Meghan spends her first Christmas at Sandringham

Meghan spends her first Christmas at Sandringham

Meghan Markle made her Sandringham debut yesterday, December 25, walking with the British royal crowd to St. Mary Magdalene Church for Christmas service. She held Prince Harry‘s arm as the couple walked to and from the church.

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For her first Christmas walk, Meghan wore a Sentaler Long Wide Collar Wrap Coat in Camel ($1,295) over what looks like a deep purple velvet dress. She carried a Chloé Pixie Small leather and suede shoulder bag ($1,550) and wore Stuart Weitzman Hiline Over the Knee Boots in Nutmeg Suede ($798).

Update: Club Monaco said on Instagram that they “confirmed with her stylist” that Meghan is wearing their “Tay Dress” in Dark Cherry ($298).

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Meghan wore the Maison Birks Snowflake Large Round Jacket Earrings ($5,995) she wore to the BP lunch last week, as well as a brown hat with a twisty bit on the side.

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Meghan wore brown leather gloves while leaving the church, but held the gloves while walking to the church.

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Harry bowed and Meghan curtsied for HM.

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The couple spoke to well wishers on their way back to Sandringham house.

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A couple more photos.

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A video of the royal family arriving and leaving the church. This video focuses mostly on Meghan, though.

I have covered the rest of the royal family, as well as HM’s Christmas message, over here on the other blog.

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431 thoughts on “Meghan spends her first Christmas at Sandringham

  1. Would like to see what that dress looks like underneath the looks to be velvet. I actually quite liked her boots and her bag, but the coat? Not so much. It was far too bulky for my taste and it reminded me of her engagement announcement outfit, which I didn’t care for either.

  2. I agree, I felt the outfit was too bulky for her slim frame. She herself looked very pretty though.

  3. The hat looks like an acorn cap sitting on her head. As her hat game gets more savvy she will look back on this one pink cheeked, I would imagine. I’d be shocked if it gets another wear.

      1. I did not care for the hat. I bet (and hope) we do not see it a second time. Even my husband said Sparkle Markle lost her sparkle.

    1. Ditto.

      I loved her overall outfit, but that hat was no bueno.

      It looks too big for her.

      And for some reason, it looks to me like the design started out as a fascinator, but then super-sized it into a hat which makes it a very strange hat indeed.

      I also don’t think she should wear browns. They don’t compliment her.

      1. Yikes, I did not like that hat. The handbag, either. So much for us dissing Kate for having too many coats of the same style. Meghan seems to have at least two similar wrap coats. They are hard to wear, too. Look bulky around the middle.

        In the last photo of the thread, her face had the expression of a sweet child and was very touching.

      2. I loved the coloring and her outfit essentially but thought the coat might have been tailored a bit more. But I thought the whole thing (excepting the hat, which I couldn’t quite get behind) was quite chic. It reminded me of Michelle Obama’s natural color layering when they came to KP and George came out in his adorable pajamas.

    2. I thought the hat was cute, although it reminds me of a button mushroom. I really like the asymmetrical look she achieved with the flare on the hat going up on one side, and her hair spiraling down on the other.

      1. Her hat looked like something from a Teletubbie costume that had accidentally been dyed brown..

  4. While I do like the style of her coat very much, cannot come around to like those midi lengths. Most of the times they are just unflattering. I also like the idea of the hat but the colour and how it sits on her head makes it a miss. Same with the somehow very prominent colour coordinating between her shoes, hat and bag. I don’t think russet is a good colour on her. In my point of view brown is a very complicated colour for brown haired people, like beige is for people with ash blonde hair. In summary- the idea of the outfit was great and promising but in the end a fashion miss for me. The people who predicted her classic fashion style to blend right in might be right. She didn’t stand out, wether in a good or a bad way. I thought it interesting that she obviously hasn’t got any “curtsy lessons” yet.
    She looked very happy but I cannot help but get the impression that she was quite nervous beneath that smile. Well, who wouldn’t?

    Her Majesty, Camilla and Autumn Phillips are the only wins in my book. The men have it so much easier.

    1. For not having curtsy lessons, I thought her curtsy and bow was deeper than Kate’s. As for brown on brown haired girls, I don’t agree at all. I love the midi to maxi coat look. I thought the coat was a miss only because I don’t like the style, but the color was lovely as was the purse and the boots. The hat was a miss IMO only because it had that leaf thing on the side. If it was a Jackie Kennedy like hat, she would have looked smashing. She looked gorgeous nonetheless.

      1. Deep is not the only criteria for a curtsy. Rank and posture are also important factors.
        I am on the complete opposite on the coat. Love the details – hate the length. But it would be boring if we all liked the same.
        I am surprised at the cost of the outfit. Suits must have paid better then I imagined (and I think in this case she bought all the pieces herself- maybe sans the earrings).

        1. I actually like the details too. As for Suits, yes, she was paid well. She is worth 5 million from my understanding. This bag she carried could have been one she already had in her closet.

    2. How did it compliment Harry’s hair color, may I ask? His hair is a gorgeous shade of red and the hat was a tad too brown, to me. I wish, as I had said elsewhere, that Harry and Meghan’s color coordination had been better. He needs to try other shades of color in his wardrobe.

      1. Jenny, I had commented further down the thread that I thought the color of her hat coordinated with the brown tones in PH’s hair. It did look that way in multiple photos I saw in the DM which is what I was going by. I do know sometimes their photo color can be a bit off though, like how the first pic they showed of HM’s Christmas Day outfit made it look red, not orange.

        Of course PH’s hair is a gorgeous shade of red as you said. Usually though, everyone’s natural hair color has various highlight and lowlight tones, so it made sense to me that there would be some brown tones within his overall red coloring. If I’m wrong about that I’m sorry, and will have to blame it on the DM’s photos, since I’ve never seen PH in person 🙁 .

  5. I like the coat itself. I think hers is too big. If I had the resources and lived in a place where I needed a coat I’d buy one for myself. Not a fan of her hat. It’s too big. Make it a bit less like an upside down salad bowl and I’d like it much better. Love the gloves, don’t care for the boots. A nice pair of leather boots the color of her gloves would’ve been much better, but I’m not sure boots go with that dress at all.

    Overall I think she did well and you could see her nerves. Kate seemed genuinely nice and supportive and appeared to help put her at ease when it came time to curtsey. Maybe the aliens did come and tinker with her royal keeness. It would be nice if Meghan had a smooth transition where that’s concerned.

  6. Meghan, spot on in your assessment of Meghan’s fashion style today. I do think it was wise of her to stay with muted colors to blend in, given all the media focus upon her. I recall Kate wearing that candy cane confection outfit at this year’s Trouping of the Colour. She diminished the dominant wardrobe of the Queen, who rightfully deserves the fashion spotlight. I do hope Meghan has an influence on Harry’s fashion style. His ever present blue clothing and suede shoes should be retired. I think there are so many options available to him to step up his style game.

    1. I think she looks radiant in these colors. She doesn’t need anything bright or loud because she already has a million-watt smile. She was appropriately dressed for the occasion and comfort was what she needed. She can branch out in royal style once she’s more confident in her ability to nail the pomp and circumstance of these events.

  7. Well I just love the coat, the detail on the sleeve, big pockets and wide collar. I would buy it in a heart beat if I could afford it. Love the boots too. Love the bag too, small but not a clutch.

    I am sure she was nervous, I cannot imagine Christmas being relaxed even at Anmer. I wonder if Will and Kate expect her to curtesy to them?

    Everyone seems to love the Queens outfit I really dislike the orange, and if they knew she was arriving with Camilla the clash was equally awful.

    I hope Harry got her some gorgeous jewels for Christmas .

    1. I wonder if Will and Kate expect her to curtesy to them?

      When they are King and Queen, yes. Prior to that no.

      1. I agree, not prior. Notice that Meghan & Harry are not walking behind Kate & William as would be expected. They are together as a foursome behind Price Charles & Camila. I think that’s the image Her Majesty wants cultivated. The 2 couples will indeed be functioning as 1 unit.
        Those of us who wanted to see Harry & Meghan branch out might be disappointed. However, something tells me we needn’t worry too much about Kate’s treatment of Meghan – at least for now, while Her Majesty is still alive. Kate will toe the line and do as she’s told.
        Carole is another story though. The Gary-Middleton family video she released when Meghan was being brutally attacked and shamed for her brother’s conduct, tells me to expect anything from Carole if she ever feels her family’s power is threatened by Meghan in any way or if she simply sees an opportunity to strike w/o without being noticed.
        I like very much the harmony I see so far within the ranks and within the Royal Family as a whole. As long as Meghan has their support (which include William’s) and is a team player, Kate will not want to rock the boat. The two woman might actually form a good friendship (I’m sure Meghan knows not to ever trust Carole).
        I’m looking forward to following those 2 lovely ladies without drama. Happy Holidays, everyone!

        1. “They are together as a foursome behind Price Charles & Camila. I think that’s the image Her Majesty wants cultivated. The 2 couples will indeed be functioning as 1 unit.”


          1. I agree with you, Spectator. Her Majesty wants William and Harry’s couple to work as 1 unit in harmony. That’s very important for the future of the monarchy. Meghan is seen by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as a significant addition to the royal family. She is well educated, dutiful young woman with potential leader charisma, and accomplished; she just need a good mentor now to guide her into the royal responsibility. That’s why the Queen appointed Duchess Sophie (her favorite) to be Mentor for Meghan. And the most important decision taken by her majesty his to push away the bad influence of Carole Middleton that can destroy the future of the monarchy. Prince William will be from now on very close to his brother Prince Harry and her new sister-in-law, so that the two young royal couples will grow up close together and make a strong foundation for the future of a modern Monarchy in harmony, as 1 unit supporting each other without struggle. That ‘s it is very very important for Queen Elisabeth to stop and ban Carole Middleton interference in prince William’s household. She is very dangerous.

        2. Firstly, HRH the Duchess of Cornwall rode with HM the Queen, HRH the PoW walked with his brother, HRH the DoY. The formal royal protocol and order of precedence is not observed on the family walk to the Christmas service; Peter and Autumn Phillips were in front of the Fab Four.
          What does “worry about Kate’s treatment of Meghan” mean? Has there been any credible indication of mistreatment by the Duchess of Cambridge towards Ms. Markle? I have not read of any.
          As far as family power, Catherine is the next Princess of Wales, the second lady in the land, and then the Queen Consort. No threat, no question.
          I am hoping the press does not pit these ladies against each other; they are both beautiful and have different roles to fulfill.

          1. Linda, that Kate is the future queen and Meghan isn’t is common knowledge, emphasizing an already known point is unnecessary;, and your addition of no “threat no question” again is redundant, the facts you stated are not being disputed by anyone on here. I’m just amused that you hope nobody pits the two ladies against each other while you do the exact same thing in yr post. Y’all need to chillax IMVHO.

          2. MASAMF, my comments were directed toward Fabulous who stated that Kate was being made to “toe the line and do as she’s told”
            implying that Kate was being less than welcoming to Meghan. Which I personally do not think is true and I was simply clarifying their future roles are already defined. I was in no NO WAY trying to pit them against each other and, in my opinion, believe they will enjoy a friendship in the future.
            As an American I am thrilled about Meghan and Harry. I thought both women looked fab on Christmas Day.

    2. I thought this was one of HM’s more stylish outfits, just not that color. In the first picture I saw, the light or color correction was off so it appeared a cheery (yes, I meant cheer-y, not cherry) red, not orange, and I thought, “that’s really nice…very Christmasy”. Then when I saw it described as orange and the other pictures showing how really orange it was, it made me wonder “why, just why?”

      I’m sad that IMO most of Angela Kelly’s designs tend to make HM look old and dowdy, when she can create such a beautiful and flattering dress for her as the one HM is wearing for this year’s Christmas television address. Her hair and makeup also looked wonderful. HM is still a beautiful woman and I feel like we don’t often get to see that.

      1. I agree. I read a news article a year ago that basically said Kate will effectively become the most senior female royal once HM passes, at least in the public’s mind (though not formally). This generational skip is the unique result of Diana’s divorce / untimely death and Camilla’s PR situation. Something interesting to think about.

      2. + 1 Nora. I felt kind of sad watching The Crown, and then going back and doing some reading/looking at old pictures, and seeing how much style she had. I’d love to see her in more than just her now-typical suits.

  8. I don’t like the outfit, but it made me happy to see life going on. It’s time Harry married. Meghan’s doing alright

    I smiled at the curtsy and the photo of Meghan and Kate. The BRF is a strange little bubble. I’m starting to realize the world is entirely composed of strange little bubbles.

    Merry Christmas from my little bubble to MMR’s and everyone else’s little bubble.

  9. I’m not a fan of the hat, but she looked elegant and warm. Norfolk has bitter winds. She was nervous, but I’m glad they spoke to well wishers. It was probably quite a stressful day for her.

  10. I feel positive about Meghan’s outfit yesterday, it’s a bit of fresh air in the royal fashion. She looks modern, but appropriate to the occasion and her look is finished. I can’t say it about anyone else’s look unfortunately, though I guess HM or Camilla don’t have to look modern.
    Hope to continue seeing more contemporary coats, more normal sized bags and more boots from MM instead of tight A-shaped dress coats, clutches and pumps – sure Kate will go on showing them for those who is not overfilled with them :)))

  11. I didn’t like the style of Meghan’s coat. It is too much like a bathrobe.
    Her hat reminds me of an upside pudding bowl. Not a flattering choice imo.
    However, I loved the colours of both the hat and coat.

    1. It took me while to figure it out, but no I cannot un-see it. In some photos her head has the form of an acorn because of the hats colour and shape. A beautiful acorn but still.

    1. Totally agree THE SPECTATOR about the outfit. About the courtsy Meghan fans said she courtsed “better than Kate” because she bowed her head but this is wrong, only men bow, women hold their heads up. Her fans even said she is American and for this reason she should not courtsy. They are hoping for her to banish this tradition (they are also saying to her haters: “Please die”). And there was no necessity for Meghan to take her gloves off. If Kate did this people would say she was wanting to show her ring. And about Meghan? No other woman took her glove off. And there is a picture of Meghan showing her tongue. OMG Meghan, you are becoming a Royal. Showing your tongue is NOT right, specially after leaving church. Despite this, everything went well. Kate looked relaxed and talked calmly to Meghan. Have a great day everybody.

      1. I was the one who spoke about her bowing her head. Doesn’t mean that I am a “Meghan fan?” Since I am the only one to comment, I guess that’s my label. I thought she did curtesy lower than Kate. And even if Meghan didn’t do it perfectly, she hasn’t been in the royal family for 7 years; Kate still bobs. I like that she is lightening up the mood when she stuck out her tongue; I am guessing she was engaging with a child. What is wrong with that? There have been many occasions when Kate showed off “big blue.” Maybe, Meghan forgot to put her gloves on. I find Meghan warm and was glad to see her engage with Kate warmly given Kate’s proclivities to not have many female friends.

      2. Actually, a proper curtsey includes a bow. The deeper the curtsey and head bow, the deeper the respect being shown.

        Kate has never curtsey-ed properly or bowed her head. Not even at her wedding.

        Kate is more a bop down perfunctory curtsey type of gal. And she curtseys with her knees spread which gives me an eye twitch!

        I’m surprised Carole didn’t include instruction on this point. Ditto exiting cars without flashing peolle. Charlene of Monaco is the master at this manouvre.

        Ps: here is someone curtseying to Kate who is doing it properly–queen-kate-princess-kate.jpg

        Diana curtseying to the Queen

        Victoria curtseying to Empress of Japan

        MM of Norway curtseying to HM–vHtfKKk404/UF3JZzZJlDI/AAAAAAAAA7s/gh6Pak8iC8c/s640/Princess+Mette+Marit+of+Norway+curtsies+respectfully+low+to+Her+Majesty+Queen+Elizabeth+II..jpg

        And many, many more examples.

        The times we haven’t seen head bow from various members is usually because they’ve caught the eye of the person they are curtseying to and it’s more a friendly thing, based on familiarity between the two people.

        If you want to show deep respect, you bow as deeply as possible and you bow your head.

        1. The DM had an article that Meghan did the curtsey incorrectly and should learn from Kate. I had to laugh because she is very bad at it. And these pictures show the difference.

          1. I was trained to curtsey– and was told not to bow your head except in very formal settings as in some of the examples given but to make eye contact – so Kate is doing it correctly in my eyes. (Diana did bow her head at her wedding – Sarah – less formally – did not.) Meghan will do fine I’m sure. As an American, Meghan technically didn’t need to curtsey – but it’s a nice gesture showing her acceptance of her new life.

            Here’s Marie of Denmark doing it the way I was trained. (A useless skill for me as it turns out – I might add – but the nuns taught us in school just in case we should meet the queen.)


            Camilla curtseying – when not greeting someone. She’s either not consistent on which leg she puts forward or some photos are reversed – always possible.


          2. People, could it be that different cultures curtsy differently; you know some with head raised and making eye contact while others heads bowed and eyes to the ground? In my culture, Women kneel with heads bowed and eyes to the ground while men lie on floor with belly and chest to the ground etc, but in recent years, men have stood at attention (like Harry and William) while women crush, these are both acceptable though, back in the day if one curtsied Instead on kneeling or falling to the ground, they would be executed. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way or curtsying, what might be the right way among the English might not be necessarily right among the Swedes. Why the comparisons and who does it better? Geesh! The bottom line is Kate curtsies and Meghan did too, they both did out of respect and reverence for HM, can’t that be good enough for people? Must always there always be Kate or Meghan is better than the other? My goodness!!

          3. Masamf: in western culture, a curtsey is the same whichever country you are in.

            This is primarily because they all attend the same finishing schools that teach them one way of doing things or hire teachers from the same schools to teach them the one way of doing things.

            Etiquette guides all show one way of doing things. You can find old school videos on youtube showing this one way of doing it.

            Other Julia: Somewhere in my schooling, i had a term at finishing school. Hated every second, but learnt a variety of useless things like curtsey-ing.

            When i left, i was determined to be as rebellious as possible, but in my advancing years, i find those lessons popping up in my head at inopportune times, and giving me an eye twitch, like Kate curtsey-ing.

            In this scenerio, MM executed a very good and proper curtsey.

            And it’s annoying that DM is saying Kate did it properly and implying that she is teaching MM.

            With regards the various royals not bowing their heads, they tend to be already good friends with the person they are curtseying to, so it’s more a friendly gesture and curtsey informal.

            Mette Marit is doing it the formal, deeply respectful way.

            Camilla hasn’t bowed her head, but you can see how deeply and correctly she’s placed her knees/legs.

            Kate always looks like she’s squating when she curtseys.

          4. Herazeus, thanks a lot for explaining this, I just feel that once again people are taking this Kate is better than Meghan or vice versa thing way too far. The comparisons are wearing me out to be honest I just wish it would stop? What’s important is they both curtsied to the queen and the DM obsession with everything Kate and attempts to decapitate Meghan is getting so tiresome. They both ar beautiful, they both have their flaws, they are married to different guys, no need to continuously try to character assassinate Meghan, she isn’t gonna take Kate’s place in any way shape or form.

          5. Yeah, Mette-Marit’s curtsy was epic!

            Masamf, are you from southern Africa by chance? The male “curtsy” that you describe sounds like a description of the obeisance Nelson Mandela paid the Queen Mother when he met her.

            I think that there are cultural differences when it comes to curtsying, the Brits cross their legs behind them, while Scandanavians seem to do more of a lunge when they curtsy. The Danes seem to like to get very low.

            I think women not bowing the head / maintaining eye contact during the curtsy is more reflective of the parties being familiar with one another than cultural differences.

          6. AAA, Im from Uganda in east Africa. Here is how our men used to bow or “curtsy” before our king:

            And here’s a modern way :
            And here’s a picture of the women and how we “curtsy”

            I too think there could be differences but hey, what do I know?

          7. That is an amazing show of deference, Masamf. (I hope I spelled that right!) I’d never known that there were equivalents on the African continent.

        2. No Kathleen, my reply was not to you about Meghan courtsying. It was to Meghan fans who think she does no wrong and Kate does no right. Meghan fans are so out of control that, like I said, the say to anybody who don’t like Meghan to die. It’s ridiculous. There are fans that even want something to happen to William and his children so Meghan “can be queen”. And everybody who don’t like Meghan the fans call racist. It’s shoking and disgusting.

          1. @Jamel both Meghan and Kate camps are guilty of bad behavior. To Kate fans, Meghan is the devil incarnate, to Meghan fans Kate is the worst person, you all do the same thing and what you all doing is equally as shocking and disgusting. Who is to say that if William and his kids die Meghan will automatically become queen? And who is to say that Kate is guaranteed to become queen, is it set in stone somewhere? I remember during the 80s and 90s when many carried on about Diana being future queen etc, did she ever become queen? Before she even died, she was already divorced and there was no way she would ever be “queen” so what was all that noise about? None of us can read the future so y’all obsession about this or that woman being future queen is way too OTT. Both women are beautiful each in their own way, they both curtsied to HM who is monarch now, they are married to brothers one of whom MIGHT be a king some day God willing, they come from different backgrounds but each has a contribution to society that is different from the other, their partners are happy and satisfied each with his own. There’s no need for mere strangers that don’t know any of these women to demonize one or the other just so your fav looks good.

      3. I am not so sure about this sticking out tongue picture, I would like to see a clip of her than a picture. Pictures can be deceptive since one can get snapped while blinking but really made to look like they were sleeping. It could be that Meghan was snapped while licking her lips.

        1. Masamf: You know how i keep bringing up Fergie? This sticking out tongue thing was more de ja vu Fergie.

          Fergie used to do this sort of thing. Not meant maliciously and usually having fun with the crowd. And the media loved her for it.

          Then the media turned on her and the very same previously loved pictures were used to demonstrate that Fergie was a terrible person who had damaged the monarchy by pulling these faces.

          Harry and MM are the spares. They need to remember that as they go about their public life because they do not have institutional protection.

          I feel like someone needs to send a note to MM to educate her about Fergie and the media.

          1. Hera, I’m still not convinced she was sticking out her tongue on purpose, I could be wrong. But she could also have been licking her lips and was just snapped in the moment, pictures can be deceptive! This was her first outing with the inlaws to be, it would be in such poor taste to pull such stunts!! But you never know what these people are capable of, I really don’t know the woman to say this or that, but I’m saying both are possibilities. I’m still on the lick lips till I’m proven wrong by a video clip

          2. I wish people would stop with this Fergie nonnsense. Let Meghan be Meghan and stop reaching. And stop being so doom and gloom for God’s sake. Some of you are like the Grim Reaper, predicting nothing but unhappiness for this girl. Give it a rest.

          3. Masamf: I’m not saying she did it on purpose. And we don’t know if she was sticking out her tongue or simply licking her lips. I actually think it’s a cute picture.

            However, in the history of this family and the media, I’m saying that a cute picture like that can be used to craft a negative narrative for MM and as the spare (or married to one) she doesn’t have the kind of protection Kate has to stop this being used against her.

            This is what happened with Fergie.

            Leah: i never thought i’d ever say this to someone on the internet or even someone on a board that i’m merely a visitor, but i think it’s time you stopped looking at or reading MM stories and comments because you see negativity in all of it and are making it impossible for other people to hold a conversation about MM.

            Infact, i suggest you start your own MM blog that never, ever allows any sort of discussion of MM that falls outside your desired parameters and let the rest of us be.


          4. Herazeus, I’m totally in agreement that we don’t know for a fact what Meghan was really doing but unlike you, I don’t find it cute or amusing if she really stuck her tongue out on this particular occasion when she was out with the BRF for the first time, if indeed she stuck her tongue out.
            On the flip side, I also find it so unfair, if Meghan was indeed licking her lips, for some paparazzi to take a picture like this and tout it like Meghan is sticking her tongue out at anyone. It’s such a disrespectful thing for her to have done on this very occasion, but if she didn’t do it, it’s very unfair to the woman for whoever took the picture to put it out there and have the entire world have a go at her, many asking for her to be tarred and feathered or burned at the stake or whatever many are asking to be done to her, for something she did not do. If Meghan was just licking her lips, no wonder these guys hate the media so much!! Hera you just mentioned how H&M don’t have the protection that W&K has, so the former are constantly having to prove themselves, it’s like they will walk on eggshells around people for the rest of their lives! No wonder Harry’s exes wanted none of this and no wonder Harry is frustrated and hates the media so much because they pretty much run or scare off every women he gets!! The media can be so cruel; for someone to print a picture this misleading is just not right!

          5. Herazeus, there is nothing postive in being compared to Fergie. I am correct in seeing only negative about that.

            Fergie and Meghan are not the same. Please stop trying to force Meghan into the Fergie negative.

          6. Leah….. with all due respect Sarah York is a very good warning to all future Royal brides. You would have to have the hide of a rhinoceros if you didn’t look at her story as a example of a very wary path to tread down.

            I think Sarah is a very kind lady but she’s her own worst enemy and scored so many own goals. What was worse was she never learnt from those mistakes but kept making the same ones time and time again.

          7. ” . . . if she didn’t do it, it’s very unfair to the woman for whoever took the picture to put it out there and have the entire world have a go at her, many asking for her to be tarred and feathered or burned at the stake or whatever many are asking to be done to her, for something she did not do. If Meghan was just licking her lips, no wonder these guys hate the media so much!!”

            MASAMF +1 Especially the last line.

          8. Mrs BBV: It’s frustrating as hell that Fergie never learns from her mistakes, but it is equally frustrating to see how much the media takes innocent pictures and or bad pictures of her pulling a face or blinking and framing it in a negative light.

            The bad things she has done will never be forgiven because the media has ran ‘bad Fergie’ narrative since the 80s. She’s stuck with that.

            The same way the Yorkies are tarred with the same brush with no evidence to back it up.

            Masamf: That’s why it’s helpful to learn how to control your facial expressions so that people won’t put out bad pictures that give room for these negative narratives.

            Why do you think the Middletons are always smiling in public even when it is inappropriate!!

          9. Agreed…..Sarah has been treated appallingly by the press. But she made it so easy for them. On a personal level the press men adored her but she gave their editors so much ammunition. Meghan would have to be very silly not to look at the whole picture of Sarah York because essentially a generous, kind woman was trashed to fit a narrative that sold papers. Meghan needs to be smart and not provide the ammunition.

          10. Hera, and MrsBBV, I completely agree about Sarah, she was her worst enemy. But in many instances too, and you said Hera, she was unfairly portrayed in the media and that was not right. I have read rumors of how sometimes princes Di would sic the paps on her but I don’t really know for sure, if that is a fact or just heresy. For Meghan however, there are things one can’t control, as in this instance. If she was licking her lips, how was she to know someone would take a picture of her in that very moment and turn it into something negative and use against her? I have blinked millions of time, I have licked my lips millions of times, I have contorted my face in so many different ways millions of times and I have never thought of being mindful not to do any of that in public lest! If Meghan was licking her lips, they might have felt dry and there would have been no way of her controlling this I’m afraid. I wouldn’t know not to lick my lips or scratch my nose in public honestly, I don’t think its fair to ask Meghan to never lick one’s lips or blink lest one gets snapped and be accused of sleeping on the job!!

          11. Masamf, it is rumoured that Diana was one of very few people who knew that Sarah was in the South of France with her financial adviser when the whole ‘toe sucking gate’ photos were captured. We already know she was Diana’s canary in the mineshaft regarding seperation. I think it’s safe to say that Diana sold Sarah out on numerous occasions. Self preservation, jealousy, fear, revenge, paranoia were probably all as good reasons as any.

          12. It looks to me like Meghan stuck her tongue out and that’s a mis-step but I see it as more of a rookie mistake, my guess is that Meghan was probably interacting with a mischievous child.

            As far as how that can lead to Meghan getting the Fergie treatment, as others have said, it really boils down to ammunition. If Meghan mis-steps pile up she will then get labeled a problem royal and pictures like that will get trotted out to show what a misfit Meghan is.

            Of course it may not play out that way and the picture will stay buried in the archives.

            As I write this, this shows that Meghan may have made a Faustian deal. Of course some people can modify their behavior without it taking a personal toll but for others it may require that they take on another persona which comes at a price. Perhaps this is why royals get so much vacation time.

          13. I think a child in the crowd stuck out his/ her tongue and Meghan was just being friendly by reciprocating ! The Daily Mail has to make a big issue about anything they can find remotely questionable.

          14. Herazeus, I can’t for some reason post a reply to your comment No 3 below so this is a reply to that comment with which I agree 100%

          15. Masamf: your comment about not touching your nose or licking your lips gave me one of those ‘popped into my head’ useless things i was taught.

            They are not impossible asks, and most people teach small children to do them without knowing it’s social etiquette they are teaching.

            Eg never touching your nose in public or at the very least whilst in company. Licking your lips from inside your mouth.

            These things become ingrained with practise. Like the Japanese bow!!

          16. @AAA, the interpretation can go either way, as I already agreed with Hera, we can’t really tell exactly what was happening just from looking at this one picture. And no, even if there was a baby that stuck their tongue out at her etc, if Meghan stuck her’s out at the kid, still inappropriate (if she did really stick it out). If she was not responding and turning to calls of her name, there’s no reason for her to get into a tongue sticking contest with any kids.
            Hera, you gave me a chuckle. You post shows how nature and nurture influences a person’s life through and through. I went to my country recently and one of the things I found hard to do now that I live in the western world (I guess now I’m considered a westerner too, LOL) was using a handkerchief as now Im used to tissue in my purse all the time. I tell you, in my country people are picking their noses everywhere all the time, using their handkerchief of course, but picking one’s nose is not frowned upon at all. Contrast that with what is or isn’t acceptable here in Canada and you get my point!! I didn’t even know that licking my lips from inside isn’t an acceptable thing to do, I do it all the time, LOL. But with that said, I still maintain that this pic is very ambiguous and putting it out there was still unfair to Meghan. Anyways, thats my last comment on the tongue picture.
            @Graceh, I get where you are coming from re: Meghan curtsying. IMO, I see it that Meghan is considered Harry’s wife now. As Harry said, he asked her parents for her hand in marriage and they gave their blessing. In many cultures (mine as well), once the parents give their blessing, the couple has become man and wife and the church ceremony is a formality. I’m not saying its the same with the English, but Im just pointing out the importance of the parents blessing. So I believe this is Meghan’s mindset at this point. It would have been such a big, huge blander on her part, one she probably would have never recovered from, if she had not curtsied to HM on grounds that she is American and therefore will not curtsy till she becomes British. I have heard the “Americans think they’re better than everyone else” so many times than I care to count, Meghan playing into that would have been a huge mistake. I believe she now identifies as British and I’m glad she curtsied to the British monarch.

          17. @AAA, the interpretation can go either way, as I already agreed with Hera, we can’t really tell exactly what was happening just from looking at this one picture. And no, even if there was a baby that stuck their tongue out at her etc, if Meghan stuck her’s out at the kid, still inappropriate (if she did really stick it out). If she was not responding and turning to calls of her name, there’s no reason for her to get into a tongue sticking contest with any kids.

            I still think Meghan stuck her tongue out, she has a glint in her eye and she is waving, but yeah it is an educated guess on my part.

            As far as Meghan not responding to other people, it looks like things are choreographed and there was a time when the royals were more interactive (which is when the tongue incident probably happened) and times when they had focus on a task like the staged curtsy or getting back to Sandringham House for tea.

      4. Jamel: “Her fans even said she is American and for this reason she should not courtsy.”

        On Christmas evening, dinner guests were showing off their new electronic toys. There was some kind of Bluetooth throwdown between two of the males and the video of Markle and Duchess Camb was played. As I watched it I thought the same thing as Jamel and said nothing. It took 16 yr-old in the room, who is currently studying Euro and W Asia history in school, to voice the thought: ‘What did she do that for? Americans don’t curtsy or bow to heads of foreign governments. We shake hands.’ And so a discussion ensued about citizens of republics showing deference to members of monarchies.

        The guests knew of Meg because of the engagement news. Another said Meg was Canadian and was reminded she just lived in Canada for work and was a US citizen. One of the holiday dinner guests had postponed a business trip to London because they did not want to be there during the wedding or the lead-up to it. In the end only one person thought that Markle chose to curtsey because she is engaged to a member of the royal family and wanted to fit in.

        I was surprised at the strong opinion that she should not have curtsied to the Queen until she was a British citizen no matter how long that took to happen. This dinner group doesn’t delve into political discussion at the holiday by a long standing agreement. The conversation then drifted off to other interests. In the end, I haven’t changed my initial opinion – there was no need for her to curtsy. I’m disappointed that she did and that she felt she needed to.

  12. I love her outfit!! Though part of me wishes she had gone with a different color for the gloves and handbag. Maybe red or green just to add some color. She looks great and so happy.

    Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates!

    1. This was in reply to MASAMF,

      I read an article in the DM today about the woman who shot the best picture of the “Fab Four” (groan) and she said that to get their attention she screamed like an obsessed teenager. With members of the public behaving like idiots and shouting goodness what at them I can understand (and forgive) Meghan playing back. She’ll be chastised for it though and it won’t happen again. Poor Megs.

      1. ABC, I understand where you are coming from, but I still believe Meghan was licking her lips when this picture was taken. I stand corrected of course if I’m wrong, but I’ll it to get proven wrong by some video clip.

        1. On the steps of the church, Meghan likes her looks a couple of times. It is cold and William also has a picture from yesterday where it looks like he is sticking his tongue out too. I know I lick my lips a lot when its cold…

          Oy vey, the things people get caught up in.

          1. I have seen the picture and I believe she was sticking out her tongue on purpose.I even asked people that are not in the least bit familiar with MM if they thought that this woman was sticking out her tongue or accidentally caught licking her lips? and all said that she was sticking out her tongue because if you look at her face she is pulling a silly expression while doing it..I do not like having to feel like I have to walk on egg shells whenever, I say something that doesn’t make MM look like an absolute saint .which is crazy because no one is a saint or so perfect that they never make mistakes…I honestly, think she was caught sticking out her tongue at some kiddos, and the camera caught it plain and simple..I agree that she should have refrained from that type of silly behavior due to where she was, and that she was in the Queen’s presence when it happened. However,I am sure she will be re-directed,and she will not make that kind of silly faux pas again.I also do not like how some people are trying to draw a line between Catherine and MM that is only going to cause a lot untrue and nasty made up scenarios concerning their relationship. I think it is sad that it has already started but there is not much that anyone can do to control it or stop it. So we are in for a media and gossip fueled hate fest that will be played out over which one is the best dressed or the most beautiful on a daily basis..I wish it wouldn’t be like that but sadly that it the type of nonsense that blows-up in the gossip columns whenever something new or different happens within the BRF..

          2. Its interesting how people continuously state how they’re tired of being branded negative when they comment negatively about this or that person, but they still comment negatively. Look people, feel free to be negative all you want, but do please expect others to counter your claims if they feel they you are being unreasonable and/or unfair. Thats the beauty of the free world, we all can’t agree on the same thing, thats boring. No one knows what Meghan was really doing whether sticking her tongue out or not, and many of your cronies agreeing on something doesn’t necessarily make your conclusions accurate. It could look to you like she was pulling a face, but the facial expression could also depends on the angle of the camera, nobody really knows so, claiming WITH CERTAINTY that Meghan was doing this or that is absurd.
            The Meghan and Kate hatefest is from both camps, you don’t contribute to it if you want it to stop.

          3. Wisdom Heaven & MASAMF


            The unnecessary vitriol goes both ways. I am glad that KMR remains a civil discussion board where we are free to agree or disagree with polite consideration.

  13. I think she looked fine. Muted colors and weird hat makes her fit right in with her in-laws to be.

    The video really touched me for some reason… seeing her nervousness (I’ve seen people complaining about her “hanging on Harry” and I believe it to be out of nervousness) about curtsying to HM and Williama and Harry talking to her beforehand. I’m American, but I married a non-American and moved to his country and was basically absorbed into his sprawling family, so I have a very soft spot in my heart for Meghan’s situation. It’s not easy, and even if she has years of an acting and PR career under her belt, it’s still nerve-wracking.

    1. I don’t think that Meghan is holding Harry’s bicep because she is nervous, it’s just how they walk as a couple. Harry even bends his arm so she can place her hand there before they walk off after the Queen departs. The same happens in the video link posted by Margareth above.

      1. I don’t see how anything you pointed out contradicts what I said. Meghan wanting to hold his arm for reassurance and Harry knowing that and purposefully bending his arm for her makes sense. My husband did the same for me at the beginning of our relationship when attending big family events.

  14. How is Meghan nervous when she has encountered crowds before getting engaged to Harry? At least she didn’t have to sign autographs. Also, she was with Harry in Nottingham and she didn’t look nervous to me.

    Harry looks good in blue and gray!

    1. Going on a walkabout with Harry to cheering crowds is not the same as attending a Christmas walk with all of your future in-laws, including the Queen.

      1. I’d be nervous if I was her and was aware of the Daily Mail’s run of stories over the past few months, meeting the inlaws, including the Queen of England, and if my fiance’s second Aunt created a racist exhibition of herself during my first lunch with the family.

    2. That was something I asked too, Cali.Girl.
      One engagement, she is open and confident, the other engagement she is shy.
      I wonder ,why.

      1. They were vastly different expectations, and I think that can have an effect. There was a bit more pressure this time round, I think. Very little room for error (see the concentrated discussion above concerning whether or not Meghan moistened her lips). Additionally, it is quite possible that her head is swimming with a mixture of emotions at the moment; with poor Guy suffering a severe injury, with the excited anxiety of wedding preparations, with the recent swirl of negative press that to some degree, must hurt, and also with being surrounded by future in-laws – most of which she has yet to know personally.

        With so many things going on, my head would be swimming as well. Add the frenzied press attention and calls for her name specifically above the rest of the din, and it’s little wonder she could focus on much at all. This is well beyond anyone’s comfort zone, and I imagine it can feel overwhelming. Hence, nerves.

        The walkabout she did with Harry was less formal, and where to stand, whom to address – all of this is likely something she is accustomed to, having walked a red carpet. Christmas family walk is not the red carpet. I don’t think anyone can prepare for this.

        1. I agree Weatherby. Why do you think the bows/curtsies at that moment and so public. She will have to do better for the wedding…so much pressure!!

    3. I think, and I stand corrected if I’m wrong, that the 2 occasions are entirely different and comparing her performances is comparing apples to oranges. On the trip to Nottingham, she and her fiancé were the centre of attention, she cared not about taking any attention away from anyone, there were no in-laws to contend with, the expectation was for her to wow the crows and none about her keeping a low profile; she was the star, therefore she wouldn’t be nervous in this situation IMO. However on the Christmas walkabout (is this what it’s called?), the crowds (most probably) turned out in big numbers to see her since the other members of the BRF have walked this path a thousand times and there was nothing new for the crowds to see. However with that said, Meghan was NOT the star, HM was and so Meghan would not behave nor dress in any manner that would take the attention away from the rightful person which is HM. The expectation (IMO) was for her to dress low key non flashy colours, nothing that would upstage HM. And also, she is American, it’s her first British Christmas, so as a North American, there kind of colours would be her go to in this season. So her nerves would come just from trying to balance both cultures, stepping out with the inlaws, without the comfort of her car, for the first time, the stress of attempting to stay low, keep a low profile, stay in yr lane while at the same time appear to be joyful and engaging. I said in one of my posts yesterday that Meghan looked nervous as hell and I still believe she was nervous.
      IRT holding hands, old habits die hard. Meghan not only holds hands with whomever she is with in many of her old pictures even before she met prince Harry, but also in ALL the picture with him before they went public. And prince Harry is shown holding hands with some of his exes too, so these 2 are touchy freely people. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t nervous and clinging to prince Harry for dear life, it just means it was a combo of all these things, this is my opinion of course.
      And to me, both Meghan and Kate looked lovely.

      1. Masamf: You’ve just confirmed what i suspected about MM’s touching Harry, and their being a touchy feely couple.

        Their individual love language is physical contact so having that coupled up means lots of touchy feely moments from these two.

        Of course the lack of the same will give away any trouble in paradise stages of their relationship.

        1. Totally agree Hera, and this will be how we will know if they ever fall out of love or something.

          1. My top love languages are quality time and words of affirmation (these two are often almost tied). The one ranked lowest for me? Acts of service and that’s so true. I’m so stubborn and (sometimes) too independent.

          2. Kimothy: i’m quality time and physical touch and words of affirmation.

            I’m extremely suspicious of gifts and acts of service. I immediately think there are strings attached and i don’t want said strings, real or imaginary!!

            I try not to be suspicious when friends give me gifts or acts of setvice, but it’s hard.

          3. Kimothy and Hera, thanks for sharing. I myself am a very touchy feely kinda person, so I get Meghan and Harry need to touch.

          4. Hera,

            IMO, “gifts” seems to get a bad reputation because, based on what I’ve ready about that particular love language, it’s not so much the gift itself but it’s the partner showing that they remember a birthday, an anniversary, or a day that’s important to their significant other and that does kind of ring true to me. I love remembering my friends birthdays (and now, they’re children) and enjoy sending a greeting/image acknowledging it. In fact, during this time of year, if a friend’s child has a birthday in December or early-ish January, I always write, “P.S. Happy early birthday to so-and-so!”

          5. Kimothy: ‘gifts’ and ‘acts of service’ were ruined by my mother. She never gives anything, tangible or not, without strings. Even to her children. Everything is conditional and transactional and weighed to benefit her.

            I’m too old to be influenced by mother anymore, but those sowed seeds clearly found root because i remain suspicious of these things.

          6. I love the study of Love Languages – it is spot on and has helped me to pinpoint the things I need in my relationships with others, as well as understand my limits for what I can give.

            Now that we can accept Weatherby as a lousy gift-giver (and even lousier gift-receiver), we know to give lists each birthday instead. And everyone is happier.

          7. Hera,

            I’m very sorry. I misunderstood your original comment about ‘gifts’ and ‘acts of service’ so my response was inappropriate. I apologize.

        2. I am also a Physical Touch person with a smidgen of Words of Affirmation. My husband is very much Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation. I’m touchy feely and he shows his love through doing. He needs to be told that his work is pleasing and to be thanked to feel appreciated and loved. I could imagine that if I had married another Physical Touch-er that we’d be much like Harry & Meghan. My husband and I do still hold hands in public and share kisses 8 years in. It has nothing to do with insecurity or problems in our marriage, as many seem to want to assume. We are still in love with each other and we make our marriage a priority. If we let it get rote and boring then what’s the point?

  15. I quite liked both their outfits. I think Meghan’s colours were harder to wear, particularly the hat. Loved the different textures and the velvet dress. It appears that looking thin is not super important to her (which is a positive) going by her clothing choices – the lapels and wrap and general bulk of the coat really add weight. She’s used to the cameras as an actress but this must have been daunting, she definitely looked nervous, her head is a bit lowered the whole time. But as an engaging person who seems to be socially intelligent, I think she’ll do great with the meet and greet stuff. I must say it is good to see the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen out and about. The photograph of the Duke learning into the bitter wind is a great one – he’s not one to sit in a car and be pampered if he can possibly help it.

    1. I was impressed that both the Queen and the Duke managed the stairs with no help and at a decent clip as well. Good genes for the win.

    2. Herezus, I appreciate your opinions and references that support your opinion. You bring credibility in your comments on many sites. Thank you’

  16. Sartorially, Meghan looks OK, I think her prettiness is the best thing about her look today.

    I like elements of the coat like the collar and the sleeves but I don’t like the belt on the coat, it looks bath robe-y and that brings the entire look down. I don’t know if it is the style itself, or if that style (loose belt) is not flattering on Meghan.

    The hat is OK but I think I would like it better in another color like a deep blue.

    Meghan’s nervousness and interaction with William and Kate were cute.

  17. The boots are horrible! While I like the entire colour combination, they are just wayyyyy to baggy and loose on her slim legs.

    1. Agree on the hat color – any color but dookie brown! :/ But I still liked the shape and design of Meghan’s hat.

      I thought despite her nervousness (and understandle, for the first time out with your future in-laws and The Queen!) Meghan comported herself nicely. And for all the K vs. M talk, I also liked seeing her and Kate walking together and obviously at ease with each other.

  18. Can someone explain while I’m seeing everywhere that Meghan flubbed her curtsey to the Queen? She looks to have done it correctly.

    1. Because a lot of people are comparing it to Kate’s, which is more of a bob. If you scroll up Herazuras has posted some lovely examples of a curtsy in which one’s legs are kept firmly together.

    2. Dookie brown, really?

      Chocolate brown is a more appropriate description and I think it looks beautiful against here naturally tanned skintone.

      1. Sorry, I don’t think it’s a flattering shade at all. Chocolate brown to me is a darker, deeper color which I agree would be lovely with Meghan’s complexion. Nothing against the shape or design of the hat though, I quite liked it otherwise.

  19. Harry’s and Meghan’s interaction with the crowd is always nice to see.Meghan comes across as a warm person, that’s something she is good at.

  20. The coat is nice but seems a size too big. I like her handbag and gloves, but the hat doesn’t look good from any angle. She has a very warm demeanor with crowds, I think she and Harry will make a good team.

    Interesting that the Queen chose a press photo of them from their engagement announcement to put in the table, instead of one of the professional engagement ones. I wish they had put personal photos up, as it would make it seem more like a home rather than a Christmas movie set. But, I guess they prefer to completely separate home from work, which is understandable.

    1. I think not displaying unpublished photos is simply to keep the public’s focus on Her Majesty’s message.

  21. Hello, all. Been lurking here for a few weeks reading all your comments and decided to join the discussion.

    Remember, MM is a native Californian, i.e. she grew up in a temperate climate. Yes, Suits was filmed in Toronto, which can be quite cold, but I believe they were there mostly during the warmer months.

    As a lifelong Floridian, I will tell you that those of us used to primarily warm weather really tend to bundle ourselves up when we go someplace that’s very cold. We wear bulky coats that we wrap up in for warmth, with belts to keep them close to our bodies :-), and boots and hats.

    British coats on the other hand, or at least those worn by the BRF women during public engagements, appear to be designed more like coat dresses, and seem to perform that function, since when it’s cold they usually never take them off outside, or possibly even inside some of those drafty old buildings. Perhaps as MM gets used to the colder weather as well as being part of the BRF, her preferred coat style will also change.

    I liked MM’s hat, even though I suspected that many would not. It’s a full hat, probably to keep her head warm, with a ‘facinator-style’ decoration (my term) that kept it from being too plain, yet not really fussy either in keeping with MM’s fondness for ‘clean lines’. I thought the color and shape of it complimented her face and hair very well.

    I noticed that the color also matched the cinnamon brown tones in PH’s ginger hair, which I thought was really neat as it gave the two of them a sort of color coordination, somewhat like his cream scarf and her cream skirt from when they were on their first public walkabout.

    She was definitely a bit nervous about the curtsy, as I’m sure most anyone, even an actress, would have been, when performing it for the first time in public. However, I think she did quite well especially for her first time, and recovered her poise quickly after HM’s car left and PM/MM went over to visit with the crowd.

      1. Nora from Florida, Welcome!!! You will love this blog! KMR does a FANTASTIC job with them! Also, I am native Floridian as well. Now there are actually two of us in the State!!! Lol, I live in Tampa, and have always wanted to start a Krewe of Natives! I’m afraid it would be a small number of members! Happy New Year, Everyone! 🙂

        1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Anastasiajn. I grew up in Winter Haven and graduated from USF, so I know the Tampa area well. Lived in Orlando for 20+ years, now near Titusville/Space Center. If you ever get that Krewe together, definitely count me in!

    1. Just remembered that I used to own a midi-length coat when I was still working (now retired), which I always took when I was making a lot of business trips to northern US cities during the winter months. The midi-length really helps keep the legs warm when the wind is whipping around – another important consideration for those of us with thin warm-weather blood. It sure was bulky though and hard to juggle it off and on planes, and that was in the days when there was a lot more room and the overhead bins weren’t nearly as crowded. Fortunately, MM probably only flies first class or on private planes, so she likely won’t have those problems, lol.

  22. I liked her whole outfit, including the hat. Hats are hard for a generation not used to wearing them, but this one is fine. I’m glad she is trying different lengths and yay for interesting handbags. I am not surprised she left off her gloves to show the ring; if I was there I would want to see it.

    I do wish she would not clutch Harry so tightly. I agree it is nervousness. I wonder if Meghan is actually a shy person. Some actors are. It is easy to “be” a different character, but harder to be yourself. She has been before crowds, but her level of fame wasn’t that high. Now she is the center of attention and quite critical attention, too. It must be daunting.

  23. I wonder if this marriage should happen. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Meghan and I love seeing how happy she and Harry are together. It’s the ‘everything else’ that goes along with it that makes me worry for her, when I see her now I see a caged bird. I can’t see how this can make her happy in the long run..

    I think the BRF can smother you. Look at Diana! Some women can adjust, Sophie has managed to create a niche for herself but giving up her independance can’t have been easy. Maybe having children and a lower profile helps. But Megs is in a different league. She’s not Kate. Kate is fine because she went from one pampered lazy bubble to another, there were never any expectations put on her (unless you count the public’s, and who cares what they think) and she’s not missed a beat in terms of being ‘well taken care of’. I don’t think Meghan is that way inclined at all. She’s in love and it is amazing but I don’t think she really KNOWS what’s in store and this recent nervousness we see is a bit of reality hitting her. She’s a mature, independent, strong woman and they are not required in the BRF unless one is Queen.

    I’m asking should the marriage happen as those of us who have been in any long term relationship knows it’s not all love and happiness and unicorns. It’s hard work and some sh*t you just don’t want to compromise about. There’s no way I’d curtesy to anyone, ever, and I’m British. There’s no way I’ll ever eat meat or not express my disapproval over hunting animals for sport. From what I’ve read about Meghan so far I don’t understand how she can do these things either, yes she’s in love and going along with it but once that initial glow wears off? She says they will be ‘a team’ – oh honey you really don’t know what’s in store do you?

    I don’t want this for Meghan. The DM readership hates her, the BRF are awful and it will only go downhill for her. I can’t stand to see her spirit crushed into becoming a Stepford Wife Kate clone. And it will happen. I do wish the best for them but I’m full of doubts. Sorry.

    Loved her outfit! Kate looked…omg.

    1. First time comment. I think Meghan will do just fine. She is 36 years old and had an okay career as an actress. Managed to get a job on a long running series and was a lead although not well known. She’s worked hard, travelled the world, worked hard to make connections in high places. By her own admission she is an ambitious person. She’s lived a fulfilled, independent and happy life on her own terms and had lots of luck along the way. She’s been married and left when it didn’t work out. She was ready for this relationship, ready to be a mum and ready to be a wife to a prince, look after him and her family and work with him as part of the institution of royalty. She’s lucky and blessed to be in love and be loved back and to enjoy the privileges her new life will bring her and her children. She will enjoy it and find her way. Like Harry said, the stars aligned for them and we should all be so lucky to find love. I don’t think she will be a caged bird. The royals only let us see what they want us to see. They get to move pretty freely and media is not allowed to cover it. They enjoy numerous holidays a year and travel in their own time out of sight.She won’t be bored. There’s so much to do and learn in the UK and London alone will keep her busy. Some of her friends are also married to British men and she makes friends easily. I think Meghan will have children very quickly and devote the first few years of married life primarily to them. She will be a success. I wish them luck.

    2. 100% agreed ABC

      I’ve gone of the the record here at MMR and voiced my opinion that MM is a classic narcissistic, attention seeking (maybe $$$ seeking) Hollywood starlet, and that she sees her marriage to Harry as a sure path to fame and fortune…which it is, sort of.

      Seeing the footage of her with the BRF, she looked very nervous and unsure. Good acting maybe? The tight grip she had on Harry was very telling. Of course, everyone KNEW she would be the center of attention at this church walkabout, so her task was to “act” like she was NOT the center of attention because that belongs to Her Majesty. Lots of conflicting roles to play in one scene.

      She really needs to stop walking like she is strolling down the red carpet at a Hollywood event. Too much hip sway. No one else in the RF walks like that.

      It’s good she had this experience, now she knows what the rest of her life will be like. She’s gonna need to up her actings skills to the level of Dame Judy Dench to survive.

      I feel an enormous amount of empathy for her right now, as an American to another American. How hard it must be away from sunny California, her family, her country and it’s culture, food, her privacy, her career, her Life. I don’t believe any American can truly understand (and daresay, respect?) the Royal Family and what role it plays in British society. She’s is giving up a lot, is it worth it?

      1. I like her walk and she should not have to give it up. If she gives up all that makes her different, she will be no better than automaton. I like individuality.

        1. Hollywood walk? My god, I walk like that and I am just a normal lady. Its just how some people walk. There is no such thing as a royal or hollywood walk.

          1. I think it’s a normal walk. It’s not, for example and to generalise horribly – an Australian girls stride 😉 it’s a woman’s walk.

          2. She definitely works a wiggle when she walks, though she never quite reached Sarah Rafferty’s (tight skirt/4+” heels/Pearson Spectre sway) perfection! Kate is a strider, even in heels. Megan is a swayer. Neither are smooth graceful walkers. Score remains even for now!

        2. I don’t understand how she is a narcissist. Yes, she definitely enjoys the limelight but narcissism denotes a lack of empathy/support of others. By her friends’ accounts Meghan is very supportive and generous. She didn’t attend Troian Bellisario’s wedding so as not to take the spotlight because her relationship with Harry had just been revealed. That doesn’t sound like the action of a narcissist. She is no more a narcissist than any other person with an instagram page. She seems very loving towards her friends on social media pics and seems very loving to Harry. He clearly enjoys her. She seems to be a nurturer and I think both William and Harry sought out nurturers for their wives. Maybe most men look for a bit of mothering. She’s not perfect but none of us is. She’s made the most of all the opportunities afforded her and you can’t really fault her for that. She will have missteps along the way, but she will do well. I’m not a monarchist but I think the monarchy has made the calculation that she will add value & life to the institution. But also that Harry will never be king so they let him marry who he chose. I think they will be happy.Time will tell.

          1. +1 people use the term to careless in my opinion. They forget that narcissism is a recognised personality disorder.

      2. “Seeing the footage of her with the BRF, she looked very nervous and unsure. Good acting maybe? The tight grip she had on Harry was very telling. Of course, everyone KNEW she would be the center of attention at this church walkabout, so her task was to “act” like she was NOT the center of attention because that belongs to Her Majesty. Lots of conflicting roles to play in one scene.”

        Seattle: I don’t agree with all that you write here but it made for a good chuckle.
        ‘Lots of conflicting roles to play in one scene.’ Brilliant line.

      3. First time commenting….
        Meghan may be a little bewildered by the Daily Fair and their hateful readers, but do not count her out. Meghan is a people person who gives speeches to UN officials. She is smart and curious and able to make connections and network. She won’t win over the UK in an outward fashion but from the inside out. People who have met her are impressed by her friendliness and her kindness. She is a person who called up the UN and asked to intern just so she could learn about the organization. Once their vacation is over I expect to see Harry and Meghan getting out and engaging and talking to people. I was happy to see her actually listening to Harry, Kate and William, that shows she is humble enough to know when to ask for help. I also was happy to see how Charles seemed to be making a joke to put her at ease. I’ve followed the Royal Family since Diana and I don’t think Ive ever seen them circle the wagons around a new member. I think that once Meghan gets her sea legs she will do a terrific job, she is the type of person who sees her missteps as a learning experience.

    3. +1 ABC I think Meghan would have been happier being a politician’s wife. I think she thought being in this family would be like being a first lady. Reality is going to hit her hard.

    4. @ABC, I think this woman loves Harry more than anything in the world and for her, she feels giving up everything else just to be with this man is worth it. We don’t know what the future holds for these two, I’m just hoping, for both their sakes, that it’s a bright future full of love, laughter, kids and all the good things that come with it. I believe it’s too early to predict when Meghan wil feel so many years down the road, let’s give the gal a chance. Also, I think Harry genuinely loves Meghan and feels she is the one for him, please give him a chance to prove to her that what she gave all her life up for was well worth it.
      Harry has lost 2 women already to the media, to brutal public scrutiny (and “being judged+criticised by people that don’t even know you” as per Cressida) and to the general public’s “incessant need to scrutinize and know everything about my personal life”(I’m quoting Harry), let’s give this relationship a chance. If Harry would read anything on these blogs, he would be very disappointed to learn of how much faith we have in his ability to love Meghan and protect her as his wife. If Meghan read it, she would be disappointed in how little faith we have in her to love and cherish this man for richer for poor, in sickness and in health etc.. I say, there will be lots of bumps in their their path but there will also be some smooth sailing, but in the end, these 2 will be just fine, they will make it work.

      1. Agree with you, except that Harry likely left Chelsea because of her father’s ties to Mugabe government and some unsavoury business deals he made. Media didn’t like to talk about it but I think British government was very wary of the whole thing. If Harry and Chelsea were dating now (post Mugabe) she likely (i don’t know) would have had a chance at a ring. But like he said the “stars aligned for him and Meghan” and found (probably) the woman who will be the love of his life.

        1. I honestly know nothing about Chelsy dad business deals, but I do know that Chelsy said it was so hard for her to cope with the scrutiny, she almost lost her mind. With that said, I’m a firm believer in chances and giving people time, so I’m giving this couple a chance instead of putting on such heavy baggage on a couple with predicting doom and gloom for their marriage before it even starts or, even having some unrealistic expectations. I also believe that, given time, Meghan with the support of her husband will grow into her role and someday look back and smile saying , “that was a rough ride but we made it though”. Kate was nervous too in the beginning but she has grown into her role and now and Im sure she looks back and says, I can’t believe I’ve come this far, Meghan is gonna be alright!!

      2. Exactly she loves him. She didn’t marry a politician because she didn’t fall in love with a politician.

        I’m disappointed by the number of people on here who seem to want her to fail.

    5. Same here. I just feel like her personality and spirit will be crushed. There’s only so much that one can take and do for love. Wishing them the best though, as they look so in love. They might beat the odds.

      1. A cold chill went through my heart at the DM story of her “sticking” her tongue out. I have a hard time thinking she’d be so careless at an official gathering of the Queen and her new (Royal) family.

        More likely licking her lips in a split second caught on camera. But that’s JMVHO 😉

        I hope she is as strong and self determined as she appears to be. The press is only going to get worse, more vicious, more inaccurate. They will try to ‘Fergie’ her at any opportunity.

        (*Can I ask everyone to consider adding paragraph breaks and/or indents to your posts? Its hard to read a huge chunk of text, and far too easy lose one’s place. Everyone has such interesting things to say, I’d like to read it all and not go blind 🙂 )

        1. @Elaine, I’m guilty as charged, I put commas and exclamation marks and all that anywhere and everywhere, LOL. But I’ll try to write and punctuate better, I promise.
          And I like you believe she was licking her lips, could be any of the two, we’ll probably never know!
          Have a lovely week and happy new year.

          1. I just assumed she was making a “funny face” at a baby/child in the crowd. I can’t imagine she stuck her tongue out at adults.

    6. @ABC my feelings too. On the video, she was trying her best. Somehow the picture didn’t look right. And the fact, that, shortly after the engagement was announced her dog, Guy, broke two of its legs at the same time is very suspicious. No comment on how it happened. She shall have plenty of time to think.

      1. Her dog is being treated by our tv vet, Super Vet. If you watch his programme you will see that much loved dogs go in all the time to be treated from the results of accidents. Your comment that the dogs injuries are ‘ suspicious’ staggers me.

        1. @Birdy ‘ Suspicious’ because how does a dog, that’s being well taken care of, break two legs at the same time. NOONE has commented on ‘how’ it happened, only, as you mentioned, it’s being well taken care of.

          1. People, why do you think you deserve explanations on anything and everything that goes on in these people’s lives? They do have private lives away from the public you know!! And they, just like the rest of us, have a right to their private lives. They don’t owe anyone any explanations about their dogs or cats or rats or whatever their pet is, they owe nobody no explanations on their cars, or their pants or what they had for dinner!!!!! Meghan has never told anyone about her dog’s injuries, its the public/media snooping in their private lives that unearthed all this. Then people are latching onto this gossip and attaching “suspicious injuries” to their biases then demanding explanations as to what happened to the dogs or else??!! My goodness!!

  24. The hat is Philip Treacey. £1000 of hat. You might well remember him for producing Beatrice’s ‘Toilet Seat’ hat for William & Kate’s wedding. That hat eventually sold for charity for £250 000. Usually I adore his millinery but this looked like a Christmas Pudding so let’s hope Meghan isn’t being Middletonised and getting into theme dressing.

    1. I feel that criticism of B’wedding hat crushed Philip Treacy’s creative inventiveness. Together with the death of close creative colloborators like Isabella Blow and McQueen within the same timeframe.

      His creations post-wedding have been very tame indeed.

      His famous clientele want safe hats that won’t attract the kind of criticism that B’s hat did.

      I think that’s a shame.

      Ps: i know someone who worked at the times at the same time as Isabella Blow. He said they were all in awe of her work wardrobe. Not so much the clothing which was surprisingly and comperatively conservative and sleek, but the outrageous hats she wore.

      1. He has been tamed, that’s for sure. But I didn’t know it was his confidence. I just thought he was trying to appeal to a more commercial, conservative audience but what you say explains a lot. Xx

      2. I love how Bea took that hat and made a fortune for charity. I really do like the York gals a lot.

  25. Personally, I liked what Meghan was wearing. I really liked the beige and caramel color combination. I am old enough to like the fact that her hat, gloves, boots and handbag basically match. To me, the “matchy” that everyone seems to hate these days is much more elegant and pulled together than the “nothing matches” that seems to be so popular today. I also like that she seems to be using more regular handbags than clutches. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice clutch but a little variety doesn’t hurt.

    1. I liked Meghan’s outfit too. Do the ladies need a purse? If they are being driven to church and back home again, why bring a purse?

        1. I consider purses to be an accessory extension similar to jewelry. As the styles are so fabulous and unique today! I’m not saying caring a large shopping handbag or something cumbersome is appropriate, but proportional and coordinating purses or handbags are a nice finish to a beautiful outfit. Plus there are assistants who can handle the flowers, gifts that are received.
          There may be formal or activity events that a purse, handbag and even clutch are not appropriate or ackward. But at this event, Meghan’s purse was an appropriate and refreshing finish to her outfit.

  26. I think maybe Meghan thinks she needs to hold Harry down by clutching his arm or else he might fly away with the wind.

    (This is a joke)

    1. I was thinking it was to steady herself so she doesn’t flutter about waving when she’s supposed to be curtsying. (this is also a joke)

  27. Reading these comments makes me feel sorry for Meghan. Yes, she’s marrying into wealth and she chose this life but having every tiny aspect of your behavior and appearance dissected must be terribly difficult to deal with. Plus like the women before her it doesn’t seem like she’s getting the proper coaching and support for her new role. If I had to worry about being judged by people around the world on whether or not I bowed my head or curtsied deeply enough I’d have a nervous breakdown. Also, the racist comments I’ve been reading on Twitter are disgusting.

      1. She says she doesn’t but we do know that Harry reads papers and comments. He has said as much and so have various royal reporters.

        I also find it hard to believe Meghan doesn’t either.

  28. Love the coat and bag. Everything looked a bit oversized on her though. Not crazy about the boots or hat. I did like how happy and at ease both couples looked walking into the church. Kate seemed to be very supportive of Meghan, which I think is great. It will be nice if they can develop a good sister in laws relationship.

  29. I love Meghan , you all know this, but her outfit was a miss for me. I hate brown-it is Xmas and I like, strong, festive colors. However, you all pointed out that given the nastiness of the press and being a newcomer, it was best for Meghan to blend in.

    While the coat was nice, I would have liked it in another color and it was too big for Meghan. She is a small, fine boned person, very evident when she was next to William, Harry and Kate- and that was too much fabric for her.

    I agree Meghan was nervous and in all the public footage, I have never seen her act that way, but this was a big deal. I am sure she is aware of how much the Daily Fail hates her and that is sad.

    On the upside, a person who was in the crowd and met her said Meghan was lovely, warm and took interest in those around her. Meghan also looked beautiful as always.

    I do feel her curtsy was very good, better than Kate’s and I like how Meghan kept a smile on her face the whole time. She really does seem a pleasant, engaging woman.

    I was also very happy that the Queen had an engagement photo of Harry and Meghan on her desk during her speech. That says tons.

    Forgot to add, I don’t see any great signs of friendship between Kate and Meghan. I think Kate is just “meh” toward Meghan.

    1. I agree with you on the outfit. I think the brown and the dark brown of the hat made it “eh” for me. I would’ve liked to have seen a pop of color.

      I thought her curtsy was great and am looking forward to seeing it more. I’m a Kate fan but I wish she would improve her curtsy just a little bit. Slow down and bow her head. I know there were a lot of comments above on hers.

      To add to your last line, I have to disagree. I thought they seemed warmed to each other. Better than Eugenie and Kate’s awkward interaction a couple years ago (I think who you like more determines how you judge the clip of their interaction lol).

    2. I don’t mind the coat on it’s own, but the hat I wasn’t a huge fan of.

      As for Kate and Meghan, I don’t think this clip was enough to show much of anything except that they weren’t rude to each other, which I didn’t expect anyway. I noticed more interaction between William and Meghan than with Kate. This probably won’t be Diana and Sarah part two, which is good for everyone. But I did see a few odd looks from Andrew… guess I shouldn’t be surprised about that.

  30. The jury is still out for me on Meghan, there is just something about her I can’t put my finger on. Yes, it is obvious that she and Harry have a connection and I know she is intelligent and well spoken and seems to be warm and confident but I also see a person who is into making sure she looks good and is into very expensive clothing. I liked this outfit on her, but do agree with others that the coat looked too big. She obviously likes a belted wrap coat style so I have no doubt that in the future she will have someone tailor her coats for her.

    1. Thanks for expressing what I couldn’t put my finger on BB. I think Meghan looked fine. She looked like your average churchgoer except for that hat- this is my first indicator of “try hard”. It’s too large, it’s a colour that doesn’t suit her and doesn’t seem her style at all (and personally I think it looks ugly). My second red flag is the cost of her ensemble- imagine paying all that money to look just average. It’s almost as if the price supersedes anything else.

      It’s clear she is no fashion icon and really doesn’t have a fashion sensibility which is fine. Expensive clothes aren’t going to make up that difference nor will they necessarily make her look good (cough, Kate). This also explains to me the inappropriate, obscenely expensive ball gown. Lead with the money, rather than taste. Nouveau riche all the way.

      Having said that, I wish Harry was more solicitous of her- she looked a wee bit overwhelmed and nervous, again, understandable. Why didn’t he hold her hand? Did she need to lean on him? Or is it because WK had that hand holding role?

      Overall, I thought she did just fine and looked fine too. Like a regular person.

      1. I though William was surprisingly supportive, especially coming out of the Church. And the PoW too. I’m amazed curtsying lessons hadn’t been given. She could have even had a tutor to teach her that privately if she felt too uncomfortable to ask the family. No use learning from Kate but Camilla, Sophie Wessex and Autumn all do proper ones. And PA’s as we saw during the Spanish visit knocked it out of the park.

        Still early days.

        1. I thought Harry was pretty good with her. He was trying to explain something to her on the steps, but William was talking to her and it looks IMO like Meghan was overwhelmed by all the help from William, Kate AND Harry. I think when you have so many people trying to guide you, even though it was out of kindness and support, it can up your nerves.

          1. Yes…..very true. But kudos to Meghan because she clearly wants to get things very much right. Last night even hubby said ‘I like this girl, she trying so hard to fit in and not change them like Diana & Sarah did’. Might be a bit premature to be making that kind of assumption but her obvious nerves were moving. To me that shows less ego than I had thought she had and I continue to be impressed by her.

          2. Wisdomheaven +1

            I got the same impression as you while watching the video. She was overwhelmed by all the advice from Will, Kate and Harry.

            By the same token, I was impressed that all three had her back. They were all supportive.

          3. ” . . . her obvious nerves were moving. To me that shows less ego than I had thought she had . . .”

            Mrs BBV +1

          4. “but her obvious nerves were moving….”

            It was certainly a very human reaction, wasn’t it? Nice to know that so many others saw the same nerves that I saw; there was a moment on the stairs when her head was back and forth so continuously that I feared she might get whiplash. She powered through it, however.

            And I really love the laugh and the chat that Harry shared with his father.

            In all, one of my favourite Sandringham Christmases.

          5. At one point her smile dropped and she looked like she was concentrating so hard to remember what she had to do. I found her and it very endearing. Less impressive and more ‘real’ than her first appearances at their engagement and in Nottingham. Of course then the consummate Meghan shone out but I liked the ‘I’m desperate to get this right and do my best’ Meghan. The humility made her seem a bit less perfect and a whole lot more real.

            But I have to admit I’ve liked this girl from more of less from the start and at the moment I think she just what Harry and the RF need. I just hope she hasn’t given up too much of herself to make this work because from what I can see she’s made nearly all the sacrifices. But I can completely see why Camilla called her a star.

        2. I think the bars are being set way too high for Meghan, she moved to London (permanently) in mid Nov, announced engagement end of Nov, was on a trip to Nottingham in same week, two dinners with the queen so far, now this Christmas event, etc. Where would she get the time to befriend all these women in this very short while and get curtesy lessons from them? It’s not like she can just summon them and say “I need lessons, you gonna be my trainer today etc”. I’m sure all these experts had their wobbly first time curtsies in the beginning and worked at it as time went on and now they are experts. Give Meghan time to learn and perfect too, she’s gonna get it, but it’s too early to judge how she executed is or that!!

          1. +1MASAMF the woman has hit the ground running. She can be allowed a supposedly “wobbly” curtsy.

          2. I really don’t think her curtsey was wobbly. Not everyone can be as good as Anne or CP Victoria, but I don’t think Kate is the correct way to follow and the DM is just making comparisons out of something silly.
            But that is the media starting something because the video didn’t show anything but William, Kate and Harry being helpful, and weirdly William seemed to be the most helpful. Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, but I am optimistic that William and Kate want to see Harry happy, and they can see that Meghan makes him happy.

      2. But the real appeal of very expensive clothes isn’t just how they look, but how they feel and how they wear over time. Really, the material in a very expensive coat can be so much softer and warmer than a cheaper coat that looks basically the same. And in 10 or 20 years the expensive coat will look the same, while the cheaper coat will be pilling or losing threads or the lining will be torn.

  31. I am not crazy about the outfit partly due to the boring beige and ugly caramel colours. Sorry!! But if you can’t coordinate colours in a stylish way, you will chose black, grey and beige. Nothing fits and absolutely no style.

    Ms Markle looks cute but somehow I see pictures of someone trying too hard to show off happiness, being in love….I am not a touchy, feely person so I do not prefer their ways of showing affection but prefer the Cambridges’ rather stoic ways.

  32. I liked Meghan being there. Look at Prince Harry’s posture. It is excellent. As for the bow well they were in sync.
    I like the coat. It was a good choice of colour and didn’t take attention away. The hat was a lovely shade of brown and the handbag matched. Of course nerves played a part but I would be if it was the first time that I was with a family that was not my own. I like how Harry supported Meghan on his arm.
    All in all a win and lets see how it progresses. Thank you MMR.

  33. Apparently, Anne made some very positive comments about Meghan and Harry. Has anyone else heard this?

    1. No I haven’t heard it but PA has always had Harry’s back since he was a little boy. When Diana died she was very instrumental in being involved with him in the early days. Distracting him with long walks, horses and nature. She’s is inordinately fond of him. Whoever his bride would be would have big shoes to fill in her eyes……she doesn’t much ‘get’ Kate.

      1. I knew she was fond of him from their interactions, but didn’t know she spent that much time with him as a child. How lovely! Is there anywhere I can read more about that?

        1. It’s been mentioned by Penny Junor, Ingrid Seward in books about the boys and the aftermath of Diana’s death. I don’t think there’s whole chapters about it but just an acknowledgement that she was instrumental in providing her own brand of comfort when it was needed. Xx

          1. To me, Anne’s relationship with Harry is summed up by this picture:

            When you google image pictures of Anne and Harry, you find so many different moments of them together enjoying each other’s company whether at official events or leisurely ones.

            You struggle to find similar pictures with William. William’s pictures with anne tend to be official events and not as warm.

          2. Gorgeous picture Hera……thanks for that. I’ve never seen that one before. Perfectly sums up their relationship though.

          3. Thanks Hera for this link. It seems Harry gets along with most of his family members and they’re mostly looking out for him, they don’t want him to get hurt. This means that Meghan will have to prove her self time and again but, if she carries herself the way she has all this time with such dignity, if she stays true to herself but also takes the time to learn all that she needs to learn about her new family, new culture and new country, I think this gal is gonna be just fine.

          4. I think Anne really is a caring person when it comes to her family and friends. I don’t understand the stick Anne gets. Zara was a close friend of William’s and they obviously were good friends. It is a shame their friendship has gone downhill.

        2. I too have read how close Princess Royal is with this her nephew and how she adores him. At one time, I read that, she said that he was the only male Windsor (I guess other than her father) that deservedly obtained his medals. I think she implied that of all the guys that wore these medals on their breasts, Harry was the only one that got his by merit.

          1. That’s a bit naughty of her because loathe him as most do, Prince Andrew served his country at war and engaged in battle without the support Harry had at the front line. I know Harry’s risk factors were much greater being exposed to battle and having a price on his head from the enemy but PA has served his country in battle too.

            Still their is relationship precious and apart from when you see PA with her Grandchildren she seldom looks much happier than when she’s around him.

          2. People forget Andrew was viewed as a war hero – and certainly deserved credit for his bravery – it’s just things went so wrong later. It’s easy to make surface parallels between him and Harry because he was viewed at the time very much as Harry is now – as a breath of fresh air – but I think the two men’s personalities are quite different and hope Harry’s life will take a different course.

            I was a huge Andrew fan when I was young so the whole thing makes me so sad – particularly since he found a niche that would have served the royal family well had he just been less arrogant and minded his connections and personal life.

          3. MrsBBV, I do know that Andrew fought in the Falklands battle, but I just stated what I read about what the Princess Royal said. But remember all that we read on here is just gossip, so I take all with a grain of salt.
            The other Julia, what happened later in DoY life doesn’t strip him of his heroism in the Falklands IMO. It just so happens that he fulfilled my tribes saying “one grain of salt can sour an entire pot of milk”. People might remember the good things he did but remember more the bad things that he did. pedophelia is not something that can be easily forgotten.

          4. Andrew is not a pedophile. Please let’s not accuse people of serious things.

            He was briefly friendly with a man who likes underage women. If we are going to paint Andrew with the same brush, then you would have to include Bill Clinton as well since he was also known to be very close to that guy.

            Andrew is not the Tarantino to Jeff Epstein’s Harvey Weinstein.

          5. Hera my apologies. It wasn’t my intention to accuse the guy of anything, I don’t know him and honestly I just posted something I read about DoY being named in a lawsuit in the US about underage girls etc etc. Again my apologies.

  34. Well, Kate doesn’t have strong relationships with anyone in the BRF. I think that is partly to do with William and also Kate not being the type to be interested in her -in-laws. Whenever people say you can’t have a good marriage without strong in-law relationships, I always point out Kate as being the exception.

    1. the biggest problem people make is thinking they understand the relationships of the royal family based on the few snippets of their lives that they ALLOW you to see. Kate probably gets on well with many of the royals, if only because it is in her interests and her children’s interests to do so. We’re allowed to see about 1% (if that) of these people’s lives. They live very privileged and entitled lives, they move about freely with bodyguards (they just don’t allow media to show it). They spend a lot of time together at a variety for events so the likelihood is that they get on.

      1. Thank you EFG, people think they know these people enough to have some kind of informed opinions, which makes me SMH; we know about them …….well next to nothing other than what they want us to see.

        1. Thank you for saying this. I find it weird that Kate’s being discussed here. We don’t know her relationships with anyone. All we see is sort clips of their lives. We don’t know them as people. We think we do but we don’t.

      2. If we don’t speculate what’s the purpose of making comments…it’s the reason this site is so much fun….otherwise, crickets

        1. SD speculation and stating so is alright. Posting one’s speculations and assumptions as facts for example: “These people do this and that” or “we know this is like this and like that”, here in lies the problem.

          1. MASAMF…Every comment I read on this site I take as an opinion vs a fact (unless verified by a legitimate source). However, I can understand that some may view comments differently, so I can agree with your assessment.

  35. Thoughts:

    Meghan was stunning and her smile just lights up anywhere she goes. Clothing wise, more of a mixed bag. In video, it looks great together, but doesn’t photograph well. I like the colors, very seasonal and appropriate. I loved this coat in the shorter version on Kate and love the longer version, but Meghan is so petite that I think these long coats don’t work on her. The lines are further ruined by the boots. If she had worn heels with the coat instead I think the look would have been more polished.

    I despised that fascinator. But, outside of black churches in the south and the south in general, Americans do not wear hats and I know I would personally be at a lost to know how to style one so I give her a strong pass.

    It was very obvious to me that both her and Harry were consciously trying to tone down their tactileness which is appropriate given they are with the Queen. People complain when they are too tactile, but then say he isn’t being supportive enough when they tone it down. I didn’t really see Meghan clinging to Harry either. She was as touchy with him as Kate was with William. She looked to him for guidance more, but again I think that is natural for her first big outing with the Queen. Plus, the cameras were SOOO hyper focused on her. Every news clip is almost entirely zoomed in on her plus the crowd was pretty much calling only for her and Harry (Harry in fact still seems to get most of the shout outs from the crowd). Meghan herself has stated that people assume she is used to the attention because of her profession, but she was never the fixture paps or the media until the relationship. So this has to be very overwhelming for her, I think it would be for anyone. I mean look at the comments! Every little thing is being dissected and examined. No wonder Kate always looks so nervous and anxious on public engagements! I hope Meghan doesn’t fall into that.

    Meghan is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She can’t be too charismatic or engaging—she is upstaging the queen. When she tones it down—she is being coy and “fake shy”

    She looked a little nervous on the steps, but I think it was because she was being given so many different directions between William, Kate and Harry. I was becoming a little flustered watching that scene lol. Too many hands in the kitchen, so to speak. Her nervousness, as it were, says to me she wants to do this stuff right. She isn’t talking any of this lightly which is IMO important.

    I am happy to see a warm rapport between Meghan and the Cambs.

    Overall, I think Meghan did exceptional. Poised, warm and was listening to instruction. Her curtsy was fine to me. Hate the DM trying to already make it a competition.

  36. Hated the hat. Looked like a big upside-down salad bowl with a thingie on the side. I actually liked Kate’s hat better. I liked her coat better, too.

  37. Is Harry trying to audition for a role in the Prince and the Pauper? He looked like a hot mess! His coat was ill fitting & the grey color didn’t go with his suit. His trousers were creased. It was like he wasn’t even trying to make an effort. William who also has a lousy dress sense actually looked sharp & I was quite impressed.

    The boys need to be taking regular tips from their father on how to dress!

      1. I think you need to start a Prince Harry Review so we can all give him some clothing tips. If he wears that navy blue suit one more time I think I’m going to scream. Is that the only suit he has?

        1. I often think that the family has purchased 1,000 meters of the blue suit fabric to be used to make suits to fit William and Harry. It’s the reason that the two of them always appear in suits of that fabric and color. And they will continue to be in that fabric and color until the inventory of those bolts of fabric have been fully consumed. Let William use his blue suit fabric forever. It would be nice to see Harry in gray or a nice subtle plaid similar to the type his father wears.

          No matter what fabric is chosen, both men need to reconsider the footwear they choose to use during their official engagements. The split suede booties are not appropriate for most of their outings. Time to get fitted for a wardrobe of oxfords in smooth leather of 3 of 4 colors. Last, but not least, to keep those shoes in good condition, cleaned and polished after every outing. A couple pair of slip-on style shoes could be worn for more relaxed engagements, also kept in good condition. I am astonished that they appear so often in shoes mismatched to their clothing style and that the shoes don’t appear to be maintained very well. People of lesser means do take care of the condition of their shoes. It is a matter of pride in appearance.

          1. With how Charles has worn his suits and shoes for 20+ years and still manages to look great it’s amazing his sons didn’t pick up that ability to go to the Savile Row tailors and get some nice stuff.

            I think it’s all about the image, trying to dress young, hip, and casual. It always falls flat.

        2. I’m all for what Barbara said on December 26 at 10:56pm, please MMR make it happen!! 🙂 🙂
          Ive always wondered if PH has only one suit or if its a dozen all in the same color. Does he have 2 pairs of Suede shoes (blue and brown) or several all in brown or blue? Harry needs a fashion overhaul is my story and Im sticking to it!! 🙂 🙂

  38. MM looked lovely. For someone who is not married into the family it seems a bit premature to take issue with the cost of her clothing. She has had time to prepare for this, she likely has a closet stocked with outfits for the many occasions she will attend with Harry.

    Remember that MM’s best friend is a stylist. Those two have probably been collecting expensive clothes at a deep discount in anticipation of the post engagement publicity. If those two are smart the friend will continue to collect clothing for MM to “borrow”.

      1. Honestly it seems to me that having a stylist to procure the top designs to borrow is alot more cost effective than spending 100K+ for clothes she will more than likely not wear again. I hate how the women are shamed over clothing when dammit I want to see some fashion and glamor. Perhaps Meghan could visit British Vogue and they can provide some advice.

  39. Don’t know if this has been discussed yet….

    Does anyone know what happened to Diana’s sapphire brooch that she would wear as a choker? Wouldn’t it be something if Meghan had it? It’s gorgeous. It was a gift from the Queen Mother to Diana.

    Does anyone know if Charles ever gave Kate jewelry? He has exquisite taste. Just look at everything he bought Camilla. I wonder if he will give Meghan anything?

    1. We haven’t seen the Sapphire choker yet.

      As it was a gift from the QM, we don’t know if it was a life loaner or Diana’s private property. I say this because a tiara she gifted to Margaret, that was assummed to be her private property turned up on Kate. So perhaps only a loaner.

      That brooch / chocker is iconic and i’m surprised it hasn’t made an appearance yet since Kate keeps wearing Diana’s more memorable jewels be they private or loaners.

      And yes, Charles bought her a wedding bracelet which she wore frequently until she started getting bracelet loaners from HM.

      Here is a picture of it:

      I know you didn’t ask, but Camilla also gave her a bracelet. She wore it frequently during the first year of marriage, then stopped.

      Here is a picture of it:

      1. I love that bracelet from Camilla. She should wear that more. As for the choker, I would love to see that on Meghan. I think she has enough moxie that she could really carry it off rather than it wearing her.

  40. BRF should take lessons from the SRF….perfectly coordinated in color and fashion. IMO, Meghan and dare I say William are dressed for current times…Everyone else looks a hot mess! (HM is excused from this critique)

  41. Maybe she was nervous because she rightfully got called out for wearing a dress worth the same amount as my college debt in pictures. Her first experience with negative press and it came early. Being a royal is not all fun and I feel she hadn’t/hasn’t yet fully comprehended.

  42. Oh dear Lord, not the “engagement portrait dress” discussion again!! Hasn’t this been beaten to death? Why flog an already dead horse? Im ready to hurl right now if this dress thing gets restarted.

  43. My observations – and this comes from living and working in different cities in Australia as well as Auckland, NZ, New York, and in the London commuter belt over the past 30 years. Beauty – and fashion – is in the eye of the beholder and influenced by the location you are in. What is worn – and acceptable – in New York won’t be in LA or other cities – never mind in another country. Same for the UK, and in Australia – considering its size and differences in climate – what is sold in Sydney you won’t even find on the shelf in the northern tropics. So – do I like what Meaghan wore – some of it. The dress underneath looked interesting. The accessories were good. I thought some of the other colours were uninspiring but “safe”, the coat is not my style and looks too big, and I give the hat a miss. However elements of it certainly suggest a (strange) hybrid Canada/UK Home Counties combination, and I did not think she looked terribly “out of place”. I suspect the influence of her Canadian stylist friend will diminish over time, and she will develop an appreciation of picking the best clothes and accessories for the location she is in for her public appearances. I suspect that she will naturally enough continue to favour her current “off duty’ wardrobe in her private life. She is free – within limits – to wear what she wants before they marry – but once Charles starts footing the bills for “official” outfits hopefully she will take advice from a professional UK stylist. She does have the advantage of being older, so hopefully more aware of what will really work for her, rather than just what is on “trend”

    1. There’s no evidence Kate uses a stylist, so why must Meghan? Maybe she will simply because she’s got common sense, and a good stylist can save a lot of money too.

      I just don’t see all the criticism of Meghan’s coat being too big, I think it fits as it is supposed to. And it was cold here at Christmas and while she may be used to crisp Toronto winters the cold, damp, grey British winters get to your bones.

      1. Kate’s stylist (or dresser) is Natasha Archer but she is not a stylist by training and likely carries out other duties.

        1. I agree. The coat is the correct size. It is not meant to be a fitted coat. It is a cozy wrap around and is perfect for the occasion and the weather. Megan was stylish and appropriately dressed, given that the Queen is supposed to be the centre of attention.

      2. I agree about the coat criticism. On video the coat fit fine. It hugged her body and she didn’t appear to be drowning in it.

    1. ha, ha, ha. It’s so weird it grows on you!! That mushroom hat was odd. i like the color and the twill (I don’t know what they call the design on it) but it was an odd shape.

    2. It reminds me of a butter cookie popular at the bakery at this time of year: orange-flavored dough surrounding a small capsule of semi-sweet chocolate. An adult cookie that children won’t eat, leaving the confection for women to enjoy with their coffee or tea after dinner. Or, the top of an oversized acorn. It also looks like a beret, a hat style that she has been photographed wearing.

  44. Harry was guest editor of BBC radio 4 today. He was interviewed & asked about his Christmas with Meghan and he said the royal family were like the family she never had.

    I know Meghan is estranged from some members of her family but I wished he would have phrased it differently. This comes off as being disrespectful to her mother & also further highlights her family issues which I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want.

    1. As someone like Meghan whose parents divorced when I was young I get why he said that and perhaps Meghan does feel that way as it can be nice, going from one small unit like mother/daughter to a larger family unit and being a part of that. You don’t HAVE that with a single mom/child relationship, or at least I didn’t; it was just us two and I think that’s how a lot of her childhood was with Meghan, so you don’t experience a large family thing like this. It IS like the family you don’t have because you didn’t grow up that way.

      1. @Ellie

        I agree that there is a difference between a small & large family. However a family that consists of a single parent is still a family nonetheless. There is no such thing as an ideal family and the royals themselves are known to be dysfunctional.

        Meghan is not an orphan. Her parents sent her to private schools and she was raised in a leafy neighborhood. She had a more privileged childhood than most average children growing up in America. Meghan has also said that when her parents got divorced they still remained on good terms. I have to wonder if Harry was speaking out of turn or whether this is something Meghan herself has said to him. If she did then it makes her sound very ungrateful.

        1. I see it as basically him saying this is the large extended family she didn’t have or experience growing up, but that’s from my perception of being someone in a single-parent household. I always wanted that kind of thing growing up and was extremely jealous my cousins all had that, living elsewhere, raised together, that kind of thing. The family togetherness of a large group you just don’t get when it’s you and your mom, or on weekends you and your dad.

      2. Meghan was raised primarily as an only child. Harry was more than likely referring to being a part of a cohesive larger family. Lets be honest Meghan’s half siblings have sold her out from the beginning. She has no current connection to her much other duplicitous half siblings. Meghan has always been close to her mother and her father. He meant no harm to them at all but was mainly happy about how well she fit in with her new family. I think she really liked them it would seem.

    2. It was a bit of an odd statement to me because Harry comes from a divorced family himself. But I interpreted to mean there are all these royal cousins and multiple generations in the royal family, and Meghan’s family circle is smaller. I don’t think it was meant as a slight against her parents but it wasn’t worded in the best way.

    3. I think Harry tends to be very blunt in his style of speaking. During his engagement interview when he was asked if he ever heard of Meghan before he was like “who? Never heard of her. Never seen her show. What?” I thought he could have phrased that differently too since she was an actress and every actress wants to be well known for their work. Harry is like Diana. He doesn’t have a filter.

      1. There had been rumors floating around about Harry was a suits watcher and thus had a years old crush on Meghan and arranged for them to meet blah blah blah. IMO, Harry answering that question was meant to quell al these rumors, it was not a diss to Meghan.
        Im thinking that there were quite a few untruths in this interview, as in there was a lot that was left unspoken, so take these interviews with a bit of skepticism. I always remind myself that these people only tell us what they want us to know and nothing more, so….

      2. I don’t think Harry should have said what he said. If I were Meghan’s mom, who by all accounts adores Harry-and Meghan’s mom, I would be offended.

        No fiancee/fiance should say that about the family of the person they intend to marry and in this case, seeing as how Meghan’s family is NOT the Brady Bunch, he definitely should have not said it. It just gives the press, esp the Daily Fail, more fuel.

        And if I were Meghan, I would pissed. No matter how much I loved Harry, I would be livid. He has opened a can of worms.

        1. I don’t think he did at all, but I grew up in a situation similar to Meghan. It was for the most part me and my mom, though I saw my dad sometimes. No half-siblings, or full siblings, and no relatives close by to spend time with. I’m sure that’s what Harry was talking about. It is a family dynamic you do not have as an only child to a single mother. And who knows maybe Meghan has wanted that. I know I was jealous of my cousins back east and the family group in the UK and such growing up together while I was so far away.

          It’s very much an ‘us against the world’ sort of vibe, a single mother with a daughter, or so I felt with my mom.

  45. I really liked Meghan’s curtsy. It’s always bothered me the way Kate does it without lowering her head at all, but I’ve never seen anyone else mention it. I think Meghan’s curtsy is not only prettier but more respectful. The men completely lower their heads in respect; it seems appropriate that women at least lower their eyes, especially when curtsying to the monarch.

    It occurred to me when listening to the Queen’s Christmas broadcast that part of the reason Meghan was invited to Sandringham might be because the Queen and Prince Philip are getting up their in age. There are, realistically, not that many Christmases left for them, so it’d be a shame to not share the time they have with the woman their grandson has fallen in love with.

  46. @Ellie, I agree 19900%. I’m not attaching any negative connotation to Harry’s statements, because in the same interview, he said a lot of nice things about his fiancée as well. It could also be that this was a sentiment that she herself voiced just to describe how she felt. Her feeling like this would not necessarily be a diss to her family, she was brought up as an only child and she probably appreciated her fiancee’s large family. I’m from a family of 14 (mom’s kids) and 22 (my dads kids) but I’ve always wondered what it feels to grow up in a family of fewer kids. Because of that, I made a decision to not have as many however, my kids have always appreciated the Christmas gatherings when my family gets together and we have a huge party (descendants of my mom, there’s usually about 80 of us), so I can understand how Meghan can feel like Harry’s family is the “family she never had”, just sayin.
    And Harry’s statements, I believe, had nothing to do with his or Meghan’s divorced parents or not, but more to do with a large extended family gathering for Christmas, the question was asked about Meghan’s experience of the Christmas gathering, not about their parents.

    1. Masamh- such a lovely name. Your commentary on this site has certainly been extensive and interesting, but redundant and in my humble opinion speculative. Herezus gives us insight and opinion into traditional British lifestyle based upon facts or acknowledges a logical conclusion that we may all consider. I am certainly not qualified to be an expert on the Royal Family. I do believe you would be an excellent candidate for your own blog, and I’m sure it would be a successful albeit controversial blog. My experience with this blog is extremely positive and allows all to professionally offer their opinions. I honestly wonder what substance you have based all of you opinions on this site. I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know! So KMR and people like Herazus inspires and challenges me to learn more about objectivity before I prenounce my opinions. That is why I participate ancd welcome contrary opinions. They bring perspective and add quality to the KMR blog that obviously is a communication that educates and allows opinions to be respected but not a forum of casual surmise or or prejudicial conclusions off the cuff judgment of any kind.

      Happy New Year MMR: I am excited to see what the new year brings under your watchful and professional style.

        1. Yep, agree with you Liz B. I actually had to go back and read MASAMF’s comments after Kiki’s comment as I thought, gee I haven’t read anything derogatory just before. Having re-read MASAMF’s comment I am none the wiser. It was a lovely comment. Even the way Kiki started her response: “what a lovely name” came across as patronizing. I am truly at a loss as to why there was that bit of unpleasantness. Still we all have days when we are grouchy so perhaps Kiki’s was one of those.
          Happy New Year everyone. : )

      1. @KIKI, thank you for your comment on my posts. I have never claimed to be an expert on British culture and tradition, and I never will. I know where I come from and I’m proud to be African, I wouldn’t trade that part of me for anything else thank you very much. If I have expressed any informed knowledge of any culture, it has been that of my own, and on some occasions when I have been corrected, I have embraced and appreciated the new information because no one really knows everything in this world. Yes, my posts are speculative, but so are yours and everybody else’s; not a single person on here has any concrete inside knowledge on how the BRF live their lives, we all are just speculating. And if my posts are redundant and bother you so, please scroll past, you don’t have to read anything you don’t like. This is a free blog, and I see many people that post repeatedly, why are you picking on mine when you arent being forced to read anything? And until MMR tells me to or bans me from her blogs, I’ll continue to post just like everybody else, you have no right to tell me when to or not to post. Have a nice day.

      2. What an absolutely bizzare, useless comment from Kiki. I think it was supposed to be shade but it falls short of the mark, especially acting like this is some kind of highbrow literary column where only a certain kind of erudite historian should dare to post (no offense to MMF). I love reading MASAMF’s comments and find her to be one of the most balanced posters and I hope she doesn’t take this randomness personally.

      3. Kiki, I don’t know where you get your sense of entitlement and grade A snobbery from, but it is not welcome on this blog. I am kindly assuming you have too much eggnog at best and worse, a stick the size of Antartica shoved up your ***.

        You have no right to single out the wonderful MASAMF, who has kind, delightful and no matter what you in your mistaken snottiness think a very welcome member of this board. She does not need to start her own blog, but you might need to.

        I have a feeling Princess Michael might be the first to sign up for it.

    2. You sound like my cousins. My dad’s sister had a ton of kids who all have a ton of kids! I was so jealous being so far away from them while they have grown up together as a massive litter of kids and now grandkids! It was very lonely for me.

      1. IKR? And I believe Meghan commented about the big family she never had and so Harry was just restating what she had said was her sentiment. I have a friend I grew up with that used to tell us how she longed to have a family as big as ours! It happens.

        1. Yup. I don’t think it was worded properly, I think he could have been more specific, but I bet Meghan told him something like that so he repeated it.

          Come hang out with me, it’s just us and our only kid, you can be a part of our little family! lol

  47. The age old problem of whom to invite and whom not to invite has started for Harry and Meaghan!
    I was reading a report that says the British government does not want the Obamas invited to the wedding because the Trumps will feel offended ! I guess being royalty doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with tricky problems like a guest list!

    1. Probably more like media making up stuff because William and Kate didn’t invite anybody outside the Commonwealth considering their “semi state wedding” stuff (aka we have a public wedding and you all pay, but we won’t do a huge thing and won’t invite lots of important people), and Harry and Meghan’s is way more low key. I would be surprised if the Obamas and the Bushes were left off the guest list, because they’re all close to Harry in various ways (GWB’s foundation helped fund Invictus coming to Orlando). I’m sure Meghan would want influential famous people at her wedding. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Trudeaus came too because of Meghan’s friendship with Sophie Trudeau.

      1. William gave an interview to Katie Couric about the wedding in which he admitted that he tore up the official guestlist which had been pulled together by the Palace and created a new one with lesser tier officialdom so they could have a smaller wedding.

        Their PR then sold the smaller wedding as a ‘semi-state’ wedding which is BS because we don’t have semi-state anything. And the wedding had all the official apparatus of a state occasion.

        The wedding ended up with lots of important people left off the guestlist. A lost opportunity for diplomacy.

        And William and Kate continued with their blinkered lack of foresight by refusing to meet the Obamas for longer than it took to take this group photo despite both couples spending the night at BP

        The reporters present said they were in that room for less than ten minutes.

        So it’s no wonder when William tried to meet Obama in Washington a few years later, he was awkward and Obama had no time for him.

        The recent dinner at KP required Harry to attend to smooth the way for WK. And was probably meant for Harry alone, but due to the Obamas being on an official visit, couldn’t hang out with the spare without meeting the heirs.

        1. And William says HM was totally fine with it, but they invited complete
          strangers from Bucklebury… Such a weird wedding, that. And so, so cold!

          I wonder what the original guest list was.

          1. Victoria and Daniel’s wedding is my favorite. You could feel the love. Victoria teared up as she said her vows. So beautiful.

        2. That story to me is more about the Queen’s savvy than anything. My take was that a staffer gracelessly presented aa list of people to William that he has no relationship with, William did not like the feeling that his wedding was not a personal event and the Queen then told him to throw the list out and start over. I am willing to bet that once William and Kate completed their list (which I doubt was long enough to fill up Westminster Abbey) that the staffers stepped back in and the people from the original list were added back on.

        3. The problem for me is not who gets invited to a wedding but the fact Harry seems to be getting dangerously near politics. I don’t care who anyone likes or doesn’t like in politics, including myself – the important thing for royals is to remain as unpolitical as possible – whether dealing with politicians past, present or future. Charles has already come dangerously close to this line but this is even more open than that.

          It might have been less a matter of whether the Obamas were invited if it hadn’t been for this interview and for Harry getting himself in a corner over the invites – before it would have been put down to it being a private wedding – now the interview is being combed for political hints, and people are remembering what Obama said about back of the queue.

          It’s going to make a wedding that should be about the couple into a political situation. I’d rather have newsagents from Bucklebury which bothered me not at all one way or the other, than this sort of political controversy with royals which is bound to be divisive.

          Already the Guardian wrote one of their ‘favourable’ articles and then let their republican readership let rip in the comments.

          1. Other Julia, I read how the Obamas said if they get invited it will be an honor but if they don’t get an invite that they’ll understand because they would like nothing more than this wedding to be about Harry and Meghan than it is about anyone else so, maybe they won’t get invited.
            But with that even being said, prince Harry is friends with the Obamas, the Bushes and the Bidens, he is also friends with prince Seiso of Lesotho, I’m sure he has other political figure friends in South Africa, Botswana etc, should he not invite any of these his friends in fear of becoming political? Or is it just the Obamas that would turn his into a political situation? Meghan is friends with the Trudeaus and the Malroneys, should those too be left off the invite list? I think giving into pressure and not inviting any of their friends or inviting people that others deem “safe” is what will turn their wedding into something political, that’s MO.

      2. I know you were talking about other things, but I remember loving this dress on Kate. Kate wore quite a few looks in her first and second year I loved. Without a doubt, I miss the old Kate.

        1. I wasn’t thinking about the wedding invitations but this recent interview. I thought that was a misstep that brought unnecessary attention to who would invited to the wedding and whether political intent behind remarks made. It’s the blending of the political/opinion with personal friendships.

          (For what it’s worth, I didn’t like Kate guest-editing Huffington Post – although not for the same reason.)

      3. @Ellie

        The Bushes don’t have the same relationship with Harry as the Obamas do (particularly Michelle). There’s a good chance that the Obamas will be invited and the Bushes and Trumps will not.

        1. Jess, I believe they all formed friendships from their working with and support for vets. My understanding is he is friends with the Obamas, the Bushes and the Bidens.

          1. Without the GWB Foundation Invictus wouldn’t have happened in 2016. There are cute photos of GWB and Harry hugging, talking, having a grand time and Harry has said really lovely things about him too. I think Harry is close to Michelle, especially as Michelle was First Lady during the Invictus Games and so used her US clout to help promote it, but he’s friendly with the Bushes and Mr Obama too, so invites to any of ’em wouldn’t surprise me. And Michelle and GWB are really close friends, which is so sweet.

            He has no obligation being it is not a state wedding to invite anyone, really. William’s wedding, though, they absolutely should have but this is William who does what he wants and gives everyone the middle finger (or for the UK the V sign!).

            To avoid some political problems, though I see no issue in a non state wedding inviting friends who were formerly political like the Obamas, the Bushes, etc, maybe just invite to the reception. I’d love to see the Obamas and Bushes together at the wedding, GWB and Michelle are hilariously adorable together as besties and proof despite differences in political views we can all be friends with one another! 🙂

          2. @Ellie

            I think you are confusing being friendly acquainances with being friends. Just because there are pictures of Bush and PH being friendly doesn’t mean they are friends; same as the Bidens.

            I think PH has a close relationship with Michelle and PBO was roped into that because they are married. I could see the Obamas getting an invitation but not the Bushes or Bidens.

    1. I was personally imagining Doria and Carol at Anmer hall with the kids day drinking while the rest of the group went to church but i realize that’s me daydreaming.

  48. I think they all look great and behaved properly. Both couples seem to interact well, they are all supportive towards Meghan and there is no indication to speak otherwise. Negative comments about any of them are pure speculation or possibly wishful thinking… I think some people overthink such occasions, the royal family went to church, it was a wonderful day and that’s it.

    1. Milena I agree with your comment.

      On the video exiting the church, before standing on the steps, Charles and Camilla, Will and Kate, Harry and Meghan were all happily chatting to each other.
      I also think Harry and Meghan staying at Anmer during Christmas is also a positive.

      1. I loved the comment that Harry made in the interview about running around with the kids. He seems like he’d be the perfect fun uncle foul to the more reserved William and Kate. My niece and nephews call my husband Crazy Uncle Will, even though we also have three kids, because he’s way more outgoing than their dad.

  49. I am really enjoying the “fab four”! I don’t think there is any negativity between Kate and Meghan. Considering how close William and Kate and Harry are, I’m sure they are enjoying adding another member to their tight group. Kate and Meghan both looked stunning, I actually liked Meghan’s hat and feel that she is trying her best to find a balance between glamorous, fashion-forward clothing that is also respectful. Yes, the engagement dress was a misstep, but Meghan will learn fast. I can’t wait until she’s photographed again, she is absolutely luminous!

    1. But they aren’t close. Harry has said before he rarely sees them, doesn’t know what they’re up to when asked, and so on. It seems more a media invention that poor bachelor Harry came running to W&K’s apartment or whatever for Kate’s cooking than the truth. I mean, he said he was looking forward to getting to know Kate when the engagement was announced and insiders have said he had NO idea William proposed.

      1. It could also be said that in an effort to protect his and their privacy, Harry may be deliberately evasive about his relationship with his brother and sister in law when responding to questions from the media. We really don’t know.

        1. I agree with this. For a while the Cambridges lived in Norfolk while Harry lived in London so they may not have seen each other everyday for that reason.

          When the engagement was announced William joked that he hopes this means that Harry will stop raiding his fridge, and during Harry and Meghan’s engagement interview Harry singled Kate for being amazing and the Cambridges being fantastic support.

          To me the real smoking gun was when Michelle Obama relayed that Prince George commenting on Harry’s demeanor when the Obamas visited the Cambridges at KP. Clearly there has been considerable interaction between Harry and William and his family for George to actually commenta that Harry is acting differently than what he is used to.

        1. I think William and Harry are very close, and when William married Kate, Harry became close to her as well.

          1. I don’t think William and Harry are as close as they once were, which is fine and dandy because not everyone is super close with their sibling(s), but the façade of “oh we’re best friends/buddy-buddy” bugs me.

  50. @Leah you were right about Harry opening a can of worms with his comment.

    Even though I realize Meghan may not be close to her family and probably hasn’t seen her sister for years, Harry’s comments has prompted a response from Meghan’s family. This was inevitable and is not the kind of press a royal bride should be having before her wedding day. Harry needs to be more careful with what he says. He has no filter and doesn’t think about how his words may be received or responded to by others.

    1. Meghan’s sister is irrelevant; she will be responding negatively to everything Harry and Meghan do. She’s super annoying; she’s writing a book called Pushy Princess. I’m sure Meghan and Doria aren’t worried about the comment.

      1. It isn’t so much that Meghan or Doria are hurt by the comment. I’m talking about optics and public perception. It looks tacky for Meghan’s family to keep talking about her even if she doesn’t have a relationship with them. Harry should refrain from referencing them at all in public bease it provides an opportunity for them to respond to him. I don’t know why they can’t get her sister to sign an NDA. She must be getting paid a lot to write that book.

        1. Her half-sister will continue to talk badly about her no matter what because she’s a bad person. She won’t sign an NDA because she can make more money by writing a book and selling it. It doesn’t matter what Harry and Meghan say or do her sister she will make it about herself. Once Meghan gets pregnant she’ll really go into overdrive; a toxic person is a toxic person.

        2. Ahhh as soon as I heard Harry say that I knew Samantha wouldn’t be far behind. She’s such an embarrassment and utterly untrustworthy. I don’t think Harry meant to insult anyone, but it probably wasn’t the best wording…

    2. Exactly. Harry knows how closed off his brother William is, I’m sure whenever questions regarding William and Kate arise he knows to be elusive. Any public interaction between the three of them seems familiar and comfortable. I don’t get to see my sister often as we live several hours from each other, but we’re incredibly close.

    3. Thank you, Cookie. I don’t care for Meghan’s sister at all, but she was right to take issue with what Harry said.

      No matter the reality of the situation, you never say anything like this about your partner’s family, period. And especially in Meghan’s case, when many are on the fence about her and are looking for a reason to dislike her.

      More importantly, it opens up Meghan and her family to more scrutiny, which is hurtful. I hope Meghan was not hurt and I hope Meghan’s parents weren’t.

      The press is already drawing a line between the “wholesome” family-never mind Uncle Gary- that Kate comes from vs Meghan’s family, which is widely seen as dysfunctional.

      Not good, Harry.

      1. I think it’s pretty clear Harry is relating something Meghan told him. It is the big family she never had. Judging by her sister’s behavior I wouldn’t blame her from being estranged from that lot.

        One thing though is KP addressing it which is just ridiculous. KP: sit down, shut up. Harry, shut up.

        1. I agree. Did KP really have to say that Harry’s words “speak for themselves”? I think they just need to stop talking now.

      1. It looks better on Sophie because she is not a slip of a thing like Meghan is. I have Meghan’s build, except I have much bigger boobs and smaller hips, but I have the short waist and the birdlike legs.

        One problem I notice I have is that for some reason, I think I am bigger than what I am and I tend to buy up a size and look swallowed up in clothes. This may be Meghan’s issue or it may not.

        She needs to ditch the boots entirely and go for sleeker, fitted coats.

      2. It is actually a beautiful coat and while I do agree it was too big for Meghan, I also think having the belt tied in that one loop bow also made the coat look bulky around her waist. Note that Mrs. Trudeau had the belt just crossed over and was wearing the collar differently so that made the coat have a more tailored look. Even if Meghan had tied the belt in a square knot to differentiate herself from Mrs. Trudeau (because if she has good people they would have known Mrs. T had worn this coat to meet the Queen) the coat would have looked less bulky on her.

    1. Sooner than later, Meghan is going to have to ditch Jessica as her “stylist” and find someone who knows how to appropriately dress her for her new role. Meghan seemed much more fashionable pre-Harry but that’s when she was a low profile minor tv celebrity. Everything I’ve seen her in since their relationship went public has been unflattering (dress at Suits Table reading, dress at Invictus Opening Night) or poorly fitted (coat at Sunken Garden, coat at Sandringham) or not quite right for the occasion (ripped jeans, R&R evening gown). I am dreading what they come up with for May 19th. Keep in mind that Jessica helped Meghan pick out Rachel Zane’s original tv wedding dress which made her look wide, flat and shapeless all at the same time so there’s a reason for my fear. Hopefully someone will stage an intervention and let Meghan know that she needs some real professional help. It would also be nice, as an American, to see her wear some of our designers as well. While it’s understandable that her priority should be British labels, the emphasis on Canadian fashion is a little off-putting and seems more about Jessica helping her buddies out than doing what’s best for Meghan.

      1. I think that Meghan looked best when she was styled as her character on Suits. I liked her collections for Reitmans but I am now wondering how much input she had on the collections.

        I am not blown away by her red carpet looks, some were nice and some were meh.

        I think Meghan’s street style is above average.

        I really can’t get a bead on how she will do sartorially when she becomes the Duchess of X but I am not getting my hopes up.

        I think that Meghan and her stylist should look outside the BRF for royal style inspiration, I think that Mary of Denmark and Charlene of Monaco should top the list of inspirers. Other candidates include the Swedish princesses – Victoria, Madeleine and Sofia, Queen Letizia and Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi.

        I think that whomever styled Meghan on Suits should be tapped into, not as a full-time stylist but perhaps in a consulting capacity. Rachel Zane’s wardrobe was too form-fitting and edgy, but still that person definitely knew how to make Meghan look good and interesting.

          1. I hope she looks at Queen Letizia for inspiration as a royal in general, but especially for style.

            Then again, Leti is torn to shreds for being too edgy. And on somewhere like RD, things Leti gets lauded for would probably be the same things that Meghan gets dished on for.

            I think she should use her Rachel wardrobe as a starting point and build from there.

      2. Miss Georgia and Jessica I agree with you both! I woke up Christmas morning and went straight to my phone to see the church walk photos and was somewhat disappointed. Her skin is glowing she is clearly in love and a smart woman. Get a stylist for your new role Meghan. I guess we shouldn’t project so much on Meghan and Kate but with all the wealth and access to help I’m just surprised sometimes at the final product. Or maybe the problem is blindly relying on the stylist and not trusting yourself about what works with your body type? If I were these ladies I would get the Clueless fashion organizer to research my outfits (a joke for anyone who grew up in the 90s).

        Regardless I’m still a fan and will give her time to adjust. I just hope it’s soon! I dig the old Kate style (circa 2011-2014) and honestly think classic youthful goes very well with both of them. Kate’s lost her way and Meghan may be sinking slowly if she doesn’t get a fashion advocate she can trust. Good point on Meghan being loyal to Jessica Mulroney I can see that.

      3. MissGeorgia, I know Meghan said she doesn’t read these online comments but, this is one time I wish she would read these comments; many on here are constructive criticisms that would do her a world of good. Anyone knows if there is an address where fans can email Meghan or her reps and sort of advise her? I know an actress from a daytime soap opera who had an email where her fans would interact with her and they would discuss an array of topics etc, I wonder if the BRF might have anything like this?

        1. You can write to the royal’s press offices, but those letters almost never get read by the actual royal. Also, from what I understand, anything even remotely negative gets chucked in the bin.

          1. I wonder if it would have a better chance of getting ready read if sent to a private secretary. Probably not.

          2. Oh well then, there’d be no point writing them, right? Because criticism (even constructive) would be considered negative. Thanks MMR.

    2. Meghan looks presentable and I guess that is all that is required for her new role.

      I personally haven’t been bowled over by her fashion choices to date. There is no wow factor. I did not understand the logic of wearing a bathrobe style coat to an engagement photocall where no one got to have a proper look at the dress underneath. Considering they were only outside for less than 5 minutes she could have chosen to wear a long sleeve dress without a coat which would have looked more elegant. Or had the photocall indoors. Also at her very first engagement in Nottingham that whole outfit was just a miss & did her no favors.

      I don’t rate Jessica Mulroney as a good sylist. Judging by her social media, her style is nothing spectacular & sometimes tacky. Meghan seems loyal to just a small group of designers who are friends of hers & Jessica’s. Remember her friend Misha Nonoo who gave her that hideous mini tuxedo dress to wear one time!

      I always find that celebrities who are devoted to just a handful of designers start to look repetitive after a while & boring. Meghan needs to broaden her horizon & fast.

      1. what!!. I love a bathrobe style coat. It’s so comforting it feels like am getting a hug. I do agree she needs to ditch Jessica as her stylist. Urrgg i wouldn’t want to be her. When you have to ditch a loyal friend because what worked for you before doesn’t work for you now.

        1. I think it makes sense though because she needs to have someone who can be with her in person. It’s just not the same when you’re doing it via Skype.

    1. Oh she should have! I honestly think that retire was her big mistake, she is giving up on everything and Harry is not giving up a thing for her. I thik she would be a great bond girl, she is not a bad actress.
      I wonder if this marriage fail if she is going to be able to catch up with her career.

      1. Agnes, I really hope so! I was pleasantly surprised that the film makers were considering her, given Hollywood’s notorious ageism against women.

      2. The Bond people like to go on and on about who will be the next Bond and there is always a very wide field. I presume just to promote the brand (btw it should be James Norton!) and I suspect its more shade thrown at Meghan and her ‘unsuitability’. They’re just being more subtle about it. After all, she’s played a lawyer in Suits, that’s not very scandalous – a ‘Bond Girl’ conjures up images of bikinis instead.

        1. She gave up everything to gain so much more…please don’t feel sorry for Meghan, I think she will be o.k.!!

      3. @Agnes, As a firm believer in God, I believe that Meghan’s destiny was marrying prince Harry and his was marrying her. The Bond girl is a great dream, and it seems like Meg gave up a whole lot than Harry did, but I believe that this marriage is what was meant to be for the both of them and I don’t expect it to fail. I believe Meghan will contribute more to society, and to making this world a better place to live, in her role as princess Henry of Wales. I firmly believe that these two together will be a force to recon with, they will go far together and they will do great things than she would have done as a Bond girl. They might disappoint some when they don’t meet some expectations, but I believe they will surprise many when this marriage survives the test of time and trials. Harry and Meghan will be a source of joy and satisfaction to many when they meet and exceed many expectations in this their roles. They both are very smart people, Meghan seems to thrive on hard work, she has shown in many ways what she meant when she said “I have never wanted to be a lady that dines but I’ve always wanted to be a woman that works”. I really doubt Meghan would have fulfilled this in her acting career but I do believe she can achieve so much in this role as princess Henry of Wales. I think this girl will make this marriage work and she and her husband will do great things.

    2. Honestly not trying to sound mean, but I think Megan is too flat-chested to be chosen as a Bond girl. I think they want a more voluptuous type for that part.

    3. Anything coming out about roles for the next Bond should be taken with a boulder of salt.

      The Bond franchise likes to keep people interested in it and frequently puts out rumours on the hottest aka latest high profile actor / actress they are ‘looking’ at or decided not to go with. It helps the brand to keep the public interested and emotionally invested in the Bond Franchise.

      And the actors play this game too because it helps their profile. Their publicist puts out a rumour that they are / were in consideration for Bond, the public associates Bond with hot desirable actors. The actors self-deprecatingly and charmingly deny the rumour very publicly, whilst claiming they are honoured to be considered. More publicity for everyone. Everyone wins.

      As for whether or not MM was considered 2years ago, i doubt this very much because the Bond girls never have this type of speculation, so i’m inclined to think this is the producers or MM’s publicists putting this out there. Especially considering how left field it came about. Bond girls tend to be chosen from a selection of ex-models, beauty Queens (Miss Universe or Miss World pageants) or B-list actors with a Maxim/ playboy/ FHM profile or potential, failing that, a bombshell French actress. Or unknown fresh out of drama school British actress.

      The financing of the Bond franchise also rules out anyone who isn’t British or European Union in major roles, so if MM had been short-listed, it would have been in a blink and miss it part.

      Finally, the timeline of her being shortlisted doesn’t make sense because at that point the Bond people were more concerned in keeping Daniel Craig as Bond because he was proving difficult to pin down for another outing which was causing problems for the scriptwriters as Daniel Craig has script approval as part of his contract.

      If Daniel didn’t sign on to do another one, then Bond had to be recast. This prompted another round of ‘who will be the next Bond?’ That took in everybody from Tom Hiddleston to Aidan Turner. After that, a script would have to be put together because each new recast Bond requires an update of the direction and tone of franchise.

      Casting bond girls is done very close to the production, not several years earlier before scripts have been written and in this specific case, Bond might have been a different actor thus requiring an overhaul of the franchise.

        1. Hera, I find that silly stories like the one referenced in this thread and in this article are very unnecessary and are a very stupid part on whomever thought it was a good idea to put it out there to begin with. If it was her PR team, it was such a miscalculation and a very preventable self inflicted wound, if the story is not true. This woman has the world at her finger tips right now, she doesn’t need any drama in her life, her family at this time are doing such a great job putting out enough drama, why lie in such manner and gives people another reason to distrust her? This all if her PR people were the ones that started this. But, a thought just occurred to me as I was writing this that, it could also have been started by some hateful person/people that knew exactly that putting such a easily verifiable lie out there would sink her, you never know.

  51. I want to comment about Meghan’s sister Samantha, who uses a wheelchair because of m.s., which progresses at different rates, but is a devastating, debilitating disease. She is also an American without financial resources. The American benefits system is very cruel, and requires complete destitution for any assistance with the expensive special help required by the disabled—home health asst, etc. Samantha is obviously angry at her successful sister for essentially dropping her after her diagnosis (and requests for financial help for their father, and maybe herself). Meghan undoubtedly got really consumed with her glamorous life and career, and did not respond to parts of her family who wanted more from her than she wanted to give. Samantha says Meghan dropped her because she would be an embarrassment due to her wheelchair, but given her statements to the press, Samantha can be a bitter, treacherous jerk. Although I am sympathetic to her plight, she does not seem like someone I would want to be personally involved with. However, it does seem like Meghan and the BRF would do well to exercise some Christian charity and make some private ongoing financial provision for Samantha. In exchange she would keep absolutely quiet. Samantha is in a desperate situation, and will continue to be a sitting duck for the press if Meghan and her new kin don’t help her out. I don’t think they are obligated to involve her in the bosom of their family, but she is Meghan’s sister. With all the pious sanctimony of the BRF, they could just help her and buy her silence at the same time —

    1. I don’t want to wade too much into the Samantha issue, and I haven’t read anything from her since much earlier this year, but I do want to comment this: While I think Samantha is an absolute a-hole in her remarks to the press and needs to shut up, from what I read it seems like the dad dropped his first family – first wife and kids with that wife, including Samantha – when he got with Meghan’s mom and had Meghan (I think the first wife moved the kids to a different state, too, from what I recall). From what I recall, Meghan herself said she was raised as an only child. Compound potentially feeling replaced by your father when he had a new kid with a new wife with having medical complications from MS, and I can understand why Samantha would turn into an angry, envious person. It’s not at all healthy, and it’s not an excuse for her behavior, but I do kind of understand how she could have gotten to where she is now. Granted, this is purely my own speculation based off of what I’ve read, and I may totally not have hit the mark at all – I clearly don’t know any of these people.

      1. I basically agree with you here, but I was responding to Harry’s offhand remarks referring to Meghan’s family yesterday, to which Samantha responded. He said Meghan had a “fantastic” Xmas with his family, and went on to comment that his family is “the family that I suppose she’s never had”. What he said did sound dismissive and disparaging of Meghan’s family of origin. Whatever Meghan may have said to him in private, Harry should not have publicly talked about her family in this way. Samantha’s response was to the effect that Meghan always had and continues to have a big, complete family of her own. He made it sound as if, with him, she had lucked into this happy, wholesome ordinary big family having a nice, relaxed, child centered, Christmas in the country.

        1. Have you noticed, vivian, how perfectly perfect everything is with Harry and Meghan? It was like that in their interview, and now this. Of course, his family is the perfectly happy family of everyone’s dreams.

          It doesn’t matter what he really meant. In essence he dissed her family, implied she wasn’t too happy with the family she got, that she had been deprived of a normal one, and that his family is superior in every single way and super normal. Perfection. Just like Diana was the perfect, loving mother and saint.

          Harry’s all into selling magical fairy tales these days, IMO, and Meghan is helping him do it. It was an ill-mannered, thoughtless response, and not the words of a gentleman. He needs some lessons in basic etiquette. He should also think before he speaks. Oversharing is not a pretty trait in anyone.

          1. MAVENTHEFIRST why are you ignoring the fact that Harry said that all families are complex. He is not selling fairy tells he was actually very nuanced in that interview. Did you actually listen to that radio show. He actually did brilliantly for the whole 3hrs until that fatal line. Last line of the day. Urggg he must be so frustrated.
            Everyone complains about how work shy these people are but even the commentators on that show were praising him for how much work he put into it.

          2. AO, I agree. I’m sure PH would like to take the comment back given it gave Meghan’s sister a platform to speak her foolish talk. Most people are proud of their families regardless of the issues they may have, why isn’t this afforded to PH. The fact that the RF spends every Christmas together is impressive. I think it’s great that Meghan wants to be apart of the family vs trying to bring her family into the Royal circle.

          3. You are right Maven, they are living in a fantasy world right now and once the dust settles, trouble will rear its ugly head. Both Harry and Meghan seem like drama queens to me so I’ll continue to watch this soap opera and grin along with Catherine and her family while the Markles make them look better and better. Its a shame really as the Middletons are nothing to write home about either.

        1. I’m wanting to LOL thinking that maybe Harry said exactly how Meghan feels!! 😂😂 Maybe they sat by the fire and giggled like teenagers when he got home, expecting the sister to be up in arms about the comment. Maybe Meghan already called her mom and dad and they didn’t even take the statement as serious as the sister did and they all had chuckle about it!! And maybe Meghan doesn’t feel she has to make the other family feel good!! Maybe the sister has always there a “B”word to others, LOL. Just kidding.

          1. MASAMF, I don’t think I get the joke. I’m sure that Meghan is embarrassed by her sister’s actions. It would be embarrassing to me if I was in her shoes. IMO, PH spoke the truth. However he should have kept it private.

          2. SD, This is just my imagination running wild, I didn’t mean to diss Meghan in any way. She probably is embarrassed, I don’t know. She could all be used to her tirades by now, this lady has been going at her since 2016, she probably doesn’t even pay her any more attention. Im thinking that Meghan communicates with her father and he is the most important person right now that would be offended by Harry’s comment so I think Meghan already communicated with her parents and explained. I also think that maybe the parents themselves don’t even read the tabloids and are therefore not making any big deal out of Harry’s comments, we don’t know.

          3. Thank you for the clarification MASAMF. It could also be that Meghan’s parents agree with the statement. I’ll give it another day and something else will come alone and push this one out of the headlines.

      2. Yes, MMR very well said. The same dysfunction can be seen in the BRF but Harry seems to think his family is better than everyone else’s. To be so callous and disparaging really shows how thoughtless Harry is and always has been.

    2. I’ve dealt with toxic bullies like Samantha. They are never satisfied. I don’t think this is about money for her. It seems that she has always resented Meghan and her mother (for many obvious reasons) and delights in having the Daily Mail keep her on speed dial to give her an audience for her jealous ravings. She simply loves the attention.

      Meghan does not owe this grown woman any financial support, as there is nothing to suggest that Samantha contributed anything emotionally, financially, physically or otherwise to Meghan’s upbringing. I am someone who came from a modest background and worked my way up the corporate ladder. I do not feel beholden to provide for my family members who are less fortunate than me simply on the basis of them being my relatives, so it would be hypocritical of me to expect Meghan to do so.

      There is nothing preventing Samantha from working. There are US federal laws preventing discrimination against disabled people in the workplace and they are strictly enforced, so she has options if she wants them. My friend works for the govt. (SSA) and has coworkers who have no legs or arms; one man has nothing from the waist down and is brought to work each day by special ambulance; some have cancer or other terminal diseases and they come to work every day. I would argue that our benefit systems is generous compared to many countries where people would be completely on their own with no safety net. You can qualify for financial assistance and have access to many services. I won’t waste any tears on this lady and the BRF shouldn’t either.

      1. From my experience speaking with people I know well who are disabled, it’s actually quite difficult to prove when an employer is discriminating based on disability, and there is still very much a fear that employers will do so and then write up a scathing report about the employee’s work in a bid to fire that employee for cause to get around the laws against disability discrimination. Also, those special rides for disabled people are extremely difficult to get – at least in my city. Also, there are a lot of places that are not handicap accessible.

        1. Fair enough. I live in a major metropolitan city that is well equipped to handle ADA accommodations. In addition, I work in an industry that is very risk averse, so we are diligent about abiding by the laws. I have no idea where Samantha lives or what she has access to but I stand by by statement that no one should hold Meghan financially responsible for her well-being. It would be foolish of the BRF to try to negotiate with her as she has proven herself to be untrustworthy.

        2. MMR, this lady was a model up until she was disabled by her disease. Also, from their old pictures, it doesn’t look like the father abandoned them, they seem to have had a good relationship with their father till he probably retired. The sister has said several times that Meghan’s is not a from rags to riches story, she said that they grew up in upscale LA, their father was considered “wealthy” so Samantha was not abandoned by the father in any way. If Meghan is the favourite, it could be because of Samantha’s personality and her supposedly non existed relationship with their father, not because of Meghan. It seems that Samantha doesn’t get along with most of her family members, so I don’t think this has to do with Meghan or their father but more to do with who Samantha is as a person.

      2. Miss Georgia: Where in the world do you get your information on disability, disability discrimination laws and their effectiveness, transportation for people with disabilities, etc? Everything you have authoritatively stated here is simply not factually true, as KMR points out below. You start with the assumption, “There is nothing preventing Samantha from working.” Why would you say such a thing? I work professionally with people with disabilities. M.S. is a chronic, progressive, debilitating, painful, neurological illness. Samantha is a sick woman, and getting sicker over time. She is not ABLE to work. The people with disability you reference who work with your friend have stable conditions with energy and capabilities that allow them to do a job. Secondly, even for such people, it is very difficult for a person with a disability to get a job, and difficult to prove disability discrimination, as KMR says. (The unemployment statistics for PWDs who are able to work, and can’t get a job are more than twice that of people without disability.) As for “special ambulance”—there is a difference between paratransit which are forms of public transportation made available to PWDs to go about normal daily business when the regular bus or subway system is not accessible. They are neither “special” nor “ambulances”. They are not medical, but normal transportation that in the US unreliable and overextended. It is not as you represent it. Your assumptions are not simply matters of personal opinion. They are matters for which there is factual evidence available that contradicts what you have said here. And then you claim that”our” beleaguered, under threat benefits systems are “generous” because there are many countries with none. It’s beyond the scope of what I can enumerate here, but if you knew about them you would never call them “generous”. Harry’s Invictus Games veterans come up against this. Invictus partly exists so that people who have military service related disabilities are recognized and respected in a way that they are not in their ordinary civilian lives. Hopefully, H and M will continue this work. But attitudes like Miss Georgia’s demonstrate ongoing ignorance, and prejudice against the disabled.

        1. I do agree that the US social safety nets are dismal but i suspect that Samantha would probably get more help from different people if she wasn’t such a toxic person. Seriously her own mother doesn’t even talk to her.
          @Vivian why is taking care of Samantha, Meghan’s responsibility especially since she has proved herself to be untrustworthy.
          INFACT if Samantha had remained silent about anything to do with Meghan she would be in a better position. Samantha needs to take responsibility for her own actions.

        2. I went to law school with someone diagnosed with MS over fifteen years ago and she is still working as a Crown prosecutor. My high school friend’s father also worked until his 60s and has MS. Having MS does not prevent someone from being employed because there are constantly improving treatments and the symptoms come and go.

          1. There are multiple types of MS. Yes, there is a type where the “symptoms come and go” called Relapsing-Remitting, but there are also other types that are Progressive where the symptoms worsen over time. The person I know who has MS has Primary-Progressive and there are no relapses or remissions, just worsening symptoms. Also, there are no sure treatments for Progressive MS. There are some treatments to help slow down the progression but they are still in beta (and very, very expensive) and it’s not for sure whether they even work or not. For sure, the person I know with MS will get to the point (within the next couple of years) where they will not be able to work specifically because of their MS.

            Do we know what type of MS Samantha has?

          2. MMR, you are spot on about the different types and degrees of disablement with MS. As you said, treatment is quite expensive and often provides little or no relief, depending on the individual.

            I have several friends who have MS, as well as my significant other’s sister – all to varying degrees. One friend’s mother has had it since age 28, and has been completely bed bound for many years. She isn’t even able to get up to go to the bathroom.

            In the US, if you don’t have private disability insurance (which most people don’t) and can’t work, government disability payments usually only provide a standard of living close to or even below poverty level.

          3. Please know that I’m not in any way defending MM’s sister for being a jerk, no matter how disabled or not she is by her illness.

            I just wanted to expand on what MMR said about MS in general as a disease, and to clarify from personal knowledge the comments that were made about the US government supporting disabled people.

    3. Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Samantha plugged her book at the end of that tweet. Samantha’s own children don’t talk to her. Am disappointed in Harry because this gives ammunition to those who were looking for a reason to hate her. Samantha can go hung. Now if her parents especially her mother complain then that’s something. I suspect that her mom was with them at Christmas coz she went to Canada to spend time with her last year.

      1. Yes she plugged her book but that doesn’t mean she is lying. Her uncle on her black side said the same thing, she became too busy to deal with her own family. If it was just the dysfunctional side, it could be forgiven. But her black side of the family don’t seem to be dysfunctional to me and can be quite loving. Plus there were photos of Meghan at her older sister’s graduation smiling and happy for her, so I take it like all families their relationship has its ups and downs.

  52. The daily mail is notorious for holding on to pictures and releasing them when they want to push a specific narrative. Chelsy Davy.

  53. I believe Harry’s family comments where not to slight anyone. Meghan is practically an only child of divorced parents. Coming from being an only child to having a more close knit cohesive family is a big difference. I do think that Harry and all involved should Talk Less, Smile More from now on. I think they need to remember when talking to the press, keep it short and sweet. While I have no problem with what he said, he said too much that can be used and manipulated by the press who are looking to pounce on EVERY mistake. Likewise Meghan needs to edit her fashion choices. I think she looks great but would look more put together once she has fully settled in the UK and given a chance to work with UK basked designers and stylist. Diana used to consult with British Vogue, perhaps Meghan could do the same.

    They have to be on POINT IMHO. They have to do the work and start setting the narrative proactively. At this point perhaps they could hire a PR person to handle the roll out. While I think they are doing just fine, they need to listen to someone who can refine and sharpen their overall narrative that would be Daily Mail proof.

    After the new year I think they should keep their heads down and start working and building relationships and engaging with the British people. This is Meghan’s strength. Perhaps she could start an internship.

    1. “Talk less, smile more” should be the new Windsor motto after “never complain, never explain.” I guess Harry still hasn’t learned that yet.

    2. Meghan has a very big family on her white and black side. Just weeks ago an uncle showed pictures of her with the black side of her family so I don’t buy the divorced parents lonely only child story. There are already plenty of pictures of Meghan with many of her siblings and cousins online so a lot of the lonely child thing is revisionist history.


    I feel bad for Meghan’s dad. He worked to put her thru private schools and that helped her get into Northwestern. She wouldn’t have had the career she did if her father didn’t work to help her like he did. She should at least be grateful for that even if her relationship with him was rocky. And Meghan is supposed to be close to her father. On Father’s Day two years ago Meghan posted a picture of her as a baby with her dad on Instagram and gushed about him. So we have evidence that she is close to her father or was close up until fairly recently. (As recently as two years ago)
    This quote from Harry was a mistake. I hope it hasn’t burned bridges and hurt Meghan’s father too badly. Even if Meghan expressed that Harry’s family is “the family she never had” in private Harry shouldn’t have said so publicly.

    1. Thomas Jr hasn’t spoken to his father in years so I wouldn’t waste my pity. I’m sure he’s fine. The entire Markle clan is fractured so clearly there’s drama there.

      I’ve seen the picture, apparently she’s in the middle of licking her lips.

    2. “This quote from Harry was a mistake. . . . Even if Meghan expressed that Harry’s family is “the family she never had” in private Harry shouldn’t have said so publicly.”

      Cookie +1

    3. Daily Mail/ Paul Dacre kept harrassing and bribing Thomas Markle until he gave them this story which was probably pre-prepared by the mail.

      1. How DO you handle recalcitrant family members? it’s difficult. I imagine there are professional handlers who could help. Are the royal family the NDA type? Meghan is in for a rough ride, if she listens to the poisonous media. As an actress, I imagine that’s a benchmark she’s used to.
        I look at Kate and I see somebody affected by criticism – whether that’s inside the BRF or not. I would have taken Harry’s comment as the BRF are so different to anything Meghan has experienced previously – which is true, obviously. He’s just phrased it poorly. Maybe the Kate policy of saying absolutely nothing, ever, will be more successful in the long run – like Kate Moss.

    4. I don’t put much stock in what is said on Instagram, for anyone, but especially for an image-conscious celebrity. It was Father’s Day, so time for the obligatory photo and sweet remarks. And we know that Meghan is quite the gusher, so her effusive remarks don’t carry the weight (for me anyways) that similar remarks would coming from a more reserved person.

      I’m not saying that Meghan isn’t close to her father, just that we can’t tell based on that Instagram post. IMO, if Meghan had shared a recent photo of herself with her father, then we would have evidence that could suggest a current close relationship. With that throwback photo, all we have evidence of is that Meghan cared about how that relationship–whatever its reality–is perceived.

      1. The DT printed a story weeks back about how they had interviewed Meghan dad’s friends. If I recall, that was the story in which the part attempted to fat shame Mr. Markle. In that article, the friends are quoted saying that Mr. Markle was very close to and very proud of his actress daughter. The friends mentioned how Mr. Markle had been in town one time and came to visit the friends but refused to stay the night because his daughter didn’t want him to burden people so she had paid a hotel for him. So Meghan is close with both her parents. And I don’t buy the “Meghan is image conscious so she’ll put anything out there” narrative. There are any celebrities that are image conscious but are not close with this or that aren’t but they don’t start lying about the relationships just to look good. I don’t see Meghan lying for no reason. In regards to the pictures, Mr. Markle doesn’t have many pictures out there, not by himself, not with Meghan nor with any other of his kids. There are a couple of him andvMegha when she was in her late teens but that it. Recent pictures in this case are not an indication of closeness nor estrangement. There are many parents (me included) that don’t have ANY pictures , leave alone recent, with their children does that mean everyone with no pictures with kids is estranged? I don’t think so!

  55. I wonder if Meghan said something to the effect of “I never had a big family Christmas like this” and Harry somehow mangled the statement. Her mum Doria – seems to be a confident lady who no doubt had a nice Christmas with friends. Not all mothers spend every Christmas with their children so I’m sure Doria was ok with this year’s plans.

    However, Harry needs to learn to think before he speaks…interesting no comment yet from KP.

  56. I find it kind of ironic that Harry is saying his family is the family Meghan never had as if Harry’s family is like the Brady Bunch or something. Truth be told, Meghan is marrying into one of the most dysfunctional families in the world.

    1. It looks like Meghan was going for a elegant low key look for her first Christmas with the RF. IMO, she’s a beautiful woman and can pull off just about anything but that horrible hat!

      1. Obviously they confirmed it because they want the publicity and the sales that they hope will come from having a high profile person wearing one of their pieces. I’m sure they recognize their clothing, as any designer would. All of this is fairly standard PR so I’m not sure why when it comes to Meghan there’s so much unnecessary suspicion and hostility over every little thing. Frankly I hope she is getting kickbacks since people are so concerned about how her clothing is getting paid for. She’s unemployed right now so she could probably use some extra cash to help put towards her wedding.

        1. I know. I don’t why the first assumption is that Meghan is getting kickbacks. Does anyone ask this of Kate. Very sick of this double standard. Secondly, I would hope a designer or clothing company would recognize their own work. It comes with the territory that a designer or company confirm that a high profile person wore their designs.

          And this is a huge deal for Club Monaco because everything Meghan wears is selling out.

          1. Club Monaco, according to their instagram, confirmed with Meghan’s stylist that she was wearing their dress.

          2. I believe that usually famous people only get kickbacks from clothing/product manufacturers if a deal is made beforehand. They agree to mention the brand name on their Twitter, Instagram, FB or whatever social media accounts where they post pictures of themselves wearing or using the product. I believe I remember reading in the DM a long time ago that the Kardashians used to do that a lot. Of course that was before they all had their own clothing and makeup lines, lol.

            I know that MM shut down her blog, and I ‘assume’ although I don’t know for sure, that any social media accounts she had been using prior to getting serious with PH were also inactivated. I can’t see how she would be getting any kickbacks just because she wore the clothes.

            Her stylist probably got some type of payment or other perk for giving the brand name and model of the dress to the press.

        2. Leah and MissGeorgia, you both lost me. Why is it a bad thing to get kickbacks? I know some people here have expressed disapproval of Meghan getting clothes cheaply and promoting them, but I for the life of me don’t see anything wrong with that. I’m honestly thinking that she didn’t “buy” the engagement portraits dress for that much but we’ve already flogged that horse to death. Could you ladies help explain to me why it is so wrong to get kickbacks? I’ll tell you why I’m asking. Yesterday I was watching the Ellen Degeneres show and there was this young comedienne Tiffany Haddish, Ellen asked her what her dream was and she was like “well, I wanted to buy me a tesla but then I looked at the price and I was like no can’t afford it, then I thought I’ll buy me some diamonds because I’ve never owned any real diamonds, but then I was like no, they’re too expensive and I don’t want to squander my money coz I’ve been poor before, I don’t wanna go back to that place again. So in the end I decided I’m gonna loan a Tesla and some diamonds for a few days and take them back, that’s cheaper”. I thought this girl is smart! So back to Meghan, if kickbacks are a way of her getting something nice stuff but at a discount price, why is it a bad thing? Wouldn’t every smart person be careful with their money? I’m just so confused.

          1. As a member of the BRF, I don’t think Meghan can get kickbacks. It’s against protocol and Meghan doesn’t need it. That is not how the BRF operates, far as I know.

          2. The stylist only confirmed Meghan was wearing the Club Monaco dress after the company approached them, I think. Not the other way round.

      1. Agree, Birdy. Nice simple lines, not fussy but elegant and pretty, and the price was definitely in the acceptable range.

  57. The milliner who did her hat confirmed that she wore it on Xmas day, as did the designers of her engagment outfit and Nottinhgham outfit. Club Monaco knows because they saw a pic of the dress under the coat. And no, Meghan isn’t getting kickbacks.

    Why so nasty?

  58. I have been following royal fashion on the net for years. Meghan needs to start with her hair. Unfortunately every time you see Meghan, her hair is tucked into her coats etc. On Christmas day she pushed it to one side. Ok if you are attending a gala event with a ball gown. Sadly I think she is a little too Hollywood. Not the look if you are joining a European or any other royal family. She lacks a regal manner, her pointing out of her tongue on Christmas day to the camera was
    inappropriate. If you look at other royal ladies, Kate, Princess Mary of Denmark, Princess Victoria & Madeleine of Sweden or Princess Claire or Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg or any other royal family, they have impeccable manners, dressed appropriately and their hair looks immaculate. Not once have any of these ladies put a foot out of line. They are good role models and set a good example for their publics. In particular those ladies who are considered ‘commoners’ before marrying into royal families have proved critics wrong and have taken their new royal roles in their stride and have excelled. I wasn’t impressed with Meghan’s photos outside the palace on her engagement day, her hair was tucked into her coat, she stood & posed again as if she was in Hollywood. No other royal lady has done that during their engagement announcements. From what I have observed Meghan needs some tuition at ‘Princess School’. She could start with a personal stylist showing her how to dress in a regal manner, and how to have her hair done. There is a certain way royals dress and she needs to learn the ropes. I hope things improve for Meghan she deserves to do well.

    1. @Minnie she was not pointing her tongue, she was licking her lips and was caught on camera so the DM willfully misinterpreted the photo for their own agenda. Here is a video showing PW doing the same thing.

      I guess aristocrats lick their lips when they’re dry too.
      Also i can link pictures of DoC bottom during official visits.

      1. That video is misleading. The title is, “The Truth Behind Meghan Markle TONGUE POKE” but the video itself is the vlogger saying throughout the video that he does not THINK Meghan was poking out her tongue.

        He mentions William poking out his tongue, which I don’t disbelieve, but he does not show a picture or post a link in the description.

    2. Minnie, Meghan is NOT yet a member of the BRF and she has been engaged for just a few weeks but you comparing her to women that have been in this family for years? But even women that have been married still don’t get it right a lot of times, why is Meghan being set a different set of standards? Also, when Kate had just married William, how different was she from Meghan? Meghan is too Hollywood”? I thought she was an actress up until a few weeks ago, wasn’t she? And how many times has Kate, a woman that has been in the royal family for years, had her hair styled exactly like Meghan’s? No wonder Meghan fans are frustrated with the double standards!!! Why is what’s acceptable for Kate totally unacceptable for Meghan? I say, as least she just stuck a tongue out (that is if she really did) but didn’t have her butt or crotch exposed in public, something that can’t said for both Kate and prince Harry!

    3. That is a fair critique Minnie, I don’t think Meghan has the qualities for being a royal but maybe someone will take her under their wing and train her. I can’t think of any royal who would be willing at this point so maybe a courtier. In the short time she has been a royal fiancée she has made more mistakes than previous fiancées combined. It doesn’t bode well and it doesn’t look like Harry is advising her at all either. Royals have been known to let their newbies sink or swim and Harry seems to be having a hands off approach.

      1. Emily de bonville, what “mistakes” has Meghan made since her betrothal to Harry? What mistakes has she made since being outed as Harry’s girlfriend? I’m still wreaking my brain trying to remember?

    4. Minnie, I think there was quite a marked difference in appearance to the positive side in MM’s hair, makeup, clothing, and general bearing between the engagement announcement photos (I hated how messy her hair looked and the way she stood) to her appearance at HM’s staff Christmas party (only got to see photos of her hair and makeup in the car though), and then the Christmas Day church outing.

      MM’s still a work in progress, but as so many have said previously, give her a little time. All this is very new and different for her, and has to be a huge adjustment. I have faith that she will figure it all out, it’s just not going to happen instantly.

      I remember how aggrievated I used to get seeing pictures of Kate with her long hair flying around everywhere, looking very non-royal IMO. Now, seven years later, she’s finally gotten it to a sleek, bouncy, stylish looking length, and her updos have gotten quite elegant and polished…much more in keeping with her future role. It didn’t happen overnight either with her either, it was a gradual thing that took years.

    5. @Minnie,
      I agree that Meghan can observe other European and British royals and learn from them

      I disagree with the comment, “not once have any of these ladies put a foot out of line.” Mistakes and missteps have been made by both blood princesses and married-ins.

  59. Minnie, you also cannot advise that Meghan take on the ways of European royal women. The BRF is more conservative and more provincial than more royal houses.

    Also, you want Meghan to be a Stepford Royal. She is not Kate. Let her be an individual. This is not the 1830s.

    And I hate how “Hollywood”is always bandied around when it comes to Meghan. Meghan was not in any way what I consider Hollywood and I would know, as I live in Los Angeles and see actors all the time.

    So what if she is “Hollywood”? You act as if she was from the gutter and that being an actress and Hollywood is something to be afraid of. It’s not.

    And more importantly, the Queen doesn’t think it’s bad either and that is all that matters.

    1. Leah, +1000 to all your points👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. And it’s not just the queen, but if prince Harry doesn’t think anything about her is negative, if the firm like her? The haters can hate all they want but Meghan isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Consider both Camilla and Kate, they both have had millions and millions of haters but you think the queen cares what is said on these hateful boards? You think their husbands give a rat’s what we say about them? I don’t think so. Camilla has been around for 20 years and still counting, Kate for 7 years and still going strong; you know what? Meghan’s gonna be just fine. As long as her hubby loves her and she him, as long as she does and continues to do right by her new family and do her job diligently I her new role, that’s all that counts. Everything outside of that is just noise, she gonna be alright.

  60. The Royal family is not Hollywood and if Meghan wants to not be miserable, then she will ditch her Hollywood sensibilities stat. It doesnt matter what she wanrs. What matters is the what Firm wants and how they are percieved by their fickle subjects.

    Yeah, i get how everyone here is cheerleadong meghan because she is an american, a commoner, is biracial, hollywood etc. But she needs to face reality and that ig the British people wont take kindly to paying for, and bowing to, a Hollywood starlet. She needs to earn their respect -and keeping her Hollywood attitudes will not get her any respect.

    She is actress and she must use those skills to convince the British public she can Royal. Right nlw she is batting 0-3. Time to step it up Megs.

  61. Meghan has stepped it up. She did amazing on her engagement interview, her trip to Nottingham, when she attended the party at Windsor Castle, where the staff loved her and at Sandringham on Xmas. I am not sure how you think she is failing.

    I also am sick of Meghan being accused of being Hollywood and having her chosen profession slandered like it is the lowest thing on earth.

    And Meghan has never implied that being Royal is anything like Hollywood. You need to give her a chance. She has barely been semi royal for a month.

    You are awfully harsh and judgemental.

    After a year, you can render judgement and I am sure you will be scathing anyway, but for now it is too soon.

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