Meghan spotted shopping in London

Meghan spotted shopping in London

Meghan Markle is officially done with Suits, and Meghan is officially in the UK at the moment.

Meghan was photographed shopping out in London on Tuesday on Kings Road. Meghan was seen leaving a Heidi Klein designer beachwear store, and carried a shopping bag from Sarah Chapman, a facialist with a skin care line. In the photos, which you can see at the Daily Mail, Meghan is accompanied by a blonde woman who is apparently Sarah Chapman.

Meghan wore Mother Denim Cruiser Flare Jean in black ($125) and a £2,000 Prada handbag (according to the DM), and a Smythe Handknit Ruffle Sweater Black ($425) and Stuart Weitzman The Shorty Bootie in black suede ($575) (according to Meghan’s Mirror). Meghan also wore a grey leather jacket and scarf.

I haven’t been too much of a fan of Meghan’s casual wear (or her formal wear, to be honest, because she loves Erdem, which I hate), but I quite like this outfit. I really like the flared style of trouser.

Additionally, Meghan has finished Suits. Her stand-in, Nicky Bursic, posted a photo of the two of them last Thursday with the caption: “It’s been an absolute pleasure and honour being you ‘STAND-IN’ for the last 2 seasons @meghanmarkle . Though I’ve been on @suits_usa for 6 years , the latter 2 has been my most memorable. Wishing you all the happiness in the world Bella”

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  1. I thought someone on previous post said the press agreed not to take pics of Harry And Meghan, so are pics of her solo okay? I actually have a problem with that agreement if they did but that’s another issue.
    I don’t know what Harry’s schedule is like but wonder if they are jetting off pre or post Christmas. What this relationship highlighted for me is how much Harry does take off
    I agree on the outfit comment. This is one I like. And yay for getting facials and skin care product.
    On a website note, I never get the comments sent to my email from this site like I do the KMR one?

    1. Hrm. I will look into it. I know there are things on both websites that are buggy. I need to take some time and really update everything and fix all the bugs so that everything works properly.

      If Harry has any upcoming engagements, they have not been announced on KP’s Twitter feed – I just checked through all of their Nov tweets for mentions of Harry. I am with you in that this relationship really has highlighted just how much time Harry has off and how many vacations he takes.

      1. Hmm, Harry and his time off…

        OK, so maybe Harry is jumping on a plane lots but when he is “at work” on an engagement he is engaged 100% , he’s full on and enthusiastic. I also have to admit that when I lived in the UK I’d be on a plane most weekends too. I would work crazy hours so I could get 3 days in a row off so I could go off and explore different parts of the UK and Europe. I had relatives in Sweden to visit too. I was told that I was over the top with my traveling but, in my defence, everything was SO close and it was cheap and easy to get there. It’s a long way and expensive to fly out of New Zealand so you take the opportunities while you can – even though some of your work colleagues may give you a bit of stink eye the following week?

        Harry does stuff which is behind the scenes and doesn’t end up on the Court Circular so I’m tending to give him a bit of a pass.

    2. I was thinking that maybe they both might jet off to Los Angeles to spend Thanksgiving with her mom.

    3. They complain about the press but pictures off duty rarely get published no other countries press would allow themselves to be dictated to this way the agreement should be cancelled we live in a country with free press not a royal pr machine the BBC are just as bad when it comes to royal stories its basic propaganda they want press interest only on there terms

  2. Thank you KMR. I like the outfit Meghan wears, particularly the jumper and scarf. It is interesting seeing Meghan’s style of clothes.

    1. I hope Harry is at Sandringham this Christmas. His personality is infectious and he, Zara and Eugenie and Beatrice plus the Wessex’s and Chatto’s brighten up the proceedings. It must be very dedicated of the royal watchers to go out and wait for them. Harry going to thanksgiving will be a pretty good indicator don’t you think?

  3. US Weekly/People magazine is exclusively reporting they are engaged and they will wed this summer. I am from the states and they are pretty reputable, as they usually have direct PR sources. Do you guys think it’s true? If so, I bet they will formally announce either tomorrow or Monday.

    1. I doubt they would announce an engagement tomorrow. William and Kate are doing a day of engagements in Birmingham tomorrow, which will pull the KP staff’s focus. I would think the KP staff would want all hands on deck if they were going to announce an engagement, and wouldn’t want their people to be in a different city.

      1. As I recall that was the problem with W&K’s announcement, various family members were attending engagements and got asked questions about the engagement that they might not have been prepared for. Also, if Meghan got a facial today she’d want to wait at least a couple of days for any redness/swelling to go away. I’ve found I look my best at about 5-7 days after a facial.

  4. I’m finding all this so exciting!!! I just love seeing anyone move on to a new chapter in their lives, it’s such an adventure!

    Loving Meghan’s style as it’s so similar to my own! I love the slightly un-done, sort of casual but put together vibe that I get from her fashion. She has said that one shouldn’t strive for perfection but have one thing that a bit off, such as a messy up-do, to make it look like you’re not trying too hard.

    As a little conspiracy theory, I’ve noticed that Meghan only wears rings on her right hand, maybe because in her private time a “special” ring is gracing her left hand ?!

      1. I like Meghan’s style most of the time. She will be fun to watch if Harry and Meghan decide to marry. I feel she will find a way to dress within the restrictions of royal life, but still put a nice fashion spin on her look.

  5. Goodness every time she is spotted in public by paps the engagement talk starts up again… since many it’s been rinse a repeat… they don’t seem to be in a rush I must say

  6. I am so sick of skinny jeans, I hope MM restarts the trend of flares. I look terrible in skinnies and am ready for them to die.

  7. Comments on the Daily Mail articles of Meghan are ruthless. They seem to hate her…I wonder if a majority of UK citizens feel that way? She does come off a bit insincere sometimes, but still, I quite like her and her style.

    1. Comments on many a blog are pretty harsh on both girls, even these two blogs MMR and KMR can be very hateful sometimes. I have read quite a good amount of Kate hate posts on KMR and I was even attacked once for defending Kate and called trouble maker just because I disagreed with people that were being very harsh on Kate. People are people, some like making others miserable! And IMVHO, a small number of hateful people that post on these blogs/websites can’t be generalized to entire populations. Even though some people attack either girl online, it doesn’t mean the girls are not well liked in the UK. There are many other blogs where posters are sugary on either Megs or Kate.

  8. I wonder if the majority of UK citizens hate her as well. I have heard at best, they are lukewarm towards Meghan.

    1. I’d say, at best, the majority of citizens are lukewarm toward the Royals in general. I’d bet most UK (and US) citizens don’t even know who Meghan is just because they don’t pay attention to celeb and royal gossip and such. That’s not any indication of anything other than most people don’t care about royal gossip.

      1. I have started watching ‘Suits’, which is why I know who Meghan is. I also see what they say online in the papers. It is hard to believe everything written though. I just take it as I will believe it when I see it. If that is not too harsh.

      2. Yep I have asked my friends, BF and future in laws in UK their opinions on the couple and usually the answer starts with general indifference, and if press they usually say something along the line, “if they are happy that’s cool” but I get a fare share of “who?” and “who cares” TBH. But yes the people who are paying close attention to the royals, at least to me, it has seem that Meghan has been a devise topic. But as far as the DM commenters-those are the same crowds that go back and forth from DM and Tumblr… they are a very “creative” delusional, hateful bunch.

  9. I like this outfit a lot, but not the shoes.
    I have to live half in Brazil and Half in the UK, people dont really hate Maghan, they just dont really care or know oabout her unless they are paying attention to the gossips, Suits is not a thing in here and all the other movies she did isnt very famous in the Uk, not sure about in America.
    Kate is much liked and all the royal family in here, the hate comes more form outside of the Kingdom. Also the tabloids dont love or hate any of the girls, they just do their job that is to be a marrom press and sell gossip doesnt matter if its true or not, I would say they actually love them all cause withoud it they dont sell paper.
    Also depends what you call hate, the talk about Meghan in here is about the fact she is divorced and American and thats a huge thing to talk about because Queen Elizabeth would not be a Queen if her uncle did not have to abdicate to be able to marry another divorced American woman, so the talk is basically about life coming full circle and the irony. But Meghan will have to sign off her American citzenship and she will become oficially a Britain, also she will be asked to be Anglican, but she knows that and probably accepts.

    1. I agree. I avoid the comments section on the Daily mail site. When my Australian cousin asked about Kate Middleton way before the wedding I couldn’t tell her if Prince William and her were official.

    2. Most people just seem fed up with paying for them they’ve become the example of unearned privalige most comments i hear from people is why are we paying for them there seems to be a backlash of interviews over the last year that came across as whinging when people heard we would be paying 360 million for Buckingham palace people where pissed of we’ve got people being housed in unsafe building (grenfell) and homeless while the public pays for their renovations and all they have to do is occasionally show up for engagements people who get 70 pound a week jobseekers are having to do 30 hours a week labour the younger royals barley work that a month yet expect their privacy while they jet around the world secretly

  10. I love the jeans (not skin tight and they’re flared!) and the overall general look. I’m a big fan of scarves.

    The comments on the DM are beyond awful. My gosh.

    Over on KMR, a few posters were talking about Meghan being attention seeking and “acting like she was being assaulted” and I am… completely confused as to where they got that impression. That seems a bit bizarre. Am I missing something?

    1. Well my hubby is British and Im a citizen, we are not fed up and not many people says that in here. The ones that got fed up asked to be independent, England will not, unless the nex King/Queen is pretty crazy.

  11. The Daily Mail is seen by most as a trash newspaper and I would hope that the comments made there are not reflective of the majority of people. ( if they are the world is in bad shape!) I find generally that people who comment on many sites are often negative, and don’t reflect views of the average person on the street. In Canada, some articles on the CBC allow comments and most of them are negative, some are quite rude and demeaning!
    I often wonder why people who are so hateful and mean spirited towards Kate and Meghan even bother to follow their activities in the papers and online. If you hate someone so much, wouldn’t it make your life much happier if you avoided reading about them?

  12. I don’t feel Meghan is attention seeking. As an actress, it was her job to be in the spotlight and she did it well. There are those who feel that way because of her TIG blog and her instagram. There was one off the wall poster on some blog who claimed that Meghan was paid to wear and endorse the clothing she had on yesterday.

    1. Imo she likes the attention, but I also think we should stop saying this as if it was a bad thing. It has long been a label used to shun women because they are not behaving the way they should be. So what if she’s ambitious and wants attention?

      1. Exactly. If you’re going to be an actress, singer, politician, or a royal you should be ok with media attention. It comes with the job and knowing how to navigate those waters is important.

        1. Yeah, I wouldn’t say Kate is ambitious, but I won’t criticise her for enjoying the spotlight.

          1. Well, Kate likes to draw attention by flashing her lady bits. And her history of stalking William and her family’s “aspirations” are questionable, at best. Not all forms of attention seeking are equal…

  13. Hi there, first time commenting here 🙂 I think the majority of people following up on their romance has a negative opinion of Meghan Markle because of the way she brought their story out into the public’s eye in the first place. I’m talking about her Instagram ‘hint’ with the bracelets: either she wanted people to know about her and Harry being a couple and attract attention without minding Harry or the BRF’s reaction – nor the British people’s opinion for that matter, or she really thought it would go unnoticed (but I can’t imagine her being that stupid. Or maybe she thought she was being smarter than us.). Either way it was a really bad move and people remember. What made things even worse though was when Harry made that statement accusing the media and the public of attacking her and demanding privacy, whereas SHE was the one who chose to bring it all out in the first place. Since then it’s just been the weirdest PR campain… first following months we regularly saw her living her usual life, being papped in London and Toronto like she didn’t have a care in the world, while at the same time shutting down her lifestyle website, Instagram account and ending her previously much promoted contract with Reuters. Then suddenly nothing. Not a sign of her in months, no pictures on set or elsewhere, no humanitarian work, nothing at all EXCEPT to see her accompanying Harry to his friend’s and Pippa’s weddings and to the polo game. Otherwise it’s like she vanished into nature. Then out of the blue here she appears again, this time on nothing less than the VF front cover, only to brag about her boyfriend and tell the world she’s not defined by her relationship and how private they want to be blah-blah (I also think she wanted to give her own narrative regarding her family’s ties and background because of the nauseous comments made by some people and medias. On that case I understand but she sadly missed her point due to her over sensationalising things, and her half siblings who are equally unable to remain silent). I mean, what is all that about? Nothing is consistent with her and she comes accross as very unatural, pretentious and frankly quite stupid. Sorry for this very long post and if I offend some people but my opinion is that the British people and royalists in particular could’ve warmed up to her more if she had shown a bit more humility from the start. (English isn’t my native language so my apologies for the mistakes)!

    1. Paula, I agree totally. Meghan is ambitious and wants to good and wants to use a platform to do so. That should be applauded.

  14. I will say I wasn’t crazy about the Instagram bracelet post, but the Vanity Fair cover was condoned by Harry and the Palace and let’s forget before she even did that, a year, to be exact, Harry released a statement defending Meghan and her family from racist attacks.

    If being “attention-seeing” is the worst that you can say about Meghan, so be it. There is a very odd and sadly large segment of the populace that think that women should not speak, should be silent and that goes double for royal girlfriends. That is sad.

    What I will say is that the UK needs to get to know Meghan and that has to be done the right way and the sooner the better.

    1. A recent article in the DM is a perfect example of this. It was actually very complimentary of Meghan and how the monarchy is evolving. The comments section was nauseating. I had to stop reading about 10 comments in. No matter what she does people are going to tear her to bits because she’s 1) female and can’t possibly have a brain and 2) she’s biracial. H&M can’t set a foot wrong. Folks’ standards are going to be much higher for her than they were/are for Lazy Katie.

  15. I really like her style!! I actually have bought several things she has worn, which I never do! I highly recommend anything Everlane, btw. I do, however, hate this black sweater. It just looks frumpy.

    Can I just say that as a woman of color, I applauded Harry’s statement regarding Meghan. As matter of fact, I would have thought less of Harry if he hadn’t released it because the insinuations and abuse being hurled at Meghan was disgusting and given Meghan’s unique position as the first WOC to be connected to such a senior member of the BRF, I think he had to respond. It also got massive kudos in the black media in the US, which never covers the BRF. So I wonder if the different responses to the statement do play along different racial experiences for some folks? Almost all (but not all, of course) of the poc I know in the royal watching world and outside of it thought the statement was important. To be frank, its about time a royal man stood up for his partner.

    As for Meghan’s attention seeking ways, maybe in her excitement and love she dropped hints or just didn’t care. That is not the same as being OK with being harassed or having her family being followed. Harry’s statement acknowledged that there would be media coverage and wasn’t complaining about that. He was calling out the abuse and the extreme tactics by some in the media.

    She has followed all of the so called royal protocols (if they even exist, it seems everyone has a different version) as well as can be expected given her profession: she shut down her commercial contracts, her blog and has stopped using social media. She did almost zero promotional work for Suits (she was every where in past years promoting Suits). She did one interview with VF where people actually complained on some boards that she talked too much about Suits. The Wild About Harry byline was a play on an old song, but even then I know from experience interning at a top magazine that even super A-list celebs have little control over the cover and general arrangement of a magazine feature. I personally wish she hadn’t done the VF interview, but at the same time, she has promotional clauses to meet for her show and I think the VF cover allowed her, the palace and NBC Universal to kill several birds with one stone.

    If Meghan has moved to London, an engagement needs to be announced forthwith IF she is indeed going to be living with Harry. Even though past royal partners have stayed with their royals before engagement (Sophie), people are going to be looking for anything and everything to run Meghan through with. I was talking to some other royal watchers about this, but Meghan will unfortunately be under IMO more intense and harsh scrutiny than Kate: she is black/biracial, foreign, an outspoken woman and may possibly marry the heir’s spare. All of these things mean that she will not be treated with kid-gloves the way Kate is by many. I really hope Meghan and Harry are getting and listening to sound advice about how to present themselves. The initial impression will be crucial. I do not count the dating months as the initial intro because most people don’t pay attention until an engagement annoucement.

  16. Wisdom, you hit the nail on the head. The majority of criticism leveled at Meghan is due to her race and being American, but her critics deny it.

    And she will get face worst and much more pointed criticism than Kate and it is a shame. I only hope Meghan can continue to be herself and won’t be stifled.

    1. I am not sure if it is the majority of the criticism since, but I certainly think race is an undercurrent few want to discuss. Since the palace’s statement, the media has largely ignored her race in overt ways but again, the undercurrent is there.

      Certainly, any woman who marries into in the BRF has to deal with extremely harsh public critique. I think Kate gets a lot of flake for stupid things although I also think she is a lazy, pampered princess who has never known a days hard-work in her life. But the critiques of her as a parent or her body are overboard IMO. SO, Meghan will not be spared any of that either, but I do think it will be even worse simply because women of color both in the media and in my own experience face even harsher critique, generally speaking.

      I think MM and Harry have conducted this relationship well and kept it very quiet. The media runs wild with speculation, but I think the grand majority of it is pure BS because of how private this couple has been.

      Also, I am surprised Meghan isn’t in LA with her mom for Thanksgiving.

    2. I actually think the biggest problem is her being American. This might sound harsh (especially under the light of CP Mary and Queen Maxima) but in my eyes this will be the biggest obstacle for her.
      She will be under the locking glas and every action that screams American traditions or customs will give her sideeyes. It is unfair, but I get it. Any royal family has to be a pretty core picture of the country they present. So, no more Thanksgiving (publicly), 4th of July etc. I wonder if she will try to loose her American accent. In the last five (maybe even longer) years or so a lot of people have become very wary about their own national identity. They try to keep as much as possible while the world gets more intertwined and old customs mix with new ones. For this, I think there can be no “American princess”, only a British princess who gave up her American upbringing for love. Queen Maxima and CP Mary go by this storyline and it works. They didn’t only take on the new citizenship but became real Dutch/Danish woman. No one would doubt for which country they take side etc. Of course we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors but for the public that is all we are going to see.

  17. As I said, maybe Meghan’s family is in England with her. I think Waity doesn’t get as much criticism as she did. Maybe it has to do with the fact she has already had the kids and many think what is the point. But Waity still needs to be called out for poor work ethic and her love of only doing fun duties.

    I think it that Meghan and Harry need to stop being so private. They need, in the next month or so to have her join Harry publically. If they keep such a low profile, there could be unwanted sneers about Harry keeping Meghan hidden and we all know the reason why people would think that/

    1. Leah I don’t think much of her criticism is based on race but because she is pretentious and a narcissist. Plenty of people of colour don’t like her, me included. I am a black woman and I can see the train wreck coming from a mile away. She will never fit into the family nor in Harry’s social circle because of her ambition. Be prepared for her to be an outsider the entire marriage if indeed it goes ahead. I get completely frustrated with people who use the race card when criticism is laid out at Meghan when many who criticize her are actually black. Look up lipstick alley as I am a poster there, there are many people for and against her and most are black women commenting. People use the race card as a weapon to shut people up because they don’t agree with them. If the criticism is based on race then why is Kate criticized? You yourself call her Waity but any criticism laid against Meghan is racism? All I can see are people with agendas who really don’t care about Meghan or what happens to her after the marriage. She will very likely be miserable once the newness and the fantasy wears off and she is stifled by royal protocol. She will be five steps behind Catherine, ten steps behind Camilla, and 20 steps behind the queen. Her ambitious nature will see her unhappy and wanting to bust out of the walls of confinement that the royal family is. I don’t wish that on her although it is obvious she wants it bad. She comes off as an impulsive type of ambitious person and Harry is an impulsive person who doesn’t plan for the future very well. To me that spells disaster as these two haven’t lived on the same continent for more than a few weeks at a time. Time will tell what happens between these two but imo it doesn’t look good.

      1. @Emily de Bonville
        “She is pretentious and a narcissist.”

        This is the same old line that was started by a handful of delusional posters on Tumblr. They go on different blogs using the same soundbites. Most of the persistent negative posters on lipstick alley are the same posters from Tumblr.

        People on blogs are not necessarily who they say they are, and there is no way of confirming the race of posters.

        1. That sounds like a lot of assumptions. I don’t go onto Tumblr and I think this, does that make me delusional? Many people I speak to on this subject who actually care about it agree with me. You can have your opinions on the subject but name calling is a tool of those with weak ideas. Besides many of the posters on LSA are actually PRO-Meghan so much of what you say is false.

    2. I don’t think it will be that difficult for her to give up American customs like Thanksgiving and 4th of July. A lot of Americans celebrate because they get a day off but she’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend time with her mother and other family members during other times of the year. I highly doubt she’ll pick up a British accent; it would be phony and not received well by both sides. Mary and Maxima still have Australian and Argentinian accents and mannerisms.

  18. I agree the one of the big issues people have with Meghan is that she is a foreigner – people would have preferred Harry to marry someone from home – that’s understandable and I believe it was true of other ‘foreign’ princesses like Mary and Maxima as well.
    The second biggest issue is Meghan’s an actress. The acting field may be there to entertain but it’s not respected – even people like Angelina Jolie, with their flashy lifestyles and in-out relationships.

    The next problem is Meghan has come on much too strong. Diana built up her humanitarian credentials slowly. Ambition is necessary if you’re going to make it in television but it’s not admired in the royal family – particularly not by the queen and the public is wary of it. Think Princess Michael aka Princess Pushy. This is what Meghan should be avoiding and no one seems to have advised her on that. (Kensington Palace giving you permission to do something probably means you shouldn’t do it with people like Jason.) The Vanity Fair article made it so much worse. Meghan talked about her relationship and in a very un-British actress-like ‘luvvie’ way. And she has also come off as political – a huge royal no-no and something she’s going to need to lose fast.

    The biggest thing though is the speed of this romance and engagement talk. Meghan was hardly introduced before there was talk of an engagement. She was basically thrust upon the public. That wasn’t true of Kate – it took years, it wasn’t true of Chelsy or even Cressida. Mary of Denmark lived in Denmark for over three years before an engagement. I believe Maxima (who was very controversial because of her father) lived there some time too – it was a known two year relationship. A lot of people think this engagement talk came from Meghan herself. I don’t want to think that, but it’s hard not to when people around her are constantly talking about it – as well as ‘unnamed’ palace officials. Every day there is another article about an engagement. She’s seriously over-exposed. There’s been no time for her to come to Britain and learn to understand how people think so she sounds both like she’s ignorant of Britain and she doesn’t think it matters.
    There are a number of things I like about Meghan but she needs to take off her sunglasses and stop shopping – something that hasn’t made Kate popular. Why do the exact things: shopping, expensive clothes, that people dislike in Kate. (I had no objection to her spending her money as she wished but that’s then and this is now – she’s no longer going to be self-supporting. Kate actually wore mostly high-street before she married.) She needs to get a map of Britain, memorise every county, read about past problems in the royal family and put all her emphasis on being a modest working princess should she get the chance, before she even thinks about some big role abroad. She’s not going to be allowed to outshine Kate – in fact Kate now has the home advantage.
    I hope more than anything that Meghan doesn’t try to sound British – that would be so fake – think Kate and her ‘posh’ transformation, so mentioned here – but Meghan does need to learn what to say .
    If Meghan is shrewder than she has shown so far, she can make this work. But breath of fresh air romances – Antony Armstrong-Jones, Sarah Ferguson, Ari Behn, Tessy, haven’t fared well. They had nothing in common other an they were ‘different’ and different didn’t make it. That’s why I would like to see at least another year before any engagement – speed is not an asset – do things right. And Princess Grace was in Monaco which is very celebrity-driven. Monaco isn’t even close in royal style to Britain where the last divorced American brought down a king.
    Meghan can’t help what she is or her past – but she can help study mistakes she’s made. But it takes time, self-honesty and willpower to do that. I hope she does.

    1. Yes to all of these. There’s time for change but when you’re joining a completely different environment, you need to acclimate first, not just charge and push your own beliefs.

  19. H&M are now in a tricky position. The optics of Meghan staying at Kensington Palace without her doing anything won’t look good. But I also think making an engagement announcement when she has yet to be properly introduced to the British public won’t look good either. Despite the tabloid fodder & talk on royal fandoms, most British people do not know who she is. Perhaps the couple should have gone public in Britain sooner and make people get used to seeing them together.

    The engagement talk has become louder ever since Meghan finished Suits, and the palace hasn’t done anything to stop it. This makes me think that an announcement is imminent. And if an announcement isn’t imminent then KP really need to start trying to downplay expectations. The current climate is not sustainable.

    1. I am black too and Lipstick Alley is trash. Most of the black women there who criticize Meghan do so because she is biracial and doesn’t look typically black. She is light skinned with long hair and looks more white than black. That irks many black women.

      I say that we underestimate Meghan. I think she will be fine. I also think she should keep her American accent. What do you want her to do, affect a fake posh accent like Waity has?

      And I think Meghan should keep her American Holidays. Pretty sure Princess Grace still celebrated July 4th after she married.

      1. If Grace did keeping celebrating July 4th after her marriage, it’s not relevant to Meghan continuing to celebrate July 4th after her marriage. Grace was Princess of Monaco. Meghan will be a Duchess in the U.K. It would be a bit odd for a British Duchess to celebrate the independence of a country from Britain. Especially if she gives up her US citizenship. She’d then be a British citizen and British Duchess celebrating a country’s independence from Britain. That would be odd and might ruffle some feathers, you know, because “why would she celebrate independence from a country that is now paying for her lifestyle?”

      2. Again, a race card being played. White people hate her because she’s black, black people hate her because she is white. How about maybe she isn’t likeable because of herself. This is what truly irks me with her fans is that it’s always race and no other issue because why would people not like her. You, Leah definitely have an agenda because you want Meghan in because she’s half black. YOU are making it a race thing and pushing that on everybody else and their opinions. Face it, YOU ARE THE RACIST HERE. People can have an opinion and have it be nothing about race.

      3. I am black as well and I hate Lipstick Alley. Most of the women (from what I observed) who post there are nasty, rude, hateful and bitter.

    2. To be honest, it won’t take much to outshine Waity. Meghan has a natural vitality, warmth and presence that Waity does not have, plus charisma. Even if Meghan does very little-and the BRF will be very smart to let Meghan do a lot-she is biracial, which could help relations with Commonwealth countries and citizens of color in the UK. She could understand those communities in a way Whiny and Waity and others in the BRF cannot.

      With that in mind, Meghan will outshine Waity , just by being personable. I cannot imagine the Palace will not want Meghan to work.

      1. First of all, I am not racist. You know nothing about me. To me, there is nothing unlikeable about Meghan. I think she is great. I want her to marry Harry because they seem to genuinely be in love and I think she could do much good with the platform she will be provided.

        Emily, you are the one who cannot let go of the race issue and quite frankly, I find your insinuations sickening. As I said you know NOTHING about me, yet you attack me and accuse me of things that are not true. And it comes out of nowhere.

        You have an axe to grind and maybe you should grind it in the cesspool known as Lipstick Alley.

        1. You know nothing about the other posters online and have said no one is what they seem yet and still you judge everyone else. I disagree on view of Meghan but you have a right to think the way you wish. I have nothing against that what I do have something against is people such as yourself using the race card whenever a criticism is levied at Meghan while in the same breath you insult Kate incessantly. You have the issue because you are the only one bringing up race. Whether its people (black or white) hating Meghan because of her race or Meghan being good pr for the family because of her being half-black. You are the only one speaking of race constantly because you have the agenda. That is just my opinion, you can’t just sit there and say what you want about everyone else and then not expect to be called out for it. You can’t call Kate Waity within the same breath as saying those that criticize Meghan are racist for talking bad about her. You can’t call other posters trash and delusional because they don’t agree with you. For someone who claims not to be a racist you sure do know how to use race as a weapon. This is not an attack on you but me questioning your train of thought. Since you put your ideas out there they can be questioned. Why is it okay to call Kate Waity when Meghan has dropped everything she has worked for within a year of meeting Harry to try and become a princess? Maybe you hate Kate so much because she’s white and that’s why your are cheering for Meghan because as you say she is half-black and is therefore good because of it. You claim to be black so as a black woman to another I am asking you for your opinion on why you think this way.

      1. I dislike Waity as she is lazy, has no intellectual curiousity and does nothing with her platform. I have nothing against her race.

        Waity waited ten years for Willy and did nothing. Meghan has worked her whole life. Nowhere has she ever waited for a man.

        And it does seem like much-not all-of the dislike for Meghan is down to her race.

        I also notice that I am on the only poster on this board that you personally attack, are nasty to and have an issue with.

        You have your views and I have mine. Please do not ever address me personally on this board again.

        Thank you.

        1. You may not be racist Leah but you have clearly shown that you hold misogynistic and sexist views.

        2. Meghan dated her husband for seven years before marrying, does that make her Waity too. She dropped everything within a year of meeting Harry does that make her any less than Kate? You don’t have to like Kate, it’s perfectly fine but your vitriol against her shows. You complain about other’s views on Meghan and their vitriol when you have the same attitude towards Kate. All I’m saying is people have their own strong opinions about these women, including you. If race has no place in your views about Kate then they wouldn’t have the same place in other people’s views on Meghan. Racial politics is very divisive and claiming racism has lost its power in discussion because of double standards such as this. I have never personally attacked you but questioned why you think a certain way. I differ in opinion and say race has nothing to do with it but many people hold biases, you included as this last post shows. I get it, race is very sensitive for a lot of people but every conversation or interaction is not soaked in racial politics. You seem angry at Kate for some reason when she has done nothing to you but live her life. Yes, Meghan has worked but much of her work involves sex scenes and fallacio. That is not something that warrants respect as work. An exotic dancer or prostitute work for a living but the nature of this work would be what garners disapproval of them. No, Meghan is not either of these things but her work included scenes sexual in nature and her being nude. Yes, it is acting, but there is a reason why actors shouldn’t be royalty. That is just my opinion, I’m not trying to fight you or attack but what interested in a conversation with someone who I disagreed with but it seems some people don’t like the same intellectual curiosity they wish to see in others.

          1. Meghan has never done a nude scene and her few love scenes on Suits were in the context of being with her boyfriend on the show. The scenes did not include fellatio or anything that graphic and putting out information that is false in order to slut shame her is just as misogynistic as whatever you are accusing others of doing. I actually watched the show well before she dated Harry and it aired on basic cable where they don’t even permit excessive swearing.
            Are we back in Shakespearian and early Restoration times where all actresses were considered prostitutes? Really? And you dare call others misogynists?

        1. So what, Meghan did sex scenes. That does not make her a horrible person. I can’t believe you think she shouldn’t be royalty just cause she was actress. You won’t even give her a chance, Emily. I find that sad. You won’t give her a chance because she was an actress and that offends your morals.

          I can’t stand Waity, but as I said, I gave her a chance for almost two years. I tried. I can’t believe you hate Meghan and won’t give her a least one chance.

          And it seems you are basically calling Meghan an prostitute because she was an actress.

          And yes, Meghan dated her ex for 7 years, but she WORKED during those seven years. Waity did not and she did not make a career for herself as Meghan did.

          Meghan worked hard to get where she has and I can’t believe you look down on her for it.

          But I am done. You hate Meghan and I can’t change your views.

          I will ignore you from now on. Please do the same for me. Please do not address me ever, ever again.

        2. Exactly and thank you Nic. I have no idea where the idea came from that women marrying into the royal family must be pure as the driven snow came from or that they should be held up to some impossible moral standard, but it has to stop.

          As I said, Meghan being an actress should not make her unsuitable to being a royal and to claim she did fellatio on Suits when she did no such thing is reprehensible.

          I think Emily is the same poster who claimed on another board that Meghan should not wear white when she marries Harry as she had been married before. I found THAT offenisve and misogynistic.

          We all live in the 21st century now.

  20. As an American can I ask the British commenters a question?

    How would you guys feel I’d MM moved into KP and continued to not be engaged to Harry? Kate never did that when she was dating William. I feel like if MM and Harry want to live together before getting married (which I happen to think is a good idea since they don’t really get to spend more than a couple of weeks together in the same country since they started dating) they should do it in a house or apartment that they rent together that is not publically funded by tax payers.

    If we had a president here in America who was single I would have a problem with him moving his girlfriend into the White House. I just feel like the public could potentially turn on Harry if he has a girlfriend move into KP if they are not engaged.

    What do you guys think?

    1. I’m not British, so I won’t speak to Harry and Meghan specifically, but as an American, if the president (or president’s son or grandson, to compare more to H&M) were to have his girlfriend living in the White House without being married I would definitely have a problem with that. In that situation, I would think, she should pay for herself rather than living off the taxpayer as a girlfriend.

      1. Cookie, I am brazilian but I have British citizenship because of my English hubby.
        Actually the talk is that Catherine did live with William for one year but they never lived at the Palace (as far as the comments go in the Uk)
        Unless you are a royal watcher, people in here (Uk) knows nothing about Meghan, like my in laws that barely knew Harry wasant with Cressida anymore. The problem with Meghan and Harry living togehter right now is that people will suppouse that is beinf afforded by England even tho she has her money, the headlines is going to be american actress living in Castle before getting married.
        In my personal opinion she should rent her own place, get another intership at One world or something like that like Kate had to work or look like she had a job at her parents company before getting married.
        Just live in the palace with no job and no ring is weird, especially now that her half sister is about to release the infamous ‘Princess pushy Diary” book.

      2. Doesn’t Meghan need a visa to live in U.K.? Assuming she is not on a work/exceptional talent visa, I believe her needing a fiancé visa is the reason an engagement will be announced sooner rather than later.

        1. Needing a visa is a terrible reason to get engaged, in my opinion. If H&M do get engaged soon, I hope that is not the reason why.

    2. I get your point. I wonder if it would be hard for Meghan to give up Turkey Day. Technically, she could celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. If I were in her position ,Thanksgiving would be the one holiday I couldn’t give up.

      1. Sorry, my comment may have been misinterpreted to mean that I had expected them to get engaged in order to get a visa. What I meant was that I did not expect she would move to London without already being engaged, due to visa requirements.

    3. Also, Emily, unless you are a fortune teller, you have no idea how Meghan’s marriage will proceed or what her future will be. It is very odd that you are so negative about both.

      1. Yes, Meghan is certainly more charismatic and lovelier, but she’s coming in at an extreme disadvantage having spent little time in Britain. She’s going to have such a steep learning curve that it will do a lot for Kate – it’s probably the most ideal situation Kate could hope for – a stunning British woman who came with a cut glass accent naturally, would be much more of a threat.

        Because Meghan doesn’t know the score, she’s going to be much more dependent on Kate. If the pace had slowed, she might picked it up on her own but that doesn’t look to happen and Harry is no teacher – he functions on instinct around people but he doesn’t have a lot of caution. And Meghan is older – a younger woman would also have been more of a threat. Despite what I’ve read here – I suspect Carole is delighted with this course of events.

        I actually don’t think the increased engagements have anything to do with Harry – more because the country’s political situation – it’s not a secure time for royalty.

      2. It can be said the other way round as well. Nothing can be said about how well this match will go or how Meghan will interact with the British people. None of us are psychics and we are all just adding our views as we see them. I’m not doing anything more or less than anyone else here. There is nothing odd about a difference of opinion.

  21. DM is reporting that the bookmakers have suspended betting on the timing of engagement announcement which DM attributes to the announcement coming very soon. For you all in Britain, is this truly a signal, or does betting get stopped for various reasons frequently?

    They also claimed that the BBC is prepared to publicize the engagement very soon. I thought that the BBC was no longer the unofficial official outlet?

    1. I don’t know why there would be any objection – Sophie lived in Buckingham Palace for years and I think most people who support the romance at all would like to see it slow down and Meghan get to know the country before she tries to hold a position in it. The slower formula came in for a reason because of the failed romances of Charles and Diana -but also Andrew and Sarah which this romances reminds me of – because you have a couple very attracted to each other but the man is a clueless and the woman hasn’t a clue what’s she’s getting into but thinks she does.

      But it looks like an engagement is going to happen any minute – it’s not popular, it’s not wise, it could have been done so much better, but that’s how it goes. Where this endless hype is coming from I don’t know but nobody likes it, it’s simply irritating people, at a time when the mood of the country is testy, so at least if they get engaged speculation may quiet down.

    2. It’s everyone’s guess, they don’t know more than any of us do so I wouldn’t put too much weight into it. It could be more of a monetary thing too. If everyone is betting on the same thing, then there is no point in betting anymore.

  22. Frankly, I don’t think you know what you are getting when you marry a royal until you do. Sophie had a major mess up despite having spent years around the royals; Kate still seems to struggle to do the bare minimum and she supposedly was the most prepared royal bride in recent times.

    People need to be willing to show Meghan, or whoever Harry marries, some grace. She will likely mess up because everyone messes up. It is how she learns and grows that will matter. Sophie, IMO, messed up in a much bigger way than Kate, but she has really put her head down and put her heart into her royal duties, so a great deal is forgiven.

    Unfortunately, in the current climate, people rarely give folks the benefit of the doubt. I suspect Meghan will have an extremely harsh learning curve no matter what. Also, maybe its the romantic in me, but I do think Harry is very much aware of what royal wives have to endure and I do not think he would propose to someone who was not fully knowledgable about the pitfalls. Harry has talked repeatedly about finding someone who is the right fit for the “job” and that being co-equal of importance as the love aspects. I also think (hope) Harry will be a supportive partner which will already put Meghan in a better position than Diana or Sarah (Andrew was never around because of his naval duties).

    Also, I am sorry but this “ambition is bad” angle is sexist and we should not be supporting that kind of sentiment. IMO we should support ambitious women who want to make a difference, which I do indeed feel Meghan is one. Maybe its the deeply ambitious woman in me, but I am all for Meghan doing all she can in the UK and aorund the world.

    The world is such an awful place. I guess i just want to believe some positive things right now!

    1. I agree with this. Meghan wouldn’t be able to do any royal engagements as the girlfriend so just living together wouldn’t help her learn how to do any of this. She has the added issue of not being British and so she can’t just randomly stay in the UK just for kicks. She has already made this decision and they have been dating for well over a year. Prior to the last twenty or thirty years married couples didn’t live together anyway and just figured things out as they went along. If someone is committed to the marriage they will make things work even if they didn’t practice at sharing a bathroom.

      I also think that ambition is not a bad thing. It’s one of the reasons why I dislike Kate because she is so incredibly lazy and incurious about the world and only seems to take the privileges she is afforded while giving very little in return. The press has constantly provided excuses for this laziness, but it is abnormal for a woman of 36 to have done so little with her life. Meghan on the other hand is more normal in that sense. She has had to work long hours on the film set and had to scrap when she first started her career. Most women understand this because we all have had to work. And in addition to working she also took some time to work on charitable causes. She did not have to do this and it shows a lot of her character.

  23. Everyone: Let’s try to be polite to each other. I think discussion is a good thing, and people are free to discuss differing opinions, but we need to remember to do so in a polite way. Thank you.

      1. No, I don’t think so at all. But there is a disagreement going on upthread, so I wanted to make a gentile reminder to everyone to be polite to other commenters.

    1. I totally agree. I too, cannot forgive Waity her laziness and disinterest in the world. I also don’t think she is all that intelligent.

  24. Also, I completely agree that Meghan should spend her initial year or two as a royal focusing mostly on the UK in order to really show she is digging her hands in. I do worry that her interest in international relations/politics/gender and development (which is amazing) will lead her or KP to have her focus more on international work. I think that is fine for her to develop slowly, but Julia is right that she has to be seen to be really keyed into the UK.

    1. For me, she ruined her chances when she had Harry write that letter telling the people to stuff it. Although I do agree that there were racist things being said, the way they went about it was all wrong and came off as petulant. It will be hard to come back from that and I dare say she won’t. Even Kate is still being called Waity years later, people never forget. Her poll ratings are so low compared to Harry’s and people are already calling her England’s Gucci Grace. She has put a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, including myself, and I don’t think there is any coming back from that. First impressions are everything and she blew it through her not understanding the culture she wants to be a part of.

      1. So you’ve written her off before she’s even engaged? She and Harry have deliberately kept their courtship as private as possible an I for one will make decisions once she is in a position to show what she’s capable of. I hope she and Harry do take a different direction than Will and Kate, and I think focussing on the Commonwealth is a good idea. And if they marry I think all being well they will have a family fairly quickly.

  25. Do we really know that this engagement won’t be welcomed? According to polls, Harry is the most popular royal and people want him to be happy. I really hope Meghan will be accepted, but with what Wisdom and Julia are saying, it seems that won’t be happening.

    1. I think most people just don’t care/indifferent. I think there will be the appropriate excitement once the deal is sealed and we actually have an engagement.

      I do not think that the comments on the DM are representative of public sentiment. But I do think for the reasons I listed earlier that Meghan will face a hard time from many quarters that is amplified by the ways in which she will be a unique royal bride. All the things I find to be positive about her can be things people use against her as we have seen already 🙁

      But if they have a great engagement interview (assuming they are engaged and have an interview), I hope that will get people on their side or interested!

      1. Actually I hope Meghan is accepted – she has great potential – but it would be easier if she lived with Harry a few months instead of ‘oh, I just jetted in two days ago after spending a couple of weeks in the country before, and now I’m your new princess’. What is said in any interview will be crucial. I still hope they will take time, but it doesn’t sound that way.

        Ambition is fine – Anne is quite ambitious I think, but there are different ways of expressing that in different professions and especially in different countries – for both men and women. Talking yourself up very openly is not as frowned upon in the States and is more common in acting than it is for royals who tend to be very self-deprecating – no matter how they really feel. It’s the tone and something you only really learn from being in a nation. I’ve often heard American businessmen described as being pushy and coming on too fast and too strong so it’s not just a case of women.

        And the way royals speak and acting professions speak is very different.

        Princess Michael ran aground by making herself sound so grand – actually some of her background is grand – but it doesn’t do to say so – it’s seen as bragging, again different country values.

        As for Sophie, I was meaning it was accepted she spend some time living in Buckingham Palace because people saw quick engagements led to broken marriages. It’s not that she didn’t make mistake – trying to keep her work and the fake sheik was a huge mistake. It’s worth noting she has pulled herself back by following a very traditional royal role and by embracing one cause close to her that takes her overseas, not trying to change the world. Diana built her humanitarian career up quite slowly after doing a great deal of work at home – so she was seen as sincere.

        I do think Meghan is much more instinctive with people than Kate and that will be a plus.

    2. Who said Meghan had Harry write that statement? Were you there when it happened? Harry has a mind of his own.

      1. Harry didn’t have that statement put out without her knowing, they would have had to talk about it beforehand. With that said, Harry has been described by people in the past as being influenced by the last person he has spoken to. Obviously she told him what she was experiencing and they spoke about it beforehand. Harry was not going to rush out a statement without her knowing.

    3. Leah, the Sunday papers are full of the gossip of impending engagement news. I think people are hoping for some happy news after a terrible year.

    4. Exactly, Emily has never even given Meghan a chance, just wrote her off due to a statement that HARRY made, not Meghan. Harry is the one Emily should have beef with, not Meghan.

      It just seems that Emily was looking for a reason to dislike Meghan and write her off.

      There was nothing wrong with that statement.

  26. Yes, but you are implying that Harry was made to put out that statement by Meghan, that she ordered him to. That is what your choice of words suggested. You did not suggest in your previous post that it was a mutual decision.

    1. I never used the word ordered but clearly she felt a lot of things were happening to her and Harry should do something about it since the letter listed all of her grievances which Harry would not have known unless she told him. Previous girlfriends have had worse, look at Kate, Chelsy, and even Cressida. They have all had tripe written about them and their privacy invaded and none had their significant others put out statements declaring their relationship exists and where others can put their opinions. The only difference here is Meghan, I think she had a lot to do with the letter. All of previous girlfriends have sucked it up in silent dignity but I think Meghan overreacted and let her ego lead. As quiet as she has been now, it says to me that she has learned not to complain.

      1. I also go on LSA and I like Meghan.A lot of the bash seems to come from some of their hatred of the royal family in general otherwise,no one cares who Harry is dating or who Meghan is.A lot seems to joke about it instead.If it’s the royal tea thread you are talking about,someone did mention she didn’t look mixed but what does this have to do with Meghan? It’s not her fault she doesn’t look like who they want Harry to date.How did you know Meghan had Harry write the letter.Harry is a 33 year old man,so he doesn’t have a mind of his own? She probably told him what was going on and he relayed that message to Jason because he was angry at what was happening. She didnt force him to,he didnt have to.So now lets blame īthe woman for her bf defending her.SMDH.I don’t see how she’s narcassitic.She has a lot of self confidence,which I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all,she’s worked and has achieved what she wanted to(even though some would still attempt to disprage her achievements) and she’s said multiple times she’s very ambitious and if people think thats a bad thing,that’s honestly to me very disturbing .

        1. Okay, so he writes the letter. She continues to get bad press and many people still don’t like her. Does he write a letter every year now? What did it change? Why a letter now and not in the past, why not Kate, Cressida, Chelsy? The royals don’t release statements to combat bad press or public reactions, they never have. The reason is that people will always criticize and the press will always dig up dirt. The same criticisms she had before she is still getting now, what did it achieve?

    2. There’s another factor to consider when talking about that statement: It came just a couple of days after the press were publishing articles about how Harry was dating/pursuing another woman at the same time he began dating Meghan. I know how angry I’d feel if I were putting up with pushy press and online hatred for my relationship with someone, only to find out that that very someone apparently wasn’t as serious about me as I was about him. So I think it’s very probable that Meghan blew up, demanded some sign of public commitment, and Harry/KP came out with the statement.

      1. I totally agree and I reject the narrative of Meghan having Harry write that letter. Harry is a grown man, he made that decision on his own and it came solely from him. He took a risk by bucking the system so your beef is with him, not Meghan.

        And Meghan is far from a narcissist. She is a self confident woman, who speaks her mind and that irks many who feel that women, esp royal women should be silent Stepford Wives like Waity.

  27. You can tell Meghan had a hand in that statement it phrased and worded differently than any other k.p. statement if their engagement is announced the comments will be moderated for positive only everyone will act happy for the first year then the gloves com3 off it happens with every wife I think the reason a lot of people arnt happy about h and m is because most people seem fed up with royals in general with eveything going on in the UK brexit benefit cuts and substandard housing that sets on fire the fact we
    Pay this family millions and pay repairs for palaces we then have to pay to walk around is immoral Harry has given him self bad press this last year that Newsweek article didn’t help with his complaining saying he doesn’t want to be seen as a celebrity but dates one and befriends others once George and Charlotte becomes teenagers it won’t matter anyway harry will be positioned like Andrew is now their was a time when everyone love Andrew but then succession changes and his kids are basically irrelevant

    1. TBH, the statement sounded almost word for word like it came straight from Harry’s mouth. When I first read it, I literally pictured Harry angrily pacing behind Poor Jason as he dictated what he wanted Jason to put in the statement. It was structured and phrased exactly how Harry says things. Also, KP’s statement tend to be more…emotive. I think a lot of that comes down to Poor Jason being an American.

      I think that Harry was 1) tired of not being able to defend the people he cares for and losing those people because of the media pressure i.e. Chelsy, 2) genuinely shocked by the racist vitriol being spewed. Harry has grown up with immense privilege including the literal definition of white privilege, and has a checkered (to say the least) record on race himself. I really think the comments and the articles took him by surprise and in his indignation he released the statement. My partner is white and the things he gets riled up about when it comes to race are things I just shrug about because they are so every day to me that I don’t have the option of constantly being angry. I actually think Meghan had little to do with it, although I am sure she supported him doing what he felt was right. He is the royal, he is the one who should know what is best when dealing with these matters.

      By Harry’s age, Andrew had already gone to pasture. Harry is already leagues above his Uncle IMO and his popularity has outlasted even my predictions. The past year may have cooled some royal watchers on him, but the every day Joe and Jane public, to the extent they care, don’t seem to have minded him at all. Harry will of course be overshadowed by his nephew(s) and niece(s), but so will Will and Kate. I think Harry gets that and is ok with it but is using the media spotlight he has now to do all he can.

      1. The irony of Harry being upset at racism when he’s been racist in the past typical white person only cares when it impacts them

        1. EXACTLY, he shows up to an African themed party as a Nazi, told a black comedian he didn’t sound black because he didn’t urban, and called a colleague a derogatory name for Pakistani people and now he is so virtuous? Harry is not what he seems and has never been, the royal pr machine has been working on his image for years.

  28. Major gossip on twitter and I can barely contain myself with excitement ……Rumour is a 5pm announcement so it times with US news outlets.

      1. No way they will do an engagement announcement in the evening. I think the earliest we can expect it is Monday.

  29. I’ve been enjoying my holiday so I didn’t realize there was hysteria over a possible engagement. I could have told you that they weren’t going to announce on Black Friday; too much going on in America. They would want to wait a few days to maximize PR.

      1. Emily, mostly because bookmakers have closed betting, which is always a sign that someone knows something. It happened with Kate’s current pregnancy. I don’t doubt an announcement is coming but I won’t put my money on when.

  30. Leah i am biracial female & do not hate MM! I find this behavior reeks of desperation by both P.H. & M.M. No sooner does Meghan finish work than she flies to England & she does not bother to spend the
    holiday U.S. with family or friends. I doubt that her family & friends came over to spend it at K.P? I am not prim & proper, i do not see an class from H & M this couple are impulsive & dim. Is the world coming to an end? I am not old-fashioned why MM do a pap walk? This attention seeking is mind boggle! No sooner does Harry’s grandparents celebrate their 70 wedding anniversary. Why take attention from the grandparents? Where are the manners from both this couple? MM loves media attention & let every 1 know she has arrived! Why can’t they be discrete & low key? I am in my 20s, if my siblings & i did any of this my parents would have been furious with us! I do not like the barrage of articles from mm p.r people ” push push ” it is turn off for people! I do not envy MM! I think that a mm does not have any roles coming in & harry’s position is guarantees fame and fortune! There are more biracial women are talented, more educated and accomplished! Does MM think Harry will take up with another woman, if Meghan is not around to keep an eye on him?

  31. I love this outfit and would buy all the pieces for myself if I didn’t live in South Florida. She looks happy, which is always good.

    I’m still on the fence about the relationship. There’s a clash of cultures (as evidenced by the social media kerfluffles) and I still think that the BRF is going to be too stifling for her. If they do marry and she doesn’t buckle down on charity work within the UK, I can see some serious backlash. No doubt she’s going to be under the microscope more than Kate because she’s a divorced American actress of biracial parentage. She’s going to have to prove herself in the public eye and if she doesn’t become 110% Team UK they’ll eat her for breakfast. I’m hoping for the best, as I did with Kate in the beginning. In the meantime, I have my coffee and I’m watching.

  32. I think the comments about Meghan’s ethnicity are reductive and unhelpful. I’m British and have been in a mixed-race relationship for 20 years: I am categorically *not* a racist.

    Instead, I oppose this marriage on the grounds that we, as taxpayers, shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of millions, each year, to fund the ‘ordinary’. Meghan is no more special than you or I… so why should our hard-earned tax pounds go towards her upkeep in palaces, her designer frocks, private jets and luxurious holidays?

    It’s incredibly hard in the UK at the moment. Workers haven’t had pay rises for ten years, inflation is rising, more people than ever are turning to food banks, we have record levels of homelessness, our national health service is severely underfunded. It was in the news this week that wages are not expected to rise for ANOTHER DECADE!

    We’re hard-pressed and I wish, wish, wish that our taxes could be put towards hospitals, schools, etc… the things that are truly important. 😔

    1. But how is complaining here on these MBS helping yr situation? So if Harry had married another blue blood, would that have made people happy because then they’re paying for an aristocrat and not a commoner “like you and I”? What difference would it have made and what difference does it make now that Harry is supposedly marrying a commoner? And IIRC there was a British poster on KMR that got upset because Americans were voicing any opinions on “our royal family” tada tada tada. So why the complaints, doesn’t having a royal family like the BRF come with a price tag? Whether people like or hate Meghan doesn’t matter, what matters is Harry loves her. It doesn’t matter whether people would have rather he married some “English rose like Kate” Harry wanted none of them so I guess people are just gonna have to eat their hearts out I suppose. And please let’s stop pretending that the British people are paying soooo much money to sustain the BRF, these people are wealthy they are giving money back to yr country in taxes and in the revenue they generate for the UK. If anyone should complain it should be the Commonwealth countries that pay our taxes to the British monarchy without getting nothing back in return.

    2. Don’t you just love how people from other countries like to tell us that we should be happy to bow and scrape to their own? Nevermind we pay taxes and have to cover the expenses of a woman who doesn’t know or respect our culture and values. Let’s just shut up and not complain because she is a princess to be and we should just be content with that. 🙂

  33. I dont know why some think living with a person prior to marriage guarantees longevity of said marriage. Meghan was with her last guy for 7 years before they married but it still ended in divorce. On the other hand, the queen and her husband didn’t live together before marriage but they lasted 70 years and still counting. Som3coc the longest marriages I know are of 2 divorced people that didn’t click with their first spouses but hit gold with each other yhe second time around, it happens!! There are many long lasting couples that proposed on the first dates, again it’s not unusual, it happens.😊😊
    I say let these 2 figure things out themselves, trying to influence the relationship by “i feel.they should do abcd” is pointless. I’m sure if we were in the same position we wouldn’t care less what the nay sayers opinions are, there’s more serious stuff happening in the world!!
    About the statement and who put it out…..well if folks hate Megs because of it so be it. Nothing she does will change that. Might as well just love her guy and marry him if she wants, the nay sayers will always be negative regardless.
    I say to these 2 Harry and Meghan, don’t worry be happy live yr lives on yr terms, can’t please the entire world, life is too short to spend it trying to please some person that you’ve never even met or try to make them love you.

    1. How do you know Meghan doesn’t respect England or English values? Has she said that? Have you given her a chance to learn? No. You just want to condemn Meghan at every turn and wait for her to fail and not give her a chance. Why do you dislike her so much? Give me one solid reason.

    1. Ohmigoodness we are not gonna hear the end of this. 😈😈This is gonna upset a lot of people. 😬😬

    2. I think /hope that Meghan has developed her own style, and whilst she will adapt it , the essence will remain. I hope she searches out smaller and newer designers (also cheaper), and as she is used to a stylist she may continue to use one. As an American there is much justification anyway to get help,on protocol requirements. I’m excited.

    1. Was Meghan at an airport on November 22? Does that mean Meghan wasn’t even in London when all of the BS about them announcing on Thursday or Friday went down?

    1. Tell me about it!! All I was waiting for while all this hoopla was going on was POW announcement, and it happened!!! Yaaay, hooray!!! And a spring wedding sounds good to me, can’t wait!!

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