Prince Harry says Meghan is loving the Invictus Games

Prince Harry says Meghan is loving the Invictus Games

Meghan Markle hasn’t been to the Invictus Games since she accompanied Prince Harry to wheelchair tennis on Monday, but she’s been on people’s minds so one of the competitors asked Harry about how she was enjoying the games, and Harry responded that she’s loving it.

The conversation between Harry and former U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Kyle Burnett comes from People:

“While chatting with cycling competitors on Tuesday, the royal said that his girlfriend is ‘loving’ the Paralympic-style games in Toronto. ‘I asked him how his girlfriend was enjoying it and he said, ‘She loves it, she’s loving the games,’ which is awesome,’ former U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Kyle Burnett, 37, tells PEOPLE.”

What else is there in the world of ‘the press is going crazy that Harry and Meghan stepped out together officially’… Oh, apparently Harry visited Meghan on the set of Suits last week prior to the Invictus Games. From Hello:

“The Suits set had a royal visitor earlier this week. While in town for the Invictus Games, Prince Harry surprised girlfriend Meghan Markle at the Toronto set of the USA Network show. ‘He was super low key, met some crew and was so happy to watch his lady,’ a source tells HELLO!. ‘He’s incredibly supportive of her work.’ The 36-year-old, who plays lawyer Rachel Zane has her love in town until 30 September for the games. ‘Meghan showed him around set,’ the insider adds. ‘Everyone was so excited.'”

E Online has more:

“While all eyes may be on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle today after making their first official joint appearance as a couple, E! News has learned the pair was able to meet up at a special location days days beforehand. A source confirms to us that Prince Harry recently visited his girlfriend on the Toronto set of her USA Network series Suits.

“‘The Suits visit was planned a couple of weeks in advance,’ an insider shared with E! News. ‘Harry’s never seen her at her workplace before so she was excited to arrange it. No one was expecting him to show up, just a few people knew.’ Our source added, ‘But it was a quiet visit, he wasn’t there posing for photos with 100 people. A lot of people didn’t even know he was there after word got out.’ …

“But before delighting fans and photographers with their appearance, a source says Prince Harry invited several of Meghan’s friends to an early reception. ‘Meghan herself wasn’t there as they didn’t want to cause a scene but it was a great chance for Harry to include some of Meghan’s nearest and dearest, including her close friend Jessica Mulroney,’ our source said. Speaking of Jessica, she was the stylist who helped dress Meghan for the Invictus Games Monday afternoon.

“As for the other man sitting beside Meghan during today’s event, E! News has learned his name is Markus Anderson and he’s a friend of both the actress and Prince Harry. ‘He’s the reason they got together in the first place, so it was a fun way of bringing the story full circle in a way,’ our source shared of why he attended. ‘He’s been a dear friend to both and helped them see each other regularly without being seen during the first months of their dating.'”

Who do you think E’s source is? I vote Jessica Mulroney.

What do you guys think the over/under is of Meghan attending the Invictus closing ceremony on Saturday? I think it’s a possibility. I’d love more photos of them.

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  1. There is a video from ITV interviewing one of the Kiwi competitors who says they aren’t upset at all that Harry brought Meghan, so that flies in the face of a lot of the criticism i am seeing Harry get.

    I think she’ll be at the Closing. Why not?

    I am a bit peeved at him using taxpayer funded hotels and security for her, though, as they’re sharing his hotel digs. I understand why, i mean, she IS his girlfriend, but you bet Harry ain’t paying for it but the taxpayer’s footing the bill…

    1. The story was that he actually did pay personally for her security in Toronto, right? I think I read that. So, I don’t think he’s totally opposed to using his own money when it’s needed/appropriate. What I read about the RPO at the opening ceremony is that he only came to stand there after people started tweeting that she was in the crowd. So, he wasn’t initially protecting her. I think there was also a time when Kate got protection as a GF, so it’s not unprecedented. Not saying it’s right, just that it’s not something special just being done for Meghan. I also think they are already engaged so that could be why they are protecting her through official channels.

      Regarding the hotel – if he was staying there anyway then I don’t think there is any added cost to have her join, so that didn’t really bother me. But I do see your point – I didn’t see why they needed such a big suite! Unless maybe he was having business meetings there or something.

      1. And according to Emily Andrews of The Sun, Meghan’s security detail is not new and NBC has maybe always paid for security guards whilst she’s actively filming.

        I say maybe always because I don’t think Ms. Andrews specified if the security has been around since Suits began or if it is a more recent addition, but it makes sense that the network would want to protect their assets.

        1. I think it was increased after someone tried to break in her garage. This would have been when the story of their dating first came out in the press and U.K. Paparazzi went nuts.

    1. I think Meghan gets passes for things because they want something fresh and different for the BRF. It was boring to watch William and Kate date for 10 years. I’m not crazy about her at all and can’t bring myself to put her on some sort of pedestal.

    2. She has this “Pippa”-smile. Always loving the attention, not one bit shy about it.
      I would hate getting photographed with my boyfriend.But”unfortunately”,it’s part of the job.
      I will never understand how someone can give up his private life freely for such shallow reasons like fame.

      1. He really didn’t have much of a choice, though, unless he completely renounced his family to go off the grid, and even then the paparazzi would still be interested. As for her, there are some occupations, like acting or journalism or politics, that come with a higher degree of public visibility, and I don’t think it’s a character flaw to be comfortable with some level of public visibility.

    3. I remember when Will and Kate got married and everyone was so excited about Kate modernizing the royal family.

      I think it’s hilarious all of the people on forums guessing when and where they will get married. These two people have only been together a little more then a year and look at the time they have been together…..vacation under the northern lights, safari’s in Africa, weddings abroad. That is not everyday relationship situations. Say what u want about Will and Kate, yes they are boring and work shy but they put in the work on their relationship.

  2. I think that she’ll attend the closing ceremony but I was hoping to see her at one more event with Harry before then.

    Nice of Harry to have a little reception for her friends. I hope that as things move forward that she’ll keep her friends and not get completely sucked into Harry’s world.

    1. Lauri – I am also hoping for one more sporting event together today or tomorrow and then that they’ll be seated together at the closing ceremony concert thingy. The closing ceremony won’t be as formal as the opening, correct? So, I think it’ll be fine that they sit together. I hope so anyway 🙂

  3. Have you guys seen the video of a toddler eating Harry’s popcorn? It’s too cute!

    I kind of feel like Harry and Meghan being together multiple times at the games has taken attention away from the athletes. It is nice to see pics of them together but I just feel like it overshadowed the coverage of the games a bit. I wish they would have appeared together at some other event like Boodles Boxing Ball or something. Or maybe Wimbledon. I just feel like all of the coverage is about Meghan and I haven’t seen enough about the athletes.

    1. Hi Cookie, the Daily Mail had a wonderful headline article yesterday about a triple amputee who won silver in the rowing event. His story is very inspiring and I highly suggest reading it.

      1. Hi Lauri. I didn’t get to see that. Do you happen to have a link? I wish more stories about the veterans would be covered by People magazine and others. All I have seen lately is info about how Meghan’s shirt was a “husband” shirt, whatever that means.

        Oh, and I’m an American, but I have seen a lot of coverage about an English politician who said Harry did nothing in the army but go “vroom vroom” and now people are calling for her to apologize. It was such a tacky thing to do especially in the middle of the games. Does anyone know what I mean? I feel like that scandal has taken attention away from the athletes as well.

          1. I read about that politician and what she said and while she could have made a cogent argument against continued funding for the royals and how Kate’s having a third child while others aren’t getting funding for more than two children, etc, etc, imo she blew it by coming out with personal attacks, calling the Cambridges “disgusting”, so now anything she says about the royals will be met with eye rolls. Not too smart, imho.

        1. She’s my new MP and honestly seems obsessed with the idea of publicly snubbing or being rude about the royals. She made it very well known that she wouldn’t meet the Queen and William or any other royals who showed up at Grenfell tower.

          She keeps saying nasty things about all of them.

          This particular round came about because she’s at the annual Labour party conference weekend which coincided with IG. It’s a given that an MP says something rude about the royals at the Labour conference every year, so this wasn’t an outlier.

          She’s been rebuked about her Harry comments specifically the fact that what she said was a lie.

          Further, lots of army veterans and army big wigs are actually publicly supporting Harry and saying he won his place, qualifications fair and square.

          Her response is to cry victim of being misinformed, yet refuses to apologise for publicly repeating the misinformation as fact.

          It’s interesting that when these people say horrid stuff about various royals, ordinary people always leap to the defence of Harry (and Diana) whilst ignoring or piling on to the bad stuff said about the others.

          It says alot about the public’s affection for Harry (and Diana) that no palace ordered PR can manufacture.

          1. If she was smart she could easily provide critiques that are less offensive and they would be more effective. Frankly she should be reading KMR and MMR and there would be tons of things she could say that gets her point across and are factually true.

          2. Ok, maybe I’m missing something. Why would she snub the royals who *went* to Grenfell? I’d think she’d be dismissive of those who had not.

      2. Lauri and Herazeus:
        I agree that the comments were below the belt. She brought up Philip cheating on the Queen which was totally unnecessary and rude. She was just being nasty for the sake of it, IMO.
        And yes, I read something about Harry’s old commanding officer saying that Harry got an award for being am excellent Co pilot and that he won the award based on his own merit.

        If a person wants to argue that the royals should be funded by tax payers that’s one thing. But to mock Harry’s service in such a juvenile way makes her seem more like a brash bully in my view.

        1. The Commanding officer’s comments are being widely reported because he is very publicly defending Harry and has demanded an apology and retraction.

          In part this is the statement he gave to the sun:

          “yesterday, in a unprecedented move, the former Head of Apache Operational Training penned a glittering commendation of the Royal’s army record to Tory MP Johnny Mercer, revealing how he’d won an award for best co-pilot gunner.

          He said he had promoted him from a rear seat pilot role to the “more complex and demanding co-pilot gunner role” in the front seat on pure merit.

          He wrote: “He was selected for this on the basis of his inherent ability and aptitude.

          “Ultimately he was given the award for the best CPG on his course, not because he was a member of the monarchy, but because he was by far and away the most capable individual on the course.”

          Another military trainer explains more regarding Harry’s abilities:

          “the expert army trainer – who cannot be named for security reasons – said he found it “very difficult to convince” Prince Harry of his own abilities.
          He went on: “One thing that really stood out about Prince Harry during his training was his self effacing modesty in relation to his own abilities.

          “I found it very difficult to convince him that he was awarded the best CPG prize entirely on merit; he was only too ready to believe that he had received it just because of who he was.

          “This could not have been further from the truth – it would actually have been easier not to award it to him, because of who he was and a natural assumption from all that he had received it because he was a royal.”

          The senior officer accused Ms Dent Coad of “slander” describing her “bias and ignorance of the facts” as “infuriating”.

          He added: “ I have written to her this morning, describing to her what I have stated above and requesting that she do what is morally right now she is in possession of the true facts: i.e. to publicly retract her comments and apologise to the Prince.”

      3. Thanks sfor reminding us about the atheletes who are competing and those whom IG is all about. I did see the photo of Harry and the little girl on the DM. Yes, it was darling, but as I read the article, I wondered, are we going to hear more/see more of the athletes. Finally, there were some mentions of those competing and better photos, too.

        I’m excited about Meghan and Harry’s happiness, but what I really enjoyed last year was reading so many compelling stories about IG competitors. They appear to be getting lost in the hoopla surrounding Harry and Meghan. I hope more comes out that will shine a brighter light on the real heroes of the Games.

  4. Can I rant for just a sec? People magazine has William on it’s front cover this week, this week, the very week that Harry’s Invictus Games are on! It just steams me to see that, like Poor Jason felt he needed to remind everyone that William is “the Future King” ; a whole “look over here folks, look at the one whose done nothing but sire 3 offspring, don’t look at the one whose put together a world class sporting event.” Argh!!!

    Okay, rant over 🙂

    1. Rant away, lol! I totally agree, but honestly, I feel like this happens all.the.time. IMO, William always wants everyone to remember him whenever Harry is getting attention. This seems to happen time and time again. This is why I want Harry (and Meghan) to get their own press office – they need someone who is only focused on promoting their work, someone whose loyalties are to H&M, not W&K first and then “the spare” and his wife. I imagine that none of Charles’s siblings share his press office, so I think it can be done for H&M as well. I’d also like to see Harry disengage himself from the Foundation of the D&D of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and create his own, with Meghan. (Of course, this all assumes they are already engaged and on their way to marriage.) Of course, his role will always be to support the monarch – QEII, C, or W – but I really just want H&M to go their own way as a new family unit.

      What’s also “funny” to me is that there is so much talk about how Harry and Meghan will need to wait for W&K to have their third baby – and for Kate to get her pre-baby body back – before they can announce their engagement, or that their wedding should be scheduled around the third baby and Kate’s size…and yet, William can’t give Harry the spotlight for 1 week for one of his biggest events of the year. William has been all over the place this week…and what do you want to bet we see nothing from him next week? Is there any reason he couldn’t have done his normal disappearing act this week and then been all over the place next week?

      1. Funny you mentioned that, I was wondering earlier in the week if Harry and Meghan would become part of the Royal Foundation or if they would form their own. Personally, I’d like to see Meghan form her own foundation like CP Mary and Charlene have done. And god yes, Harry needs his own press office, at least his own communications secretary and he needs it stat!!

        Lol, like anyone is going to plan their wedding around someone else’s baby, if it’s the brides then sure, but a sister-in-law, nope. At least I hope not 🙁

        I agree, William stays home all the time but he chooses this week to actually act like a full-time royal? Although I’ve only seen a little coverage of his visits when Kate is mentioned, other than that not much coverage, outside of royal blogs.

        1. I am terrified that Meghan will be made to stay in the background at the risk of outshining Kate, which I think will happen. Meghan is articulate, educated, friendly and charming.

          Kate is standoffish and can barely speak in public-remember her meeting with Fred and Mary in Denmark? Meghan would never embarrass herself like that.

          I also want Meghan and Harry to have their own press office. William is not as popular in the US as Harry. And I do hope that Meghan and Harry get a cover of People soon.

      2. Princess Made line was heavily pregnant when she went to Sofia’s wedding. I don’t know why the press thinks Kate is encapable of attending a wedding if she is pregnant. And I think there is way too much pressure on women to look as if they have never been pregnant just a few weeks after birth. What if Kate needed a c section? She can’t jump back into exercising the day after a c section.

        I would like Harry to get his own press office but he seems to have a relationship ship with hus brother where he always defers to William so I don’t think that would happen.

        1. I don’t think it’s the press who thinks Kate is incapable of doing anything while pregnant, I think it’s Kate who doesn’t want to do anything. I know a woman who worked yesterday and went in last night to have her labor induced! So yeah, women can work will pregnant, Kate just chooses not to. And I totally agree, this push to have women go back to their pre-pregnancy bodies immediately after birth is so wrong.

          1. I’ve heard of women working until the day before they deliver and I don’t think it’s good. I just think a lot of them just feel pressure to work because of weak US laws* on maternity leave.

            *I can’t speak for any other country

          2. One of my friends was finishing up transfer memos when her water broke because she wanted to make sure her files were up to date for whoever would take them. She had some time because it takes hours to get to full dilation and she wanted to get it done.

          3. But all of this is so… horrible? Like if I could take work off when I was sick then I absolutely would. Whenever I heard stories of women working through severe sickness or after their waters have broken (!!!!) I don’t think they’re extra tough or brave.

            I feel sorry for them.

          4. My former colleague did what she did because she has some pride in her job and consideration for her coworkers. She wasn’t forced to do it and was physically able to finish typing up transfer memos. There can be many hours before contractions really start and the water breaking. No one expected her to do what she did but she has a work ethic and that’s what she wanted to do. We’re in Canada so she will get a full year off.

            While Kate acts like being pregnant halts all aspects of work and life, most other women can actually continue with their lives and not literally hide away from the world. And it’s not always because they don’t have a choice.

      3. 5 engagements in 3 days isn’t what I would call full time or busy. In contrast Harry had 12 engagements in the first week of September as he took the week before Invictus off

    2. I was bothered by that as well! It’s not as though they wouldn’t have had access to the details for their editorial calendar.

  5. Omg it so Jessica with those leaks.. slip in styled by Jessica comment… I tend to think that Meghan will be at yhthe closing ceremony but more in a backstage capacity with Harry and not in the crowd.

  6. I take it baaaack! I don’t care who Harry has kids with but I hope he has many- that little popcorn stealer, oh my gosh adorable. He is so natural with kids- I think he would be a hands on dad as much as he possibly could. Royal life will be “easier” for he and his family due to the line of succession?? The only thing that will forever keep him in the spotlight is that he is Diana’s son. Although a whole generation coming up now who really know nothing about her- so that will dim over time.

    1. The Diana link may dim, but I think he has her magic and that won’t dim. The BBC are giving Invictus daily coverage , very pleased about that. Diana would be so proud of what he has achieved here and with Sentebale.

  7. I am starting to move closer to the middle on Meghan (I may take to calling her Sparkles cause I was here first! Ha.). I still think the BRF would be too stifling for her but seeing the genuine looks of enjoyment on her face this week is giving me hope for her. Her expressions aren’t forced or over-the-top, and she looks comfortable. I like it.

  8. The reception wasn’t given by Harry and he wasn’t even there. It was by Bellmedia, the official broadcaster of the Invictus Games. Jessica’s husband is one of their employees. So yeah the Mulroney’s were there, but not Harry or Meghan.
    E! probably saw the video Jessica posted on her instagram stories and ran with it. I highly doubt she styled Meghan, as most of the pieces she wore were “repeats”. It’s one of her staple looks.

    1. So maybe she’s not as attention seeking and fame hungry as some people like to suggest? A photo of her with Obama would have made front pages. But then, I’m in the camp that believes she truly loves Harry, I just hope I am right.

      1. +100000 @ what BIRDY said. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan doesn’t attend the closing ceremony! I’d love to see her supporting Harry but they might opt for her to stay away from the IG closing ceremony all together.
        Either way, I’ll be glued onto my TV watching them incredible men and women that have made these games possible and such a success, and I’ll equally be glued to my TV watching Harry in his element.

      2. She might have been working; I’m really not sure where I saw that Suits doesn’t film on Fridays (I think I saw it on Twitter). I’ll still say she’ll attend the closing ceremony.

        1. They definitely were filming yesterday. They sometimes even film on Saturdays. Last year’s last shoot for season 6 was finished in the very early hours of November 20th- a Sunday.

  9. Silly article from the NY Post: Why Meghan Markle should absolutely not marry Prince Harry

    “By simply shacking up with her prince, Meghan can avoid the institution that results in women being put under the most terrifying microscope. She could even keep her job and maintain the freedom she has enjoyed for so many years.”

    Apparently Meghan should ditch any of the benefits of marriage but still live under a microscope of media scrutiny with a side of racism and sexism. This article is tone-deaf posing as white feminism.

    Meghan is already under a microscope by dating Harry so she might as well get married.

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