Meghan spotted in Toronto

Meghan spotted in Toronto

The last we heard from Meghan, she was flying out of Toronto to maybe meet up with Prince Harry in London. Well now Meghan was spotted back in Toronto arriving at her home.

Reportedly, Meghan was photographed on Thursday, July 6, arriving at her home – accompanied by a bodyguard – after being in London for 10 days. Additionally, the Express reports:

“Her SUV was spotted at Toronto International in a high security zone reserved for the highest VIP’s… The chic actress covered her hand with her face, pushing her sunglasses onto her nose as she was pictured stepping out of the SUV. Meghan also appeared to drop her phone onto her bodyguard’s foot when stepping out of the car, as she clutched a bottle of smart water.”

You can see photos at the Express and ET Online.

If striped tops are a must for Wales wives (as Kate has displayed numerous times), then Meghan has that part down. She wore a Banana Republic “Sailor Stripe Boat-Neck Pullover” ($78.00) which I actually like in the Gray colorway (Meghan’s color is White), although I’m cheap and can’t justify spending almost $80 on a basic striped shirt when I can find something very similar for less than $30.

Meghan also has a Cartier watch, just like Kate – OMG it’s like they’re the same person! The watch Meghan is wearing in these photos is the Cartier “Tank Francaise Small Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch” ($3250.00).

Meghan also has the Cartier “Tank Francaise Small Stainless Steel & 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet Watch” ($5550.00). In 2015, Meghan gave an interview to Hello Mag where she said: “I’ve always coveted the Cartier French Tank watch. When I found out Suits had been picked up for our third season โ€“ which, at the time, felt like such a milestone โ€“ I totally splurged and bought the two-tone version. I had it engraved on the back, ‘To M.M. From M.M.’ and I plan to give it to my daughter one day. That’s what makes pieces special, the connection you have to them.”

Meghan also wore Charlotte Olympia “Kitty Embroidered Velvet Flats” in Black ($495.00). Below is a better photo of Meghan wearing the shoes, which she posted to Instagram back in February.

Pap photos of Meghan are rare these days. Back in November-January we got pap photos almost daily, but now they are few and far between. So it’s nice to get some photos of her. I wonder if Meghan accompanied Harry to the Diana grave re-dedication on July 1 that KP totally didn’t need to announce.

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43 thoughts on “Meghan spotted in Toronto

  1. She looks really pretty. I like her hair and the striped top. I think she did go with Harry to Althorp. Nothing against Kate, but I hope Meghan doesnt start dressing like her. I hope she keeps her own style. The lack of pap photos proves that the royals can have privacy. If she marries Harry she will disappear and we wont see her except at public events. Hope she keeps her personality and charity wotk. I wouldnt give those up for any man.

  2. Well, Banana Republic seems to be perpetually on sale in my area, so she could have gotten the top for $30…she seems to really love ripped jeans, these have the rip at the hems.

    I agree with NLopez that royals can have privacy – a rumor lately was that they rode public transport but no photos emerged. I think in big cities like Toronto and London people generally mind their own business, especially on busy metros.

    With Meghan and Harry in their mid 30s, the press will be very interested in them for a few years, but then the attention will focus on George and Charlotte and the only press M&H will get would be for royal events and tours.

    Let’s not forget she wore Erdem at the Jamaica wedding, complete with a ruffle hem. I think she and Kate could be style buddies – some of the pieces we’ve seen before Meghan knew Harry were PR events for Suits so her outfits may have been chosen by a stylist for the show in those instances.

    1. Hi Ann! I go back and forth on the whole is she (Meghan) copying Kate’s style, I mean geez if she wears a striped shirt then she’s copying Kate’s style but maybe she had a striped shirt before she met Harry? It’s similar to folks comparing Kate’s style with Diana’s. I mean yeah, there definitely are times where it’s pretty easy to see that Kate is copying Diana but other times just because she’s wearing a red dress doesn’t mean she’s copying, she might actually like to wear red dresses.

      I have read several places that Meghan has a stylist friend who helps her out and she probably also picks up tips from the show’s stylist. I knew a lady who decorated her home beautifully so I asked her over for some tips and wow, it really helped me bring my “look” together. Plus, I go every two years to Nordstrom for a short consultation with one of their stylists, it’s a free service, and it really helps keep me on track with my clothing purchases instead of wasting my money on trends or things that just don’t look all that great on me.

      1. I don’t think Meghan is copying Kate in the same way I don’t think Kate copies Diana as much as some people believe (some of the comparisons I’ve seen people make between Kate and Diana as proof Kate is copying Diana are a huge stretch). I just thought it would be a funny joke that the Kate and Meghan had similar pieces. I laughed.

  3. Thanks for post MMR!!

    I’ve always coveted the Cartier Tank watch, I like the leather wrist strap, but I certainly can’t afford a $5000 watch so I asked my husband for a Seiko watch, that’s very similar in style to the Tank, for my birthday several years ago and I wear it almost every day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Argh, it’s so frustrating to see Meghan (or anyone else) wearing a shirt that I like but knowing that I can’t buy it…grrr!

    1. I wish I could wear watches but since my wrists are so tiny, I can’t! Jeans being torn/ripped at the bottom doesn’t bother me because it just means that they’ve been worn many times and the person is getting good use out of them. I’m not a big fan of the shoes, only because, IMO, the kitty cat looks a wee bit childish. **ducks**

      1. I agree with you, Kimothy. The kitty shoes are way too twee for me.

        1. I have tiny wrists. I have a Tiffany watch which is small and they made a special small strap for me. I’m not wealthy, it didn’t cost me any more to have a small strap made. I’m sure other brands can do the same. The key is to choose an option with a leather not metal strap. I feel naked without a watch. My husband uses his phone but that can look rude if you’re checking the time but people think you’re checking texts and emails!!!

          On Meghan, most people have a stripy top, I do hope she’s not following Kate and follows her own slightly more quirky and modern vibe.

        2. I go back and forth on these shoes personally, sometimes I think “way too twee” and other times it’s ” oh a bit whimsy and fun, how great”. I feel like what I like and/or don’t like really depends on my mood of the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Not going to lie, I think the Great Britain Kitty Flats are adorable (but I’m not about to drop $600 on a pair of shoes). But the rest of the Kitty Flats aren’t my thing.

            I go back and forth on liking whimsy and liking sleek as possible clothes. As with you, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I love the whimsy stuff, and other times I just want sleek, minimal clothes.

          2. Omg MMR, those GB Kitty flats are adorable!! 97% of my closet is minimal, sleek, unfussy clothes but when I want a bit of whimsy or fun I usually use my accessories for that, a colorful scarf, a big necklace or funky bag.

          3. I kind of like kitty flats, but oh my gosh, those GB ones take the cake! I guess if I had $600 just hanging around…

      2. If you buy a watch with links they (jewelry store in my case) will remove the links so it can fit your wrist
        I also bought a Swiss army watch at nordstroms and they removed some links for me too

  4. Did she have a bodyguard before? I’m going to presume she’s paying for the bodyguard herself.

    My, my, someone’s coming up in the world with the super VIP treatment. I guess she and Harry are still on. Hate the ripped jeans but that’s me.

    She seems to be fading into royal adjacent land.

    1. I don’t think she had one before
      I was wondering if she is paying or harry. If the guy you date makes it so you need security I’d totes make him pay

      1. Meghan did not have a bodyguard before her relationship with Harry was outed and she got a lot of negative response to the relationship. I read a report back in fall last year that said Harry was paying for her bodyguard, but I don’t know how true that is.

        1. I really can’t with human sometimes. The negative things, threats etc that came out when the news first broke and that has continued on Tumblr and DM comment section for example are just gross. I just don’t understand why someone would spew such hate towards another person that they don’t even know, so much so that they feel to get protection. But I guess that’s why other celebrities, royals and presidents have security, because some people are just crazy enough to try to hurt them, sad but true. ps.. i just get the feeling that Harry is cheap and that she is paying for it herself… but it has been reported that he offered to pay for it.. Anyway.. in theory i like to shoes… but I would never buy or wear them myself. and

          1. If Harry’s paying for her bodyguard is that from his private stash?

          2. Does he even have enough money to afford a bodyguard on his personal money? Bodyguards are expensive.

          3. I so agree Sunfuntravel! Really, death threats because she’s dating Prince Harry? Reading about some of the stalkers that celebs deal with is so scary, obviously these people need professional help and so often law enforcement can’t get involved until it’s too late. The more I interact with humans, the more I love my dog ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Her tv show Suits provides a bodyuard for the actors. They are usually escorted from their home to the set & back. Meghan does not appear to have her suitcase with her so I don’t think these pics were taken on her way from the airport but they might be work related.

      If she also has her own personal bodyuard outside of work then I’m guessing Harry must be paying because he’s the reason why she is getting all this extra attention & has someone said bodyguards are expensive.

  5. I just realized that if Meghan’s back in Toronto then that means we won’t be seeing her at Wimbledon, darn!!!

    1. I’m wondering if Meghan will do any promotion for Suits which premieres soon. Or if the Austin festival was it.

      1. Suits premiers in 4 days, so if any promo would have been done at this point…so I doubt she will do any promo… Also didn’t harry inherit like 12 to 15 millions from his mom? This money he would have received at 30 and is probably more now if the money was invested correctly over that 18 years time frame.

          1. I just watched a documentary on the Queen Mum, and it said that she left both William and Harry substantial money; some they got at 21 and some they’ll get at 40. She did it years ahead so as to avoid inheritance tax, supposedly one reason for her large “overdraft”. Add this to Diana’s legacy and I suspect the boys have plenty, more than we imagine.

      2. I don’t think she’ll be doing anymore promotion. Any promotion Meghan does guaranteed she will be asked about her personal life. Even her co-stars can’t escape the questioning.

        I canโ€™t see how this can be sustained in the long run because a big part of an actors work is promotion & she’s all but disappeared from the public eye. Not to even mention all the commercial deals she is losing out on. It’s a tough situation to be in so one has to wonder if she knows what the end game is? Otherwise it’s a lot to give up for an uncertain future.

    2. There is no greenery anywhere near Pearson Airport so that photo is likely taken near her house.

  6. KMR even though you were joking in your analysis you’re not far wrong! Unfortunately the Kate/Meghan comparison will be inescapable. It is not fair but the media love nothing more than to pit two women against each other. The fact they are the same age, slim & have brown hair gives more fodder.

    Meghan is a woman in her mid 30s who has already established her own unique style & fashion sense. But no doubt everything she wears from now on will be seen in comparison to Kate. In actual fact many of the styles Meghan is seen wearing she has done so for a number of years now.

    Since Kate came on the scene the media have not really had anyone to offer up as a potential rival so they are now salivating at the prospect. I just hope both women are strong & grounded enough not to get caught up with the inevitable drama & comparisons that will be whipped up.

    1. Maybe this will cause the duchess to kick it up a notch, stop channeling 70s-80s fashions, Nancy Reagan, and the occasional New Look and employ a stylist who keeps a very good tailor on call. A stylist who could inventory her clothing and in what residence it’s being stored. I mean all the clothing: coats, jackets dresses, suits, skirts, blouses, knits, jeans, evening clothes, shoes, purses, gloves and hats (and whatever clothing I didn’t list). Then the stylist can suggest coherent clothing pairings for her engagements. I think that Ms. Markle will be finding a stylist ASAP if she moves across the pond permanently. She knows the value those services.

      1. Kate is gonna go ballistic. She is fiercely competitive with other women and narcissistic. I canโ€™t wait. But the question is- will she up her style game, or her flyups and see-throughs?

  7. Did you read today that Meghan was trying on wedding dresses and commenting on her favourite?!

    1. I just read it Bea, haven’t quite determined yet whether or not I believe it. On one hand, sure she was at store trying on evening gowns and decided as a lark to try on a couple wedding dresses, now her “friend”, who it appears wasn’t even there, is blabbing to the press. On the other hand, it didn’t happened and that’s the end of it. What do you think Bea?

      1. I think it’s strange she would do something so obvious and then talk about it. Also, she’d have a dress especially made. Very interesting!

    2. I highly doubt this story is true! Meghan will no way be trying on wedding dresses in a shop. In the event Harry & her get married her dress will be custom made & not off the rack.

  8. KMR your 2nd paragraph ”…Meghan was photographed on Thursday, June 6, arriving at her home…”
    I think the date should be Thursday JULY 6.

  9. There’s a painting & Harry: “Prince Harry…spending thousands on a painting..called Everybody Needs Somebody To Love.
    It is in two parts, called a โ€˜diptychโ€™. One half features a view of a couple walking hand-in-hand, while the other half contains the title of the piece in a blue script.
    Photo and story at:

    The story speculates that half of the painting resides with Harry and the other half with Meghan. One piece is a drawing, the other script.

    1. GraceH, you are amazing bringing us stuff.

      Hmmm, that ‘painting’- what a hallmark moment. LOL Very mature.

  10. I like her watch story. She’s obviously got a work ethic and she’s worked for her success and plans for her daughter to have pride in her accomplishments. So while Kate and Meghan both have a Cartier watch, only one has earned hers through her own labour.

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