Meghan’s 2017 Highlights

Meghan’s 2017 Highlights

2017 was a big year for Meghan Markle: it’s the year she transitioned from TV actress to Royal fiancé. As we close out 2017 and look ahead to 2018, and a royal wedding, let’s take a look back at the highlights of Meghan’s 2017.


On March 3, Harry and Meghan were photographed in Jamaica at the wedding of Tom Inskip and Lara Hughes-Young.

On March 8, an article Meghan wrote about the stigma surrounding menstruation was published by Time.


On April 7, Meghan officially shut down her website, The Tig, writing her farewell:

“After close to three beautiful years on this adventure with you, it’s time to say goodbye to The Tig. What began as a passion project (my little engine that could) evolved into an amazing community of inspiration, support, fun and frivolity. You’ve made my days brighter and filled this experience with so much joy. Keep finding those Tig moments of discovery, keep laughing and taking risks, and keep being ‘the change you wish to see in the world.’ Above all, don’t ever forget your worth – as I’ve told you time and time again: you, my sweet friend, you are enough. Thank you for everything.”


On May 6 and 7, Meghan made her public debut with Harry at Day 1 and Day 2 of the Audi Polo Challenge where she watched him play polo.


In July, while in Toronto filming, Meghan celebrated the 100th episode of Suits.


Meghan celebrated her 36th birthday on August 4, and Harry took her to Botswana to celebrate.

On August 15, Glamour published an article Meghan wrote about her top 10 inspirational women.


September was a busy, and big, month for Meghan-watching. The month began with a Vanity Fair cover interview in which Meghan spoke about her relationship with Harry, saying:

“We’re a couple. We’re in love. I’m sure there will be a time when we will have to come forward and present ourselves and have stories to tell, but I hope what people will understand is that this is our time. This is for us. It’s part of what makes it so special, that it’s just ours. But we’re happy. Personally, I love a great love story.”

Then on September 23, Meghan was in attendance at the Invictus Opening Ceremony in Toronto supporting Harry.

On September 25, Harry and Meghan walked in hand-in-hand to the wheelchair tennis at which they sat together to watch the match.

Closing out the Invictus Games, Harry joined Meghan and her mom and friends in a private box on September 30 to watch the closing ceremony.


In November, the engagement-watch fever pitch hit an all-time high. Meghan finished filming on Suits, ending her acting career, and flew to London where she was spotted getting a facial. There was some ridiculous BS over the Thanksgiving holiday that left royal watchers annoyed, but then on November 27 the news came that Harry and Meghan are engaged.

The couple did an outdoors engagement photocall at Kensington Palace, and then took part in an interview where Meghan spoke about transitioning from being an actress to being a royal:

“I think what’s been really exciting as we talk about the transition of this, out of my career but into the role, is that as you said the causes that have been very important to me, I can focus even more energy on. Because very early out of the gate I think you realize once you have access or a voice that people are willing to listen to with that comes a lot of responsibility, which I take seriously. And at the same time I think in these beginning few months and now being boots on the ground in the U.K. I’m excited to just really get to know more about the different communities here, smaller organizations we’re working on the same causes that I’ve always been passionate about under this umbrella. And also being able to go around the Commonwealth I think is just just the beginning of that.”


December was a big month for Meghan. It began with Meghan attending her first royal engagements with Harry in Nottingham. Then Meghan attended the Queen’s pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace for the first time.

Harry and Meghan’s engagement photos were released on December 21, and then Meghan joined the Royal Family for Christmas at Sandringham complete with the Christmas morning walk to church.

And that’s a wrap on 2017. Here’s hoping 2018 is a good year.

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  1. Woot! Thank you for your recap and all that you do for KMR and MMR!! Hope you have a wonderful 2018. I can’t wait for the royal wedding!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the recap! I don’t consider Meghan shutting down The Tig a highlight and I don’t consider the Vanity Fair interview a highlight, either, only because while I had no issue with it, Meghan got so much flack for it.

    1. I consider both of those to be big parts of Meghan’s year of transition, which is why I included them.

  3. All the fuss and blather has really been only the last 3 months. Meghan will be a busy woman over the next 4 months. Preparing for church admittance, finding a wedding gown or two, buying a honeymoon trousseau, memorizing order of precedence, and telling Harry where the honeymoon will be. 🙂 Then there’s making up a guest list (no fun at all), figuring out bridesmaids and groomsmen, bridal party clothing, decoration for the chapel, the bouquet, the cake, the dinner, lodgings for her parents, and music for church and reception. Harry will find an appropriate dress uniform, have the equerry check it over for repairs, cleaning, presentation and other accouterments and have his office make arrangements for the post-wedding trip. Then he’s done. I’m already tired typing this.

  4. Well Meghan was seen out with Harry, she was quoted in various media forums, and she got engaged. Apart from the microscope hovering over her fashion choices there has so far not been a lot of real substance to report …. I suspect this will continue in the future – pretty much par for the course for members of the Royal family – particularly the married in ones

    1. Some crap on Twitter about H&M announcing on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The royal reporters were all in a frenzy and that got all the royal followers on Twitter in a frenzy, and then nothing happened and I, at least, was very annoyed.

  5. Thank you for this. As I understand it, she is preparing to be accepted into the Church of England and also preparing for British citizenship. Christmas at Sandringham must have been a somewhat different experience! Busy few months ahead.

  6. Your highlights really demonstrate the speed H&M moved in their relationship!! So much change in a very short period of time. Looking forward to M&H in 2018….I’m certain it will be as intriguing as the last 6 months of 2017. Thinking about all “the first “ events she will attend not to mention the wedding!! Thanks MMR for your insight and a Happy New Year!!!

    1. MMR – thanks for the awesome round-up and links to your other posts. I went back and re-read a few of them. Thanks also for all your work over the year to bring us news and photos of the BRF and other royals (on KMR). You do a great job!!

      @SD – I am also soooo excited about Meghan attending all of the regular royal family events in the next year – Trooping the Color, Ascot, Easter, garden parties. Yay, can’t wait.

      I’m also hoping Meghan will join Harry for some of his annual events like the WellChild awards ( and of course, Invictus in Sydney. Maybe they will even make an official tour to Australia (and/or New Zealand) while they are in that part of the world. Although I am thinking their first tour abroad will be to Canada due to her connection there.

      And of course, we’ll find out some of Meghan’s charities that she’ll partner with (I’m hoping they release some names before the wedding…but probably not), and hopefully see her out doing some engagements and giving speeches on her own after the wedding. So much to look forward to!

  7. According to a person who went to see the BRF at Sandringham at Xmas, Princess Anne told a well-wisher that Meghan and Harry made a lovely couple.

  8. That Vanity Fair cover did not do her justice, what kind of face pose was that? I was very upset with her about that Vanity Fair article, it screamed “I want a attention!” And why when you already have the job, the job of being Harry’s girlfriend at the time. I don’t care that she is an actress and is used to being out there to promote herself and her job, have some discretion with having a royal boyfriend.

    1. That article was positioned to launch Meghan’s debut to the public in advance of the engagement announcement. It almost certainly was done with the blessings of the Firm since Vanity Fair has a good relationship with the Royals. Whether or not it was in good taste is up for debate (I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other) but it wasn’t Meghan going rogue for publicity. It was part of a calculated rollout of the relationship.

      1. If the Vanity Fair article was to debut Meghan to the public, it makes you wonder why the same wasn’t done for Kate?

        1. Because Kate isn’t a half-black divorced American actress. Also, Kate was already well known to the British public since she and William had dated for nine years.

          1. The British public knew of Kate but she never talked or gave a magazine interview, we knew of Meghan as well and all people had to do was Google her. So, I feel, the interview was pointless and revealed how she thought she was important enough to talk about dating Harry.

            I re-read the interview and it was like reading her biography that is on Wikipedia and all she did was give quotes.

        2. Because it’s not an appropriate thing for a prospective royal fiancee to do. I don’t believe the firm authorised it. Kensington Palace may have approved it but they simply do what William and Harry want – and their mistakes are legendary. In fairness to Meghan, I doubt she was given good advice.

          Why would the firm ‘introduce’ Meghan in a magazine few people in Britain read and present her as a barefoot celebrity – the worst possible image? Most people got the information in it paraphrased by the British press – hardly ideal.

          There have been a few photo spreads in Vanity Fair of the queen by Leibovitz that were also published elsewhere, but there have also been scathing articles about the royal family and it is mainly an American magazine, no mouthpiece for the firm. And just because the queen may have appeared, it doesn’t mean a royal girlfriend should – let alone talk about her relationship.

          It was the worst possible ‘introduction’ Meghan could have had. The royal family is about tradition and change has to come very slowly.

        3. Kate got a similar article a month ahead of her engagement announcement. It wasn’t the cover. Instead it sold her as the fairytale real life Cinderella rescuing William and whitewashing the l-o-n-g road to the engagement. Kate reloaded is how i look at it.

          Cali girl: After William dumped Kate in 2007, the Middletons went on a media tour hunt for the ring.

          Hello Magazine repeatedly posted exclusive covers and stories about Kate, the lost Princess ie what an idiot William was for losing her.

          Every week of the break up. With the same theme.

          The Middletons also took on the editor of Tatler Magazine as their media advisor, later switched to the editor of the DM. Cue lots of articles then and after the fact about perfect Kate future princess

          1. Here are 2 covers from that 2007 breakup.

            Note the ‘exclusive photos and interviews’ in the corner. The Middletons have had a longstanding exclusive deal with hello.



            And William is ok with that deal because he has occasionally participated in these exclusives eg the time he went skiing with the Middletons after returning from the Falklands instead of attending the memorial services of Princess Margaret and the QM. This was the resulting exclusive hello photoshoot.


            Then there was the time Kate gave an interview to Rebecca English (DM royal reporter) from their villa in Mustique confirming that they were back together, but hang up when someone came into the room.

            Kate and the Middletons are very sly in how they use the media and give them exclusives without appearing to do so.

            Hello Magazine is one of their known media partners, and they continue their relationship with the DM.

          2. Hera: What you explained above still isn’t the same as Kate giving a full magazine interview with a cover and photoshoot like Meghan. Hello Mag posted stories about Kate, but she didn’t give them an interview. And the Vanity Fair link you posted is not Kate giving quotes.

            So, I stand by what I say and that is that Meghan did it to promote herself without Harry’s blessing. And I know that she was an actress, and they are use to self-promotion, but it’s a different ball game when entering the BRF.

            She even shut down her blog in April, why do that if Harry and KP are okay with her having one? Why not describe yourself in your blog as a way of getting to know you? Instead you shut down your blog and then give a magazine interview? And Harry and KP are okay with that? Hmm, I don’t know.

            Someone like Harry who wants privacy would not want his girlfriend doing a magazine interview, it’s hypocritical. I think he had no choice to look past it because he is in love.

          3. @Cali Gurl. I definitely think the Vanity Fair interview was agreed upon, by both Harry and Meghan.

            When Meghan gave her interview to Vanity Fair, she and Harry were *not* engaged.

            If she did indeed undertake a major magazine cover and exclusive interview, all on her own, in contravene to her then-boyfriend’s wishes, knowing how averse the family is to unsanctioned publicity, would he truly have asked her to marry him?

            I don’t think so.
            He could have dumped her five seconds after the mag went global.

            But he did not.
            He chose to make her his life partner.
            And the Queen invited her to the Royal staff party and Christmas at Sandringham.

            I agree with Herazeus. Harry knew, Harry agreed. It may even have been his idea.

            These boys love their Mother, and seem to do everything to include her in their lives.

            Recall, Meghan’s first approved cover as an almost-Princess was with the same magazine which held Diana’s last (approved) cover. Vanity Fair. Coincidence?

            (Also, KMR, so sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Feel better and best wishes for a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year 🙂

    1. What do you mean “important enough to talk about dating Harry”? That is a very nasty, elitist thing to say. If you are dating someone of course you will talk about them. It’s a no brainer. You act like Meghan has no right to talk about him. She does.

      It is very disheartening how people will use anything, ANYTHING to slam Meghan or pick her apart just because she isn’t a traditional royal bride or the sort they want to marry Harry. It’s sad.

      1. When your boyfriend constantly complains about privacy talking about said person in a celebrity mag looks stupid if kate had done the same she would have been crucified double standards

        1. At minimum Harry approved the magazine interview so if he is being a hypocrite so be it, but this was part of a PR sanctioned by Jason. She shouldn’t be attacked for it. If it’s a dumb plan that falls on Jason and Harry.

      2. Meghan is not the traditional royal bride. Thank goodness. It will be so much fun following this stunning, intelligent, self-made young woman. I am glad 2018 is here and the wedding is closer every day.

  9. I think the highlight of Meghan for me was the interview with Harry and Meghan. Having watched a little of Suits I was aware of Meghan’s voice but it was really fun seeing Harry and Meghan interact with each other in their own place.
    Also how Meghan was included at the Royal Family Christmas. It clearly made Harry very happy for her to be there with him.
    Happy New Year MMR, and everyone who reads this blog.

    1. @Laura – I’ve just started watching Suits (on season 3 now) and I love it! I’ve never been a huge fan of legal dramas, but it’s much better than I was expecting. It’s entertaining, funny (Louis and Donna are hilarious), and the acting is really good. I also love the clothing and Jessica’s (Gina Torres’s) necklace game is amazzzing! I want her jewelry box!

      Happy New Year to you as well and MMR and all the other blog readers. 2018…wow!

  10. Here’s the thing: Vanity Fair is the official US mouthpiece for the BRF. William has been on the cover solo before, the Queen has been on the cover, Kate and William have been on the cover.

    Meghan did the cover with the sanction of KP and Harry whether you like it or not. And at some point, things will change re the BRF. This is just another symptom.

    1. And thats been the whole problem with the royals this year to busy pandering to the American press and doing the bare minimum in the UK the youngest royals have turned themselves into celebrities there was no point to that vanity fair interview like there was no point to Kate’s vogue interview both were pointless and shallow it will, also be used the next time they complain about privacy they shot themselves in the foot

    2. Actually, People Magazine is the official US BRF mouthpiece these days, going by the number of exclusives / quotes they keep getting straight from KP.

      The media strategy of WH and by extension K who is merely a follower, is very puzzling to me. Since they were young men, they have been giving interviews and exclusives to the American press before the UK press. They are very charming and accommodating to the American press and churlish towards the UK press.

      At the end of the day. America isn’t their base. Impressing the Americans won’t keep them on top if the UK decide to get rid of them or protect them from a rabid UK press out to get them.

      The only time they gave the UK press first dibs was the month William was outed as workshy. He sat down with the BBC and could barely contain his disdain, contempt and hubris.

      1. Lainey says that Harry dislikes the UK media strongly and before US magazine was sold to new owners, US was getting inside about him and Meghan straight from the source.

        Now it seems People magazine is getting it. Americans love the Brits and esp the BRF.

        I will never forget when Will and Kate came to NYC, she and William were so thrilled and more than happy to pose for the press. The difference was quite noticeable.

      2. Newsweek, Vanity Fair, People! Have they forgotten what country they are princes of?

        People don’t see these magazines – they hear about them mostly from the British press – who needless to say pick out the most negative comments and spin them.

        I don’t understand it. Harry especially seems completely infatuated with the New World – Meghan seems more a part of that then a cause of that, but it’s hard to tell. For now, he deserves the title of air miles as much as his uncle.

        Kate at least didn’t do an interview and proclaim her love in Vanity Fair. I would assume that article wasn’t authorised but perhaps it was. I never saw it so have no opinion – but I was shown a very negative one Vanity Fair did on Andrew.

        Country Life did have a picture of Harry and Meghan – with a one line love is in the air caption. Not the frontispiece. I suppose they may do more later as the wedding approaches. Hello! of course is in heaven.

        1. Didn’t Harry say that pictures of their mother bleeding in the car wreck ended up on editors desks in the UK. I completely understand their disdain for UK press.

          1. It may have ended up there but it wasn’t published – and I believe all the photographers involved were foreign paps.

      3. And people still defend William after that awful interview where he went on about being a part-time king, refusing to work because oh my grandfather is still such a hard worker, etcetera…

        They are British royals. Why they do nothing with their own media is beyond me. Probably because the American media fawns and worships them, thanks to their mother who sold copy.

        1. The UK media seems very cowed when it comes to the BRF. They don’t investigate/report the true financials, don’t critique the value of the royals from either pro or con. They seem to be more like a PR arm of the royals and threatened with being sued by the BRF if they dare to be critical. Occasionally, there is some snark when a reporter feels aggrieved, but they usually fall back into line. Really problematic when those at the top of the tree have that much control over free speech.

  11. Meghan put on quite the show during her exit from the church. Such a doe eyed, deer caught in the headlight, clingy performance. Quite different from the brash, confident, “im gonna be awesome” performance she gave during the engagement interview. But then again, she needs to be saved because according to Harry her family wasnt as wonderful as his. Wonder where he got that idea from, surely not from Meghan!

    Mmmm….one also wonders the source of the rumor that meghan was on the shortlist to be a Bond girl. Blindgossip has an interesting take on that.

    Oh, and the dress she wore to the royal christmas. Its cut all the way to the waist. One can only hope she altered it before hand, but considering she wore a see through 56k evening gown for her engagement photo, despite harry only wearing a suit and wearing yeta another see through number for christmas eve, i seriously doubt it.

    Her stylisg is an idiot for confirming anything she wore to the press.

  12. Seattle, why are you so consistently nasty about Meghan? You act like she is the antichrist. She is not. I am sorry, she is not what you want for Harry. Here is a suggestion: Give her a chance instead of hating on her for no reason.

    And you have no idea how Meghan styled the dress or how it was tailored because you only saw it under the coat.

    It’s 2018. Try to spread positivity and not hate and give Meghan a chance. I gave Kate 2 years. Surely you can do the same for Meghan.

    1. I just hope we have two years…

      But I will try to keep an objective open mind, I did change my initial less than favourable impression of Letizia of Spain, although there are some like Sofia of Sweden and Camilla where I don’t see my mind changing, no matter what they do – and Camilla is patron of several of my favourite charities including Battersea so it makes it difficult.

      As for Meghan’s dress, I think it’s quite pretty and imagine it looked different than how they styled it on the catwalk. And she may have changed her boots for courts once back at the house.

  13. The DM has a story about Meghan’s dress. They showed the runway version and the comments section is viscous because the V-neck is cut to the navel. Hopefully, Meghan wore the store version to church and to dine with the Queen which has a normal V-neck. You can’t tell from the photos of Meghan because she was snuggled down in her coat.

    Here is a link to the store version of the dress. I like it but I am too big for the sizes that remain.

  14. I think Meghan has done a great job handling her transition to royal life. It must be a lot to take in but as the curtsey coaching shows she is willing and ready to learn. I don’t see any of the small missteps are controversial or scandalous and I roll my eyes at the overreaction of certain dregs of the press. Save the hand wringing for real scandals like toe sucking(Fergie), being tricked into selling out the royal family(Sophie) or being caught nude sunbathing. Stop with the Meghan Derangement Syndrome. Unfortunately MM is going have to work TWICE as hard to get half the respect.

    I suggest they smile more, talk less. That they keep their head to the ground and DO THE WORK. That they be SEEN taking part of the life of the country. Go to a play or musical, go to the movies. Meet as many people as you can, her strength will not be from press acknowledgement but from meeting and engaging the people.

    Get a British stylist PRONTO!! check the price of those gowns you may have got for alot less than retail. Find lower cost but stylish British brands. Be aware of the optics at all times!

    1. Mini, that is sound advice that i hope somebody is giving her.

      She will have to work twice as hard to get half the respect. She has a lot of strikes against her and they are from worst to less worse: hollywood starlet that took off her clothes, american, woman, crazy family, divorced, older than harry. All the nasty comments online about her (and they are legion) always start with her Hollywood starlet days.

      A few principles Megs should adhere to for the next couple years: 1. No cleavage, ever. 2. No clothes that may cause bum flash. 3. No clinging on to harry, looks weak. 4. No outragesly expensove clothes. 5. Dont interrupt harry during interviews. 6. And (this applies to harry as well) no comments about her family!! Her family is just a constant landmine waiting to go off and when they do, Megs takes the heat for it. Megs is a guest of the UK and the RF now. She must live by their rules.

      None of the above is necessarily fair, but she can look to Camilla for inspiration. It took 10 years for the british public to tolerate her.

      1. You can’t hold Meghan’s family against her. None of us can do anything about what family we are born into.

        Meghan was not a starlet, she was an actress. And when did she take off her clothes? If she did, she did, it was part of her job. Stop acting like a Victorian and stop shaming Meghan. She did nothing wrong.

        There is nothing wrong with being divorced. Charles is divorced. You gonna hold that against him? Tons of people in the world are divorced. You gonna shame them? Do you want Meghan publically stoned because she was divorced? STOP SHAMING HER.

        So, no interrupting Harry? What if she does? This is not the 1950s. Do you like women on mute? Do you like mealy mouthed women who go around not talking? Do you like Stepford Wives? Shame on you if you do. Meghan can and should speak up when she likes. She is a proud feminist and more power to her. Harry doesn’t mind if she interrupts and it IS NONE OF YOUR PRISSY BUSINESS IF SHE DOES. And by the way, Harry has declared himself a feminist too.

        And Letizia interruped Felipe during their engagement interview as well. You gonna say she needs to shut up too?

        If she “clings on Harry” AGAIN NONE OF YOUR PRISSY BUSINESS.

        Stop hating on Meghan and offering her “helpful advice” that is nothing but a backhand slap. It’s misogynistic.

        And it is MEGHAN, not Megs.

        1. Stop overusing caps. There is no need to yell (all caps is considered yelling on the internet).

        2. Leah, if you stopped yelling at people you might actually comprehend what people are saying.

          Seattle is rattling off the comments they have seen online. That’s very clear from their comment. They are not saying this is their personal opinion. Every example they’ve listed is given as an example of *what is being written about MM online elsewhere*

          They then offer advice to see off these online idiots. No where does Seattle indicate that they agree with those comments. Sure they’ve thrown in a cheeky comment about bum flashing, but who knew that was something to be considered for anyone in public life until the advent of Kate?! The bar is so low that MM is winning already on that point alone.

          Instead you jump the gun and post abusive comment to Seattle when they are clearly on the same side as you AND were not saying anything negative about MM.

          Finally, if Seattle wants to call her ‘Megs’, that’s ok. You’ve gone so far in your defence of MM that the irony of policing other people’s nicknames for her is lost on you who insist on calling Kate by various nicknames. And anyway, what is so bad about Megs? It’s as legit a nickname for Meghan as Kate is for Catherine.

          1. Hera, my apologies. I will take it down a notch. Thank you for reeling me in.

            I admit to being sensitive about remarks about Meghan being American, about her speaking up and people having issue with that and her acting career.

            And I do hate the Fergie comparisons. To me, they don’t make sense.

            Again, mea culpa.

        3. Leah, with all do respect, you must let others have a voice. Different opinions are a good thing otherwise this site would be boring. Please try and not shut everyone who disagrees with you down…with much respect

        4. Fyi, i stopped reading after your first caps. Chill out.

          And I’ll keep calling her megs. Stop acting like some petty dictator.

        5. After watching the Prince Philip episode of the Crown, which I know takes alot of liberties with the press. Harry’s statement about family makes alot of sense. Yes MM had a family but sort of like Philip had family it was not a cohesive family unit. Similarly the British establishment did not like Phillip at all, similar to how press like the Daily Fail hate MM.

          Just a note MM is not a starlet and while she has filmed love scenes she has not appeared nude in film or on television. I don’t get how British or Europeans are so scandalized by MM’s tame tv love scenes especially when they label Americans as being prude.

      2. I’m not alone – a lot of the public has little tolerance for Camilla – her poll numbers are always at the bottom and few people I know like her – it’s more a grudging acceptance – and many are relying on her supposed statement she won’t be crowned queen – that’s going to be a serious issue. (Personally, I believe Charles will push for that.)

    2. Fergie’s toe sucking scandal came along AFTER years of media abuse and negative publicity. It came several years AFTER the media were routinely calling her The Duchess of Pork (a play on her title of York) for daring to be a fat pregnant lady and not losing the weight post-birth.

      Imagine if Kate’s nude photos popped up now instead of at the height of her popularity back in 2012. The media AND public reaction would be completely different.

      That’s what happened with Fergie.

      No one is suggesting that MM will end up with a scandal on the same level as Fergie’s toesucking, but the small, seemingly inconsequential things that were seen as charming at the beginning are the same things the media used against Fergie.

      And no one gave Fergie or Andrew a chance to work on their marriage. Pictures published, straight to divorce court with no mediation or chance to express regret or sorrow and booted out of the family.

      Sophie was lucky. Her scandal didn’t have years of bad media image preceeding it, what she said wasn’t too terrible especially compared to how the media interpreted Squidgygate tapes or Camillagate tapes.

      Unlike Fergie, Sophie was given the opportunity to course correct which she did. Fergie had to fend for herself the best she could as everyone bayed for her blood.

      1. I read a comment on Celebitchy that Andrew and Fergie are living together. Is that true? That would be so interesting if it is.

        1. They share ownership of a Swiss chateau, I think. So, maybe they are. They’ve always had a really weird relationship.

    3. The Mail probably was shit stirring by showing the runway version in its article on Meghan. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  15. Again, Fergie is not Meghan. They are two different women. Stop with the Fergie wish fulfillment and see Meghan for the wonderful, warm woman she is.

    1. The Fail is a lost cause when it comes to fair treatment for MM. It seems they have skipped the usual press honeymoon and have proceeded to the Fergie style narrative building. Interesting enough the Guardian provides better coverage. The only way to defeat the Mail is to meet the people, meet the people and meet more people. I suspect they will need to foster special relationships with some royal correspondents.

      Again they are treating her small missteps as huge scandals for their rabid base that has hated MM from the beginning and agreed with the Fails sneering coverage of her mother. Also DONT LICK YOUR LIPS because The Fail will find that one picture to ruin any positive story. The American press treated Michelle Obama the same.

      1. With the Guardian as a friend you don’t need enemies. Of late, they’re writing bland back-handed praising articles and then letting their readership rip royals apart. It’s very subtle and far more dangerous than the Mail.

        Royal life is about tiny things – we’re speaking of a world where the space between place-settings is measured precisely – so everything counts. That’s why on-the-job learning is going to be very fraught. It was a choice Harry and Meghan made – there would always be problems, but plunging in without knowing your way will give a much greater opportunity for trouble. As Meghan flounders with getting it right, it makes her look inconsistent.

        Being royal is not about being yourself, and yet you must seem sincere. No easy thing.

  16. And lastly, Seattle, there is nothing wrong with being American. If someone thinks that is a strike against her, shame on them. Good lord. People, it’s 2018, not 1908.

    Seattle, is there ANYTHING you like about Meghan or do you want to change everything about her, includeing her DNA or maybe give her a schedule on when to go to the bathroom, while you’re at it. SMH.

    1. Serious Leah, Stop.

      And yes, i’m responding to you on several comments because you are misinterpreting people’s comments and reacting by posting unreasonable, borderline abusive comments to them.

      This isn’t the Leah we thought we knew.

      1. +1 came to the site before heading out to visit family and read Leah’s comments…now I’m in a bad way….comments are tiresome. I love a good cat fight, but Leah’s comments are just beyond the pale.

    1. Apologies are fine Leah and a good idea. But seriously you need to tone down your remarks. Others are entitled to their opinions too and they are just as valid as yours. So please could you respect them?

    1. Thst’s OK Leah, it’s easy to get caught up in strong opinions, yours are valued as much as anyone else’s. Happy New Year All.

  17. Thank you for all of the work you do, KMR (MMR). I have been commenting on KMR for about two years now (or more). I have always enjoyed reading both KMR’s writing as well as the writing of various commenters.

    For a few years I found that the people who commented on KMR were some of the most balanced, fair, and well informed. I tried reading other royal forums and they were too crazy for me, I have never joined any other forum and I do not comment on any other blog, only KMR.

    I miss some of the posters I used to talk with like Overit and Rhiannon. When Harry’s engagement was announced I looked for Rhiannon in the comments specifically because I always looked for her in any Harry related post. She was such a fun part of the community. But I am afraid that some of the excitement following the royal engagement has scared some of the old commenters away and that makes me sad. Sometimes I find myself holding back and not writing a comment that I would have written two years ago because I am afraid of how it may be received.

    Looking ahead to 2018, I hope that some of the old commenters will come back. KMR was always described as a “critical” blog about Kate Middleton, yet I never felt that it was mean spirited. Just honest and objective. I hope that MMR can be the same thing for Meghan Markle. Critical yet fair and not hateful. I hope that this year we can all continue to use this space to respectfully give our honest opinions without fear of being silenced by those who disagree with us.
    I just feel that the vibe of the comment section on MMR is very different from the comment section on KMR. Perhaps some of that is due to the newness of another royal bride. Reading KMR and MMR and commenting on both is a fun hobby of mine and I just hope it can continue to be fun.

    Happy New Year everyone! And thank you again KMR for all of the work you put into both of your blogs.

    1. I’d never been interested in royal gossip until Meghan entered the picture so I can’t compare the reaction to her versus other royals but the tenor of online comments about her is insane. There’s so much tension about race and class surrounding her, it seems like everything devolves into a brawl. For example, there were people angrily tweeting at Richard Palmer saying the criticism of Meghan’s expensive dress was because racists can’t stand seeing a successful black woman but I know that Kate has been criticized a lot for the cost of her wardrobe. OTOH, the nasty comments about Meghan being an attention whore, vulgar, etc. are out of line as well. She hasn’t done anything awful in her past, no naked pictorials, no pap strolls. Does she like attention? Yes. But that doesn’t make her evil or insincere.

      I think she’s in for a very rough time of it in her new role and I don’t think she understood that clearly before her engagement, though I imagine reality is sinking in now.

      1. Don’t ever read comments on the People mag articles in the Royal section. Seriously. There must be a screenshot of their comment section next to the word “Trashy” in the dictionary. Things can get heated here but nothing like the clinical insanity of People’s online comments.

    2. Cookie,

      What happened to Overit? Did she leave? I used to talk to her about shoes since we love shoes.

      1. Hi Beatrice. Yes, a few weeks ago Overit posted a comment saying that the discussions in the comments were getting so agressive and out of hand that she was going to stop posting for a while.

  18. I agree that the tenor of the comments around Meghan is very different. It is a phenemenon and not a good one. There are racist comments, class comments, snotty remarks about her being American, a divorcee and an actress.

    And it gets worse. I fear Harry is going to have to issue another letter. The UK press, esp The Daily Fail, refuse to give her a break or a chance. Because of that, it is hard to really tell how the English public feel towards her.

    It does not make me feel good that the American press raised hell in calling out Princess Micheal and that the UK press only joined in after the American outcry. That does not bode well for Meghan.

    I really hope the Palace is keeping a close eye on all this.

    1. The UK press enjoyed posting about MM’s dress/Curtsey bobble and said that it was their job to do so. On the other hand they deliberately held back the news about Princess Michael. They also tried to give PM the benefit of the doubt. I don’t get it. I think they saw how well she did in Nottingham so now we are dealing with the tall poppy syndrome. I hope MM and PH are taking time to relax and enjoy the holidays BUT they need more PR help to get them over this hump. I hope they come back in 2018 ready and refreshed.

  19. The UK press only went after Princess Michael when the rest of the world did. They are afraid of letting MM succeed. I try not to be conspiracy minded, but there is definitely something going on here re negative press with Meghan that I have not seen since the Diana-Fergie days.

    Unless this is gotten under control, things will go south very quickly for Meghan. I wonder if the courtiers are fanning the flames or are in Meghan and Harry’s corner.

    On the plus side, Meghan seems to be very well liked within the BRF.

    But she needs to get out there and meet the public. She has tremendous warmth and is very good with the crowds and people. That is her strength.

    1. Leah, the people that read online articles are few compared to the British population, they certainly don’t tell the sentiments of the entire British people toward Meghan. Also, online posters come from all around the world so don’t let the negativity online get to you thinking hat its all coming from Britain. In general, from what I have seen on 3 occasions that Meghan went out, she was well received, people came in large numbers to meet her, this tells me that Meghan is going to be fine, as long as she works hard not only on her marriage but also on the relationship with her new family and new country, she’s gonna be ok. I don’t know princess Michael personally but from what I have read, she doesn’t seem to be well liked in Britain however, hasn’t she been married for close to 40 years? Prince Harry and Meghan will be the determinants of the outcome of this marriage, they will be the writers of their own story, not us the public. Even if the entire GB hates Meghan it doesn’t matter, the only people that will make this work will be Harry and Meghan, their love and support for and of each other, their support network aka BRF and Meg’s parents. If Meghan and Harry are unconquerable souls like the invictus says, then they are the masters of their fate and the captains of their soul, they are gonna be just fine..

  20. Lord have mercy!!!!,Thanks for the thread MMR, thanks y’all my cyber family for the lovely posts. For those posting constructive criticism of my gal Meghan, love y’all and I hope she reads all your posts somehow. For others that are not so positive, again c’est la vie, but I love y’all. Herazeus, thanks for your links up thread, sometimes it gets tiresome to read posts that portray Kate as such a paragon of virtue, but that’s an argument for another day. Poor Sara Ferguson, I hope her and Andy get back together, they seems to understand each other and prince Andrew seems to genuinely love that woman warts and all, and she seems to love him too. Y’all have a wonderful new year, be kind to yourself and to one another, love your self and one another and mostly, remember to tell you family how much you love them and how much they mean to you. God bless.
    Leah, you have been posting on here for a while and I assume by now, you have figured out who writes posts that you find favorable to Meghan and who doesn’t. Just make it your new year resolution to scroll past the posters you don’t agree with and read just those that you feel have somewhat common interests with you. You gonna keep rubbing a lot of people the wrong way and that’s not nice, your cyber friends need you and you need them. This MB is meant as a relaxing place for all of us, make sure you don’t become a reason people stop coming here, it will be very lonely and very boring if you are the only one posting, and equally as boring if only posters in here are those that you like reading from. Please don’t give MMR reason to close our blog, I love coming here and interacting with my friends. Be kind to other posters and please don’t pop a vein. Love ya nuts.

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