Harry kisses Meghan on the cheek as she joins him for Invictus Closing Ceremony

Harry kisses Meghan on the cheek as she joins him for Invictus Closing Ceremony

As predicted, Meghan Markle attended the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games tonight, September 30, to support her boyfriend, Prince Harry. Instead of sitting in the crowd like she did at the opening ceremony, this time Meghan was in a private box.

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Before he got on stage to give his closing speech, Harry joined Meghan in the private box, and kissed her on the cheek – you can see that photo here.

Meghan was joined in the private box by her mom, Doria Radlan (who reportedly flew in from LA for this event), her friend and “stylist”, Jessica Mulroney, and her friend who introduced her to Harry, Markus Anderson.

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Meghan was dressed more casually than her opening ceremony outfit (which makes sense as the closing ceremony is much less formal). For this event, Meghan chose a black v-neck shirt and black skinny jeans, with a cream coat and grey suede pumps.

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Both Meghan and her mom were reportedly seen clapping enthusiastically during Harry’s speech, and apparently Doria was seen dancing to Bruce Springsteen, one of the performers at the ceremony.

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Harry spent time in the box with Meghan, her mom, and her friends. Here a some photos of them together.

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80 thoughts on “Harry kisses Meghan on the cheek as she joins him for Invictus Closing Ceremony

      1. Oh I hope so Kimothy. I want Eugenie and Jack to get married next year as they deserve it and I don’t believe in them having a long relationship like Wills and Kate.

        I like how Meghan and Harry are comfortable with the pda and it is not excessive.

    1. Yes – I think Engagement this year for sure – but don’t see an announcement coming until she is in the UK – when does Suits filming wrap up ?

      1. I just looked it up and according to Toronto’s filming schedule the season filming wraps on Nov 15. So I’m hoping/predicting for an engagement announcement late November

          1. Oh come on we can’t wait another 6 weeks…. we need an announcement next week…. Pleeeease.

          2. Kimothy – this is exactly my hope as well. In fact I’ll go so far as to say that I think she has already finished her scenes and the visit to the set by Harry was her “wrap party”/goodbye party. I think she’ll be moving to London now, with the engagement announcement by end of October. (At least, this is all my dream scenario!)

            I need this engagement NOW! Pretty please πŸ™‚

  1. Congrats to Harry on another successful Invictus Games….he did well in Toronto, well done.
    The more I see pics of him and Meghan together, the more I am convinced this is the real deal for him. So happy for both of them.

        1. Yes Sydney my favourite city on the planet, but perhaps Auckland after that and we can all go visit Cathy?

          1. Oh yes please! Bring it to Auckland please! (ok, can I sigh up now???)

            And I think I’m going to volunteer New Zealand (and maybe Australia too) for Harry and Meghan’s first tour after they are married?

            Harry really shone when he was here last time. Ok, we have all seen how good Harry is when he is at his engagements and functions? Well I’ve been told that Harry was just the same when he was not “on show”. He’s kind, interacts with the locals. There was no “I’m a Royal don’t bother me” after hours, I’ve been told that he’s just as nice “off duty” too.

    1. I’m happy that it keeps getting media coverage. Even if some of it was due to Meghan, this is an important event, and should be in the public consciousness.

      1. Watching the closing ceremony. The fact that so many world superstars are prepared to perform ( for free I’m sure) says so much for what Harry has achieved. Amazing week, I love my Prince.

        William….what have you done??? Kate…looking at you?

        1. I was impressed that Barack Obama and the Bidens came up to Toronto too. Harry’s made an impression with them πŸ™‚

          1. But where was Michelle O ? Maybe she can’t face seeing Harry with Meghan !! Those two always seem to have a special connection.

        2. I bet Willyboy seethes in anger seeing all his brother has accomplished. He’s too lazy to ever leave a legacy as his mother, father, and brother have done!

  2. MMR thank you so very much for these lovely updates, blessings toward you and all your loved ones is my prayer. And thank you to all the lovely family on this forum, blessings to y’all and your loved ones too. If any one has family in Puerto Rico and the US vigil islands, all my prayers, love and hugs to y’all and them all.
    Now, congratulations first of all to ALL the athletes, they made it; they started something phenomenal and they concluded it with flying colours, congrats to everybody. My prayer is they all continue to get stronger and stronger and continue on this Invictus journey and continue to get rewarded more and more, go, go, go dear friends, you worked your butts off and you deserve to bask in all the IG glory. Secondly, thank you to all the committees of organizers, trustees, sponsors, volunteers etc for doing us Canadians proud, a job very well done. And last but not least, thank you to prince Harry for all the love for our vets, thanks for his tireless efforts for making the IG what they are today and lastly, congratulations of yet another marvellous achievement of IG yet. I know this is just the beginning and better things are yet to come, you go Harry go.
    And lastly, I get to see my fav couple at the closing ceremony….yaaaayyyy…and Harry kissing Meg was the cherry on my ice cream…I’m going to bed now a happy camper. Hopefully, the engagement gets announced tomorrow (wink).

  3. Thanks for the quick coverage MMR!!

    While I would have loved to see Meghan and Harry at more events, realistically I think they stuck a great balance between letting us into their romance a bit and keeping the focus on the athletes and the Games.

    How cute are these two?!?! Their easy affection for each other reminds me a bit of Fred & Mary or WA and Max, they all might be “royal” but they’re also in love and not afraid to show it.

    I’m so happy that Dora was able to attend, she must be thrilled that her daughter is seeing (is engaged to) such a warm, compassionate man. Having two adult children myself, I can tell you that nothing makes me happier than to see my kids with SO’s who love and care for them.

    Okay, now that the Games are over I expect an engagement announcement immediately!! Like tomorrow morning!! I can’t wait to see the ring!!

    It’s getting quite late here and I’m pretty tired, so Thanks MMR for all the great coverage!! Good night and I hope you all sleep good πŸ™‚

  4. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. I think Meghan’s mom is absolutely beautiful and she looks like she will be a wonderful addition to the family. πŸ™‚

  5. Isn’t it lovely to see a royal couple demonstrate how in love they are? He kissed her on several occasions. How sweet! I can’t wait for the engagement announcement. I wish October, but I think they have to wait for the end of filming Suits. Can’t wait!

  6. Everything about this post makes me happy. Doria has the same genuine look of enjoyment on her face that Meghan has had this week. I’m happy for all of them. Bring on the engagement announcement so we can start speculating about gowns and which tiara she’s gonna wear.

    1. I’m loving Doria already. She seems happy her daughter has found a lovely man, not bothered or impressed by the fact he is a Prince. Can’t wait for engagement news and babies!!!

      1. Yes, I noticed that, too. She is comfortable, not fawning over him or tripping over herself to make him cheese toast.

        1. **snickers** “cheese on toast”…..and probably doesn’t have his picture as her phone wallpaper/background **whistles innocently**

          1. **gasps in horror** who, me?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

            I like that Dora is (clearly) her own person and not oh-so-heavily involved in her daughter’s life and relationships.

          2. Meghan & Kimothy – Shame on you ladies for making me snort out loud! I am back at work after a few days off and had to close my office door. Cheese toast and phone wallpaper indeed….lol!!!

  7. What I observed from the photos.. 1). Meghan’s mom seems so unaffected by Harry, meaning this isn’t a person she just met. 2). H&M can’t help themselves, they are both very demonstrative and tactile, so if they are in the room together long enough, they’re going to be touching or kissing eventually, it’s who they are. 3). Damn Meghan’s mom is in her 60’s?.. she looks like she could pass for 40’s.

  8. Meghan’s Mum is a beautiful and elegant woman. Definitely as someone has already mentioned doesn’t look her age. And She fits in so easily. What a wonderful addition to the royal family.

    It’s good to finally see interaction between H and M and M and H as a couple. Truly looks like a love match. …I am so glad and happy for Harry.

    1. As a mother, I’m sure Meghan’s mom is very proud of, not only her daughter but also, for her daughter’s boyfriend for such a great achievement. And Im sure mama is very happy to see the kids so in love, its really something to behold.
      And, I can’t even begin to imagine how prince Charles is feeling right now, he must be almost bursting with pride for his young’un and how fine Harry has turned out to be. IMO, if POW was here, he would probably attend every single game with his son, just supporting and encouraging him to keep doing the good work. Not that Harry needed any support or nudging to keep going, but you know what I mean. Diana might have been really proud if she was still around, but Charles I’m sure is very, very, very proud of having raised such a lovely, kind, fine your man that is prince Harry.

      1. What a shame Charles didn’t go then? Canada is a commonwealth country he could have popped by? Given his seemingly difficult relationship with William and Kate, wouldn’t it have been great to see him at the games….and talking to Meghan.

        1. @BIRDY, I think he probably had commitments that would make it impossible to come to Canada at this point. They all were at the Invictus 2014 but none of them were able to attend after that. I remember Harry saying at Invictus Orlando that all his family had commitment and that that was why they couldn’t join him or something like that. But, I believe if they had been free, some of them would have made it, especially POW.

          1. You’re being kind . The dates have been know for ages, they could have been free had they chosen to make it a priority. It’s like saying Charles was busy on the date of his grandsons birthday….he knows when the birthday is and can keep it free.
            Parents know well in advance key dates for their kids, no reason for Charles to get a pass on this occasion…well that’s my opinion πŸ˜€

        2. Birdy – I wonder if Charles didn’t want to take any spotlight away from a) Harry’s accomplishment with Invictus being bigger than ever, and b) a semi-official roll-out of Harry & Meghan’s relationship.

          Charles (and Cams, William, Zara and Mike and maybe Peter?) did attend the 2014 games in London and Charles appeared beside himself with pride of Harry – almost in tears at some points. He attended several matches and when he first arrived at the games and Harry and William were waiting to greet him, he actually skipped the protocol of greeting William first but instead (ignored William) and greeted Harry first (and with a big hug)…William looked like he was going to poop himself, lol. I think Charles is VERY proud of Harry’s accomplishments with Invictus. I imagine this is just the sort of program and legacy that he wants his sons leaving. So, personally, I don’t see Charles not attending as any kind of slight to Harry.

          I do think the scheduling thing could have been worked out in advance, but I honestly do think this games was not only about the veterans/athletes and this being Harry’s major project, but also about introducing Harry’s future bride to the world and getting people used to seeing her and Harry together.

          1. That and these people have their diaries sorted out well in advance up to what, six months, a year? It would have been lovely to see Charles, no doubt he is very proud of Harry–look no further about how warm and loving they are to one another. Whenever Charles speaks of Harry he looks like he’s gonna burst with pride.

            This was about the Games, and the veterans, not even about Harry who was just the one rallying them all together.

  9. Wow! I wasn’t so sure about an engagement, not even with their display of love at the volleyball game – we’ve seen Harry is not shy with his love companion in the past- but now in a VIP box and with her mom! Yeah, I’m thinking wedding in sight.

    I’m happy for Harry. It doesn’t bother me that she seems comfortable in the spotlight, she is an actress after all. He seems comfortable and happy and knows her better than alp my speculation from a few still shots in the media. I’m just trusting/hoping he is choosing wisely. She seems pretty and cool and fun. I also feel a lot of people will dislike her because she is biracial and because she is divorced. I think Felipe with Letizia puts my mind at ease πŸ™‚

    Now about the IG πŸ™‚ happy for all the athletes and their achievements. I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Obama’s attendance and to see the Bidens there more than an once. I wish they would interact more with the athletes and make statements/headlines…

  10. I like that Meghan’s mother is comfortable in her own skin and not trying to put on a look/act like another family we are familiar with.

    I’m certain that Harry is happy to accept people for who they are, and does not throw around his status to intimidate people, which is how I imagine William behaves.

    I’m very impressed by how this relationship is being handled. They both seem mature and serious about their future together in a way that can only happen when two adults come together. These are not twenty somethings stumbling out of clubs! It’s very refreshing, a love match and a match in life goals should produce a happy marriage.

  11. Congrats to all the competitors. Another great IG! Prince Harry, congrats to you, too.

    Don’t Meghan and Harry look happy together? That is nice to see. Particuarly sad when you think that William and Kate — who may be happy in private — seem so shut off from each other most of the time when appearing in public.

    Meghan’s mother is wonderful. A warm and elegant lady who is comfortable in her new surroundings! I had to laugh when I read the comment concerning no cheese toast for PH from Doria. Absolutely not! I hope that she will be racking up plenty of frequent flyer miles to visit the couple — and dare I say it, their future kids.

    Thank you for this post!

    1. I’m really hoping for an Obamas-in-the-WH situation… wouldn’t it be lovely for Doria to move to England and help with the kids when they are little?? LA is so far away, it would be great for Meghan to have family close!

    2. +1 to everything you’ve stated above. It in incredible to see Invictus going so strong after all the hard work Harry put in to getting it off the ground. What a wonderful achievement and opportunity for all the competitors. Well done, Harry!!!! And well done to each team member from around the world!

      On a side note, and getting back to how sweet Harry is with Meghan and her Mother – and the cheese toast – it’s fun to imagine how peeved a certain Mother Dearest is right now over the fact that her darling daughter is being completely outshone by a strong, beautiful, and hard working woman. Must really put the sting in it. I think Meghan is going to outshine Kate for a long time, especially since Kate has decided it’s ok to turn her public image into a mannequin with robotic, stiff answers to questions and an apparent zero interest in whatever the activity.

    1. Swoon! So adorable! And, so happy to see lots of affection from Harry toward Meghan. And, the fact that it’s being done in front of MM’s mother again makes me think the engagement is a done deal. Although…everything makes me think that, so, lol. I’m just full of squee and excitement and happiness!

  12. Sobbing my way through Harry’s closing ceremony speech πŸ™‚ I am so inspired by these incredible athletes!

  13. Thanks for posting the video of the kiss Lauri! They seem deeply and truly in love! It’s lovely to see! Meghan looks gorgeous as usual and her mother looks beautiful and poised! Engagement enouncement by the end of the year is a certainty!

  14. Just a side note… the fact the CC counted all the apearance for IG this year is an indication that they were holding back on Harry’s count so as not not outpace William

  15. Does anyone know what the plan is for Invictus post-2020? It seems like it was only slated for 5 years but Harry seemed to indicate during these games that he sees them continuing and, I think, talked about how they could be ramped up slowly to be more sustainable. So…are the games ending in 202 or not?! Does anyone know? It seems like such a shame to end them in 2020, especially since each year seems to be better run, smoother, bigger, more publicized, etc. And, also, reading the stories from the athletes about how motivating sport has been for them seems like the most important reason to keep it going πŸ™‚

    1. I’m thinking that if it continues to be as big a success as it is right now, its gonna turn into something like the olympics. The games seem to be getting bigger and better and it seems like more and more vets are getting quite a bit out of them. My guess is that as more organizations pick interest and get into sponsoring, more governments getting involved in uplifting and supporting their vets’ recovery through these games, it seems like IG will continue for much longer than was originally planned, at least that is my hope and prayer.

      1. Thanks, Masamf! That’s my hope too. I really want this to become a legacy project for Harry for many, many years to come. I like that it’s his own project/idea – separate from William and Kate – and it encompasses an issue that he is so passionate about. The scope of Invictus also leaves space for Meghan to join him for parts of it in the future as his wife (attending sporting matches and/or giving speeches herself), or to add something too, like a separate wing of the charity – or her own separate charity that then partners for the Invictus Games – for supporting the families of injured vets.

        1. I’m thinking that if/when they get married, Meghan is gonna get involved in lobbying governments/sponsors to continue funding and sponsoring the IG, that is a huge chuck of meat to chew on for a long time. They’re gonna need to continue convincing different countries that this is a worthy cause to invest in, they’re gonna need to work with numerous govt and NGO in order to get funding to continue this really worthy cause. And a lot of that is also gonna depend on testimonies given by the athletes that these games are such a benefit and that if they’re discontinued there will be adverse effects to them and to their families. Also, there needs to be more research studies done that, not necessarily prove, but show how IG are an integral part to these vets recoveries. There is already a study at university of Dalhousie about the IG, that is a good start, more studies need to be done. Both Harry and Meghan are very well connected in the US and Canada (the Obamas, the Bushes, the Bidens, the Malroneys, the Trudeaus etc are all great connections to work with), Harry is very well connected in countries far beyond, if they team together and work hard on this, they will achieve great results. Meghan said she has never wanted to be a lady that dines but a woman that works, this is her opportunity to show the world what she mean by this statement.

          On a different note, the DM just wrote another “Harry’s girl is [almost] straight outta Compton” article and this time, no one was spared. Read the “Harry gets on famously with Doria” article etc and tell me what you guys think. I read it and though no wonder William and Harry want almost nothing to do with the British media, they just straight out ridiculous!!!

          1. I love what you said about this being Harry’s project. I was getting so tired of him being the third wheel in the Heads Together campaign.

            He has done so much wonderful work to ensure the success of IG. He is a true supporter of the men and women who have overcome so many challenges and gone on to show tremendous spirit and strength.

            Harry gets it! He understands how to be a caring and compassionate Royal.

            William and Kate have done little to win the love and admiration of people in the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world.
            Whenever they do have a great moment, it is followed by laziness and ineptitude.

            I hope Harry continues his hard work with Invictis and with other organizations that mean a good deal to him. He is not afraid to show his passion and he has been a real inspiration to those who want to reach out and do something for organizations that they care about, too.

  16. I think Meghan just gave us a sneak peak into her bridal party…..Doria – Mother of the Bride, Marcus – Escort to Mother of the Bride, Jessica – Maid of Honour….only person missing is father of the Bride and he will def show up on the big day, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, engagement announcement first!

  17. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, especially our food service driver, who was shot in the chest and is currently in surgery. I’d like to ask my friends here on MMR and KMR to also send out good thoughts and prayers for all those affected.

    1. Oh sweet Jesus, I’m speechless. @ Laurie, just read about this tragedy. Lots of prayers, love and hugs to victims and their families and all their loved ones.

    2. Oh my word, that makes it feel so much more personal. What a terrible year the world is having…natural disasters, terror in Europe and elsewhere, and now this . My thoughts are with everyone involved in what appears to have been a massacre.

    3. I’m so sickened by what’s happened. My thoughts are with your food service driver. Please let us know if you hear any more information about the status.

    4. Sending my thoughts and good vibes out your way, Lauri, to your friends and everyone else who was injured or affected xox

      Not to get political but when is enough, enough?! How many gun deaths must this country suffer through?? My fear though is that if nothing was done after Sandy Hook Elementary, when little wee ones were murdered, nothing will ever be done.

      1. Lauri, do let us know how this man does after surgery? Yes, thoughts and prayers are being sent his way and to all who suffered and are still doing so. To their loved ones, too.

      2. America is more concerned about who’s kneeling during the anthem then gun deaths. I wish us luck.

        I’m wondering if DoCs will offer their condolences like they did with the Orlando shooting.

    5. so so sad, prayers for sure, I can’t even imagine what those friends and families of those affected are going through.

    6. Lauri, sending positive thoughts to all affected by the Las Vegas shooting and especially to your food service driver. Please let us know how he gets on.

    7. Hi Lauri

      Thanks for telling us about your food service driver, I hope he is now out of surgery and will recovering now.

      My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this latest violence. As Birdy said – it’s been a terrible year.

      I’m at a loss to find the right words, each time I turn on the tv to watch the news and see something like this I’m taken straight back to watching the planes fly into the towers.

  18. Hi all,
    I wanted to give you an update on our food delivery driver. He pulled through surgery and is expected to make a good but lengthy recovery. Our small town has put up a Go Fund Me page to help with his expenses. It’s so very heart warming to see communities and folks from far and wide come together in times of crisis.

    Many thanks to all of you here and at KMR who have sent your good thoughts and prayers out to those affected by this horrible, horrible event. More than ever I am proud to be part of such a caring online community. Love to you all, Lauri

    1. That’s great news, Lauri. Gabe’s wife and family must be so relieved to have him alive; what a great community to demonstrably have this family’s backs. These all-too-often random attacks are sobering; it could happen to any one of us and at any time. So important to show those we love that we do indeed treasure them in our lives.

    1. Lauri thanks for this link. I like the pics but Im honestly turned right off by the negative and racist articles in the DM and the Sun. I just don’t get why the DM and Sun continue to trash Doria, my goodness!! Its like someone is upset that Meghan and now her mother Doria are in the spotlight!! Honestly I think all the hatchet jobs the British media are doing on these folks is uncalled for.

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