Meghan & Prince Harry go public at polo

Meghan & Prince Harry go public at polo

Prince Harry plays polo several times every summer to raise money for charity, and today, May 6, Meghan Markle came out to watch him play.

Harry was playing in the annual Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park in Ascot, raising money for Sentebale and WellChild, and Meghan watched from the royal box.

This is a big deal; the royals know they are going to be photographed, so Meghan coming out to this is definitely a clear sign from Harry and Meghan that they are ready to go public with their relationship (not that it hasn’t been public knowledge for over six months now, but they’re ready to attend public events together).

From the Telegraph:

“If ever proof was needed that Miss Markle is here to stay, then her decision to attend the polo, a sport so dear to the heart of Prince Harry, is it.

“This was the first time that Prince Harry and Miss Markle have been present at a public event together, the couple having previously been keen to avoid the cameras.

“Miss Markle’s appearance in the Royal box at Coworth Park, near Ascot in Berkshire, will inevitably spark further and excited speculation that the couple will one day wed – and possibly soon.”

You can see more photos at the Daily Mail.

Meghan wore a navy Antonio Berardi Double Breasted Sleeveless Dress (which was $2695.00, but is currently on sale for $1617.00), and a white Aritzia Babaton Keith Jacket ($195).

People Mag says her shoes are Aquazurra, although I’ve not seen a photo of them, and that her bracelet, which I haven’t seen a good photo of, is from The Shoebox Project.

Meghan also carried the cutest polka dot clutch which I cannot find an id for, sadly.

I’m not a fan of the high-low hem trend or lots of buttons, but overall I think this is a nice polo look with the navy dress and white blazer, and that clutch is awesome.

Since this is the first time I’m covering Meghan’s fashion on this blog, I want to kick it off by saying that while I constantly call out Kate over on my other blog for the price of her clothing, I will not do that here. I included the price of the pieces Meghan wore because it’s more data on the pieces Meghan wore, but it’s Meghan’s money and she can do what she wants with it.

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  1. I think she looks gorgeous…..I love the dress, I would buy it. Perfect ensemble for being in the Royal Box at the polo.

    I may not be a paid up member of her fan club but on the whole she gets it pretty right with regards to her attire. The only horror that springs to mind was that Erdem she wore to the Jamaican wedding and I say that only because of that hideous additional frill on the bottom of the dress. I hate it that Erdem ruin some really pretty dresses by doing that.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how her fashion choices develop as she is photographed more because she is stylish and confident with her clothing. She dresses her age.

    1. I think Meghan looks cute for polo, even though I wouldn’t buy the dress myself (mainly because I’m cheap as hell and wouldn’t spend that much money on anything).

      1. I’m going to be the vinegar in this sweet pudding. πŸ˜ƒ

        To me MM is dressed all wrong. Not badly, wrong. She is dressed like someone at their first Polo trying to fit in and paid for her ticket. No different than the celebrity rent-a-crowd.

        If she really wanted to signal exclusivity and seriousness of this relationship, she should have dressed down, hang out by the cars and ponies and essentially looked like she had simply wandered down from the big house in whatever she happened to be wearing and will wander away at any moment. Stay on those sidelines and sit on the grass if you must.

        Definitely no clapping and cheering the Polo. And no looking glossy and glamourous at the polo as if you are rent-a-celebrity when you are trying to signal your relationship with a British Prince.

        If this cultural nuance is/was lost on her, she should study the group she is trying to join or look at photos of Polo through the ages.

        1. Yeah, but then we don’t get good photos. And I’m selfish and want good photos. πŸ™‚

          1. I don’t understand your point of view:all Harry’s friend(Mark Dyer and his wife) were at the royal box and you want her to be alone by the car??!!!! And they are well dressed and you wanted her to be dressed down…why? It will be very rude if she has done what you were saying and even she did what you were sayin,you won’t be happy either….You want her to come at an event and not to socialize like everybody is doing…Everybody knows they are together and you wanted her to hide like she is a dirty secret :she takes a flight of 8 hours to be with him and she is the catch,not him(despite what you think…)

          2. @French B:

            Herazeus is talking about the fact that most royals and royal girlfriends hang around the cars and sidelines rather than in the royal box – Kate did, Chelsea did, Anne’s kids do. It’s a “I’m better than celebrities because I’m not as try-hard as they are” type of thing. It has nothing to do with hating Meghan or thinking she has to be hidden away.

          3. Hera…..I think she was more dressed up on Saturday because Audi did a lunch which Harry had to attend to sing for his supper. Also she was being entertained by the Dyers while Harry was playing. There were certainly a lot more famous faces on the Saturday, apart from William’s appearance the Sunday was very low key by comparison.

            But of course you are right…..most Royals wouldn’t be seen dead doing the hospitality and do tend to stay round the lines but I think because it was her first time, Harry was wooing sponsors etc

            It’s about 20 years since I’ve been to the polo but nobody really dresses up unless they are doing hospitality or in the Royal Box.

          4. Also potentially because they knew it was the first official, planned outing of the couple. So they wanted to look their best. Then the next day it’s dressed down because they’ve already come out as a couple.

      1. A day later, she follows through with the British way of signaling inclusiveness/exclusivity. Look at her by the cars, hair a mess and looking like she just dropped in, but may go home at any moment. Polo isn’t the big ticket item of her day……

      2. She did it today…and Harry was totally ok with her being in the royal box and if he wasn’t,he would have told him(because She doesn’t “know” the rule like I do),he would have told her:babe,I think it’s better for you to stay here behind the cars and not be photographed and it’s not a thing to socialize with celebrities….he was ok that she was in the box and she was even with his mentor Mark Dyer and his wife…if someone was to be blamed,it’s on him not her because he must have teach her how to behave

      3. French B: What MMR said.

        Dressing down at the Polo, sitting by the cars, sitting on the grass, and essentially ignoring the smart dresscode, the royal box etc is a mark of your superior social standing. You aren’t hidden at all.

        It’s not about whether you can be in the royal box or not, that is not the point at all. The point is that you have achieved a level of social prominence that you can ignore the royal box!!

        It’s not about getting into trouble or Harry telling her where she has to go or even his friends. None of that matters.

        What matters is how she fits into the aristo crowd and ability to ignore the social norms is what shows that you are in.

        1. Did you expect her to know the rules of how to behave to a polo match…Kate and Chelsea was raised with the aristocrats,even if they weren’t,(they were at the same school,being in the same circles…)so they know the “rules” but Meghan is new to this,she is dating for a few month and she is American…and also they are not engaged or married just dating…

  2. You didn’t post a pic of the clutch and I honestly skipped over the Meghan pics in the article because I was looking to see pics of William. Now I’ll have to go back.
    Vanity fair had an article saying she now can pass thu KP without being stopped to show ID. Don’t know if that means anything or not….
    I do like the font you’ve used on this blog

    1. I guess it means Meghan is at KP enough that everyone who works there knows her?

      1. How do you change your little symbol next to your name? I like kimothy’s tree and want to change mine too =)

    2. Thanks, MMR, for giving us a sensible place to discuss her, especially as the relationship seems very serious.

      I, too, love the clutch, plus she isn’t crotch clutching, but tucking it sensibly under her arm.

      1. This was in support of Kimothy’s Erdam comment, but I’m still figuring out the reply button!

      2. Yes, Fifi, yes!
        The clutch is darling and not a sing of crotch clutching going on. A new day is dawning……

    3. I agree, but i have found a few dresses cute. Few and far between. Like needles in a haystack of strange dresses.

      I love fashion and enjoy most fashion ideas, but Erdem is still a puzzle to me. Especially because there is no signature thing about his vision. Year to year each collection is different and because he doesn’t have a singular element, it’s harder to understand it.

      The collection from which MM, Pippa and Kate’s dresses originate is especially puzzling, BUT fashion in general was having a prairy dress moment which he ran with in both collections. I don’t think they were beautifully executed, but these ladies also happened to pick out the really ugly dresses in the collection (full disclosure, i loved MM’s Erdem dress so i’m biased).

      Other celebs have picked out really good Erdem eg when not wearing Chanel, Kiera Knightley is often in Erdem. Sophie Hunter (Mrs Benedict Cumberbatch) seems to wear Erdem exclusively. Beatrice used to wear alot of Erdem. They look good in their pics.…27690.36736.0.38010.….0……0j35i39k1j30i10k1j0i8i7i30k1j0i8i30k1.VqPus1ir0qo

      The only time i tjought Kate chose a good Erdem was during her first pregnancy–a.jpg

      1. I hate Sophie Hunter’s style. Her fashion show throughout Cumberbatch’s Oscar campaign is why I had such a hate on for Erdem when Kate wore it to 100WHF in 2015.

    4. But she isn’t superior…for now…she is not engaged or married to him…they are just dating and also today we don’t even see her outfit and she was hiding…

  3. She looks beautiful. As a long-time suits fan, I have always loved her style and confidence.

  4. I hate hate hate the mullet dress style….and that’s way to much money for a dress even if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t or couldn’t spend that much on one item..but anyway, I kind of think that it’s very smart of them to make their first public appearance now rather then potentially Pippa wedding.. (assuming that she goes of course) that in many ways takes some of the pressure/attention away from that event. Ps … thanks for taking thee time to create an intelligent place to discuss the Royals. I feel that even if we disagree you make sure to keep it a respectful, realistic forum… Bravo!!

  5. All Im gonna say is thank you MMR for BOTH your sites. I check them religiously and I love the various opinions, thanks Thank you so very much.

  6. Hi MMR! Great site and thanks for setting it up! I do like Meghan’s style as it’s very similar to my own, although I can’t spend several thousands (or even hundreds) on a dress. I really like how she wears a rather basic outfit but really rocks the accessories! I hope this doesn’t change when she joins the BRF.

  7. Hi everyone – I’ve been a longtime lurker on KMR, particularly on the Meghan-Harry posts because I am totally shipping these two! Anyway, KMR/MMR – thanks for creating this blog just for Meghan (and Harry). I am dying to read about and discuss these two but some of my usual haunts aren’t allowing posting about the relationship because things tend to get out of hand. Hello too to some familiar online friends like Kimothy, Herazeus, Notasugar, etc. who I see on other royal and gossip sites I visit. Can’t wait to chat more with all of you. Yay!

    With regard to the outing, I am so happy to see them out together doing “relationship” things. I believe they are already engaged and are waiting for some scheduled time to make the official announcement (my prediction: after Pippa’s wedding, so Megs can attend the royals’ summer activities).

    1. Hey, I know you from RD! Nice to see you here. xD

      I don’t really ship them, but I do like seeing them together and am glad to see Harry happy with someone.

      Do you think they would be allowed to do things together like that, though, whilst engaged? The BRF seems quite strict on those things.

      1. That’s so funny you said that because right after I posted here I went there and posted something in the Harry thread and saw…YOU πŸ™‚ but I wasn’t 100% sure it was the same Ellie, lol. Glad to see you in both places!

        I do think they are engaged because, from the assumptions I make about her based on her public persona (lol), she doesn’t seem like someone who would quit The Tig and the Reitman’s deal if there hadn’t already been some agreement between the two of them. It seems like The Tig was really her baby and there were a lot of other contributors so it just seems odd that she would shut something like that down – and NOT leave the archives – if she didn’t know that her life would soon be changing to the point where she would not be “allowed” to run it. Same with not re-upping the Reitman’s deal, AND making them remove her from their website/making her old collection unavailable.

        I think that once they are officially engaged she would be permitted to attend certain official engagements with Harry. Kate did a bunch of official events with Willy when they were “only” engaged…although their engagement was announced after the summer Trooping/Garter events so maybe I am wrong that Meghan could attend those. I definitely do think she will be with him at Invictus Toronto though.

        I also think that it will be a short engagement and they will be married toward the end of 2017. I’d love a winter wedding (although that might not be nice for anyone who wants to go watch). I think the Suits PTB would probably be accommodating with writing her off the show in this situation. But, of course, I’m just imagining multiple scenarios that fit my desired narrative, hee.

    1. Oooh, a twilight winter wedding, yes please! That’s what I wanted, for some reason I think it’s so romantic and mysterious. Got married on an
      April afternoon, but did get some light snow- because Alberta πŸ˜‰

      Gahhh, this was in reply to Gudgeon! I too must figure out that reply button.

    2. Hi Gudgeon. Nice to see you hear. I’m trying very hard not to form an opinion on MM, but i’ve found the reactions to the relationship by commentors interesting, funny, horrifying, WTH?! Eyebrow raising. If nothing comes of this relationship, there is still a thesis to be written about the public reaction.

      1. The public reaction is that most people like you hate her despite the fact that you are saying that your opinion isn’t formed….you clearly don’t like her

        1. Herazeus has said nothing along the lines of hating Meghan. Please stop harassing Herazeus.

        2. Like i said, a thesis can be written about the public reaction to this relationship including your own in which you’ve concluded that i don’t like her based upon an explanation of British social customs.

          May i recommend a book: watching the English by Kate Fox. The chapters on British social customs.

          1. And if all else fails check out the writings of William Hanson if you want a really good laugh at Britishness. The first time he wore trainers he was worried he would happy slap someone at the deli counter in Waitrose. He’s an absolute hoot.


        3. I’m with you Herazeus. I don’t have an opinion on Megan one way or the other. But she does bring out the ire in some folks.

          Glad to have another blog to read, KMR. And as others have said, I like the font!

  8. Love your new blog for Meghan.
    She looks great here and naturally happy. I definitely routing for her and Prince Harry.

  9. MM is simply gorgeous. She looked amazing in that dress/jacket/clutch combo. So simple, so understated, but yet so classy and sophisticated. Her fashion mantra seems to be “Keep it simple, but high quality” and it works. She is never overdone. I like that πŸ™‚

  10. I differ from most of you and am so far not a fan of MM’s personal style. The ruffle on the Jamaica dress reminded me of Kate’s floral ruffle which is one of my all time least favorite things she has worn. The casual ripped jeans and fedora looks Meghan loves is something I have always rolled my eyes at. And this high-low dress with a blazer draped and not worn aggravates me too.

    But, these are all my personal pet peeves. I do appreciate that she is true to her style and seems to pick clothes that are fun. I think her years as an actress have helped her know how to put an outfit together and be comfortable in the public eye.

    1. I’m with you here, Ann. Not a fan of her personal style, but she’s consistent in her choices and wears everything with confidence.

    2. I agree about the Erdem in Jamaica. I also haven’t been a fan of Meghan’s casual style. But I do think this polo outfit is nice – I don’t mind the draped blazer.

  11. Oh dear I will be ‘wasting’ more time now with two blogs to check. I’m on team Meghan so look forward to seeing more here.
    Thanks MMR for doing this. Great to see so many ‘old friends’ here already.

  12. Is there a way to click on just the comments section of the blog from the main/cover page of this site? If I’ve already read a post sometimes on kmr I’ll come back at a later time just to read the comments, so it’s nice to be able to skip scrolling through the actual post.

    1. As far as I have been able to find, I cannot include a link to the comments for each post on the home page with this theme. Other people have been having problems with the reply button, so I may have to get a new theme.

  13. I was just going to post the same question as Jennifer. On KMR blog You can click on the button to ask for updates to your e mail address for new comments. I would like that option as well because sometimes I don’t comment on a post. Everyone else says things so much better than I do.

    1. I didn’t realize until now that “subscribe to comments without posting” isn’t there. Hrm. I’m going to have to look into that.

      1. It does look great though! Good work πŸ™‚ Maybe we all just need to get used to the format?

      2. Lol, I just screwed up by responding on Matty’s comment instead of mine. In my defense I am tired from a long weekend.

  14. Congrats on the new blog, KMR! I like the dress up to the high/low section. I detest those dresses. I can’t wait to see how this blog grows.

    Is it weird for me to refer to you as KMR?

  15. Just seen a picture of them kissing at today’s polo…..oh wow Harry looks so smitten. No doubt about it now. Got to suck it up an accept her because she’s in it for the long haul. My only question is Westminster Abbey or St George’s at Windsor? I’m going with Windsor in November 2017.

    1. Hi Mrs BBV, you are so fast today, I just saw this article and rushed back here to share the news. Awww, too sweet they are together.
      Knowing nothing about polo, I wonder why today she is dressed down compared to yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I love her casual style just wondering what the difference is between yesterday and today.

      1. And no Kate and the kids. At least George is of the age to have fun with it. =( Maybe she’s off doing pre-wedding prep =)

      2. Just saw the picture! I predict a late November/early December wedding! Engagement announcement in June/July!

    2. Would they chose the Queen’s anniversary for the wedding, or is that too much? Oh, I would also love a winter wedding.

      1. I love winter weddings too. I can see these two doing everything differently and it seems to suit them. It really does look like a love match from the very limited body language I can see today. Harry Wales looks in love. Well I never.

        1. That would be incredibly romantic……I bet HM would really love the symbolism of them sharing their 70th marriage date with their much loved grandson. Worth a flutter on that I reckon Kimothy. 20th November is the date! Xx

    3. I am with whoever predicted an announcement in June. These appearances are being done for a reason. Meghan still works in Toronto for the moment, so flying over just to attend a charity polo event is not very random.

        1. I’m actually hoping for a late fall engagement announcement, because unlike pretty much everyone else I don’t want a winter wedding. I want a spring wedding in 2018. Winter weddings have not been good for royal bridal fashion.

          1. I think her age would play into consideration for a sooner rather than later wedding. if they’re wanting kids. From looking into that tig article I now know her bday is in aug- so if they push it out to spring/summer that means earliest would be 37 (assuming they wait for marriage) Of course they could always use donor eggs (and obviously none of my business) but things to consider

          2. If they used donor eggs then that would pose an issue. Because then their children won’t be biologically from the married couple and then the children won’t be entitled to be in the line of succession.

          3. I’m hoping for spring as well. I love the symbolism of renewal combined with newness.

      1. Me too. St George’s is lovely but darn it Harry deserves a big grand wedding as much as William got, though I do not see Harry wanting that, I could see him wanting a smaller ‘do.

      2. Oh not Westminister. It doesn’t send me for weddings. I’d love to see St. Paul’s, but it’s not a state wedding I think a wedding at Windsor Castle would be just beautiful. Westmin is so cold to me. Not suited for a warm and loving event like a wedding. As vast as St. Paul’s is, it was far more warm to me. Ah, to each her own.

        And, for God’s sake, please don’t have such a stiff walk down the aisle as Kate and her dad did. It was so stilted. So like a minuet. I want to see a father’s arm hooked through his daughter’s very lovingly as they walk toward the groom.

  16. She went into the Royal box yesterday, today she’s down alongside the polo field I think. That would explain the differing dress. Although polo on the whole is not dressy, dressy even in the Royal Box when you compare it to other sporting events with a royal presence. She got it perfect yesterday IMO. Sort of very smart casual daywear if you can categorise such a thing as opposed to the very formal daywear you would see at Ascot, Goodwood or Henley….hats included there too.
    On a par with the Royal box Wimbledon would be a good call. Anyway she nailed it. πŸ‘

    Sorry Lauri I meant to reply to you but I’m not quite with the new technology yet. 😘

    1. I love winter weddings too. I can see these two doing everything differently and it seems to suit them. It really does look like a love match from the very limited body language I can see today. Harry Wales looks in love. Well I never.

  17. Thanks for setting up this site MMR. I’m a regular follower on your other site KMR and love reading all the comments although I have never posted. I’m going to go brave and jump in with this new blog LOL. Anyway, IMO she looks gorgeous in the navy dress/polka dot clutch, and I have to agree with Mrs. BBV and others that this definitely looks like she’s THE ONE. Bring on the Royal Wedding.

    1. Welcome MerryGirl. I think I’ve turned a bit of a corner this weekend. I still have reservations and suspicions but I’m rather excited. This has the potential to be the most amazing marriage. Xx

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