Open Post: Harry & Meghan in Nottingham

Open Post: Harry & Meghan in Nottingham

Here is an open post for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s engagements today in Nottingham – unlike the Swedish Christening over on KMR, I will not be doing a live blog here. I will have a full post on the engagements much later, but if you guys want to chat about the engagements before I write my full post, you can do so here.

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Here are a few photos from their walkabout, which was the start of their day.

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152 thoughts on “Open Post: Harry & Meghan in Nottingham

  1. I love Meghan’s bag.
    Is Harry wearing a scarf? He doesn’t normally dress like this. Maybe Meghan is giving him a makeover? LOL

    1. It seems to be very cold in the UK the past few days. Or at least cold for UK standards. There was some reference yesterday to the Queen not doing a walkabout yesterday because of the cold weather.

  2. December 1, 2017 at 6:15 am
    Harry and Meghan are doing their first engagement …..oh my kiddy aunt. She’s incredible. She’s picking up babies gloves, stroking member of the public’s arms, holding Harry’s hand. Having flowers thrown at her. Getting down to eye level with children and people in wheelchairs. She looks like she was born to do a walkabout. And do you know I couldn’t even tell you what’s she wearing except she has no gloves on whet is one of the coldest days of the year so far …’s not even relevant. It’s staggering watching her do this.

    1. I nearly went to see her as I live so near, but didn’t. Now I wish I had. What an amazing young woman, I think Camilla is right, America’s (or perhaps Canada’s) loss is our gain. I can see these two achieving so much. She seems to have a little bit of Harry’s magic too.
      Early days but a great start.

  3. MRSBBV,
    Not sure, if you are being sarcastic or if you approve. As for me, I think she did a great job.

    1. I was worried she may have been met with shouts of Yankee Go Home, but everyone seemed very sweet. I must stop reading the comment section over at DM.

      They look so sweet together. Harry seems to treat her as though he wants to protect her and he seems to cherish Meghan. They claimed on the morning news, that a month went by before William and Kate made their first outing together, and Meghan is out in four days. I think this is a good sign. The U.K. deserves this young couple to be hard working and give back.

      Love the handbag. Not a clutch bag in sight.

      1. No one would be rude in public like that except Corbyn’s supporters!

        William and Kate didn’t make a public walkabout until after Christmas as I recall. She chose to spend Christmas with her family although there was an evening event together. Kate wore an old coat for that first walkabout that she had first worn to Cheltenham and then had shortened. (I liked it better longer, like Meghan’s is.) She seemed wonderfully happy as did William- I still recall her petting a puppy and interacting with the crowd.

        So this reminds me very much of William and Kate’s first appearance. No reason in my mind to mar either day by comparisons. I think Meghan’s coat is lovely and I like her handbag – quite a sophisticated look, and one very appropriate to the weather – all very nice.

        1. why the dig at Labour? I would have thought it would have right wingers who would shouted Britain first or something similar. I thought she did very well.

    2. Boston…..
      Are you being serious? I don’t know how anything I write about Meghan could be viewed as sarcastic.

      1. Considering that Corbyn’s base is overwhelmingly young and liberal, I somehow doubt that they are going to be the ones telling Meghan to go home or being actively concerned about a royal marrying a mixed race American…

        1. Corbyn’s base is almost uniformly republican – I doubt they care who Harry marries – they’d be glad to send them all home. But I’ll stay off of politics.

  4. I love this coat, I want it and the bag too.

    Since this is my 3rd time coming here, I snooped around and since you guys have talked about it I figured I’d post what Inside Edition dug up and showed yesterday:

  5. Woah. I’ve never seen Harry look this good. Meghan must be giving him fashion tips. They look like a superstar couple already! It’s very exciting to watch.

  6. She looks very engaged and confident. Didn’t even notice her clothes because her interactions were so charming. However, I do like the coat when I went back and looked. The skirt, not so much – many pictures, it looks like the hem is frayed?

    1. Fallon, I’ve thought this too. I’m not overwhelmed and awed by her royal fashion choices so far. I’ve asked myself, “would you be more critical if Kate wore this?” And I know the answer is “yes.” When I asked myself why, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that with Meghan she’s so engaging on a personality level, that the clothes seem secondary. Unfortunately, with Kate she doesn’t give us a lot on the personality level, so the clothes are really all we’re left with.

  7. I love that her outfit is a “working outfit.” She is there to work.I love how her coat came off. My only quibble: the boots. Great, but they should be longer.

    Are private secretaries with them? I love how Harry has held her hand and touched her back.

    Who do you think Meghan’s own Catherine Quinn will be? Will she have a lady in waiting? I would love it if both were women of color, but just as long as they are Catherine Quinn clones!!!

    I was so nervous for Meghan, but she is fine!

    Thank you MMR for doing this!

    1. She is more than fine Leah – our faith in her is well deserved so far. She must have been very anxious but she is doing brilliantly, helped of course by the adoring Harry.

    2. I noticed the frayed lining of her coat, but thought at least she isn’t buying a new coat for every third cool weather event.

  8. They are so cute together. Camilla is right she’s a star. Loved how she picked up the glove and returned it.

    Also love the Nick video of her at 11. She’s authentic.


  9. NO WIGLET!!! Go, Meghan, Go! Hooray for the fabulous couple! A huge success! So Happy for them!

  10. I am so, so pleased to see Meghan look so engaged, truly enjoying herself and being a warm, caring person. Her coat is amazing and I am fully confident she will fulfill her role with grace and dignity.
    Harry looks better than he has in a long time.

  11. I adore her coat! I’m really over the whole coatdress thing that has been beaten to death by Kate. Not a fan of the longer skirt with slouchy boots, tho.

    Meghan is very photogenic, holy cow!

    Hopefully, this first engagement is a sign of things to come – active and engaged with the British people.

  12. I would consider this a success for Meghan! She looked absolutely beautiful. PH smiled the entire time, it’s infectious. There seems to be a lot of love and support between the two of them. A plus IMO

    1. You feel that good after one engagement. I think it’s a good start but I need about 3/4 years before a genuine impact can happen.

  13. Finally a handbag! As a serious handbags lover, I’m always disappointed with the small clutches. But this is stunning! Can’t wait for the full post!!!!

  14. Who is the lovely young Asian woman I have seen with Harry and Meghan today? Anyone know? Is she an assistant of Harry’s or will she be Meghan’s Catherine Quinn?

  15. She looks so relaxed and genuinely happy to be there and engaged in what’s going on around her. That’s so lovely to see.

    As for the fashion, girlfriend needs to step up her coat game. Both this one and the white one at the engagement photocall are “meh”. Love the top and skirt. Very appropriate for a December day in Nottingham. And I love the purse! However, I hate those boots, the way they bunch up. It’s especially not a cute look with the coat.

    Overall, this is a win for Ms. Markle.

      1. I just figured something out Leah. You’re hitting reply below the person’s name, as one would on KMR. But on this blog, you do it at the reply next to the name. That way it’ll stay in the right thread 🙂

  16. Meghan looks lovely – she has wonderful style. No problem with a newly engaged couple holding hands – I love her coat.

    I don’t see a reason to compare William and Kate – they held hands at Sandringham one Christmas but he is a future king and so there is going to be a different level of spontaneity. I would never judge couple by what they show or don’t show.

    PDA is not usually a royal thing – Philip and the Queen have done very well for seventy years with only one parting kiss being shown over thirty years ago.

    The idea my late mum used to say, and she called my hubby and me on it, is that those who show the most in public have the least confidence in what’s going on in private. Old generation thinking.

    But even she wouldn’t fault a newly engaged couple like this. It was a delightful visit.

    Same post to something I responded to on the other side – it probably should have been here. Travelling today and decidedly weary – my apologies.

    1. I remember seeing pics of Charles and Diana holding hands and being affectionate, so it’s not about hierarchy, I think it’s more of a personality thing.

      1. The mention of Charles and Diana made me shudder just a little – how much of what we see is how the couple presents themselves in public and how little we know underneath what’s happening.

        I Googled it trying to remember – I did recall the photo of them speaking together in Australia – Diana in her pink dress. I do think that was a lovely moment for them.

        But the picture of them holding hands I could find was after their wedding rehearsal. I’m no body language expert but their posture – pulling away from each other is odd. But it’s one camera shot – how much can we make of that?

        There were photos of them holding hands in Scotland for a photo-op but according to a biography – I’m thinking it was that first Dimbleby one of Charles – they had just had a major row – and Charles felt Diana was able to recover and look happy more quickly.

        So I suppose it’s a reminder to all of us, myself included, that we never really know. So I’m a little uncomfortable with comparisons of one couple and another. So on this happy day with a christening and a great appearance, and a coming baby for William and Kate, I’m just going to be happy for everyone.

        1. I agree there’s no reason to compare, I just pointed it out because I usually see people claiming that William and Kate can’t/shouldn’t do something due to protocol or hierarchy when it’s just a choice.

        2. That’s lovely TOJ (the reply button falls directly on top of the last word in your title, so I hope you don’t mind the acronym. I can’t actually see the whole thing). Inspiring sentiments.

      2. Right. People tend to forget this, but Charles and Diana were very lovely and touchy-feely in the beginning.

    2. But Julia, (as of my posting this) you’re the only one who keeps comparing Harry and Meghan to Will and Kate – twice! And both times you make a comparison between them…but then say no one should make a comparison. I feel like what you’re saying is no one should make negative judgements about Kate when compared to Meghan, which seems a bit unfair if someone genuinely thinks Meghan is better at something (or Kate is better at something). I do think commentary can go too far – and for myself, I do try to be fair about criticisms and not just judge on superficial matters. And, obviously, I want to respect the wishes of wonderful KMR/MMR who gives us a place to gush or criticize (within respectable reason!).

      But anyway, in my mind, they are (soon-to-be) sisters-in-law, so I think some comparisons are normal – both married ins, both similar ages – much in the same way people might compare QEII to other monarchs or compare William’s workload to other European royals of his same age. I think we all just need to be careful not to be too OTT in our criticisms. Maybe that was what you were saying? Anyway, I don’t mean to pick on you or anything I just felt like you were telling us all not to do something you just did yourself.

      1. Can I just say that I loved your post about them on RD? I am not a part of that one, but there are many negative nellies and I broke out laughing with all the enthusiasm in your post. (And the pics).

          1. Yes, its crazy. It is a small minority of posters, but they are rather persistent. Why people spend time posting on people they hate, search me.

            There are some things about Meghan I am not sure about, but overall I like her and am hoping for the best. Some RD posters literally criticized her for saying “hi my name is Meghan” to people during the walkabout. She will never win with some people.

    3. So in general, I’m not against PDA, in moderation. I have never commented here before, and I seem to be the only one who’s annoyed by the constant, constant, excessive PDA. I find it childish.

      Yes, you’re engaged. Yes, we know you’re living together. Yes, you’re happy. You don’t have to make sure we know it by clutching each other’s hands during every interview and photo-op.

      Meghan is beautiful and photogenic, and she seems to be trying as hard as she can. I just wish she would give the back-stroking and hand-holding a bit of a rest. I found the post-engagement photocall interview odd in that respect, where they were in some kind of hand-death-grip. I don’t know, maybe it was nerves.

      1. Debra I agree about the death grip. It looked like she was clinging to him for dear life and soothing hI’m by patting his back in almost a mothering way. Some PDA and hand holding I’d sweet bit this is a bit much, IMO.

        1. I LOVE PDA and I am fine with it. Harry has always been touchy feely and so has Meghan. At least they like each other. William and his wife are way too ice cold too each for my taste.

      2. Absolutely too much PDA and veers almost on unconscious condescension. It maybe that she ‘mothers’ him a bit in private, but this public patting and petting will turn people off unless it is turned off or turned down.
        The British are not European in public or even private displays though it is easing up now. PH recently said he and PW have even taken to hugging each other.
        Downtown Abbey Lord Grantham actor said that at the end of the scene where Matthew and he have that warm talk they had hugged and it had been scrapped by the etiquette expert. So they ended up with a very warm handshake instead.
        So dear Meghan the start was good and natural without awkwardness but get the details right to be a star like your man.
        I believe PH touched her to reassure her as well as to minimise the body language experts comments after engagement photo call in the Princess Diana garden ,that Meghan controls the relationship with upper hand, triple hand and back support gestures. That will only harm her if it gets established.

    4. Charles and Camilla are affectionate in public. Even HM and Philip share sweet looks. William and Kate have never been affectionate, I think due to William’s paranoia but also just because they are not warm people; they are cold, and quite frankly I don’t imagine they care much about one another (well, I don’t think he cares much about her, judging by the way he treats her in public). It has nothing to do with the BRF being not into PDA, or whatever, which is what W&K’s fans like to push.

      Most other royals are affectionate and loving with one another in public. Heck, Charles used to playfully pinch Diana’s bottom and they often held hands (I think that proves they did care for one another in some fashion). Felipe and Letizia. Even Philippe and Mathilde, who are pretty staid, are often touching one another. It is just W&K being weird where they refuse to show any sign of affection or love between them unless Kate is gazing at him like he hung the moon. And he ignores her.

      1. I don’t want to keep mentioning other sites but someone made a collection of royals all over Europe photographed holding hands at events, including Madeline of Sweden, Charles and Camilla, etc. Etc. Will and Kate are the exception to this. Harry and Meghan shouldn’t be slammed for not being like Will and Kate when everyone else is not like Will and Kate.

      2. C&C are hardly the bench mark for good behaviour are they? Unfortunately.
        PW takes his cues from the HM and in 69 years she has held hands with PP in public just ONCE!

        1. C & C have an agenda to push with the PDA – he’s always trying to prove how much he cares about her as if it were contagious and the public would catch it.

          The European royals do sometimes show more – it’s a different style. But I do think Phillipe and Mathilde are a particularly delightful couple.

          You can find lots of warm photos of the Queen and Philip looking at each other but no PDA – ditto William and Kate if you look.

          I don’t think any of it means a thing as celebrities have proved to us – loved up one minute, divorced the next.

    1. I may be inconsistent, I’ve been trying to avoid comparisons other than factual ones like length of relationships – and I will try even harder.

      But there are factual points. One thing to remember is that William and Kate have been married six years but they’ve been a couple for over thirteen years. I don’t think after thirteen years Harry and Meghan will be like this either – it would almost be unnatural — crazy-passionate love turns into a steady warm flame in strong relationships.

      Whether William and Kate have a perfect relationship I don’t know, but I suspect after going through years, including a break-up, they have a good understanding of each other and will stay the course. I could be wrong, royal marriages have broken up after years, like Anne and Mark’s but there were generally warning signs. Harry and Meghan have been a long-distance couple for barely a year and a half – if that. I hope to be speaking of them after thirteen years.

      I’ve had concerns about the speed of Harry and Meghan’s romance in the confines of the royal family – I’m not going to pretend I don’t – and I find it hard to judge Meghan because she does have extensive acting background – there’s no point in saying she doesn’t, and actors do put on a good show – I remember one US president, with no desire to be political, this is not a place for it – who was famous for his warm charm.

      But I’ve said my peace and will give Meghan the benefit of the doubt – today was delightful.

      1. +1
        She looked great and seemed engaged. I like the practical working outfit too that she wore underneath the coat. Though I feel the coat doesn’t fit her too well.

        1. Although I have to admit I still have my reservations about her and the relationship for the reasons you have stated

      2. Agree completely Julia – as a bi racial myself it’s great that she is there and I find it fabulous that PH could see beyond labels., and that HM is supportive though not enthusiastic. (After all didn’t the message say ‘ …”delighted ” for them’. When parsed it could mean ‘not delighted ourselves’ as a subtext. The British understatement often goes undetected by the non Brits and then it stays a private joke among the Britsh.)
        PH wasn’t brought up by his father to respect other nationalities. A long term family ‘friend’ with Indian ancestry who is a part of the PoW inner circle has a nick name by which the PoW calls him – SOOTY!! Go figure. Diana was a very different person.
        Having said all that Imalso remember that Meghan is the one who had ended her marriage out of the blue after 2 years in Torinto and moving into a different social mileau there. It maybe because her husband was as was reported rather a brash type and we can see she was different in Toronto. But is that Meghan the real one? Or was it her new Persona? Time will tell.
        Her UN talk was great at first hearing but on a second I couldn’t help thinking that it was also a bit too much ‘me’. Surely all that she did was not from herself alone but was suggested supported by teachers and maybe even parents?
        Also, she had had a chef boyfriend whom she dumped after PH came on the scene…
        So… it all seems good, but whether she is a keeper I will have to wait and see. Whether she will be able to put her career trajectory, her personality cult and the round-robin-supportive girl-band aside for the sake of a self sacrificing devotion tomduty in TRF as HM has shown, for her marriage and their happiness as a couple none can say with confidence.
        She won’t be the loser for it though if it goes south, but I wish for them that they go north with sparklers and deep happy smiles from them both as they do now.

        1. Kay, you do not know how the Queen truly feels about Meghan or her engagement to Harry, nor do you know if there is subtext. I don’t feel it is appropriate to speak for the Queen or cast aspersions upon her.

          If she thought Meghan was that problematic, there would be no marriage and you also don’t know how Charles brought up Harry so that is a moot point.

          1. Many people feel it’s appropriate to speak for the Queen and cast aspersions upon her when it comes to her thoughts on Kate, loaning Kate jewelry, and giving Kate the Royal Family Order. Why is this different?

        2. Kay: ‘Delighted’ from the Queen is tauntamount to doing a jig. Charles added an ‘indeed’ to his statement which was high praise indeed.

          Americans will always be disappointed if they expect the Queen to be emotionally expressive in public. It’s not our culture and she’s not the millenial generation which has absorbed American ways.

  17. About them holding hands and being lovey – remember, Kate and William were together for ages when they started going together on public, they were long time friends who knew each other in and out.
    H&M’s love is still young and their relationship is fresh. They just moved together after a year of long distance relationship, they are giddy and excited. No wonder they can’t keep their hands off each other.

    1. Folks, people being together for long doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t show affection for each other, that is just an absurd claim. Barack and Michelle Obama have been together for much longer than Will and Kate but the Obamas still show crazy affection about one another. Time just makes relationships stronger, warmer and fonder, not colder and more distant.
      And another thing folks, could we please leave Kate and William out of this thread, its for Meghan and Harry. I know this is not my blog but I just sayin…..

      1. But Barak & Michelle have a different cultural background where touchy feely is good and normal.
        In Britain it isn’t.
        When I met with my best friend and bridesmaid on a visit back to the UK after living in Germany for a about 6 month I went to hug and kiss her and she backed off a bit and I had to remember that we hadn’t been used to doing that 😀 We laughed about me going all European on her and did it any way then but it IS a different culture. The upper classes are even more restrained the senior level royals even more.

  18. Haha, Harry looks so different, but good!
    Meghan is a natural in the public.She has a huge advantage with her smile and charme.
    She will handle her new life easily, from what I can see.

  19. They did a great job! They both look great and are interacting so well with the crowds. Dare I let out a little “woo hoo!” in celebration? I’ve been let down before, so I’m cautious in my optimism, but this was a great start.

  20. I had no complaints. Maybe one, I think a 900 dollar skirt was a bit much. But she did very well. She’s a natural, like Diana, and I think Henry is pleased with her.

    1. At this point, it seems she’s using her own money, so she can wear whatever overpriced ridiculous thing she wants. It’s when she’s using taxpayer money that I find it a bit much.

      I just read Fergie’s autobiography, “My Story”, and it’s very very interesting. Second sons don’t have the same type of funding that the Price of Wales and his future heirs do, and so I hope either Diana’s trust fund lasts a very long time, or Suits goes into syndication. Fergie had a taste for the good life, but they don’t get the funds to match.

      1. That may be true. But Harry is in a different place in the order as in right now, he’s the son of the PoW, not the monarch. And Charles can distribute the funds from his duchy as he sees fit. I don’t know if that’s true when he ascends the throne. (Herazerus? Someone else with a grasp on historical prescedent?)

        1. Not sure. Charles, when King, can distribute public money – as the Queen does now to Anne, Edward and Andrew – and presumably will do this for Harry. Not sure what happens to Charles’s sister and brothers. William, as the new PoW, will have the Duchy money for himself. They all have pots of private money and tend to preserve that and live off public funds it seems. They have more than they need.

        2. I think Harry needs to plan for when William is king because that’s when he will get cut off. Charles will take care of him as king.

      2. Harry will always be taken care of. The queen gives all her kids money, thus why nine have a job, but live very well. Charles is ridiculously rich and will have more money available when he’s the monarch. William will also take care of Harry, as Harry will be the other massively popular senior royal. They’re all set for life. I guarantee Charles will cover her clothes, if he hasnt now. As a matter of fact, I believe because this was considered an engagement, her clothes were covered.

  21. Can someone explain what Julia meant about the only rude people would be Corbyn supporters? is Corbyn anti-American?

    1. Leah I think Corbyn is a republican (though he did put out a nice congratulations statement when H and M got engaged).

    2. Jeremy Corbyn is Labor Party.
      There’s really nothing in America that is as far left as him.
      For something comparable he would be in the very left wing of the Democrats.
      His philosophies would be more left wing than most.
      The Republicans are right wing.

      1. There is a difference between your Republican Party and what we mean by a republican, which is someone who wants to abolish the monarchy and establish a republic. Amethyst 86 used a small ‘r’ which is the clue. I’m assuming you are not British by your spelling of Labor… JC is leader of the Labour Party!
        The wonders of the English language.

  22. I was blown away by the whole day and the comments from people from the crowd are all very positive and supportive. I’ll start with my only (very small) criticism — her hair! I would have much preferred it to be pulled back (maybe a loose side-pony, which would looked smashing with the turtleneck!) But, with the exception of Meghan’s hair being down (and therefore needing to be brushed out of her face in much the same way Kate constantly does), I thought she looked spot on. I loved everything about her look and everything about Harry’s look. They both looked professional, polished with nothing distracting or inappropriate. Possibly a bit staid with the dark colors they both wore, but I can live with that for a first engagement on a freezing winter day!

    Most importantly though, I loved her interest and engagement with all of the people during each part of the visit. She looked nervous (to me) at first, during the walkabout, but by the time they got inside, she looked much more relaxed. I thought she just came across as authentic, joyful, and polished. I loved that she didn’t mug for the cameras at all, and I loved that the couple was authentic to who they are and engaged in some light PDA during the walkabout or when standing listening to folks inside. Personally, I think the initial hand-holds, hugs, and arm rubs were because she was very nervous and Harry was trying to help relax and reassure her. Plus, lots of other royals have held hands on official engagements (and anyone can find on a simple google search), so I wasn’t bothered by it.

    And, did you see the smile on Meghan’s face when she met Chantelle, from FullEffect? It was everything! Chantelle was so amazing at the Obama Summit and I was waiting to see the 3 of them together at today’s engagement. Yay!

    1. Corbyn is openly republican. He has said if he comes PM he won’t attempt to put an end to the royal family against the country’s wishes – but of course if those wishes were seen as changing…

      Corbyn spoke nicely when the engagement was announced but his supporters were jeering the couple. That’s what I mean. It has nothing to do with the States. But it is rude and to my recollection unprecedented for a newly engaged royal couple to be openly jeered – even though there have been Labour shadow governments in the past when engagements were announced. (With the exception of the queen, I’m thinking there has been a Tory PM during all prior major royal wedding engagements – I’d have to check. That excludes Edward and Sophie but New (old!) Labour was very different.)

      Republicanism is becoming much more open but hopefully (at least in my view) won’t hit the streets during walkabouts.

    2. Gudgeon, That smile went right up and into her eyes. Actress or not, as some commentators have mentioned today, it was irrelevant. Meghan was loving today and the people she was meeting. The pure pleasure and joy of the occasion exuded from her.

  23. I read this a day or two ago and it made me so happy. A drama friend of Meghan’s from high school (they did Damn Yankees together at her high school) was quoted as saying, “Meghan was really charismatic and was a very hard worker and very focused and you could tell she was going to do something special with her life… She had the talent and focus to back it up and you could tell she knew the work it would take and she was willing to put in the work.”

    I think today might be the beginning of very, very good things.

  24. I think that the duo did well. Please keep it to just Harry and Meghan. Open body language with bag at the side, confident, softly spoken and eye contact. Meghan is off the ground running. Harry was probably cold. It is freezing here in the UK, and snow has fallen in the North and South East.

  25. This was about as good as it gets for a first time out. She looked genuinely happy to be there and even Harry seemed to be ok with the press and all the attention. So many smiles all around.

    The DM just had to plop a small bit about Kate being at Kings Cross while “the world watches bride-to-Meghan” right next to their H&M coverage. Kate was dressed down in a £99 Zara coat with her hair up and little or no makeup. She looked great but sure, let’s go ahead and start pitting them against each other. They’re two different people and if Meghan outshines her, it’s Kate’s own fault, not Meghan’s.

    1. Why would you expect commentators to keep discussion to just Harry & Meghan? Comparisons are inevitable and probably quite relevant. As are comparisons with William and Kate with other Royal Houses. It’s going to happen in the media, social media and every discussion board in cyber space as sure as night follows day.

        1. I don’t understand Mrs BBV. I was just praising Meghan’s body language. I am just very happy for Harry and Meghan. Meghan and Kate are two different people whom I don’t know personally.

      1. Gosh there has been so much going on but I think MMR has asked us not to constantly compare the two ladies, and remember they are essentially in the same team. You are right that elsewhere the comparisons will be constant. Just as they were with Diana and Fergie.
        Apologies if with all the brouhaha recently I am incorrect on this.

        1. Comparison doesn’t have to be negative or destructive. And it should be relevant, measured and balanced if it’s appropriate. I mean if we’re going to use comparison as a method of petty point scoring then it falls into the realms of inappropriate. But as always Birdy I think a lot of this is about tone and context. Xx

  26. Wow. Wow. Wow. They are a radiant couple.

    The constant patting on each others backs was a bit annoying. It’s like she was patting a little dog. Other than that, great job.

    1. I think there is a real element of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy style in today’s look….. I really hope she continues with that pared down, understated elegance. I didn’t even look at her clothes to start with, they were just clothes, purely fuctional. Whereas with Kate sometimes the clothes is all there is to talk about.

        1. I’m wondering if she will go for Carolyn-style wedding dress. When she was on Suits and she and Jessica Mulroney were picking out wedding dresses for her character, the first item she picked off the rack was a sleek, white dress which she said reminded her of Carolyn’s wedding dress.

          1. I love Meghan, but she could not pull off Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress. Very few women could-Carolyn’s style was unique and severe. Meghan could not do that. She needs a tad more oomph, not the bells and whistles that Fergie’s wedding dress had, but just more design.

            And that is not a knock on Meghan, but Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, like Diana was unique and gone much too soon.

        1. The slouchy boots didn’t go woth the skirt, otherwise I liked Meghan’s attire as a stylish outfit for winter. But Carolyn Bissette Kennedy’s innate sense of style was Timeless and iconica all these years later, it still holds up and doesn’t look dated.

        2. You know I was just thinking that – I remember that outfit very well – it was a boot skirt, not a full one like Meghan wore – with her hair in a pony tail, not long after their marriage.

          I did think Carolyn had the most interesting style and was lovely – such a tragedy all the way around and so unnecessary – although many tragedies are. I doubt Meghan will be quite that minimalist – Carolyn often didn’t even wear earrings, but we will see. There are times Carolyn’s style reminds me of Charlene of Monaco.

      1. Her million-watt smile and warmth make the clothes secondary. I think we’ll have so much substance here to talk about beyond clothes. I’m excited!

        1. I’m sure if John John and Carolyn were still alive today, they would’ve been long divorced by now. She didn’t want the publicity that comes from being a top ranked politicians wife and John Jr definitely had political ambitions. And Carolyn was known to be a notorious cokehead and was already stepping out on JFK Jr- the trip to Martha’s Vineyards was suppose to be a relative’s wedding and a reconciliation trip, which was suggested by Carolyn’s older sister. Carolyn’s sister was also in that plane and died unfortunately.

        2. I agree Meghan. She was so engaged with the crowd that i didnt notice what she wore. Ir was nice to see Harry happy too

  27. It’s utterly *wonderful* to see that look of joy on Prince Harry’s face.
    US & Canada – thank you for that!
    We have waited a long time to see him come out of that lingering dark place which some actions of his father put him in, inspite of all the love that he did give the boys.
    Any way happy talk now 🙂
    Went well I think – Meghan took to it like a duck to water!!
    I agree with the posters who said less of the dark colours & pulled back hair would be welcome. There are unwritten rules for pre nuptial bridal days. Ms Mulroney could team up with a British stylist to get this fine tuned, though I also agree the sleek pared down look is so modern and elegant.
    But that is what Sophie Countess of Wessex does – that’s an aunt!
    Our girl needs to go more bridal for the next few months esp in these early days. That’s Englsh tradition for Royals. And NO BLACK – remember the soup Lady Di got into with that black evening gown? She didn’t do that for years after that day.
    However Meghan is smart & she’ll get it all right. May she be a keeper May she be a winner. For Prince Harry’s sake.

      1. Agreed 100% – but surely as a mentor, and not friend?
        Their situations in life as wives to younger brothers will be very similar and Sopie of Wessex exemplifies admirably the demeanour and deportment that Megan should emulate. The elder woman made her own mistakes and can warn Meghan how to avoid them and what to look out for, and also how to come out of a ruckus like that. Meghan shouldn’t go wrong with developing such a relationship.
        I do hope for her sake and PH, BRF, and us all who love them all, that such a relationship does develop. Meghan is smart and I hope she is smart enough to realise the relevance of ‘she stoops to conquer’ in the context of the RF – however much we who are more luckily placed in life can safely ignore it 😀

      1. Leah I agree it’s a great colour and I love it too but it’s not for brides and specially not for royals.
        Modern young women wear black every where as its so versatile but that’s just the thing. Royals shouldn’t show such parsimony during wedding times. Also black is de-riguer colour for royal funerals.
        Have you read the feed back Lady Di got from TRF when she wore that beautiful off shoulder plunging neckline black dress for her first evening engagement? At first PoW had been wowed and had proudly told the reporters after he got out of the car ahead of her “wait till you see what’s coming next!” H/e afterwards Princess Di said that she was criticised for the dress and she cried in the Ladies and Princess Grace had consoled and made her laugh by saying “Cheer Up It will only get worse!”.
        That’s royal lfe in the fish bowl.
        HM wears bright colours and all other ladies wear demure styles and happy pastels or lighter brights. That is standard upper class dress code esp March – Septemver and pre wedding is always summer style based. Ascot is usually a good style indicator. It’s still Downton Abbey with the royals. Its not London corporate, or sleek Toronto or California chic. Maybe more Marthas Vineyard…

        1. I think what I am trying to say is that bridal dressing is more like a summer party event attire because all eyes are on you during this time. British upper class prenuptial dressing is based on the debutante and coming-out tradition.
          Meghan was dressed for work… not to be ‘presented to the world as a royal bride to be.’
          Her best friend here would be Kate and even though many here seem not to like Kate, Meghan said in her engagement interview that Kate was ‘wonderful’ to her.
          Meghan needs Kate in the minefield that is TRF. Let’s not forget what happened to Fergie after she set herself in competition with Di. PoW didn’t care for Di but his office nevertheless got Fergie trashed, according to palace insiders. Perhaps to divert attention from the C&C antics.
          Prince Andrew is supposed to have realised later that his wife was set up with that toe licking consultant. There was and is bad blood between those 2 brothers, as PoW feels he was neglected and PA is the favourite of HM and Princess Anne that of PP. So the whinging nobody loves me PoW.
          Luckily PW and PH are close and it was only PW who helped PH during the time PH was being bashed for not being more accommodating but rather more vocal against C&C agenda, unlike PW who subsided after initial protests.
          It is happening to PW&K now after last year’s Diana memorial events that upstaged Cornwall’s failed memoir by the sycophant Penny Junor meant to white wash Camilla.
          I think people miss the nuances and the behind the scene manoeuvres to make PW unpopular as he is alternative to Cornwalls, and the public still doesn’t want C&C but will accept PoW.
          So the battle still rages on – it’s Diana days once again in Britain.
          I hope PH & Meghan won’t be used and dumped by the unscrupulous ambitious elderly relatives. Someone is ofcourse ‘delighted’ to have another divorcee in the TRF as well to take the mark off of herself. If that new person can be used to upstage the rivals so much the better. Afterwards Diana’s boys can go to the wilderness just like the royal siblings who have been pushed to the background.
          We have to see the sub text when judging what we see. 🙂

          1. With the panty flashing, workshy ways of William’s wife, Meghan does not need her as a friend. Besides the fact I can see William’s wife sabotaging Meghan.

            Harry is close to Charles and Meghan would do better to cozy up to Sophie.

          2. Leah, Isn’t that an aspersions against Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge to say that she will sabotage Meghan? What evidence do you have that this is happening OR will happen?
            What of such great value could Meghan (as the future wife of the 5th in line to the throne), possibly take away from the Duchess of Cambridge (the present wife of the 2nd in line to the throne), that the Duchess should fear and sabotage Meghan?
            This doesn’t bear out on anaylisis all!
            If you say it is public popularity and work ethic, I beg to remind you of late Diana, the Princess of Wales, who was not saved by these same considerations.
            Whether we like it or not Meghan must be superseded by the Duchess of Cambridge. That is the reality.
            The two of them have much to gain from working together and the advantages will be Meghan’s – certainly at least in the beginning. Meghan has her own great strengths in the world, but they are unfortunately not immediately relevant in the life as a royal which she herself has chosen. If she fits in, she will get a great opportunity to use them for her own and most importantly for the good of the world. She will gain power and influence and a voice she could before never have even dreamed of – if she stays the course and wins the platform.
            I have seen no evidence that PoW prefers PH over PW, and even if he did, that has absolutely no material effect on the futures of the two princes and their families. That is already set in stone.
            None do Meghan favours by setting her up as a rival to a legitimate heir and his family – that will only harm her greatly in the eyes of her most important community – the Bristish population.
            I wonder if the aspersions against the Duchess of Cambridge is perhaps unconscious reverse racism on your part, in your affection and partiality to someone of mixed race?
            I understand your predeliction, as a bi-racial myself, but this is no way to help erase the differences that exist among and between all people in the world. Be the change we want to be – be fair in our own judgements and actions.
            Why, we even have differences in our own families – let us rise above any negativity where it exists, because it is *not* everywhere and it is *not* everyone.
            It is unfair to impugn Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and let us be positive for the good of the whole.
            It is not to ignore negativity where it exists but to not give emphasis to it, rather to minimise it by our own positivity.
            I do hope I don’t offend you and if do, I do apologise as it is not my intent.

  28. I think she’s good at conveying warmth and a people person. IOW, she’s well-suited for her new position.

    I’m happy for these two. I think the firm should be delighted it’s got an energetic charismatic couple representing it. (No, that’s not K&W bashing. I have nothing against them. They’re just not temperamently wired for public interaction as M&H. Few people are.)

  29. Meghan’s outfit is horrendous, but who cares when they are so engaged and warm with the crowds taking the time to really talk to people.

  30. Meghan, WOW! first appearance and simply outstanding, she is natural, warm and her eyes are simply sparkling, there was nothing put on, smile for the camera’s, she genuinely felt what was reflected in her eyes. She is definitely going to bring out the best in Harry, as some of you have said his demeanour was more relaxed, less guarded and happiness is just oozing from him.
    You can see Meghan is a mover and shaker! I am sure she is going to make things happen and really shine. She is already working and handling the crowd so well.
    Lets not be critical of what we may not like, what she is wearing or our her hair etc.. We should be grateful for the breath of fresh air she is and look forward to the pair of them making a difference, that is more than obvious already. Most importantly she makes Harry happy and seems a fantastic life partner. After all he has been through growing up and the fallout from that in early adulthood it is now his turn to shine have peace and been happy. Bless them both

  31. What does IOW mean?

    Also William and his wife got engaged in November-why did it take her till Feb to make her first official engagement? I know she went to that carol service in December, but that wasn’t listed in the CC.

    1. I’d say because she’s Kate. But it could be because KP never thought to engage her, or William didn’t. Did he even really do engagements back then, since he was in the military? Or maybe even larger: have other royal fiancées participated pre-marriage? I honestly have no clue, other than Diana, but she was so young and it happened so quickly. Attraction to engagement to married in no time flat.

      1. I have read that Harry and Meghan are hoping to tour the UK heavily over the next 6 months. I think it’s partly so Meghan can learn more about the country, the charities and the culture. It is a smart move given that many people who are skeptical of Meghan talk about how little she knows about the UK.

    1. Only one of my top 3 favorite films ever. Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman- gets me every. time!!

  32. Loved Meghan’s coat. Heard it was id’d as Mackage. Awesome brand. I have one of their coats as well- a black wool trench style with an offset zipper and leather sleeves- that I bought years ago when Kate debuted her blackTemperley shearling. That was out of my spending league but I still love my “runner up” and it looks amazing with my Rhumba boots😉 (just sayin’)

  33. I love the way that Harry is supporting and leading Meghan. I think he is ever watchful and protective, which was nice to see.

    I don’t think Meghan needed the bag (it seemed to get in the way at times), but I am hopeful for her style choices. There have been a few items of Kate’s that I’ve coveted, but I think I’ll enjoy following Meghan more in this regard.

    And… I’m not sure if this is just me or…. does Harry appear more fashionably presented than before? I’ve not seen this coat, nor how he folded his scarf before. Is this only me? I recognise the shoes (good God do I know them. They look faded next to his smart suit coat).

    In all, a good start.

  34. Let’s examine the guy’s fashion shall we? Minus his military uniforms or his formal black suits, I almost always find Harry to be sloppily dressed. This is one time when he looks casual yet handsome and stylish! Wish he wore a dressier
    Shoe or shoes that didn’t look so scuffed- it throws off an otherwise nice and polished navy blue and beige outfit. These two do make a very handsome couple, I daresay. Although seeing Harry’s thinning hair makes
    Me 😞 sad- he’s a handsome guy but I don’t know if he has the features to pull off a bald head.

  35. A wonderful debut…they both looked so happy and totally engaged with the crowd that it took me a while to focus on what they were wearing…..the warmth of their interaction with the crowd got me, and Meghan’s amazing full wattage smile, WOW. Look forward to more of this indeed.

  36. I think it’s difficult to criticize Meghan after watching this first official visit. You can tell everyone she talked to was charmed to say the least. After watching her pre-engagement fashion I have to say I was expecting a bit more, she looked so incredible at Invictus, however these are work outfits, I hope when we see her out and about we’ll see a bit more interesting fashion! All in all I’m very excited to watch this couple, they seem so happy!

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