Harry takes Meghan to Africa for her 36th birthday

Harry takes Meghan to Africa for her 36th birthday

Today, August 4, is Meghan Markle‘s 36th birthday – Happy Birthday, Meghan. To celebrate Meghan’s birthday, Prince Harry has taken her on a trip to Africa. The Sun got photos on them arriving in Africa for their holiday.

Harry and Meghan landed in Africa on August 4. The Sun also got quotes from sources because of course they did.

“BESOTTED Prince Harry hugs girlfriend Meghan Markle yesterday as the smiling couple start a romantic African holiday on her 36th birthday. Loved-up Prince Harry appeared to give a thumbs-up to other passengers as he walked across the airport tarmac after leaving the plane. The 32-year-old royal draped a protective arm around the Suits actress as they arrived for the safari trip. She appeared to be carrying a gift from him — a picture swathed in bubble wrap. The couple’s holiday destination — hugely popular for engagements and honeymoons — will only heighten speculation the prince, 32, is about to propose.

“A royal source said: ‘Harry has been planning this holiday for a long time. He’s made the trip incredibly romantic. They’ll go on boats across the lake, walk in the bush at dawn and camp under the stars. Who knows what will happen when they’re watching a sensational African sunset together? Maybe he’ll get down on one knee. Harry regards Africa as his spiritual home and has often talked of how he can get away from it all there. Obviously he wants to show Meghan what an amazing place it is and create new memories together.’

“The source added: ‘Harry’s done a lot of conservation work in Africa with endangered el­e­phants and black rhinos and he’ll show them to the woman he wants to marry. It’s fitting that the spectacular safari started on her birthday — what a way to impress a girl! He’ll make this a holiday she’ll never forget and perhaps she’ll come back with a ring on her finger.’

“Meghan had flown to London from her home in Toronto, Canada, after filming the last episode of the latest Suits series. There she met Harry, newly returned from Google’s summer camp in Sicily. Looking relaxed and happy, she gave the besotted prince a huge kiss as they landed in southern Africa yesterday — watched on the tarmac by an airport worker and a royal protection officer.

“A friend said: ‘Meghan wrapped filming Suits this week and then was straight on to a plane to see Harry. She’d been in London last week with her mum Doria, but had to go back to Toronto last weekend to film. She is super excited about their holiday together and to see Africa though Harry’s eyes. Of course, she’s visited the continent before through her charity work, but this is her first ever safari. She adores animals, particularly ­elephants, and was just over the moon. Harry and Meghan are the real deal. Their talk is very future-focused. She’s planning to move to the UK and give up much of her acting work. They’ve been dating for over a year now and they are both extremely serious about this relationship. They want it to last and to go the distance.'”

[The Sun]

“It’s fitting that the spectacular safari started on her birthday — what a way to impress a girl!” Correction, ‘What a way to impress Meghan’. Since Meghan is into that, then it’s a great way to impress her. But not every ‘girl’ is into that, so it’s not a great way to impress every ‘girl’.

Annoyance at that line aside, I love getting actual photos of Harry and Meghan together. It’s been quite a while since we had a sighting of them.

I do think their African vacation heightens the engagement talk, just because Africa is where William claims to have proposed to Kate. Can you imagine the sickeningly sweet articles if Harry proposed in Africa “just like William”? I can already see outlets trying to spin that.

If they do get engaged, I’m still seeing a late-fall engagement and Spring 2018 wedding. I don’t think they would announce an engagement until after Invictus at least. I think an engagement announcement prior to that would overshadow the Games, and if the Games were Meghan’s first major appearance it would again overshadow the Games, and I don’t think Harry will want to do that.

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  1. I agree this hightens engagement frenzy. I’d think they would like to live on the same continent as each other and see how it fits before they actually do get engaged. Can make a big difference but each his/her own. I do also think her age plays a factor into a sooner rather than later proposal tho.
    Anyhoodles hope they have fun as I am finally off to Africa for my 1st time next week!! Woot woot

      1. Thanks! I’m going to Tanzania for almost 3 wks! A last hoorah before grad school! I’m doing a safari and some cultural sightseeing along the eastern coast.

        1. Have a good time. And good luck in grad school! May I ask what you are going to study?

  2. To all the people saying that things were dying down ….. oops. I think they both realized low key was best and I agree with you on the timeline. I really hope he doesn’t propose in Africa because doing the same as your brother is just weird. Besides I suspect they are already engaged at least in an unofficial capacity.

    1. Harry spends almost all his holidays in southern Africa, he has a charity there and has worked there for the past two summer on conversation project. This is much more than just a place he visits, it’s literally his second home. If he proposes there it is because he loves this place. In contrast William hardly ever visits Kenya these days and never other countries….

      1. William stole the engagement story from a friend verbatim so many people think it was nothing like it was sold as (the engagement, that is)…

        They look happy. Good for them. Wish I’d see him working more. :/

        1. I have heard that before and don’t doubt that, but the press has promoted the engagement story as truth and so they will make the inevitable comparison if Harry does the same.

          I am not a believer in proposing on obvious dates anyway, so doing it on her birthday seems too obvious to me.

  3. Finally!!! I was wondering when we’d see these two again. Awww, they both look so happy, it almost thaws my cold, hard heart!!

    I have to say that I’m kind of surprised that no photos of her or her mom surfaced while they were London this past week.

    I agree, I hope that there won’t be an engagement announcement before the Invictus Games but I do hope that Meghan will attend at a couple of events with Harry. But there better be an announcement immediately after the Games end, I mean like the very next day!!!

  4. They look adorbs together. I am going to say Harry has already proposed. He is very lucky to have Meghan.

    I am going to share a pet peeve about Harry.
    Both Harry and William talk about their love of Africa. I so want to say “You love Kenya, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and South Africa.”. It cheeses me because Africa is a continent that is comprised of many countries and cultures. Having been to a few Sub Saharan African countries, there are some I loved and some I didn’t love.

    Thanks for the post, MMR!

    1. I just love his smile in this photo, very contented!!

      I agree with your pet peeve! It’s much too generalized and completely disregards the variety of cultures, geography, wildlife etc. Do we have any idea which country they are actually visiting?

    2. Rhiannon,

      Guuuuurl I growled about that eons ago on KMR! It drives me bat-crazy! Be specific, W & H! Don’t just say “Africa” b/c that’s vague as *bleep*. I know you crave privacy to the point of obsession but geez!

  5. Yesterday means August 4th. Article is for the paper on August 5th. They look great together.

    1. That’s what I initially thought, but the article was posted today, August 4. It could mean that they landed on August 4. Time zones make things confusing.

      1. They often post their exclusives a few hours before midnight. Harry only arrived back in London on the 3rd. They probably took a plane to southern Africa on the same evening, arrived there on the morning of the 4th.

    2. Good question. I’m going to guess either Lesotho or South Africa as that’s Harry’s normal destination.

  6. Is it just me or did the article not state where in Africa they are? I get really annoyed when articles don’t specify the city and country when writing about the continent of Africa.

    1. The article did not state in which country and city they landed in. Aggravating, I know. Africa is a large continent made up of many countries. They can’t just say “Africa” like that explains where Harry and Meghan are.

      1. Yes; I’m quite used to it by now but it’s still grating. I think one article mention southern Africa so maybe Zimbabwe (I think they have a pretty popular safari park).

      2. I have to say I get up set when Harry and William talk about their conservation efforts and not use the countries and just say Africa. But how many of us have said I’m going to Europe? I have, usually when I’m doing more than one country tho. So it’s a contextual thing for me. Generic vacay plans okay. Work related conservation efforts not okay unless specifying African only animal.

        1. When William mentions ‘Africa’ he means Kenya. That’s the only country he visits regularly. I know he visited Uganda once, but that was part of his usual Kenya vacation and he was in Uganda for vacation reasons.

          I doubt very much that he has travelled further afield in Africa.

          Harry mentioning ‘Africa’ means Lesotho, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Malawi and Kenya. Possibly more.

          Either way, for both men, ‘Africa’ means South and East Africa. No mention of West, North or central. They don’t have the big 5 so why should they care?

  7. I am not sure what I think about this relationship. There is a lot of people out there who have made it there mission in life to constantly disprove it. To the point of saying the photos are photoshopped. I never was very good at spotting photoshopped pictures so could not say. But I am working off they are real. What I do not understand is that it was reported Meghan was in London with her mother last week. Flew home to work for a bit and then flew back out. That is a lot of traveling. Why come to London if you knew you would be meeting up a week or so later?

    I hope they have fun but I also worry that she is giving up too much of herself for this relationship.

    1. If money is no object, why not? This relationship happens to involve transatlantic travel, but it’s no different from having a SO living in the next town and clearly they want to see each other as often as possible regardless of the distance and travel plans involved.

      1. Herazeus,

        The problem is that money is an object and even if one is mega rich it has a limit. Meghan’s net worth, if you believe the different sites, is around 5 million dollars. With all those flights back and forth for a few days add up. As I seriously doubt she would sit in cattle cart seats we are looking at a minimum of 2,000 each flight. I am sure she gets freebees in clothing and accessories but that has been stopped as now people have to declare their financial interests when advertising. She has done a number of pap walks to advertise stuff but have not seen any in a good couple of months. Thus say there are six trips in a year that is 12,000. Though it might appear to be small change Meghan will be lucky if the receives 250,000 a year for Suits and from what I understand she is not being offered other roles whilst they are not filming. She has other expenses such as housing, clothing, beauty treatments to keep that youthful glow etc. Still 12,000 seems not that much but as an actress she should realistically be saving as who knows when the next role comes along. Maybe she is banking on marriage into the perpetual money tree that is the royal family. So who pays for these trips?

        I really hope it is not me the tax payer. So the argument will be that even if Harry pays he is paying out of his own funds. But is he? Lets face it he has those funds because he does not have to pay any living expenses and vacations as like William when ever he goes on holiday he arranges at a maximum a 30 minute visit to someplace or someone in the country of destination so he does not have to personally pay for it. His house, utilities, maintenance, cleaning, gardening, all financial advice etc. is all paid for by me and my fellow UK citizens who pay tax. The money he receives from his father for other expenses is paid yet again by tax payers because of a deal with the government Charles gets all funds from the Duchy of Cornwall. Charles does not have to pay taxes he voluntarily pays a portion. The private jets, helicopters the pricey land rovers and Audis are paid for by taxes that he uses and generous advertising deal with the companies. Meghan has been spotted with body guards. I doubt very much she pays for the security as she soon would not have 5 million to her name. There is no mention of who pays for that.

        So yes it is a big deal because when I know people who have to or had to go to food banks to survive and people are working but still unable to have a roof over their head, pay for utilities and food I do get incensed with such waste that is funded by the citizens.

        I am in no way having a go with you as your view is valid and I truly do not wish to offend you. I just feel that from my perspective there is more to consider when it comes to the royal family because of the funding issues surrounding them. If he was just joe blow rich citizen I would not care because his money his right to do as he pleases; but it is not his money. This is why a number of people in the UK call them benefit scroungers. Every time I think of these issues Dave Camron pops into my head with his campaign slogan; “we are all in it together”. No we are not the poor have been marginalized even more whilst the 1% are getting richer.

        1. TC-P: i’m the least likely person to be offended by anyone’s views unless they are racist or plain abusive.

          You don’t have to qualify your opinion to me. And you make some valid points.

          I think if she’s spending *her* money on flying herself to Harry then she is free to bankrupt herself.

          We already know that Harry is spending taxpayer money in the form of his ever present security whenever he visits her or he chooses to take her to some far flung destination.

          Since we can’t separate that expense without kicking him to the curb, i hope he is being less frivolous with it than William and Kate who repeatedly flout security concerns for their trips within and without Britain forcing the taxpayer to pick up the increased security bill.

          1. Herazeus,

            I am glad you are not offended. If Meghan is using her own money to fly to the London that I am happy for her to do as she pleases but I am not so sure. I wish I could say that Harry is being more judicious with his tax payer funds than other family members but I am not convinced. I think he is just better at hiding it.

          2. Harry’s trips always take money from the tax payer it actually estimated royal protection for royals and palaces costs us at least 100 million a year they claim by telling us it would put there safety at risk which is 😂

    2. I don’t know what to make of this relationship as well, TC-P. I understand Harry has hung out with other girlfriends in Africa before. In the past few weeks, he has spent 10 days at a luxury safari camp, just came back from an opulent resort paid for by Google ostensibly about the internet but with oodles of free time, and now this luxury safari with his latest girlfriend. I guess this is the royal vacay window.

      So, what does Meghan see in Harry ? They do look good and happy together and it does look like this relationship is lasting and no matter what, I confess I want a big, poufy wedding with all the trimmings and lots of good gossip fodder in the future. But oh, Meghan, you are not going to change anything about him.

      A question to others: Harry is a prince and I am sure quite charming and considerate to his latest flame, but upon marriage, he is a Prince, and I can’t imagine that won’t remind his wife at every opportunity; that certainly is the way William rolls. Meghan, for example, would always be put in her place. Am I wrong? Any guesses?

  8. Why would it overshadow the Games? Wouldn’t it actually INCREASE visibility for the Games? To be honest, unless you are following Harry and/or the military – no one is paying attention to Invictus. A newly engaged Prince at Invictus would get a LOT of coverage.

    1. Because no one would care about the Games, they would only be caring about Harry and Meghan. Any press coverage the Games’ got would not be about the Games but about Meghan.

      1. I wonder if Meghan will make an unofficial appearance at the Games since it’s in Toronto.

      2. The games are just after TIFF ends too so there will be more paparazzi in town than usual and they will probably stay to get pics of Harry.

        If I had to guess she will show up at the closing ceremony concert at the ACC, which will be fairly easy for her to get in and out through VIP access.

    2. Wow, I don’t get that vibe at all. I don’t think Harry is like William in a way in which he would want to keep his wife in her place. Maybe, even William doesn’t. I don’t know.

      Meghan does not seem like the type of woman who could be treated like that and I think the two are defintely smitten with one another. Who knows what draws people together. Work and mutual respect should help keep them together.

      I am using my gut feelings when I say that I think Meghan is very interested in marrying a prince. I know she has had a career and does a great deal for charity, but I have not bought the entire fairy tale for these two, either. But, it’s not just Harry I think is problematic. At any rate, hope I am wrong and that they are happy. Whether or not they wed, I hope that whatever positive feelings they have for each other will be good for both of them.

      1. Harry and will are actually very alike Harry’s just better at or its well known he messed chelsy around despite the fact she moved to England to be with as for meghan no one actually knows what she’s like people are just projecting onto her

    3. I think all the news will be about Meghan anyway and hardly anything about Invictus. It’s how the media works. If I were Meghan I’d steer clear, because I wouldn’t want to interfere and be made the story when the story is about the athletes. Kind of like how American media here last year made it all about “Harry following in Diana’s footsteps”.

      1. And, you Danielle, have just projected on Harry saying he’s just like William. May I ask how you would know.

  9. They look soooooo adorable together. I don’t care when they get engaged, that’s on them. Once they are happy and are willing to work hard on meaningful projects is all that matters.

        1. Harry wasn’t there in his official capacity as Prince Harry. That event was actually a charity event for Beatrice’s charity Big Change. She started it with Isabella Branson, Cressida’s sister. You could say that Cressida showed up because she was invited by big sis Isabella whilst Harry was doing his cousin Beatrice a favour by being there and participating in it.

          Sadly, all that was overlooked in the rush to cover Harry and Cressida together.

  10. You’re right about Southern Africa having many countries, eg Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia. In the article South Africa, a country is mentioned. Though, I trust, they may visit neighboring countries he has charities in.

  11. I love the pics and I love the way Harry has his arm around her.

    I agree with Sarah, she should move to London before they get engaged. She will be dedicating her life to serve a country, she should at least live there for a while first.

    1. If they get engaged and married sooner rather than later, maybe Harry is planning to move part-time to Toronto. It would kinda explain his weird “nobody wants to be royal” interview. I think it would be okay, except maybe from a security viewpoint. He will be less important in the family as time passes.

      1. I cannot see her moving to London without securing jobs there first, whether multi-season acting jobs or a solid charity gig. Otherwise she’s labeled Waity 2.0.

        I also see no way Harry could move to Toronto unless he removed himself from the succession. He’d have to pay all security himself in addition to other changes. Plus there’s no point in moving to Toronto, as her job is limited on that series to maybe one more year. I can’t see him ending up in L.A. permanently while she tries to find other acting jobs.

        If rumors are true, Charles is going from 14-16 working royals down to 6. Harry and whomever he marries will be full-time working royals until W&K’s kids take up royal duties in 30 years. Harry’s kids will not be working royals, but Harry and spouse will be 1/3 of the core working royal family for the next few decades.

        1. Technically Meghan could not just move here. She would have to secure a job that would grant her a work visa and it is valid only as long as she was working. Once the job was finished she would be required to leave the country within a short period of time. As most acting jobs are time limited I do not see her being able to live here for long periods. As an American citizen she can live here six months visa free. Would the royal family pull strings to obtain a visa for her? I would hope not.

      2. Well considering the RCMP provide him security here when he visits because he is still in line to the throne, I am not pro that idea. Besides, the plot on Suits is starting to hint that Mike and Rachel won’t get married and it is likely that she is leaving the show after this season.

        1. Post disappeared. With Charles eliminating all but his line, Harry isn’t going anywhere. There will be six full-time royals for the next 30 years – including Harry and spouse.

        2. Not true darling TC-P many ways she could move to U.K., yes one is a work Visa, but she c
          would most likely 1st obtain an Indefinite l
          Leave To Remain (ILR) or permanent residency that is for immigrantion status that is granted to a person admitted to the UK without any time limit to her stay without restrictions work or no work . ILR is the most usual route to naturalization or registration as a British citizen. Any sorts of visa work or otherwise isn’t what Meghan will seek if she is making a permanent move to U.K. ILR or even a fast track to citizenship would be it…(cause if they are engage… they know people who know people that can expedite her paperwork)

          1. I think expediting Meghan’s citizenship paperwork would be a bad call, PR wise, just because people could cause a stink about the RF influencing that sort of thing when there are people who wait years for citizenship and do it the right way. I think people could use her expedited citizenship against her and the RF and it would be best to steer clear of anything that they know could be used against them like that.

          2. MMR….Marrying a British citizen in itself expedites the ILR and eventually the citizenship. Average person could get the ILR in about 4- 6 months…and citenship a short time after that. People that wait years are people who have overstayed their visas etc. all the talk about fairness seems odd to me. how could she be a working royal receiving tax payers money privileges without being a citizen of the country that she is working for and representing. She is not the first foreigner that married into a royal family, and that point hasn’t been raised when they did as far as aware… why is it a big deal if this the case IF they get married. I do wonder why the same point was not made about Chelsea? or was it?

          3. I was not a royal watcher when Harry was with Chelsy, so I did not have an opinion on her then; and since he is no longer with her, I have no opinion on her now.

            I did not say that I had a negative view of Meghan’s citizenship process, I said that people could use any expedited-by-the-RF citizenship process against both her and the RF. And I absolutely believe that. The group Republic would jump at the chance to call foul on the RF for expediting someone’s citizenship for the RF’s own gain. They jump at any chance to call foul on the RF. I don’t think there is anything wrong or malicious in stating that there are people, like Republic, who would use something like expediting someone’s citizenship against the RF. Additionally, I don’t think there is anything wrong or malicious in stating that it would be wise for the RF not to give those people, like Republic, the opportunity to use that against them when it is easily avoidable.

            If I was incorrect in timelines for citizenship in the UK, then that’s my lack of knowledge of how long it takes to become a UK citizen. I was basing my timelines on that of the US – I know people who have waited years to become citizens and who held a party when the finally were able to do so; and I know people who have waited years and still have not been able to become citizens, and no it was not because they overstayed their visa.

          4. Sunfuntravel,

            OK I will break down what options she has to obtain a visa to live here.

            First, based upon her job which is a Tier 1(Exceptional Talent). It is a two stage process. First someone sponsors you and second you may apply for your visa. It gives you up to five years four months to be in the country and is renewable.

            Second, work visa. This is where a company sponsors you and obtains the visa on your behalf. Several years ago the government placed a cap on the number of work visas that are released each month. Therefore, all companies who wish to bring employees over must compete for the limited number of visas. This visa is good for two years and not renewable. If you leave the company i.e. quit or are fired you have approximately two weeks to leave the country. (I am working off of memory on this bit and it could have changed.)

            Third, Tier 1 (Investor) Basically this visa is for really rich people who can afford to invest money in a UK business or start a business. The investment must be £2,000,000 or more. With this visa you are allowed to remain in the UK for three years and four months and can be extended for two years.

            Now lets look at the marriage route.

            She can obtain a Fiancé visa which allows her to come to the UK and get married. But upon marriage she must convert her Fiancé visa to a FLR(M), Further Leave to Remain (Marriage). This does not give her a number of rights and is good for five years. After the five years she can apply for an ILR, Indefinite Leave to Remain.

            Now to obtain her ILR she will have had to have her FLR(M) for five years. If they were to divorce during this time she would not automatically be able to remain; I am working off the assumption they did not have children. If they have children it is different as she can obtain settlement due to her children; difficult but not impossible. Even if they did not have children she can apply for a visa but it is not automatic and down to the Home Office’s decision.

            Once a person obtains their ILR they then can apply for citizenship.

            You are correct about the ILR status but no one obtains that right off the bat. Whilst Blaire was in office David Blunkett was having relations with an American and he used his connections as Home Office Secretary to obtain a dodgy visa for the American’s nanny. There was a huge backlash. I have no doubt that Harry would use his position to obtain a special visa for Meghan but then when the news was leaked he would be shooting himself and his family in the foot. But technically this is the only means of her to obtain a visa legally.

            The UK government has been stating that they have targets to get net immigration into the country every year. They cannot stop EU members entering and the same is for Common Wealth countries but they can stop third country entrants and that is what they have been working on to get the figures down. The implemented a net income limit for spousal visas. It went all the way to the Supreme Court and the ECJ and in all instance found to be allowable. Thus poor people better not fall in love with someone outside the UK, EU (until we leave) or the Commonwealth because they will not be able to obtain a visa for their partner.

            Sun you stated “Average person could get the ILR in about 4- 6 months…and citenship a short time after that. ” Would you please explain what you are basing that on because in all my years of immigration law I have never come across this.

          5. Do members of the royal family have passports or need visas when entering other countries?

            I only ask because many countries have special visas for diplomats & officials so I’m wondering if the royal family falls under this category? In which case Meghan could just apply for a special visa.

          6. MMR I wasn’t saying you were being malicious by your comment… I was just presenting another point of view as to why it shouldn’t be an issue. But yes of course there will be some naysayers, but I guess what I was saying is that the drums of that criticism would not be that loud. TC-P I Recived my ILR six months or so after marrying my ex… our immigration lawyers gave us that time frame… for I was anxious to start working. We separated after 3 years and by the time it all was done we were married 4 years technically …. I continued living and working in the U.K. 3 more years… and I still have my ILR 7 years later…. even though I am back in the US now & engaged now again to a British guy… moving back next year

          7. I’m with Sunfuntravel on the visa issue. A couple of cousins married foreigners and their foreign wives received their Indefinite leave to remain papers within 6months.

            It was practically rubber stamped, BUT some countries are preferred over others which means the Home office is more rigorous with applications from the unfavoured countries.

            ….but sometimes it is also luck of the draw. Some of my relatives had a hard time processing their naturalisation papers which took years and lots of investigations whilst others were rubberstamped through in a few weeks.

            For someone like MM who is expected to work as soon as she weds in the royal family, give or take adjusting to royal life timelines, she can apply as soon as the engagement is announced since there would be no going back after that. BRF like to have the weddings 6mths after the engagement and that could be enough time to do her paperwork.

            Also, Autumn is canadian. Gary Lewis is New Zealander. Don’t recall any talk about their papers.

          8. Have not had time to read through this entire topic. I am wondering if Meghan does marry Harry, does she lose her American citizenship? If not, would her children with Harry be part American? I guess Royalty trumps all that, yes?

            Different country and different laws, I guess, but was Princess Grace still considered to have dual citizenship?

          9. Oh MMR I forgot to put! In the US after 5 years of living as a permanent resident you are able to apply for citizenship… and within a year of the application you will be called in for an interview/test if you pass you on that very day you are granted citizenship.

        3. Weird, post disappeared again and is now in the wrong place. IMO whatever it would take to have her live there legally would take place, whether it was popular with taxpayers or not. She cannot move to London, have no job, and just sit around unless she already had an engagement ring and a formal announcement had been made.

          I would not expect her to be handed expedited citizenship as Mary, Maxima, and Steph of Lux were, as she would not be marrying the eventual head of state.

          1. I figure just being royal she’d get expedited citizenship. Autumn and Gary Lewis (Davina Windsor’s husband) did, afaik. So the future spouse of Harry once an engagement announcement would be made would be fast-tracked, I assume. Seems like they all get such special treatment!

            I went and looked it up, out of curiosity, as I’m eligible for an ancestry visa (alas not dual citizenship despite my dad being a dual US/UK citizen thru his dad!). So if hypothetically they got engaged, Meghan would have to wait 5 years postmarriage to become a British citizen?

    2. I agree that it would be beneficial to Meghan if she lived in the UK prior to getting married so that she gets a proper feel of it. It is one thing to visit a country while on holiday but it’s a different experience all together when you start living there. Meghan will also need to start planning what causes she wants to champion, and layout her long term vision of what type of royal she wants to be.

      What really hurt Kate in the beginning was her lack of purpose & drive which led to a lot of wasted years & missed opportunities. I see the same thing happening with Melania Trump. The smart women do not wait until they get to office before they start planning what they want to do, instead they are already laying out the groundwork before the time comes.

      1. Sun,

        Are you from a third party country, EU country or Commonwealth as all have different visa systems? Were you married for a number of years and living outside the UK before applying for your visa? There is no way you could have just received your ILR. Please do not think I am being mean but are you confusing the FLR with your ILR?

        There is no way you received an ILR right off the bat. Legally no one receives and ILR in the first instance from a third party state or is your ex from the EU? The UK government requires a period of time so as to prove one is determined to settle in the UK. As an aside also there are various benefits that you would not receive whilst on an FLR that you receive on an ILR. Plus you are not going to like this but ILR is not for life once you have lived outside the UK for two years it can be revoked. If the Home Office believe you are flouting the rules they will revoke any right to live in the UK and ban you for a minimum of 10 years again if you are from a third party nation state and this is the worse case scenario. Most likely the would refuse you entry make you fly home and apply from your country of origin.

        The rules are different dependant upon where you come from. I gave Meghan’s options above as she is American and not Canadian. Lets argue if she was with someone from the EU she would not need anything you could apply for an EFM visa, Extended family member, which would include a non-EU third party nation member spouse which is governed by EU Directive 2004/38/EC. As a non-EU third party nation state spouse/partner they would have to prove they have the right to reside in the UK with their EU member state partner who is living in the UK. Once you get into the case law it become complex very quickly.

        If you are from a third party nation state and married to a UK national and we go off what you are claiming something is amiss because legally no one would get an ILR without first having an FLR of a least two years. Just as an aside I hope your new partner earns within the threshold limit as you have been outside the UK for seven years I am not sure they will allow you to just move back without restarting the process as two years is the cut off to live outside the UK without your ILR being revoked. I would verify before you take the flight as they have every right to turn you back to your country of origin.

        As for Autumn she would have gone through the marriage visa process. When she applied the process what easier and much cheaper than now. I have no idea who Gary Lewis is so it would be difficult to even guess what type of visa he would apply for.

        1. I am from the US originally, I know which form of residency I have because I know to to read and paid for it. On my old and renewed card clearly states INDEFINTE LEAVE TO REMAIN… WORK PERMITED… anyway I no longer care… the couple will cross that bridge when they get to it IF they get married. In the meanwhile they are on vacation in Africa seemingly enjoying themselves while I am here in NJ stairing at spreadsheets and financial datas arguing a mute point.

    1. Well Melania Trump (as well as Catherine) is not a professional so of course she wouldn’t know any better. Meghan Markle actually graduated from college with a Communications degree and has worked steadily even if it was an actress. I think she will be more prepared and a better royal much quicker than Catherine. I don’t expect her to have a 5 year learning curve especially when it comes to something simple like her dress not flying up.

      1. Both Kate and Melania are alike in that they married with the intention of being given money and prestige because of the marriage. They have never held real jobs for long and have no idea what public service means. In both cases they are doing the bare minimum and it shows. Melania at least had the excuse of not expecting this when she first got married and if the polls were to be believed, no real chance at being First Lady. Kate on the other hand dedicated over a decade of her life to snagging William and having lived in the U.K. she would surely know what is expected of a spouse of a UK prince second in line to the throne. But she has basically been a mannequin for years with no real drive to devote herself to causes like Diana did.

        Meghan meanwhile has done charity work well before she even met Harry and has worked in a difficult business where image is important. She will understand the need to give back.

        1. Melania Trump has held jobs. She was a model for many years and had her own jewelry company, too. Of course, she had her husband’s money backing the jewelry firm, but she has worked. Kate, on the other hand…..

      1. I like meghan and I understand that people are fans of Meghan but I wish they would stop tearing down other woman to argue that she is somehow better its mysoginistic as for kate not working we don’t know how much work she did for her family she was a private citerzin as for melania she was a model who used that to make money for her and her family . Meghan might have a stable acting job now but before that she was doing the occasional bit parts in tv shows and has done a couple of speeches for charity she isn’t exactly mother Teresa .every time harry gets a new girlfriendpeople get gleeful that some sort of takedown of kate will happen its distasteful

        1. I swear people were more excited about Kate being miserable about Cressida’s sister than they were about Cressida as a person.

  12. Is he actually going to be working again anytime soon he was in Italy just before this he should be working on getting his numbers up

    1. That always seems to be the case everyone’s raving about Meghan now but if she marries him give 6 months to a couple of years they will be slating her too . I’m not a fan of Kate’s but people attuide to her is border line hateful for the mere fact she exists . The double standards between h and w are ridulas to Harry been on a private trip to Italy and is holiday again and has barley worked but when will went to Africa for a friend wedding he got attacked for it

      1. Especially in the beginning when the relationship was first announced, I saw a lot of comments on various sites, like Celebitchy, where people were more happy that Meghan would make Kate look bad than anything about Meghan herself.

        I agree that some of the commentary around Kate gets a bit out of hand. There are legitimate criticisms to be made about Kate – like the lack of work and the overspending on clothes – but some of it is a bit much.

        Harry takes quite a lot of vacations which largely get a pass from people. People get angry at the mere thought of William and Kate taking a vacation (with no actual proof that they took a vacation), but Harry’s actual vacations (for which we have actual proof) don’t garner the same anger.

      2. Harry was at Google Camp in Sicily. It’s actually a very good place to network for you charities. Guest before have included Malala and Queen Rania. Yes, it’s also leisure, but I wouldn’t call it a holiday. It was a private trip that allowed him to meet with many influential people. As Harry is actually good at using these connections for Sentebale and Invictus, I have no problem with him being there.

        Also, I’m sorry but Meghan already gets tons of hate. Racist and sexist comments everywhere you look.

    2. Why would Kate be misrable about Cressida’s sister? who is Cressida’s sister anyway?

      1. Cressida is half-sister to Isabella Calthorpe, whom William pursued during a break with Kate. People thought that having Isabella be around would make Kate jealous or miserable because William pursued her. No real evidence that that would be the case, but people wanted that to be true because they wanted Kate to be miserable.

        1. I don’t get what Kate being miserable would do for people that wish that. It seems to me that most reasonable people though would not want or say anything that cray. I have some criticism about Kate, like her work load and her seemingly lack of interest/ charisma – (which could be do to her reserve nature) but she bores me. But the outright constant picking on every single thing she does, is just nothing short of gross Trolling IMO and those people need to be called out for that. Same applies to Meghan, sure if someone has a legitimate objection to something she has said and done, cool…. but comments like ” I don’t like her just cause”, “she is a fling”, ” whore” D list actor, and other racist undertones and overtone comments should be equally rebuffed . (not to mention the vilifying campaign being waged on her on some blogs, through clear lies) I feel like so many logical blogs and news agencies have missed on the optunity to fully call out those who are engaging in those vile behavior, when it comes to Meghan… I mean pictures of the girl home and address was published on a blog!

          1. I don’t know why, but some people seem very eager for Kate to be miserable or look bad in comparison to Harry’s partner.

            I didn’t know that people posted photos of Meghan’s home and her address. That’s despicable because there are legitimate crazies out there who would actively want to hurt her. Posting her address online is not acceptable.

  13. I’ve been reading many comments where people are saying if Harry proposes he will be copying William by getting engaged in the same place. Africa is a continent not a country! William proposed to Kate in Kenya, if Harry proposes to Meghan in a different country then it isn’t the ‘same place’. That would be like saying if one couple gets engaged in France & another couple gets engaged in Germany it is the same place because both countries are in Europe! Unfortunately the media are culpable in giving this false impression. Case in point the Sun article not once mentions the country they have gone to. In contrast when Harry took Meghan on a New Years trip they had no problem letting us know it was to Norway.

    As some have already mentioned it’s also one of my pet hates when people use the word Africa as if it’s one giant country. It is the 2nd largest continent in the world with 54 countries & over a billion people. The cultures & languages are very diverse from country to country.

    1. I think the Sun was trying to protect their exclusive. They only mentioned southern Africa, but anyone who follows Harry knew exactly where they were. The Daily Mail and others have now named the place and paps will probably turn up.

      1. The Sun have not had a problem in the past naming the countries that Harry & Meghan we’re visiting, e.g. Norway & Jamiaca. Don’t see why this should be any different. I think it’s just typical lazy journalism when it comes to reporting about ‘Africa’. Many of them do not think it’s important to name the country. Some headlines today say they are holidaying in the ‘jungle’ which shows a lot of ignorance, as if Africa is just one big jungle!

  14. So, I just ordered the JCrew laceup sandals that Meghan’s wearing in these photos! I ordered both the black and cedar colors, I’ll see which one I like the best and send the other back. I think I’m leaning toward the cedar color as I wear a lot of grey and white in the summer and use brown sandals as a contrasting color.

  15. Is it just me or is there something interesting looking protruding from his pocket in the picture here??

    Hi MMR, truly enjoy your blog! Thanks so much, Please keep them coming! Would also love if you can kindly cover the interviews MM had done b4 all the craziness began.


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