Meghan spotted in London ahead of Pippa’s wedding

Meghan spotted in London ahead of Pippa’s wedding

Meghan Markle was spotted leaving a spa in London ahead of her attendance at Pippa Middleton’s wedding tomorrow.

E Online had the news that Meghan arrived in London on Tuesday, May 16. And now the Daily mail has photos of Meghan leaving a London spa and standing around outside waiting for her car.

Along with her black leggings, black hoodie, and grey baseball hat, Meghan is carrying a $795 Mulberry Clifton bag.

I hope Meghan attends the church service so there are lots of photos of her. Other than that, I don’t care much for this wedding. I’m interested in Pippa’s dress, Meghan, Kate, and the kids. That’s it. The ridiculous reporting has been driving me nuts and I haven’t even been reading it. But just seeing the headlines and people talking about it in the comments has been enough for me.

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  1. Thanks MMR for this. I’m keenly following this wedding story and your blog, not for the bride or her dress but for Harry and Meghan ( like you, I’m hoping for tons of pictures of them). And to some degree the Cambridge kids if at all we get some pictures of them, I know how protective the Cambridges are so I’m not holding my breath.

  2. It’s’s really happening my MMR buddies. I’m super excited to see what she’ll wear and how much cute PDA we’ll get as they walk from place to place.

    1. I’m ​so excited too!! I hope that her and Harry hold hands while walking to and from the church. After the many years of the no PDA Cambridges, I long to see a royal couple express some affection.

      1. Oh, holding hands would be great 🙂 I can’t wait to see pictures of them together. And hopefully there will be pictures of Meghan and Kate. Not so sure about how these to will get along.

  3. Yayyyy she’s wearing a Toronto Blue Jays cap! They’re playing against the Orioles! Toronto represent!!!

  4. Do you think they will release any photos of the wedding? I really doubt we will see any photos of the children or Meghan Markle.

    1. I don’t think Pippa will release posed photos. But I do think we will see photos of everyone arriving at and leaving the church since there is a press pool setup for outside the church.

      1. You really think that Pippa won’t release posed photos? I just assumed that she would given plethora of information we’ve been fed for the couple of weeks. Or maybe she won’t because some magazine has the exclusives?

        1. Won’t they be selling them? Hence, to drive up the price keep the most wanted pics for whoever is buying ie Hello! etc?

  5. At this point I will not be surprised if KP’s twitter will post photos of this wedding…

    1. Ooh I can oddly see them releasing photos of G+C being pageboy and bridesmaid for their auntie’s and new uncle’s wedding. I can also see them save a photo or two for when George turns 4 (already?!) in July.

      IF they do that…..pandemonium!

  6. I am extremly disappointed because Meghan easant at the church cerimony, I was really interested in her dress and pictures of her close to Kate.
    Besides that what can I say? I hate Pippa’s dress, Catherine looks terrible in that night grown pijama dress (and I usually like her fashion) And the only good thing is Princess Charlotte in her cute channel hair and pretty dress.

    1. I’m really disappointed too. Major bummer. I think we’re much less likely to see any pictures from tonight so now think we may not see Sparkles at all 🙁

      The wedding pics were fun, but honestly not really just want more Sparkles and Harry action.

      1. Super über disappointed. Seeing the dress from the back, Pippa looked stunning, but I did not like how it looked at all in the front. It seemed like she had worn it backside front-I don’t know, I didn’t like how it looked from the front. I liked the one picture of princess Charlotte, George’s was too blurry (shrugs) and I haven’t seen enough pictures, I guess they’re all reserved for the highest bidder, I just was not impressed. Like the posters before me, I feel like I have been duped!!!!! Oh well, the good side is that this is the end of Pippa’s wedding and all the hoopla about it and now Pippa fades right back into the background… I hope!!

  7. Ugh, I am so disappointed!! I was so looking forward to seeing Meghan and Harry together. I hate to think this but what if the press was told she was going to attend the church service when in fact she never was. I mean Pippa had to have known how much attention she would have garnered, so said she was coming to get more attention. But, you’d think that either Harry or Meghan would have set the record straight. At this point I just don’t know. I kinda feel like I’ve been duped.

    1. Yup, I looked for Meghan photos and almost cried when I read she wasn’t at the wedding.

      I don’t care that much. I mostly wanted to believe Meghan had been welcomed into the fold. Her not attending doesn’t necessarily mean she was snubbed. I realize it would have been crazy to invite her when the guest list was initially compiled.

      Still, I had hoped things were moving along so clearly, openly, and unmistakably that she’d been issued a late invitation.

      I barely glanced at the other photos. Pippa looked happy and that’s as it should be, but her dress wasn’t interesting enough to spend time on. I saw Kate at a distance. Shrug.

      Congrats, Pippa. I wish you the best and a swift disapearance from the public eye.

  8. Thankfully Pippa didn’t invite MM to the church ceremony – she’d have been an unwanted distraction. It was Pippa’s day and she looked beautiful in a stunning gown. I suppose MM will be at the reception and this will be a test of whether she can actually fit in Harry’s life. I doubt it – an American, divorcee, actress with a sketchy past – the press are going to be brutal. Feel so bad Harry can’t find a suitable Brit girl.

      1. I do doubt that Meghan has a ‘sketchy’ past but I know Harry does.

    1. Meghan is not a hoodrat. She is an educated, intelligent & articulate woman. She mixes with people from showbiz, politicians, to diplomats. She’s more than capable of knowing how to behave in a social setting.

      Many members of the BRF are foreigners including Prince Philip. MM being an American is not a new thing.

      As for sketchy past, nothing MM has done is comparable to the long shady history of the royal family. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

  9. Well, the sketchiness is the stripping off for TV roles, images on porn sites, her own family making negative comments about her, & her father going bankrupt (not her fault of course) round the time she met Harry, so there’s the suggestion of maybe she’s a gold digger. Of course the BRF has had shady members — so have the US presidents — and every country in the world for that matter, LOL.
    Prince Phillip was a foreigner – from Danish/Greek royalty though – he’s Queen E’s 3rd cousin. At that time the heir to the throne could only marry into royalty. I’ve nothing at all against MM. I just worry Harry will be hurt by so much negative attention in the UK. But, it’s their lives….

    1. I know your comment is old but I have to correct you regarding some things.

      1. Meghan stripping off for tv roles = umm so what. She’s an actress (so you don’t really see anything) and both Harry and Catherine have had their entire naked bodies displayed in magazines.
      2. Images on porn sites = fake. Porn sites will take scenes from shows and movies and put it on their sites; nothing you can do about that. There was also a fake porn video with her name that was taken down. Not sure how this is sketchy on her end.
      3. Her father going bankrupt = not her fault like you previously stated. Meghan has quite a bit of money for a tv actress and is doing quite well for herself. She actually has more money in her own name then Catherine did.

      Meghan Markle will be the least shadiest member of the BRF; quite frankly she can do better. I just feel like I’m getting some racist dog whistles from your earlier comment about finding a nice British girl.

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