his way back or already landed in London after flying out from Malawi yesterday.

      1. The CC says Harry met with the President of Malawi yesterday, June 26.

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