Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are engaged!

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are engaged!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged! Clarence House announced the engagement this morning in a press release.

Clarence House said:

“His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle. The wedding will take place in Spring 20118. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course.

“His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle became engaged in London earlier this month. Prince Harry has informed Her Majesty The Queen and other close members of his family. Prince Harry has also sought and received the blessing of Ms. Markle’s parents.

“The couple will live in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace.”

Kensington Palace issued a statement on behalf of Meghan’s parents, Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland.

“On the announcement of their daughter Meghan Markle’s engagement to His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, Mr. Thomas Markle and Ms. Doria Ragland said:

“‘We are incredibly happy for Meghan and Harry. Our daughter has always been a kind and loving person. To see her union with Harry, who shares the same qualities, is a source of great joy for us as parents. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and are very excited for their future together.'”

Kensington Palace also tweeted a message from Prince William and Kate Middleton: “We are very excited for Harry and Meghan. It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together.”

KP also announced that Harry and Meghan will appear for a photo call at Kensington Palace later this afternoon, and that they will also take part in a broadcast interview to be aired this evening UK time. Will be back later for that!

230 thoughts on “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are engaged!

  1. Youpi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited to see them together and speak about their meeting, their future!

  2. Is that Leah I can hear squealing?

    I wish Meghan and Harry happiness.
    Looking forward to the interview.

  3. I can’t wait for the interview. I really, really hope she does well in the family. So far, the racial undertones of some of the negative comments are so uncomfortable.

    1. I’m looking forward to the interview, too. I am very curious what they have to say.

      1. So am I KMR.
        I am curious what they have to say, their dynamic and how Meghan will comport herself.
        It will be most interesting to see how this all pans out over the coming months. I am still not sure. Anyway time will tell.

          1. I expect Meghan Markle will be FAR more eloquent and articulate in her speech than Kate was in her engagement interview.

  4. YES! I just LOVE a royal wedding! Shame it couldn’t have been the fall, spring just seems so overdone lately. So happy for this lovely couple!

  5. Wishing them a blessed, long marriage, with lots of kids and happiness.

    Still cynical about it all, but I want them to be happy, so voila!

    I can’t wait for the press call and interview. Will be far, far better than W&K’s. Also pleased Harry did it properly, it was arranged correctly, everyone advised beforehand, he did it unlike William and did it by protocol. Good boy!

    1. I’ll be honest, I’m still a bit cynical, too. But I love looking at engagement rings, tiaras, and wedding dresses, so we at least have that to look forward to! I’m very curious what they will say in their interviews.

      1. Me too. I wonder if it will be very…fake? You know, Meghan acting, versus being herself. I want to see them together as a happy, normal couple, not Meghan selling herself to the British people. I doubt it’ll have to be a mess on the cutting room floor like W&K’s!

        1. Well, Meghan does have the advantage over Kate in that Meghan is used to rehearsing and memorizing lines, so she’ll remember what to say better than Kate did.

        2. “You know, Meghan acting, versus being herself.”

          Ellie +1
          It will make interesting viewing.

      2. Not just you MMR, me too, I’m just a bit cynical. It really started with the letter Harry released and how fast this relationship just moved. And that really cloying magazine interview. I’m just a bit blindsided by it all. Sometimes I wonder how much of their relationship is just due to just reacting and getting carried away by it all. But by now, I just decided to enjoy all the fashion, the jewelry, and all that.

      3. I’m cynical too, but I’m genuinely excited. Can’t wait to see the ring and the interview! The next months until the wedding are going to be fun!

        1. The speed of this relationship and Meghan’s media baiting in the beginning have definitely made me cynical too. I don’t know if she really truly understands just how much she willhave to change for the RF and I don’t know how she will handle it if people continue to be very negative towards her. Harry has been protective of her but at that protection will only go so far obce she is out there as a working royal. But I am so excited to see the wedding and to see how she handles this.

          1. Harry’s protection is like William’s. All bark and no bite. Could see him being quite like him–random lawsuits, threatening letters, stuff like that. Hiding their family away. Can’t see Meghan who is in it IMO for the fame and fortune being okay with that, she’s more independent than Kate.

    2. I was always cynical too.I just hope for Harry that Meghan really loves him and not his status.It must be hard for him to find true love.In my opinion, it’s always a good indicator if a woman wouldn’t stay with you no matter what he does.Meghan was always a bit overexcited when photgraphed with him.
      Nevertheless, I hope Harry becomes happy with his future life and wife 🙂

  6. Congratulations to them!
    I hope that they have a private wedding. It would make for a nice change.

    1. NO!!!!! I want public and televised and tiaras and big dresses! What is the point of a royal wedding if we don’t get to watch?

      1. KMR/MMR: Thank you!!! Royal wedding time!!!! I have a feeling Beatrice and Eugenie won’t pull any crazy stunts with their outfits this time around. 😉

      2. I find the coverage and obsession nauseating and with these two it is going to be crazy. It is a personal preference 🙂

        1. Oh I think the press is going to be awful. It was when it was just rumors. I remembering I used to watch E News back when William and Kate announced their engagement, and I had to quit watching the show because the engagement coverage got to be too much. The press craziness just about the rumors the last several months was too much and I mostly quit blogging about Meghan except for actual photos of her, so I’m not sure I will be able to handle the press crap that we will be in for for the next six months. But I love watching the weddings.

        2. I found it slightly odd that Beatrice and Eugenie wore those outfits, Kimothy. It is such lovely news. 🙂

        1. It did make me laugh. I admit it. Beatrice showed her sense of humour by auctioning it. For my brother’s wedding I played it safe. I still got attention. Which I don’t like.

          1. I thought Beatrice showed grace and class and rose above the mean spirited comments. She showed what sort of girl she is by auctioning it off, a great move.

      3. Absolutely hoping for a public wedding, with pearls, tiara, fabulous gown, and royal children in fluffy dresses.

      4. I am with you. This will probably be the last royal wedding for the BRF in my lifetime. I want it to be a good one!
        I wish them a long and happy life together.

    2. I can’t imagine a wedding not public somehow. If not the Abbey–and Harry is entitled to it, and let’s face it, I doubt Meghan would want a wedding that isn’t a big shindig if she’s marrying a prince–it will be St George’s Chapel which is gorgeous.

      I did notice the wedding announcement did not say London like W&K’s did… Immediately made me think St George’s.

    3. Candice, I’ve always felt the same way–something along the lines of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessett’s wedding would be wonderful! But then again, JFK Jr. and Carolyn’s lifestyle and work wasn’t paid for by the taxpayer.

      I sincerely hope Meghan will be happy. This isn’t a role with a fixed number of episodes or with an option to be written out of the script.

      1. Oh my gosh, Carolyn’s dress, hair, everything was so beautiful. So simple and refined. Suited her perfectly.

  7. Congratulation to Harry and Meghan….I have been following their love story from the beginning so I’m very happy for this wonderful conclusion…..look forward to the photo call, engagement interview and most of all a royal wedding 🙂

    1. I already read the the Archbishop of Canterbury will be overseeing it, and it will be a church weddding—and I am hoping it is a very big church wedding. Maybe St. Peter’s instead of Westminister to make it different…

      1. You mean St Paul’s? William didn’t get St Paul’s. So Harry won’t.

        Westminster Abbey is the traditional royal wedding venue so I’m assuming there, if not, St George’s at Windsor.

    2. Woops! Sorry and thanks Ellie! I am not that knowledgeable about all the various venues in London and the UK generally.

      1. There was a press rumor about emerald for the ring a while ago. But who knows if that had any truth to it. I’m hoping not sapphire, since Kate has a sapphire ring. I love rubies and amethysts so I’d prefer either of those and diamonds as the ring.

        1. Oh definitely not sapphire. That would be weird for two reasons: 1) because that was Diana’s ring originally and would seem strange and 2) Kate is wearing Diana’s ring (which is also strange IMO but that’s another story) so definitely not.

          I don’t think a ruby would work because that’s the kind that Sarah Ferguson got and seeing as how Harry is also the “spare”, I can see all kinds of speculations and gossip coming from the woodwork if that happened.

          Amethyst? Meh. I mean, purple is a lovely color (and it’s my mom’s birthstone!) but I just can’t see it being used as an engagement ring.

          emerald, soft pink (like Sophie’s ring) or even just straight diamonds would work for me.

          1. I’m right in line with you Kimothy. I love Sophie’s ring. It will have to be different, though, from Pippa’s ring too.

        2. There was talk of an old aquamarine ring of Diana’s being remodelled.

          That magazine sure got it wrong?

    1. I read it will be all diamond from one of Diana’s brooches. I think it’s the flower brooch with a sizeable round diamond in the middle. I think he will have diamonds surrounding this diamond…Let’s see if I am right.

      1. Daily Mail just published first photos of the ring– looks like you were right! Appears to be a large round white diamond with two smaller diamonds, one on either side. Yellow or rose gold band– couldn’t tell from the pic

        1. I just read the article and it’s white gold! I’m absolutely 100% in love with that ring. I love the simplicity, and that it has stones from Diana but wasn’t already a piece of her jewelry.

          1. Em, I love this ring,.too.It’s beautiful in his colour and simplicity,like you said.
            l would be happy to have such a beautiful ring as a gift.
            Harry has good taste.

      1. Is it 9 or 10? I’m so confused by time zones during daylight savings or whatever we’re in now.

  8. Woohoo!! What wonderful news to wake up to. I love the statements from her parents – and that he asked BOTH parents for permission to marry Meghan, instead of just her father. I love their statement too, wishing a lifetime of happiness.

    I cannot WAIT to see the ring, the photos, the interview. I am sooooooo thrilled.

    (My prediction on the ring is a big, honking, diamond – no colored stones (but she’ll get Diana’s emeralds in a remade necklace/bracelet/demi-parure). And that Meghan will wear a light-colored outfit…cream, maybe…)

    1. I liked the part about both parents being asked, too, and the nice things that Meghan’s parents said about her.

    2. She’s 36 years old and we live in a society that still thinks it’s necessary/cute to “ask the parent’s permission” for her to get married. I think that’s ridiculous… but then again, we *are* dealing with the BRF.

      I am thrilled as well. I can’t wait to see everything and I am not as cynical about their relationship as most of the comments on MMR seem to be. I also think her ring might be something of Diana’s that has been repurposed… but I hope she gets something that is hers, without the baggage behind it.

      1. I don’t think that’s exactly what the statement is saying, LizB–although Gudgeon says “permission,” Clarence House used the term “blessing.” I think there’s a distinction there that matters. In families where members are close to each other, requesting a blessing can recognize the independence of adults like Meghan but also the fact that there are others in the family that the new spouse will join. If you’ve ever seen “Fiddler on the Roof,” I think of it as the difference between Tzeitel/Motel and Hodel/Perchik. Hodel and Perchik were going to marry no matter what her father said, but they did want his blessing on the match.

        1. I still don’t like it – call it permission or blessing. Notice nobody talks about a man’s family giving their “blessing” for an egagement. It’s always the woman’s family… Even in the Clarence House announcement, they say Harry just “informed” the Queen.

          But I love Fiddler on the Roof 🙂

          1. Traditionally, it was always the woman’s family to ask. Men were always their own person before they could marry.They just had to be suitable and the father had to agree with it.
            Today, it’s just a nice thing.It involves the whole family.
            It will be interesting how the rest of Meghan’s family will react.I pity her for some relatives, but you can’t change some things in life. Harry chose her, so he will be okay with the rest.

  9. Ha – well nearly 11pm in Australia and this “popped up” on my news feed – oh dear – Harry settled for the girl still standing much as his brother did . Think Chelsea was his “one” – maybe as he is now older (and not much wiser) he will make it work . . .

    1. Why was chelsea the one? Clearly she wasn’t or he wouldn’t be marrying mm. Chelsea admitted she couldn’t marry him because of the exposure so I guess that makes her not the one.
      Also mm isn’t the girl still standing as kate was, the relationships have had a totally different trajectory, kate hung around for years! Not working, at Williams beck and call supported by her mother.
      Two years ago mm was a working actress, with an interesting life, travelling with friends, cooking and eating out, doing real life stuff she enjoyed.
      I just find a lot of the comments being made, including yours, illogical and biased.

    2. Oz Shan, I always thought they had a big romance.
      She surely loved him as a person, not the fame.Otherwise, these two would. have been married some time ago.

  10. Congratulations to Harry and Meghan! I can’t wait for the photocall and photographs. Wishing them both a lot of happiness.

  11. I am very happy and exited for them even tho I am still cynical about it.

    I totally do not believe that they just got engaged earlier this month in London like they are saying, not sure why thats the story they want to tell.

    I am very exited to see what Meghan will wear today I think she will wear a British designer but maybe american shoes designer to have both. I am sure she will do great at the interview and its unfair to compare with Kate because Meghan is an actress ans she is used to memorize things and make is sounds natural.

    Also they called her Meghan, so maybe they will not try to call her Duchess Rachel of Sussex later

    A weeding in the spring meas they are going to skip the 6 months engagement protocol and I am wondering if they are going to have a small wedding too…
    Those silly news lighten up my day, today I am following up with my doctor after a weekend of a scary miscarriage threat so I hope baby is okay.

    1. William and Kate made up the Kenya story, so they could have done that: made it up, but I think earlier this month is true.

      I figure spring means post-Kate baby because it has to be about Kate being skinny again, of course.

      I hope you and baby are okay Agnes!

      1. Oh, I so hope they don’t use Duchess Rachel. I don’t like the name Rachel and Meghan suits her more. Or, should I have said, “SUITS” her more? P.S. I don’t mean to offend anyone whose name is Rachel, or who has a loved one with that name.

        This is such great news and I wish the couple a long, happy, loving and healthy life together. Now, finally, the dullness of the Cambridges is getting a run for its money. Along come a powerhouse of a couple. I truly hope they use their platform to do good for those who need help in the world. Can’t wait to see them together at the photo call.

  12. Not surprised to see this–I think we all knew after last year’s statement that they would eventually marry. Meghan does have a mind, will, and voice of her own, so, despite any other flaws, I’m going to be cautiously optimistic about the future. I hope she is the person her image presents her to be and that she’ll be an invested, kind, thoughtful, and hard-working addition to the BRF.

    1. “Meghan does have a mind, will, and voice of her own, so, despite any other flaws, I’m going to be cautiously optimistic about the future.”

      Me too.

      You know, I follow the royals pretty closely and read a lot of blogs and such, and I’m really convinced that MM can never win the approval of everyone. To varying degrees, people lay into Kate, Sofia of Sweden, Leti of Spain, Maxima, Mette-Marit of Norway, Mary of Denmark (to speak nothing of Diana, Sarah, and Sophie) and I’ve come to the conclusion that a woman who marries into a royal family can never win. Ever. She’s either too this or too that and no matter what she does, she’s labeled as a gold-digger.

      I’m not blind to the faults of the above ladies who married in, but at some point, I realize I don’t know the whole story, I don’t actually know them, and be thankful that it’s not me and my life that is being scrutinized by the whole f-ing world. I doubt I would make the cut.

      I also notice the men who marry in do not come under such harsh criticism… except maybe Chris O’Neill. For some reason, the Swedish press really has it out for him.

      1. Chris made the ultimate proof that he didn’t marry Madeleine for her royal status.
        He said no to his titles.

  13. Congratulations to Harry & Meghan! I still remember when the story broke that they were dating and I wasn’t sure what to believe. Who knew that just a year later they would be engaged! Marriage is a beautiful thing and I wish them joy & happiness.

      1. Why such the dislike for Erdem? I’m genuinely curious. Every comment I’ve come by mentioning this brand is always negative. Have they done something wrong?

        1. No, M.E.S., nothing except producing what is in my very humble sartorial opinion, very unattractive print dresses.

          1. Their dresses are ugly. Giant floral prints and lots of ruffles. Looks like you are wearing an old lady’s sofa.

  14. Some of the commenting here and on the DM website has me confused. There’s a lot of cynicism because she’s an actress so there seems to be an assumption she’s acting this role as princess to be, but what if she’s not? And to be fair she’s has worked in the real world so that’s got to be a bonus.

    There seems to be a view that’s she fame hungry because she had a social media presence including a blog, that enjoyed before she met harry, but doesn’t everyone these days? And as an actress she would be expected to self promote. In every interview I’ve watched she seems poised, intelligent and graceful. She also speaks out honestly regarding her background and the challenges it has posed.

    There’s also cynicism that they’ve rushed into this but they’ve been together nearly 18 months and they’re both in their thirties so timescales seem reasonable.

    The body language seems genuine, they appear to me to have a loving and supportive relationship. Harry has seemed happier and more settled since she met him.

    There really is a sense in some comments that people are just waiting for this relationship to fail so they can say I told you and a huge sense of disappointment in some quarters it even got this far. Some of the comments on DM accusing her of ‘yachting’ and sleeping her way to the top are just vile. And as for her family, so what, every family has their eccentrics, black sheep etc, when uncle Gary middleton was arrested with assaulting his wife recently, it was poor kate, she can’t be held responsible for her family. With MM, it’s she’s not suitable to marry into BRF because her sister is writing a book called princess pushy!

    To be honest none of us know either of them so proscribing qualities based on the media seems crazy. I just wish them the best and hope they learn to screen out the negative views.

      1. They’ve known each other, really, what, six months? Traveling back and forth.

        Meghan is an actress. All her charity has been PR organized by her agent. I do not believe for a minute any of it is genuine, unlike what we know of Harry’s work. A lot of stories she tells are total rubbish (that stupid soap commercial one for example). She’s like Kate in that she is thirsty for the fame and fortune, and I think like Kate, that’s why Harry appealed so much. She dropped her long-term boyfriend straightaway for Harry which says a lot IMO. She’s 36, she wouldn’t be getting anywhere in Hollywood with just a bit part on a TV Show, so she had to find another avenue. All her trolling on social media last year was pretty immature, too. For a woman who goes on and on about being some feminist independent trailblazer, marrying into the Royal Family is bizarre to say the least–but when you look how fame hungry she’s been, into dropping designer labels, her endorsements for the $$.. well.. makes way more sense IMO.

        That is why I am incredibly cynical about her.

        Harry is desperate. I think he wants marriage and children so very badly. And like William, Meghan’s the last one standing (she didn’t stalk Harry like Kate but it reminds me of the same cunning Kate had in keeping William around despite his cheating, philandering, treating her like garbage–which I can’t see Meghan putting up with from Harry!).

        I hope I’m wrong and they are happy, and this lasts forever but I don’t think they’re going into it very clear-headed.

        1. I knew my husband for 6 months before we got engaged – and we were married 3 months later. That was 10 years ago, and we are fine. It works for some people.

          Oh, and I heard she eats babies, too. You can add that to your list. But only wealthy babies, because she wants all that sweet sweet moolah.

          1. You wanted to know why people are cynical about her. I gave you some answers. No need to be bitchy.

          2. Ellie,
            That is incredibly biased against MM and Harry. You won’t begrudge them a sliver of a doubt. BTW, she is not a bit player on a some obscure cable TV show. To get to that level is something to be proud of . She made a good living as an actress in an tough, competitive business.

          3. Why are people so strange when it comes to Meghan?
            You don’t know her like Ellie doesn’t know her.
            She is no shy wallflower, of course she loves the attention she gets now.

          4. Ellie,
            Bitchy? Lol Wow.
            And I didn’t ask about the cynicism – I’ve seen enough of it on MMR and KMR to know people’s opinions.

            Lovely Blossom,
            Were you replying to me? Because I’m also wondering why people are so strange about MM. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, because, you know, I don’t actually know her.

          5. Ellie, this is just not cool. I doubt Meghan’s charity was pr arranged. She has a history of being involved in charities, etc, worked for the embassy in Buenos Aires.

            There are many actors I can think of, who I would say had charity events staged, arranged for them, but Meghan, no. For one thing, how would it benefit her?

            Meghan was never a well known name. Most people would not care about her working with causes. And her interest and engagment with them is genuine. You can see that in the photos.

            I get it, you don’t like the girl, but don’t call her a fraud when you have no hard evidence she is one.

            And calling someone bitchy, poor form. That poster has done nothing to you at all. Why so nasty?

        2. Ellie
          With all due respect, most of the stuff you have said is your pov on events. You have no idea of what has really happened. You have never been in a room with either of them or spoken to them or likely anyone who knows them? I’m guessing not.
          Like many commenters you are just putting across a biased view of events that you have read about in the media.
          How do you know her charity work was pr arranged? How do you know she dropped her boyfriend?How do you know Harry is desperate? How do you know exactly how much time they’ve spent together? You dont, you have no idea. You’ve read loads of stuff and cherry picked the stuff that supports your view.
          As for fame hungry so what, so are millions of others it doesn’t make them bad people.

          1. Because most actors’ charity is PR. It was arranged by her agency. It’s all out there, it’s not hard to find. It is to promote their brand, their image, not to help people. And the rest, again, it’s out there. Meghan was with a long-term boyfriend. They met in Toronto, when Harry was there to promote Invictus, before the Orlando Games. They like William and Kate re-set the story to say they met in London at SoHo Farmhouse. (William and Kate met before St Andrews.)

            Re-fashioning it to make it seem like a fairytale.

            They live across an ocean from one another. Not like living together especially in the weird way Harry lives that is not like a normal person at all. (I did not live with my husband til we got married but we dated for years and years, not jumping here and there on flights to see one another a few days at a time always happy and excited to be together and not experiencing real life with one another. Without the pressure of a royal life, where Meghan will have to give up everything and be a silent mannequin a la Kate.)

            Meghan is in it IMO for the fame and fortune, not because she loves Harry, but I do think he loves her and is desperate for marriage and kids because the dude’s said it himself a lot. He wants this so badly.

            That’s why I’m cynical about her and this relationship in general. I don’t think Harry’s in it for the right reasons either. Like Kate, last woman standing, I guess. Who’d want William OR Harry? They’re both petulant children living in a goldfish bowl; at least Harry treats people well unlke his brother. I think we ALL want her to not be a stupid dud like Kate, but Meghan does have the fact she’s worked, can string together a sentence, and seems intelligent, so she’s got that over her sister in law who will probably make her life hell.

          2. But did you marry until a royal family and your life is under scrutiny live on the tabloids too ?

          3. I don’t understand this need for charity work to seem “sincere”. I don’t think anyone in the BRF does charity work because they want to, they do it because they have to. Even Diana. Heck, so do most wealthy people, socialites, celebrities, and corporations, because it is good for your image to be charitable when you have so much. I won’t question someone’s motives for doing charity work. The work needs to be done, and you never know when it will spark a fire in someone’s soul to do more. I only hope when she does work, she shows up for longer than half an hour and has something intelligent to say when there.

      2. I observe a double standard among the Dailymail readers. Prince Harry himself is no poster child for decorum.Remember the Vegas incident and the Nazi costume.

        1. Nazi costume – William bullied him into it, and it was not a Nazi costume but a South African uniform that had a swastika on it. William dressed in black face for that party, afaik, but nobody talks about that. The shopkeeper talked all about it!

          Those two boys have been a mess for sure but Harry’s the scapegoat for Perfect William.

          I don’t think Meghan will take well to being the fall girl for Kate.

          1. Harry was in his twenty s blaming will is a cop out the party he attended was native and colonial which when you think about the British empire destroying other countries it’s sick a bunch of rich white people essentially celebrating it also will wasn’t with harry when he was calling soliders pakis . Harry has been known to do and say racist shit that would of ended anyone else’s reputation but he just seems to get a pass which is why I have little respect for Meghan as a woman of colour how you can overlook that is beyond me Harry realising that statement about racial undertones in the media was ironic

          2. Ellie, It does not matter about the uniform shirt being South African army, what matters is that Harry wore a Swastika! He could have worn the Swastika with Jerry Seinfeld’s Puffy shirt and it would still be offensive.

          3. Soldier was fine with the Paki nickname and everyone else called him that. I find it offensive but the guy in question said it was cool and his nickname. Harry did some really dumb stuff, sure, but let’s not forget a lot of it is overblown to protect his brother and protect William’s reputation and give Harry the bad reputation. Harry’s making his reputation bad all on his own recently with his silly interviews like the Newsweek one!

            So William going to the Native and Colonial party is cool but Harry is not? (The costume was stupid as hell, not defending it but more Harry being stupid, but William goaded Harry into it, and we know how Harry seems: he does anything his brother tells him to.)

            Harry’s whole statement was stupid and emotional, but that’s his personality in a nutshell I guess–quick to anger, quick to respond and emotionally.

        2. In no way, do I think Meghan is the last woman standing for Harry. Harry is not William in the least. That was true in Williams’ case. Can’t we put cynicism aside for ONE day and just be joyous? My goodness!

    1. Oh, no Erdem And, as a U.S. citizen, I wish she’d honor some of her nationality in her appearance. More than shoes. I am certain she needs to go “British” in her fashion, but darn, I want some Yankee know how in her attire. Sorry, I just do!

  15. While I am happy, it still feels a bit rushed to me. I just hope she’s marrying him because she genuinely loves him and not for his status or his money. They didn’t see much of each other due to their own individual obligations, so how would they know what it’s like to live with one another, truly? I also hope Meghan knows what she’s getting herself into by marrying into the BRF…they are completely apolitical and she isn’t. She’s been very vocal about her stance on world politics, always talking of her independence, etc. Does she realize she can no longer do the same things she once did when she marries Harry? Has he told her all what is to come? She will (for the most part) be silenced. With all that said, I’m still quite excited for the both of them and wish them nothing but happiness. I can’t wait to see Harry and Meghan’s interview; I wonder what she’ll be wearing.

    1. I think Meghan will be a lot dissapointed when she figures that being a royal wife is not a rose garden.
      She will have to fake modesty, put down her fashion sexy casual persona and follow many rules that I dont think she is going to like. Also she got be be behind Kate and behind Camila for obvious reasons. If she wants to be the new Diana, things are going to go sour for her easily.

      But I dont know her and if I am wrong good for her,
      I would marry Harry too and wear the Brazilian Aquamarine tiara for my wedding cause I am half brazilian half British haahahha, and be rebelious about mini skirts cause thats a thing since 1950somehting and even my grandma was allowed to wear.

    2. I don’t think that she will be political in this marriage.
      For the sake of royalty and fame, she will stay quiet.
      It often comes across that if. you want to reach the top, you have to have the right opinion.
      It doesn’t have to be your own conviction, so it will not be hurtful for her to do what the protocol says.

    1. Probably here

      Lots of gushing now about Diana and William and how Harry follows in their footsteps. Eyeroll. And also about how William out-performs Charles and blah blah. Goodness me.

      1. Ellie, it’s always the same.
        Media tries it so hard with the Diana-image,it’s ridiculous.

  16. I wonder whether Harry will get a new twitter account which will cover his activities. Will Meghan get a title? Will she become an official member? Can she refuse a title and work independently for charities? Will she in some way join the mental health campaign of the trio?What nationality will she have?

    1. If she pulled a Chris O’Neill and did her own thing man would I respect her but I doubt it.

      I think they’ll still be under the KP Cambridge umbrella unfortunately but I so hope I am wrong, I’m sick of Harry being their fall guy and William and Kate taking credit for Harry’s work!

        1. She quitted her job at Suits.Of course, she will not work anymore.
          Chris never quitted his job.
          He loves his wife.He often.said he sometimes wished she wouldn’t be a princess.
          So, he really is not for the fame.

      1. What? Why? I would defenitely accept every title my husband brought into marriage.
        Chris O’Neill is surely not the positive standard I would like to messure up anyone to. “Forgetting” to pay taxes is not what I would call a responsbile and trustworthy entrepreneur. He reminds me more of the “old” liga of men marrying into royalty and than having a problem with only being the “husband of” (think Prince Henrik). For me- Madleine is even more reduced to a trophy wife doing some charity while he decides where and how they live and where it is still her, who seems to raise the children (with a nanny).

  17. I don’t envy Meghan. As an opinionated, independent career woman I am not sure she fully understands what she has signed up for. A life of silence with no freedom. Life in a gilded cage. I fear that maybe things have progreased too fast and I had hoped she would live in England for a year before an engagement so that she could be fully prepared. This is going to be a major lifestyle change for her. Being a royal is very, very different from being a princess. She will always have to be second to Kate. There is no way Carole would ever let Meghan outshine her.

    I hope that Harry and Meghan are happy together. I like to believe that love conquers all. But I think maybe they are still in the honeymoon phase since they have never even lived in the same country together for longer than two weeks at most. Can two people really know each other well enough like that?

    Harry is impulsive but I do think this was rushed even by his standards so I have my reservations. But I am looking forward to the interview.

        1. People give Carole a lot of crap because the media have made her out to be some sort of society climbing golddigger as there narative you see a lot of people projection their issues on the Middleton and kate

          1. But the Middletons are gold-digging social climbers. Even those close to them admit it.

            Kate and Pippa weren’t called the Wisteria sisters for nothing.

          2. There are actually sources personally known to people on the KMR/MMR blogs who have confirmed the narrative, not just press.

          1. Ellie when you say those close to the Middletons admit you mean press source given we don’t know who the sources are take it with a pinch of salt they also treated chelsy like some airhead despite the fact she had multiple degrees and tried to claim her father was close to Mugabe which turned out to be false give it a year and the onslaught against Meghans parents will begin its what the press does they start by building them up then tear them apart so what if Carole and Mike climbed the society ladder they worked hard for their money the snobbery in the britsh press is ridicules God forbid anyone gets above their station

    1. Depends on what one thinks of the title concept.Where the BRF is concerned,I am of the view that gaining a title or a bunch just because you married someone is irrational.

  18. The photo call was very short, they didn’t answer anything, Harry looked nervous, Meghan looked lovely and happy. Diamond ring?

    I’m irked they didn’t speak to the media. WTF?

    1. They did speak to the media, Ellie. They both are thrilled. They look truly happy. She’s hanging onto his hand and his arm so it was a bit nerve wracking it seems. Diamonds for her ring!

      1. Couldn’t hear a thing. Just stood there a minute, said stuff, left. Pretty rude. William and Kate gave more.

        It was sweet her comforting him, she seemed quite delighted–a bit smug but nowhere like Kate–and he was nervous.

        1. She didn’t seem smug to me, just excited and happy and soothing Harry. I believe there’s a sit down interview coming. I can understand your disappointment, though.

          Also, Harry was asked if it was a romantic proposal. Harry seemed taken aback and said that of course it was. The questions were pretty banal. I had CC on.

    2. I’m so bored already by them. Boring hair, boring coat, boring shoes, boring not answering many questions, boring not being able to hear them, boring barely a ring shot. The entire thing was boring.

      1. Wasn’t it? And rude not even saying much at all! I expected more judging by W&K’s and Diana and Charles’s and so on, you know?

        1. Good lord, where is all this negativity coming from? Just because Meghan and Harry didn’t do what you wanted, you are bored? Geesh. Give me a break and give them a break. I was delighted and I never expected a long photo call. Meghan and Harry aren’t puppets to do your bidding, you know. It’s their life and decision.

          1. I don’t want to bring Kate into this because she’s not relevant to this blog about Meghan, but since you’ve already brought Kate up elsewhere I think it’s okay for right now.

            “It’s their life and decision.”

            It was Kate’s life and Kate’s decision to not have a job for 8 years while dating William, and it’s Kate’s life and Kate’s decision to not work more than she does now. Yet you call Kate rude names because she didn’t do what you would have wanted her to do? Why the double standard between Kate and Meghan? Why does Meghan get a pass for her own life and decisions, yet Kate does not? Because you disagree with Kate’s life a decisions and you agree with Meghan’s? In the same way Ellie disagrees with Meghan’s life and decisions about this photocall? If you disagree with Kate’s life and decisions and call her rude names because of your disagreement, why can’t Ellie disagree with Meghan’s life and decisions about this photocall and call her and Harry rude because of her disagreement?

          2. +MMR +2 (hope this goes in the right place!)

            I think there are flaws to *both* paths, frankly. But they each chose those.

          3. MMR +100
            Thank you for addressing this so succinctly and rationally. It takes the fun out of reading what are usually insightful critiques and discussions amongst people
            with differing opinions.

      2. Bwahahah! I was disappointed in the coat. I’m not sure what that stroll was meant to accomplish. Confusing. I thought it was a precursor to their sit down interview.

        They do look truly happy which was lovely to see. Could do without the hair fiddling though. And so…..the critiques begin. LOL

        1. Yes, I hoped for more, fashion-wise, not trench and ill-fitting shoes. And what is with these hair manes all over the place?

          That said, they look very happy, and I love the ring. Reminds me of the Queen’s. Sophie has all diamonds, too, as she was superstitious about colored stones and all the unhappy marriages.

        2. It was a bit windy outside so I will give her a pass on the fiddling this time. But let’s hope Meghan learns! She seemed confident though. Like how a 36 year old woman with a job should act. And waving to the crowd is also good. Meghan is press savvy and that is going to be a good thing. The BRF needs to press to survive.
          I am not saying that Meghan will be the next Diana, but I think she will be far better in handling the press and they will give her positive coverage in return.

      3. I always hoped he’d marry someone with the personality and style of maxima she’s such a joy to watch I adore her interviews and the fact she hasn’t changed herself for the royal family

          1. I think chelsy had a lucky escape people have spoken about how the press have treated Meghan but chelys was worse she used to be chased around the street by 30 photographs shouting abuse at her she was too intelligent to give up her freedom it also reported harry cheated on her multiple times why marry someone who has no respect for her

          2. I wish he had met Chelsy now. The press had calmed a bit, at least it seems in terms of yelling and chasing. I think this level might have been something she could have bought on for. Oh well.

    3. Ummm Ellie they are doing a BBC interview where they will answer a bunch of questions; this was just to get people a glimpse of the ring and the couple.

      1. They always do a longer photo call with questions from the press. It’s not been like this before. Even C&D did questions from the media when they announced it.

        I think it’s cause Harry hates the media so much. Meghan seemed willing to engage, Harry no.

      2. William and Kate answered questions in their photocall. Why can’t Harry and Meghan?

          1. Doesn’t matter.

            Andrew and Sarah did it.

            Sophie and Edward did.

            I think it just has to do with how much Harry despises the media. He’ll be about as forthcoming as his brother–which is not much.

          2. I wish I was surprised by it but I’m not. We all *want* Harry to be different but in many respects he and William are cut from the same cloth. Just because he has presence that William lacks does not mean that that gets shared wholesale.

    4. CBC just reported that the ring was commissioned by Harry and includes 2 diamonds from a brooch that Diana had plus one from Botswana. Some thought was put into this.

      I am glad for them and hope it works out. I think Meghan has the skills to adapt to this life and even at the photo call she seemed to know what to do. Now of course this will be confirmation to some that she is fame hungry and only marrying Harry because of the attention, but it’s really a sign of her having learned how to deal with the press during her previous job.

      1. The ring looks rather modest by royal bling standards. (I’m sure Kate is happy about that.) Some love and thought went into its creation- lovely.

        Now I’m bummed though about the photo call after reading everyone’s disappointment. The shape of things to come, I guess?

      2. People seem to think Harry is more forthcoming about the media which is false he just seems to use the press when he wants to an expects privacy when he doesn’t he actually seems more calculating than will he doesn’t pretend that he likes them with will they no where they stand if they thought harry was gonna give than more access they will be disappointed he actually makes a lot of press complaints more so than will

        1. I actually think Meghan is going to be the one to manage the press the best. She comes from an area where handling the press is part of the job and the BRF should be cognizant of this as well. Now I don’t think she will let them invade privacy but I think we shall see her media training in play.

      1. Why? I am not implying she is- but a lot of gossip websites and “quality content” magazines have nothing better to do than inventing stories like that. “Did she force him to marry him, her age bla bla bla” The cut of the coat was wide enough/ fell in a way that people who desperately want to stir the pot will be able to make stuff like this up.

        1. Not saying you think that. But I hope people don’t bring that clown car here. I’d rather speculate on her tiara.

          1. Well, that is a speculation I am very much delighted to take part in 😉
            I am very intrigued which tiara she will wear on her wedding day. (Can’t imaging declining such an opportunity). Maybe she will go with the Cartier Halo as well? The all diamond look gives a nice contrast with her dark hair and I already liked this tiara tremendously on Kate. The Lotus Flower and the Lover’s Knot seem to be Kate’s go-to options now, so maybe not good options. And the bigger guns might be to big for her royal status. Maybe the Teck crescent? It hasn’t been worn for over 70 years. That would be a nice surprise.

          2. I imagine that she will wear a tiara that Kate has not worn or anyone has worn recently. Who wants someone else’s current leavings? I understand that there are scads of them in the vault. Ooh, now I have to look up the Teck tiara.

            It seems rather weird for her to wear one until she is married. I do like the way Fergie did it- a wreath of flowers on the way in, and a tiara on the way out.

            Ooh, perhaps Harry will buy her one or have one created for her? Wouldn’t that be something!

    1. William occupies a higher position in the Britishy Monarchy’s hierarchy perhaps that’s why he and Catherine answered questions.

  19. I just saw the photocall. Not a fan of the white trench, too bulky, but maybe it looks better in photos. But my God, they looked happy!! Harry was beaming and I loved how he said he knew Meghan was THE ONE when he first met her.

    1. And that comes off as far more credible because he didn’t wait for almost a decade to propose.

      1. He looked really nervous to me. I loved how she tried to soothe him by rubbing his arm, that was sweet of her.

      2. Just because you wait to get married doesn’t make it less credible given will watched the mess of his parents marriage I don’t blame him him and kate where also younger if m and h where not in their thirty i bet they would have waited longer to

        1. William played the field for a decade and Kate was the one who stuck around. So he can’t say she was the ONE so much as she was the one left. Couples who are serious and have been dating in university usually get married about two years after they graduate, not six or seven. William wasn’t serious about Kate for a very long time.

      3. I like the photo of them smiling at each other. Very lovely!
        The white trench coat was all wrong, imo. A real nothing look on such a special day. I think their happiness was the real thing, though.

        I want to save some of my not so “friendly” comments for another day. Let this be a time of true happiness for this couple. May this be real love that has lasting power. “What the world needs now…..”, right?

        1. Jenny, the lookes indeed happy. That’s what I like about Meghan, if she sparkles like this.
          I like her shoes, a bit for this cold weather, but still nice shoes.
          I was sceptical with her all the time, but I want to see how it will work out.

  20. Ring is a center stone from Botswana, others from Diana’s collection. Designed by Harry and Cleave & Co. Nice job Harry. Wish we could see more of it.

    Still annoyed this was so brief and dismissive to the press. Something about her reminded me of Sofia and that smugness, but not as much as Kate…

    1. I was very surprised at how short this photo call was but maybe it was due to it being outside/cold? Their body language was so different than W&K (yup, I went there); Harry was on Cloud 9 beaming and Meghan was besotted but in a much more demure way.

      Edit: I also liked the ring. Nice job, Harry at the design and subtle reference to Diana plus, a country that is important to him (them? Maybe they got engaged there?).

      1. They didn’t have to schedule a photocall outside in November if they didn’t want to be cold. They should have scheduled it inside like William and Kate did and then stood there and answered questions.

      2. I was thinking maybe he popped the question there, too. Who knows.

        W&K made up their Kenya story, Harry could make up one too; they’re both that paranoid. :/

        ETA: I totally agree KMR. If they didn’t wanna do it in the cold then don’t do it outside but they had to have the Diana references IMO.

  21. I will say that I am relieved that Harry did this by protocol. I think he needed to. If he hadn’t it would not have looked good and the knives would have been out, even more so than they already are, for Meghan.

  22. It was strange how quickly she flashed the ring. It was if she didn’t want anyone to see it.

  23. Hmmm…others have said it and I agree. Why so rushed? The sound quality was awful and wasn’t there one camera that could zoom in for a decent shot of the ring? It was a major disappointment. Also, what was she wearing? That coat looked disheveled with the hem of her dress partially showing. And the shoes were too big. Oh yes, almost forgot–congratulations and best wishes!

  24. Ellie
    Have a read through of your increasingly strident posts and try and see just how negative, judgemental and downright nasty you are being towards two people you don’t know.
    Perhaps reflect on why that should be and what makes you want to act that way.
    I’m all for people expressing their own point of view but you’ve taken against MM from day one. You were convinced it was never going to happen and now it has you’re furious. I really don’t get it.
    I’ve just watched the photocall and looks to me like they’re in love, happy and supporting each other. Is that so bad?
    Why are you so angry? Why do you care so much? I’m genuinely intrigued.

    1. I’m not furious or angry, lol.

      I just think they’re making a mistake, especially him, but also for her to live like this if she goes on about being some feminist icon and philanthropist. Her image she has crafted of herself has made me suspicious, as I have said, as actors do this to make themselves look good. Not to serve others.

      I just do not think this is a good idea, and I am suspicious of Meghan and have been from Day One. And Harry’s shown himself to be as bad as his brother, so as much as I have liked him I have found him sliding towards being quite a disappointment with his incessant whining about how rough his life is, being royal sucks, poor me, Mummy died, let’s use her as an excuse because it works for William, despite his great works with Invictus and Sentebale. I know others feel the same way as we’ve discussed this over on KMR.

      I do want him to be happy, and hope they are, but I think of Meghan as I do of Kate regarding bagging a rich man. And as such it doesn’t make me think well of them. At least Meghan can give speeches and talk to people, unlike Kate. I saw a woman quite smug, but happy (who wouldn’t be bagging a rich man and never, ever having to do anything in one’s life ever again? you have to be crazy to marry into this family imo), and a man quite nervous and happy. I think he’s probably more in love with her than she is with him. I do hope I am wrong about all of it, and they have a very long, blessed, happy marriage, with all the kids Harry wants to have, but I just never had a good feeling about her from day 1 due to the fakey fake PR image she has. Same as Harry’s to be honest these days… he’s been a disappointment when I thought he’d step up!

      Honestly, part of me is a bit sad for Meghan as she’s giving up a free life for this. And like Kate I do not think it’s about love but about position, status, money. What is worth giving up to become a silent mannequin (she can’t be vocal about anything anymore!), and walking two steps behind my husband and having to defer to a vapid clotheshorse like Kate?

      Probably I am crankier than I would be as I’ve not slept and haven’t been feeling well for weeks, but there ya go, I don’t trust this whole thing but do hope they’re happy and prove everyone wrong. I don’t want to see Harry miserable and snarly and growly like William and Meghan I don’t want to see meek and afraid of angering her husband like Kate.

      1. I want to know that too. There are several posters who I thought would come out of the woodwork today and be nasty, but Ellie has them beat by a mile. I see nothing wrong or fake about Meghan and it is obvious she and Harry are both besotted. Why not be happy for them? Also, it is almost Xmas-why be such a Grinch with your heart 2 sizes too small? Honestly shocked by your nastiness on such a happy day.

        1. Leah,.we accept your opinion on Kate.Let’s accept Ellie’s on Meghan.
          There should be no exceptions for some people.

          1. Meghan should be given a chance, just like Kate was. If in a few years Meghan has done as little as Kate then the knives should be taken out on her too.

          2. Amen, sister. Ellie is entitled to her opinion, cranky or otherwise. Just because someone’s opinion brings you down is your problem not theirs. Let’s not start getting personal again and a couple of y’all are indeed, getting personal.

      1. Put me in the optimistic club for this couple. I felt you could see this was the real thing from the beginning. I will be happy to say I was wrong, if and when, the time comes.

  25. That photo call was awful. They took all of 30 seconds and Meghan almost forgot to show the ring. She should have put her left hand through Harry’s arm to show it off the way most royal brides do. That was the worst photo call ever!

    1. I agree. I have no idea why I felt this, but from the minute I found out Harry and Meghan were dating, it felt RIGHT and that she was the One. And I think the media knew it as well. I always knew they were going to marry.

    1. It’s not that big a deal. I’m sure she’ll adjust and learn how to do things properly. Give her time. She’s not used to doing photo calls like this.

      1. Really? She’s an actress with years of experience posing for photographers. Surely she is experienced in photocalls.

  26. It does feel sort of anticlimactic, but I am happy for them, they do natural and easy with each other (outside of this press call). The ring is quite nice and a traditional design, which kind of surprised me and it is a nice size. I hope Meghan is prepared for the frenzy because this is going to be like nothing she has ever experienced, actress or not.
    By having such a brief photocall they are setting our expectations that they will probably not be very accessible unless they have to be (i.e. their public engagements after they get married). Also, thought her coat was too big.
    Unfortunately I predict that after about 2 years of marriage they will become as boring and self-absorbed as W & K.

    1. I don’t think Harry will be any different from William. Bleat about privacy, lawsuits, blah-blah, we won’t see them much unless it’s in the public eye for engagements. I don’t think they’ll be accessible, which is a shame because I know we were all hoping for different from Harry and whoever he ended up marrying.

  27. Does anyone know why Waity and Whiny did not do an outside photo call when they got engaged? I just now realized that.

    1. Based off of the one Meghan and Harry just did an indoors one is much better. I could barely hear anything they were saying. William and Catherine’s was better but I’m very interested in Meghan in the interview.

      1. Indoors seems like a much better idea when it’s that darn cold outside!!! Still do not get what was going through their heads planning it that way.

        1. Paying homage to Diana again. I feel sorry for Meghan and Catherine in this regard. Also Harry clearly wasn’t interested in talking.

          1. The Diana worship is just bizarre. They really should stand on their own two feet and not feel the need to use their mother’s memory in this way. It’s kind of ghoulish. Harry’s sentiment with the ring is lovely (I find it creepy with William considering that ring is from a doomed marriage) but always having to rely on their mother’s memory… just weird.

            I think Kate and Meghan both would be more likely to talk but their men sure don’t want to with the big bad press. It’s really a bit worrying considering how W&H treat the legitimate media…

    2. Leah, it’s very hypocritical for you to complain about everyone being nasty and negative and then use nicknames like Mattress, Waity and Whiny. And why do you even have to bring W&K to the conversation?

      1. Leah operates on double standards she has no problem calling a woman a mistress which is basically call I g someone a hooker but good forbid you don’t praise Meghan your horrible she also sees fit to bring up kate at every opportunity she a msygonist who claims to be a feminist

  28. Heard this in the car this am. For some reason, I thought : “Wow, Ben Mulroney and his wife would be glad to hear of this tidings. Now, they hope they’re social status will be more elevated. Mila Mulroney would be extremely glad that her son now is even more connected.” My god, I am bad.

    Cynical me. Hope they will have a happy marriage. And wow, for the first time the royal family ventured out beyond their English, white, aristocratic circle to not only a commoner, but an American with mixed races. Times are changing.

    I hope to see the new Duchess some style. So far, I am not impressed.

  29. If anyone is upset with me for being cranky today, I’m sorry, I will try to be more positive and not as critical!

    Interview is in about 2 1/2 hours. I hope someone’s streaming it?

    1. I think we all have out right to have our opinion.
      You weren’t nasty.
      Some people just can’t stand other opinions.

    2. I’m really sorry you’ve been having such a rough go of it. Not sleeping (something I experience off and on) really can wreak havoc on one’s ability to function well. Hope things even out for you.

  30. I loved this. I get a different vibe from her than I do Kate. The only thing I would have changed would be her jacket. I know that sounds trivial, but I can see her asking herself why she wore a bright white jacket with cream shoes and a green dress later on.

  31. According to LaineyGossip, Meghan’s earrings were by Birks, the coat by Line and the dress by P.A.R.O.S.H. Line is a Canadian designer brand.

    Thank you Ellie.

  32. Lainey is also saying that Mishal Hussein will interview Harry and Meghan. This is important because Mishal is a woman, a woman of color and the daughter of immigrants. If this is true, what an amazing choice and it says a lot of about Harry and Meghan already. I am impressed.

  33. Lots of negative people on this site…Why so negative? He’s handsome, she’s beautiful and they are in could anyone be so negative about LOVE…he said he knew she was the one when he first saw her…so sweet! MMR love your Reviews and will make your site my GoTo for all thing MM!!!

  34. Well just like I imagined a lot of the negative nancys are calling for a republic because of the engagement. Hmmmm, let’s see how long the monarchy lasts after QEII dies.

        1. Well now Harry is like 6 going to 7 on line of the throne, theres no reason for a wedding like Kate. He is now the same importance like Beatrice used to be

  35. Well, I have many of the same reservations as Ellie:. But I am, at heart, an eternal optimist and am going to hope for great things. At the very least we have a gorgeous royal wedding coming. No matter which chapel it’s in (I’m hoping for St. George but thinking Westminster) it will be lovely. And there will be beribboned little girls and flowers and LOVE, even if we don’t hold our breath after that.

    Is there a way to watch the broadcast here in the States or do we have to wait for YouTube? I’m on the west coast so I didn’t wake up until the photocall was nearly on, and I don’t want to miss this!

  36. I am sorry to her fans but I hated everything about it. Her flying her that she could not stop touching, she looking at him that way when he was not, the way she said “of course” when they asked if the proposal was romantic and he was not even sure..and her ring I disliked very much. Her coat was also meh.

    I hope the interview is better.

    Got say that was a long time here in the UK that I did not hear people calling for a republic and today its happening a lot, British people are not at all pleased with her so far.

  37. I am smiling, happy for the newly engaged couple. These adults are not 18, or 21 years old. They’ve lived awhile and obviously know what they want in a partner. People are so negative in their thoughts! I see nothing wrong for wanting to include his mother in any way he can. People do it ALL the time, honor a loved one who has passed away.
    I wish them all the best and hope in the future they both use the platform they have to benefit others in a meaningful way.
    Congrats Prince Harry and Meghan!

  38. I like everyone, Kate, Will, Harry & Meghan. I will admit a million times that I feel that all the younger royals could do more.
    However, why is Ellie getting dogpiled? People can freely make any negative comment they want about Kate, including criticising her body and skin.Including calling childish and sexist nicknames. I don’t see anyone who is critical of her who is being gross about it. They are explaining their postion without resorting to hate.
    Whats wrong with that?

  39. They wanted to get married and times a tickin’. Do they really know each other warts and all? Probably not, they’re still in new love due to the fact they’ve never lived even on the same continent. Travel is great but makes for a very honeymoon type situation. Also pretty sure they were engaged on the Africa trip. Wish Harry would have bought her something brand new for a ring- maybe recycling his mothers things for a wedding gift instead. They both looked happy, relieved and varying degrees of nervousness. We will never know if Meghan is acting, probably hard to turn that part of you off when that is what you are and always wanted to be. I bet it will serve her very well in many situations though. If one can fake sincerity or curiosity or warmth on cue- is that always a bad thing? Not in this family. Maybe our dear Duchess can take surreptitious lessons- could only help…

  40. I wish H & M all the best. At the same time i feel so bad for Prince Andrew because he was not allowed to marry Koo Stark!

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