Meghan attends Pippa’s wedding reception with Harry

Meghan attends Pippa’s wedding reception with Harry

So Meghan Markle seems to have skipped/wasn’t invited to Pippa Middleton’s wedding ceremony at the church yesterday, May 20. But Meghan did joined Prince Harry for the wedding reception at Middleton Manor.

So far, there’s only one car photo of Harry and Meghan, which has a giant glare and you can barely see anything. You can see the photo at The Sun, which also has more details of Harry’s dash to get Meghan:

“LOVED-UP Prince Harry arrived with girlfriend Meghan Markle at Pippa’s wedding last night after he made a 100-mile dash to collect her. The pair were grinning broadly as their car pulled up for the evening bash at the Middletons’ home in Bucklebury. The actress sported a pair of dazzling jewel earrings which caught the evening light as the motor passed. They joined guests partying inside the £100,000 rented woodland theme marquee.

“Their arrival had been eagerly awaited by guests after she stayed away from the wedding – which cost an estimated £700,000 – to avoid upstaging the bride. Instead Harry, 32, left the afternoon celebration early to collect his sweetheart from Kensington Palace where she had been holed up all day…

“He stayed briefly at the champagne reception which followed at grand Englefield House before slipping away at the wheel of a dark grey Audi with a security guard in the passenger seat. The prince headed along the M4 to fetch Meghan from the palace in West London, before returning a couple of hours later.

“A source said: ‘Harry is extremely fond of his sister-in-law. They had a wonderful time at Kate and William’s wedding. He knew this was all about Pippa’s big day and he and Meghan jointly decided they didn’t want to upstage her. Harry went all the way back to London to get Meghan and bring her to the party. He was determined not to upstage Pippa but also really wanted them to enjoy the wedding together. He left as discreetly as possible and travelled with her all the way back up, showing just how serious he is about her. He didn’t want Meghan having to arrive alone, without him alongside her, at the reception.'”

Multiple times on here and over at KMR, I’ve defended Pippa’s decision to invite/not invite anyone she wants, to only invite certain guests to certain parts of the wedding, and give plus ones to whom she chooses. I think a wedding is about the bride and groom, and they can do whatever they want with the guest list. It’s their call. As a guest, we may be put out, but at the end of the day the wedding is about the bride and groom, not the guests.

Having said that, for my own personal enjoyment, I am bummed that Meghan didn’t attend the church ceremony because that means we didn’t get any photos. And that is a bummer for me.

This post is just about Meghan attending Pippa’s wedding reception. Kate Middleton Review has full coverage of Pippa’s wedding.

42 thoughts on “Meghan attends Pippa’s wedding reception with Harry

  1. I am glad she didn’t. She would have been called all kinds of names at her mere attendance. She would have been accused of upstatging the bride, groom etc.

    I am glad she got to spend time with Harry.

    Thanks for all your hard work , KMR

  2. Does the Hello exclusive include shots at the reception ? Did the Aristos she went to University with turn up ? Pippa was invited to a lot of weddings . . . . . of “the right people”

    1. Oz Shan: i guess we shall find out if there is a Hello deal because going by the church photos, only a handful of those ‘right people’ attended the church.

    2. Oz Shan: from what I heard/read, George Percy (Earl Percy, whom the papers tried to match up Pippa with after W&K’s wedding), was NOT there as they were celebrating his sister, Missy’s, 30th birthday. Keep in mind that Pippa did attend Missy’s ill-fated wedding back in 2013. Missy’s ex-husband (Van Strawberry) did attend Pippa’s wedding though.

      Must’ve been quite a blow to not have any of the Percys at the wedding!

      1. Actually he was at Pippa’s daytime events. For whatever reason there was a difference in reporting of the guests such that the more tabloidy media eg DM, Sun, Mirror covered the more familiar to public people whilst the society media and more classy Telegraph covered aristo people who are completely unfamiliar to the public unless you follow these people.

        Here is George arriving at Pippa’s wedding.

        JJ Jardine-Paterson (Pippa’s uni boyfriend)

        Ted Innes-ker

        Emilia d’erLanger + her hubby David Jardine-Paterson (brother of JJ)

        It looks like a few people went to Pippa’s daytime events then legged it back to London for Missy’s party including George.

  3. Meghan’s people always said she would just be attending the evening reception. It was the media that sent things into overdrive by saying she would also attend the ceremony which was clearly wrong. I think they made up this story to drive up interest in the wedding & get more clicks.

    I think it was good she didn’t show up at the ceremony. Not only will she be accused of stealing the limelight, but if they were pictured hand in hand the engagement talks will reach fever pitch. I believe H&M want to be able to conduct their relationship without the constant speculation & drama. This was a good move on their part.

    The will they or won’t they saga has shown that not even the so called credible media outlets know what the heck they’re talking about! All it takes is for one article to write a bogus story & the others just copy without doing any fact checking.

    1. “This will they or won’t they saga has shown that not even the so called credible media outlets know what the heck they’re talking about!”

      Amen to that. But I’m still bummed we didn’t get good photos of Meghan.

    2. I actually think the leaks that Sparkles was going to come to the ceremony were drummed up by the Midds. I think they were that desperate that Pippa’s wedding be as big as possible despite continually saying it was meant to be cozy or intimate…and what better way to do that than suggest Megs would be there. I think the Midds were craving the attention hence the PR person and the daily story about fancy loos and spitfire flyovers!

      I was super glad that at least Harry got to have a plus one for at least part of the event. It seems bizarre though that Eug was able to bring her unmarried BF but Harry wasn’t. Oh well. I hope Harry and Sparkles decide they don’t don’t want the circus that comes with the Midds and don’t invite them to their wedding. Yes…I’m petty.

    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pippa/Carole leaked this info about Meghan attending the ceremony to draw more interest to the wedding. I like many people only wanted to see pics of her (and Charlotte as flower girl).

    4. The media had alot of help from the publicist to create the kind of media storm the Middletons wanted for this wedding.

      Suggesting that certain guests might attend drove up curiosity.

      Creating that media conversation was a publicist at work.

      The publicist is / was worth every penny.

  4. I am giddy from that he made a hundred miles roundtrip to pick her up! Says much about his love and respect for his lady. 🙂

    1. I’m. Just grateful that there’s no negative publicity for Harry and Meghan. I guess y’all are right. And if Meghan had shown up, we wouldn’t have heard the end of it about how she is an attention seeker blah blah blah. I guess they made the right decision but I’m still bummed about not getting my pictures. 😀😀

  5. I bet that both Harry and Meghan are breathing a sigh of relief that they not the headlines. The no ring no bring was a press made up policy clearly. I am disappointed to not seen her there for my own gossipy desires.. lol The headlines would have been all Meghan stealing the attention from the bride.. which I suspect may have been partly why she wasn’t there, if she in fact was invited

    1. Josunfun, they still ended up being THE Headlines, at least from what’s on the net. All.paps are going on and on about Harry driving 100 miles to get Meghan etc. Picture are Pippa and James stories are Harry and Meghan with info about the wedded couple as fillers. This aggressive PR is backfiring on the Midds IMVHO.

  6. So technically by NOT attending the Sussexes still ended up up staging Pippa because they still (Sussexes) are were still the most talked about couple as opposed to Pippa. The internet was in total meltdown about not seeing Harry with Meghan. People we going on and on about them (Sussexes) being the only reason people even remotely got interested in the wedding. If the Middleton family (or whomever) leaked false info to get people more interested, it backfired big time.

    1. I don’t think it backfired. The wedding attracted mainstream media with a suggestion that she might show. Ditto internet interest. Best use of a planted story ever.

      Publicists are good at creating perceptions which may or may not be true. Planting a (false) rumour and fanning the flames to fever pitch is the mark of a good publicist.

      The fact that the public were disappointed might create a backlash, but for the endgame of a big audience and keeping said audience glued to event in hopeful expectation was game, set and match to the publicist.

      1. Hera, my point is, the whole idea of getting lots of people hyped and interested in the wedding would be that the crowd would get Pippa instead of Meghan and thus Pippa would be the focus of attention and discussion..thats where I think this their plan backfired. If they had not even mentioned MM and left things the way they were (as posters above have said that MM PR said she was not attending etc) then people would have been interested in the wedding because they wanted to see Pippa, and they would be focusing and discussing this wedding and Pippa. But, I can’t even imagine what Pippa and her mother are feeling now, reading all the papers and the entire internet and all the paps are full of Meghan this and Meghan that and Pippa is just being mentioned as an after thought, that’s where I think this was an epic fail.

        1. Well, the Midds see what they want to see and I am sure that all they saw were the Pippa Pics in all the rags, along with the royal Wisteria, of course and some royal buzz. (Come to think of it, there were no pics of Willy or Harry around the wedding party at all. I guess the little future king was enough?).

          I’m glad the wedding is finally over. Sure, we indulged for a day, who doesn’t love weddings, but the fact is that the HM buzz continues and as you said, the fire has been flamed even more. The Pips factor will die because one can be kind about a bride, but not the continuing avarice and attention-seeking.

          So, in the end, I’m relieved the the main event is done and dusted and I doubt the pics they sold will be anything but a 1 day wonder. HM, on the other hand, have star power right now and Meghan’s non-appearance at the wedding just whets our appetites. I hope they announce their engagement soon. If they endlessly drag it out, we may have another Waity on our hands or a nonstarter. They are both ripe for marriage, IMO.

          1. Did anyone see the article that speculated the engagement announcement will be August 4th? It makes sense a bit, as that is Meghan’s birthday, as well as the Queen Mother’s, but a long summer of rumor is coming if true?

          2. That rumor is literally only based on the fact that Meghan and the QM share a birthday. There is no actual basis to that rumor at all.

  7. Yesterday I commented that I felt duped by all the reports of Meghan attending this wedding and I can safely say having slept on it, I still feel that way. Yeah, I get that no bride wants to be upstaged on her wedding day but Pippa or her publicist sure did use our interest in Meghan to make sure she had plenty of coverage of her big day.

    I live in a very rural area where it’s super common to drive a hundred miles to the grocery store but I find it odd that Harry drove all the way back to London to pick up Meghan. Wasn’t there a hotel close by where she could have gotten ready? Or even Middleton Manor?

    1. ‘I find it odd that Harry drove all the way back to London to pick up Meghan.’

      Not sure if he drove back to London or not, but he was photographed leaving the afternoon reception much earlier than the other guests. I also wouldn’t put it past him cause that boy is in love!

      It is such a contrast to his other relationships. Wasn’t it the rumor that he & Cressida broke up because he refused to pay for her airfare to the Guy Pelly wedding?!

      I just get the sense that Harry has matured. He is also dating a mature lady who he knows he will have to treat with respect if he wants her to hang around. MM cooped up in a hotel room by herself might not have felt right to them, or perhaps other logistics were at play such as security & privacy. Therefore it is not entirely impossible for him to do the hour & a bit drive to pick her up.

      1. Well All About Eve, if you’re going to be logical and practical about this 😉. I’m just in a bit of a snit about not seeing photos of Harry and Meghan together, seeing them and Pippa’s dress were the only things that interested me about this wedding. But yeah, I guess you’re right it was romantic that Harry traveled all that way just to escort his lady love to the reception.

    2. I wonder if the Harry story isn’t just more hype. After all, the media need another Big Romance (and Royal Too!) now that Pips is boringly married.

      1. It’s probably a little of both … but they seem serious about each other and are not playing to the medias expectations of them. I say good for them

  8. Why did Harry and Meghan arrive at the reception so late? Why no photos of William with his family at the wedding? Did William attend the reception? I am bummed we got no photos of Harry and Meghan together.

    1. The rumor is that William did not attend the reception. I wonder if it is because the photos are going to published in Hello and Will is so privacy obsessed. He just comes across as a big spoiled baby though, IMO.

  9. I don’t know how far the drive is from London to bucklebury but seems crazy to make 2 round trips. It would have made better sense for them to get a room for the night and she come down in the am and chillax until reception.

  10. Wherever and however long he drove, there is at least one picture of Harry in the driver’s seat and Meg in the passenger seat, they appear to be chatting and laughing etc. I think they have known all along that there would be no pictures of any of them anywhere, and they had all this planned from the start. I been thinking, maybe pictures being taken of them without their consent was why the Jamaica pictures all show Harry in a pi$$ because I believe his expectation was that there would be no cameras etc, and then he got there with Meghan and all he saw everywhere were people openly taking pictures with cellphones or with whatever else, and he must have been really pi$$ed off. They learnt a lesson from that because to be honest, they DID upstage the Inskips and I’m sure Harry and Meghan felt terrible about it.
    I’m just trying to figure why now Harry would not allow himself to be taken pictures of any kind with Meghan while he was very okay with them when he was still dating Chelsy or Cressida, could it be maturity or does he still blame the media for the demise of those relationships? I know he said in one interview how the incessant media intrusion played a role in the demise of his past relationships and he vowed that next time he gets a girl to do everything within his power to make sure that person’s and his privacies were protected etc. I guess its what is happening now.

  11. I woke up excitedly in the USA Saturday morning to see both Pippa’s dress AND equally H & M I am unashamed to admit. I was just crushed & felt so bad for Meghan. I feel like she was used by the Middleton family to drum up press; to make it out to be more tan it is. I can’t figure if Harry is ashamed of Meghan or not. But my respect for Pippa lessened because of what she did to her uncle & Meghan. This seemed like a political wedding. Good luck Meghan🤦🏽‍♀️ .

    1. I think Carole was behind both decisions, especially the one not inviting her brother’s wife. That’s really bad. While I might believe that the invitations for the ceremony were determined before Harry and Meghan were public or seriously so, cutting off your sibling’ spouse is simply low class. Instead let’s have random social climbers attend over family. :-/

      1. Why would be ashamed of her? Umm did you forget the statement he released proclaiming her as his Girlfriend… you don’t do that about someone you are trying to keep on the down low. Stop the madness…. they may or may or may not marry but the whole he is hiding her or ashamed of her is stomach turning… people its 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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