Harry & Meghan fly to France for New Years holiday

Harry & Meghan fly to France for New Years holiday

It was reported about a month or so ago that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were planning on taking a vacation around the New Year, and now the Daily Mail has information about their New Years holiday.

There are no photos, but the DM is reporting that Harry and Meghan flew off to the French Riviera on New Years Eve. The DM reports:

“With its old-school glamour, year-round sunshine and beautiful beaches, it’s no wonder Prince Harry has whisked his fiancee off to the French Riviera. But the royal couple’s romantic New Year break began in a rather less chic fashion – on an economy flight with seats next to the toilets.

“Sources say the prince and Meghan Markle flew out of Heathrow on New Year’s Eve on a scheduled British Airways flight to Nice. In an attempt to remain incognito, the pair boarded their 9.55am flight before any other passengers and headed straight to the back of the plane, next to the rear toilets. They also took up three rows of economy seats, either side of the aisle, even though there were only themselves and three ‘edgy and nervous’ bodyguards in their party. Harry, 33, apparently slumped down next to the window dressed in jeans, a jacket and with a baseball cap pulled over his face. Bride-to-be Miss Markle, 36, was sitting next to him in a black beanie hat and minimal make-up.

“According to one fellow traveller, the aircraft actually took off several minutes early, much to the surprise of other passengers, and shaved 20 minutes off its two-hour flight time. And if anyone hadn’t spotted the group by that point, they couldn’t mistake the two heavily armed officers from the French border police waiting for the party as they disembarked, ready to whisk them out through the VIP area.

“Other sources have told the Mail that several members of France’s elite Service de la Protection – the police unit responsible for the protection of foreign dignitaries – have flown down from Paris to guard the couple during their stay. Asked if Kensington Palace had requested them, they said: ‘No, it would have been offered and would have been non-negotiable. After what happened to his mother in this country and the issue of terrorism, it would be insisted on even for a private trip such as this.’

“All officers within the force are armed with a Beretta M9, while at least one of them would also have a machine gun. It is understood that Harry and Miss Markle flew out to celebrate the New Year with friends and plan to stay several days at a private residence in the Riviera region. The weather is perfect for a short break – sunny and a pleasant 15C (59F).”

[Daily Mail]

There is more in the DM article about how Harry and Meghan have hired the catering company William and Kate and Pippa and her man (whose name I don’t remember and am too lazy to look up right now) used for their wedding receptions.

So there you go. This is a quick post because I’m not feeling well at the moment.

273 thoughts on “Harry & Meghan fly to France for New Years holiday

  1. *Sigh* the optics on this are not good. The only positive here are that there are no photos and without photos, who knows what is the real deal?

    Didn’t Meghan and Harry jet off to Norway last year at this time to see the Northern lights?

    Harry and Meghan are going about this wrong and I think even my worst critic can tell you that I am not a stuffy royal critic.

    Harry and Meghan need to be out there, “boots on the ground” as Meghan said in the engagement interview, building goodwill and meeting people. Meghan, when she is given the chance to be out with the public, doing the work, excels.

    What Harry and Meghan don’t need to do is let the Daily Fail and Meghan’s many rabid critics, construct the narrative.

    I don’t think Will and Kate jetted off after their engagement.

    The only way this folly would not have been so bad is if they went to LA to see Meghan’s mom or Mexico, so Harry can finally meet her dad.

    This is just tone deaf on both their parts.

    I want to see WORK on the part of Meghan and Harry and I want to see engagement with the English people.

    Harry and Meghan need to gather themselves and quick.

    1. Because all the other royals are out there working at the moment right?

      I do think it’s funny that this is on the blog hours after it was first reported, while Harry’s guest-editorship is not mentioned at all even though he worked on it for months.

      1. It’s not some nefarious plan to not write about Harry’s thing and write about this instead. I was in the hospital last week and have not been feeling well since then and haven’t wanted to spend a lot of time on the blog. Other posts here and on KMR I had pre-written and could get out quickly. This post I could get out quickly. But I have not had the energy to spend several hours listening to Harry’s interviews, finding a transcript or writing one myself, and writing a post about it. If it makes me seem like a bad person for not writing about that and then writing about this, then so be it.

          1. KMR, stay warm, friend! This is not a blog about Harry’s work. And you don’t have to justify anything you blog or don’t blog about. These new readers, don’t know just how much effort you put into this blog (KMR/MMR). They will get it, eventually, or they’ll just go away. Feel Better, our Friend, and once again, Thank You for this blog!

          2. MMR- wishing you best health in 2018 and your blogs are always fair and encourage critical discussion and great information and diverse opinions.

          3. MMR, so sorry to learn that you have not been well. You work so hard and I hope you are resting and recuperating. Do take care of yourself and know that all you do is most appreciated. Don’t fret about anything. Just get better!!!! I hope I replied in the right spot. I’m confused on this site, as opposed to KMR.

        1. MMR, are you ok? My thoughts are out for your speedy recovery. I am so sorry and no, you aren’t to answer to anyone when you don’t put up posts on every single item. I am just in awe of how much you do for this blog; your turn around for articles is nothing short of amazing. Rest and get better.

          1. I agree. I know I am a pariah often-my own fault-, but I do love all that you do, MMR/KMR. All the best for your recovery. I promise to tone it down on both boards.

          2. Leah, your posts and perspective are greatly appreciated on this board, and I hope you know that. That said, I’m still glad to hear you say the above, I think I will endeavour to do the same 🙂

            MMR, I am sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Hoping for your speedy recovery! You do a wonderful job on this blog, and I can’t imagine the hours it requires to keep it going with detailed analysis. Thank you.

          3. Leah, I hope to post on this site. You are not a pariah. I have the perfect simile for you, though.

            I saw piranhas swallow goldfish whole, and spit out everything but flesh. I think you strip down the retching excess of KWHM, without destroying the essence of what they should and have to be, instead of could be royals who make us want to follow their lead, but do the opposite.

            I believe, maybe not, that you express in your opinions the frustrations, with funny names, everything that many people feel, but are not articulate to express. Please don’t apologize.

        2. MMR, thank you for yr posts, your time and all the sacrifices you make for these blogs. TBH, I didn’t read the entire post as I had already read it on the DM, it’s already out there, so I don’t see any “sinister back handedness” in yr reporting it. I guess I’m in the minority here but, as it was reported soon after the engagement was announced that Harry and Meghan would be taking this holiday, I have been expecting it to happen anytime. So I don’t see the doom and gloom others see in this trip. Thanks MMR, I pray for a quick recovery for you. We all love you and please get well soon. Lots of hugs and well wishes.

        3. Prayers, MMR!

          Wanna compare cute nurses (I had one once who was flirty and reminded me of a soap star but I felt so sh*tty that, instead of being flattered, I wanted to punch him) and crap hospital food? 😉

          Feel better!!!!

        4. Feel better soon. It is not fun being sick over the holidays. Get as much rest as you can.

          1. Kimothy, at least the nurse will remember you 🙂 well for some reason. The nurse is probably wondering why his charm didn’t work.

        5. Oh, I’m sorry you don’t feel well MMR. Get well soon and I wish you a happy new year 2018. It’s nice to read your posts MMR. Thank you for entertaining us world wide about Prince Harry and Meghan. They’re so a lovely royal couple, wishing them all the best for their life together. We are counting days before the royal wedding in spring……….very excited!

        6. I hope you get better soon. I think you get information out in a timely fashion, usually within a day or two. It bugs me that some posters start discussing a new topic right when the news breaks, when we all know you will post a new article on that topic if we just wait. Then the comments get scattered. I’m amazed you posted as much as you did over the holiday. Thank you.

          1. +1. All best wishes to you in getting back to tip-top health. Take it easy; everything can wait until you’re better.

        7. MMR, I hope you’re feeling better soon. I echo the sentiment that you don’t have to answer to anyone on YOUR blog. This is Meghan Markle Review, not Prince Harry Review. You don’t have to post about every thing he does, especially if it’s unrelated to Meghan. Thank you for all the hard work you do even when you’ve been in the hospital. Goodness, girl. Rest!

        8. Take care of yourself before you worry about this or the other blog. While I, and I think all of us, appreciate all your hard work, your health is way more important. Hope you feel better soon!

        9. MMR, I’m sorry to read that you haven’t been well. I hope you’re on the mend and feeling better.

    2. This quick trip to Nice was only a short break before they start with a series of royal engagements soon. Both prince Harry and Meghan are a dutiful couple. They will start promptly with their full time work as royal couple this month, and Meghan is looking forward to ” boosting on the ground “, meeting people and getting involve in her royal duties accurately. She will be fine, I can say Meghan will do fantastic!

    3. Nothing wrong with them having a few days away with friends. The issues with the plane are all to do with security. Dammed if they take a private jet, dammed if they go EasyJet with security requirements.
      Will and Kate have a lot of holidays hey manage to keep under the radar.

      Lots of Brits go away at this time of year for either skiing or a little sunshine.

      MMR I hope you take care of yourself and get well soon.

  2. I know that January is a typical quiet month for the BRF, but given the bad press Meghan has had recently and the publishing of the low numbers of engagements the younger BRF family members undertook last year, it just isn’t good timing.

      1. Yes indeed. They have years and years of super luxurious holidays ahead of them, many of them incognito if they wish (unless they take to dad dancing in verbier). It makes them look greedy and spoilt- as if they can’t chill on the perks for 6 months until their honeymoon.

    1. IMO the younger members of the BRF might do fewer engagements but they spend more time on them. PA spends about 15 min/engagement and does multiple engagements a day while PH took months to do his 1 engagement for the radio.

    2. Absolutely agree. I see nothing wrong with this trip, but the optics are so bad. Harry does so little work, and the press just reminded us of that.

      Feel better, MMR!

      1. Jenna, Harry out worked both William and Kate (combined) last year so I’m not sure what you mean by “Harry does so little work”. Compared to Wills, one of Harry’s engagements the Invictus was a full week of gruesome work, so his engagements are stretched out even though they’re counted as just one. I don’t even think his work with the Obama foundation is counted among his engagements, so he does other on the side things that are not counted but he still managed to surpass the Cambridges! Cmon now, give the guy a break!

        1. If the hurdle for being a hard worker is working harder than Will and Kate, that is a low bar indeed.

          His numbers are a third of his fathers. Barely ahead of his 96 year old grandfather who retired in June.

          Harry, like his brother, has been given so so much and given back so so little.

          1. No I didn’t me an that his brother is the yard stick but Harry’s numbers are way better than his brother and his sister in law combined. Also many of said his engagements are lengthy compared to other royals and some are not even listed on the cc which means he did way more engagements that reported so he deserves credit for his work.

  3. Leah, Leah, Leah……. I think you are getting all bent out of shape. The only person creating a fuss is you.

      1. FWIW I also share your views. I like Harry and Meghan a lot and am rooting so hard for them, but you’re right, this looks bad — considering they only did ONE engagement since the photocall/engagement interview. I had *such* high hopes for them that week.

        It’s like…what have they been doing this entire time?! Obviously Christmas is an exception, but there are plenty of other days they could have been out there meeting people like they did in Nottingham.

        I am afraid they’re going to be another William & Kate. I would love to be wrong.

  4. Kathleen, it’s not like I didn’t know they were taking this trip, but still, it’s not great. Harry won’t be blamed, but Meghan will get called out.

    Look, if they come back and do some engagements, I will be mollified, but this is not a great start. Like I said, I want to see work and engagement with the British people.

    1. You have to know that in life, whatever you do there will always be those who agree with you and many more who do not. You just have to choose what to focus on. I have realized that with the media you have to be a careful consumer of the news and the articles that are written therefore. Gone are the days when the media was objective and these days they pander to an audience and create a subjective narrative to suit that audience. Once you understand that and you take a step back and look beyond your news sources and the internet you will see that things and people are more understanding and accepting than is reported.

      With that in mind I think Harry and Meghan will be just fine. If you look at their interactions with real people they are warm and receptive to them in spite of some of the stories printed. Whatever they do will invariably be criticized. As someone who is in their corner you need to be able to see through this criticism objectively and give them a chance to prove themselves in due time

  5. I appreciate the creation of this blog, MMR. Get better and take your time with posts.

    Back to H&M…
    They couldn’t ring in the New Year in London while roasting a chicken, eh? Lol. Ah, the “I-don’t-care-about-the-optics” life.

    So a honeymoon before the honeymoon? I guess we can rule out France as an actual honeymoon destination after their wedding. Please, don’t go to the Seychelles like your brother, Harry, lol.

    I understand that people like to travel to other places to ring in the New Year; I watched men from Germany get interviewed by my local tv station here in San Diego, California. And I’m sure those men were either in school or will have to return real soon to got to work. But when your life is one big vacation, do you really need to go travel elsewhere? Afterall, Harry looks the same in London as he does in France. Lol

    Let’s pray that there are no topless photos of Megs while in France.

    1. It seems their entire love affair has been conducted in the lusty honeymoon stage! What’s it going to be like by the end of 2018 when the whirlwind has died down and the actual honeymoon is well and over and the press and the people have demands and expectations? Boots…on the ground?? Even though Harry’s status in the Firm is not nearly on par with William’s, he can never get away from the responsibilities of being Diana’s son.

      1. (This was in response to Cali Gurl, the reply function is obv on holiday too)!

        That’s what I was thinking. Of course go away for New Year, but just think about the optics? You’ve years of sunny vacations ahead of you, why not see the New Year in somewhere in the UK? Just think how good the narrative would have been had they gone to Scotland and the biggest Hogmanay Party there is? Edinburgh = good optics. Monaco (and it’s tax haven, ‘sunny place for shady people’ reputation) = very, very bad optics.

        The only way they can possibly claw this back is to release something saying they were visiting with her family who were also present. That and start working immediately, obviously, sincerely and HARD. The DM is out to crucify her, they know this and yet still thought Monaco was a good idea?

        1. Meghan’s boots seem to be landing on the ground of every country but the UK. I guess there’s a difference between loving the prince and loving the country. I’m beginning to think Meghan hasn’t traversed any of the UK as a tourist. Next week she will be rolled out to introduce *her* to the people, not the people to her. And where is this happening? London. Right in her backyard. After marriage they expect to tour the Commonwealth? Why?

          1. Maven, Meghan first went to Nottingham on her first intro the UK. Why are you forgetting that? Nottingham is not in Meghan’s back yard. If you want to be upset at someone for staying in their backyard, talk to Kate. She only did 1 engagement outside London last year,

            Why are you expecting Meghan to do so much in so little time? Why can’t you be patient and see how things develop instead of forecasting the worst?

            Her second engagement is in London. She has only been engaged little over a month. There is a lot to do and she has a lot of time to learn about and travel the UK and will be doing so after marriage as well.

            What is the difference as to whether she is introduced to the people rather than they meet her? Either way she gets to know them, so what is the big deal?

            Where is this negativity coming from?

          2. @Leah +10000.
            @Maven, Meghan and Harry announced their engagement on Nov 27 and were in Nottingham on December 1st. Between Nov 27 and Dec 31st, these 2 have not been anywhere else other than in the UK, what exactly are your expectations of Meghan? I’m very curious. Meanwhile William and Kate announced their engagement on Nov 10 and first trip was Feb 24th. I would like to hear about what William and Kate did between Nov 10 and June 2011 when they took their first trip, not to or around the UK but to Canada and US; I’m very curious to know why Meghan is consistently being held at higher that usual standards than the rest of the royals. No Meghan’s boots have NOT (caps for emphasis) been anywhere else other than the UK since her engagement announcement, its just that her detractors choose to conveniently “forget” this fact and rather pick a one day trip to Monaco and turn it into some jet-setting non-stop trips to “every other country but the UK”.

          3. No need to compare the two, but the obvious difference is that Kate is English – she has nothing to learn about the country.

          4. Rebecca, really? Does Kate being English mean Kate is knowledgable on everything British and therefore has “nothing to learn about the country”? I didn’t know that.

        2. I pretty much think that they will end up divorced. Their passion and love has been full of romantic, international vacations. Once marriage and kids set in, work sets in, maybe negative media attention for constantly vacationing, they aren’t as popular anymore…I don’t think they will make it. It’s easy to be in love during the lusty honeymoon stage. Fergie and Andrew were known to be a loved up couple too back in their day.

          1. Red Tulip, that is awfully cynical and I am a huge cynic. I wish Meghan and Harry the best. And honestly, why keep comparing Andrew and Fergie with Harry and Meghan. They are nothing alike at all.

  6. They’ll be just as lazy, out of touch, and spoiled as William and Kate. I think their true colors are showing, sadly.

    I hope you feel better soon, KMR. Hugs

    1. Ellie, I truly, truly hope not. I hope Meghan and Harry are different. I am still giving them a chance, but I am disappointed in this move.

      Like I said, if they had gone to Mexico or LA, that would have been different. But this is not the move.

    2. No, I think Prince Harry and Meghan are totally different from Will and Kate, who are massively under the bad influence of Carole Middleton. Prince William was dutiful and very active before he married Kate, because he was under the unique guideline of Queen. But since the Marriage, Prince William has become a quasi “body guard” of Kate Middleton and Middleton’s family. To be honest Kate has never been a hard worker, she is publicly known as the laziest member of the royal family. The Queen is not satisfied with Kate’s input in the royal duties from the beginning, even the time she hasn’t had her Kids.
      But I think Prince Harry and Meghan will bring things in movement and together with Prince William (and hopefully Kate if she changes) they will do fantastic job and make a big different.

    3. Trying to add to my comment above..

      What really gets me though is that if my dog had recently been relocated then broke both its legs I’d not be going anywhere! Sorry Harry but my dog needs me more than you need another holiday. For the famous ‘Meghan Dog Lover’ storyline this looks awful. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more on this, we adore our pooches here in the UK and this is yet another stick to bash her with.

      For what it’s worth I still love Meghan but she is losing her sparkle. How awesome would it have looked if the Monaco trip had been publically cancelled because of the poor doggy and they spent the evening in London instead? I just can’t think how she could have left her dog. It must be in a Vet Hospital and not in her care, does anyone know?

      1. Meghan’s dog is off limits and should be left entirely out of these discussions. The dog broke leg story has never been confirmed, nobody knows whether or not there’s any truth to it, we know nothing about her dogs except what she has said in her interview and it should be left at that. Where ever the dog is whether at home or in pet hospital, its her dog, she makes all the decisions that are best for her dog period. And there’s no reason for Meghan to use her poor dog to score some points from some British dog loving public.

      2. No way would I leave my traumatised and stressed (a boatload of changes for the little guy, including loss of his bro) baby to flit off to party. Period. It tells us a lot about the ties that bind and the degree of care and attentiveness. It all depends on one’s priorities in the end. I still wonder how the little blighter broke his legs.

        1. The dog issue has to stop. We don’t know what the truth is with either dog. And honestly, Meghan was only gone two days, maybe less. That is not harmful toward the dog.

          And we don’t know if the dog is even hurt. The story came from The Daily Fail, enough said. Why are you so quick to believe a tabloid, Maven? Especially one that slanders and hates on Meghan at the drop of a dime? A tabloid that has used racist terms towards her and her family? And you take that as a gospel source?

          They couldn’t even get he New year’s Eve holiday story right.

          People are reaching, using anything to hate on Meghan for and it’s beyond the pale.

          Maven, I never knew you hated Meghan so much.

        2. Nope sorry Maven, this dog issue doesn’t tell anything about Meghan, it just tells quite a lot about those getting overly obsessed with Meghan’s dogs, period. The incessant need to know about everything Meghan and her dog is very troublesome to say the least.

          1. I don’t think you can cherry pick the info you like best about Meghan and define her by that. You have to take the good, the bad, and everything in between. Of course we are all making assumptions and some won’t think one thing is a big deal but another will. As in this case, it’s a big deal to Maven that she left a dog in recovery while she went partying for the New Year. Other’s wouln’t be fussed by it- but it’s all fair game. You can’t tell other people they can’t have an opinion based on what they know and how they feel. C’mon man!

          2. And how exactly do you know what happened to the dog, if at all anything happened? And how exactly do you know where Meghan left her dog, if at all she left it anywhere other than her house at KP? Have an opinion on what they KNOW? What exactly do they know? The dog is Meghan’s dog, it’s not for public discussion. Just like it has long been determined that people that were bashing Kate and William, because of how these people thought the Cambridges were raising their kids, were way out of line, same here. What’s good for the goose is certainly good for the gander. None of you know anything about Meghan’s dog, just like you know nothing about how Kate is raising her kids and therefore all should be off limits for any of these discussions.

          3. Meghan put all sorts of photos and comments about her dogs on social media – over and over. So of course, if she marries into a dog-loving nation, that is going to be one of the public’s major interests and concerns. You don’t want the attention, you don’t put the photos out there. She was even asked about her dogs in the interview. She has made Bogart and Guy so much part of her identity, that it would be pointless to plead privacy now.

            If William and Kate abandoned George and Charlotte – or gave away Lupo – there would be masses of outrage.

            For what it’s worth when William and Kate released a photo of George feeding Lupo what appeared to be ice cream, there was an enormous debate about whether it really was ice cream and appropriate for dogs. So it’s not just Meghan. News on the queen’s dogs is routinely reported.

          4. No Julia, Meghan putting her dogs on her blog doesn’t give anyone any right to judge her about the decisions she makes for her dogs. Just because she was asked a question in the interview, or just because she shared her dogs’ pictures with her fans doesn’t make the dogs anyone else’s but Meghan’s. The pics were not a green light for you and/or the Daily Mail to make up stories about her dogs and use those stories to bash Meghan or to order her as to how she should care for her dogs. And you have any facts about Bogart so please quit accusing Meghan of abandoning or giving away her dog, you know nothing about what she did with her dog or what happened to Guy if at all anything happened. The very reason why people were going OTT about Lupo and George is the same with Meghan, none of you have any idea what the Cambridges feed their dog or whether infact that was or wasnt ice cream that was being fed the dog, you just judging people depending on what your biased minds perceive is whats happening. You know nothing about the Cambridge kids or how their parents are raising them and the Cambs owe nobody any explanations as to how they’re raising their kids or their dog. Meghan too owes no one no more explanations about her dogs, when she was asked in the interview, she gave a good enough answer and it should be left at that. It doesn’t matter whether Britain is or isn’t a dog loving nation, these are still not Britain’s dogs they are Meghan’s dogs and they are of limits just like the Cambridge kids and dog are.

          5. Masamf: clearly you don’t understand how dotty we are about dogs.

            The quickest way to this nation’s heart is via a parade of dogs. You are instantly beatified and a good person on no other evidence.

            Treat a dog badly, or even hints that the dogs might not be living a utopian life with you and you are the devil. Period.

            MM made her dogs part of her public persona on her IG so much so that an enquiry about the dogs was part of her engagement interview.

            WK have kept all references to their dogs out of the public gaze. And the few times the dogs have been featured, it’s sparked much debate.

            Public figures (or private) and their dogs is a deeply ingrained part of our national culture.

            In a meeting between the Queen and MM, the fact that the dogs loved MM was taken to be of bigger significance than the Queen’s opinion.

            And as Julia said, we receive updates on the Queen’s dogs.

            In the case of Anne, it’s horses, but it’s the same sentiment.

            Other nations might not be as potty as we are about animals, especially dogs, but the quickest route to public hatred is a hint that you mistreating your animals.

          6. I didn’t say a word about how Kate was raising her kids. As for the dog thing- you can’t keep calling it private when it’s been put out there for public consumption (and I have no idea if it’s true or not, but- it’s out there and it goes into the mix).

          7. Hera, you are correct, I can’t claim to know what and how the British people feel about dogs. However, I can testify as to how Canadian love dogs, they are really crazy about their dogs here. A couple of weeks ago there was an article in the news about how Canada went to South Korea and rescued 50 dogs from a farm that were being raised for meat. That tells you how people feel about dogs here. Dogs might be meat in S. Korea but Canadians were not just gonna sit back and let these dogs be butchered for food!! However, with that said, there is no one here in Canada that is telling anyone how to treat or raise their dogs, if no one is reported any abuse no one is gonna go fanatic online and start accusing people of “dog abandonment” like whats been done by the British people (I’m referring only to what I read on here and on the DM). None of you have any facts surrounding Meghan’s dogs, none of you know how Meghan has been raising her dogs, nobody knows. She is just being tarred and feathered and being branded a animal abuser by people that know nothing about her nor have any facts to base their accusations on, that’s totally unacceptable. I remember sometime last year how people on KMR were bashing Kate and bordline accusing her of child abuse because “the pictures show George behaving this or that way, that shows Kate is a neglectful parent etc”. KMR let it go on for a while till she started a thread about how wrong it was for people to be posting this kind of stuff without having any facts etc, and said that kids were off limits, then people kind of toned it down a notch. Every time I read comments like these on KMR, I was just appalled at how people that don’t even know the woman would get the chuzpa to accuse Kate of child neglect etc, not cool. And people were using the similar excuses that they were parents (Oh we are a child loving population etc) and so they could tell this and that from pictures etc, etc, no facts, no nothing, just a hunch in somebody’s butt and voila, Kate and William are abusive of poor George. This is the same here. It doesn’t matter how much Britain loves their dogs, no one has any facts about Meghan’s dogs so they shouldn’t be discussed and used as a means to accuse the woman falsely.

  7. I hope there are no photos at all. I just was on Rebecca English’s Twitter-she wrote this story-and someone told her that every story the Daily Fail published re Meghan and Harry was negative and how did Rebecca sleep at night?

    Honeymoon destination: how about the Maldives or Tahiti? It honestly might be Botswana.

    1. Back to Botswana for the honey moon when they already went there for her birthday last year…I dunno know about that.

    2. MASAMF, re the dogs, 100%

      And you guys are taking that story as gospel. It is just one more reason to dislike Meghan. You are nitpicking. We don’t know if the story is true or what happened exactly.

      You are going to believe a tabloid? You just want to dislike Meghan, end of story.

      And using her dogs against her has to stop. You do not know the truth about either dog and frankly, it’s none of your business. Move on and stop tarring and feathering her. And I say this as a confirmed animal lover.

      Meghan can put anything she wants on her social media. This “if you don’t want the attention, don’t put it on there” sounds very elementary school.

      She has never pleaded privacy re her dogs. I feel this has gotten out of hand and is ridiculous.

      1. I’m with you on this Leah, 100%. And interestingly, when Meghan said she rescued her dogs etc, she was believed and her word was good enough. Nobody took her to talks to explain exactly where and how she got the dogs, they were her dogs, period. When she posted pictures on Instagram and the Tig, no one ever gave her grief over the dogs, whatever her word was as to how she was raising the dogs was good enough, no questions. Of course that was when she lived in Canada. Now all of a sudden, whatever information she gives about the dogs is not enough, “we want her give more explanation, we want to know why she made whatever decisions she made for the dogs” they demand. The British tabloids are skinning the woman alive and people are jumping on the bandwagon branding her a dog abuser, “she abandoned Bogart because he didn’t fit in with her plans, she broke Guys legs, she is this and she is that” good gracious. And she’s just moved only a few weeks back, I wonder how it will be 7 years from now!!

    3. Actually, there has been much discussion of how Meghan got Bogart – she made a point of saying Ellen DeGeneres suggested she adopt him – and seemed excited by the celebrity aspect. A dog is a life-time commitment and no one should ever encourage someone to adopt unless they know they are prepared for that obligation – so there was controversy over how Meghan got Bogart. But she had him for some time and I’m assuming he’s with her former boyfriend.

      The only limit on this blog so far has been discipline of George and Charlotte – the children are often discussed otherwise, even with remarks that George look reluctant in the Christmas snap. Some of these comments about the children are controversial, so it’s for KMR to decide what subjects are allowed. Personally, I found discussion of whether or not Kate had HG a private matter between her and her physicians but since it was permitted as a topic, I didn’t comment.

      It’s hard to explain how much pets are valued and linked with the royal family, as Herazeus pointed out – when the horse guards were bombed by the IRA people were as much concerned about the horses being killed as they were the men lost. And Monty was the star of the queen’s jubilee video with Daniel Craig. Kate appeared with her family dog Tilly at polo before she was married – a hint that she was a dog lover and thus qualified to marry a prince. The only royal who didn’t like dogs was Snowdon – and even he posed with Margaret and her spaniel Rawley. Whole books have been written about royal pets and the queen never looked more relaxed or happier when posing for The English Dog at Home. So any issues with dogs are going to matter enormously.

      I hope Meghan and Harry soon appear with Guy – it would bring much good will – and if the little fellow was indeed injured, I hope he’s recovering.

      1. How exactly does being a dog lover mean you are qualified to marry a Prince? Are you serious? What, if like me, for the most part, you are not a dog person? I was attacked by a Pit Bull, so I am not overly fond of canines. I am a cat person.

        Does not being a dog person make me or anyone else not worthy to marry a Prince? I love animals, but this is going too far.

      2. Julia, I’m not sure where you are getting this controversy about Bogart from but I’ve followed Meghan for years and I have never seen any controversy about her dogs. How she got the dog and who recommended she adopt him from a shelter was information that Meghan willingly disclosed to her fans, it was never pulled out of her and she has never needed to defend herself re: her dogs until she moved to the UK, then it was About how she abandoned the Bogart to be with Harry (as you mentioned up thread and in other threads before this). Meghan and her dogs has never been some controversy that you are concocting. Where Bogart is and who he is with is none of our business, if he is with the ex, so be it, Meghan doesn’t owe anyone any more explanations or information than she has already given, she has a right to not disclose anything about her dogs and the ex has a right to his privacy. And yes, both how Kate was disciplining her kids and how Lupo was being treated have been topics on KMR till recently. You can love Kate, the English rose who is a dog lover and is fit to marry a prince, or you can hate Meghan an American actress who in you eyes is not good enough for Harry, that’s all good, you are entitled to love who you love and hate who you want to hate. But making up alternative facts and use those to accuse Meghan of abusing and abandoning her dogs is so not on.

        1. I’ve said before, I’m a long-time royalist. I neither love nor hate any royal and often wonder why such strong language is necessary in discussions. My lowest opinion is reserved for Camilla who, in my eyes, interfered in the Wales’ marriage before it even began, something I noticed long before she and Charles were known to be lovers – but even there I accept others feel differently, and praise the work she does.

          I’ve often criticised Kate for her lack of work and for other matters – my views are just more nuanced than normally found on the Kate side of this blog. As for Meghan, I would never suggest she – or anyone – isn’t good enough for Harry and I was originally quite positive about her. But I found the Vanity Fair article when she mentioned her relationship self-promoting and off-putting, and I am an ardent believer that celebrity conduct and politics must be kept completely out of the royal family.

          I did think Harry and Meghan moved ahead with an engagement before she fully appreciated what would be expected in a nation almost new to her – that was their choice, and may have been governed by immigration laws – but that’s one reason Kate had an easier start – people had become familiar with her over almost ten years. You might say Meghan jumped in before she learnt to swim in British waters.

          I very much liked the fact Meghan seemed a loving dog owner and have been disappointed that this hasn’t played out. I’ve never accused her of abusing her dogs and it was perhaps necessary that she leave Bogart behind, but I felt from that first interview that there was a disingenuous element to both Harry and Meghan’s comments, including those about the dogs, possibly due to the fact Meghan was involved with another man when she met Harry.

          If in fact, Bogart had remained with an ex, that would be a valid explanation and I wish the palace had found a way to give a better explanation without disturbing anyone’s privacy because Meghan created a narrative about her dogs – with stories – including the one about how she got Bogart – and multiple photos then left it without a satisfactory ending. That was her choice and like all choices, such as Kate’s failure to get a job before her engagement, there are probable valid reasons but there are also consequences. We discuss those all the time with Kate, and I see no reason not to with Meghan as well.

  8. Am I the only one not bothered by this? I live in France and lots of people travel to the UK or to the Riviera or to Spain/Portugal for the New Years, especially this year because it was a 3 day weekend. In fact, my mother-in-law spent 4 days near Nice between Christmas and New Years this year. It’s a totally normal thing for normal (read, not wealthy) people to do.

    And no, there will not be topless pictures of Meghan because it is cold in France – it’s the middle of winter.

    1. Is it cold in London as well as France right now? I thought with them going to France it was because of better weather, hence my comment about topless photos. So they traded one cold city for another, they could’ve just stayed home then.

      I’m just analyzing their reasoning for my own enjoyment.

      1. Of course there’s better weather in the Riviera – there’s sunshine and the sea even though it’s cold.

        Why not just stay home forever, all the time, hmm? Why does anyone leave home, then? I find your insistence at seeing Harry and Meghan negatively for everything over the top.

        1. Your first comment said no topless photos because its cold in France – middle of winter. Then your next comment said there is sunshine. So I was right when I said please no topless photos because there is better weather, i.e. sunshine to sun-bathe outside.

          Yes, indeed, stay home H&M when your whole lives are one big vacation. No one needs to know that you go on vacation when you don’t work and people who work hard would love a vacation. The same for all celebs who splash their luxurious lives on Instagram and whatnot.

          This vacation happened whether we think it was a good idea or not, but we are here to give our opinions and if mine is negative to you then so be it. I’m neither anti-Meghan or Pro-Meghan. I comment based on what I would do if I were her.

          How is it that many of us on here would make better decisions than H&M, even W&K? Because we pay attention to the needs, wants, and opinions of the public. They ignore the public which is why the public gets annoyed with their actions/decisions and they need the public’s goodwill to continue the monarchy when some people want a republic.

          1. I guess you live in California?

            Do you not understand that it can be 40F with sunshine but it is still 40F, so nobody is laying out in a bikini and sunbathing?

          2. Sorry, meant 50F.

            And how are they splashing it? We don’t even have pictures. We don’t even know if this is true – it’s from the DM, and according to them, H&M flew economy, not a private jet or something.

    2. LIZB, no you are not alone, I’m not bothered by it either. I think those who invest too much in any public people are in for rough ride, I suggest you buckle up. There will be a lot of trips, and lots of other things, so you’ll pop some veins if you don’t relax. Meghan is not a royal yet, I don’t expect her to do any royal duties till after the wedding. Secondly, this trip was announced soon after the engagement, I’m not sure why so much surprise. Third and last, Meghan is going to be alright. She is not the first to get negative reporting she will not be the last. She will survive the onslaught, believe me, Kate did and so will Meghan. If anyone is getting upset about this, please don’t get too dismayed and twist yrself out of shape because DM or anyone on here is posting negative posts, it’s too early to torture yrself in this manner. Save the dismay for real scandals, if any. Otherwise, just keep rolling with the punches, Meghan is doing exactly that. Have a happy new year y’all.

      1. I agree with you MASAMF! A short trip for new year eve celebration is a pretty normal thing to do for everyone! There is nothing wrong to see Meghan and her prince to do so.
        And if crazy people write some stupid and nonsense articles or useless comment I cannot see that as “bad press” for a celebrity like Meghan, she hasn’t done anything wrong, she hasn’t commit a crime or attack someone. Meghan is doing very well, she is fantastic young woman and even Queen Elizabeth knows that very well. Meghan is brilliant!

      2. No royal duties till after the wedding? I’m pretty sure Kate did some so why can’t she?

        1. Oh please Kate is not the paragon of virtue that she is portrayed to be by some!, Kate earned and retained the name lazy Kate because it took her 3 full months after her engagement to before she went on an royal engagement; and 7 years later she has still not picked up her pace at all nor show any signs of wanting to pick up. Even when people have been calling her out of her laziness and her lack of desire to up her game, Kate has turned a deaf ear to all this and continued on her MO of working the least. Meghan OTOH went of her first official engagement just 4 days post engagement, and she is going on another engagement just about 6 weeks post engagement!! What do you mean “I’m sure Kate did some why can’t she [Meghan]?

          1. Hhhmmm, I wonder why suddenly it’s now KP mistakes! I’m sure if Kate had a record of having done something, it wouldn’t have mattered that Meghan doesn’t arrange the engagements but just submits her availability. The double standards on this board never cease to amaze me!

          2. Why so salty all of a sudden? If MMR and/or KMR are causing you to tear your hair out, take a breather. Come back with fresh perspective.

          3. Ray I never tell anyone on here where to go, at whatever time. I’d appreciate the courtesy.

          4. Oh please – you know exactly what I meant. But you’re still at it judging by your comments today- so just keep on neverminding

    3. I’m not bothered either and for me, it’s the timing. Lots of people travel for New Years, especially in Europe where everything is so close together.

    4. Doesn’t bother me a whit.

      The haters are going to hate, hate, hate no matter what Meghan does. She knows that. They both know there’s no pleasing everyone and it’s normal for Europeans to trot off to another country for a holiday.

      They’d go mad if they tried to build their relationship on micro-optics.

      I’m fine with them enjoying their engagement, even if it means an extra round of DM snark. I do believe they’re planning a lifetime of public service; but it won’t go into full swing until after they’re married. Plus, if I were Meghan I’d need a break from the ardors of sudden immersion in palace life.

      I suspect they’ll be taking a work hard, play hard approach to life. Wish we all had that privilege, but we don’t… and they do.

  9. Guess the allure of cozy nights in the cottage is less than travelling with staff/security and not having to join long lines in crowded airports – suspect this will be “normal life” going forward with the odd “appearance” thrown in

    1. And thankyou MMR for all your posts and the forum to share snarks and give a tick where it is warranted – there are many positive Royal “moments” out there – hoping for more in 2018 – and like many others am looking forward to “the dress” and “the jewels” in May

      1. I really like MMR blog and I wish it would be embellished and improved in the incoming weeks or months with very nice picks of the future duchess (Princess Harry of Wales) Meghan on duties. It will be very nice if this web site is devoted to Meghan’s royal Duties and her Work, Projects and Ideas in general… I also think Meghan is different from Kate, Meghan would also like to see her followers be more focused on her royal Duties than on her style only. She is a dutiful young woman and hard working.
        THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE MMR blog ADMISTRATORS, you’re doing a fantastic communication job!
        Looking forward to the royal wedding in spring with worldwide big excitement.

  10. Sorry to hear you’ve been in the hospital, MMR. I hope you return to good health soon!

    Happy New Year

  11. I knew a person that free lanced for the DM in the early 2000’s and he would talk about how the editor (Paul Dacre editor of the Mail would specifically never want any diversity in his pictures in fact he would curse them out if there was anything about anyone who had a different ethnicity that was positive.)
    So what does 2018 hold for Meghan, everything she does will be wrong brought to you by Paul Dacre’s bevy of bitches. Sarah Vine aka Mrs Michael Gove, Rachel Johnson sister to Boris Johnson, Janet Street Porter..e.t.c
    She will be criticized for everything and it will be by women
    1. Engagement Interview (story of no panty hose DM)
    2.Nottingham ( Meghan walked in front of Harry how could she even though Harry was kinda pushing her forward)
    3. Engagement Pic (Expensive dress (This is her only mistake IMO), DM headline this engagement gives me a “niggling” feeling)
    4.Buckingham Palace Lunch. (She was too over dressed for a daytime event–IMO she looked super cute/flawless)
    5.Sandringham (She curtsied wrong even though the picture tells a different story because Kate looks like she is doing a Scottish dance not a curtsy. Kate has never curtsied correctly but enter Meghan and now her terrible curtsy is the standard.)
    6. This trip to Nice. Story originated from the Mail not sure if it’s true or not but why are we hearing about this vacation and not any from other royals. Pretty sure they’re on holiday somewhere and probably took private jets there too and the DM probably knows about those trips too.
    Anyway looking to 2018 and all the shots towards Harry and Meghan from the house of Dacre.

    1. They met every 2 weeks for 18 months, and nary a photo. I imagine a passel of bodyguards helps. I understand French taxpayers are protecting them as well. I’m amazed the plane wasn’t a private jet. Unless Harry has been taking private jets all along….

      1. Why would Harry and Meghan buy 14 economy seats (assuming 2 seats on either side of the aisle) and then sit next to the toilets which everyone in Economy would be mandated to use if they needed the bathroom? Why not travel First and have entry/exit privileges along with more privacy? Or use a private jet which they clearly have done before to avoid people. These guys don’t have ‘frugal’ in their DNA so why pretend. Tiresome.

          1. When i flew euro flights on BA, there wasn’t a first class for short haul. There was sometimes a “curtain” for “business” class.

            Also, people are assuming other passengers couldn’t use the bathroom, but I don’t think that is true. It sounds like folks got pretty close to them on the plane so maybe the saw them going to the bathroom?

          2. Ha, Jen. Well he has the beard. All he needs is the man bun. Next thing you know they’ll be bumming around Africa (glamping).

          3. @Wisdomheaven, I’m curious, are flights from London to Nice big aircrafts? I’m asking because flying Vancouver to Toronto or Calgary Toronto is on a small aircraft with just a curtain to separate the 6-8 first class seats (on some aircrafts there is no first class at all) and these are 5-7hr flights. I once flew from Person Toronto to Pennsylvania (1.5hr flight) and there were no first class seats on this flight because of the size of the aircraft. Now, flying from Toronto to UK is a bog aircraft that has business, first class and coach. From some of the comments here (e.g. Maventhefirst) it seems like flying coach was some “manipulation of the plebs” so Harry and Meghan appear to be frugal.

      2. Exactly and non on their meetings appeared on the DM so that means they can hide. I mean this story has changed so many times. Now it’s reported they took helicopters come on. I dont doubt they took a vacation. I mean they said they would, I doubt DM’s version of the story

      3. I actually don’t buy the not going more than 2 weeks without seeing each other- but that’s just me. It would have resulted in that many more opportunities being spotted in public places and it was crickets on that front.

        1. Hhhmm, this “pictures are proof” is interesting. So then, if we go by this yr logic, then Harry and Meghan never went to Monaco, non? I mean, no pictures no nothing, just the DM once again shooting their mouth off but otherwise crickets! Tell me something, how many pictures are there of prince Harry most recent trip to
          Germany? Or, maybe he never went hunting in Germany since there are no pictures, non?

  12. It might be a better idea to keep a tally of Harry’s (and Meghan’s) holidays. How many did Harry take in the past year (all the while hanging with Meghan every 2 weeks)? They just spent quite a long time in Botswana a short while ago. They have spent December holidays partying. And now they’re on a beach somewhere- hard work, if you can get it. Let the excuses commence.

    This indicates to me what we can expect for the future. So much for Meghan’s interest in the locals. I guess she will have an official interest- when some sort of PR itinerary is set to “meet the people”, her version of ‘boots on the ground’. No, dear, that’s just a show for you. How can someone move to a country soon to be their own, and traverse *none* of it to understand it? Instead, she (and he) makes lame celebrity moves.

    I am a firm believer in “do as you mean to go on”, and I believe we have seen a glimpse of the future- another slacker added to the growing list of gilded ninnies. The HM roll-out will consist of glossy photo ops, their version of ‘boots on the ground’, introducing another leech to the people instead of introducing the people and culture to her . So many hollow words, such hollow people, and now the taxpayer will be supporting her and their magical healing holitours of which I expect many after marriage.

    Why am I disappointed? But then, look at whom she’s marrying. It was rather self-evident, for all their fake fancy words.

    Feel better, MMR. You’ve done an amazing job. No one would have guessed your struggles. Wishing you health and all the best.

    1. Yes, yes, yes. Let’s not pretend Harry is a hard-working guy. Let’s not expect Meghan, who I have to think was attracted to his lifestyle and income even if on a secondary level, to change him.

    2. The fact that your jumping down Meghan’s throat even though she’s not married yet is very telling. Can’t wait for these next engagements to get an unflattering pic from the DM and lots of stories on how she is insufficient.

  13. Maybe its me but firstly it is a private holiday for the couple, to celebrate new year. Secondly Meghan is still a private citizen who has worked a lot. It is interesting that Harry and Meghan do couple things privately and now publically. I would be more worried if they were going on holidays after the wedding and the real work starts.

  14. KP has announced that Harry and Meghan are doing an engagement on Jan 9th at a youth group. I am waiting for the Cambridges to announce an engagement this early in the year.
    I am not fussed about a short New Years holiday, especially when most everyone is taking some time off. Of course if there are multiple holidays and low numbers throughout the year then we can criticize, but right now I think there has been some balance, especially when Harry did the guest radio editing on Dec 27.

    1. They’ve announced two engagements for next week.

      If Meghan wants to appear to care and work she should do more. But I don’t think so because Harry doesn’t work much so why should she.

      What do these people DO all day?

  15. Lets not blow this out of proportion. I see no problem with them traveling during the Holiday Season which ends with the New Years. If I lived close to Europe, I would travel every weekend to see other countries, what is wrong with that?

    Brixton, London

    Tuesday 9th January, 2018

    Prince Harry and Ms. Markle will visit Reprezent 107.3FM in Brixton, to see their work supporting young people through creative training in radio and broadcasting, and to learn more about their model of using music, radio and media for social impact.”

    I don’t get the fuss about a NY vacation. I am on such a vacation now and I am just a working professional, and I also take several holidays a year. I have generous vacation time and I use it. Does that make me lazy? No, I just use the privilege I have in a great PTO policy to travel and enjoy life. With a few exceptions, Harry’s trips are generally weekends away, which I know I travel a lot on weekends too. Even when they were in Botswana, it was reported they spent most of the time at the new Lesotho center.

    Harry vacations, but why not? As long as his engagements numbers increase, who cares? We have seen that Harry actually does do a lot of behind the scenes work for his charities and engagements. Charles also goes on A LOT of private trips you don;t hear about because the media doesn’t care—and he flies private.

    I also do not get people being annoyed that he took time to visit his long distance girlfriend throughout the year. Even with all of that, he still increased his engagement count significantly.

    If he doesn’t do more in 2018, then I will be upset. But it seems IMO that Harry is doing fine.

    1. +1!!

      I do find it interesting that the official numbers for Harry outstripped William this year. The Palace has never allowed that before, to the extent that events for Harry were not being counted whilst William was allowed to rack up numbers with “engagements” such as his daughter’s christening. I am thinking it’s a one-off, though 2018 looks to be an event-filled year as well for Harry and eventually Meghan. I imagine a tour commencing immediately after wedding a la William and Kate’s tour of USA and Canada.

      If William wants to outstrip little brother in the next year, he is going to have to put a little more steam into his engine. Is that even a proper euphemism? You get my meaning.

      1. Imagine if they came to LA like William and Kate did, ’cause Kate wanted to see Hollywood and they had to make up a bunch of stupid crap for them to do! Ughhhh that made me irked as it ruined a few days for me with traffic. All to appease Kate.

        1. I hope to God that type of sitch does not happen with Will and Meghan. To be honest, shows how provincial Kate is.

          1. LOL you said Will and Meghan! (I can’t even get my own girls’ names straight half the time; totally not throwing shade)

    2. I also don’t get the big hoopla about them going away on vacation. Many people go away for new year’s eve. I also don’t begrudge them vacation time. With the way my shift work and holiday time works, it looks like I never work. But, I put in a 48 hour work week every single week. That’s 8 hours more than a regular 9-5 job. Last year alone, I took 21 flights and and racked up a lot of frequent flyer points. I already have my first trip booked for this year and paid for. I leave in 2 weeks. They just got engaged. I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt. Now if by next year, they put in work ala Kate & Will style, then I’ll be annoyed with their lack of work ethic and call them out.

    3. Harry ostensibly increased his engagement tally because this time every event he attended at Invictus was counted. So, attending one show, and then another was defined as 2 counts of ‘work’. Take away those numbers and it’s a different story (as it would be for the Cambs who also pad the numbers shamelessly).

      1. Isn’t that how everyone’s numbers are counted though? I mean, the queen’s numbers are generally just quick appearances, not day-long or week-long events.

  17. And MMR, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly 🙁 Thanks for taking the time to update the blog. Please take care of yourself and rest up. Sending good vibes to you.

  18. It was New Year’s Eve not a work week. They have reported they have returned to London. The reactions of some are out of proportion. The optics? Lots of people go away for the holiday. I just rented my ski condo for the weekend.

  19. I do not think Harry and Meghan will be as lazy as Kate and William. I hope not. The Daily Fail says Meghan and Harry rang in the New Year in Monaco and are back in the UK.

    I am very glad a new engagement was announced. I think it will be another chance to see Meghan excel and spread her wings. She has charisma, is a people person and this event has to do with media and she is good at it.

    This is very different to how Kate’s rollout was after her engagement and I am very impressed that Meghan and Harry are back to work relatively soon post New Year.

    I hope to see a few more outings for them this month.

    MMR, I hope you are getting better.

    Maven, I think maybe I jumped the gun and maybe you might be judging a tad harshly.

    I think maybe they are starting as they mean to go in with an engagement relatively early in the month. So, good for them.

    1. Just a note but I don’t trust the Daily Fail. They deliberately take news and scew it against Meghan so I always take their reports with a HUGE grain of salt. I don’t trust them or their details. One minute they point out that MM sat next to the toilets as if to imply that Meghan is not worthy to their readers, the next they change the story.

  20. On a different note, reading about the security that France provided to them, and that there was no option, reminded me of when Will and Kate went on holidays right after the terrorist attack in Nice. Several commented on how they were taking up government resources as the investigation was still taking place. Clearly by this comment about how France won’t let them travel without protection confirms this.

        1. Monaco is about the same size as Regents Park. It’s ridiculously tiny. You have to land in France then helicopter or drive in.

          I’ve worked out the ‘reply’ thing! To respond to a post hit the reply at the top (next to the persons name) rather than at the bottom. That’s my learning point for 2018 already met, I can take the rest of the year off!

          1. I thought I was the only dummy! I am afraid to know how may times I did it wrong. Apparently, point and click is too difficult for me.

  21. First off, Happy New Year to All! KMR, your health comes first before your blogs so we will understand if you are not up to posting, hope you are okay and please concentrate on getting better!
    I know I have mentioned that there is something about H & M that irks me and I cannot put a finger on it, I certainly do not dislike them, but still can’t get a handle on them. While I do not begrudge them or anyone else a brief holiday getaway alone or even going away to a private party with friends, why do I get this feeling that while they both talk about how much they want to use their position and high profile visibility for their humanitarian causes, they will both never truly put themselves out to be fully immersed in any experiences ,that may make them feel a bit uncomfortable. They will always return back to their cocoon of luxury and privilege. This is very hard for me to express because I do realize that for Harry, this is the life he was born into and for Meghan, I doubt very much she is going to say that her new lifestyle is too extravagant. I really think she likes all of the material trappings. It is like they are trying to convince the public that they are ‘normal’ and they are not. On some level that is very pretentious.

    1. Just wanted to add that I do not dislike Harry and Meghan and I hope they use their charisma and presence to advance whatever their platform will be. I do not want to see them morph into Kate&William2.0.

      1. Just b/c you keep repeating how much you do not dislike Harry and Meghan does not mean you will be believed nor does that mean that’s how your comment comes across.

        Doth protest too much just to protect your opinions from getting analyzed and called out.

        1. Kayla, I am being totally honest in what I have written and I certainly have no problem if someone chooses to call me out or in your case, does not believe me.

    2. Neither of them has experienced the grittiness of life, only the cocoon of privilege. And it looks like they prefer it that way. It’s not like either has put themselves out to go beyond their own comfy worlds.

      1. Uh, Meghan family is middle class, being middle class does not erase someone from stuggle, being biracial or any minority makes them struggle, she lived in midst of the Rodney King riots …lets not make up stuff about how she has privilege and never dealt with a gritty life just b/c she’s marrying a blue blood.

        1. No, I will say Meghan did have grit in her life. A news program showed the apartment where she lived. It wasn’t the hood, it was nice, but it was not Beverly Hills.

          Maven, Meghan has said her mom made sure to take her to less fortunate places and Meghan has even said in a new book in which she wrote an article that she started volunteering here in LA on Skid Row.

          I live in LA and there is no way in hell I would go there. So kudos to her.

          And honestly, you don’t know all of Meghan’s life, so you can’t really say she doesn’t know the less fortunate side of things.

    3. It’s your gut instincts talking. The rhetoric of the newly-minted ‘Fab Four’ leaves a sour taste in the mouth given the trio’s lack-lustre performance over a period of several years now. Their way of ‘working’ is thoroughly embedded; why wouldn’t you expect more of the same? WKH are in sync and M will fit in to their lives. Harry and Meghan will be a more superficially charming version of William and Kate; they say what they think people want to hear. Meanwhile they have been built up to a ridiculous level whereas they need to prove themselves to the UK people with lots of real work and lots of it.

      1. I don’t like the Fab Four hype either, because nothing good can come of Meghan and Harry constantly with Will and Kate.

        Harry and Meghan need to do their own thing and establish their own brand and cannot do so if they are lumped together with Will and Kate.

        And to be honest, Will and Kate and Meghan and Harry mix like oil and water. Their brands are different. It is not an easy or good fit.

        1. I agree, Leah, that the couples need to develop differently. Harry has the opportunity – with a new partner – to re-define himself: more work all over the UK, continuing existing interests, both taking on additional interests independent of the other. Their numbers should double, triple or more over the next 12-18 months. They need to decide what full-time service to the UK means as senior royals. Less vacations dressed as work, and just less vacations.

          1. So far, Harry seems like Willy’s mini-me, except with charm. I believe the bros are of one mind. I don’t see it changing in the future as this has been Harry’s choice. Harry’s a jobless slacker, why would he want to change that when his perks will ever increase now that he’s got himself a wife? I see grand houses and diamonds in their future and further excuses not to take up duty except in fluffy ways.

            At the rate he’s going I believe Harry could become the Holitour King.

          2. You say “Harry is a jobless slacker” quite a bit, can you tell us which other member of the senior royals have a “regular job” job? Maybe they should all quit the “full-time royal duties” and get regular jobs, right? You can’t keep slamming Harry for something he was born into, its not his fault that he is Charles’ son. If he had been a York or a Wessex, he probably would still be in the army, or would be working any other regular job, but he is not a Wessex or a York , he is a senior royal and so he does full time royal duties. C’est la vie. Don’t hate on Harry, hate the system.

          3. This unreasonable judgment of Harry and Meghan is mind numbing. They aren’t being given any time to prove their words being matched by their actions, they’re just being unreasonably harshly judged, tarred and feathered for doing nothing wrong. Problem is not with Harry and Meghan, they are just victims of a judgemental public whose hate of this couple doesn’t allow them to see any reason whatsoever, buff said.

          4. We are all judged on our actions; it’s only fair that HM are too. They have been given the role and privilege of serving others, handsomely recompensed, and they will need to prove their worth. Unfortunately for HM, people will be twice shy after WK’s profligacy and won’t take kindly IF another couple talks big, delivers small. And sadly, Harry may think he’s invincible since PR has shielded him from both scrutiny and accountability. It’s entirely up to HM how they plan to proceed but it will need to be far more substantive than Harry’s last few years of floating about and exotic getaways.

          5. Jen, you not gonna hear me defend them this time next year if they are lazy and just sit on their butts while seniors like their parents are working. All I’m saying is they haven’t been given a chance to prove themselves, William and Kate were given a chance, Harry and Meghan deserve one too. They were engaged a month ago, and within that month they’ve done quite a bit, a trip to Monaco for a day should not be reason to write them off. The year has just started, let’s have this convo in June, then yeah if by then the boots on the ground was just wind then yeah they deserve whatever’s coming to them.

          6. Masamf, things that concern me:
            1. The PR hype around the couple. People are understandably wary because of the same approach employed by WK, and we know how that has played out… HM haven’t done enough work YET in the social good area to warrant such accolades. They’ve still got to put in the hard yards. Luckily, they have the opportunity to do whatever and how much they want.
            2. That somehow Meghan will change Harry into a powerhouse worker when he has never been one. She is not responsible for Harry’s work ethic.
            3. That women are especially invested in Meghan as she represents (finally) a woman of colour at the top table. I fear that they will be setting themselves up for a fall IF it transpires that HM go down the same path as WK and Harry himself ie picking and choosing events, not much work in the UK, lots of under the radar time.

            My approach is to see how they go, but with a critical mindset not affected by effusive PR. In other words, their work should speak for itself. And it should not be confused with charm.

          7. Jen, I truly understand your points, and you have a right to be sceptical. Sometime the PR can seem to lay it on way too thick, but everyone is just trying to do their job, get paid and put some food on their family table. My concern is Harry and Megahn being lumped together with William and Kate without giving them a chance to prove themselves. I understand some feel they were burnt by Wiil and Kate but it’s not fair to Harry and Megahn to project the anger and frustration on them. They are different individuals, give them a chance, and if 1 year down the reload nothing has changed, then I’ll be the first to call them out, but let’s not call them out for doing nothing wrong!

          8. Great points, Jen.

            HM and KP are already setting the tone- how ‘keen’ they are to put boots to the ground. It’s right out of the KP playbook as evidenced by the Cambs’ MO and the disappointing results. This means KP is prone to lie and to cover for all their sins, so, not really trustworthy.

            Given that HM are retaining the same PR and court, given that HM’s interview was full of stock talking points/buzzwords and promises, skepticism is the only sane response, IMO. As has often been repeated, we shall know them by their works. Harry has already telegraphed that he buys into the same attitude as William about their roles going forward- a lot of press and little work and even less authentic work or hard labour.

  22. Dear KMR, I am sorry to hear that you have been in hospital and are unwell. My very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Much love xx

  23. And so it begins. I would say that I don’t fault Meghan for this because she’s still a private citizen and can do whatever she wants with her money, but I doubt she paid for the whole trip or the protection services. The optics on this are terrible and rightfully so. Harry knows better. Meghan should know better, especially after all that talk of “boots on the ground” in the UK. If they both actually worked real jobs right now I wouldn’t begrudge them a little vacation. But they don’t and their entire lives are basically one big vacation. Not good. Not good at all.

    1. Two days to celebrate the New Year is not a vacation, its just two people having fun with friends and blowing off some steam. It seems they are’nt aloud to go anywhere. They did not shirk their responsibilities they just celebrated New Years.

      1. Two days on top of their last trip on top of how many secret or not-secret trips? Blowing off steam from what, exactly? Neither of them has a job right now and Harry hasn’t had one since he left the army. Again, if they did any real work I wouldn’t begrudge them a trip. But their lives are nothing but taxpayer-funded vacations, despite that talk of being so involved around the UK right off the bat. They aren’t regular 9-5ers who’ve earned a getaway.

        I have been pro-Meghan the entire time and was optimistic but this all stinks of Will & Kate 2.0. She’ll get the same two years Kate got, though I’m not blinded by PR spin this time around.

        1. Meghan: (ha!)……i think the world isn’t blinded by spin this go round because WK abused it so much.

          Kate wasn’t the first royal bride to be whitewashed and spun into something new, but she’s the first modern royal bride to spectacularly fail to live upto the hype.

          More spin is required to keep her shiny and beloved, but too many people see through it even if they don’t get worked up about it enough to post comments on online forums.

          If MM lives upto her whitewashing, all this will be forgotten.

          I remain puzzled that she isn’t better at the optics of her new situation considering how good she was at the optics of her old life.

          Then again, it’s the adjustment from the entertainment sector where everything is all glamour and sparkles to the public sector where everything is frugality and humility.

          If she has any brains, she’ll take the wheels and not let Harry drive this bus because going by her *mis-steps, He isn’t doing a good job of guiding her.

          *Richard Palmer asked KP directly about the price of the dress before it went to print and was picked up by the DM. If KP had a decent PR person instead of the deadwood that is Jason, they would have gone to DEFCON 1as soon as they got that question and deflected away from it. Like they did with Kate’s extensions.

    2. I don’t think Harry does know better. He should, but as we saw in his interview last year, he’s fairly tone deaf to how he comes across. When he’s out working and giving speeches, he’s charming enough that he gets a pass from people for a lot (not to mention residual goodwill from his mom). But when we hear his actual thoughts, they are rarely impressive.

      1. Isn’t that the truth. Personality out the Wahoo to cover up for serious tone deafness. Just bring the “magic” and everything’s gravy. *eyeroll*

  24. MMR hope you feel better. Thank you for all that you do to keep this site running! Feel better soon!!! Meghan isn’t an official Royal, she can vacation as much as she likes. PH on the other hand is, so as long as he is pulling through on his duties, I hope they enjoy their vacation!

  25. People are talking about ‘bad optics’ of a royal vacationing as if having a royal family period isn’t ‘bad optics’. I mean let’s be real. No royal has a job except the Monarch, the rest just live off the incumbent. This is what royals have done for over a thousand years. The hardest working royal doesn’t even hit 190 days a year and that’s how many days of school a child is supposed to attend.

    But either way, who wouldn’t vacation over New Years Eve and day. Most working professionals are on vacation as well.

    1. Jessica tell me about it. Its just January 1st 2018 and people are talking bad optics and Meghan harry should be out there working hard etc, etc etc, I’m laughing so hard my belly aches. People, didn’t we just started the year? Its just January 1st, its not January 10 or 21, its January first, LOL. Harry and Meghan will work, but they can’t fulfill future duties ahead of time, its just January 1st. I mean, when were Harry and Meghan expected to do this hard work? Back in 2017? They got engaged in end of November, did an engagement 4 days later, they’ve been busy with Christmas and now its just new year’s eve and they went away to ring in the new year with friends, its no bid deal! Its one year minus a day, the year has 365 days so they still have 364 days to work, one single day gone people, one day!!!!! Can we talk about Meghan and Harry work ethic a few months into 2018?

      1. I think it’s mostly because they went on and on about working and ‘boots on the ground’ and blah blah. Nothing. Crickets. Vacations. Harry off in Germany hunting; them going to Monaco and Nice… It’s just typical spoilt Harry stuff. And presumably why Meghan is with him. Who else can provide this jet-setting lifestyle with money to burn?

        1. Harry has done several engagements in Dec and went to Germany over a weekend…Meghan visited her mom for the holidays. I am not sure what people expect? Like most things slow down in December in the western world because of the holidays.

          Meghan has done a walkabout, attended the AIDs fair, went with Harry to FE and has attended several important family events. On top of this, I am sure wedding planning, prepping for confirmation, prepping for citizenship stuff, working to flesh out her post-wedding portfolio, etc. as well. Just because she isn’t doing public engagements every day doesn’t mean she isn’t doing stuff behind the scenes. People do realize they have been engaged for only 5 weeks right?

          1. +10000@WISDOMHEAVEN. I’m sure people realize Harry and Meghan haven’t been engaged for this long but there’s a different set of rules for Meghan. Not for Harry per se, because he was everyone’s darling who could do no wrong until his statement last year calling out the media and online folks on their racism and sexism towards Meghan. So the different set of rules and standards is for Meghan. And interestingly, of all the women married into the BRF Meghan is one of the very few that came in with some own money in her bank account, yet she is the one judged harshly the most and branded a gold digger that married Harry for the money. Ignored are all the vacations and trips she took to many parts of the world before she met Harry, it’s like Meghan travelled for the first time after dating Harry. The charity work she did years before she met Harry has all been relegated to nothing but PR stunts to lure Harry etc. I’m not surprised that Meghan work and efforts are not being recognized, after all it’s Meghan we are talking about.

  26. Well maybe it’s not all bad after all. They have another engagement next week. It was only a short trip for New Years. I hope they do separate themselves. I thought it interesting for the first time, they reported Harry’s numbers as being higher than William’s—so let’s see what happens.

  27. Good morning fron the frozen south! Take care of yourself first dear MMR. I’ll be praying for a swift and full recovery

  28. Out of interest can anyone tell me how many engagements Kate did before wedding? All I can find online is that it took 3 months before she did her first event after announcing engagement to Will.

      1. Hera, Kate looked so happy and fresh in all of these first official engagements. It’s such a contrast to how she comes off now. I can’t help thinking about how you said there was “rampant speculation” that something happened after the Canada trip. Very curious as to what that was to create such a difference!

      2. Well thank you Herazeus, I knew I could depend on you to come up with something. I’m wondering, was these engagements after February 24th or before? Because if they were before, then the reports that it took Kate 3 months etc don’t hold any water. If they were after February 24 then that explains the 3 month reports.
        On a more superficial note, Kate looked really good in these pics, William is a lucky guy.

        1. Masa-Kate only did 4 engagements before her wedding and the first one was Feb 24.. I don’t really count the Xmas concert. The first engagement was in Wales, Christening a ship, then Scotland, Ireland and Northern England.

        2. The Christmas concert wasn’t an official engagement. Kate accompanied William to Teenage Cancer Trust which is a private charity that all the younger royals are supporters of. Fergie and the Yorkies are it’s royal patrons.

          Perhaps William and Kate were guests that year, but officially, they would have been supporters NOT patrons.

          That said, the Trust rans a unit at the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital and William patrons that. Cross-pollination of goals? Raising fubds for both charities?

          Either way, Kate would have been William’s guest and not an official engagement for her.

          1. That’s what I thought Hera. Leah, Kate did other engagements after the first official engagement in Wales, but between nov 10 and feb 24, there was nothing, that’s where the 3 months math was derived from.

  29. Just a reminder, most articles from the Daily Fail are specifically designed to provoke outrage. This article is a prime example of how fake news is written for its designated audience and then compounded and spread until it is considered true.

    Daily Fail said they partied like tycoons with Prince Albert and his wife, Prince Albert has DENIED this claim.

    Daily Fail said they flew in a helicopter to Monaco from Nice. While just using the word helicopter seems extravagant, the cost of the ride was only 500 dollars.

    So put it all together they did not party like tycoons and the helicopter ride was a standard tourist helicopter. And quite frankly given a scenic helicopter ride vs. a boring taxi I would take the helicopter.

    Remember before you rage. Consider the SOURCE!

  30. I just found this. Confused. Where did the 3 months nonsense come from.

    Question 3: What engagements did Kate attend with William before the Wedding?

    (Announce Engagement)
    Attended the Christmas Spectacular in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust at Thursford Collection, Thursford.
    Named the lifeboat Hereford Endeavour at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution Station, in Anglesey

    Visit University of St. Andrews to launch their 600th Anniversary Appeal
    Visited YouthAction Northern Ireland
    Met representatives from Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise at Greenmount Campus,
    Opened Darwen Aldridge Community Academy
    Visited Witton Country Park, for Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge
    (29th: Wedding at Westminister Abbey)

    1. @Shiv, my guess is the 3 months was from date of engagement to first official engagement as a couple, I’m just guessing. As per your post, Kate accompanied William to a concert on 18th December, that was it. Its like Meghan accompanying Harry to sitting tennis at Invictus games, this was not a royal engagement IMVHO. Nothing happened between Nov 10th and Feb 24th, that’s over 3 months. Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry announced engagement on Nov 27, Dec 1 they were in Nottingham, Dec 14th in Windsor with the queen, Dec 20th at Buckingham palace dinner, Dec 25 Christmas with other royals, (I forget when the Kensington palace dinner was) all that in just one month. And yet they still get raked over the coals.

      1. @MASAMF thank you for that clarification. 👍 yea I agree Megan has done and been seen a lot in a short time but still getting a lot of stick. I don’t remember ppl being this harsh on Kate straight after engagement. In fact I remember it being reported that in line with other previous women who marry into royal family we shouldn’t expect to see Kate too often before wedding. I’ll see if I can find link.

        1. Shiv, you are right. I remember reading an article and it could have been the Daily Fail, that we would not see much of Kate pre-wedding. I thought uh-oh and that something was wrong.

          Meanwhile, Meghan will have done two engagements in a month. And it is odd that she still gets guff, because in a month, we have seen more of her prewedding than we did of Kate in the same time frame.

          Course, that could be the issue for some people.

  31. In any event I think Megan’s doing just fine. Those on her case about not working before wedding, need to chill. It’s still early days and so what about a couple days break over new year. I thought kate had done hardly anything pre wedding so surprised with what I found above, if correct. Happy New Year!! Hope you get well soon MMR.

  32. There are recent reports that Meghan wants her mother Doria to walk her down the aisle. It’s hard to say what the current relationship is with her father but the fact that he has yet to meet his future son-in-law speaks volumes. I’ve been reading comments on the daily fail & predictably she is being slammed for it!

    The reason why this wedding is so symbolic is because a biracial woman is marrying into the royal family. So what would be more symbolic than having her black mother walk her down the aisle. Normally the mother-of-the-bride is often relegated to the sidelines on the actual wedding day. It’s the father that gets to give the bride away & make the speech at the reception. There won’t be a balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace & Doria needs to have her moment in the spotlight! And what better way than to walk alongside her daughter when all the eyes of the world will be watching at that moment.

    If that were to happen it would be one of the iconic & emotional images of the day.

    1. @All About Eve, these are just rumours aka fanfic, just like the rumours about how prince Harry had been lusting after Meghan for years, he was asked by a friend who his ideal wife would be and he quickly with no hesitation said Meghan Markle of suits, then he followed that exclamation with arranging for a date with Meghan tada, tada, tada. None of which was true of course, as Harry dispelled all that as hogwash put out by some deranged tabloids.

      1. @MASAMF I agree that none of us have any idea whether this report is true but I thought it was interesting to discuss the significance if it did happen.

      2. I think people really need to take tabloid rumors and sources with a HUGE grain of salt. Depending on the source they have different agendas. For example the Daily Fail article about the Monaco trip was discounted when they said they party like tycoons when in fact they did not even meet with Prince Albert. This is how fake news is created and spread. Lets not fall for the fake news trap.

        1. Tycoons and monaco go hand in hand FYI. H&M don’t need to meet Albert in order to bump into tycoons in Monaco. Only millionaires or those who can afford the millionaire lifestyle are allowed to live in Monaco. The richer the better. That is the point of Monaco.

          1. That’s funny because the same can be said for London, or Paris or New York City . There is no place in the US or Europe where they will not be around rich people or royalty. So in the future they should perhaps stay home in a palace with their rich tycoon relatives.

            The article specifically said they where with Prince Albert, that lie was discounted so I doubt everything about this “article” until another source clarifies.

          2. Actually nope. You can’t say the same for London or Paris or New York city. You have to be a millionaire to reside in monaco. Your economic status and financials are examined. You have to have a certain level of wealth to reside there. The poor people live over the border in France, and they commute to work or service the people of Monaco.

            Despite being expensive cities, you don’t require a millionaire’s bank account to reside in Paris, London or New York city nor does their govts require you to have one.

            Being around the super wealthy in Monaco is as mundane as taking a walk in the park unlike Paris or London or NYC where you have to go looking for them in their neighbourhoods.

            If an article lied about HM meeting Albert, that’s one thing, but the article saying they met tycoons or millionaires is the same as saying water is wet in the context of Monaco.

    2. It would be iconic if Doria were to escort Meghan down the aisle.

      I admit when in the interview it was said Harry hadn’t met her father, but he had talked to him, that was the only red flag I got from the interview. I thought uh-oh. There seemed to be a real undercurrent there.

      I think one of the reasons people are always dragging Meghan is because her family background is unusual for a royal to be. And to be honest, people have troubles with families that are not the norm and families that are very complex. We still expect the norm-mom, dad, kids.

      I admit there is a lot about Meghan’s family that seems complex and I am sure there are secrets there, like any other family, but it’s not our place to know them.

      I think what REALLY hurts Meghan is that Kate’s family is the “typical” family you think of and that Kate’s family is supportive and very involved in her life. Meghan on the surface does not have that and that makes many look askance. Like, it’s bad enough that she is biracial, American, divorced, an actress, but her family is not perfect and yet she STILL got our prince.

      Just another reason to hate her.

      1. My estimation of Britain being a fair and progressive place is being challenged. Meghan has done nothing to be ashamed up not by being biracial, American, a working actress who now will receive residual income for the rest of her life and a family who is just as imperfect as the royals themselves.

        1. Hi,

          I would not call Kate’s family “normal.” I don’t know many young women who have a mother as manipulative and pushy as Carole. Nor, do I know women of this century who are living a Pride & Prejudice style life. To be honest, Carole orchestrated the engagement of Will and Kate so well, I have to say, it would not have surprised me at all if she had joined Mike in walking Kate down the aisle. Just kidding, but to call Kate’s family more “typical” made me laugh. Kate’s family is not typical in any way, to me. A pushy mom, a dad that just enabled the mother and disregarded what may or may not have been in his daughters’ best interests, a son who has never really achieved anything on his own…. I could go on. Kate’s family does not smack of being anywhere near typical to me.

      2. It’s not surprising he hasn’t met her father; he lives in Mexico alone and Meghan lived in Canada. She’s clearly closer to her mother and has been for some time.

  33. I would LOVE for Doria or BOTH her parents to walk her down the aisle. It is actually pretty common in the US now, I would say of the 6 weddings I was in or attended last year (I am of that age where people are dropping like flies marriage wise!) 5/6 had both parents walk them down the aisle. It is a good way to maintain a tradition while putting a more modern and egalitarian twist on it. I can already see the old timey royal watchers needing their salts at the very idea *eye roll*

  34. First and most importantly, KMR/MMR take care of yourself. Nothing is more important than your health. You have my prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Now, about Meghan and Harry. I don’t really care if they go on vacation or not. I suppose it was inevitable. But what this trip did make me wonder, does Meghan have some kind of residency requirement if she is getting UK citizenship. Is she allowed to go flitting in and out of the country like this? I always thought if you were establishing residency for a new country you had to go there and stay put to meet the requirements. Maybe I just don’t understand the process.

    1. I think one of the requirements for UK citizenship is to have lived in the UK for five years. There is also a limit to the number of days you can spend out of the country but I am not sure what that number is.

    2. 1. You can flit in and out of the UK if you hold a passport from favoured nation status as a visitor. You don’t require a visa for that.

      2. She’s most probably going to receive a fiancee / marriage visa to cover her residency criteria period and to allow her to carry out royal duties. She’ll have to be more careful with the help of a pedantic immigration lawyer to stick to the number of days per year requirement unless she can prove good reason for breaking that requirement eg holi-tours of the commonwealth!!

      1. Yes. Meghan will receive a married visa. So, she have to live in UK for three years before to require the citizenship. Durin this period, she can’t stay out of UK for more then 270 days and no more then 90 days in the last 12 months before the end of this three years.(British Nacionality Act)

    1. No I don’t know if blind items should be discussed because then this becomes just another gossip and heresay board.

      And given the current actions of Meghan’s family and their courting of the press, their constant talking to the press, their constant selling photos and videos or Meghan. It is clear to see these are not the actions of a happy family and also the fact that Meghan does not have any contact, this lends support to what Harry said based on the family’s awful actions.

  35. What is fun to read about Meghan being painted as a manipulative gold digger? How is that pleasant. And no, it doesn’t explain Harry’s comment.

  36. I think this article by Tom Sykes is interesting, he says they should become more boring :


    He also mentions that newspaper editors are loving using Meghan’s relatives to embarrass the couple.
    I think the editors are jumping the gun and are not giving the couple an actual honeymoon period before the knives are drawn.

    I don’t think any of their missteps are scandals or even bad but he believes they should become boring like Will and Kate………

    1. It’s a good article. The message I took is that H+M need to listen to advice from others. The missteps mentioned were most likely driven by Harry, and did the couple no favours. The brothers think they know best, are invincible, but no, not so much. A healthy dose of humility is needed asap.

    2. The editors are being petty because of Harry and Meghan’s injunction stopping them reporting on the couple during the dating period.

      The injunction in itself wasn’t a bad idea, but the wording therein and the timing at a super sensitive time for the media, laid the ground work for future negative media directed at the media.

      What’s that saying? You can collect more flies with honey…..that should have been their approach. Instead they poked the beast when it was wounded and the media never, ever forgets.

      1. Yep, Herazeus. I hear so many reporters on Twitter compliment Camilla and say she treats them well. Thinking back to her days portrayed as Diana’s “rottweiler” third wheel in the marriage I would never imagine that she would have her current popularity with the media. But apparently she treats the reporters well on foreign tours and always let’s them have a good picture. She knows how to be smart about it.

  37. Dear MMR, I hope your health is improving and you will be up on your feet in no time.
    The longer I think about it, the lesser I am bothered by a 2-3 day trip for NY. Monaco as destination gives a little sting as it is often associated with new money and indulgence.
    On the Doris down the aisle rumour: I think everyone would feel extremely offended if people would make it about their skin colour. And rightly so. If she walks her daughter down the aisle it will be because Meghan will feel a deeper connection to her and because she was the one who raised her and not because the colour of her skin would make great PR. That would be heartbreaking to me.
    I actually would prefer Meghan to walk alone or only get escorted (by her mom) half the way. She is in her mid- thirties, has lived on her own in years and worked herself a pleasant lifestyle. There is no need to get „handed over“. It is not that I don’t like this tradition, but for me, when your life is already so separate it is mostly for show/tradition/pictures and less about feelings and the (not romantic) meaning of providing.
    Her going alone would set a strong mark on the role of women in today’s society. But that is just theoretical meta level stuff about a day that I will love to watch and truly enjoy nonetheless what they decide and for whatever reasons.
    I am very sad that in the last weeks her half siblings have overshadowed her picture. They seem to be her „Uncle Gary“ and we all know how people love to bash Kate and her family because of him. I think almost everyone has one or two black sheep that are not the conversation topic when you get to know people. With her profile rising she is now in the same position as Kate or many A celebrities (just think Julia Robert‘s sister- magazines love a good family feud). I hope they will be soon forgotten but we know as soon as they want to talk or get arrested again the papers and internet will be full of it.

    1. According to Tom Sykes the tabloid editors(Daily Fail) are grinning with glee over the “relatives”. The most current article goes through hoops to tie Meghan to the future fiance of Meghan’s half brother who she has not spoken to in 10 years.

  38. No one and I mean no one wants another Will and Kate. Meghan and Harry should be themselves. The article had good points, but being like Will and Kate is not the answer to anything. I don’t see that the couple has any positives about them.

    1. “I don’t see that the couple has any positives about them.”

      Wow. If statements like this are fair game, then one should accept honest thoughts on ALL members of the BRF. . .

      1. Garnet P + 1. Just Wow. How do we know that “no one wants another Will and Kate” ? We don’t. Leah, you’re entitled to your opinion but so are others and you can’t speak for them.

        1. You know, Susie Q, you made me uncomfortable the first time you directed a comment specifically at Leah. A few posts later, and I notice that the only times you comment are to respond toward someone who has expressed… a strong difference of opinion with Leah.

          As for myself, I may not always agree with Leah’s point, but I will *always* hate bullies.

          My apologies, Leah. You didn’t ask for this. If this makes you uncomfortable, please let me know.

    2. “No one and I mean no one wants another Will and Kate.”
      Speak for yourself.
      Garnet P and Susie Q +1

  39. Okay, maybe my judgement was a little harsh, but I don’t see what is positive about Will and Kate. They are boring, lazy, don’t care for royal duties or charity work. They keep themselves and their children hidden and are more Middleton than anything. I don’t see what is good about that.

    I don’t know and never had understood why people are gaga for them other than Will being the next King.

    1. Leah, could you please explain how you can say in one sentence, “maybe my judgement was a little harsh . . .” and in your next sentence say, “They are boring, lazy, don’t care for royal duties . . .”?

      You were just harsh again.

      It’s frustrating to read your constant barrage of insults against the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and yet you have absolutely no tolerance for anyone’s critique of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This is quite the double standard.

      1. Sigh. Garnet, I am a lady of contradictions. I am trying to tone it down, I really am. I don’t care for W&K and never have. It’s that simple.

        With Meghan, it seems that most issues with her stem from being American, divorced, an actress, biracial. A lot of people are giving her no breathing room, expect her to be perfect. She is having her character assassinated and having to undergo hatred that Kate did not get at the beginning.

        There is a woman on Twitter who attacks Meghan non stop because she claims Harry has a secret family with a woman named Eloise-she couldn’t have picked a better name?-and that Meghan is the reason they are apart.

        The hatred for Meghan is absolutely sickening. I have seen tweets and online comments directed toward her that make me seriously fear for her safety.

        And the hatred isn’t deserved.

        So yes, I will try to tone down the W&K dislike, but I do tend to speak my mind.

        bottom line, I think a lot of criticism directed toward Meghan revolves around other things, a lot of which she can’t control, like her family and is not legit.

        I am afraid I am rambling, Garnet, but I hear you.

      2. William and Kate have very low numbers for engagements many years running and they work less than members of the family who are elderly and who are way further down the line. I think it is fair to call them lazy after seven years of not doing their work. Their lack of work and enthusiasm for it has caused much speculation about whether or not the monarchy will last after Elizabeth and Charles so having another couple be as lazy as them will definitely be an issue.

        And every year Kate’s spending increases while the workload barely improves. At some point the dam will break and if Harry and Meghan are like Will and Kate in these ways, then republicans will have a grand old time as the Fab Four do not offer anything of real value for the moment, especially considering how UK taxpayers are facing serious cuts in benefits and the NHS while they get to live in palaces and travel the world. Boring only works when duty and service are attached, which is what the Queen has done, as well as Anne and Charles. Boring does not work when you want all the goodies but will make little or no effort to deserve them.

        1. Harry has also come to be seen to be more like William than people care to acknowledge. He has also been pretty much a dilettante, flitting here and there for things that interest him, but do not necessarily serve others. How often have we heard that Harry can’t outwork William? Uh oh. Harry likes to be away from the UK. Uh oh. We hear that ‘the boys’ are bored with bread-and-butter royal work; that’s not for Diana’s boys! They seem blissfully unaware that it’s not all about them. Uh oh. All that translates into skepticism for HM as a couple, but not necessarily directed to Meghan herself unless – and only unless – she adopts the same mindset and behaviours of the trio. It’s tricky, and the only thing to do is wait and see how it rolls out in a difficult post-Brexit climate, with many citizens struggling to survive. It’s not okay to run off to tour the Commonwealth ‘cos prince, ‘cos boredom.

          1. I would be impressed if H and M outwork W and K even though that is not a high bar. But we are going to have to wait and see.
            And I agree that travelling to the Commonwealth is a bunch of malarkey. We don’t need visits from royalty and manage quite well without them. They are symbols and nothing more.

  40. How are you feeling KMR? We all hope that you are doing better.
    I just saw this “news” that Darlene Bloun (Tom Markle´s fiance) was arrested on New Years Eve because she slaped Tom or something like that, while they were partying drunk in Oregon. Anyone knows about it or if they are still to be married after that?

  41. I will say that I do believe the “gloves came off” in regards to how the media writes about Meghan much earlier than they did with Kate. When Kate got engaged she was Cinderella for about two years. The middle class University student who caught the eye of a future king. Every magazine and newspaper made it seem like she could do no wrong. She was older and more mature than Diana, educated with a university degree, stable family, etc etc. It wasn’t until she started having Marilyn Monroe moments and those naked sun bathing pics came out that the media started to turn on her. Now, to be sure, there was the awful Waity Katie name pre engagement that the media made for her…but there was a fairy tale honeymoon period during the engagement and in the after glow of the wedding.

    Meghan doesn’t seem to be getting a honeymoon grace period in the media. I think that the media is still holding a grudge against Harry because of the statement he released and that’s a shame. I think the media may go after Meghan hard after the wedding digging up any bit of dirt about her and her extended family that they can.

    I have some concerns that Harry has not properly prepared Meghan for what is about to happen. There was one moment in the engagement interview where Meghan talked about how she was completely unprepared for the public reaction and then she looked at Harry and he said “well, I tried to tell you”… there was something about that moment that stuck out to me. Maybe he did try to warn her and she didn’t want to listen or she tried to convince him she could handle it?

    I hope that Meghan’s spirit isn’t crushed too much because her relationship with Harry moved too quickly. Princess Masako is a heartbreaking example of an accomplished, ivy league educated diplomat who was crushed by the gidled cage of royal life. I think Harry rushed things too much.

    This is just my opinion. I am not trying to be pessimistic. Hopefully everything works out ok.

    1. To say the media is mad because of the statement would be false. The media treated Meghan and her family AWFUL before the statement, in fact the statement was the result of their blatant racist and sexist statements and misleading headlines BEFORE the statement was made. The fact that they have continued to treat Meghan with disrespect and refused to let her settle into her new role proves just how awful they actually are.

  42. I cannot think of any reason whatsoever for Harry and Meghan to focus on the Commonwealth countries. They’re british monarchs and should focus on Britain, if they wish to shore up their shaky legitimacy. I really wonder what William thinks of his role – has he ever said what he thinks?. Beyond taking his time before taking up ‘duties’, I mean. How does he see the Crown operating (apart from the Constitutional function) in the future? William, Harry, Kate and Meghan should all have well thought out replies for questions like that. I’m sure Charles has a position and can defend it. I think William is unable to see beyond his own short sighted needs – privacy and? – into the bigger picture. Neither ‘boys’ seem intelligent or educated at all.

    1. As long ago as the early 2002, William has said he doesn’t want to be King. The journalist who wrote up his remarks had to walk it back amid rumours that Charles and The Queen had read him the riot act about it.

      This is the column that caused issues: https://www.newstatesman.com/node/154740

      Repeated again the following year: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/johann-hari/why-william-will-never-be-king-590196.html

      Since then, in interview after interview, William would say that he was doing his best NOT to start royal duties. The one i recall easily in which he said this was an interview to Katie Couric circa 2010/11 in which he said he was trying not to think about taking up any duties though he was aware of the pressing need to start.

      Then in 2015 in his EAAA interview, he said would be a part-time King as he found more meaningful work like EAAA.

      Finally Harry in his newsweek article gave the biggest clue that no one wanted to be King AND by the time they got to William’s Kingship they would be less rather than more. Harry’s statement read in a vacuum wasn’t that big a deal, but when you look at William’s history of hints and avoidance over the past 15yrs, it is rather more significant.

    2. Lisa, there is no reason beyond wanting to escape scrutiny in the UK, as well as enjoy exotic locations. They are not needed here in Australia, nor probably anywhere else in the Commonwealth either. If the Wales ‘boys’ want the goodies to continue, they need to do whatever their British masters aka the public require of them. Why is anyone else responsible for their happiness, boredom and reluctance to do real work? They have a choice to fade away on their own coin if they don’t like the deal on the table.

      1. I wonder if H&M realise that the commonwealth isn’t a given for the British monarchy after the Queen dies.

        Bless her she’s campaigning as much as possible to turn it’s headship into a hereditary role occupied by the British Monarchy, but given the republic noises coming out of the realms, nevermind the non-realm commonwealth countries, it’s looking like her efforts will come to nought.

        And once that avenue to closed off, whatever will H&M do?

        Btw, it’s so wierd to me how in 2017 you have two men who declare they want to modernise the monarchy by taking it back to it’s imperialist past.

        Between their imperial opinions and outlook on Africa and magical prince-ing of the commonwealth countries aka more Africa, it’s as if they skipped the 21st century except for the mod cons of it.

        Where did this outlook come from? Charles and the Queen aren’t magical prince-ing the realms or the commonwealth.

        When your Edwardian raised parent and grandparents have more modern views than you, it’s a worry.

      2. From my experience working with a British Government organization, whether you believe it or not, the Commonwealth is important to the British Government and the work that it does in those respective countries. There are a number of programmed funded by British tax payers under the Commonwealth.

        As a citizen of a Commonwealth country I am yet to understand how this benefits me and my peers but I can tell you that the older generation (at least in this part of the world) takes great pride in being part of the Commonwealth and so do our governments. So if I was to try and pick a benefit it probably has to do with diplomatic relations for both sides.

        I also remembered that through the organization that I worked there was a fear that th concept of the Commonwealth was being lost on the younger generation and this is probably why they think it is a good idea for Harry (being a senior royal and younger) to focus on this part of British Diplomacy.

        Don’t take my word for it though.

        1. There are a myriad of worthwhile programmes under the Commonwealth banner. For those interested:

          One of the most visible is The Commonwealth Games, held every four years; the next iteration takes place in March 2018 on the Gold Coast (Queensland) here in Australia. It’s a Commonwealth version of the Olympic Games. The cost is borne entirely by the host, in this case, Queensland, estimated to be c. AU$2 billion dollars.

          My understanding is that member countries pay subscription dues, some mandatory, some voluntary to the Commonwealth. These are paid to three separate funds; in 2012/2013 the budgets to these funds were Commonwealth Secretariat Fund (£16.4m), the Commonwealth Youth Programme Fund (£3.48m), and the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (£29.73m).

          As it prepares to leave the EU, the UK is resurrecting stronger economic ties with members of the Commonwealth, for obvious reasons. Harry’s desire to prince the Commonwealth may account for this in part, though from appearances, he prefers to be away from his home country. The Commonwealth provides a level of legitimacy though I have no idea what he and Meghan bring. It will cost those host countries, though, for their travel, clothes, accommodation etc. Some smaller, less well-off countries have declined to host the BRF in the past simply because they can’t afford the cost. It’s additionally tricky as the Crown represents treacherous treatment of indigenous peoples of the Commonwealth, with huge disadvantages still evident today.

          My mother’s generation are Royal devotees, and you are right to conclude that younger generations do not identify with the UK or know anything much about the Commonwealth. It will mean different things to different countries, though trade and cultural associations remain alive. As Canada and Australia move to republic status at some point, the relationship will evolve again, especially as new relationships continue to be forged beyond the Commonwealth. It’s useful to remember that the UK ditched Commonwealth countries when it joined the EEC back in the day. Nothing stays the same.

        2. If the Commonwealth is such a serious business, then why send a couple of frivolous lightweights like the Cambs to Canada for a luxurious holi-tour and platinum entertainment by the natives, and Harry and Meghan in the future? William didn’t even bother to read his briefs. What’s in it for us?

          None of the fab four bring anything worthwhile to the table, we don’t need their ‘diplomacy’- in Canada we have a Governor General who represents the queen. This may benefit the UK in some way, but it certainly doesn’t ostensibly benefit the Commonwealth countries when they come to spend our money and be feted.

          And let’s not lump in older people as a demographic supportive of people like them. I don’t know anyone in my cohort who is chuffed at getting a glimpse of some wastrel celebrities living off the taxpayers. Overall, at best, the fab four are a curiosity, and whether they exist or not makes no difference to the well-being of nations. Monarchy is really no longer part of our national identity.

          1. The usual story is that the Foreign Office has requested royalty to visit certain places calling it soft diplomacy. I interpret that as those doing the hard yards of negotiating trade deals etc are accompanied by royals who provide a bit of icing on the top as well as something for them to do. But with regard to the Commonwealth, it is is fundamentally trade that binds us together now.

            I imagine there is an expectation for Commonwealth countries to offer invitations at certain intervals to to give the monarchy visibility and to keep a foreign flag flying. But for WK and HM to think it is a place for them to float about like emperors of the long-gone Empire is so off base it is offensive.

        3. I think the point you raise about the importance of the commonwealth is a valid one.

          However, with time, it’s evolved into an economic block akin to the EU with less beauracracy and need to solidify into the united states of the commonwealth like the EU has become or wants to become.

          My fear is that the younger generation of royals do not see the economic advantages of the commonwealth. They look at it as if it were empire in the old school sense. So they will magical prince around it with their holi-tours as if they are still in the hey day of the British empire bestowing the natives with their magical presence instead of the modern institution it is.

  43. There is bi-partisan support from both major political parties to re-visit a republic in Oz at some point after the Queen dies. There is currently a case before the High Court for the Queen to release sensitive documents re. the 1975 Whitlam Govt dismissal; the Queen has refused. The suggestion is that she was active in seeing a legitimately elected government being dismissed. That’s unacceptable, if so.

    The Queen has seen it all and will do what it takes to retard the inevitable. Sending the ‘young’ royals and kiddies to countries with republic rumblings is one such tactic, hoping such ambitions will will be delayed in the hoopla. Honestly, there is just no reason for them to be here; they don’t figure in our daily lives. Even the last Canadian tour found muted support from citizens.

    Still, Australia won’t leave the Commonwealth, just find our own HoS from within our ranks. The Queen’s attempt to make the HoC role hereditary is a crafty move; who will go up against an elderly woman let alone one whose PR says she’s given her life to the Commonwealth? Who’s going to say, “Actually, we would like a merit-based approach – that is, everything you don’t stand for.” Who’d have the balls? I genuinely believe the Queen is trying to shore up as much as possible for her family before she dies: financial, plus maintaining the status quo in areas such as the Commonwealth. She knows support for the monarchy rests with her longevity and being a familiar figure in Britons’ lives. Things will unravel, people may question monarchy’s role, something they would never do at present, simply out of respect.

    Her two imperialist throwback grandsons seem cushioned by the thought that life will continue as they wish for as long as they wish. Do they know something we don’t? The BRF has long thought the Commonwealth their playground. The ‘boys’ should stay at home and work there. But they are now spoiled beyond repair. Their views have never been challenged, their behaviour never suitably disciplined, their time not directed to honest, sustained service, and not a soupcon of humility between them.

    1. Oh for a soupcon of humility.

      There was a time i thought Harry had it, but alas that Newsweek article opened my eyes.

  44. Can someone explain to me, why Meghan is referred to as the first bi-racial member of this Royal Family, but Barack Obama was the first Black U.S. president? Sorry for my ignorance, just wondering. Both of these people had/have one white parent and one Black. I never once heard President Obama referred to in the media as the first bi-racial President. There is actually a black princess of Lichtenstein. She gets very little press. I assume her country is so small compared to Great Britain, but still, why do so few know about her?

    To MMR, a speedy recovery. I was sorry to learn you have been hospitalized and wish you a complete recovery and a healthy rest of this New Year. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Very simple; Barack Obama self-identifies as black and Meghan self-identifies as bi-racial. If Barack self-identified as bi-racial then the media would refer to him that way. He jokingly referred to himself as a ‘mutt’ and acknowledges his white mother and grandparents but given the choice on the 2010 census he picked his race as ‘Black/AA’ and did not take the option of both races.

      1. I think politically he didn’t have a choice to identify any other way either. Race is always a tricky issue in the States and there are remnants of the attitude of the “one drop rule” in some parts, so it was probably better to say he was black than bi-racial. I recall when he was attacked for not being considered black enough in the 2008 primaries though. According to some, his black ancestors weren’t African American.

        I think it matters less for an actor and perhaps things have evolved a little in that area too because of Obama.

        1. Appreciate the explanations. I was wondering, and forgive my being naïve, I had thought it might have to do with skin tone. President Obama’s skin tone is darker than Meghan’s. I also understand the idea of identifying more with one race than another, or perhaps, embracing both. It’s sad that people are still being identified by their race. It’s something to be proud of, yes, but how much nicer if we would see people as people. Again, naïve?

    2. It may even have to do with how brown the skin is as well. If you are bi-racial, but are as brown as a non bi-racial person, people will call you black and not bi-racial. For example, Nick Cannon and former President Obama are close in skin tone but Obama is bi-racial and calls himself black and African-American.

      Meghan has a lighter brown skin and she identifies as bi-racial.

      I researched to know if British actress Thandie Newton identifies herself as black since her father is English and her mother is African and she seems to have the same skin tone as Meghan. Thandie said, “Growing up in Penzance, Cornwall, my brother, Jamie, and I were the only black children in the area.” So Thandie calls herself black and not bi-racial.


      I think its time for people to stop identifying themselves by race or skin color because we are all of the human race. But that may take awhile since race is one of the ways societies keep people poor or rich, educated or uneducated, employed and unemployed, etc.

  45. I think people should identify how they want to identify and we have no right to tell them otherwise. Being biracial and choosing to identify by that or not, is a complex bag and it is hard for others who are not biracial to comment on it without seeming patronizing or like they don’t know what they are talking about.

    Biracial people older than Meghan tend to consider themselves black while those of Meghan’s generation and younger tend to ID as biracial.

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