Meghan spotted on Suits set amid rumors of her departure

Meghan spotted on Suits set amid rumors of her departure

Meghan Markle was photographed on the set of Suits amid reports that she and co-star Patrick J Adams will not be returning to the series for season 8.

Meghan was photographed leaving her trailer over the weekend – you can see the photos at the Daily Mail. Meghan is wearing a Soia & Kyo Saundra Parka ($650.00) and Kamik Sienna Boot ($119.95).

There have been rumors for months that Meghan is leaving Suits after season 7 wraps filming, and is moving to London to be with Harry. Well now there are reports that both Meghan and Patrick J Adams are leaving, although this has not been confirmed by the show or network.

“As USA Network’s popular legal drama series Suits is prepping the second half of its seventh season, I hear that co-lead Patrick J. Adams is not expected to continue as a series regular in Season 8, which has not been ordered but is considered is likely. Co-star and fellow original cast member Meghan Markle also is eyeing an exit. The contracts of all Suits original cast members are up after Season 7, so both Adams and Markle will have fulfilled their current obligations. USA and Suits producer Universal Cable Prods. declined comment.

“Rumors about Adams looking to move on after seven years on the Toronto-based series started to circulate a couple of months ago. Adams was a fresh-faced young actor who got his big break when he was cast as the co-lead opposite Gabriel Macht in Suits, landing a SAG nomination for the first season. A lot has changed since for him professionally and personally, with Adams recently getting married, so I hear he started contemplating a next chapter in his career this past summer.

“Like with Adams, Suits also helped establish Markle as a TV star. Her Rachel Zane character on Suits had been closely linked with Adams’ Mike Ross since Day 1, so an exit of Markle alongside Adams would make sense. Rachel and Mike currently are engaged, with Suits creator Aaron Korsh teasing to Deadline that their long-postponed wedding may finally happen in the upcoming final Season 7 episodes. For the past year or so, Markle has been in a relationship with the British Prince Harry while continuing to work on Suits.”


Patrick J Adams posted a cast photo to his Instagram page yesterday. Suits finishes filming season 7 on Friday.

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Oh, before I leave you, here’s a random Meghan-related tidbit: Katy Perry referenced Meghan in an Instagram Story where Katy was channeling her “princess poses”. You can see the photo at Vanity Fair. Are Katy Perry and Meghan friends, or is Katy just a huge royal fan and wants a big, splashy royal wedding?

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  1. Yay! An update!! Meghan looks great. I truly hope we get an engagement announcement and soon. I truly hope Meghan is ready for royal life and won’t regret giving up acting.

    1. Her acting career is basically over anyway isn’t she like 37 very few jobs for a list actors let alone for people on a tv show she gaining a lot more being with harry than trying to continue acting

  2. I don’t know if Katy and Meghan are friends but she said on graham norton once that she had a crush on Harry or something along that lines. It was awhile ago when I saw it.

    1. Since Serena’s wedding is this Thursday, tomorrow, and Suits doesn’t wrap until Friday, I guess not. But I am very curious how that friendship will continue if Meghan marries Harry.

      1. The actors who play Louis and Donna finished yesterday so it’s possible Meghan has already finished shooting in time to go to the wedding. I think Patrick posting the cast pic is when most finished.

  3. I guess it’s bittersweet for Meghan to leave a job & people she has worked with for 7 years. This would be the case for anyone even if you know you are going on to big & better things. Also Suits has long past its peak and viewers have been dwindling over the years. So it seems like a good time to make a move.

    I’m guessing she will be moving to England soon. I would want her to live in England first. Visiting a country on holiday and living there are two different things. Meghan needs to experience living in Britain on a full time basis. Also I don’t think an engagement announcement will be happening anytime soon at least not until next year, because H&M have still yet to make a public appearance in Britain. Their only joint public appearance was in Toronto and her one interview was with an American magazine. If the British people are to accept & embrace her there will need to be some roll-out in Britain. And this hasn’t happened yet.

    1. Why would there be an issue if Meghan and Serena stay friends after Meghan marries Henry. Meghan may have already wrapped her scenes on Suits.

    2. Yeah, as much as I’d love an engagement, I don’t think it’s happening until next year. I’m curious to see what she’ll do workwise while in London.

  4. Meghan and Harry already made an appearance in Britain at that polo match. I do think there will be a rollout.

    1. That wasn’t ‘official’ and they weren’t photographed together like they were in Toronto. There were only grainy, terrible photos of them together on day 2 of polo.

  5. Reports say Meghan will attend Serena Williams’ wedding in New Orleans tomorrow. Many are keeping their eyes peeled for Harry, but I don’t think he will be there.

    1. Meghan & Serena are friends. If she does attend the wedding I doubt Harry will be there. And if Harry isn’t there I doubt that most eyes will be on Meghan. The British media are just working themselves up into a frenzy over everything Meghan but she’s really not that big of a star in the States especially when you consider some of the entertainment juggernauts that will be attending the wedding like Beyonce and Jay Z. If anyone is going to be starstruck it’s probably Meghan!

      I doubt that anyone could even overshadow Serena on her wedding day!

    1. Meghan has many achievements under her belt but she’s never been an A list celebrity and her circle of friends are not well known figures either. Most people that grow up in LA are surrounded by industry types but it still doesn’t mean that they don’t get starstruck. The truth is most people probably do not even know about Meghan in her own hometown.

      Even members of the royal family are not immune to being starstruck when they meet top celebrities!

  6. Well, yeah, Waity is always grinning like a dummy at some celeb, but Meghan counts the Prime Minister of Canada in her friend set and she hangs out the the exclusive SoHo house, so she has met plenty of celebs. More than likely, she is more awestruck by humanitarians and world leaders than celebs.

    1. Personally I had never heard of Soho house until it was linked to Meghan! However if you look at Meghan’s friends on her social media hardly any of them are what you would call A listers. This of course is not a bad thing but I’m just pointing out that there are levels to stardom & Meghan has never been at the top scale.

  7. I looove her boots.

    At this point they should just be done with Suits. This seventh season is really boring.

  8. Too sad I can’t post pictures in here. But it’s official that Meghan is done with suits. Today her “stand in” the girl the is her body double post a picture on her Instagram saying she is going to miss Meghan and wishing her all the best on her new journey. Also today was the last day of filming on the set of Suits. Plus Meghan asked some special travel permission to both her dogs to move to London.
    I’m kind exited and sad, it’s nice to see her relationship moving forward and that she is really going to move to London. But at the same time I don’t like that she is giving up on work to be a waity duchess/rich housewife.

  9. Meghan is not a lazy Mattress like Waity. She is actually GOING to work and unlike Waity, KNOWS what work is.

    1. She is a 36 years old woman that just worked for 9 years of her life and is going to quit her job for a guy. You know what’s funny? You are American for sure and you are okay the Meghan is going to do nothing and just move to London for a guy and quit her very short career and she is going to “work” way less than Catherine since she is going to be a Queen and there’s no way Meghan will bd allowed or want to work more. But you and your compatriots get annoyed that the English girl from a not poor family didn’t have a job, well she was studying while “waiting”
      I don’t even know why people that doesn’t live in The United kingdom cares so much about the monarchy in here. And all this ” she lives with the tax payer money” well it’s my taxes not Americans so why so much hate and complaining? If people in here really didn’t want the royals, they would be out already, we like them even when they are not that useful, it’s part of the culture.

      1. Not exactly. She started to work immediately after graduating at university. She did an internship in Buenos Aires for 6 months and then started auditioning while also working other jobs for example at a Frozen Yoghurt shop or as a calligrapher to pay her bills. Her first acting role dates back to 2002 (15 years ago, she was 21). So please inform yourself before spreading misinformed crap. Meghan for 15 years had a job, at time probably several when she was out auditioning. I don’t think she can in any way be compared to Kate.

        1. Exactly. Meghan is heads above Kate. Meghan worked, didn’t wait years and years for a man, actually uses her education, she has something to say and can deliver a speech properly, unlike Waity Katie.

      2. “I don’t even know why people that doesn’t live in The United kingdom cares so much about the monarchy in here. And all this ” she lives with the tax payer money” well it’s my taxes not Americans so why so much hate and complaining? If people in here really didn’t want the royals, they would be out already, we like them even when they are not that useful, it’s part of the culture.”
        Agnes +1
        Mystifying isn’t it?

    2. Can we please stop calling Kate a “mattress”. It’s sexist and misogynistic. You called me misogynistic for commenting that Meghan may have made Harry stop eating pizza, yet you have no problem being misogynistic toward Kate by calling her a mattress? I get that you dislike Kate, but misogyny is misogyny, and if it’s not okay to be misogynistic toward Meghan then it’s not okay to be misogynistic toward Kate.

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