Meghan attends Invictus Games Opening Ceremony in Toronto

Meghan attends Invictus Games Opening Ceremony in Toronto

As many speculated, Meghan Markle attended the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games in Toronto last night, September 23.

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Meghan was seated next to her friend, Markus Anderson, who introduced her to Prince Harry last year. Meghan and Markus were seated a section away from Harry, who sat with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie, and First Lady of the US Melania Trump.

According to Rebecca English on Twitter, Meghan was accompanied by a Scotland Yard security guard: “Intriguingly one of Harry’s Scotland Yard (taxpayer-funded) personal protection officers standing in a stairwell next to #MeghanMarkle… Meghan Markle has just been ushered out by Scotland Yard royalty protection after Harry’s speech but before the end of the show.”

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Meghan looked very pretty, I thought, in a Wilfred Beaune Dress in Truffle ($185) and a Mackage Baya Leather Jacket in Bordeaux ($690). Meghan also carried a purple velvet clutch which I’m in love with, and according to Rebecca English wore “cream pointed-toe heels” which I’m glad I didn’t see photos of because boring.

As a “first official appearance in the vicinity of my royal boyfriend” look, I think this one works very well. It’s slightly dressy, slightly casual, and slightly edgy with the leather jacket. Definite win here.

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This post is solely about Meghan and her fashion. I have covered the event and Harry’s speech over on the other blog.

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153 thoughts on “Meghan attends Invictus Games Opening Ceremony in Toronto

  1. That style of chiffon pleated skirt must be this month’s buy – even in Sydney Australia you can buy it for a cheap price at a discount department store

  2. She looks great and I agree she got the right balance of classy with an edge, but am also glad I couldn’t see her cream pointed shoes because bleh. She’s hair twinsies with Kate, they both seem to prefer wearing their hair down in long glossy curls. I’m not sure I understand why they were seated apart. If it was an attempt to not pull focus from the games it didn’t work, all the stories are about Harry and Meaghan.

    1. Agreed! They did pull focus anyway. They might has well have made the engagement announcement prior to the games. JMO

    2. Meghan is not Harry’s wife or fiance, so she wouldn’t be allowed to sit with Harry in the dignitaries section.

    3. If she hadn’t been there, the stories would all have been about how she wasn’t there. She made a low-key appearance to witness his speech, was ushered out before she could be set upon by paps and reporters. I think the two of them planned/handled this pretty well.

  3. She looks gorgeous. She reminds me of Halle Berry right here; I don’t know why so many said she looked like Pippa. Not that there is anything wrong with looking like Pippa, but I never thought that she looked like her..I love her minimalist style. I hope she won’t change and be like Kate because those shoes….ugh…

    And, I love Artizia–and all the brands represented under the umbrella. One of my favorite places to shop…

  4. Dang, is Markus Anderson related to Chris O’Neill? ‘Cause holy resemblance, Batman!

    I’m just over this hairstyle. I wish she and Kate would branch out. Where I live, there is so much more variety is women’s hairstyles and lengths.

    MM looks good.

    1. I loved Kate’s hair right upto her becoming a duchess because she made herself over with big texas hair overegged with extensions, wiglets, overdone sausage curls worthy of those creepy pioneer dolls.

      And when she puts it up, she styles it in a chignon worthy of a well preserved 90yr old. Whilst Olivia de Havilland (100yrs) looks eternally chic with that hairstyle, even she didn’t adopt it until she was in her dotage.

      All that to say that i wish Kate would go back to her loosey, goosey, carefree hair even if she ends up being hair twinsies with other ladies because her duchess hair is not helping and contributes to the view that she’s aging rapidly.

      1. Kate has too many wiglets and extensions to do anything but the old lady chignon with the hairnet… It’s really bizarre. Richard Ward, come back! Oh, wait, you admitted Kate used extensions so she fired you ’cause she’s so vain about her hair…

        The loose curls Meghan has seem really popular everywhere nowadays.

        1. AHH, “creepy pioneer dolls” Perfect description of Kate’s sausage curls!

          I think Meghan looks great.

    2. Interesting what different people see. I’ve seen Meghan look so much prettier and so much better. The color of the dress was lovely. I hated those thin pleats. I loved her jacket and purse, but thought her hair has looked far better other times. She must have been proud of Prince Harry and his dedication to Invictus. This was a special day for him and for her. I’m glad they could be together, but I guess I understand why she was not seated next to him

  5. I think she looks lovely and very proud of the whole thing and of Harry, as she should be.

    A shame the media focused on her. It was not some ‘official engagement’ together like a lot of the media is saying, but whatever, of course they’d do that. This is about the athletes, not even about Harry.

  6. I need that velvet clutch and that jacket now!! I feel like this was the best way to handle it, she is there as a supporter, as his guest she is not his wife nor are they engage so sitting with him would have been inappropriate in my opinion. But the whole RPO thing is going to be a story that Rebecca is going to pursue I bet. Cause I want to know the answer for sure

  7. She may look nice, it is a lovely dress and a very hipster jacket, but I don’t think it was an appropriate choice. @katemiddletonreview: it may be a good choice for a first outing with your boyfriend but it wasn’t for this kind of occasion. If Meghan really wants to be a royal, she would have taken more consideration. It was 40 degrees Celsius in Toronto last night so it was totally ridiculous to wear a leather jacket in the first place. Showing up in a long evening gown, (nude) heels and a velvet for a sports event in a sports stadium where every body else (including the First Lady of the United States) dressed way more casual? This outfit would have been more appropriate for a dinner party.

    I find it disturbing that all the attention went to Meghan as Invictus is all about the athletes in the first place. The message the organisation wants to carry out this year was totally overshadowed by Meghan’s appearance. She could have chosen to act more discreet since she knew in advance (like every body else) that the press was waiting for her to show up.

    And what about the tax payer funded bodyguard escorting her? Why don’t I hear no complaints about that?

    Strange that when Kate pulled things off like this it was entirely her fault, where in Meghan’s case it is the press who takes the blame. Maybe the Meghan fans here relate more to the kind of woman Meghan is and represents which is ok. But how can you not see she isn’t Princess material is really odd for me.

    1. The high yesterday in Toronto was 27 Celcius – in the middle of the afternoon, cooler in the evening. I’m not sure where you got 40Β° from.

      If you follow the link to the dress, you’ll see it’s knee length, not considered a long evening gown. FLOTUS was wearing a Dior power suit with black stilettos – hardly more casual.

      Act more discreet? All she did was show up, go to her seat, watch it, and leave. How could she be more discreet?

    2. Hugs for Maya… don’t be disturbed over this. Save “disturbed” for earthquakes in Mexico or Hurricanes in the Caribbean or perhaps nuclear bomb threats from North Korea, not over a girl choosing to wear a jacket inside an air conditioned building or a girl showing up support her boyfriend at something that means a lot to him in the city that she lives. The dress is not a long evening gown look it up y’all see. and as far her wearing the nude shoes although boring, isn’t a criminal offense. How much more discreet can her just sitting and being supportive be? And wasn’t she invited by harry? So the fault is all hers and not harry for inviting her? And pray tell what’s princess material? Can I find the description for requirements for princess on linkin? HUGS πŸ€—

      1. For anyone not familiar with Toronto. It has been under a heat warning because even though the temperature may not be that high. The humidity can increase the temperature by 10 degrees. An you definitely don’t need a leather jacket in September.

          1. @KKid
            She had the jacket drapped over her so it wasn’t like she was wearing it to keep warm, it was simply for fashion.

            *I responded to the wrong person, again.

          2. I’m not in Toronto. I lived there for 20 years and was 9 months pregnant in Toronto in September, trust me it gets hot.
            I just felt I had to mention the weather because with the humidity you literally feel like your melting.
            I think sometimes people get so entrenched in their opinions of this relationship that even the weather is up for debate. And yes I am guilty of the same.

        1. The ACC is air conditioned so the only issue would be if she was outside. Since the entire ceremony was indoors, the jacket may have been needed if they cranked the AC on high.

    3. The difference is that Kate (and the Middletons) played a game of pretending this stuff wasn’t going on and it was all a coincidence.

      That’s why they gained a reputation of being discreet because they acted as if the bodyguards weren’t there or they weren’t attending (complimentary tickets) events, weren’t receiving freebies etc and it was all coincidence.

      After the wedding, they dropped the pretence, and suddenly everyone could see what they were doing and i guess people felt (feel) duped and that’s why they (and Kate) are criticised where MM (and Chelsy and Cressida) are not. They are allowed to fully participate in Harry’s life without the coy pretense.

      One factor for Kate (and the Middletons)’s game is William’s need for extreme secrecy about all aspects of his life. Something noted as a child and still a character trait in adulthood. Kate and the Middletons had to abide if they wanted William no matter how inconvenient or putting them in a negative light.

      Harry has never hidden any woman he is in a relationship with, discounting flings, and always introduces them to family and to the public very quickly rather than playing coy and secretive. Chelsy (and Cressida) were accompanying him to events and meeting his family members almost immediately where Kate and the Middletons had very brief meetings over the course of that decade of dating and only a couple of times introduced publicly in official capacity as official girlfriend.

    4. I get cold inside a lot especially in settings like this, where they usually have air turned on high to counter the body heat. So I always bring a hoodie/jacket with me. She could be the same.
      I πŸ’œPurple so the jacket and clutch!!
      As to bodyguard-now that I have an issue with! So are they already engaged thus the Scotland Yard bodyguard? What happened to Harry was paying for her bodyguard? I think some questions should be asked in that regard. BRF always shady when it comes to $$

      1. The way it was worded by Rebecca English in her tweet was that it was Harry’s Scotland Yard RPO who whisked Meghan away once Harry finished his speech, not one for her.

      2. Kate Middleton had secret/hidden protection for years before the engagement. That came out in a discrimination trial for one of the officers, in addition to photo evidence through the years.

        1. Saying that Kate had protection for years doesn’t negate the shadiness and wrong doing of them for Meghan. If anything it shows a continual abuse of using RPO’s for protecting someone they shouldn’t be. So either acknowledge the engagement thus the qualification for the rpo and not her own bodyguard or acknowledge that they’re abusing their position.
          Or they need to try and change the position and say gf’s now get protection.

          1. KM had them for years and she never faced the kind of extreme, obsessed, truly unhinged behavior that some in the anti-Meghan Markle camp are exhibiting. It is likely Camilla had them for years too prior to their engagement. Unless you were out protesting against it for the two of them, I find your upset about MM having one RPO joining her part-way through the speech interesting.

            From other forums, he only joined her after someone in the crowd posted her picture on twitter.

          2. I didn’t get into Royal stuff until about 2 yrs ago, so no I wasn’t protesting it then. I didn’t realize that I had to have some sort of qualifier to protest my disgust for shady shenanigans? I would have have tho. Again stating that others have done it before doesn’t qualify doing it now. And if true about Camilla and Kate, it shows that they’ve gotten away with it before and why they think they can continue to get away with it. It shows blatant disregard for the system. If the BRF didn’t hide the costs of their protection and people knew what was going on in real time maybe more people would have been outraged?
            I don’t have a problem with her having a bodyguard, I have issue with her having a tax payer funded bodyguard
            As I said there are ways to do this above board and I wouldn’t have any issues with it. They need transparency

          3. From what has been shown, it isn’t an RPO that is doing full-time protection for her. He showed up after she was already seated, and only showed up once someone in the audience posted her picture on twitter.

            Given the amount of negative, extreme attention around the two of them dating, I’m not surprised if she needs protection. It was leaked months ago that any protection she has at her home is paid privately.

            If Harry’s RPOs are the ones securing her property before Harry shows up and when he is there, that makes sense as well. They would be doing their job of protecting him wherever he is.

  8. I like the outfit including the leather jacket- it adds a modern edge to the look. I would like to see her hair up a bit more, its always around the face like Kate. Maybe a ponytail would be better suited?

    I feel like her appearance was more a PR move. They did not promote the Games as extensively as they did in the US, so now her appearance gets everyone talking about the Games. It is a bit sad that it takes away from the brilliant athletes achievements though.

  9. I remember that some weeks before the announcement of Willian and Catherine’s engagement, she went to a party in London with 8 Scotland yard guards (or bodyguards) at that point they were probably engagement already.
    I am 100% sure Meghan and Harry are already engaged and this was the biggest hint, she is the fiance of a prince and for now on her security is part of their job, also she canceled her lease with Canadian Audi and the suits driver too. Her contract with the serie ends in November as well. She is totally engaged and moving with Harry and I bet they will announce this engagement in November.

      1. I am thinking they may be engaged already, too. I’m wondering if they can pull off a private little wedding ceremony and announce their marriage later. Then, perhaps, have an intimate, but more formal wedding somewhere like Windsor Castle. Just wondering.

      2. @Ellie – apparently Rebecca English recognized them as Harry’s RPOs. My question though is couldn’t they have been protecting Harry? Perhaps that entrance (near MM) was just their station to protect Harry. I was wondering if there were other agents at the corresponding entrance to the right of Harry (our left, looking at photos) but at the same distance as where they ended up being next to MM. I guess that’s stretching it a bit, haha.

        I have thought they’ve been engaged since the trip to Africa (or even before), so perhaps the RPOs have been covering her since then as well. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

  10. The Games have not been promoted this year in the US because the current President is far too busy (as is per usual) bullying others. On Saturday, he was in yet another twitter war, this time with professional Football and Basketball players. It was/is appalling.

    Following the Games has been a welcomed relief to the constant embarrassment/drama in Washington, DC. To MMR, I am confused about why you decided to highlight the games and Prince Harry on your KMR blog. Perhaps this is because you have nothing to report from KM, but it is still disconcerting and confusing. Prince Harry is not dating KM.

    Finally, MM takes nothing away from the Games. My family counts many generations who have sacrificed for their country. Thus, I so very appreciate the attention on the sacrifices of the military and their families. Canada and others are doing an amazing job highlighting the freedoms we enjoy because of their work. I hope they enjoy a great week!

    1. Please leave politics off the blog.

      I cover many royals on KMR, including Harry. It is not abnormal for me to cover a Harry solo engagement on KMR. If you are asking why I chose to cover Harry on KMR and Meghan here, it’s because regardless of Meghan’s attendance I was always going to cover Harry on KMR just as I have done many times before. I covered Meghan here, separately, because her appearance was separate from Harry’s engagement (she wasn’t sitting with him, it wasn’t a joint engagement, it was his engagement and she happened to be in the audience), and this blog is dedicated to Meghan.

      1. This is always how KMR has done it–and anyways, these are her blogs. She can do as she pleases. Also, agreed Agnes, she did cancel both her car and her driver. I believe they are engaged.

      2. As I was reading previous poster I thought to myself I had planned to say something. So thank you so much. I don’t come to specific blogs to read about politics there are many separate blogs for that. I want to enjoy….

    2. The Games get little publicity here because it is not here. American media only cares what happens on American soil; IG in 2014 got little attention herein the US as well. Only 2016 did because it was in Orlando and thus American media promoted the heck out of it. Has nothing to do with POTUS.

      1. I believe ESPN is carrying coverage of the IG in the US. But yes normally the US media is very insular and so there isn’t as much coverage because it is in Canada.
        In Canada CTV and TSN are carrying it. And with it being in Sydney next year, it is hard to say if coverage will be reduced because of the increased cost of travelling to Australia instead of a quick flight to Toronto.

        I do think that since the tweeter in chief tweets about everything else he should use some of his tweet time to promote a worthy cause like Invictus Games. All these participants from around the world are heroes and deserve more attention.

      2. The Warrior Games was started in the US. Harry used that as “inspiration” to start his own games. The WG are held every year and are televised. Other countries also attend as competitors. So whose competition should the US broadcasters show? They choose WG.

  11. I think Meghan and Harry both looked nice. I am glad she was there supporting her boyfriend. Looking forward to the engagement announcement.

  12. I love those colours, they really suit her. I agree, they are already engaged. Perhaps they had a ball or fornal opening event afterwards? Hence the dress with leather jacket added just for the stadium.

  13. Can I just say,

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would have pulled focus, from the Games, even if she DIDN’T attend the opening ceremony. They were pulling focus, with the press constantly writing about how she “might” attend the opening ceremony.

    It is not Prince Harry or Meghan’s fault that that is all the press writes about. The press has sole responsibility for what they write in their columns.

    As for a Scotland Yard security guard standing near Meghan, I don’t care. I feel like he was probably going to be there anyway. Rumors are running rampant that they are already engaged, and are just waiting until the Games are over to announce it. Also, Meghan left right after Prince Harry’s speech, mainly, to avoid the crowd, but also, probably to avoid a rush of onlookers wanting to get a photo of/with her.

    Fashion Note: I love her outfit. She definitely has her own style. AND it appears to be quite different than Kate’s. Meghan seems to know how to pull outfits together better than Kate. She looked beautiful. I also like her hair. It doesn’t seem to be something she “hides” behind. I think if frames her face well.

  14. It looks like every media outlet is covering her appearance; if intent was to not make her a focus she should have not went at all. I knew this would happen when it was revealed she would be going. I think it’s alright though and the Invictus games didn’t have the star power of Michelle Obama promoting it like she did so it’s subdued this time around.

    My only critique is her eye make-up; it’s too dark around the eyes for this kind of event. She should have went with a fresh daytime look.

    1. Jessica, I totally agree about her makeup–it was way too dark around her eyes. Actually, I don’t know if was because of the lighting, but I thought her complexion in general was much duller than it usually appears. Maybe the dark eyes contributed to that.

      I also disliked her hair. I’m tired of the middle part, long loose curls, messy ends on anyone. Meghan or Kate. That style just ages them both.

      I wonder if her bff Jessica Mulroney styled her.

      1. It’s possible the makeup got smudged because of the excessive heat outside. While we saw her in the ACC which had air conditioning, it was so hot outside that it wouldn’t take much to get hair to start to frizz and makeup to melt.
        You felt the wave of heat the second you stepped outside yesterday. I know I did.

      2. I don’t think Mrs. Obama’s “Star quality” was what made Invictus so popular and covered so extensively. When the Games were in the States, our media covered them a good deal. I wish they would continue to do so. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden did a great deal of work for Military Famiies. I’m certain they enjoyed meeting with PH and he enjoyed meeting with them . He appeared to be taken by Mrs. Trump, too.
        Harry likes and appreciates women. And, women seem to like and appreciate him. Most that I know, anyway.

        1. Have read that Mrs. Trump invited a Prince Harry to the White House. Also, Pres. Obama is speaking in Toronto on Sep 29 at a separate engagement and plans to support Harry. Wonder if Mrs. Obama will attend as well?

      3. “It looks like every media outlet is covering her appearance; if intent was to not make her a focus she should have not went at all. I knew this would happen when it was revealed she would be going.”

        A big +1 Jessica

  15. I’m a little afraid that Meghan is developing the royal inability to accessorize, hence the beige pumps and the velvety clutch, which I didn’t like. I have loved other shoes she has worn, so maybe she was following royal example. But the jacket was great, as was the color. I wonder if she met the other dignitaries, as she was dressed much as they were. I agree about the hair, maybe the Windsor boys only like it down. Melania Trump is another I’d like to see vary her hairstyle (I hope this isn’t political.) Still, better to have sat in the bleachers incognito as long as they are playing coy about their status; it did take all the attention. I also notice that in DM the article is now way down online, beneath an item about James Middleton. Not getting a lot of clicks maybe. Even I am getting a little bored by it all.

  16. Awww, so glad to see Meghan attending the opening ceremony! She seemed very happy to be there supporting her man and very proud of what he’s accomplished here.

    Love, love, love this leather jacket!!! Actually I like the whole outfit, can’t say about the shoes as I really haven’t seen them, the dress, the jacket, the jewelry all look great on her.

    1. I saw her shoes in a Daily Mail pic.
      They were so very ‘Kate’ in that they were plain, nude and very high.

  17. Her appearance here is very reminiscent of Kate’s appearance during the Diana concert. Very canny too – she’s seated with a mutual friend apart from Harry.

  18. It was nice to see Meghan finally attending an event. She is so pretty with or without makeup and love her smile. I am glad too we couldn’t see her beige foot wear. I appreciate the British royals long ago protocol. Thank you KMR for this separate blog on Meghan.

  19. She looks super. Definitely engaged and happy.

    I hope to find a full length photo of her outfit. The palette is superb. I’m curious to see how the shoes fit in.

    Her friend is kinda cute too.

  20. That is the look of a woman completely aware that she is in the spotlight , and she is basking in it.

    1. Is that supposed to be a problem? By all accounts, Harry was seeking someone who would feel comfortable with the level of attention that comes with dating him.

    2. I’m glad she’s aware that there’s a spotlight on her. Wouldn’t want any paparazzi pics of Meghan in the middle of a nose-pick, now would we? Lol.

    3. Agree. What bothered me about her appearance is within 10 minutes of her being there, People Magazine had a full article written with details on her entire outfit. No way would that have been figured out that quickly – that was arranged.

  21. Meghan looks more in love with the cameras and attention than with Harry. I am trying to give this relationship the benefit of the doubt, but something doesn’t sit right.

    I am also trying to understand why a presumably intelligent, well-educated, successful, career-woman would be enamored by someone like Harry, who by all accounts seems like a nice person, but hardly self-made and motivated. Furthermore, life in the British monarchy is going to be very stifling for an independent, American woman.

    1. We’ll agree to disagree here. I think it would be hard for her to look enamored with Harry, being as she’s not sitting beside Harry. Yet were she to have a life-size, blow-up Harry doll beside her, kissing and cuddling it, we’d all think she was ‘weird’ and ‘not Princess material’.

      Megs, she just can’t win, can she πŸ˜‰

    2. I have to ask Garnet, the Invictus Games were solely Harry’s baby and he’s done a fabulous job with them, how is he “hardly…motivated”?

      1. Sorry, my comment was not clear . . .

        The Invictus Games are incredible and deserve much praise. And Harry has done an admirable job conceiving of the idea and making it a reality. I was not trying to denigrate his efforts in this.

        My larger point was that it is sometimes hard for strong, independent career women to find common ground with men who don’t have similar ambitions (once the novelty of the romance wears off).

        1. Thanks for clarifying Garnet. I do wonder how her ambitions will fit in with the BRF. I hope that she will be able to encourage Harry to continue his work with veterans and expand his MH work, but I also hoped that Kate would encourage William in a similar way and we all know how that’s working, so I guess only time will tell.

          1. I forgot to add that I hope Meghan realizes the importance of the bread and butter royal engagements such as ribbon cutting, factory openings, country fairs etc., the younger royals seriously lack in that department.

          2. At least Meghan has a history of working. Kate never has done much of anything except wait around for William to finally marry her. I can’t imagine anyone ever thinking Kate would ever change, she’s been the same since her 20s…

        2. Garnet P – perhaps they fell in love? I also think that – if one were so inclined – being a royal spouse would afford a person a wonderful platform to work on causes that were important to them. I mean, they can basically get an audience with almost anyone they want – presidents/PMs/HoS, scientists, experts in any area, athletes, celebrities, reporters, CEOs, and on and on. From what I remember, MM had expressed a desire to reduce/stop acting and focus more on philanthropy – what better way to do this than as a royal spouse? Maybe she loves Harry and also sees being with him as an opportunity to reach a wider audience for her chosen projects than she could on her own.

          I also think there are other benefits to becoming Princess Harry, Duchess of Sussex (and, for at least one more generation, I’d say their future children, but then Harry’s line gets pretty far from the crown) – the best healthcare, healthy and plentiful food, financial security, the best education available, etc…plus lots of other money-related perks like homes, cars, jewels, vacations, etc. I’d imagine that that kind of security and comfort is pretty appealing as well.

          Of course, this is all just my supposition – hopefully we’ll get to hear from both her and Harry soon about how they envision their future and what they hope to accomplish as a couple (and as individuals). Not to compare her to Kate – although I think this will naturally happen as they’re in similar roles – but I was soooo disappointed that Kate took, like, 2 years (or something) to come up with a list of charities she wanted to support. (And even now, is she even up to 10 charities?!) I mean, she was William’s GF for YEARS and then engaged for at least a few months before it was made public and then for 6 months publicly, and – even though they stated she was going to hit the ground running – she didn’t (apparently) spend any of that time coming up with causes that were important to her?! I really hope that Meghan has ALREADY spent time figuring out which charities and causes she would take on as a royal. I really, REALLY don’t want to see her and Harry take 2 years off to “live quietly.” I want them to work(!) and balance working with having any children they decide to have (like millions and millions of us normals manage to do). Of course, this is assuming her pregnancy is healthy and not complicated by any issues.

          Sorry, this has turned into a novel-length post, lol.

    3. Why was international banking exec Maxima drawn to temper-tantrum throwing, fond of drinking too much Prince Pils of the Netherlands? Maybe because she fell in love with him.

      Why was successful reporter (and thought to be Republican) Letizia drawn to Prince Felipe? Maybe because she fell for him in spite of his day job.

      I know plenty of women who have “married down” to men who have less education than they do, or men who are perceived (by some) to be less successful than their wives. They fell for each other regardless.

      Sophie is a middle class person who has figured out how to play the royal game and remain interesting and independent. I don’t have fears that if MM married into the BRF she’d lose herself.

      1. Hmmm the 2 years off is right that all royals have and it’s based on the Bible that says “no man should be sent to eat or other duties, besides to take care of his wife in the first 2 years of his marriage” That was implemented in the broth court a more than 300 hundred years from I know from history classes.
        I’m totally okay with them taking 2 years off, actually they should.

  22. I can’t help but notice how much Meghan looks like Pippa Middleton in thes pictures (don’t stone me for it)!!

  23. Yep in Toronto media there was news about Invictus Games and also on the same page, breathless articles on whether Harry and Meghan will appear together and where could stalkers go and stalk them, such as places in Yorkville, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, the swanky gym where Meghan works out in Toronto. It pulls the focus away from the players actually playing in the game and the media should be ashamed that they are putting more focus on a guy and his girlfriend instead. Among my friends and in social media of many Torontonians, there was hardly any focus on the Invictus Games, instead there was a Blue Jays, the TFC game and also the Ontario Universities Fair, that got more attention from the locals, lol.

    Meghan looks very nice. If she does become a duchess, watch how the increased expense of her clothing will correlate with the decrease of her “charitable” and work activities. Suffice it to say, I feel sorry for the country and it’s people who have to pay the way for another pretentious scrounger joining the “royal family”

    1. Garnett, I get what you mean. While Harry had done a tremendous thing in conceiving and making Invictus Games a reality, the fact that he has taken so many vacations this year tells me that he is probably no longer as closely involved with the organizing and managing of Invictus Games, as he used to be. He is now more of the figurehead- the one who can use his presence to bring global media attention to this worthy cause, whenever princeling deigns to return to the real world from his endless vacation with his girlfriend. When Harry does do work and meets with people, he does really shine though! He has the ability to connect to people of all ages and make those people feel special. It’s a shame that he doesn’t do more of something that he’s actually very good at!

      Meanwhile, I’m sure Meghan loves Harry, but one cannot deny that this is the best career progression and opportunity that was going to come her way, after Suits. She was never an in-demand actress, she has reached her mid-30’s and until and unless you aren’t very talented or very beautiful or a Gwyneth Paltrow like delusional lifestyle guru, she’s not going to get attention in Hollywood at her age and career stage. Her charitable activities and articles, sound rather minimal and self-congratulatory, more to get her name out there and connect with the right people who can give her a career boost, than from any real sincere interest in contributing to the world (has she done much charitable
      Deeds since her relationship with Harry has gone public)?

      But since expectations are so low with this lazy royal lot, at least Meghan, has had a higher education and a career and knows what it’s like to work day in and day out. That should be a refreshing change if and when she marries into this family.

      1. Red Tulip, your assessment above is sobering, though the most level-headed and astute observation I have read concerning Meghan and Harry. I guess time will tell if it plays out as you predict; I suspect supporters may be disappointed if they expect the couple to launch into lots of work, have their children be more available etc.

        1. My thoughts exactly Red Tulip! Except I’m not 100% sure that MM is really in love with Harry, despite her declaration in VF, and I doubt she will hit the ground running with work if there is a marriage.

      2. “Prince Harry is such a fantastic patron for the Invictus Games. He really gets the Invictus spirit and understands what it is. He doesn’t just show up for the photoshoots, he really rolls his sleeves up and gets involved. You can really relate to him because he has our best interests at heart.”

        β€” Scott Meenagh, Invictus participant

        1. What a great comment. Why can’t we just be proud of him? Invictus does so much good for individuals and for nations to unify for something good. So much criticism and distrust and so many awful,comments about his girlfriend. Can we not just be happy for him and happy that his vision is growing? The competitors and their families are getting so much out of this, can we not just stop so much negativity?
          I’m on team Meghan, I want her as a princess, I know she’s not perfect , but I have great hopes. She may disappoint but we can cross that bridge if she does.

      3. +1 million

        Late to the party, if you’ll excuse me, but I was just thinking this the other day! This is the best role she’ll ever have, particularly at her age and with her job.

  24. That’s a great color on Meghan, and I’m quite sure as someone mentioned before, that Jessica Mulroney styled her. They are great friends as well, and if you have an expert in your back pocket how foolish not to use them. I wish Kate would get someone who’s not afraid to be honest with her. She could look 10x better and stop with the repetitive buying.

    I also believe they are already engaged and it happened in Africa. She looks lit from within. She would have made an appearance regardless of her relationship with Harry- it’s a high profile event and she is arguably high profile in TO anyway. Her face is sheer happiness – new love and a delicious secret- only question is when is the official announcement and will they be interviewed like Will and Kate were?

    A crazy prediction but when they marry, I don’t think they’ll have kids at all, unless it’s one and well into Megan’s 40’s. They will travel extensively, as figureheads for charities that take them all over the world and as amazing holiday retreats. Harry just seems to me a man who won’t be “grown up” for a very long time- doesn’t wish to be too tied down to anything and always ready to fly away to whatever piques his interest next. Now don’t get me wrong- I like him and believe he is fundamentally a good guy but this is my assessment of his personality based on what I understand of him.

    1. He stayed in the same branch of the military for 10 years instead of skipping around like his brother.

      He founded his first charity at 19 and has stuck with it for 12+ years.

      He has been doing charity work related to military and military families for 5+ years.

      I don’t see the lack of focus or wandering interest that you do.

      1. Oh, interesting that you think they won’t have children. I think Harry wants children and Meghan, too. Her age could be a factor, but I can see them as parents. Loving, kind, and thoughtful ones. I don’t think their kids will be props. Well, whatever. If they do have kids, wonderful. If not, and that is what is important to them, that’s great for them, too.

    2. What Nota said.

      Harry has been steady for years despite the ongoing media narrative of him being the wastrel party prince.

      To repeat what Nota said, he had the same job, in the same military service for a decade.

      He has been dedicated to tye same causes for over a decade in some instances and years in others. We have evidence that it isn’t pap strolls for him, and he is substantially involved.

      In the 15years since his late teens, he has had 3 long term relationships, including one that lasted 7yrs.

      He may be vacationing alot lately, but he has been steadier than his brother who can’t seem to settle to anything even where it’s tailormade to fit his skills and circumstances.

  25. First of all, I want to say how grateful I am for this blog and to do an about face. This blog is one of the few places that offers support and balanced coverage of Meghan. Everywhere I look for the most part, whether it is the Daily Mail or certain royal blogs and message boards, all I see is hate for Meghan. Violent, virulent hate that is thinly masked racism, which the posters will not own up to. I am very said for Meghan and Harry. I am an American, but I am curious-the impression that there is a lot of opposition to Meghan and her relationship with Harry in the UK. Can anyone set me straight? I feel bad for Meghan as I feel she will never be accepted.

      1. Daily Mail and it’s readers are hateful and racist. It’s disgusting what the readers write there and the baiting that their so called journalists promote. Seeing the mass xenophobic attitudes on the DM, makes me terrified that these people must be wolves in sheep’s clothing. The rage that the DM readers have for Meghan….it’s scary.

        1. Daily Mail is a right-wing corp and has been for decades. They attract racists who post all day long; it’s tiring. Popsugar, People, Eonline, and other American outlets are extremely friendly towards her.

        2. The daily mail has always been Xenophobic and right wing establishment. It’s very funny in that regard. They are aghast at everything foreign and everything not home counties which is their core audience. Their raison d’etre is little Englanders, always has been. If MM wants to court that crowd like Kate did, she merely has to figure out how to appear like a little Englander and they will love her.

          Otherwise, you shouldn’t take them seriously because they will never change.

    1. Lyanne, you might want to try The Royal Forums too.

      They are generally referred to as a “sugar forum” (meaning only positive) but they do allow positive and negative discussion. What they don’t allow is feuding between posters, name calling, or the use of non-verified blog or social media stories as “proof” of anything.

      They are heavily-moderated and the moderators delete off-topic posts and shut things down when they get out of hand. It has some long-time royal watchers on there who bring in history of the BRF (like Herazeus often does on here) which adds helpful perspective on things.

    2. Lyanne – I agree with you about some other chat sites. RoyalDish has gotten really bad recently. As Jessica mentioned, Celebitchy writers are (mostly) friendly, but IMO some of the posters can be kind of negative/rude.

      I also recommend – definitely a fan site and most of the posters are also positive about her and H&M’s relationship.

      1. If you don’t hate Meghan you end up warned or banned on RD these days. I’ve been warned for telling someone off because they were being absolutely ridiculous over-the-top with their hate of her.

        1. Eliie – yeah, it’s gotten so OTT, I rarely go there anymore. Gives me high blood pressure, lol. It’s sad because it’s like you can only be a sugar (or even light fan or neutral) of certain royals, otherwise you get blasted to bits and then warned then banned.

        2. It is unfortunate RD’s moderation has gone off the rails in the last couple of years. I could avoid the sections that were just blatantly negative and focus on other sections. They are one of the few English-language sites that has active and timely discussion about the non-BRF royal families. Unfortunately, that gets outweighed by the negatives and poor moderation so I cannot go to RD or RG.

        3. It’s really too bad, as it was one place to check all the royal families, but I no longer go there either. Thank goodness for KMR and MMR!

    3. is a strictly fashion centered site and all the comments are fashion centered and pretty positive.

    4. Lyanne,

      You stated “Everywhere I look for the most part, whether it is the Daily Mail or certain royal blogs and message boards, all I see is hate for Meghan. Violent, virulent hate that is thinly masked racism, which the posters will not own up to. I am very said for Meghan and Harry. I am an American, but I am curious-the impression that there is a lot of opposition to Meghan and her relationship with Harry in the UK. Can anyone set me straight? I feel bad for Meghan as I feel she will never be accepted.”

      First you have a right to your view but I wonder how your blanket statement that all DM readers are racist meshes with your view that all people who read the DM are racists. That statement also is rude and uncalled for. I have read the comments just now for Meghan and Harry’s photos at the wheelchair tennis and I did not see any comments mentioning her race. People have a right to express their views even if they are not the same as yours without being called names. Would you say the same thing if Guardian readers were mentioning their disquiet for this relationship? The difference is that the Guardian for the most part does not allow comments on royal articles. What about Sun readers? They percentage wise say the same thing as DM readers. They are not sure she is in the relationship because of love but for the royal family gravy train and the fame it gives her. Yes a couple of people have said “racist” comments but then there are jerks all over the world and just because someone posts on the DM does not mean they are British. The online newspaper is global. If you ever visited the UK you will find that it is very ethnically diverse which means there is a high level of mix ethnicity couples.

      I would also like to point out the statement highlighted “racism” and Meghan’s own statements claiming “racism” because her freckles were airbrushed out. If that is racism than I would have the same issue and I am very white with loads of freckles. Other than a couple of articles that have some questionable view and a few jerks “racism” has not come into it. I do agree that Meghan has had to put up with a great deal of hate and I am not sure why some people on the internet have made it their mission to just be down right nasty. I must admit that I love the photos of both Meghan and Harry together as now they are debunked when they claim that Meghan is not dating Harry. No one deserves such level of nasty comments that a load of women face on the internet receive. I have no idea what happened to common decency to fellow humans but it is missed.

      I have issues with Meghan or at least the Meghan she projects to the public. She claimed that she single handily had a washing up liquid ad removed for being sexist but the commercial does not appear to exist. She stated that she wrote to Hillary Clinton when she was first lady but the timeline does not match as Bill was not in office yet. She claims to be a humanitarian but have only undertaken five activities and two of them were basically humanity tourism. It has been claimed that she is hard working. Hardly. She works at most six months out of the year and then travels the rest of the time. If she was serious about her acting she would be attempting to work during the breaks. She likes the freebies, proven on her Instagram account by thanking Ivanka for a handbag, even before meeting Harry. She likes to travel and drink. Not someone I want representing me. I doubt she will be working any harder than Kate but some how Meghan is given a pass and Kate is not.

      Second, you wanted to know how Brits think about this relationship. It is easy to know by reading several newspapers comments. Some are happy for the couple and most just do not want to pay for them. I am an American/Brit who has lived here in the UK for over 15 years. My view I do not want to pay for them. What you might not know but we have a large amount of people in dire financial trouble. A large number of the Grenfell survivors still have not been rehoused. Most people cannot afford a mortgage or rent. Food banks year on year are seeing more people needing to obtain food from them because they cannot afford it. A great deal of them are working poor because we do not have a living wage. The gap between the 1% and the poor is increasing exponentially. The UK have implemented austerity measures which mean the middle class and poor are squeezed even more. Wages have been frozen but cost of living is increasing. Transport is expensive for commuters and do not work. The NHS and social services are broken and unable to cope with providing services.

      Now we are expected to fund yet another royal family member. The costs will be quit high. Why does one family deserve such large sums of money? The British public are not stupid and are increasingly unwilling to pay so much to one family when large number of people are left wanting. Is this the way society should operate? No. Given also the history of Kate’s family the public are keenly aware that they will also be supporting in one way or other Meghan’s family. They baulk at the idea of supporting her parents who both filed bankruptcy and her step-siblings who also seem to have issues. Is Meghan’s family a hinderance? In essence no as all families have members that are not perfect and the royal family defiantly do not have clean hand when it comes to dodgy family and activities.

      Lyanne I am not trying to just address you as others have said the same.

  26. That is one of the FEW places that is. Everywhere I turn I see hate, fueled by racism. It’s sickening.

    1. Wonderfully stated TC-P, and I agree with everything you have said. On some forums, any negative comment I or others have made about MM has been dismissed as racism, which is ridiculous on my part, as my own parents look like the 35-40 years older version of the couple. There is just something about MM that I find incredibly insincere, and the bs letter writing stories, and her humanitarian trips which appear (to me) to be no more than “look at me being all humanitarian” PR outings just strengthen my gut feelings.

  27. I dont know if it’s her strong Californian accent, or her manners when talking but I find her kinda superficial. Lots of “waawws and “oh my gosh” in her old interviews. I am sorry but I just see a very self centred woman, very ambitious instead of the kind charity focused woman she wants to sell us 😒

    1. As a Californian can I just say how much I love it when people point out that we have an accent? I went and watched some of her old interviews after you posted this comment and you’re (like, so totally) right!

    2. Ambitious woman ! Great we need some of those in the BRF , absolutely nothing wrong with being ambitious imo.
      And to those saying they are not sure she loves Harry, honestly no sane , well educated woman would join that family if it were not for love. I’m really looking forward to a breath of fresh air in the BRF and I think a happy Harry will achieve so much. Invictus is amazing, he may not be organising the detail but without him I doubt it would be the phenomenon it is.
      Oh Invictus just coming on TV. Prime time on BBC 1 . An Harry is coming on to be interviewed. You go Harry, very proud of you and your Mum would be too.

  28. Her interview with Craig Ferguson made me cringe, but to be fair, he was an awkward interviewer. Hollywood interviews are usually vapid, so I will reserve judgement of her true self.

    I did like that she admitted she hadn’t kept up with her French – but she acted as if Argentinian Spanish was vastly different from Latin American Spanish (even calling it castellano) when in reality it isn’t. The Argentinians do have an Italian way of speaking but the grammar is the exact same (using uds. for example instead of vosotros) and certainly any Spanish speaker could understand it and be understood. To me, it showed her US embassy experience only gave her a small taste of international relations and didn’t make her fluent in Spanish, and I’m worried the media will play up her education when really she’s been focused on acting for many years and entering into the royal family means she will be relying on their expertise and not vice-versa. I think she will fall-in-line, so to speak, and not be the ultra modern, independent, self sufficient woman some hope she will be. I do think Harry and her seem truly happy. I think she will be warm and good with the meet and greets, but I am going to be surprised – actually shocked – if she ends up being the knowledgeable workhorse Princess Anne mixed with the charisma of Harry.

  29. Ann,
    What you say is true that generally Latin Americans understand each other Spanish (grammatically), but what MM said is also true in that Latin Americans have differences in “types” of spanish if I can use that for lack of a better term. I took college Spanish and my instructor told us that the Latin American Spanish varies from one country to the next, for example the word baby has different words in different countries, bebe, guagua, etc etc, and its those differences that can make different types of Spanish not easy to understand even if one is latino. She specifically told us that Argentinian Spanish is different from other Spanish across Latin America. Also, according to my Spanish instructor, “vosotros” is not used anywhere in Latin America, its mostly used in Spain, the latinos usually use “ustedes”.
    That all said, Meghan stated in that Craig interview that “I do “now” speak fluent Spanish”. I took it to mean that she polished her Spanish in the years after her Embassy placement.
    She also said she went to a French immersion (french immersion is my words) type of school but that she forgot most of her French because she doesn’t use it very often. It has also been mentioned by people close to her that she is “fluent” in Spanish and speaks “conversational” French.

    1. True, just like Scottish, Irish, English, American, etc. have unique aspects, but castellano is not a separate language from Spanish, rather just another word for Spanish (typically used in Spain), and it seemed like Meghan and Craig thought it was vastly different. It was supposed to be a light hearted interview though, so I’m likely just reading too much into it!

      In any case, fluent or not (I’ve heard people say Will Smith and Ben Affleck are fluent, but really they are conversational in Spanish) she will be an improvement over Will and Harry’s language studies.

    2. As a Spanish speaker I can argue that you are totally wrong, Argentinian Spanish is absolutely different from Central America Spanish or European Spanish. Also everyone in Argentina says they speak Castellano, there’s a havier influence from Brazilian Portuguese as well, and regardless of what Americans think, Portuguese as not much to do with Mexican Spanish (that is a sub language from Portuguese)

  30. I’ve read people trash Meghan for her being “american.” No, these people, who are British subjects, I may add, don’t like her because she’s not one of them. I hope that is not a double whammy. I hope it’s not racial. These commenters use the word “american” over and over again in their reason for not accepting her. That, and the fact that she is divorced. Well, Charles was divorced from Diana. Does that bother them?

    Look, you can like anyone for any reason as far as I am concerned, but not because of their racial make-up, or their nationality, religion, or whether or not they are divorced. The truth of the matter seems to be that Harry and Meghan are in love with one another. Whether people believe she’s sincere in her feelings for him whether or he is for her, whether or not, people have any feelings of whether or not she just wants to be Royal, that’s up to them But, the two of them seem to be in love and if anyone cares for Prince Harry, as these commenters appear to do, then, be happy for him and hope that neither of them get hurt in this marriage, which seems to be a definite thing that will occur.

  31. Have any if you guys seen the absolutely OTT conspiracy theories floating around about Meghan being at the opening ceremony?
    People are saying she came there uninvited and that Harry had an officer “throw her out”.

    People are insisting that pics of H and M together are photoshopped and that they aren’t really dating anymore and that she went to the polo match and invictus uninvited because she is stalking H.

    Some people really need to get a life. They go so over the top with their photoshopping theories and all sorts of nonsense. Did that happen with Chelsy or Cressida? People have lost their damn minds.

    1. Cookie – those folks are absolutely INSANE! I don’t even know how they get through the day (i.e. interacting with normal society/reality) if they are so gullible as to believe that nonsense. I kind of feel bad for them, really. So much hatred in their hearts and minds that they can’t accept reality, even if they are unhappy with his choice of a future wife.

    2. Cookie…The root reason for some of those crazies insane theories is that, they can not accept that Harry would actually dare date a mix race women… so it must be fake, she is a stalker, pictures are photoshopped etc. they disguise it in all sorts of malarkey but in the end that’s the root of it all. On the other hand someone is allowed to dislike Meghan and not be called a racist or lumped with all the crazies …. the picture of them today should shut those cray down.. but they come up with the best stories so time will tell… ps the picture of them together were so sweet and official it made me squeal’

    3. I think that’s more about the fact that Queen Elizabeth is just a queen because once a king had to give up on his throne to marry an American divorced woman. And now the history repeats itself.
      Also the British monarchy is famous for not marrying outsiders, so might seems odd to Have Meghan has a duchess. The same way that seems odd to me that Duchess Catherine is called Kate Middleton in American but not in any other 6 countries that I’ve been. ( Like people call me ag or Aggie in America and I just hate this cultural thing that people have with nicknames in the USA, my brother’s name is Nicholas and everyone in the USA called him Nick even tho he never Introduced himself as such) and that’s just some cultural walls and just in the small side. So for many reasons an American royal is something that UK is reluctant to accept, like my family was extremely dissatisfied with my American husbund in the first year. That shall pass and Meghan knows she is not that much wanted so she is smart enough to to step up her game and be likeble. Also she is going to give up on her American citizenship and her name and that might be enough for the British public. She is not going to be the American duchess for anyone in the world besides to Americans, she is going to be a British citizen, Duchess Rachel of Sussex.

      1. “Also the British monarchy is famous for not marrying outsiders, so might seems odd to Have Meghan has a duchess.”

        Queen Elizabeth married a prince of “Greece and Denmark” with a raft of German relatives.

        Richard (now Duke of Gloucester) married a Danish woman.

        Prince Michael of Kent married an Austro-Hungarian.

        Lady Davina Windsor married a man from New Zealand who happens to be Maori.

        Peter Philips married a Canadian (who was Catholic but converted).

  32. I’m disappointed in the nude heels… If you’re gonna go monochromatic then do it 100%!

    It’s also a pet peeve of mine when people wear jackets or coats draped over their shoulders for long periods of time like this… why not just put it on? Or forgo it? I understand when it’s a walk to a car or momentary but it looks like she wore it like this all evening. Just ditch it!

    Like MMR I’m going to need that velvet clutch immediately.

    1. Alexandra – I didn’t mind the shoulder jacket wearing, but I hated those (suede?) nude pumps too. YUCK. I really hope that isn’t a sign of which way she’ll go as a royal. She has SUCH a cute shoe game, I was really disappointed in those shoes. I think those black flats that lace up around her ankles would have been cute with the leather coat. Or, really, almost anything else in her closet, lol.

    1. Thanks for sharing Gudgeon!! Now we need to discuss the deep, dark meaning behind Meghan wearing 4 rings on her right hand but none on her left and why she isn’t wearing her bracelet that matches Harry’s. Conspiracy theories abound. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. Lol, Lauri. My conspiracy theory is that she wears no left hand rings because her ring finger is tired from wearing her engagement ring around the house πŸ˜‰

        And, as for the bracelet, they are having it reset into two fancy collars for her dogs, who Harry will be adopting after the wedding ceremony.

        I can go all day. The world sux and is on the brink of nuclear war and global warming destruction…I need some fluff and love and excitement and tiaras!

        1. I feel the same, this site and KMR keeps me happy and relaxed! I love your theories πŸ™‚ I agree that her ring hand must be exhausted from lifting the heavy rock(s) Harry has decorated it with! And I love, love the idea of turning the bracelet into collars for her pups, I bet she includes them in the wedding ceremony! Can’t you just see them coming down the aisle in Westminister Abbey with little bow ties on?!

          1. That would be adorable if the dogs were in the ceremony. I’m just so impatient – I want them to announce the engagement ASAP. You know, because we’re waiting! Seriously though, I do think it will happen after Invictus. I wonder if the Suits filming schedule could have been set to allow her to finish a couple of weeks early so she can move on to this new phase. But, even if not, then hopefully an engagement in Nov.

    1. Darn it, my computer at work won’t play the video! Can’t wait to see it when I get home! Thanks for sharing

      1. Phew! managed to watch it my phone. For me just knowing that all eyes are on me would make me sick! But I do agree that seeing all the security that’s normally out of the shot is interesting. They do look very sweet together, goobs of security or not!

      2. Also did you guys know that the name of her shirt is “The Husbund” I’m not kidding. They are so engaged!!!!!!

    2. So I stick to my view, that’s no fun to have all that security, she must love him. If she just wanted wealth and publicity she could target an actor. I really really hope they are genuinely happy, and know what love is!!❀❀

    3. Thanks so much for these links. No one can say the video was photoshopped πŸ˜€.

      How tall is Meghan? I was surprised that she was that much shorter than Harry, who is 6’2″ isn’t he?

      I’m getting excited for the announcement. Wonder what the ring will be?

  33. I just saw the pictures of them at the tennis match!!! Okay, I like the casualness of Meghan’s outfit (AND the red flats) buuuut……the straggly frayed parts at the bottom of her jeans are a no-no in my book (as are the ripped at the knee) for a woman in her mid-30s. My 19 year old cousin wears ripped jeans but…..there is a vast difference between 19 and 36! **ducks**

    And like the rest of you, I’m too antsy for an engagement announcement!!

    1. I go back and forth on the ripped knees and frayed hems, I like the “hipness” of them and love seeing them on other women but I’d feel like a fool if I wore frayed hems. I actually see women of all ages wearing these types of jeans, in fact at JCrew it’s about the only style of jeans you could buy as of last week!

      Two things that I like about this outfit, well three maybe four things, one is that she looks comfortable, two is that it “suits” her (some pun intended) and her style, three is I love the tote! Four, I like that the shirt covers her bum πŸ™‚ Lastly, I’d wear this outfit and I’m almost 20 years older than she is

    2. Kimothy – I tend to agree, all things being equal, I’d rather she not have worn those jeans. However, seeing the bitter vitriol being aimed at her on other sites makes me feel more defensive of her and makes me cut her a break. Everything else about her outfit is pulled together…and I’m sure (as Lauri notes) that she purchased those jeans that way – so it’s the style, not just old and worn out jeans.

      I also feel like it’s such a casual event – everyone else around her is wearing shorts – so, maybe it’s her dressed down look. Not that it’s the same (event/activity) but, we’ve seen her in similar jeans at the airport. And, honestly, I’d prefer the hole in the knee jeans over skintight jeggings every single day of the week! She seems to have a good sense of when to dress up a bit more (last night) vs dress down (tennis match), so I’m okay with it for now. And, I’m glad that she’s not wearing the same style outfit to every event that she attends. She is trying to fit the outfit to the event/activity, so I give her credit for that and am excited to see her fashion game in the coming years.

  34. Part of me is a bit disappointed Harry brought her since the focus is going to be all on her, and they’d know that (but I think that’s why she’s with Harry, ’cause I’m cynical). Then again, even if she didn’t show, the media would focus on the relationship anyway. Remember Richard Palmer saying how veterans are boring, they want royal drama instead and how nobody cares about IG.

    1. Palmer said that? Gross.

      Well, I came for the pictures of Meghan and stayed to watch the match (wheelchair tennis is so fun to watch!), so I tend to put her appearances in the “no such thing as bad publicity (for IG)” camp.

      1. He did, last year, complaining about how IG was boring and nobody cares about the veterans, it doesn’t make them money, the tabloid gossip about Harry does.

    2. It would be really strange if he is on Toronto and didn’t include her, his serious girlfriend. She’s not attending in a formal capacity, not meeting the world leaders ( or at least not in front of the cameras), she is just coming with him to attend sporting events. Here in the UK there is a lot of focus on the athletes . Give them a break. Why is everyone giving them such a hard time? Can’t we just be happy for them?

      1. I think it’s fine she went to the sporting events, I mean she was wearing ripped jeans. Very casual. The more we see them the more boring it’ll become and it won’t be a big deal.

      2. I’ve seen a ton of crap today about how Harry obviously doesn’t care about IG, because he brought Meghan; he must know how that could make him look, as all the attention is going to be about them and not about the events. :/

    3. Jeans & a crisp white shirt is classic, but I think that ripped jeans are not a good look on someone pushing 40 and who is looking to marry into the BRF. Yes, I know it is difficult to find unripped jeans (yet I manage to do so), and yes, they are slightly better than skin tight jeggings. I would have gone with a cute sundress and sandals (or flats). Still casual, but classier than the outfit she wore (IMO).

  35. Meghan looked radiant. She was not too dressed up for an evening event. She is the girlfriend, and most likely fiancee of a Prince at an event he created, what did people want her to wear, yoga pants? Also, the leather jacket looked great, she didn’t appear to be in any way sweating or hot, so it seems as though she wore the appropriate layers. I think Harry having Meghan at the games is completely appropriate and exciting, not distracting.

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