Harry & Meghan engagement photocall

Harry & Meghan engagement photocall

After announcing their engagement this morning, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did a brief engagement photocall this afternoon (UK time) outside in The Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, only briefly answering a couple questions.

In the video below, Harry and Meghan start walking out at 16:35, and they stood posing for photos for less than two minutes. I transcribed the dialogue I could hear, although I can barely hear them on the video.

How are you both feeling?
Harry: Um, yeah, thrilled. Very glad it stopped raining as well.

Meghan, how are you feeling?
Meghan: So happy.

How did Harry propose?
Harry: Um, yeah, that will come later.

Was it romantic?
Harry: Of course it was.
Meghan: Very.

When did Harry know Meghan was ‘The One’?
Harry: Uh, when did I know she was the one, the very first time we met.

Meghan wore a white trench coat from Canadian brand Line the Label with a green dress from P.A.R.O.S.H. underneath. Perth’s Fashion identified the dress as this knee-length dress (originally $349.00, currently on sale for $209.00). Meghan also wore Aquazzura Matilde Crisscross Suede 105mm Pump in nude (originally $695.00, currently on sale for $465.00) and Maison Birks Yellow Gold and Opal Earrings ($995.00). Meghan wore her hair down with a center part.

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But let’s talk bling. Meghan’s ring consists of three diamonds set in gold. The center stone is from Botswana with the two outside stones coming from Princess Diana’s personal collection. Harry designed the ring himself, which was made by Cleave and Company.

The fact that Harry used a stone from Botswana makes me think that they got engaged in Botswana over the summer, unofficially, and then Harry had the ring made and gave her the ring last week once she got to London after filming Suits. But that’s purely my own speculation.

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I’m going to be completely honest, even though I know many of you will disagree with me (and when you do so, please be polite; we can disagree with each other while still being polite), but to say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I was hoping for more than what we got.

Firstly, I wanted to hear from the couple – actually hear from them in the way William and Kate answered questions at their photocall, rather than barely hearing a couple short answers while Harry and Meghan only stand there for two minutes. I want to get to know them as a couple, but they didn’t provide anything. Secondly, Meghan’s clothing choices here were really boring – the coat is boring, the dress we can’t see, the shoes are boring, and the hair is boring. This outfit is entirely unmemorable. Thirdly, I think the ring is boring, too. It’s basic, it’s fine, but it’s not exciting in any way. Fourthly, the fact that they chose to be outside in the garden with the pond as a barrier between them and the press is off-putting to me – they literally put up a barrier between us and them; we get it, Harry, you don’t like the press, but come on.

All in all, I’m very disappointed in the photocall. It was our first meeting of them as an engaged couple, and it was wholly unmemorable. But to each their own. The couple do seem happy and comfortable with each other, and Meghan clearly likes her clothing and hair choices, and I hope she likes her ring. And that’s all the matters for the couple. But as a royal watcher, I’m bummed here. Hopefully their engagement interview will be better.

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226 thoughts on “Harry & Meghan engagement photocall

  1. I wonder why it was so brief and uninspired. And why do it outside, except for the Diana references everyone is making. Even Sophie and Edward did a nice photo call and chat with the media! Why not Harry and Meghan? It’s so disappointing, I stayed up for this, lol.

    I do love the ring and think it is lovely without being mawkish or too over-the-top. And not tied to a doomed marriage (cough William the cheapskate cough). Harry did good.

  2. The pond as a barrier tells the whole story, IMO. The future looks bleak for gossip mavens. That is all.

    It is a love match, no doubt, but Harry does not seem to want to share their joy with others (and the realm of which he is Prince). Full stop. Instead of being expansive, he’s putting up walls. Willy has taught him well. Suddenly, the future doesn’t look all that bright for us.

  3. Royal clothing nowadays is always boring even at state events I saw an exipet at the palace of the queens old ballgowns they were exquisite they have lost the glamour in recent years why is she wearing a Canadian designer it would of been good to showcase an upcoming British designer she could even have picked a young black designer to put on the map that seventh picture is unfortunate what is she doing with her back

    1. Why not a Canadian designer? She was living here for several years, and Canada is part of the Commonwealth. I have no words.

      1. I love the fact she is wearing a Canadian designer . I think she looks fabulous if only because she is wearing the best fashion accessory..a smile that reaches her eyes.

        1. I’m just glad she didn’t choose Erdem. When the reporters were saying on Twitter that Meghan was wearing a Canadian designer, I was in fear it would be Erdem since she loves Erdem. So at least it’s not Erdem. This outfit may be boring, but it could have been a lot worse.

    2. Yeah, what was up with her standing like that and bending her back AWAY from Harry??? We got Kate slouching and now Meghan is a backwards bender. Help us! lol

  4. Well, that was fast. I wish they had done it inside so we could see Meghan’s dress. That coat is very ill-fitting.

    They look genuinely happy and in love and I’m looking forward to the interview.

    1. I said this elsewhere, but as an American, I would have liked to see Meghan wear something designed by a fabulous U.S. designer. She worked in Canada, yes, but allow us Yanks to be proud of her and want a piece of her on display, too. I know a British designer is important, or someone from one of the Commonwealth nations. Still, I am proud of her American ties. Sue those of us who are.

      1. What I dislike is the dismissiveness of a Canadian designer as if it were a great fault. Why is this turning into a culture war? Geez, America will get its turn.

        1. Agreed. The press and the British people who don’t already like her would have crucified her for wearing an American label. I’m an American and think there’s nothing wrong with giving a nod to where they started and the relationship flourished. This was very diplomatic dressing. Boring, but diplomatic. Besides, many American designers have international roots, so I don’t see the insistence on a US label.

          1. I love that the dress is dark green, too. I’m tired of blue (cough, Diana-Kate, cough). It so suits her colouring and is age appropriate. Can’t wait to see it.

    1. I was just saying, Maven, that I would have liked to see homage to her U.S background? How nasty to say, “America will get it’s turn.” That’s downright nasty, if you ask me. I was not dismissing the Canadian designer as if it was a fault to choose that coat. I was showing my disappointment, just as you seem to be showing yours. I am sure she enjoyed her time in Toronto, but I don’t want to see a war between two great nations that share this North American continent. I was disappointed, not dismissive. Yikes, I can’t believe this comment section is coming to this level. Sorry I replied, but felt I needed to do so. I want to move on, now. This is a day of love and happiness. If I offended you, Maven, and anyone else, forgive me.

      1. She’s giving up her US citizenship to become a British royal. Wearing a US label would have been a bad move.

          1. I doubt Meghan will be allowed to have dual citizenship. She will most likely have to give up her US citizenship and gain UK citizenship.

          2. Legally you can have both. She wouldn’t have to give up her US citizenship at all, the US and UK allow it.

          3. I wonder if she will keep dual citizenship and their kids have dual citizenship which gives them options later? They will never be working royals so this might be a solution for them.

          4. I think the tax requirements for US citizens may play a role in whether or not she keeps her citizenship. But really she should keep it since Harry is unlikely to ever be the UK head of state.

          5. For tax purposes I’m sure she’ll give it up. The Royals may “voluntarily” pay taxes in the U.K. but don’t think the US government would be so willing for that kind of deal
            When I was looking at working abroad one of the biggest complaints I heard was that even tho you didn’t live and work in the US you still had to pay taxes, which was a big headache for a lot.

      2. Jenny,

        You misunderstood. I was referencing the original commenter, not you. I understand your disappointment, but I have to tell you, I find this entire culture war trend distasteful, so I’ll leave y’all to it.
        Besides, she might choose an American designer for her wedding dress. I bet she will!

        Like you I’m still riding high on a love match and that transcends all boundaries. Something to celebrate and on this we can agree. 🙂

    2. I agree, Maven. I am glad that Meghan’s dress is green and not blue. I also am perplexed that blue is the go to color for the BRF.

      1. Given the history of the color blue, it’s not surprising to me. Blue is synonymous with royalty because it was a hue that could only be achieved with hard to obtain materials. Sooo overdone at this point but they love their traditions.

  5. Thank you, MMR. I agree with everything you said. I tried to express my disappointment in your last post and felt like people jumped down my throat.

    I think that it will be impossible to voice an opinion that is anything but glowing without people accusing me of being “a downer.” But this was the mosT disappointing photo call I have ever seen, and I have viewed engagement phot calls from all major royal houses.

    It felt rushed like Harry and Meghan couldn’t wait to run away from the photographers. And MegHan almost forgot to show her ring. The whole thing was not staged properly.

    This is just my opinion. I hope that other commenters don’t jump down my throat for saying so.

  6. Oh, my gosh, I did not want to be negative today, but oh, that boring coat. And, the dress hanging below it. Be honest, if that was Kate, there would be an avalanche of critics airing their thoughts.

    Meghan looks ecstatic. Harry seems … well, uptight! I wish they had offered more in the words they uttered. Oh, well. The ring is ok, not my fave engagement ring and I wish she had longer nails, but that is just me. I love a gorgeous manicure on longer, not too long, nails. Petty, I know, but the thought crossed my mind.

    The coat did not fit well and pulled around her mid section — the way it was tied. Lumpy. Lumpy. And, again, the dress hanging below it. Yikes! Did like her shoes, but not with the white-white coat.

    Ok, I need to be positive again. Meghan’s smile made me smile! She really does seem genuinely thrilled. So, here’s to love. Harry, please share some of the happiness with those who truly care about you. People out there — many, any way, have long been pulling for you and Meghan.

    1. I didn’t want to be negative today either. I was very excited earlier. But now I’m back to being bored. Oh well. Hopefully the interview later will regain my interest.

      1. Sadly, my first flush of excitement has now died down and I can see what y’all can see. Sigh.

        Moreover, Harry is going the way of Willy and battening down the hatches. He won’t be any fun. This makes me dislike him even more for his antipathy to the people that support him. Has he forgotten he is Prince or only remembers when it’s convenient- like when the cheque comes? Double sigh. I was hoping for shared joy but let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen. Harry is doing as he means to go on.

        Using the pond as a distancing tool and a barrier is a symbol of what the future holds, IMO. It irks me no end.

        1. Well, it’s like what we’ve spoken of–that Harry and Meghan will be no different than William and Kate. Harry is good at letting us in when he wants, for engagements, part of the job; but anything else, no way, we’ll see him and her way less. I can’t see Meghan liking that though.

          1. Big sigh, Ellie. I fear you are correct. We’ve been watching this revealed over time, haven’t we? Now I fear that Meghan will end up much like Waity, catering to her man and submitting to the lifestyle (that soothing bit she does is a serious tell). I see a “cottage” in the country and lots of beaches in the future, and of course, lots of safaris in “Africa”.

            But then, who else would marry a gilded slacker?

    2. Yeah, it’s basically what we criticise on Kate: boring nude pumps, center part hair and ill-fitting clothes.

      That’s the problem in comparing both of them, our expectations get too high. I’m afraid after they get married and start working we will be even more disappointed.

    3. Yup, Meghan looks ecstatic, maybe a little over-excited; and Harry looks uncomfortable.

      It’s an awkward start, but that’s life. I’m still pulling for them.

      I like them as a couple, but admit I had a weird thought when I read the announcement this morning. Despite expecting their engagement, something seemed rushed and I wondered if Meghan is pregnant. She probably isn’t, doubt she’d be that stupid. But I think the photos show they are in the throes of adjustment. Harry is used to the press, doesn’t want it intruding and is afraid it’ll wreck everything. Meghan is delirious to the point of losing her poise. They’ll have to work that out. They’re coming from two very different places.

      Pretty ring, tasteful manicure. Atrocious outfit… and, my god, nude heels. Better luck next photo call and CONGRATULATIONS!

      1. I don’t understand why he seems so uncomfortable I know he doesn’t like the press but I’ve never seen him like this I’ve seen him more comfortable at engagements ?

        1. Heaven forfend that Harry show any feeling other than for kids. He’s coasted on charm which is easy for him, but this is laying himself open for a moment. He really did look nervous.

          1. He’s a kid: that’s always been his role. The baby of the family, the jester to serious William.

            He may be more dependent on family and public approval than he realizes. This is his first boldly independent move. He’s feeling the stress.

            I’m reassessing the photo call. At first, I thought it was a total embarrassment, but other pics are a little more natural.

            I hope he’ll gets comfortable soon, but it may not be easy. I bet a lot depends on Meghan finding some acceptance by the family. I adore the boy/man, but I think emotionally and psychologically he’s higher maintenance than he appears. A LOT higher maintenance.

          2. Terrific insights, Anonyma.

            This is Harry’s first independent move. This is the chance for him to finally tear himself away from the family’s bosom and the Trio and create a court of his own. Will he or won’t he? Definitely something to be nervous about.

            I’ve felt he was emotionally high maintenance since his sulking at that wedding where Meghan spent her time soothing him. Today she is soothing him again. I personally think he’s wanting a mother. She seems much more mature than he as she has been a woman of the world and deals well with publicity. I hope that rubs off on him. Unless he goes all Prince on her.

            Love and marriage are about bringing out the best in each other and encouraging each other to be brave and become even better. Not seeing it so far, but then we haven’t seen much of them at all. Still living in hope here, but I think the odds are against that happening.

  7. Theresa May said no bank holiday for the wedding.

    St George’s on a Saturday in March. You heard it first!! lol

    1. Oh, a March wedding. The weather may be just ghastly. A weekend in March? Have to look at a calendar. Thanks for the update, Ellie.

      KMR, I also hope the interview later will be more interesting. My boredom with the Cambridges is so intense and I am eager for some Royal Intrigue. I so hope Harry and Meghan deliver!

      1. Oh, March 17 is a Saturday. William can hand out shamrocks to the Irish Guard and then get to the Church in time for the wedding!

        1. Don’t forget Lent – not the best time for marriage. Since they have six months from her arrival to marry, I don’t know why not late April.

          She looks lovely, love her dress, not so much the coat but glad she used a Canadian designer – loved the ring and finally, fun shoes. Overall, a nice look and enjoyed the mention of the queen’s corgis – the new ‘posh’ accent, I’ll draw a veil over.

      2. I’m being silly and guessing, but no bank holiday and the Archbishop of Canterbury says he’s marrying them–I’m guessing St George’s.

        Westminster Abbey still a possibility I suppose but if it’s no bank holiday I can’t see them doing it there?

        Omg Jenny, the IRish Guards, you made me laugh…

      3. I read somewhere that there are blocked date for St. George’s in April. So perhaps an April wedding?

    2. Thanks, Ellie. This guarantees that the weather will be bad and the photos will be minimal. I’m guessing this wedding will be a lot like Pippa’s- stingy with photos and everything else.

      1. I hope not! I was being silly about guessing the date, but if people are saying March.

        W&K announced the date 4-5 days after, so maybe we’ll know by Friday. Signs point to St George’s for sure.

        1. There used to be an unwritten rule about not getting married during Lent. Next year Lent ends March 29th, and then there’s Easter. Not sure if it still applies, but the Queen is traditional about religion. I think either soon, before the middle of February, or more likely April or May.

      2. I’m now leaning to the wedding not even being televised. Harry hates the press, he kept them at arms length during the photocall, if he chooses Windsor for the wedding I can totally see him going for a private affair with no cameras allowed inside.

        1. I bet he hopes it rains, too. We’d see nothing but umbrellas. Perfect.

          I am not quite sure he can get away with not televising it. Is this a time when he decides he is not a Prince of The Realm for a day? We need Herazeus to set us straight. That would be really mean-spirited, considering the taxpayers pay his bills. Does he not want to bestow Magic on us?

          I wonder who paid for the Botswana diamond.

        2. There’s suggestion more information will be announced tomorrow.

          I could see this. Harry doesn’t care who butters his bread. I think he delineates quite clearly public vs private and wedding is not public, but private. When it should be public because we pay for it. (Well, not ‘we’ specifically me, but the British taxpayers do!)

          I cannot see Meghan happy at all with it but Harry hates the press, I think his hatred is as pathological and bad or even worse than William’s. They married or are marrying women who love the press. It will be interesting.

          Royal fangirls are on tumblr gong on and on about them being some big power couple and how amazing they are just from their rude 30 seconds. It’s very bizarre.

        3. I think his wedding needs to be somewhere between Zara’s and William’s. And if the taxpayers are footing the bill then it needs to televised. If they pay for it themselves they can do whatevs

        4. I think it will be televised because Andrew and Sarah’s wedding was televised. Harry is basically in the same position as Andrew and seeing as he is currently the most popular royal, it would be foolish to squander a chance to increase goodwill from the public who supports them financially.

          1. I hope Granny makes him wear that black uniform- he looks good in that one. Unlike that orange abomination she made Willy wear. (It’s only an abomination in my eyes because damn, that colour did Willy no favours and was not remotely reminiscent of wedding attire.)

            I imagine Granny (with courtiers) has final say on televising or not.

      3. That’s the truth of it – a bank holiday was the main thing – as well as avoiding too much public expense if there isn’t one.

  8. Like I said in the previous post, I didn’t like this photo call at all. Very underwhelmed with it. The ring is lovely and I do like the personal touches (WTG, Harry!) and I too believe they got engaged in Botswana.

    As for Meghan’s attire? Meh. I get that she wore the coat because it’s cold outside but geez, at least Kate brought something when she wore that navy blue dress during her and William’s photo call in 2010 (was it really seven years ago?! Also, is it supposed to be “hers and William’s”? “her and William’s”? Hmmm……). P.S. Meghan’s shoes were way too big (and I’ve got super mega tiny feet–like, size 1 in kids).

    Lastly, Harry you should know better not to pull this “short and rough” stuff with the media, especially since you/your family/whomever scheduled the photo call, it’s not like they’re the paparazzi following you around! You need them and their positive press more than they need you!


    Anyway, I hope the engagement interview is much better.

    P.S. and I know I’m going to get raked over the coals for saying this but: in the picture of Meghan doing that big wave, all I could imagine was a caption with a speaking bubble saying, “hi ya’ll!” (insert Southern accent/American Country influence). Oy! Not the best pose/wave, IMO.

    1. Oh, no. They have to televise the wedding. How disappointing if they don’t.

      Will George be a page? Charlotte, a flower girl? Will a very pregnant Kate hustle them into the Church and leave all of us at the door?

      1. I looked at photo and thought she was saying “hey girl” to her sorority sister off camera!
        She will have to learn not to pose like that anymore.

        This was an odd introduction to the public. I expected better from both of them. They both should know how to do an interview and pose for photos, but they didn’t do well here. They weren’t terrible, but it could (and should) have been better. There have been dozens of royal engagements now. The protocols should be set, and this should have gone very smoothly. Why are these younger royals going off script? They look bad when they do.

    2. Her shoes look 1/2 size too big. Look at all the space between her heel and the back of the shoe, tres bizarre. And if it makes you feel better, I know what you meant about the hi y’all pose =)

    3. Haha, I thought it was red and loved it because it reminded me of Prince Eric from Arielle (not even a hundred percent sure if he wears something similar ….)

  9. Both looked so happy and Meghan’s beautiful smile is infectious. But I agree with you MMR, the entire ensemble was a mess. Coat and shoes were too big and underwhelming. I too was not impressed with the ring.

    But best of luck to them both. I can’t wait to see Meghan in her new royal role!

    1. I was disappointed in the ring as well. Not terribly imaginative or impressive, very modest by royal standards. I adore Camilla’s- big bling and mouth-wateringly gorgeous. But the sentiment and meaning are everything, so I won’t go on about it. Aww.

      I just hope we get a detailed view of it one day.

    2. I hope Savannah and Isla are included and not so little Mia. It would be lovely to see George and Charlotte again. We see them so occasionally. More frilly dresses and page boy outfits. Maybe Sailor suits perhaps. I hope you are doing ok Kimothy? Sorry for my silence lately. I get so busy.

      1. I’m alright Laura, thank you for asking.

        I was in Tampa last week for my annual check-up and Thanksgiving. My check-up happened on my first sister’s birthday (yes, it’s usually right before Thanksgiving) and…..it went well! My lung function is exactly the same as last year (whew!), chest x-rays still showed air in Dulce’s lungs, oxygen saturation was at 97-98% at room air. My Potassium was a bit low so my doctor prescribed something. Also, one of the levels for an anti-rejection drug was also low (GRRRRR!!!) so I’m sure they’re going to raise the dose on that one.

        The following day (Wednesday) my sisters and I went to Epcot Center (it helps that the youngest works for the WDW company now 😉 ) for the whole flipping day and had a blast! Only downside? Very little Mulan stuff, even in the China pavilion 🙁 (Mulan is one of my favorite Disney princesses, only tied with 1991 Belle).

        Thanksgiving was alright. I watched the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (though Matt Lauer irritates me to no end), went to my aunt and uncle’s house (not a fan of my uncle, loooong story), then Nana’s for dessert since she couldn’t join us. Truth be told, it made me sad to see Nana looking her age (she turned 90 last month) because I’m so close with her. Her mind is still mostly there but, because of a fall she had a couple of months ago, she now needs to use a wheelchair.

        Anyway, I’m rambling. My fur baby, Missy, is still in Tampa being watched (and spoiled) by her grandparents. I won’t be seeing her until Christmas. Strange request but, could you please pray for me? I miss my Missy and it feels so weird going to bed without her by my side!

        1. I was just scrolling through comments and saw this. I’ll add you to my prayers too. 🙂 I’m glad that your numbers are relatively good!

          1. Thank you, Em. I just heard back from my nurse and, yay, no change in my anti-rejection doses! Woo hoo!!

            P.S. I’m about to sound like a broken record but I miss my Missy-Poo!! 🙁

          2. I’m glad you are doing well, Kimothy. Cyber hugs, and wishing you continued health and happiness.

  10. I think the word isn’t anticlimactic. I feel like this is it??
    They do look lovely and happy but on the whole it’s blah. I’m disappointed but since I’ve been disappointed in harry generally this year guess it’s fitting
    Wish them happiness and hopefully they’ll prove me wrong on the work front

    1. Oopsies that was is anticlimactic not isn’t. iPhone typing.
      I didn’t want to be negative either but I feel like after all the lead up this is it?? This is what we get? A coat covering the dress? Ugh we want to see the dress!

    2. Oh, Kimothy, I join in wishing you well. May good health be with you and may happiness surround you always> JET, how are you doing? I hope things are better for you, too.

  11. Kate’s blue Issa engagement dress was iconic. This white coat is very “bla” to me. I hope she takes the coat off for the engagement interview.

    1. I didn’t want to bring up Kate too much in my post, but yes, for all of Kate’s faults, that blue dress was iconic. More so even than her wedding gown. This outfit from Meghan is forgettable. No one will remember this outfit years from now.

      1. Partly because it was outside!

        The green dress is pretty. Could be iconic in a way. Shoes are a miss. A sleeker coat would have worked better.

        1. Yes! Do a coat, but not a baggy one. I would have loved to see something really sleek and fitted. And there are some really beautiful coats out right now.

    2. Oh, no! That blue dress iconic?! May we agree to disagree? That shiny fabric was hideous in my opinion and the hemline was a mess. I hated that dress and she chose it, apparently, for the color. Same shade of blue Diana wore for her engagement announcement.

      I will agree, though. Meghan’s attire did not impress me at all. First, I liked the shoes, but looking again, they don’t fit her feet properly. Such a gap in the back. Oh, well.

      Again, her smile is amazing. The best thing she showed us for that moment.

      1. Yeah, but you remember that dress. Love it or hate it, you remember it. This outfit from Meghan is not memorable.

        1. Oh yeah, it is memorable- the untidy white trench. 🙂 I’ll never forget. I don’t agree that Kate’s was iconic, I remember it was royal blue and that’s all. What I remember is the horror of The Ring of Doom and how she walked in, arm in arm withWilliam, showing off her trophy. It’s almost as if The Ring walked in before her.

    3. I agree Sarah. They should have done better. This looks very amateurish, when they should both be professionals at PR.

  12. Kimothy,

    Why on earth would you imagine someone born in Los Angeles would affect a “Southern/Country drawl” and utter hi y’all? Your ignorance is showing.

    1. Kimothy was not suggesting that Meghan would have a Southern accent; Kimothy was suggesting that the pose reminded her of a Southern Belle/”Hi Y’all” type of pose.

      1. I was born and raised in San Diego and now live in Louisiana so a Cali girl saying Hi y’all is not surprising (I think it would have been hilarious) Kimothy your comment made me laugh, so thanks so much

    2. Ignorance showing? Leave Kimothy alone!
      Meghan, as an actress, can probably do dialects! I also agree with KMR’s remark.
      Again, there was no ignorance in Kimothy’s remark. She is a delight every time she comments! I hope you did not mean what you said, Evchen.

      1. I was disappointed with the whole photocall, except the fact that Meghan wasn’t blatantly shoving the ring into the camera at every opportunity. It’s not about the ring, it’s about them, and they obviously adore each other. Hopefully Meghan can help Harry warm up to the press a bit since she’s taking the reins here (their body language conveys that very clearly). I won’t hold my breath but I can have some hope. I’m happy for them. Now to wait and see.

        1. Good points. It looked like Meghan was coaxing a reluctant child Harry along. We’ve had so few photos of them, the future looks interesting as to how much influence she has over him or whether they are W&K.2 with affection. His truculence has been showing more and more over the last year.

          1. Yes, Maven, the rubbing of Harry’s hand as they headed away looked as if Meghan was soothing him again. They’ve just played the engagement interview; she is happy and energised but Harry takes his time to be personable; he comes across as being reluctant to being there. Meghan comes across well. I’m feeling that she will be soother-in-chief as well as wife. She is clearly more mature than he. The Wales’ ‘boys’ are indeed high maintenance. And still boys.

      2. Sorry, Jenny. My phone doesn’t seem to want to post my comment as a brand new one fpr whatever reason. This isn’t in reply to your post.

    3. Yes, you are right about that, KMR. I don’t think Meghan’s choice in attire will be remembered. Just her smile!

      And, hugs back to you, Kimothy!

  13. Loved how in love they looked, but I hated her outfit. The shoes were ill-fitting, the coat was bulky and the dress was pretty boring. She is someone with a thicker midsection/not much curve to her waist, so wearing things things that highlight (e.g that horrid MAX MARA coat) is not a great idea.

    1. It had been so long since the Royal Family had a young, promising female member, so everyone was just over eager to emulate Kate’s style, imo. I hated that dress from the moment I saw it. Others loved it. Go, figure taste from any point of view.

      1. It is a continuing source of amusement to me how subjective taste is with royal fashion. There are outfits that some people HATE that I kind of love, and others that get lauded that I just don’t see the appeal.

  14. I don’t get why so many expect so much re a photocall. To me, the real money is on the sit down interview. That is the important thing. Meghan won’t have on that ill-fitting trench. I loved the shoes.

    To me, the important thing was how happy both looked. I have rarely seen a couple in the public ey that happy and their body language so in tune. Good for them!

    That should be the focus: how happy they looked, not the brevity of the photo call. And I saw no signs of Harry being churlish with the press. More importantly, I saw no signs of it re Meghan, either.

    So, let’s give them a chance before we brand them Cannot and Willnot 2.0

    1. It’s not ‘so much’ to expect them to say more than five words, or to want a non-boring outfit.

      1. It was a very stand off-ish photo call. They kept the water between them and the photographers as if they were afraid that they might ask some questions. Harry and Meghan were even less accommodating than Will and Kate were.
        And that coat is something Meghan would wear walking down the street. It didn’t say “royal engagement” to me. It wasn’t polished.
        I don’t think this wedding is going to be public. I think Harry is going to hide Meghan and his kids even more than William does. I bet we will never see Harry’s kids.

        1. But what would make the coat say royal engagement? Buttons? I really don’t see anything wrong with the coat as is. Maybe they should have had it inside and she could show the dress off, but for something outside, I don’t see how her coat is any worse than what Kate has worn for engagements.

        2. I think it would have been memorable if a much too eager photographer would have fallen into this pond x)

          1. Lovely Blossom, how hilarious. Oh, if one of those over eager press members had fallen into the water!

  15. I stand by my words. You will get to know Harry and Meghan during their interview and see her dress.

    I think people expect too much, to be honest. Just be happy for them. Goodness. Can’t you see how happy they are? Wish them the best. Or is that too much to ask?

    1. Considering there’s precedent going back almost 40 years for them to acknowledge the reporters, answer questions, and give the taxpayers’ their due and talk… I find it disappointing, though with Harry’s hatred of the media it’s unsurprising. They’re all the paparazzi who killed his mummy, as far as he’s concerned, judging by his attitude.

      1. Thank you! I lurk here all the time but rarely comment because someone usually expresses what I was thinking before I get here so there seems to be no point. However, the comments here today seem rooted in entitlement and internalized misogyny more than anything. It’s revolting to see how many women tear her down for the most shallow things. She wasn’t dressed properly, she smiled too much, she likes the cameras too much, her wave was wrong, the shoes were ugly, the coat is boring, the ring is small etc etc.
        What I saw were two people who were nervous and a bit overwhelmed but genuinely happy. I saw a ring that suits her, not something designed for other peoples’ viewing pleasure. Her outfit was fine, she looked beautiful and classic while still holding a bit of flair with the shoe choice. And so what they didn’t stand there and answer the same questions they are going to be answering in the interview this evening? I just scrolled through so many catty, negative comments, I feel sick. Like any of you would be better than her at this. She’s an educated, beautiful, charming woman of color who knows how to work and is comfortable enough in public to do her job well. She has faults like the rest of us, of course, but why people can’t focus on how good this can be is baffling to me. I’m so done with this site.

        1. Other than appearing thrown together and not very polished for the occasion, I thought it was fine. Not spectacular, but fine. They were definitely nervous and I don’t blame them. The interview is where the meat of the engagement announcement is, anyway.

  16. The negativity from all of you is very expected but I’m disappointed.

    My friends and I have our wedding party planned already, we love her white coat and we look forward to a married Harry .

    Can’t everyone just be happy for them for just one day?

    1. There are a few really good photos of them capturing how they both feel about each other. One of them walking back arms around each other I think is iconic. It is those moments of affection when they don’t realize they are being watched that say a lot.

      1. I am sincerely happy for them and wishing them the best.

        I really do think they’ll be fine.

        That said, I did find the photo call awkward. I didn’t think either of them were anywhere near their best. I don’t think that’s the end of the world. Hopefully, they’ll have four or five decades to bowl us over. I’m betting they will.

        But I do think the coming months will be stressful for them. Marriage is challenging. Period. A biracial binational marriage in the royal hothouse must be preposterously taxing.

        1. I think a photo call like that is pretty inherently awkward. I mean, standing there like a trained pony to be photographed/scrutinized, trying to look relaxed while also never making any expression for even a millesecond that could be interpreted as angry or awkward, with tons of people taking pictures and asking questions.

      2. Birdy, I thnk many. many people have expressed happiness for this couple. I’m one of them. If people didn’t like the coat, the shortness of the session, whatever, let them talk. For the most part, I think excitement around Harry and Meghan has been quite wonderful and people do like them very, very much. Harry needs to remember that. I think Meghan realizes it and is grateful Just me, chiming in. And, wishing them well.

    2. was so happy for them at first but now I see how rude in the set up Harry was in this first important photo call. Once you see it, it’s hard to unsee it. Harry is the one who diminished the joy with that setup, not the commenters.

    3. Aw Birdy, some of us are happy, just a little bummed it wasn’t more polished. But in the spirit of positivity, I will say that I loved the ring (very pretty and appropriate), I love the photos and their chemistry, and I am looking forward to the wedding. I’m also glad that you and other posters are happy about these events. Stay happy! 🙂

      1. I’m going to stay happy until she proves me wrong.

        But I very much agree with UGHs comments up post , and remain disappointed that people can’t concentrate on their obvious love just for a day.

  17. Can we just be happy for 2 people who are clearly in love and wanted to do things their way. Instead we picking apart how they chose to do it..it’s their engagement, perhaps we can compare it to Kmr defending Pippa’s wedding guess choice etc… their wedding their choice… their engagement their choice.

    1. This is all paid for by the taxpayers. Pippa isn’t a public figure, not really – not like Harry is. So people have certain expectations of how things go. People WANT to know and feel obligated to know, because they feel they sort of own the Royal Family members.

      William and Kate, well, William HATES the media but he even gave the reporters – who by the way waited around since like 8am in cold and wet for this one! – something to chew on by answering questions.

      Harry should have extended the same courtesy. Meghan I think would have but she seemed to be looking for him as what to do.

  18. I am going to go against the grain and say yes the weather is grey but I preferred the photo call outside. It was not as distracting as it would have been inside and Kensington Gardens looked lovely. Meghan spoke really softly and Harry did look nervous but they did it. I loved the little touch of them holding hands. Really firm grip.

    The coat was ok. It was not garish. The dress looked green. I did not see much of it. Roll on the interview and thank you MMR for covering all this.

  19. Yeah, I am startled by the negativity toward Harry and Meghan on this of all days. It’s just odd. And to keep harping on the photocall being short. I mean, to me, the meat and potatoes is the sitdown interview.

    If this is how you guys are going to be, I can see Meghan will never be given an inch to make a mistake or to be accepted.

    1. ps I am pleased they said where they were going to live. William and Kate didn’t say that did they?

      1. I wasn’t expecting a photocall at all so it didn’t matter to me how short it was. The media got some great pics and BBC will get a good sit-down interview. That’s what’s important.

  20. Ok, so much negativity…Taking the joy and excitement out of a Royal Wedding!! Please try and show a little excitement! I was excited to find this blog but it seems like the purpose is to bring down and not lift up! If one can be so negative about a 3 min appearance I can only imagine how negative the engagement and wedding will be for some…

    1. I was disappointed by the photocall; should I not voice my opinion simply because it doesn’t fit the ‘everything is wonderful’ narrative? The purpose of this blog is not to ‘lift up’, nor is it to ‘tear down’, it is to comment. I commented. My comment was on the negative side because I am disappointed. I want glitz and glamour and fun, and Meghan’s outfit gave me none of that. Why am I not allowed to comment on that?

      1. I don’t think “glitz and glamour and fun” are really the MO of the British royal family. The current monarch and heir seem like they are more into duty and decorum.

        1. “Glitz and glamour and fun” of a royal wedding filled with pretty dresses and tiaras and big gowns.

  21. For the record I think Meghan did well for her first official appearance…She looked beautiful and happy!!

    1. And I loved how she turned and waved to the people behind the gate as they left the garden. I’m hoping her attitude towards the press and public rubs off on Harry, and not the other way around.

  22. In addition to Harry’s hatred of the press, this photo call, IMO, illustrates the ineptitude of Jason Knauf. At the end of the photo call, you can hear Jason say “Thank you,” which is the signal to the press for no more questions and for the happy couple to exit.

    No respectable PR person would have allowed for there to be such an obvious physical barrier in front of the press, would have not allowed for more time for brief questions, would have not prepped the couple more (ie not showing the ring). Either Jason’s incompetence as a PR professional is on glaring display or it’s the lack of respect Harry (and William) hold for him and his guidance. Probably a combination of both.

    1. Well said, Lizzie. It also shows Harry’s inability to convey joy to the denizens of the realm because he’s so obsessively absorbed with the fight between him and media. This makes him look contemptuous of the public and comes across as someone who wants to deny that he owes them anything. Sometimes he’s a Prince, and sometimes he’s not. When he says so. Today, he chose not to bring The Magic.

      As I’ve said before, the cement pond as barrier is a serious tell. Shame on him and the PR horse he rode in on.

      1. Yes, Harry’s disdain for the press is clear here, a wet blanket akin to the damp weather. I don’t pick up on nerves from Harry, just reluctance to be there and share his life. So that’s the brothers’ in unison about hatred for the press. Honestly, they need to grow up. If they accept the privilege attached to the positions they were born into – and there is absolutely no reluctance in that area – they need to learn to work effectively with the media.

    2. I wonder how Catherine Quinn would have handled this? She seems more perceptive on how to handle media.

  23. And if they stay longer … those same critics would say it’s because she loves the attention… can’t win… after the interview, they will be picked apart as well.. what she said how she said it etc… I guess this is what she has signed up for… but gee can they get 1 day! Just today! we can go back to being snarky and picking people apart tomorrow…

    1. I cannot comment for others, but I for one would not have said Meghan loves the attention. In fact, I don’t remember ever saying that. I would have been happy if we could have heard them say more than five words. I wanted fun from this photocall and I didn’t get it. I see no harm in commenting about my disappointment.

    2. Almost everyone is happy for them and that it looks like a love match but not happy in the way that the news was delivered or in some details. One can be happy and disappointed at the same time. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. Such black and white thinking is rather limiting and doesn’t allow for critical thinking.

  24. I loved everything about this photo-call. What a lovely couple, giddy and happily in love. The ring is probably better than any other inthe BRF for me. Harry did well and put a lot of thought into it. I came here to celebrate, but I guess this is the last time I will visit this page/comment. Disappointing.

    1. ABS you’re not the only feeling happy and enjoying the moment! I’m interested to see how the interview goes.

    2. Give it another few chances. I happened to hit the page for the first time on a “down” day and it nearly threw me off as well. Some of the commenters occasionally drive me crazy. But it’s by far, all in all, the best Royal blog(s) that I have found.

  25. That love at first sight comment was cringe there’s no such thing you can have lust at first sight but you cant love someone you don’t know you have to know what’s to love about them and who they are love at first sight is just attraction or the idea of them

    1. Well Maybe he is only being romantic or maybe he says the truth but in my own experience, when I first met my husband I felt immediately connected to him in such a deep way I knew he was one of a kind. I was not even thinking about getting married or dating him, but something inside me made “click” So that is what I understood he meant.

      1. Same here, Emma. Something clicked and I knew. I have no problem telling everyone it was love at first sight. My husband and I both felt that way.

  26. I like these two… Well, I wish I don’t get disappointed later because of a change attitude, but so far so good. IMO they represent fresh air comparing to William and Kate (although even HRH Queen Elisabeth is fresh air in comparison to them lol) I am not sure if Harry will mean that private distance from the public opinion or he is a bit worried about how people may react and critizice Meghan, as they have already done (for instance, about her mother, what does that have to do with the both of them, I think that kind of comments are really hurtful) hopefully they talk a lot in the interview. About Meghan’s look and ring, I find it right and it is the style she usually wears, so she is being herself, no disguise and the ring I find it exquisite, elegant, there is no need of having a rainbow ring. About Harry proposing Meghan, after all his relationships and experience if he has decided to get married so quick it is just because he could feel something different from the others, that is kind of romantic, although I feel a bit sorry for the ex.

  27. Harry seems very emotive, happy and it is a big time for him : and I think that the choice of photocall in Diana’s garden is good.
    I love the ring : it is simple (like Meghan seems to like) but it has such symbolism :Bostwana = part of Harry and reference to his mother. He takes the time to make a ring.
    For clothes, not bad not good : Honestly when I look at her, I just see her smile. They are happy and it is essential. I love the white of her coat.

  28. I’m going to dissent, which is unusual for me because I tend to veer toward the negative. I liked the photocall, however abbreviated. I liked the outdoor setting a great deal because it made for beautiful pictures…I thought the setting for William and Kate’s was very gloomy. I liked Meghan’s coat…that wrap style is very trendy right now, and she is thin enough to carry it off. I am not a huge fan of nude shoes but those are interesting enough that they don’t bother me like say, Kate’s nude pumps. But frankly, to me, the best part is that they were very affectionate with one another. The Royal Family rarely does that, and the way they are looking at one another to me shows that they are very happy and in love. And that is coming from a die-hard cynic.

    1. Hear, hear. The amount of fiction written into the subtle details of this photocall is comparable to the excesses of Kremlin-watching during the height of the Cold War. Ms. Markle looked balanced: formal without being stuffy, happy without quite gushing, finely coordinated without unnecessary accessories, and — as has been obvious throughout their appearances together — steadying for Harry, who (like his grandfather) can be a bit of a lout on these scripted occasions.

      The initial BBC interview could be interesting. It’s the real event of the day, not this brief appearance.

    2. I actually liked Meghan’s coat at my initial glance! I think it is very pretty, and I like the shade of white. I don’t know about you, but I tend to imagine how a garment would look if I wore it, and then determine whether or not I like the garment. I have a completely different shape than either Meghan or Kate, and very different colouring, so in general, I detest all of Kate’s oatmeal clothes and shapeless dresses. I’m glad to see Meghan wore an attractive shade of green. Although, is it sartorial incorrect to have your dress peek from below your coat?

      I think Meghan’s ring is sentimental and sweet. It would not my choice to have yellow gold, but it looks nice on her hand!

  29. I’m really enjoying the interview honestly. I’m glad they are being far, far more open than W&K. I’m warming up to the idea of them together.

        1. I did laugh when she said she didn’t know much about him. Yeah, right, girlfriend! Just admit you did! I’m sure she swotted up knowing she’d meet him! lol It’s pretty obvious imo they met in Toronto not later as claimed.

          It’s okay Leah, we can agree to disagree on lots of things, Meghan included, but definitely not Waity– er Kate.

          1. Ha that part was a little ridiculous.
            It was a great interview and I loved how they said they’ve had seveal teas with his father. I love her answer about the ring and I guess too much to ask interviewers not to always bring up Diana and what she would think of them. I mean, what are they going to say? My mum would hate her?? Get real journalists!
            I thought this much bettter than the photocall and thought her dress was lovely

          2. I don’t know about that, almost everyone I know knows nothing about the British royals and couldn’t name one (except the Queen) if their lives depended on it 🙂

          3. “I did laugh when she said she didn’t know much about him. ”

            See, this is what I don’t get. Why would she lie? I feel like I’m totally missing the plot.

            I was grinning like a fool throughout most of the interview. I actually envy them being that crazy about each other.

          4. I spoke with a friend today, and she had never heard of Meghan. She doesn’t follow royals at all. I forget that we may be outliers in our interst and knowledge.

          5. We definitely are. Most people I know don’t know/follow/care about royals at all. I know three who only pay attention to the big news and that’s it.

    1. I hope MMR writes this interview down for us (yes,much work!). I can’t watch it at the moment 🙁

  30. I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to the table. She’s educated, and she’s a grown woman who took care of herself for many years before Harry came along. (Not comparing her to Kate or Diana, just saying). Also, her mom is a social worker, and I imagine she’ll help Meghan stay down to earth. I hope they are truly in love, as she’s probably sacrificing a lot to be with him. (Career, privacy, moving far away from her family). I wish them all the best.

  31. What is the strong connection that Prince Harry has to Botswana (in particular). He really seems to favor that country; I didn’t know she spent July 2016 with him in the country.

    1. I believe that it’s where Charles took him and William after their mother died. And it’s one of the countries in which he’s been involved in conservation, particularly with rhino conservation. It’s also just a stunningly beautiful place.

  32. I just finished watching the interview and the most striking part for me was how confident and eloquent Meghan is. I think she will be a very good influence on Harry. That being said, it is obvious who is in the driver’s seat in the relationship and it isn’t Harry. I wish them nothing but the best.

    1. Hi Beth, I don’t know if I agree about who’s in the driver’s seat in this relationship but I do think Meghan is much more comfortable in these types of situations so maybe that’s why she’s taking more of a lead here. I do agree though that she will be a very good partner and influence for Harry.

      1. Hi Lauri. I didn’t mean “in the driver’s seat” as in implying that Meghan is bossy but she seems somehow older, more mature, and even protective of Harry. She is no shrinking violet, that’s for sure. The woman exudes confidence and I mean that in every good way.

        1. Hi Beth, I didn’t think you were saying she was bossy and I’m sorry if my response sounded that way. I do agree that she does seem protective of Harry, at least in these types of situations which makes sense as it seems to be an area that she’s comfortable in. I think in most relationships one person takes the lead in some situations and the other person takes the lead in others. For instance, my husband is clearly the more social one so in social settings he does most of the talking while I stand there like a bump on a log 🙂 I do agree that she does exude confidence and I have high hopes for her going forward.

          Before this announcement I watched several interviews that she’s done and was really blown away at her poise being asked all types of random questions. One video in particular had one of her readers/commenters of The Tig in the audience and Meghan had a hand written letter for her plus a little gift which I thought was super thoughtful. Apparently, Meghan had inspired this young woman to travel to Brazil to meet a friend she had met through The Tig.

      2. I think because he’s used to being around women who don’t speak their mind as much as Meghan does, so it’s refreshing for him to finally find a woman who is confident and knows who she is, what she wants, etc and isn’t afraid to say so.

  33. Just watched the interview and, IMO, it was very good. The way they presented themselves (as a couple and individuals) was wonderful. Meghan gave off a confident woman vibe and I loved it. Harry is clearly besotted with her.

    Bring on the royal wedding! My money is on St. George’s Chapel.

    1. Hi Kimothy, they kind of bring to mind Maxima and WA for me as she is very confident and WA is clearly besotted with her.

  34. I am very happy with the interview and have much better thoughts of Meghan and even Harry. She really was demonized for almost a year but she seems like a very nice woman.

  35. Meghan seems to be as passionate a person as I hoped she would be, and planning to work on issues and causes that matter to her. I have high hopes for these two.

  36. In response to those who commented that she looked silly posing in an odd way and waving… if you watch the video, she never specifically stood and posed with a wave, as celebrities do on the red carpet. It was just the way the photographers caught her in a single frame. Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion (I personally thought her shoes were a bit big & the nude color a bit different next to the white of the coat), but just imagine yourself choosing what to wear and how to act for what would be one of the most photographed days of your life. She chose what she thought she looked lovely in – good for her. Harry is very comfortable in his official duties, but obviously not so much when it comes to his personal life – hopefully, he will get better at it with her help. All and all, I thought they looked very happy and there will be more to see (including the dress) during the later interview.

    1. Hi Sophie, I thought the same thing about her shoes being a bit too big but then I noticed that it appears she was standing on her tippy toes because Harry is so darn tall. I thought it was rather cute. And yeah, there was one shot that I think is a bit odd but as you said it was just how the photographer caught her as she was moving.

  37. I’m so glad that I have today off so I can spend all day enjoying the happy chaos!!

    I just watched part of the engagement interview and was so impressed by Meghan’s deportment and poise. She is obviously very comfortable in these situations and I thought, very encouraging with Harry who looked rather nervous to me. The actual engagement story was just too adorable.

    I have to say how thrilled I am with the affection shown by this couple, it reminds me very much of Maxima and WA or Felipe and Letiza, not over the top but not afraid of being themselves and letting their love shine.

    Thanks MMR for this wonderful post and I hope you manage to get some rest and relaxation while keeping up with both royal ladies!

    1. His father should pay. Charles is very personally wealthy, and she’s marrying into the BRF. Her father doesn’t like the publicity I really hope he gives her away.

      1. Where this information come from whats your source, because as far as I know Meghan got a 13 thousand dollars salary and paid rent and could not help her dad that filed for bankruptcy. Harry officially has 16 millions Euros that he got from his mother. They are not that rich not even together.

      2. I think Doria should be involved in that part as well, since it seems she was the one who raised Meghan primarily. The father to husband exchange reminds of the property exchange that a bride used to be not that long ago.

        1. I wonder if both parents will give her away.

          My dad walked me down the aisle, but my dad, mother, and stepmother who all had a hand in raising me gave me away together. It was really nice. Our priest loved it.

          1. While both of my parents attended my wedding, my son walked me down the aisle. It’s times like this that bring up such happy, funny memories!

  38. Off topic!
    I wonder when Pippa gets pregnant.
    I say before Meghan, she doesn’t want to be the last one getting pregnant, I guess.So,.also before Harry’s wedding.

  39. I wish them all the best but after the interview I am pretty sure what kind of relationship is that. It seems to me that she leads the main role, and she treats him like a little boy who needs to be protected. She is extremely eloquent and not at all shy or overwhelmed by the situation. I would love to say that is great but somehow I don’t like it. She looks like a character who is in control and who knows exactly what to do and what to say, an even her glances toward Harry seem too perfect to be true. I don’t know if I am righ but people in highest peek of their happiness seem to be out of control -she looks like she rehearsed that situation/interview thousands times before and she is perfectly in control. Harry from the other hand looked very stressed and tensed, rarely smiling. He is mostly eclipsed by her strong personality and looks rather timid. Well I must say it’s not what I imagined about them and right now I can’t be so excited as most of you are.
    One more thing, please don’t criticize me because I have different oppinion. It’s crazy when even creator of this blog is bullied by her readers because of her opinions. We all have rights to feel the way we feel. I am trying to respect your point of you, please do try respect mine.

    1. Hi Polish Girl! I’m certainly not going to criticize you because you have a different opinion than mine, I think having differing opinions make all this royal watching and fashion talk so much fun!

      Personally I didn’t see her eclipsing him rather, imho, the interviewer asked her more questions as they would trying to get to know their new Duchess-to-be. Also, I don’t think answering questions about his personal life is Harry’s strong suit and Meghan really helped him along with that. Another thought I had is that maybe she talked so much because she’s really, really excited about her engagement, I know I chatter on and on when I’m super excited about something and I can’t imagine anything more exciting than one’s engagement.

      I look forward to your opinions as we get closer to the wedding date!

  40. I watched the interview on YouTube a little over half an hour ago. I LOVED IT. She was so poised and confident and they have a natural chemistry. You can tell he was nervous but she took the lead and made him comfortable. All around just a wonderful interview. I might watch it again later.

    1. It’ s funny because somebody said before that she might be pregnant. My first impression during the first photocall was the same. They seemed to be in rush, afraid of questions, her rather unconsidered outfit with heavy midsection. I know it sounds irrational but that was my first thought.

      And I didn’t like a pond between them and (let me just say) us

  41. Wow, I was so impressed at the interview. Megs was super engaged, and articulate. Their story seemed genuine and they seems physically and emotionally intune with each other. I thought that it was cute how they discussed their relationship. My DH and I had a long distance relationship before we got married. I know that when done right, they actually help strengthen the bonds. Like Megs said, it was a choice. It seems they are coming back to choosing each other over and over again.

    I want to go back and watch Will and Kate’s interview and compare them..

    The interview makes up for the brief photocall in my mind.
    Congrats H and M!!

  42. Congrats to the couple!
    My two cents. Meghan looks very pretty. The outfit is a bit blah I have to admit, and the coat does nothing for her. Anyone else think the shoes are too big for her? She does appear to be very confident though and thats perhaps due to her media exposure. Harry on the other hand seems nervous and jumpy. Word of advice to Harry: please relax and at least pretend to like the media. You need them, they dont need you.

    One thing I have to comment on, is the fact that she keeps rubbing his arm- I found it super annoying. He’s a 33 year old man, I dont think he needs constant reassurance. But maybe I feel this way because I myself dont like PDA, but I found it a bit too much. Also the way she looks at him is like how Kate looks at William, very over the top lovey dovey and almost mothering.Then again, others can interpret this as romantic. Each to their own.

    I was surprised that their photocall was so short. One minute they came in, next minute they waved goodbye and were off.

    1. Just to add to the above. I liked that they did the interview outside. It makes for better photographs.

  43. I’m gonna be the first to say that Meghan ALREADY has Canadian citizenship, y’all go say you heard it here😋😋. But seriously, Meghan loves, loves, loves Canada and I’m thinking she would want her kids to be half Canadians. Also, Canada being a commonwealth makes it easy for the both of them and their family . So I’m going out on a limb and say Meghan is gonna be British Canadian, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. on another note, congrats to the happy couple. Aaahhh, I can smell love in the air🤓🤓

  44. This engagement feels different to me than Will and Kate. I love that she is a self-made woman who had her own career, hobbies, friends, interests and charitable projects completely independent of who she was dating. I think that is a really positive message to show young girls– live your best life now and always; be present in every moment and use your gifts and skills to bless others around you. If a guy comes along who adds to your happiness– great! If not, that neither makes you a failure nor “incomplete”. This is what always bothered me a little about the William/ Kate narrative– her greatest accomplishment has always seen as marrying the future king. While I obviously do not know Kate personally, from the public information available over the past decade or so about her relationship with William, I always found it a little frustrating that, considering she pursued higher education, she seemed to lack any sense of career ambition or general direction in life apart from her romantic relationship. Say what you’d like about Meghan’s unconventional road to royalty– she is someone who worked hard to build a life for herself in which she could be happy and thrive. I hope she will bring that industrious attitude to this new chapter in her life and become a productive royal and philanthropist.

  45. Well I did watch the interview this morning and the amount of lies and contradictions they tell in 20 minutes was sad to watch. I knew the press would not miss the contradictions.
    Meghan said they date for good 6 months without anyone knew then 2 minutes later Harry said they meet in July, which contradicts the “we date for 6 months BS” because he did released that annoying thing asking for the press to back off in October or November which makes 4 or 5 months dating. Also they said they meet in London, another lie since they meet in Toronto while Meghan was still with her ex boyfriend the Chef.
    When the reporter asks how he did proposed Meghan says “hmmm” and look at him and then Harry tells this uncomfortable lie about it happening two weeks ago after a roasted chicken dinner.
    The press here is all over their contradictions and how Meghan keeps looking at him looking for permission about what to say and then how she cuts him off all the time trying to endorse his story.

    I dont think she actually did really liked her ring,I know I did not and mostly everyone didnt either.

    She looks beautiful, great makeup, shinny long hair, boring dress kind horse-poop color.
    Harry looks emotional, Meghan looks hype on cloud 9 and I think she barely knows what is about to come. People her in England are already disliking her a LOT. Know one really knew her and now its ‘Hey this strange is going to be your new Duchess, she quite her job and now she is going to live in the palace until their wedding, suck it England”

    To be honest I dont even blame her, but the whole thing was badly introduced.
    Hopefully better things are to come now that she is going to show up for some official engagements has a couple.
    And yes we are all here bummed with the no bank day off since I wil lpay for this wedding as well and I am not even getting a day off.

    1. William and Kate also lied a bunch in their interview.

      I think the engagement story is sweet and probably true, unlike W&K’s. It seems too genuine; Harry isn’t good at lying, there would be more tells, IMO. Though I agree on fudging when they met to make it look better, as it wouldn’t do to admit Meghan was with that chef dude when they showed interest in one another…

      My British friends all seem to be indifferent or “good for them but sad no holiday”. I’ll see what my family back in ye olde country says but probably happy for Harry or indifferent.

      Americans are more excited about this and not just because she is American but because the Diana mania our media still pushes, and William the Savior and Kate his University Sweetheart (I got slammed on an entirely unrelated forum saying I was happy for them but cannot stand W&K! How DARE I not worship Saint William!).

  46. The interview was perfect. Perfect.

    I’m also proud of her as an American. I feel we’ve presented ourselves in such a ugly light lately. Feels great to see how happy they are — and great to see a warm, poised American woman being herself, being so very likable, rising to a challenge people weren’t sure she was “good enough” to handle, and having admirable priorities.

    I believe they will be a team with an admirable purpose. The corgis took to Meghan; I’ll take that as a omen and go with the hope she and Harry be a force for good and an inspiration for many.

    Diana would be proud. I hope Chuck, Cammie, Will, and Catherine have the heart to be too. Darn, my eyes are watery.

    1. I am glad that as an American you are proud of her as you should.
      But we the British people that are actually going to fund her wedding, we did not like her at all. The amount of dislike is huge and its not even 24h since the announcement.

      Hopefully things will change once people get used to her.

      I actually fell sorry for her now, I dont think she was expecting this amount of rejection today.

      1. I’m curious as to what people in the UK are saying/ thinking about her? Are there specific objections to her?

        1. Mostly objections that she is divorced and american. Now the thing that both her parents and half brother filed for bankruptcy is also raising eyes. But thats all.

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