Meghan joins Harry for polo day 2 (updated)

Meghan joins Harry for polo day 2 (updated)

The Audi Polo Challenge continued day 2 today, May 7, and Meghan Markle was on hand to support Prince Harry and Prince William, who both played polo.

Today’s event at Coworth Park was in aid of William’s charities, Tusk Trust and The Royal Marsden.

While Meghan cheered from the royal box yesterday, today she stuck around the cars. But she was spotted giving Harry a hug, and appearing to give him a kiss.

You can see photos over at the Daily Mail and E Online.

There’s aren’t a lot of photos, and we can’t see much, but Meghan’s Mirror says that Meghan is wearing the $1,989.00 Burberry Silk Bishop Sleeved Trench in beige.

I don’t have much to say about this outing since there aren’t a lot of photos, but I like that Meghan came out for day 2 of polo – I was hoping she would (although I was hoping for more, better photos). Also, Luke Evans.

UPDATE: The Sun has photos of Harry and Meghan kissing.

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  1. Wow, I think this is the real thing. I think they will get engaged after pippas’s wedding and marry later in the year, with baby next year. Sounds fast but neither getting any younger and I reckon Harry broody for years!

    I wish them all the best, think a good fit, her discipline will help him and they both share a public service ethos.

    1. Debra Green – I agree completely with your timeline πŸ™‚ I also think they will be a great match and hope they’ll go on to do a lot of charity work for the causes they’re already working on and a bunch of new ones.

      I wish we had some better photos – especially with him being affectionate toward her. Maybe more will come out in drips and drabs…

    2. Yay, I got my wish…better photos in the Sun. Full on smooching! Hubba hubba, lol. (Yes, I’m dating myself by quoting Happy Days…)

    3. Can I let out a good, old-fashioned, “YAY!!!!!!” squeal?! πŸ˜€

      I also mentioned (in the previous post) about a wedding later this year and I so hope it happens!!

      Also, smooch=sigh….that lucky Meghan….. πŸ˜‰

      1. Ummm…heck yeah you can, Kimothy!! Yay…squeeeee πŸ˜€

        I’ve reverted back to my 12-year-old self…can’t wait for another royal wedding!

    1. You are happy today because she doesn’t show off and she hides behind the car…not enough for you??

        1. He has a very long cv. Too many high points to mention. One of those actors who is in alot of things without being a huge A list star. His latest role is Gaston in the live action beauty and the beast movie with Emma Watson.

          1. Thanks – living in Australia I hadn’t really seen or heard of him – not a big movie goer

  2. Is Luke Evan the hottie non polo player?
    I see William has his standard crotch clutch going on and is the only one doing so

    1. Yes. Luke is the guy in the middle wearing a suit in the bottom photo.

    2. If the photographers took a photo of him without his hands covering his crotch he’d probably sue on privacy grounds lol.

  3. I’m seeing a lot of a young Prince Philip in that last photo of Harry. The brothers always seem to enjoy playing with each other (or in certain years on opposing teams) and I think it does raise a lot for their charities too. Not much to say about MM as the photo is rather grainy and from a distance (rather invasive) but it’s nice to know she’s there to support Harry both days.

    Does anyone know much about polo? I imagine Harry and Will have to train a bit before playing each year?

    1. Jennifer,

      Bwahaha! Well, he’s protecting the only things he treasures- the royal jewels.

  4. I’m really loving Meghan’s style these days. I didn’t know much about her before but she has the effortless, classy style. Well-tailored looks and classic staple pieces for her casual wear.

    1. Totally agree with you…she really seems effortless…I like how she dresses.

  5. The Daily Mail says that Meghan will be attending Pippa’s wedding after all. I can’t wait to see what she’ll wear.

    1. I thought this was confirmed weeks ago.

      I think the bigger question is whether Donna Air will attend.

      1. That would be really odd imo, if James’ very long time girlfriend were not invited, but Harry (who is not a blood sibling) gets a plus one. Neither men are actually engaged, so one can’t take precedence over the other. Wouldn’t it be weird or am I comparing apples to oranges unwittingly here? Maybe there is protocol when royals are involved?

        1. You are absolutely right, but the Middletons are determined to be in the royal club so will bend their own rules to accomodate Harry whilst not extending the same to unimportant Donna.

          At every turn, Donna appears to be sidelined for important Middleton events even though the women’s socially important BFs of the minute are always included.

          I’m willing to bet that if Donna made more of the social connections of her baby daddy, she would be welcomed to every single Middleton gathering.

          1. That shows me that they don’t have as much money as they’d like people to believe. If they did they would have no problems letting Donna attend, they would just be more careful about who they sat her with, such as pairing her with a less socially helpful person who also had to be invited for some reason. Also, I read that they took out a mortgage for their larger house. Why would they mortgage a house at that age instead of paying off the very nice house they had before?

            I think that part of the flack they get from the upper class crowd for putting on airs is because they probably can’t afford to keep up with those people, so they are always having to get creative or bum off of others. That may be why they sought the title for Kate as much as they did. They saw poorer people getting respect in that set due to titles, and they knew they didn’t completely fit in money wise. At least that is the impression I got when I tried to read up on how they made their money. I was expecting some sort of typical rags to riches due to hard work story, but it really doesn’t seem possible for them to be as wealthy as they are trying to represent.

        2. Poor Donna Air! Dating J. Midd for YEARS and still shunted off to the side like the secret wife in Jane Eyre. Haunting back alleyways like a skinny, blonde Phantom of the Opera.

          Is she a beard? Or just chock full of low self esteem? Let’s hope Pippa’s wedding answers all…

          (btw KMR, loving that you’ve added a new blog for our Megs! And loving that everyone has migrated safely to the new URL!)

        3. Donna Air has been invited to the wedding. Spencer Matthews’ current girlfriend has not been invited.

          I don’t blame Pippa for waiting to see whether Harry and Meghan’s relationship heated up or cooled down. Most people didn’t think it would last.

          1. @ Anonyma. I disagree. There were many who thought -and still think- Harry and Princess Sparkles will go all the way.

          2. @Anonyma,
            I don’t, even for a second, buy the “Pippa waited to see what happens with Harry and Meg’s relationship..” bit. If it was no ring no invite, nothing between the two has changed, there’s still no ring on Meg’s finger from prince Harry. I knew right from the beginning that if the Midds wanted Harry to be at their wedding, they would invite Meghan regardless of what was being touted. My gut feeling is that Harry is not the kind of guy who can be forced into doing what he is not ready to do just to make Pippa wedding invitation list, if he’s not ready to propose, he isn’t gonna do so just to get an invite for whomever his partner might be for Pippa wedding. The Midds, right from the beginning, MUST HAVE sent Harry’s invite for Harry and……(fill in the blank) because they knew that Harry had to bring a guest whoever that guest might have been. The no ring no bring was just a hype to refocus the attention/spotlight (post Jamaica Inskip wedding) back to where they (Midds) wanted the spotlight to be…on PIPPA

          3. If true, Anonyma, that seems so rude to me that one sibling (James) can bring his partner while the other sibling (Spencer) cannot. I get that Spencer is a reality TV person and so is his GF, but honestly, James Middleton isn’t much better, IMO.

            I think a lot of people thought Harry and Meghan would last through Pippa’s wedding and will last a lot longer. My own opinion is that Pippa only caved because she is hoping for some quid pro quo – she invites Meghan to the ceremony and reception and after-party in hopes that she and Terribly Rich James will then get an invite to the Harry-Meghan wedding…coming soon πŸ˜‰

          4. It was always weird that Harry, the brother in law to the sister of the bride would even be invited to this wedding, especially since the church is not that large. Carole wanted as many royals as possible at Pippa’s wedding and Harry only agreed to go if Meghan could attend. He had just attended a friend’s wedding in Jamaica with her so why would he suddenly ditch her for a wedding where he knows or cares about fewer people present? Harry has never been seen socially with Pippa outside of family events. This no ring no bring rule was a made up invention by the press. In fact I could even see Carole inventing this to create hype for the wedding, even if it will overshadow her daughter.

          5. It could also be a budget issue. I don’t think the Middletons have as much money as they would like people to believe. They seem like the upper classes version of living on the last dollar without a safety net.

      2. Hi Herazeus, I had heard that she would only be attending the reception not the wedding but now is apparently attending both

      3. Despite the inordinate amount of time James has spent in a relationship Ms. Air I wouldn’t mind betting her daughter Freya hasn’t been asked to be a bridesmaid either. If that doesn’t show this family up for what they are then nothing does I’m afraid.

        1. Oh, good point though I’ve thought that Donna may choose to keep her distance from the Middleton’s, and definitely keep her daughter away from their influence, given what they turned their own daughters into.

        2. I’m guessing Donna Air will be there, of course! Unless the Midds are content to show how tacky and monstrous they are once again. Or does Donna have such little self worth that she would put up with such humiliation? And what about her boyfriend, Jimmy? Is he such a weakling or just another loser user?

          Stay tuned for another breathtaking episode of “As the Worm Turns”.

  6. Oooh.. I wonder if the two of them were just way too caught up in the moment of lust to realize that long lenses would possibly be snapping away, or do they just don’t care at this point? I would roll my eyes extra hard if the palace ie Harry complains about these kissing pictures, cause it was pretty much obvious that the paps would be there to get snaps. Anyway it’s obvious that they are very into each other. Love is in the air.. I love it!!

    1. According to Niraj Tanna on Twitter, KP did ask photographers and photo agencies not to use pics taken on Sunday, after KP publicized the polo match on Twitter.

      1. Geez, those control freaks at KP. Harry’s in a public space and he can act accordingly.

        1. I feel like that reaction could be either if 3 things… 1).They wanted to do the control pictures of here is Prince Harry girlfriend on Saturday in designer expensive clothes at the royal box watching him play Polo, but not seen together… little steps… the candid shots was not part of the narrative they wanted to tell… 2) it’s just they knee jerk reaction to “private” moments pictures. 3). They are embarrassed that the Meghan/Harry pictures are upstaging Williams day for his charity… ain’t nobody talking about that. … I am leaning heavily on option 3.

          1. What I am leaning towards, too. Harry does not seem /as/ petulant about paparazzi photos like this as his brother. I get being upset about it in some situations, but they’re in public, in full view of people so please get over it, KP. and Harry if Harry is in a strop about it. You’re in public. People want to see this. I’m glad to see it because Harry looks so happy and content, and I love that.

            It is taking attention away from William. Notice how Harry comes to play polo for William’s charities yet he doesn’t show to support his brother’s charities. Typical.

          2. I think it’s mostly #1 with a dollop of #2. Right or wrong, Harry wants to control the narrative — all public figures do. And with good reason. Losing control of the narrative has negative consequences – in this case, upstaging his big brother.

          3. Josunfun – I like your option (3) – I’ll go with that.

            I also agree with Ellie that Harry doesn’t seem as obsessive about paps so maybe KP knew William would throw a strop if he didn’t get as much press on his charity day and sent out that notice without Harry’s knowledge.

            Harry definitely needs his own PR team – who won’t send out stupid statements/requests like this one. Harry should know by know that he will always be sacrificed to make Willy look better so he needs a team that is working just on his own behalf.

        2. They need to get over themselves. As long as they take public money and live in publicly-funded residences they need to suck it up. They can always go.

      2. If what Tanna is reporting is true, that is just silly. After the pictures were posted of her yesterday, KP would have to know that cameras would be trained on them again today…especially if they are hugging and kissing.

        All of the royals need to stop complaining about being photographed in public places and just go about their lives.

        1. +1000 It sounds like upstairs/downstairs when they complain about getting photographed in public. Like we are all supposed to disappear from view when they are in public like servants do in a palace. That’s not a very endearing look for the royal family.

          1. I love the upstairs/downstairs analogy. Maids had to face the wall if they were caught cleaning by Queen Mary. Harry didn’t seem to mind being pictured “snogging” Chelsy. Now he’s too private.

      3. That is absolutely crazy of KP to do that. Especially after that ridiculous statement. It amounts to cherry picking what The Sun can and cannot publish. You either let them cover the whole weekend or not at all. If Harry & Sparkles get caught in a rather lovely moment then so be it. Anyway it’s made me take her and the relationship a whole lot more seriously seeing the genuine connection between them. I can’t believe Harry would be that stupid to do that which can only mean brain dead Jason at work…..again.

        Talk about trying to have your cake, eat it and make trifle out of the leftovers.

        1. Jennifer,
          That’s such a terrific analogy. It once again starkly underscores their towering sense of entitlement. (This also reminds me of their public nakedness and canoodling at the hotel in France).

    2. this is what I think. If Megs is attending the entire wedding, then it has to be that Harry would ONLY attend the part where Megs was welcome. Now, the Mids would probably have a heart attack first before they let Harry skip the wedding and attend just the reception so they’re left with just two options with nothing in between: Harry attends with Meghan at his side or he doesn’t attend at all. I know which option Id pick if I were a Middleton.

      On Meghan, that girl is rocking every thing lately..I really like that she is there for Harry and he for her and I love, love, love how she looks really gorgeous!!!
      Thanks for such an awesome job MMR, you rock.

      1. I like your theory, and i think this is why she was invited, then upgraded from just reception to the wedding ceremony too

      2. That is very plausible. Harry may well have asked for his girlfriend to accompany him to both church and reception (and I hope he did); it’s silly to separate a couple. The Middleton’s wouldn’t turn him down. On another note, MM is too intelligent to want to take focus from the bride; I’m sure she will be impeccably attired and well-mannered like other guests. And in doing so, will score points from the Middleton’s. Win.

        1. I’m with you here Jen……she’ll show more class than all those pesky Middletons put together. Mind you if Uncle Gary’s there he’ll be all over her like a bad rash.

          1. What about Gary’s daughter? Do you think there’s any chance of her having a role in the wedding? I don’t think she did for the Cambridge’s but this is being touted as “intimate/ family/ small”, so…

          2. Unfortunately, no which is unfair to their own cousin. To me, it’s just odd that they’re (the Middletons) such an insulated family.

            Edit: I think I may have used the word “insulated” incorrectly.

          3. I mean, who else do the Middletons know? They invited folks from Bucklebury to the wedding in 2011 and these people admitted they had no clue why as they were not acquainted with them whatsoever. Quite the insular strange family with no outside relationships or friendships.

        2. I doubt if she’ll score points from the Midds. She is a massive PR threat to their little status/money maker and they are also an insular, predatory bunch.

      3. Heck, if Harry went officially public with an impassioned defence of Meghan, there is no way he would allow her to be shunned for a piddling wedding. Sounds like some ‘quid pro quo’ happened here if that ‘no ring’ ridiculousness actually happened. He’s a royal. Entitled. They are neither.

  7. Do we know why Meghan stuck around the cars today? Did she not watch the match? Was she not allowed a second day in the royal box?

    Seems odd to stick around the cars… like she was asked to wait in the parking lot (which would be outrageous). But I don’t know the set-up at Cosworth Park.

    1. Like Lobbit says in a later post – to be seen the first day and pictured supporting him then the second day more normal and low-key. All strategically planned.

      1. The Dyer’s kids were with them on Sunday. Not sure if kids are allowed in the VIP tent. They all stayed by the cars- Adam Bidwell, the Dyer’s and Meghan. It’s actually very reminiscent of the times Kate was at polo. I also agree with Lobbit, that the first day was their official debute, the second day was for fun with the crew. Harry’s charities were benefitting on Saturday as well, so maybe he didn’t have to go to the reception afterwards on Sunday as opposed to Saturday.

  8. Yaaaay for the new blog! Thank you, KMR!
    I love these pics. The fact that she was dressed casually and was on the sidelines today makes it so clear that yesterday’s outing was entirely strategic. Harry and Co. wanted the press and the public to see Meg in that royal box alongside Mark Dyer (Harry’s “second father”) looking chic and happy. Yes, she was there to support him – but the primary goal was to be SEEN supporting him. Having gotten that out of the way, she was able to retreat with the rest of Harry’s set to the sidelines for day 2. I think they picked a perfect venue for her “debut,” and it’s nice that his friends were on hand to support her.

    I feel like we’ll definitely see Meg at Invictus now!

    1. I agree, lobbit. I think the first day was more glam and open because this was the debut as a couple. The second day was more casual and low key because they had already debuted.

      1. Absolutely. I think a charity polo match with a mixed crowd of celebs and aristos was an ideal setting for this, too. Meg played her part well – another example of why I think she’s a good fit for Harry: She can play the game.

  9. Wow, I feel like you guys have some inside info I don’t have, LOL, and it makes me all giddy every time I click and open this blog, I’m always eager to read y’all posts, very exciting. Matty, who are the Aristo set, Im dying to know!!

    1. I read the same thing, the aristos do not need to be in the royal box, it is kind of bourgeois! That being said, for this one time, it probably was the best area to have the official MM as official girlfriend debut photo op. Hanging around one’s Audi, Jaguar ( pronounced the Brit way: JagYar) or Land Rover is way more the thing, which is where MM was on Day 2.

  10. I love how active this place has become! Congrats MMR. I keep wanting to call you KMR because of your photo πŸ™‚
    Meghan marrying Harry is probably a huge nightmare for Kate. She would easily become a fashion icon, and she is eloquent, has worked a lot for charity, is comfortable in public events and she knows how to network and create a media buzz. The media would probably run Kate vs Meghan articles like they did with Diana and Fergie, but this time the spare’s wife would be the more glamorous one. I wonder if her invitation is also a case of “keep your enemies closer” so that if she does marry in and proves popular with the public the Middletons can use the “Kate and Meghan are friends” narrative against any competition the media tries to stir up.

    1. If they are smart they will use that narrative. Something tells me it might be too much to set aside their fame whoring ways to make nice with a lady who upstages them. I am enjoying seeing Meghan out and about. I love her style and it’ll be nice to see a younger couple that enjoys being together at royal events (so not Willnot and Cannot.)

  11. Are reply threads all squirrelly or is it just me? Mine don’t end up under the comments I am addressing even though I hit the right reply button.

    1. Oh never mind. Duh. The reply button is at the top right not the bottom right. My servants didn’t brief me on the proper protocol. πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Maven, I’m having the same trouble as you can see from my reply to EL below, somehow ended up on your thread and I did use the button on the top right.

    2. Hi El, I think you’re right about the Meghan vs Kate articles and that kind of bums me out. Not defending Kate here, but gosh I’m so tired of the press pitting one woman against another and then, unfortunately, we fall for it and start doing the same. I know it’s hard not to compare what other royal women do or have accomplished with what little Kate does or has accomplished, but for myself going forward I’m going to try really hard not to compare Meghan and Kate. I’m sure that from time to time I won’t be able to help myself πŸ™‚ but I hope to stay the course and try to find the good in each.

      1. Hey Lauri,
        It is a shame the press runs those articles and I dislike them too because someone usually gets hurt when comparisons are made.However I would welcome many positive articles on Meghan’s work ethic in hopes it 1. motivates Kate to look beyond the personal benefits her situation brings and 2. helps people see her worth in that family. I hate how many comments focus on her race as a deal breaker.As a person, her only “crime” so far has been media baiting. Nothing else about her that we have seen says she is unworthy of marrying Harry.

      2. I really hate when the media compares royal women. I was just a kid but, based on what I’ve heard/read over the years, the Diana vs. Fergie game kind of helped “cement” the Saint Diana vs. Evil Fergie storyline that is still going on, 30+years later.

        Now, granted, Fergie definitely had her screw ups but to compare the two women, over shallow things such as clothing and weight, was wrong and didn’t help either person.

      3. I think it’s natural. It’s just like when we get compared against coworkers while doing similar jobs. It’s even a formal review on an annual basis for us. The only part I don’t like about the media pitting them against each other is the nastiness and falsehoods. That’s why I’m looking forward to reading about Meghan’s work here. Just the facts and some analysis about how she is doing in terms of what royals are supposed to do. It’s interesting without all of the fake soap opera crap the media pushes.

        1. Diana was involved in those Saint Diana vs Evil Fergie stories, to make herself look better. It was really quite Mean Girls behavior.

          1. The most ergregious thing Diana did to Fergie in that narrative was to call the paps on Fergie that resulted in the infamous toe sucking pictures.

            Now of course, like Kate’s nuddy pictures, Diana and the paps were not to know that Fergie would have her toes sucked, so that was an unexpected bonus.

            And unlike Kate, Fergie’s villa was so secluded and with screening trees that the paps dug trenches to live in for 3days to watch and photograph her.

          2. I did not know that Diana had called the paps. The more I learn about her, the less I could envision enjoying her company.

  12. So, I’m really struggling with Harry and Meghan. On one hand, I think that they are adorable together and that Meghan really brings out the best in Harry plus she seems passionate, caring and willing to work hard to help others. I really want them to take their time getting to know each other and for Meghan to really think hard about what joining the BRF means (good and bad) and if that type of life is for her. On the other hand, I want a royal wedding and I want it NOW!! I want a beautiful engagement ring picked especially for Meghan, I want a beautiful wedding gown, a stunning tiara and adorable bridesmaids and page boys. I want the newlywed tour of Canada, I want to ooh and aah over new fashions, I want to be swept up in the fantasy again because frankly I’m tired of the Cambridge reality. So if Harry and Meghan are reading this, please take your time to get to know each other but please be engaged by the end of the week πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I know what you mean. I think it’s very important for them to get past the infatuation stage–which can last up to two years, apparently–but I also want them married yesterday!

      1. I think there will be an engagement announced in late May and a wedding in November and it will be a smaller affair at Windsor Castle. Just my thoughts!

    2. I want a grand blingtastic royal wedding and tons of pomp and circumstance. And some fresh gossip that’s not depressing. So, yeah, get married soon guys and fill our chatty coffers! LOL

      Besides, Harry needs to get out from under Willy’s all devouring demands and start his own life with his own family. Willy seems to have totally co-opted and suppressed the ever loyal younger brother at this point.

      1. I really hope that once Harry marries he’ll get out from under the Cambridge’s press office, they just don’t serve him well.

        1. Yes, yes, yes. Harry needs his own press office and Meghan and he will put the shameless Cambridtidges to — well, shame! They will do more and in a way that wins more hearts and minds than the lazy duo can ever do.

          So happy with the blog,MMR. You need a new photo of Meghan for your comments!!!

        2. If they do get engaged I hope Harry gives her a big rock. Maybe there is personal jewelry of Diana’s that he could use to have a ring made, something that would be a new design for the bride to be, yet have sentimental value for Harry due to the stones used.

        3. He should just join back up with his father’s or grandmother’s press office. I would think that a good PR strategy would have everyone being covered by the current sovereign’s press office except those in direct line to the throne.

          1. He would have to merge into his Dad’s office, wouldn’t he? I think that’s how it works with all of QEII’s kids but Charles–they’re all under one umbrella, right? I don’t think giving Harry his own press shop would fit in with PC’s vision of a slimmed-down monarchy.

  13. Thanks KMR for this separate Meghan blog. I have a feeling that she is the one for Harry and that they will definitely be engaged before the end of the year.
    Although she is another one who is 35 and has very long hair for some reason I find it less bothersome than Kate and her hair and I am trying to figure out why…maybe because to Meghan it is just the hair on her head and with Kate it is just something she is acutely conscious of and has to show it off.

    1. Kate is always touching her hair making you more aware of it. And it’s very full compared to her body so it seems to wear her down sometimes.

    2. I love Kate Middleton’s hair. I guess I’m in the minority. Also, I love longer hair on older women too. As long as it’s in good condition I don’t see a reason to cut it. Probably the wiglets are what is turning you off of Kate’s hair. I think she could go without those and look even better.

        1. Kate’s hair is all fake, so if she got rid of the extensions and wiglets I think she’d look better. But all the praise about her is heaped on her hair and how wonderful it is, which is weird considering most of it isn’t hers!

  14. The ‘young’ royals really need to learn how to pick their battles with the press. These pics of the kiss were taken on a public polo field in open daylight. If they go overboard with trying to police the press too much they will piss off the media and that really isn’t a smart thing to do. There was nothing illegal about these picures and frankly, complaining about them is totally something William would do.

    When Harry marries and has kids he is going to be just like William. This is one more incident that has convinced me of that. Harry really is very much like William.

  15. Love this new MM blog and reading all the comments. But I’m still not getting notification in my e mails for new comments. I have to go to the main post and scroll through all the comments.

    1. Yes, no notifications, and subscribing to new posts didn’t work either.

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