Meghan & Harry hold hands at wheelchair tennis

Meghan & Harry hold hands at wheelchair tennis

After several pap photos and not much else of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry together over the past year, we finally got good photos of the couple when they stepped out together to watch wheelchair tennis today, September 25, at the Invictus Games in Toronto.

The two strolled in and out of the stadium hand in hand, knowing they were being photographed, which is a clear signal that yes they are together, yes they are serious, and yes they are probably already engaged.

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Harry wore an Invictus Games polo shirt, while Meghan wore “The Husband Shirt” from Misha Nonoo in white ($185) with a pair of holey, frayed skinny jeans and Sarah Flint Natalie flats in Saddle Vacchetta ($495). Meghan also carried a Everlane “Day Market Tote” in Cognac ($165). Not going to lie, I don’t like this outfit. I think the bag, shoes, and jeans are ugly, and the shirt is too overpriced for a plain white button down.

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From People:

“A royal source tells PEOPLE, ‘It was a calm, fun atmosphere for the competitors and their families which is the most important thing.’

“The Suits star, who films the legal drama in Toronto, clapped enthusiastically during the action-packed game between Australia and New Zealand.

“One of the fans sitting behind the couple was Olivia Kornal, 16, from Christchurch, New Zealand, who told reporters that she overheard Harry explaining the Invictus tennis rules, which differ from the sport’s usual rules.

“‘It was amazing, really amazing,’ Kornal said. ‘They were watching the game and cheering on my stepdad. They kept laughing because the contestants know each other, so there was banter between them — they were laughing at that.’ She added, ‘The rules are different to normal tennis as well so they were talking about that. Harry was explaining it to her. They were absolutely lovely, they asked me if I enjoyed the game and who I was cheering on.’

“Kylie Lawler, whose husband Sean Lawler played for the Australian team, said that the couple ‘seemed at home with each other’ and were ‘very easy to talk to.’ And while they chatted with fans about the games, there ‘was no wedding talk at all,’ Kylie added. ‘They seemed lovely. They were having a lovely time.'”

Meghan is supposedly a fan of tennis, having attended Wimbledon in the past, so it seems fitting that she would attend the wheelchair tennis as her first appearance by Harry’s side. From the video and photos I’ve seen, they do seem happy and relaxed together. It is nice to have actual, good-quality photos of the two of them together, finally.

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159 thoughts on “Meghan & Harry hold hands at wheelchair tennis

  1. I heart the picture of Meghan shaking the hand of the little boy!! She’s giving him a firm handshake and sincere (and direct) gaze. Awesomeness!!

    1. This. Even if you believe she’s 100% fake, you gotta admit, she is better than some *coughcough* at faking it.

    2. Kimothy, I loved that photo, too! So natural and caring the Prince and his lady seem to be. They were enjoying themselves and appreciating how the competitors families were, too. Tremendous!!!!

    1. I hope they get Westminster Abbey and don’t put trees in it. I’d love to see a royal wedding at the Abbey without those stupid trees blocking the view of the cathedral.

      1. The abbey is such a beautiful, exquisite building, the trees ruined the atmosphere imo. Having been there it has such a feeling of, well, as a religious person – the same with St Paul’s – God’s presence. You need no decoration in a place as exquisite as those churches imo. I want Harry to have an Abbey wedding but I think he’d prefer St George’s, it’s also stunning.

        1. I don’t appreciate what others seem to about the Abbey. It leaves me cold. Trees, or not. Now, St, Paul’s! That’s magnificent. I don’t see a wedding there, though. So, yes the chapel at Windsor Castle is lovely.

          Note to Meghan, if I may: I really don’t think ripped jeans were called for. You always look so put together, but if they’d just been regular jeans. The tears bother me when anyone wears them. (Adult, or teen).

      2. That’s true. ecclesiastical architecture doesn’t need ‘improving’. Meghan’s comfort in front of a camera will be a big asset to her in the future.

      3. I don’t think they can do the abbey because the is a divorcee. I was reading something about the abbey a while back and it mentioned not allowing weddings of divorces because of the church’s rules. I suppose, like everything else, that could be changed, though.

        1. This spring, Westminster’s spokesperson said her divorced status isn’t a problem for them.

          If they want to marry at Westminster, they can.

          Further to divorcees remarrying in the CoE, rules were changed in 2002. They can remarry in church if they wish, as long as the officiating vicar is happy to perform the ceremony.

          Since then, millions of CoE divorcees worldwide are remarrying in church without any objections.

    2. That bag is ginormous and ugly! Bleh and what’s with the shirt tucked in at the front and out at the back? It’s like the hi-lo look for shirts! I had hopes that she was going to have better fashion and accessories game but this look wasn’t a win for me.
      I get the ripped distressed look is in (my sister just caved and bought a pair for my niece)but I don’t like the frayed hems. I just find it tacky

      1. I have hated the distressed jeans/frayed hems thing for years. I like a clean look and the frayed hems and ripped jeans look just looks messy to me and I can’t stand that.

        1. That’s me. I like clean lines. And why would I spend good money on clothes that look like I should be gardening in them or have tossed them out?? I gave my sister grief but I know how it is to want to be fashionable, especially in elementary school.
          I’m cheap when it comes to t-shirts and basic jeans.

        2. I do not know why this is a thing. It looks so trashy on anyone. I hate how it’s hard to find jeans that aren’t ‘distressed’!

          1. When I was younger, my jeans got “distressed” from actually playing outside and riding horses. I don’t understand why anyone would spend money on jeans that come “distressed”, let alone pay extra for that.

          2. I see pairs of jeans like this for $200+. WHY! Why when I canbuy a regular pair and mess it up myself if I wanted? I remember doing that as a kid! Fraying the hems, cutting holes into the knees if I didn’t have ’em already from playing… lol

            I’m glad I am not alone on this one, ha. I see it everywhere and I find it hard to find pants! I just want a pair of jeans that don’t look like I destroyed them with my knees hanging out, thanks!

          3. I almost got distressed jeans couple of months ago.. but all I could hear was my mom yelling at me. Cause when you are in your 30’s you can still fear your moms lecturing you. Anyway while I can not endorse the jeans, what works for me is that she wore them… almost like yep I know I am going to an event that’s going to splashed all over the front page of every news in the U.K. and I am NOT going to wear the “safe” outfit! A bit of the edge is doing it for me, big time! Ps I don’t think they are engaged.

          4. To each their own, I think. I like the distressed, worn look to be honest. And I wear my blouses tucked in at the front and out at the back on regular occasion. Actually, I really like her outfit (except for the bag).

          5. As a teen in the 80s, distressed jeans were deriguer.

            It makes me laugh to see them (and other retro hideous trends) come back into fashion.

            Never going there again, but my young relatives are happy that i was such a trendy teen AND a hoarder because they are wearing all my old clothing. And they get extra points for ‘vintage’😂😁

          6. I have never liked them either, but I think overall she looks fine. I liked her tote, a real world bag that a lot of women carry.

            I notice the DM called her jeans ” skin-tight”. They aren’t baggy, but do the ever call Kate out for her hideous and much tighter jeggings?

            And you never stop hearing your mother’s voice about your wardrobe…

        3. I cannot handle the jeans with holes trend either. It is ridiculous to pay for jeans that already have holes.
          Now I can handle some fraying at the ankles, but the ones Meghan wore were overdone.
          I didn’t hate the blouse but had it been paired with better pants then it would have been a cleaner look.

          That said Harry looks really happy in the photos.

      2. Yikes! Her outfit is very similar to how I dress regularly, so I can’t help but feel a little personally insulted by your harsh critique. It’s a casual look for a casual event, I think she nailed it.

        1. I loved her outfit, too. Very appropriate and on trend in every way. The shirt tucked in over the belt buckle is very in. I hope they get married because it will be interesting. W&K are not that exciting.

  2. Squeeeee!

    Not a fan of the jeans, but otherwise, I think she looks smashing. And, the two of them together, holding hands, being affectionate, interacting with other spectators, and looking completely relaxed? LOVE IT! Finally.

    1. Hey, Masina, sorry to make you feel upset. You’re not a future Duchess, though, are you? Really, I did not like her in those jeans!

  3. I must say the most interesting thing about this post is the idea of wheelchair tennis. But I do like to see Harry and Meghan interacting with people.

    1. You’ll loooove to see murderball when they have it at IG! It’s crazy! aka wheelchair rugby 🙂 I hope Harry participates again this time!

      1. As an American I’m trying to ween myself off of football and it looks like rugby might fill that void.

        1. I hate sports. Football, blechhhh. I grew up with my dad getting all irked I didn’t like it! I’ll watch figure skating and gymnastics (two sports I did, one I still do casually for the exercise), that is it.

          Murderball is scary. I’d never do it, I’d be clobbered. These guys don’t mess around! There is video of Harry in a charity match during the London IG and Zara was playing with him, so was Mike Tindall, it was really neat of them to do it together to support Harry and the Games.

  4. SO! Who wants to start placing guesses as to when the engagement will be announced, when the wedding will be and what church will it be held in?

    My guesses!

    Engagement announcement: early-mid-November, 2017 (before Charles’s 69th birthday and HM/Phillip’s platinum anniversary)

    Wedding month: May, 2018

    Church: Westminster Abbey or St. George’s Chapel!

    1. Kimothy – I’d actually second everything you said. I think they are already privately engaged; publicly it will be…

      –Announced as soon as her Suits commitment is over (Nov); or Oct if she was able/allowed to finish taping her scenes earlier.
      –Wedding: either March or May 2018.
      –Church: Westminster Abbey.
      –Ring: large diamond, cushion or asscher cut center stone with side baguettes.
      –Some patronages announced during engagement period (dealing with veterans and veterans’ families, expressive arts therapy for mental health, children and the arts, clean water, and maybe pairing with Charles for something related to organic food/hunger issues in the UK).
      –First baby: early 2019.

    2. I hope that Prince Harry doesn’t copy his brother and announce the engagement in November. Please choose October or December. Same for the month in which they marry, no April, May or July sounds good because too much is going on in June.

      Seems weird for a previously married woman to marry in such a huge venue like Westminster, so I like St. George’s Chapel.

  5. Thanks for these great photos KMR. And yes. At last. Some decent photos of them together. Meghan and Harry would have been hyper aware that they were being photographed and scrutinised. I am trying not to read too much into these pics unlike the Daily Mail asking if Meghan’s ‘Husband Shirt’ is a hint that the pair are engaged. However Meghan and Harry do look very much look like a couple. And a couple who are delighted to be in each other’s company.
    Meghans ‘casual look’ appears very carefully styled to me. I love rolled up shirt sleeves but not shirts tucked in at the front and left hanging out the back. I know this is on trend but it’s not a look I like. Her flats are cute. Thank God she doesn’t wear wedges. (Not yet anyway). Her bag, I thought too big. Again, the big bag look is on trend. Lastly, Meghan does love a ripped pair of jeans.

  6. Hate the jeans, but love the rest. I think it’s pretty clear from the photos that Harry and Meghan are smitten with each other. 🙂 🙂 Spring 2018 wedding, let’s go!

  7. This is so sweet. I’m happy for them. Meghan looks relaxed and confident. She looked amazing, but I am not a fan of ripped jeans period. I agree, MMR, they are already engaged. I think the wedding will happen sooner than later.

    Thanks for such a sweet update, MMR!

    1. Rhiannon! How are you??

      If you think sooner rather than later, when do you think it’ll happen? Where (church-wise)? When will the engagement be announced?

      1. Rhiannon, been missing you so much. How are you? It’s not the same when you are not commenting on KMR, or here. So, stay with us, please! I think they are already engaged. I see a May wedding as perfection. But, they might marry earlier. I think the announcement should be forthcoming. Late October, early Nov. Or, will they wait til after Christmas? Who knows. Just let it happen!

    2. Hi Rhiannon. You’re so sweet yourself for saying you are happy for them. Coming from you it’s precious. It wasn’t long ago when we were planning your wedding with your favourite prince. It’s so refreshing to have a Harry fan not talking bad for Meghan.

      I just hope a Mr Rhiannon is – or will someday if you haven’t met him yet – make you happy.

  8. I’m happy for them. That’s all.

    Love is a good thing. People showing up for a worthwhile event and being relaxed and happy together: it’s all good.

    The US is so overwhelmed by drama this year (much manufactured at the top, divisive, and harmful to the country) that Invictus hasn’t gotten much media play. The Meghan/Harry romance is boosting attention to the games and that’s better for the participants than no coverage. It’s working out alright. I hope these two go on to do great things.

      1. I agree LizB, and she’s not a royal yet so she should dress as she chooses. Much prefer this look to jeggings, I think a crisp white blouse always looks cool and I like the tucked in/out look, in fact I’m going to try it today. I like that she wears flats even though she is tiny and big bags are in even if it is not my thing.

        I hope those saying she doesn’t really love him will look closely at these photos, their love looks very genuine to me. Harry looks so much more comfortable having her beside him.

        November announcement, April wedding at St Georges, something of Diana’s converted into a ring. The wedding plans will already be being made I think as it takes time.

      2. You know what I mean. Ask yourself, would you wear what she wore? She looked raggedy. I’m sure many of us envision what we would wear if we were with Princes William or Harry, I know I do, and for me this is not it.

        Also, what was up with that handbag or should I say luggage she was carrying? lol

        1. Using ‘normal’ people as the litmus test, many women carry bags that big all the time. It’s not wierd for her to do that.

          A crisp white shirt is a wardrobe staple. Tucked or untucked in. It’s a wardrobe staple for any age. Ditto flats.

          Ditto jeans even if this pair is frayed. Frayed happens to be on trend right now.

          All in all she’s presenting dress down casual beautifully here.

        2. No, I don’t know what you mean. And, yes, I would wear what she wore. I see women dressed like this all the time – there is nothing wrong with it and it’s definitely considered a “nice casual” look.

        3. Um…I own the less expensive version of this exact outfit. The distressed jeans, the oversized white shirt, the flats and the giant tote. I wear the shirt tucked in exactly the same way. I’m also 46 and fit if age matters.
          I knew the distressed jeans would cause a lot of comments. I don’t think I would have chosen them just for that reason, but she is being herself and I do like that. I still love the look and wear it myself.
          BTW, I love her flats so much I may have to upgrade to a pair.

  9. They look so relaxed and comfortable. It’s a nice change from Kate and William. Can’t wait for this wedding!

  10. Thanks for a great post MMR!

    I can almost image how this outfit came to be…after months of trying on hundreds of items, planning each outfit with precise care the morning of came (after a night of sweet lovin’) and Meghan said “screw it, I really just want to be comfortable and feel like myself” for her big debut, so out came the comfy jeans and button up shirt, she threw a light jacket (perhaps) and a bottle of water into her over-sized tote and off she went. Harry of course, is even more smitten because she choose to act as herself, comfortable and down to earth.

    I have to say that I really like this outfit, I’d totally wear it and I’m almost 20 years older than Meghan. I frequently wear my shirts half-in/half-out, sometimes with a belt, sometimes not. Imho, what really made this outfit was how comfortable she looked, at ease and happy with Harry, taking time to talk to those around her, smiling and laughing, generally just being herself without pretense.

    1. Agree Lauri! And I always tuck the front of my shirts in, even T’s- just a thing I do. My sister is a fan of the hip tuck. We’ve been doing it since we were teens and yikes that was a looooong time ago haha

      1. I agree that tons of planning went into choosing this outfit, but I don’t believe for a moment that she said, “screw it, I really just want to be comfortable and feel like myself” and settled on this outfit. This was what was chosen as the winning look, full stop. And it worked because people are talking about it.

        To non-fashionista me (most of my wardrobe is from Talbots & Target with a handful of Carolina Herrera & Hugo Boss pieces mixed in that I found on extreme sale), ripped jeans are a trend that needs to die, and not appropriate for someone pushing 40. As I posted on the previous IG thread, while a crisp white shirt and jeans are a classic look, I would have worn a cute sundress & cute sandals or flats. Still casual but IMO much classier.

  11. They’re body language is so authentic. It’s clear that they’re both secure in the relationship and in themselves as people. It’s quite refreshing.

  12. So, will we see Harry and Meghan together again this week before the closing ceremony or was this a one-off?

  13. I’m in the “already engaged” camp and given her age I’d expect an early 2018 wedding with first child say 10 months later . . .

  14. I don’t like the fake holes in jeans because it pretends to be a class that can’t afford to replace jeans that have become ripped through wear or a class that does’t care that it can afford to buy new jeans but won’t.

    It is a deceptive attitude or frame of mind that makes me regard wearers as disingenuous and I would not trust their opinions or actions. Their clothing is meant to deceive or blend in so one’s attitudes and origins are not obvious. I know MC and UC wearers find this a lark. Lucky them that they don’t have to wear this clothing daily because they can’t afford to replace it or repair it.

    So MM can dress down-market while she carries a purse worth hundreds of dollars wearing shoes that approach the price of the purse. It does not make me think that she is any kind of style icon. It makes me think she’s trying to disguise herself in clothing beneath her income level so she can travel in public without being noticed — perhaps while purchasing clothing that quite a few of us can’t afford.

    This woman can ask for and receive private entry to stores so she is not observed shopping. She should do that. And please stop dressing down-market. Dress middle-market. It’s OK. We still appreciate well-maintained clothing – some outfits are classic and an investment, worth maintaining. It appeals to all classes. Other designs are fads and last a season. Learn the difference. That’s how you become a fashion beacon. IMO.

      1. Omg they are on trend, loads of people wear ripped jeans. I think GraceH you are overthinking this.
        Lots of people wear High Street clothes but splurge in an expensive bag or shoes which they take good care of and last years. I can’t afford designer wear but have a few key acccessories bought in sales, wrapped carefully when not in use and have lasted years.
        She’s not trying to be a fashion icon, she’s trying to support Harry by attending a cause that will become a huge part of her life too.

        1. That’s me! I won’t spend over $100 for a pair of jeans but have no qualms spending over $500 for shoes or a bag! Priorities =)

    1. Ripped jeans are trendy right now. Whatever their cost. They are as trendy now as they were in the 80s.

      Nothing to do with class or even commentary on class/ wealth. Simply fashion.

      Also, another very popular fashion trend is to pair expensive items with super cheap items. Hi- lo dressing it’s called. Again, not a comment on class or wealth.

  15. I’m thinking that they won’t get married at Westminster–there would be too many comparisons to William and Kate’s wedding, and also with the amount of hate directed toward Meghan, I think Harry and others in the BRF would like to protect her–and her mother–as much as possible, so perhaps they wouldn’t want that long carriage ride from the Abbey to BP. There’s also the issue of terrorism that sadly may be the determining factor in where they marry.

    Just to be different, I’m going to guess that they’ll marry at Crathie Kirk (Balmoral) or St. Mary Magdalene Church (Sandringham). I know those churches are small, but they could have huge party afterwards at either of the Queen’s estates.

    1. I like the sound of those venues but I suspect that there will be a lot of dignitaries (foreign royals, Commonwealth country PM’s etc as well as the extended Brit Royal Family) attending so somewhere with more seats might be required

    2. You’re right Birdy. MM was focusing on their relationship, their love & affection for each other. I think she didn’t want to think about fashion ‘cos she just want to be herself & be comfortable. Harry & MM have only known each other for 1 year + & yet they’re so affectionate & at ease with each other. I’m sure the public will start comparing their body language with that of Will & Kate who have been with each other for more than 10 yrs.

    3. Those places can’t hold the minimum 1000 guests that attend these weddings.

      In the modern era, meaning post WW2, only a handful of weddings have taken place at St George’s chapel or other smaller chapels.

      They all take place at Westminster, regardless of importance of the royal in question. St Paul’s for Charles and Diana was an unusual pick, but the guest list was too big to be contained at Westminster.

      1. Was Sophie’s wedding at the chapel at Windsor? I think it’s larger than 100 guests, but my memory may be wrong.

        1. In recent years, Sophie, Peter and Camilla were married or blessed at St George’s chapel. Weddings were deemed private affairs which meant guestlist could be kept to a minimum. I think it can hold more than 100 people. The criteria seems to be whether the wedding is a provate affair or not because that governs the size of the wedding.

          The Duke of Kent married at Yorkminster in York which is probably bigger than Westminster.

          Westminster is the go-to wedding venue of the senior royals since they started getting married in public ie when the Queen’s parents married there.

  16. Yah, so nice to see Harry and Meghan out together enjoying the tennis. And it made me smile to see their first time out together was with Kiwis and Aussies, we are all a friendly bunch so you know they would have been made welcome 🙂

    Meghan’s outfit? Oh my stars! She’s wearing jeans that she’s worn a lot! Can Kate cope? She’s not wearing a brand new outfit!!!??? And flats???? This girl can do heels, but for a casual occasion she’s fine with flats 😉

    As for the big bag? It could be for hiding behind if things get a bit much, but it’s more likely, as someone said above, for carrying around the stuff we all cart around in a bag – water bottle, phone, iPad, maybe some makeup, maybe a book if Harry has to go into a meeting?

    It’s nice to see them out and about, but there is a little piece of my heart that wished I was looking at pictures of Rhiannon and Harry.

    Miss your comments Rhiannon, hope you are well and you have found your rainbow?

  17. I love that she is wearing flats 🙂

    The shirt IS overpriced, but her friend designed it, and I think it is very cool of her to throw a pal some business knowing that whatever she wore would be covered heavily.

  18. I think she looks great. Casual and classic. Flats, distressed jeans, simple button down, oversized bag – she would fit right in where I live (France).

    She and Harry look happy together. I hope it all works out.

  19. Will would be marching ahead of Kate, Harry is helping her holding her hand and being supportive. Well done Harry.

    1. And if Kate got a bit distracted, or stuck, he’d laugh at her. Blech. Harry’s a gentleman and clearly cares about her whereas I always get the impression William couldn’t give two craps about Kate…

      1. Yes! The difference between the 2 brothers. One is a gentleman & the other one is so boorish ( that’s putting it mildly!) l can see that Harry is very protective of MM, really, a Prince Charming!

    2. This!!

      I’ll add that Harry is also very tactile and publicly demonstrative towards his girlfriends hence the millions of romantic photos of Chelsey with him. Cressida wasn’t into PDAs which made their relationship read cold or odd when she was caught out trying to do PDAs with him in public.

      1. Agree, I just think that William and Harry are different people all together but that doesnt mean that William loves Kate less and that Harry loves Meghan more. They are just different people and shows emotions differently. What I will say is that the first official public outing with William and Kate, he could have been more sensitive about her needs and not walk so fast, she could hardley keep up.

        1. I think it’s a combination of the two. Not being physically demonstrative is something completely personal. It makes me wonder if Diana’s very demonstrative type bothered him at all or if she was just the one person allowed to be that way. My mother is a very touchy person and I’m not, and occasionally it drove me crazy. The funny thing is that I still often don’t like being touched by adults, sometimes including my husband, but feel much more open with my children.

          On the other hand, William doesn’t seem to have a lot of insight into others needs. I think he gets tunnel vision, thinking of what is immediately ahead of him, and completely forgets than anyone exists around him. It’s sad because Kate is clearly someone who seeks more engagement.

  20. I know everyone’s style is different, so I never take clothing critique as a criticism of the person themself.

    However, I personally love Meghan’s outfit. I think it is the perfect casual outfit. I mean we all know when she marries into the family the ripped jeans will go away. I also really love the shirt. But I don’t like form fitting clothes (I feel constricted and it hides my gut). So, I really love her outfit, it is something I would wear to a sports match, or just out and about.

    The photos of the two of them are really cute. They seem really happy.

  21. Just wondering about the Guards Chapel for a wedding venue given Harry’s love of all things military and it’s Royal connections? What do you think Hera? I think Camilla married Andrew PB there.

    For a whole host of reasons I don’t see WA, Scotland or Wales as venues. Personally I would choose St George’s but Guards is a distinct possibility. I don’t see this as anything other than a friends & family wedding either…..and that does include Michelle Obama being there who H. clearly adores.

      1. Not on this occasion…..he only predicted that they would marry.

        But I have found out that one of my friends who I ‘met’ on the internet but have never met in real life but have spoken to every day for the last three years is very closely connected to the Middleton family via Michael Middleton. She only told me her connection about a month ago as she said whenever she tells anyone they pump her for information. And obviously she has to be a bit discreet as well or she could get into a bit of trouble. So what did I do when she told me…….squealed and pumped her for information. But I can confirm that Meghan was never in the church at Pippa’s wedding, that Uncle Gary was not the only close family excluded from the celebrations at the house and there was a huge amount of bad feeling in Carole’s & Michael’s immediate families that so many of them were excluded but the Federers who have known the family for a couple of years were included. That Kate has always been work shy and the accent that Kate has now developed is the in joke of the respective families given that everyone else talks in a normal middle class voice as did Kate until her engagement interview.

          1. Maybe Pippa just doesn’t like some particular family members, doesn’t have a close relationship with them, and felt they would sour her day?

          2. Thank you Mrs. BBV! Tea is cool kid speak for gossip. As I am not a cool kid, I guess it comes from “let’s have a cuppa & gossip”.

            If I were Uncle Gary I would write a tell-all, but I guess he has too many skeletons in his own closet.

        1. Thank you, Mrs BBV. Please keep us updated if your hubby hears anything interesting! And now you have that Michael Middleton source….please keep pumping!

          1. So funny you calling me secret squirrel. I used to use that expression all the time. I can’t log in here now without the Mission Impossible theme tune playing in my head. 😂😂

          2. Well I will try Lizzie as and when it naturally falls into our conversation but I value this lovely lady’s friendship more than the gossip and I would hate to do anything to cause her hurt or discomfort. But we both love a good gossip. Xx

    1. I love the guards chapel, but i think it’s too small a venue.
      Harry is going to continue to be a senior royal in any reshuffle, which means a big wedding which means Westminster.

      1. How many do the other chapels hold compared to Westminster? ie would the smaller chapels just not fit everyone?

      2. Alexandra……we are talking aunts, uncles and cousins en masse here from both sides of the Middleton family. Not the odd black sheep like Uncle Gary who I actually think is hilarious and incredibly gracious considering the sh*t he’s been given in the press courtesy of his relations. Some of the family that were excluded were given front row seats in Westminster Abbey, stayed in The Goring and were at the BP reception only to be cut completely from everything but the ceremony at Pippa Tips shindig. Literally they were invited to the church and then sent on their way although I believe there was a very modest ‘reception lite’ at the house on the estate where the church is. A glass of champagne, relieved of their wedding gifts and then sent on their way without so much as a canapé or an explanation as to why they weren’t invited to the big do at Bucklebury Towers.

        1. Thanks, Mrs BBV!

          Do you have an opinion as to why that is? Do you think it was just Pippa wanting a celebrity-laden reception and cutting less fashionable people out? That seems so strange to me (and I had aunts and uncles I didn’t invite to my own wedding so I tried to understand)!

          1. Do you know I have no idea and my friend said they never really knew what the reason was. She did say that a few were so pissed off about it they didn’t even bother getting new outfits or hats and didn’t go anywhere except the church.

            Uncle Gary was very gracious when the press asked him, he never revealed there had been a masse cull of family and he let the press give the impression it had just been him that was barred. Indeed that’s what I believed until I was told different.

            No wonder Michael Middleton was spotted with a hip flask in his car.

        2. I feel like such a Pippa apologist with regard to her wedding choices, but I again have to take Pippa’s side here. Not everyone likes their family members, and not everyone wants their family members at their wedding, and not everyone wants their family members at the reception even if they had to invite them to the ceremony for whatever reason. And just because Kate chose to invite those family members to her wedding doesn’t mean Pippa is obligated to invite those same family members to her wedding. If Pippa wants to choose friends she’s only known for a handful of years over her family members (for whatever reason), then that is her right. It’s her wedding, not her family members’ wedding. The wedding is about the bride and the groom, not the guests, so the bride and the groom have every right to invite or not invite whomever they choose to the ceremony, reception, or some combination of the two.

          1. Dibs on Pippa Apologist as a racehorse name, you guys.

            I think that’s fair MMR, and kind of where I was going when I originally posted the question to MrsBBV. What I think was odd was that family members were invited to the actual ceremony and not the big reception. I have heard of the opposite (“oh sorry the church is so small and you didn’t make the cut but please do come to the giant party and help us celebrate”), but never seen a situation quite like this.

          2. As always it comes back to how things are done in British society. I know we’ve discussed this at length before but in the UK this is very odd behaviour. Xx

      3. Mrs. BBV, thank you. The woman obviously likes you to have provided such inside info.
        So, Kate has always been work shy! Truly, I wonder why. Because, she only worked to get her Prince and after that, well, why bother?

        Hope there is a Royal Wedding in the near future. It’s nice to have a happy couple to focus on.

  22. I agree with all here that are saying Meghan and Harry have probably reached the point where they know they will marry and the rest is all around the timing and scheduling of the wedding. Still not sure what I think about her though, I feel that there is an underlying current of self-promotion, but that could be due to the career she has chosen, which will end if she does marry Harry. I think Meghan is much smarter than Kate and way more confident in who she is and probably has a lot more intellectual curiosity about the world, but what will happen to this if she marries into the BRF? Even though Harry is moving down in the line of succession and can afford to be a bit more relaxed, will Meghan end up being stifled by the BRF? I could see this being a problem for the both of them to have to deal with in the future if they do marry.
    As to her outfit, I was happy to see she was not wearing a blue and white striped shirt, painted on jeggings and wedges, but I do not think if they were married or officially engaged she would have dressed like this. I think she would have worn un-ripped jeans and an Invictus polo shirt like Harry. By the way, I am not a fan the shirt- partially- tucked- in- the- front -of- the- jeans look because it is so deliberate and studied and there is nothing original about it. I guess it is supposed to make a person look casually edgy.

    1. Not at all Mrs BBV. Nothing like a gooood gossip to set the day off right.

      Mmm, that’s some good goss right there. Another thing that confused me re: Pipps wedding. Why schedule on the day of Missy Percy’s 30th Bday party? Lots of peeps had to skip the reception to head to Syon House. #QuestionsWithoutAnswers

      1. Missy Percy and Pippa are rumoured not to be on the best terms. In fact rumour has it that all the Percey’s were aghast when Pippa was being touted as a future bride to George Percy (Missy’s brother). But apparently there were some guests who managed to attend both the wedding and Missy’s birthday at Syon Park.

  23. Cute photos, but I don’t get why they did this for the first time at IG. Does any of the press even remember that there are wounded athletes there? Harry said that we would be inspired by these athletes, but we’re not, because the only thing we see about the IG is him and Meghan. I guess it just surprises me because he has said in the past that this is about them, not him. And I heard this, but not sure if it is true – they were there for only 15-20 minutes…so, was this just a photo shoot for them?

    1. I have a hard time believing that the people quoted would have gushed so much about her interest and participation if they’d only been there for just a bit of the match.

      1. They were at the court for a full game. These matches only last one set, so it actually doesn’t take too long. I watched the live stream and I’d say the match lasted about 20 minutes, but they then spoke to the athletes and their families for another 10 minutes maybe. The next match was about an hour later but Harry had an interview with the BBC during that time. So yes they didn’t stay long, but that’s because the matches don’t last very long and Harry had other business to attend to.

    2. @LaurenLauren, Harry can’t control the media and what they choose to put out there or what they choose to obsess over. His heart is in the right place, he wants all attention on the games and the athletes, but he has a life too, and he’s not going to shun his woman just because the media chose to obsess over them and ignore the event itself. And believe me, even if Meghan hadn’t gone anywhere near the games, there would still be no coverage of the event itself, the paps would be busy lurking somewhere tying to get a picture of Harry and Meg. I think now that they have appeared together, the frenzy will die down a bit and let the games continue, and hopefully the media will cover the event a bit more with hopes of another sighting of them together.

      1. I know they can’t control the media. But, for their very first “approved” appearance, if they would have done it before the games, it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal to see them together.

  24. This is just so sweet and great to be able to finally see them together. Holding hands in public too…..hope that continues after they are married. It is the only royal protocol I wish they would abandon.

    I too come from not wearing holes in jeans publicly. …use of patches if couldn’t afford a new pair. I think holes in jeans look awful not stylish. But that’s me. I don’t mind the blouses or tops partly out… seems to be the latest trend.

    Harry seems so relaxed and I’ve not seen him so happy with any other prior girlfriends…hope it always stays this way. He so deserves.

    1. There is no royal protocol that prevents royal spouses from touching or holding hands in public.

      The nature of their public work nakes it impossible to hold hands because they are in formal mode just like everyone at their jobs in regular life, but there is no requirement for them to NOT touch each other or be cute together in public if it’s appropriate.

      WK spent years hiding their relationship from other students and eventually the media despite everyone knowing they were a couple, partly to be discreet and partly because William refuses to play to the public about any aspect of his life and i think that habit has stuck.

      1. Thank you Herazeus.

        I thought no PDA was allowed of any kind such as when the female needs support going up and down stairs for example. There have been so many times seems like it would be appropriate and the gentlemanly thing to do.

        I can understand when it is a formal work duty situation that holding hands is not appropriate which makes sense.

        I agree that William is an extremely private person to excess.

        1. In many photos you see Kate looking up at Will and he is not even acknowledging her presence. It’s one thing that some people are less affectionate in public, but rarely do you see Will actually look at Kate. This goes beyond no PDA.

        2. Kat: i think the 3 steps behind protocol makes PDA difficult.

          Meaning that the lesser status spouse is 3steps behind their partners at all times during public duties. That makes it hard to demonstrate basic courtsey.

          That said, i think there are ways one can offer to help in the manner you have described unlike William who simply charges ahead or ignores his wife entirely.

          As an example, Charles always waits for Camilla, makes sure she is alright before walking ahead to greet his hosts. Even then, he walks so slowly that it isn’t immediately obvious that she is walking behind him rather than with him.

          1. Herazeus: thank you again…..excellent and very helpful explanation.

            Ahhhh the 3 step behind protocol…I am not a huge Camilla fan but wow on Charles for his courtesy towards his wife.

      2. Do you remember PoW when he and Diana visited Australia and New Zealand. They were forever holding hands, stroking arms and him kissing her hand. The press got pictures of him stroking her bottom and on one occasion when an official engagement ended he scooped her up over his shoulders and carried her back to their car, giggling their heads off. Their marriage had very loving public moments…..probably where Harry gets his demonstrative nature from. What a shame they just couldn’t sort themselves out.

        1. I do Mrs BBV. There is also a video / gif online of Charles goosing Diana whilst on an engagement and she blushes deeply whilst giggling.

          Gifs/photos of handholding, hand stroking, giggling, kissking etc

          They had such few years of mutual affection that it’s been lost in the public conscious.

          Plus Diana did such a good job of painting him as the cold, uninterested husband and the marriage DOA that few people remember those images.

          And since they were such good performers in public, it was years before anyone realised that the reason they didn’t touch in public was because they couldn’t stand each other anymore. Everyone simply assumed that it was royal protocol to radiate cool, frozen body language to your spouse.

          Nic919/ Ellie: William’s discourtesy towards Kate makes me dislike him and judge him more negatively. I don’t care who or what he may feel about her. Basic courtesy to his wife, that he chose to marry is the least he could do.

          1. I can’t imagine treating my spouse like that. Or if my husband did that for me. We’ve been married nearly ten years, he still holds doors open for me and buys me flowers. William would never have that courtesy or care for Kate I’d imagine..but William is, as Isabella Branson famously said, “a boor”. One reason among many nobody wanted him but Kate!

      3. The no PDA thing was started by W&K fans explaining why he ignores her and why he never shows her much affection while she looks at him so sadly wanting it so badly.

    2. Whenever the papers try and justify that William and Kate aren’t affectionate in public they put out the stories-They’re just following the Queen’s example! Ha okay. There’s nothing wrong with not being into PDA but trying to justify if just makes it laughable

      1. HM and Philip are gentle and give each other sweet looks, he will help her down stairs.

        William just ignores Kate and storms down stairs letting her at what, 7-8 months pregnant with Charlotte toddle after her on her heels…

        1. Oh I remember those pictures, he was being such a cad! Seriously William, show some consideration and concern. If not your wife, then at least your unborn child!

  25. I was a little on the fence about this, leaning toward positive but still a bit suspicious, until I saw these photos. Their body language is so genuine, they look very relaxed and happy together. And Meghan is gorgeous! She’s a bit “look at me!” but I believe that could only help her in the job that comes with her relationship. Harry is more confident than we’ve ever seen him, and a lot of that comes with maturing of course, but some of it must be from her.

  26. They are a gorgeous couple. As I said above I watched the live stream on CTV for a while and they were extremly natural and relaxed with each other. Harry was definitely looking out for her, but they also talked to those around them. I loved when they met with the families and players after the game, Meghan did great. She just seems like a very warm person.

  27. hmmm his last two girlfriends attended events. If I remember correctly Cressida attended an Invictus game event minus the PDA. Chels attended a number of important events and they were always touchy feely. All I’m saying is I really don’t like it how everyone/press is always gabbing about engagements and weddings, thats a lot of pressure on a couple thats long distance and getting to know each other really well. I say let them live together first for a while then gab about engagements and weddings. I love the royal family but marrying in their families seem a little backwards to me. Meghan or whomever is going to marry him is always going to have to give and sacrifice more, such s their, family careers and an expected duty, etc. What’s PH going to sacrifice for his significant other, nothing. Sure he can offer a platform and fame, but I think that someone marrying into that family always gets the shorter stick.

    1. Cressida attended the Closing Concert in London when they were already broken up with Eugenie. She was not pictured near Harry at all. She was at the WE Day event just a few weeks before the break up and they were sitting next to each other but she was there because of the Branson’s involvement. Chelsy has never been to an official engagement of Harry, she was at a few informal public events like the Diana concert or when he got his wings, but that was it. This was an official engagement for Harry and he chose to not only bring Meghan but to do so extremly openly and with the press not far from them.

  28. Is there anyway for Harry to go back into the military as a reservist. I don’t see why he can’t be a full-time royal and do some part-time military work. I think it would be good for him.

    1. afaik Harry does military work with volunteering for the recovery scheme but it is not counted as anything, just like IG is never counted on the Court Circular or Sentebale or his numbers would be much higher. It is ‘personal,’ according to the Court Circular…though some pics have leaked of him going to meetings, doing stuff, etcetera, which is how we know about it. I think he gets the short end of the stick there with a lot of what he does going unrecognized.

  29. Sorry to be so late for the party, but I’m just here to say that this was worth the wait. It is so wonderful to see them together as a couple in an official capacity at last. They look happy, gorgeous and in love. With all the earthquakes, hurricanes and man made disasters like Trump, this was happy, feel good news…..I predict Nov/Dec announcement and spring wedding in May.

    1. Again, can we PULEASE stop the political comments and just be proud of the Invictus competitors and be happy for Harry and Meghan? Is that too much to ask?. I am sick of it. And, it has nothing to do with my political leanings. It just is so sickening that such comments are consistently believed by those who make them to be acceptable here. Or, anywhere, frankly. Unless it’s in the political arena, or with your own personal acquaintances who don’t mind political chit chat and venom.

      Sorry, but each time MMR/KMR asks people to stop, it is ignored completely by many.

      1. What was political or venomous about the above comment? Saying that the world has been a negative place in recent months and that seeing Harry and Meghan happy and in love is a nice change is a perfectly acceptable comment.
        MMR can speak for herself or stop certain comments from being published if they are actually political and venomous.

        1. Nic919, saying Trump is a man made disaster is very political. Not everyone has that opinion, and no matter what opinion one has of Trump or anyone else, this is not the place for it!!

        2. Nic, I have as much a right to saying what I did that you had to say what you did. Are you, perhaps, posting under two names? I find many of the anti Trump statements rather venomous. As if one is pointing out that Harry saw Mrs. Trump as demonic by his “sign.” I stand by my comment and have seen KMR/MMR ask people to refrain from political comments befores, so I was reiterating my desire to have people do just that. And, I know she can speak for herself. Your comment to me bothered me greatly. I guess mine will bother you, too.

      2. Absolutely agree, Jenny! Everyone needs to stop political and religious comments, because you don’t know who you are upsetting. This is a blog about Meghan and Harry!

    2. Please refrain from any innuendos of any kind of the political and religious variety. It spoils this blog.

      I want to enjoy this blog to its fullest potential.

      Thank you so much.

  30. Everyone:

    Please let’s refrain from making political comments. This is not the place to talk politics. This is supposed to be a fun place to talk about royals. Let’s leave the politics aside here.

      1. Sorry MMR/KMR and anyone else offended…..chalk it down to excitement to post but won’t happen again.

  31. I think Meghan looks absolutely amazing! The frayed jeans are stylish and a little edgy, the perfect way to balance out the classic white shirt. Harry and Meghan seem so happy and in love, I don’t know how anyone in the media can have anything negative to say about this couple, but for those that are being negative, they can keep talking, because Harry and Meghan aren’t listening!

  32. I like this look. The distressed look is in right now, and Meghan is an actress, so of course, she’s on trend. Personally. I like the bag and the flats. The jeans and the partly tucked shirt give this look edge, but the flats and tote keep it from being over the top.

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