Mike Tindall wants Meghan Markle to get him a cameo in Suits

Mike Tindall wants Meghan Markle to get him a cameo in Suits

It’s been fairly quiet from everyone except Pippa since Pippa’s wedding – Prince Harry has been abroad for about a week but it seems none of the regular royal reporters are with him – but luckily Mike Tindall (Zara’s husband) is always good for a chuckle. His comments never make huge waves, but he’s been surprisingly candid over the years. His latest comments have him commenting on Meghan Markle and not being invited to Pippa’s wedding.

“Former England rugby star MIKE TINDALL, who is married to the Queen’s granddaughter ZARA PHILLIPS, has revealed he plans to ask Meghan to blag him a spot in the legal drama once he is introduced to her.

“The former sports ace said: ‘I’m excited as I’m a massive fan of Suits so I want to pick her brain more on that than ­anything else. A cameo in Suits is one thing I would ­definitely do, I could be a door bouncer or something. I’ll have to ask Meghan if she can get me in.’

“Mike has dipped his toe in the world of telly with appearances on two reality TV shows. In 2014 he ­competed in the second series of Channel 4’s winter sports contest The Jump, but was pipped to top spot by JOEY ESSEX. The following year he took part in Bear Grylls: Mission Survive on ITV — during which he had to drink his own urine — but again emerged runner-up.

“However, he could soon be returning to reality TV after being approached by bosses to join the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing line-up. At Formula 1 host NATALIE PINKHAM’s charity gala, Hope & Homes For Children: End The Silence, at London’s Abbey Road, he said: ‘My wife and I have been asked a couple of times now to do Strictly. I’m not sure it’s our gig, but I would never say never.’

“Despite Beeb bookers banging down his door, one invitation Mike missed out on last month was to PIPPA MIDDLETON’s ­wedding. He said: ‘We weren’t invited to Pippa’s wedding actually, we don’t see them that much. The party looked really good — I haven’t seen any of the crew to hear the stories and gossip yet. I haven’t been able to get the lowdown.’

“He’ll have to ask Meghan for that too.”

[The Sun]

You know what I think is funny in a sad way, the fact that people talk about Meghan being an actress on a not-the-most-popular TV show and potentially being famehungry like it’s a bad thing, yet Mike Tindall has literally been on reality shows after marrying into the BRF and gives candid interviews about other family members and no one says anything.

Autumn, wearing a black one-shoulder gown, and Peter Phillips were also at the May 31 event.

31 thoughts on “Mike Tindall wants Meghan Markle to get him a cameo in Suits

  1. Great to see you MMR.

    I agree, but the reality of it is that these people all have to earn money, Zara is not a paid up member of the BRF, and I am sure they are careful not to do anything that would embarrass HM. If she’s not going to finance them, which obviously she isn’t, she has to accept that they work and earn money in the real world.
    MM wants to use her role in Suits to further her acting career- well at least before she met Harry. She’s doing what every other actress does and is trying to use Suits as a launch pad for further success. She works hard, she does some charity work, all good I think.
    But I like MM and I like Anne’s family – privileged I know but they all seem to be nearer to normal than most royals, and they all like each other. You don’t become a world class sports star without hard work and dedication even if Granny is Queen.

    1. I agree, Birdy. Nothing wrong with an actress being ambitious and using name recognition to get ahead. Nothing wrong with Mike doing reality shows and selling his daughter’s first photos to Hello to earn money. Nothing wrong on either side. I actually get a bit of a chuckle when Mike says words because he’s surprisingly candid. My point was more the difference in treatment Mike and Meghan receive. Granted, Meghan may be more famous and draw more attention than Mike, but still.

      1. Thanks for an insightful post MMR! I am definitely guilty of finding the fact that Meghan is a lower-tier (B list? C list?) actor a little… tacky? And that her being with Harry is maybe a little… grasping?

        These are feelings I’m going to have to examine, and when you pointed out the difference in the way she and Mike are treated it really made me stop in my tracks! I have always thought Mike was so endearing and funny; I’ve definitely been more judgemental of Meghan since she came on the scene.

    2. This is an excellent point!! The public can’t have it both ways. On one hand some want a slimmed down monarchy & complain about the spiralling costs. And when royals do go out & earn a living they open themselves up to more criticism about cashing in on their royal connections. Edward & Sophie comes to mind who both had to close down their respective businesses, we also see a similar limbo happening with the York sisters.

  2. Thanks for the post MMR! I agree that it is a bit sad that Meghan gets criticized for being ambitious but Mike Tindall or anyone else for that matter, can be more ambitious but no one says a word. I don’t know if it’s due to sexism, bias or just people projecting their own issues on to others.

    The other issue with this little interview that kind of bugs me is wondering how close Anne’s kids and grandkids are to the cambridges and Harry? Mike mentioned that he hadn’t spoken with anyone about Pippa’s wedding but I wonder if they see each other socially or only at royal family events? I hope that Harry and his future family will be closer to them then I assume the cambridges are.

    1. Well, Mike and Zara found out about Cambridge Baby #2 when Mike was on a radio show, and he said it was really great for him and Zara to find out from the radio host. (I don’t think Harry even knew about the pregnancies until they were announced, either.)

      Zara and Mike seem like they’d be a lot of fun and as they have a young child if I’d married Harry I’d want to get close to them. Companions for me, and my kids! Haha.

      1. The Wessex kids are closer to Peter and Autumn’s kids and Zara and Mike’s daughter.

        1. I think both families live in houses on Anne’s estate. If that is the case, it would be natural and easy for the children to often be together both as cousins and neighbours, enjoying similar pursuits.

  3. I think Mike’s reality TV career started after he retired from playing top level rugby. He would probably have been offered the work no matter who he was married to. He couldn’t have taken part in any of these shows while still playing in case he was injured and couldn’t play. Rugby is big bucks since it went professional, really big bucks so the team management don’t like the players doing anything to affect their playing ability.

    1. Hi Cathy! It’s kind of funny that team management is worried about players injuring themselves off the field, when rugby is such a brutal sport.

    2. Cathy, I’d agree with that. Mike had his own star power independent of Zara and her family. Even though rugby players are big bruisers of men, they are still as finely tuned athletes as a runner or gymnast.

      1. Thanks for finding this quote MMR! It’s been great to get a bit of humour on what was a long day, I’ve been on a course and today was the evaluation day.

    3. As Meghan has her own star power independently of Prince Harry. People love to criticize and belittle her career achievements but the fact that Mike Tindall knows her from Suits says a lot to me. She and Harry will make a powerful team but if it doesn’t work out, I am confident that she will continue to make her mark on her own.
      BTW MMR, things have not been quiet for Harry…..he hosted his first solo Garden Party at BP and his tour of Singapore and Australia has been extensive with the Aussie fans coming out full force in the pouring rain….so there’s LOTS to write about. Who cares about Pippa.

  4. I do think the difference in treatment has a lot to do with sexism and also a bit of jealousy & envy. An ambitious career woman will most times get given negative connotations compared to a man. Also with no disrespect to Mike, he is no oil painting & not many people are falling over themselves for him. Harry on the other hand has many admirers & any woman he has hooked up with has always come in for lots of criticism. If Harry was considered unattractive or not a good catch no one would really care about his choice of girlfriend or her career. Meghan has nabbed one of the most eligible bachelors in the world so with that comes many haters.

    1. Mike not being handsome is trumped a million times over by his status as a world champion rugby player. He was part of the England squad as early as 1999. He is a rock star outside of being married to Zara. If not for her royal family, the conventional wisdom would be that she married UP in terms of his sporting status.

      Further, their looks are not the attraction of these rugby guys. Looks are the least interesting thing about them, and between the cauliflower ears, broken noses, knocked out front teeth, any one interested in their looks is bound to be disappointed.

      But their skill as players makes them super attractive. And that always trumps the model types.

      1. The point I was making is that Mike does not have a large female fandom compared to Harry, and females make up the majority of royal followers. While I have no doubt Mike is respected in the rugby world but outside of this what he does is of less interest to people. He isn’t Beckham, Ronaldo or Tom Brady who have large female followings outside of their sport.

        Whether we like it or not, perceived attractiveness is a factor. I’m equally convinced that if the york sisters were considered more attractive they would generate more interest & get far better press. The same thing with Fergie vs Diana.

        1. I think that if the York girls got proper stying advice, they would be stunners. I have always thought Eugenie is the real beauty of the royal family. However, they would still be tarred by their parents bad reputations, especially as Fergie clings so close to them at events.

          I think Meghan is very attractive, so I think her negative reputation may be due to her ethniticity and to her “stealing” the popular prince. I don’t think a woman of her age (or any age) should be dissed for being serious about and ambitious in her career.

        2. Comparing Beckham etal to Mike is not correct. Apples and oranges. Football has been financed and sold worldwide to a degree other sports can only dream about.

          Further Beckam employs a personal publicist who as demonstrated by Pippa’s wedding is a master of media saturation. There are footballing guys who are better looking than Beckham and or with better skills who don’t have his publicist to saturate media worldwide eg depending on era, Zinedine Zidane or David Ginola or Christiano Ronaldo or Freddie Ljungberg or Didier Drogba to name afew.

          Secondly, if Tom Brady wasn’t married to Giselle, few people outside of Americans would know who he was. Most profiles of him in British publications label him as Giselle’s husband as a qualifier. I’d gander it’s the same with other non American countries. American football has as much impart on the rest of the world as baseball which is to say, very little. Frankly, the NBA is much more familiar.

          Rugby is the poor relation in terms of money and publicity compared to football, but to the fans, the good players are rockstars.

      2. I disagree about your analysis of Harry and why peeps are drawn to him. I don’t find Harry attractive in the looks department. He’s tots better looking than William but what makes Harry attractive to me is his interactions with people and animals. I also don’t think he would make a good catch, people have different traits they find attractive. I’m a woman in my 30s not some tween fan girl. I like intelligent hard working guys and would find the constraints of Royal life tedious. But some peeps find anything with a Royal title and wealth makes anyone attractive. My issues with Meghan have nothing to do with jealousy and envy. I actually think on paper she’s the better catch of the two. She has a college degree and seems to be hard worker. Harry was great while in the army but out he seems content to do little actual work.
        Hera-When I see pics of mike I always think of stars that get a nose job then say it’s because of their deviated septum cuz if anyone has a ds it’s him! Then I think I hope he doesn’t have sleep apnea or if he does I hope he uses a cpap. Occupational hazard. But I think he would lose part of his appeal if he got it fixed! Conflicted, I know
        Welcome back KMR =)

          1. Ah, thank you ladies! I was reading it with a soft o, and couldn’t figure out if this was slang I didn’t know (appears to be!) or a typo for lots.

  5. Mike’s sense of humor gets me (like the shade when he found out about Kate’s second pregnancy on the radio). I have no issue with Meghan being an actress, though, so your mileage may vary. Hasn’t Mike been on reality shows before to make some money?

  6. Why is it that Meghan “nabbed” the most eligible bachelor? Maybe he fell head over heels for her?? It’s possible they had a soul connection, met at the right place, at the right moment. I wish them all the best, together or not. ☺

    1. It has been rumored that Harry pursued Meghan relentlessly till she agreed to go on a date with him, now whether that is true or not, we don’t know. What we know though, is that as MMR and others above have stated is that a lot of people tend to be harder on Meghan than they are on say Mike or even Harry. There are some people that judge Meghan as a social climber, gold digger, etc even though there has not been any evidence to support those assumptions. Also Meghan is perceived to have “nabbed the most eligible bachelor” as if Harry is the trophy in the relationship. Even though at the time of their rumored hook up, Meghan was the one that was going through a break-up from a long term relationship while Harry had not been seeing anyone, even though Meghan is the one with a history of having been in only 2 relationships (I count that a huge + in Hollywood, actresses tend to bed hope) while Harry has had a string of girlfriends, even though Meghan is the one who has more education than Harry and has worked hard to get where she is at, and actually is well connected and not because she is a loyal but because she is a smart hard working woman etc, still Harry is considered “the catch” while Meghan is branded a “Z list actress, gold digger social climber trying to use Harry to get wherever”…I can go on and on, its just mind boggling.

  7. Well, I realize now that I’ve taken Ms. Markle for granted – she hasn’t been spotted for weeks! I do miss seeing her comings and goings from yoga class.

    1. Of course, we don’t know if it’s true that Meghan refused to date Harry at first. One thing, for sure, is that often the constant refusals when they happen from any woman can lead a man to pursue a woman even furhter. So, in a sense it is a game and whether we like to admit it or not, each of us has probably played a game or two when in the early throes of attraction to someone.

      I am not someone who buys into the idea that women are held to different standards than men when it comes to ambition. Frankly, I get tired of that argument. Ambition men, who step all over others, aren’t my cup of tea, either. Ambition, when it comes to working hard and keeping up with one’s profession in whatever way one can, well, that is wonderful. Being a plotter, schemer of back-stabber is not fine with me in either sex.

      I don’t see Meghan as a back-stabber. In fact, what do we really know about her. It’s all gossip. All part of the Princess type of story we bought into — even with Kate. I have been thinking lately about how much such stories capture the fantasy and how so many people buy into them and then are horrified when the real truth comes out.

      I have never watched Suits. It is not a show I might be interested in, I guess. I do think, however, that Meghan is a woman who knows how to play men. And, if so, well then, more power to her. If she really loves Harry and not the life he can give herm well, another plus. As for Harry, if he is using her to re-capture the charisma and do good that his mother exemplified, then, I criticize him, too. If he really loves her, well, great. Wishing them well.

      It just seems to me that none of us really know what is going on and as proven in the former( guess it is former KateMiddletonReview), what we think about someone and what is true are two very different things. I don’t want to be too critical of Meghan or Harry, but don’t want to cut them slack, either. When they do good things, that is wonderful. If it’s all PR, then I am not going to buy into it at all.

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