Meghan arrives in Austin for Suits-related appearance

Meghan arrives in Austin for Suits-related appearance

Ask and you shall receive? Just the other day we were wishing we could get some photos of Meghan Markle, and here they are. Meghan was spotted yesterday, June 10, arriving in Austin, Texas for an appearance at the ATX Television Festival where she will take part in a script reading and panel discussion.

From the Daily Mail:

“She was last spotted at Pippa Middleton’s $892,000 Berkshire wedding in May where she danced the night away with boyfriend Prince Harry in a specially constructed glass marquee. But today, Meghan Markle was all business as she touched down in Austin, Texas, ahead of a rare appearance alongside her Suits co-stars.

“Dressed simply in a white shirt and skinny jeans, the actress, 35, appeared relaxed as she walked through the airport, accompanied by a bodyguard. She was joined on the plane from Toronto by her castmate Sarah Rafferty, 44, who plays secretary Donna Paulsen on the show. After exiting the airport, Meghan was ushered into a waiting black Chevrolet Suburban SUV before being driven away alone.

“The actresses are in the Texan city for the ATX Television Festival, where both will take part in a script reading and panel discussion. Also in town are fellow Suits stars Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, who jetted in on Friday and have already been taking part in fan events…

“Meghan, who is due on stage tomorrow, has been keeping a low profile since returning from her latest trip to London at the end of May. She and her Suits co-stars are currently making the show’s seventh season in Toronto, with filming set to end next month. However, the 35-year-old is not yet thought to have signed on for season eight, which is scheduled to go into production in November.”

I wonder what kind of coverage the event will have and whether we’ll get photos of Meghan at the event and/or quotes from the panel discussion. Here’s hoping.

EDIT: According to the Suits FB page, the panel reading of the pilot episode and Q&A will be broadcast on Facebook Live at 1pm US ET/12pm US CT.

73 thoughts on “Meghan arrives in Austin for Suits-related appearance

  1. She looks fantastic!! I also love her casual look, so effortlessly chic.

    According to the Suits press release the event will be a facebook live panel reading of the pilot episode and Q&A. It doesn’t say if the questions will be vetted beforehand but I’m guessing they might be to prevent the ‘H’ word from being mentioned.

    It’s such a shame Meghan couldn’t promote the show last season. Hopefully the producers can find ways where she could do promotions without it being railroaded from questions about her personal life. Her fellow cast mates are always being asked about her love life & the media can’t be trusted to stay on script.

    1. Oh cool. Thanks for the info. I’ve updated the post to reflect the additional info.

  2. Hi MMR
    Thanks for the post. First, I’m going to say that I love Meghan’s casual style! Second, isn’t it nice to see that she is still working, keeping up appearances for Suits. No sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring for Meghan, she’s carrying on her life. Good for her πŸ™‚

  3. I know they’re ripped which would not be appropriate for KM but they are skinny not super skinny…we don’t see every detail of her underwear.

    Interesting the cost of the wedding. There’s an article in the Sunday Mail today about Pippa’s honeymoon and it quotes Β£1.2m for the wedding. Pippa has apparently been to that expensive island, NZ, Sydney, Darwin and Perth and now Sweden , then Scotland before home!!

    I’m with Cathy I love the fact that she continues her career until the ring is firmly in her finger. As an actress she will understand hard work, long hours. KM is just plain lazy and even the sugar sites are starting to admit that.

    Glad to see you back here MMR, I’ve had a tough day having been woken to the news that my mother has died. A little light relief amidst all the chaos is much appreciated.

    1. So sorry to hear your news, Birdy. I imagine you are in a dreadful space right now. Sincerest thoughts to you and yours to get through this.

    2. Forgot to say that the cost of that wedding has grown and grown – now it’s Β£1.2 million pounds? Such a need to display wealth or ability to access it. The extended ‘moneymoon’ has been yet another orchestrated PR event too. Almost daily pics of the ever-smirking, ever-aware-of-the-camera Pippa waving to no-one were just bizarre. Paying an expensive PR operative to give Pippa the attention she craves continues to be a very heavy-handed affair.

      1. Jen, I almost wonder if all her pt backfired. There was aeticle after article and still going. I would think most people are sick & tired of them by now. I know I am

        1. Sarah, the PR has been excessive, for sure. The lead-up to the wedding was over-kill, but being papped around the world? There was talk here (Oz) that the Northern Territory and Western AustralianTourism Boards had paid for the couple’s trips here to boost tourism, presumably getting Brits to visit Australia. I wouldn’t put it past the PR woman to sell the possibility to all and sundry, though the thrust in the last couple of years from Australian Tourism (not the state/territory boards) has been to attract British backpackers in the 18-25 age group. Not sure Pippa flies with that age group in the UK, wouldn’t think so, plus the couple experienced only luxury here. With anything Pippa-related, everything is reported in the currency of how much things cost.

          1. I think she’s attempting boho chic. The Erdem dress at the Swedish wedding… oh dear. Does Erdem design anything good?

    3. Dear Birdy, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. When my mother passed away a co-worker reminded me that she will live on through our memories of the good times and that thought has been a comfort to me as I hope your good memories of your mother will be a comfort to you.

    4. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother. Lauri’s words are so true; the good memories last and help lessen the pain as time passes.

    5. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother, Birdy! I hope you are hanging in there and have supportive and loving people around you at this difficult time. Sending a virtual hug and warm vibes!!

    6. Oh, Birdy, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you have other family and friends who will be of comfort to you during this time. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    7. So sorry for your loss Birdy. May her soul rest in peace. Much blessings & comfort to you & your family.

    8. I’m so sorry for your loss, Birdy. Your mother will be living through you and your children. She has certainly done a good job raising you.

      KMR, good luck with this site. I have to say I’m neutral about MM. I don’t really want to have an opinion about whether she’s the right partner for Harry or not although the initial PR frenzy when this affair went – accidentally or not – public, left a very negative impression on me. As far as I’m concerned, she looks put together and pretty mature. She’s a woman with experience and has her own life, plus she’s got her own style and fashion sense. If she keeps her head together and maintain a low profile, she will do just fine.

    9. Oh Birdy, my heart goes out to you and yours. The loss of a mother is unspeakable.

    10. Birdy so sorry for your loss. Glad you have some fluff to take your mind off things for a little bit at least

    11. Oh, Birdy, I’m so sorry. Expected or out of the blue, losing a parent is awful. (I speak from experience.)

  4. There are also some cute photos of Mia in the papers today bungee trampolining with her pink wellies flying off. Photos like this of George and Charlotte would be so good at making people feel engaged with them .

    Just as Theresa May has been forced to get rid of key non elected advisors so KP need to get W&K some good advisors. One thing we know from Brexit/Trump / UK elections is that the world is changing and the royal family need to get on board.

    I don’t know any more about Meghan than anyone else, but she does appear to be a breath of 21st century fresh air.

  5. Omg!! I think I have the same blouse as Meghan!!! Mine’s an Irish linen blouse from J. Crew, omg I’m dressing like a celebrity!!! I used to have a pair of distressed jeans just like hers too but I out-grew them πŸ™ Anyhow, I really enjoy seeing Meghan’s off-duty look and getting style ideas from her look.

    I noticed that she isn’t wearing her bracelet from Harry, I wonder if she is trying to be more low-key about their relationship now that it’s out in public?

    1. I noticed that, too, and no “H” jewelry.

      I love that she wears flat sandals, not the dreaded espadrille wedges. I think she has great style.

  6. I don’t think I have ever seen her in casual clothes before (apart from yoga and the pap photo coming from a supermarket near KP). She looks real good. She wears casual, red carpet and business looks effortlessly.

    1. Hi EL, I agree she wears her outfits instead of them wearing her and I enjoy each incarnation.

  7. I feel like I need more of a life because I have been waiting for a Sparkles sighting since the disappointing ‘through the car window’ shot at the wedding. She looks adorable in these photos – casual but also pulled together. And, I love the flat, casual shoes (no stupid wedge heels of doom or nude court shoes)! I’m not a super fan of the ripped jeans but she isn’t a royal yet (hopefully) and was only coming from an airplane. I’ll be curious to see what she wears at the table reading as I think that will be a bit more formal.

    I really was hoping they would be formally engaged by now so she could make an appearance at the Trooping of the Colors next week. #sadface My personal opinion is that they are already engaged privately but are waiting (for…??) to announce it formally. I think they’ve had an understanding since she took down the Tig website and then didn’t renew her Reitman’s contract (and had them take down all previous marketing with her in it). She said prior to that that she was going to stop acting to focus on philanthropic work so it seems strange that she would then shut down one of her main income streams. I really don’t want them to wait until Suits if done airing to make an announcement!

    What are other people thinking about an engagement timeline? Is anyone else as sad as me that nothing has been announced yet?

    1. I need an engagement before Invictus so she can go with him. I think they are waiting til she’s finished filming the current season of Suits. If Kate is worried about the competition you’d think she’d be working a little harder….her work ethic is deplorable and even her greatest fans are beginning to agree.

      1. Oh, for sure, it’s GOT to be before the Toronto Invictus. I mean…Toronto! It’s like it’s meant to be πŸ™‚

        Do you know when filming ends? I just did a search and from what I found online it looks like Nov. 15. But that will be after Invictus, from Sept 23-30. It seems like – if the producers/directors wanted to work with her – she could complete filming her scenes before the entire thing is done so she could be “finished” asap.

    2. Lol Gudgeon, I think I need more of a life too!! I miss the yoga walks or at least the dog to the vet walks and gosh we haven’t seen her out and about with her friends in ages!

      I don’t think that they’re engaged yet but I agree that there’s some “understanding” between them that they are heading in that direction. I find myself going back and forth on this subject, I want them to take their time and enjoy getting to know each other. Plus, Meghan really needs to consider whether or not the “royal” life is the life for her, I do hope though that Harry will insist that she be able to continue championing causes that mean something to her. On the other hand, I want an announcement and I want it now!! After 6 years of Cambridge reality I’m in desperate need of some fairytale romance! I want to see a couple in love! I want better fashion and someone who knows how to accessorize! I want someone who cares about more than herself and realizes that being in the royal family means devoting oneself to a life of duty and service. Basically, I want all the things we were promised with the Cambridge’s that have never materialized. I know, I know, I shouldn’t compare the two women (or the two couples) and I’m trying desperately to not but gosh it’s tough!

      Sorry for my long winded rant but as you can see I’m getting a bit desperate! lol

      1. Lauri – I am right there with you (getting a bit desperate!). I also agree with you about feeling disappointed in the Cambridges. I feel like those two are suuuuch a let-down in all the areas you mention: the fairytale romance (or at least a couple who appear to enjoy each other’s company and are building a solid family unit without needing to be babied by the wife’s mother or the husband disappearing for ski weekends away in the company of other women), AND recognizing that they live a life of immense privilege – at the expense of “normal people – and therefore have an obligation to give back through charity work and being seen to work hard for the perks. Also, yes please, a better/more stylish/more appropriate dresser with interesting jewels!! Also…I want some adorable babies who are raised more in the style of Estelle and Oscar of Sweden so we actually see them on a normal, regular basis.

        I really hope Sparkles will latch onto/model herself after QEII, Sophie, and Camilla..and NOT Kate. I also hope she and Harry will just do the work they want to do, and as often as they want (assuming that’s often!) without feeling like they can’t be seen to work more than W&K. And they need their own PR office so they aren’t continually thrown under the William Express whenever the Cambridges need a distraction from their lazy doings.

        Long story short…Harry and Sparkles, please get married soon and work hard as royals!

        1. As much as I adore Harry I can never see him allowing his children to be public in any way. He will be as bad or worse than William, I think, due to all the misplaced media hatred and paranoia.

          1. I’m inclined to agree. Harry’s children will be further away from the throne & probably won’t have a public role. From Harry’s pov there is nothing to be gained from having the media intruding on their children’s lives.
            Also Harry is just as deeply scarred as William when it comes to press intrusion.

          2. I dunno, I don’t think he’s as anti-media as William (although I have no evidence for this position, but to me he seems less angry than Will and could therefore see the benefit of letting his kids be seen). I think Harry would be more like Zara and Mike or Savannah and Peter – like the pics today at polo – their kids being kids at events the family is attending. Nothing pushing the kids out there, but also not hiding them away behind barbed wire topped brick walls!

    3. I just want a big fat royal wedding and it doesn’t get any bigger and fatter than Harry’s. I want pomp and circumstance and bling and gilt and golden carriages, and a vast choir and giant cathedrals etc., etc. It would be fab to watch a couple marry who really are in love and to see how much they get constrained by protocol. What I don’t want is for Harry and Meghan to decide they want to be ‘normal’.

      Actually I wonder what they’re waiting for. First people said, after Pips’ wedding, now it’s after ‘Suits’ finishes. Aren’t they going to Africa together in the near future?

      Gudgeon, what reason might you find for thinking she might even entertain the thought of modelling herself after Kate? I’m curious.

      1. Oh dear Maven, I don’t want her to model her “royal” ways after Kate either. Not trying to speak for Gudgeon, but I worry that since William is Harry’s older brother, his wife is a married-in as well and the fact that both W&K think they’re the “perfect” royal couple, that William/Kate would try to take Meghan under their wings and show her the
        “royal” ropes. As I recall Kate tried to counsel both Chelsey and Cressida and we all know how that ended πŸ™‚ I’m really hopeful that since Meghan is older than either C or C were, has built a successful career and is a hard worker, she will be able to take Kate’s advise with a grain of salt and perhaps look to Sophie as a better role model.

        1. Meghan is about the same age as Kate and actually knows what being a responsible adult means. I really doubt she will take any advice from Kate because she must see how bad Kate is at the job. Meghan has had to work to promote herself in her career and has done more than wait around and be “available” when a guy feels like using her.

          There was a blind a while back which came from Lainey who we know is closely connected to Meghan’s group and it pretty clearly showed that Kate was going to ignore Meghan until she had no choice. There is no way that Meghan will forget that, or trust her in any way. Plus Harry is just better doing these events and Meghan is going to model herself after him.

          1. I remember that blind and I never understood why Kate got so much flak for that. Maybe she wanted to do her shopping alone or wasn’t in the mood to make small talk with someone she met one or two times. I probably would have done the same in her place. If anything, I side-eye Meghan for letting people publish this stuff and push this girl vs girl narrative.

          2. I agree with you Paula. I defended Kate when people brought up that blind, because I wouldn’t want to go shopping with a person I barely know either.

      2. I think we should think about Harry’s future children being along the same lines as Louise and James Wessex–royal but not as heavily titled. Seen (maybe even the occasional public outing) but not papped like the York girls. That’s my theory anyway.

          1. If Harry becomes a duke upon his marriage, as is the queen’s custom, then his children will automatically be styled Vicount Boy or Lady Girl. That goes for any children of that rank. When Charles is king, his grandchildren by his sons (this is why Anne’s children didn’t get titles) are automatically Prince and Princess. Louise and James are actually Princess and Prince because of that rule, but they use the lesser titles — in the same way that Camilla is entitled to use the Princess of Wales title, but uses the lesser one of Duchess of Cornwall. The queen had to issue special patents to make George and Charlotte Prince and Princess instead of Vicount and Lady. I don’t know if that applies to Harry’s children as well. It might, and they might ignore it. I think they’ll go the Vicount/Lady route.

          2. When Harry and possibly Meghan ( all this waiting is getting to me ever so slightly), will that push Louise, James, Savannah, Isla and Mia down the order of succession? I suppose the York girls will be pushed down as well. From what I know it is like the order of succession is like a queue but the children join after their parents.

          3. When Harry has a child, everyone lower than him in the line of succession drops one spot. So Andrew becomes 7th instead of 6th as he currently is, etc for everyone in line. That process repeats for every child Harry has. If William has a third child, that process will happen for everyone below Charlotte. So Harry would drop from 5th to 6th.

      3. @Maventhefirst – sorry I’m so late in replying to your question. My concern about Sparkles and Harry deferring to W&K mostly come from how Harry already defers to Will. And also, Meghan and Kate would be more of the same age/generation (than Meghan and Camilla/Sophie) and they’d be sisters-in-law so I think it would be natural that they’ll end up spending some time together. I just hope – as others have mentioned – that because Meghan has already had a long career, independence, worked hard, and traveled widely, that she will keep her work-ethic, style, drive, smarts, etc. once she marries.

        The thing with Will and Harry is, IMO, a combination of William being future king and Harry probably being schooled to always have to support the (future) sovereign – as everyone in the entire family is probably taught – and also Harry being the younger sibling and probably (in some ways) looking up to Will. My feeling though is that William abuses this “trust” that Harry places in him and allows Harry’s foibles to be publicized in an effort to shield William (and I believe William is complicit in this). It’s one thing to put your trust in someone who treats you fairly and kindly vs someone who takes advantage of that trust by throwing you under the bus to cover their own misdeeds. There has been some reporting throughout the years (and I think even a direct quote from one of the brothers…William, I think) that indicated that William has always been the bigger party-boy of the two, but that’s not the public narrative that we get fed because Will is the heir and his reputation cannot be sullied in that way.

        I also think that Harry having a joint charity/foundation and joint PR with the Cambridges doesn’t serve Harry because IMO he will always take a backseat to his future-king brother. Even if all of the work he does didn’t count in the official court circular, if Harry had his own PR team that publicized everything – official or not – I think it would be obvious that Harry does a lot more work than W&K.

        So, anyway, my hope is that when these two marry, they will set up their own offices separate from W&K and just work hard without worrying about doing more or less than W&K.

  8. Birdy, sorry for your loss!

    On another note, I am saddened by so much hostility toward Meghan via the Daily Mail. Isn’t there anyone in England who supports her and her relationship with Harry?

    1. Me! I want her to marry Harry I think she’s fabulous…not perfect , but hard working and with a love of Africa which she shares with Harry. I think people are becoming frustrated with Kate and her lack of work ethic. Meghan is not a future queen if she marries Harry, so perhaps she has easier options. But like P. Anne etc she can use her position to make a difference. I just hope she does.

      1. I have noticed, to my surprise, that even readers of the most pro-Kate sites are starting to run out of excuses for her lack of work ethic. Kate’s lack of presence in the aftermath of the recent attacks in Manchester and London have really started to open up the eyes of even her most ardent fans. Of course, there are a few who believe that she should be a SAHM but even those comments are starting to get a bit of push back in light of recent events, especially since her first engagement in almost a month is a fluffy one where she can make googly eyes at Sir Ben. I have to shake my head at how tone-deaf and out-of-touch the Duchess and her advisor’s seem to be.

        1. +1

          I just want a royal wedding without all the fuss and the couple have genuine affection for each other.

      2. Thanks KMR. I did a stint as a volunteer at the summer reading challenge for children and one of the other volunteers goes to boarding school in Scotland. One of his peer group/classmates is a German boy way down the list of the order of succession.

    2. Lyanne, please don’t look at comments from the daily fail as an indicator of public opinion! That website is a cesspit for hatred, sexism & bigotry. Most British people are not as preoccupied with this relationship to have formed an opinion either way.

  9. Birdy,

    Glad you support as well! I hope they marry and I hope Meghan is not reined in by protocol. Her fashion sense is lovely and she is everything Kate is not and that is a good thing! I also hope she is able to tackle things like sex trafficking, other hard hitting issues. I know Camilla does work with sex trafficking and no one bats an eye.

  10. Great pix of William playing with Mia in the Daily Mail. Now, if we could just see him running about after Charlotte!

  11. Re Kate not being visible re the Manchester/London attacks-I am not gonna fault her for that in a way. I think that has more to do with protocol and her advisors. The Queen went to Manchester and that was the right thing to do. It was like having a comforting granny there. Kate being there would have been awful. There would have been no sincerity or care. Kate is not good in those type of situations, just as she is not good with children or children’s charities. Better she not be there.

    1. Yeah but Leanne, at some point Kate will be the Queen Consort and the “mother” figure for the country, so if that doesn’t come naturally to her I suggest she start practicing. While I understand what you’re saying, if Kate only attended events she was good at ,then we’d only ever see her around Sir Been.

    2. Oh my goodness, I just noticed that I spelled your name incorrectly, my apologies and I’ll try harder in the future.

    3. I agree Jenny. I get the feeling forcing William to marry wasn’t a good idea if he was.It was lovely to see William with Mia, and with his cousin after so long.

  12. Yay! A Meghan Sighting! She looks great in casual wear! Do you all think that maybe she’ll finish filming her scenes before the initial filming is complete? I’m just wondering if, while the series continues throughout the Autumn, she finishes her scenes sometime this summer so that (maybe?) an engagement will be announced and we’ll see her with Harry at the Invictus Games in Toronto!

    Okay, now that I have my own seperate reply (and y’alls attention πŸ˜‰ ), I’ve got a fun announcement today: I (finally!) spoke to my donor mom, Candy, on the phone! Today is her birthday so I thought it would be as good a time as any to speak with her. Though we could only chat for a few minutes, it was wonderful to hear the voice of the woman who said, “yes” almost 21 years ago! Sadly, today is a sad day for her because, 21 years ago, after she and her family had come home from the arcade, is when her daughter/my donor, suffered from an asthma attack that would eventually kill her.

    I’m still dumbfounded about how a child passing away in such a manner could lead me to receive her heart and lungs! Is that normal? Wouldn’t the asthma have affected me (especially since I did have asthma pre-transplant)? And why am I still doing so well nearly 21 years post-transplant? (Okay, so these are are all rhetorical questions but still….)

    1. What an emotional day for you Kimothy. As a mother I can only imagine the grief of losing a child, but organ donation is a way of making a horrific thing very slightly more manageable. I am sure it gives them joy that you have done so well and that you continue to help other recipients too.

    2. I can only slightly imagine the palliative effect that seeing my baby live on would be (we never did life support, because she fought back, and so I was still a couple of steps removed) but to know that her life could continue, even in a tiny way, and particularly with someone who has embraced the new beginnings as you have– I can’t help but think that it gives her, and the rest of the family, a fair bit of comfort, even today.

    1. Meeting you has got to be a bittersweet experience for your donor family. It’s good that you’re so sensitive to it.

      I’m no medical professional, but my understanding is that asthma is a condition with potentially many causes. If your donor was allergic to something, and the histamines causing her asthma were in her blood, then that cause would not transfer to you. Your asthma might have been related to developmental issues as a premie, so a strong set of lungs could only be a blessing. Just a guess.

      And I don’t like ripped jeans on anyone over 18. I feel a strong urge to take a pair of shears to them and transform them into cut-offs. I’m just another middle-aged grouch, I guess.

      Sorry. I hit the wrong reply button. This is meant for Kimothy.

      1. Hey Grey! We’re in the early stages but I hope we can meet either 4th of July weekend or Labor Day weekend! My folks and I would go up to the Chicago area. πŸ™‚

    2. I know what you mean. I was trying to say that as Queen Consort, her role will be similar to that of Queen Elizabeth, the queen mother.

      1. I hope your meeting goes well Kimothy. It must mean a lot to both you and your donor family. I am getting all misted up reading this.

        1. Hey Laura!

          I finally heard back from my donor mom and it looks like we’ll officially be meeting sometime during the 4th of July weekend. WAHOO!! (caps justified πŸ˜‰ ). I’m excited and nervous!! I’ll be meeting Candy (donor mama), Barry (donor mama’s fiancΓ©), my 2 donor sisters (one wasn’t even born when her sister died) and probably a donor brother and his wife. The other two donor brothers wouldn’t be receptive and that’s fine. As I’ve told Candy from the beginning, I’d never want anyone to feel pressured or forced or something to meet me. I’m just waiting for my supervisor to approve my leave so that I can get moving on plane tickets! My folks will be coming with me. Chicago, here we come!

          (Don’t we have some KMR’s/MMR’s from that area?)

          Also, yesterday marked 21 years since Dulce (my donor) passed away but 21 years today (right now, 9:20 AM CDT/10:20 CDT) I was still in the ER, about to become pink-lipped and pink-cheeked for the first time in my life.

          P.S. Thanks to members of my donor family (donor mom, donor sister Lindy and donor cousin, Gwendolyn) I’ve been learning bits and pieces of who Dulce was and I always grin whenever I learn this or that about who my donor was.

          1. That’s so amazing Kimothy. It is going to be a very emotional weekend for you all, I hope you will feel able to share some of it with us. I think the donor mamma will be so proud to see what her decision has done for you.

          2. Thanks Birdy!

            I’m in talks with Candy and my dad fine-tuning as to what date it’ll actually happen (either the 1st of July or 2nd). Here is the post I made on my Facebook early this morning to celebrate my anniversary. I also shared it on my Facebook page (the one I created last Autumn). Enjoy!


            Also, here is what I wrote in honor of the anniversary of Dulce’s passing.


            (If these are not allowed, please let me know and I’ll request to have them removed.)

          3. Kimothy – best of luck for the meeting. What an emotional event that will be for all involved. Organ donation is so generous and amazing, especially as you said, when it’s your child who is lost. I agree with that others have said – I wonder whether this might be a way for their child to live on in some respects? I don’t know – and I am sure people/parents experience a wide range of feelings and emotions – but maybe a part of them feels happy that their child lives on in you! πŸ™‚

            I hope everything goes well with your meeting. Yay!

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