Meghan really wants you to know she didn’t try on wedding dresses

Meghan really wants you to know she didn’t try on wedding dresses

The PR/press surrounding Meghan Markle and her relationship with Prince Harry is fascinating and quite humorous. The Daily Mail has gone Harry & Meghan crazy this weekend, but I’ll get to that in a bit. I want to first talk about the story of Meghan trying on wedding dresses, because she really wants you to know that totally didn’t happen.

Yesterday, The Sun published an article about how Meghan went shopping and tried on various wedding dresses (above). Well now that page 404s and the URL has been moved from under news to under legal-removal. I didn’t copy the text before the story was pulled, but it quoted a friend saying Meghan tried on various wedding dresses and liked a strapless one, and said Meghan was talking about having a wedding at Westminster Abbey even though they aren’t engaged yet.

When I read the article, my first thought was wondering if Harry would bolt if he read that Meghan was trying on wedding dresses prior to an engagement because we all know how much the Wales boys (and some men in general) dislike women dropping hints about marriage, especially to the press. The funny thing is, now Gossip Cop has a story debunking the Sun story, and the Sun story was pulled. Gossip Cop doesn’t print things unless they have a confirmation from the celeb’s camp, so Meghan really wants everyone to know that she didn’t try on wedding dresses.

Per Gossip Cop: “‘Meghan hasn’t tried any white dresses of any kind. She also hasn’t been shopping at all,’ an impeccable contact tells Gossip Cop exclusively.”

Yeah, Meghan called up Gossip Cop to debunk the wedding dress story. The press prints garbage stories all the time, so it’s fascinating to me which stories the celeb/royal chooses to debunk. Like, Meghan is cool with all the other speculation and false stories, but she really wants you (and Harry?) to know she wasn’t trying on wedding dresses.

Shifting gears, apparently this weekend is the 1 year anniversary of Harry and Meghan’s relationship, because the Daily Mail did a “24-page colour magazine to mark the first anniversary of the couple’s relationship this weekend”. So they have lots and lots of stories Harry & Meghan today. Most of them I don’t care about, but some have interesting information and are by Katie Nicholl.

This article gives quite a bit of detail about how Harry and Meghan met at the London Soho House in June 2016 and the beginning of their relationship:

“It says much about the power balance in their relationship that it was the Prince rather than the actress who was star-struck when they first met in a dining room at Soho House, the London private members’ club, in June 2016. Though he’d had a long-distance crush on her for a couple of years, as they shared a bottle of well-chilled rosé with friends, it became clear that her allure was more than just physical. Harry listened intently while Meghan spoke about Rwanda, where she had been campaigning for clean water. He was captivated by her altruism, and from the moment they said their goodbyes, he bombarded her with texts asking to see her again. Meghan, who was staying in London for most of the summer, agreed. They went out again with friends, including the man who had introduced them, Markus Anderson, a consultant for Soho House, and then just as a twosome on their first proper date.

“By the end of July, they had fallen for each other. Meghan flew back to Toronto, where Suits is filmed, and Harry went to South Africa to work on a conservation project. They were reunited for a country break at the Soho Farmhouse members’ club in the Cotswolds. The world then knew nothing of their clandestine romance. Harry had told just a handful of close friends about his dazzling new girlfriend, while Meghan’s discretion saw her pass another critical Royal test. Her appearance at a shooting weekend at Balmoral in September to celebrate Harry’s 32nd birthday said all that was needed – this was the start of a serious relationship.”

[Daily Mail]

This other article has some details about their relationship which I find funny given that Harry this week gave a speech where he basically told the youngins to get off his lawn about their use of cell phones:

“Prince Harry has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and would like to pop the question to Meghan Markle before his birthday in the autumn, friends of the young royal have revealed. Despite their busy schedules, the US soap actress and the Prince have a pact never to go longer than a month apart and speak using FaceTime on their smartphones twice a day when they are separated. Miss Markle has made herself at home in Nottingham Cottage, Harry’s Kensington Palace quarters and is so comfortable she keeps a wardrobe of clothes and a shelf of organic cookbooks in the kitchen, according to friends. […]

“‘Harry has found the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with,’ one of his friends reveals. ‘He is fuelling all the talk about the future.’… ‘There’s no question they are madly in love,’ said another friend. ‘Harry is really happy, and from seeing them together I’d say it’s just a question of when, not if, he’s going to ask her to marry him.’

“Harry would like to propose before his 33rd birthday on September 15, according to sources close to the Prince. If he does, the Invictus Games in Toronto a week later would be the perfect platform to introduce his new fiancée to the world. As for the wedding, Harry wouldn’t have such a say in the timing. As fifth in line to the throne, he would have to ask his grandmother The Queen to avoid clashes with other dates in the Royal calendar.”

[Daily Mail]

I wonder if anyone will call up Gossip Cop about these stories.

If Meghan and Harry get engaged, I’d love the reporter who does their engagement interview to ask them to give an accurate timeframe of when they met and when they started officially dating, because there have been so many different reports about it that it’s hard to keep up.

Also, there still aren’t any good photos of Harry and Meghan together, so the DM had to fake one.

24 thoughts on “Meghan really wants you to know she didn’t try on wedding dresses

  1. Oh brother! A 24-page booklet?! **rolls eyes**

    Interesting that the article was taken down as fast as it was. Perhaps it was someone from Harry’s camp (aka: Kensington Palace) that had the original article yanked.

    1. Potentially. I assumed it was Meghan’s PR team, but it may have been Harry’s.

  2. Yes I’ve got the paper, no new photos! It all seems a bit OTT, but hey the other royals don’t seem to be working at all so,they need to find royal stories. Queen Leti will be here next week, very excited to see her wardrobe choices.

    1. Woot woot! I’m so excited about leti’s visit! I mean the Spanish state visit =)

  3. GossipCop debunks stories like these regularly. Meghan doesn’t need to call them to do it.

    1. Gossip Cop would not print “an impeccable contact tells Gossip Cop exclusively” unless they legit had an impeccable contact with the celeb. They would not risk their reputation by printing fake quotes from fake sources when they literally are calling out other publications for doing that.

  4. Ho hum – who cares – more entitled Wales people – not the country who must shudder – who want the money and lifestyle protection but could not find a beer even in a glass in front of them in a pub

  5. My thought when I saw the headline about the wedding dress, was eeeekk messy, messy. I didn’t think it was true but her seeming desperate and messy was the impression that it would gave about her.. I soooooo would have called the gossip cop about that story. That DM thing is premature and over the top.

    1. The wedding dress story makes her looks presumptuous and there were already a lot of negative comments about her so I can see why she or Harry or someone from their PR team would shut that one down.

  6. Thanks for your humorous take on all the Meghan nonsense MMR!!! It’s been rather slow for the royal watchers so apparently the press feels that made up stories are better than no stories at all, this must drive those involved crazy.

  7. This is not the first time an article is removed from DM related to MMs dress. Before Pippa wedding, they also removed an article about Victoria Beckham making a dress for MM. There are too much stories about MM this week-end and I was feeling sorry for her. But your resumé is so good that it helps me find the laughable side of the articles! I wonder if Harry went out with friends yesterday to let us know that he is not engaged yet.

  8. I get the feeling that someone out there wants to make Meghan look desperate and like a Stage 5 Clinger to help everyone forget that Kate stalked and manipulated William for well over a decade – without having established any kind of life or career of her own. It just smacks of mean girl drama. I like Meghan and I think the way she reacted to everything in the beginning (pulling back on social media, *not* calling the paparazzi to follow her around, laying low) shows a lot of her character. She’s still doing her own thing and I like that. I really, really hope she keeps in touch with herself if this moves to marriage. We don’t need another Stepford Wife in the BRF.

  9. The people at the DM online must have the worst job possible-between making photos of harry & Meghan, photoshopping pics of George in various school uniforms, writing copy about “pert derrières” and “enviable pins” no wonder their copy seems like they couldn’t be bothered- they probably couldn’t
    I’ve never even heard of this gossip cop site but you made me laugh because I thought the same thing-she sure wants this debunked fast
    Anyhoodles I think the summertime lull makes them try and find anything to write about.
    I doubt they’ll give an honest timeline to their relationship isn’t their some question as to when she and the ex ended things and when she and Harry started? Or is that just peeps making stuff up? I didn’t follow closely when people mentioned it

    1. When Edward married Sophie the first thing I thought of was how much she looked like Diana. Maybe it’s a royal family thing…lol

      1. Harry is dating a brown-haired human female. Since there are so few of those around, he must be copying his brother. 😉

        I hate stories like this. Like when Kate wears red, or blue, or anything really and newspapers say she is copying Diana, because Diana aparantly owned the color red, or blue, or whatever.

        Articles like this make false comparisons and start a narrative in readers’ minds which the papers can play on for years.

  10. I’m not familiar at all with GossipCop, but I find it extremely interesting that The Sun not only pulled its original article about Meghan and the wedding dresses but that it was also under “legal removal”. How often have they done this for royal-related stories? To me, that sends a very strong signal that there are some very large grains of truth to that story.

    So perhaps the falsehood in the story that provided legal grounds for having it removed is simply that Meghan was out shopping. But the other details in the story–trying on two dresses by Toronto bridal designer Paloma Blanca while with a couple of friends–could still be true. To me, they actually seem very likely to have happened. Meghan easily could have been visiting the Toronto home of her bff and stylist Jessica Mulroney. Mulroney, by virtue of her job as a fashion stylist and bridal expert, easily could have also had Blanca and/or some of her gowns with her at her house. While Mulroney seems to be going along with Meghan’s self-imposed absence from social media–she hasn’t posted anything related to Meghan in months–Blanca or an assistant easily could be the one who had loose lips, perhaps excited about the possibility of designing a gown for a royal wedding. I totally can see that happening.

  11. The sun pulling any stories (legal removal or not) just means that there was absolutely NO TRUTH to the garbage they were spewing out to the public. If there was ANY tiny shred of truth to their story, even if it was just that Meghan HAD indeed tried on any dresses, and the Sun could prove that one little grain of truth, they would either stick to their story (knowing that any lawsuit would result in them winning) or they would just revise the story (with non truth edited out) but keep it online. There was just no truth whatsoever, and I personally smelled this stinker right away. There is no way Meghan, who is taking all pains to stay out of the media to the point of almost becoming a recluse, would in any way shape or form pop into some store and start trying on wedding dresses, no way Jose. There is a clip online where Meghan took reporters to the Suits set behind the scenes for the trying on of wedding dresses for a “Rachel Zane/Michael Ross wedding scene”. In that clip, you see LOTS of wedding dresses that are already on the suits set, all dresses Meghan has access to if she wants to try on any wedding dresses. And if she really wanted, she could have MORE wedding dresses delivered to the set where she could try them on in that same capacity of privacy!! Why would she go to a store and try on anything??? There was immeasurable speculation about what dress Megs was picking for Pippa wedding and blah blah blah none of that was true because we did not even see any pics of the woman in any dress let alone see her try on any dresses to see which she would pick. If no dresses for a mere Pippa wedding were shown, there is NO WAY Meghan would pop into some store months later and start trying on any wedding dresses, no way.
    And MMR, I respectfully disagree with your assumption that Meghan and camp called GCop to let ” you know (or even Harry) that she never tried on any dresses” they didn’t need to. Gossip Cop entire existence is based on debunking falsehoods like this. Trust me, if the Sun printed this, GC would be all over it in a nanosecond to try to find any non truth to it and expose it!! They live for sticking it to each other regardless of which celebrity does or doesn’t contact them!!

    1. Gossip Cop does not print something like “an impeccable contact tells Gossip Cop exclusively” unless they legit have an impeccable contact with the celeb. Gossip Cop would not risk their reputation by printing fake quotes from sources or fake sources. So I stand by my conclusion that someone in Meghan’s camp contacted Gossip Cop about this.

    2. I agree that there is absolutely no way Meghan would have been out shopping and tried on wedding dresses. She’s not stupid. But I still believe as I said above that there could be some elements of truth to this story. The denials on GossipCop are just that she was not out shopping and that she did not try on “white dresses of any kind.” (I thought this second denial was really odd….why not go ahead and say “wedding dresses?”) Meghan could have been at her bff wedding stylist Jessica Mulroney’s home, not shopping in public, and none of the Paloma Blanca dresses I looked at online are called “white” but are “diamond satin,” “pearl satin,” “natural lace,” etc. Someone in Meghan’s camp could truthfully then offer those denials to GossipCop.

      Also, perhaps the Sun story was pulled not because of being entirely or mostly false (they didn’t actually retract any information) but because it was an invasion of privacy: Meghan was in a friend’s home with the right of every expectation of privacy.

    3. Totally agree MASAMF!!

      The whole Sun article was farfetched to say the least which made it quite easy to debunk.

  12. All I’m saying is there was no need for any PR camp (Harry or Meghan) to get involved, the tabs have their own reporters/researchers who don’t need no nudging to get off their behinds and to go get to the truth!! All it would take is one story published claiming this and that and they’re just gonna spring to work without waiting to get phone calls from anybody’s PR. Now the PRs probably expect to get get some contact from GC to confirm or deny some stories but I really doubt GC sees a story like this in the Sun and just sits around waiting for some PR to call and ask them to debunk a story!!

  13. Gossip Cop has also denied the story about Camilla warning Meghan not to marry Harry.

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