Article Round Up: Meghan & Harry left Pippa’s wedding early, Harry at Invictus event

Article Round Up: Meghan & Harry left Pippa’s wedding early, Harry at Invictus event

This is a mini article round up about Meghan Markle, and I’m also including Prince Harry at an Invictus event today, May 30.

I really had hoped that I would never have to or want to write about Pippa’s wedding ever again, but there is an article in the Express which has some quotes I found funny, so I thought I’d share.

“BESOTTED Prince Harry left Pippa Middleton’s wedding early so that he and Meghan Markle could drive back to Kensington Palace alone together. The couple spent just four hours at the black tie bash at Bucklebury Manor, the Middletons’ Berkshire home, before quietly slipping away to London.

“A wedding insider said ‘It was very much a case of an early night for Harry and Meghan. While other guests revelled until 4am, they left at midnight. Meghan is a really lovely girl. I was quite surprised how shy and softly spoken she was. They look really sweet together – really comfortable in each other’s company and very happy.’

“Meghan’s attendance at the reception was kept so secret that her name was left off all the security plans for the night. Fearing a leak, party planners Fait Accompli are said to have arranged for the Suits star to bypass the hour-long guest screening process and go straight into the glass marquee on Harry’s arm.

“A source said: ‘The whole thing was very carefully handled. There was no way Meghan was going to upstage Pippa on her big day – they knew photographers would be looking for a shot of them rather than focusing on the newlyweds. That’s where the whole ‘no ring, no bring’ thing came in. It was a clever way of dealing with the fact Meghan wasn’t going to be at the church or lunchtime reception. Who would argue with that?’ […]

“The wedding insider added: ‘In the old days Harry would have been the last person on the dance floor. It used to be a case of, the sun’s coming up, shall we go home now? But with Meghan by his side he seemed more interested in getting back to Kensington Palace. They left hours before most of the partygoers.'”


“Who would argue with that?” A lot of people. A whole lot of people.

There have been a bunch of random fake articles floating around which Gossip Cop has taken to debunking, but in one of their debunking articles they mentioned something interesting: that Meghan “is committed to living in Toronto through the end of 2017” and that house hunting together is “very premature”. So… Not a winter wedding, then?

I’m also including an article and photos of Harry at the Invictus Games Team UK unveiling at the Tower of London today. Harry met with 90 servicemen and women who will compete in 12 adaptive sports in Toronto in September at the 3rd Invictus Games.

“Speaking to the UK team, the prince said: ‘It’s going to be good. Whether you get a medal or not you are going to have an amazing experience. Suck up all the experiences. For your family, your loved one, your friends, everything has changed too. Their aspirations may have been changed as much as yours. They will have made sacrifices too. This is a chance to thank them too. Thank them for the sacrifices they have also made.

“‘No matter how you are going to do I promise you that you will feel a million dollars. Whether you cross the finishing line first it last will make no difference to me or to anyone. It’s in our blood to win, it’s in our nature to win. [but] whether you are blowing smoke out of your a*** as your cross the line makes no difference. It is what you are achieving, what you have achieved to get there.

“‘This is a real opportunity for you guys to be congratulated and recognised for the amazing things you have done and the amazing things you are doing and will go on to do. This is the last stepping stone and as I see it there are many different paths you can now follow.'”

[Daily Mail]

On a purely superficial note, Harry looks really good in his black Invictus shirt and olive trousers. I mean, no wonder Meghan wanted to get back to KP from Pippa’s wedding as quickly as possible.

65 thoughts on “Article Round Up: Meghan & Harry left Pippa’s wedding early, Harry at Invictus event

  1. I love Harry with dogs photos. Invictus is such a perfect match for his passions.

    I do think Meghan will be “the one” but see no need to rush into engagement and marriage. The idea of a winter 2017 wedding always seemed very far-fetched to me.

    Why do I think she will be someday Harry’s wife? They seem to have a lot in common, he was quick to be protective of her, they are maintaining a long distance relationship in the public eye which would be too much of a hassle unless they were serious about trying to make it work, and they’re both in their thirties so would have a better idea of what they like to look for in a partner. Plus, she’s given up some of her public life with the closing of the Tig blog and not renewing her fashion contract.

    I don’t have strong opinions about her, but I’m glad you started the blog as I feel as Invictus rolls around we will see more articles and photos of them.

  2. Amen MMR about that outfit Harry is wearing… Yums .. eww 😷 I just grossed myself out for saying that. Lol

    1. I am still confused about how to feel if this is “the one” for Harry… I’ve done some extensive research on her and while I might get bashed for saying this, I can’t really believe he involved himself with her at all. She seems like the classic social climber and her FB and IG posts are shallow and scream for attention, not in the usual social media famous way, but I feel that she rubs her success in people’s faces. It’s perfectly fine for her to be secure and happy with the financial success she has made for herself, but the constant pics with celebrities, selfies with hast as of the brands she wears, etc. just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The humanitarian stuff on the Tiger sounds really good but I think she surely has her motives for the causes, etc. She claims to love Los Angeles so much but has not tried to bring light to the problems in her own home town. Inglewood as well as downtown LA is full of homeless people. Tents literally lining the streets. Google skid Rowland take a peek. It’s really bad. Classic case of rags to riches ignoring the struggles in her own hometown to join the causes that are better for her image to fit in with those in the elite circles she’s trying to impress. Just my opinion but something is really off about her and I can tell.

      1. Pardon my asking Accentbeach, so, your conclusion that Meghan is a “classic social climber” is from your “extensive research” of her Facebook page and her Instagram? Talk about judging a book by its cover!! And do pray tell, how does posting of one’s pictures “scream attention”? And so just because Meghan has not changed Los Angeles or said anything about her neighbourhood means she is “ignoring the struggles in her own hometown”? Im just literally SMH at this post.
        Perhaps none of us can really understand why Harry and Meghan fell for each other, but should that even matter? My guess is that Harry probably got more baggage than Meghan and if at all our opinions of other people’s relationships does matter (which I don’t think it does) question should be more like what Meghan saw in a guy like Harry who comes with the firm and all the baggage it carries with it, but that’s juts me.

        1. I agree with your comments. While judging her based off of scant information may be wrong, I also feel like her motives are suspect and that Harry is a means to an end for her. I would like nothing more than to see Harry with a like minded partner, who loves him above all others. My gut feeling is that Meagan is more motivated by her own advancement than true love.

          1. I get the feeling people think only a “normal” girl would suit him. Imo Meghan is exactly Harry’s type: she does some charity work, she has money and a job that allows her to jet set around the world. I like Harry, I think he has a good heart and connects with people, but let’s face it, he’s far from being a down to earth person, no matter how much his PR try to sell us that.

            Both have a lot to gain in terms of PR: she gets recognition and he’s taken more seriously and leaves his playboy image behind. I don’t think it’s the case, but if someone’s being used, it goes both ways.

        2. This is the on going battle with Meghan’s d Kate… there are opinions all over the place, good bad and indifference sold as facts. People make all these assumptions base on pictures and 1/2 info and 1/2 truths…

        3. I agree , for me it’s not if she is good enough for him, but whether she is prepared to take him on. I like her and I wish them every happiness. Harry just seems happy ATM and that is good for him, for her and for the Brits who fund them . If he’s happy he will work more effectively.

      2. Meghan is a celebrity. Posting pics with other celebs and hashtagging the brands she’s wearing is normal celeb behavior – it may not be everyone’s taste, but it’s normal for that set. And while it may not sit well with people, doing charity work in Africa instead of their home towns is normal for celebs and royals. Both William and Harry seem to care more for Africa than they do for the UK.

  3. Harry does look good here. Does he have a dog? If not he needs to get one!
    As for the Meghan and wedding reception comments. Uh wasn’t it always reported that she was going to the reception?!! So the leaving her name off the list seems a bit ridiculous. Sheesh
    I’ve said this before but until they both live in the same city, I think it would be hard to know how good of a fit they really are.

    1. ACCENT BEACH, I did not want to comment here. Reading your comments was enough for me. But you made me subscribe just to answer you. I’ve been following MM since first season of Suits and I was a Tig reader. I perceive her like a fighter who knows that life is not easy. Even though Suits was not a hit like “Scandal” she was happy to have a job and she was always willing to promote her show while trying to find something better. I loved The Tig because she was not afraid to talk about her own doubts and fights. Sometimes you don’t choose the causes, the causes choose you. She didn’t choose to be a UN advocate. She was writing about her own experiences and the UN contacted her. She could have said no. But she accepted to give her time and her voice to promote gender equality. She did the same for Worldvision. There is nothing wrong to be happy with your life and to share it. I miss the old MM. She was so free and happy! Since the news about PH relationship broke, I find her too much in control.

  4. Melissa Percy held a blowout party on the same night as the evening reception. Some of the people at Pippa’s wedding were at Missy’s party. Perhaps Harry was in a hurry to get to that party?πŸ€”

    1. Ooohhh scandalous, since his ex was there… I like your theory Herazeus, πŸ‘πŸ½perhaps another theory, is they both had to get back to London to catch flights on Sunday , her back to Toronto πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ and him to Botswana πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ό ???

      1. I don’t know much about the Percys. I know they are somehow related Henry Percy who was entangled with Anne Boleyn. I googled Melissa Percy . She has a wicked tiara. George needs to hook up with Beatrice York. It is a pity that Beatrice was not at the wedding. George could have taken her back.

        1. Laura: on the one hand i don’t think the Boleyns are the right fit for comparison with the Middletons, but i enjoy the parallel when you throw in the Percys because our modern Percy is descended directly from Elizabeth 1’s dudley and indirectly the *Percy in the Anne Boleyn saga.

          *the direct Percy line in the male line died out twice and each time restored by a Percy daughter with senior bloodline succession rights insisting their hubby take her Percy name in order to preserve the line and said husband being created duke of Northumberland.

    2. Was there a special occasion or event that Melissa Percy was celebrating, and that’s why her party happened to fall on the same night as Pippa’s wedding? Or could it be that Melissa was getting back, in a way, at the Middletons, perhaps for siding with her ex-husband, including him in their houseparties, etc? I can’t remember and can’t bring myself to crawl back through all of the Pippa wedding hoopla, but wasn’t George Percy a wedding guest? It just seems odd that Missy would choose that night of all nights to throw a blowout party when she had to know Pippa’s date way in advance.

      1. Oh, I can’t edit my comment, but a quick search on the DM answered my question: Missy’s 30th birthday. Guess that does qualify as a special occasion. And I had forgotten that her ex is one of George’s godfathers, so of course, the Cambridges/Middletons will stay tight with him. So not as much drama as I was hoping for, lol. But it would be interesting to know how many of Pippa’s guests exited early to get back to the London party. I’m sure Harry and Meghan were in a hurry to leave that glass enclosure at the Middletons and get to Syon House.

  5. An hour long security line to get into a wedding reception???? Are they nuts?? W&K&H have attended dozens of receptions over the years and I’ve never heard of this kind of screening before. If I was in that line, I’d give up and go home or to Missy’s party.

    1. I know an hour for security for two people who are super wealthy but not royal. I would turn around and go to the best local pub!!

      1. Why is Melissa Percy called Missy? Is that a nickname. I like that. Mind you I would use it for my nieces.

    2. Not so sure PH would have been that keen actually as Chelsey Davy is Missy’s best friend and was at the party. I may be wrong but I’m not sure Harry is ready for a Meghan v Chelsey meeting yet.

  6. She is committed to living there until the end of 2017 as they are filming season 7 until mid November. Season 8 has not been confirmed yet and even if there’s a season 8 she might not be in it.

    1. Surely Both Chelsy and Meghan need to suck it up. They are both adults. Chelsy could have got back with Harry if she wanted. Harry choose Meghan. for now.

  7. Harry does look great!

    As for what’s wrong with KMR site, it’s up and running. Fifi, you have had trouble accessing it?

    I think something or someone must have lit into the site’s guiding force because the Should We Stop Criticizing Kate for her Parenting seemed to come at a time when I think it was needed, but others may think there was interference from someone one.

    I do believe the Palace staff read the site and came down rather heavily on the parenting post. If I am being paranoid, so be it, but it just seemed odd to me. However, I will also admit that some of the comments on the Pippa Wedding Thread were rather hateful. So, I agreed with KMR that we need to criticize carefully, but not be so venomous in our words. I really believe that is true. I know I am guilty of being swept away at times, for that I am sorry.

    At any rate, I am bored with that thread and just wish something else would pop up for comments.
    Thus, I have ventured over here where I rarely am.

    KMR, I do hope all is well. Or, need I call you MMR when posting here?

    One of the other reasons I thinks someone may have said something about the parenting issue is that one person who used to always support Kate vigorously and has not been heard of for months, suddenly reappeared and keeps posting on the other site as to how the bad parenting comments need to stop. Her opinions are to be respected, but again, if I am being paranoid, I found it odd that suddenly, she’s posting up the wazoo on that thread. I hate being suspicious, but it just seems odd to me. Could KP have people on board who are sent to such sites to dispute what others post? Just wondering.

    1. Hi Frionamarie, I think what Fifi is referring to is that the KMR site has disabled comments altogether atm. Like you, I hope everything is ok with KRM/MMR. But if I had started a blog for spirited, fun discussions about a topic and then the online conversations degenerated, as they have recently on KRM, I think I would take a break and shut down, too. Unfortunately, Kate and her family are very divisive topics, and the intensity of the dislike doesn’t seem to be lessening, as it did with Camilla. It will be interesting to see how MM, if she does marry Harry, manages.

      1. There were two commenters in particular that seem to be the trouble makers. KMR spends time working on this site and the lack or respect shown to her was unacceptable. It is one thing to disagree, but they were crossing a line. The original post question was perfectly fine but two of the commenters were obnoxious and frankly I would have told them to go to a Kate sugar site if they are so “upset” with any criticism. But it’s not my blog and I respect how KMR wants to handle this.
        And the bs accusations of there being bullying was too much. Disagreeing is not bullying. And some don’t know the difference.

        Anyway I hope KMR knows that some of us appreciate her work even if we don’t always agree with all her comments. And the snowflakes who can’t back their positions but toss out accusations of bullying need to grow up.

        And if KP is reading comments, which I doubt, then the best way to lower the negative comments would be to have Will and Kate step up the work like they promised years ago. They still haven’t.

        1. Agreed, Nic919. I wondered whether the ‘online researcher’ in this instance was the same person who last year entered the site claiming to be a researcher of online blogs; the supercilious tone of ‘both’ writers and the disruptive nature of their posts are remarkably similar.

          My best to KMR and all KMRers, especially those based in the UK: stay strong.

          1. The trolls’ work is done. He/she/they parachuted in and crippled the forum with their puerile sanctimony and feebleminded ‘expertise’. We all got played. I am sure they are smugly satisfied with their (pyrrhic) victory. I’m guessing arrested development. Sad part for them is that this too shall pass and the toxicity will be expelled as it has been several times in the past.

            It all seems particularly empty and petty in the face of the terror attacks in the UK, which continues to be a beacon of light for the rest of the world.

          2. Hi Maven, sadly you appear to be correct, we all got played πŸ™ I hope the next time this troll (or any other troll) appears we all have the good sense to not engage with them. I admit it’s tough to not let my hackles get up there and give them a piece of my mind but in the future I’m going to make an even bigger effort to just let their comments be and not engage.

      2. You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head, Lizzie. I needed a break, so I took one.

        1. So glad to see you’re back, and hope you’ve enjoyed your break! It’s been good for a bunch of us, I think, to take a breather. Hope you realize how much your work is appreciated!

    2. You do not need to call me MMR here. KMR is fine if that’s what you prefer.

      It does not seem odd to me that someone who maybe stopped reading and/or commenting because they didn’t like the tone of the comments, would then comment on the parenting article since I brought up the topic. Plenty of people only comment on certain types of articles, will comment heavily on certain articles, and not at all on others.

      1. KMR, you are ever the voice of reason. Love that about you! Hope you are enjoying your well-deserved hiatus. Thanks for the post.

    3. Good for you; it is much deserved. That being said, I still miss the updates. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Hi KMR! I’m Glad everything’s fine with you. I don’t blame you for wanting to step back from the blog. The discussions had been so intense recently & you’ve been writing so many articles almost everyday. Take care & just remember that KMR is your blog & you have the right to do anything you want. Don’t let anyone overwhelm you.

  8. Did anyone see pics of Harry in Singapore? He is doing a fine job, and fashion-wise recently he has been dressing well, and hair and beard nicely trimmed. I wonder if it is Meghan’s influence? I also loved his turn hosting the garden party for vets. He is stepping up.

    1. It’s nice to see him out and working again, that’s for sure!

      KMR I hope you’re doing well.

    2. I saw KMR on Twitter earlier today.

      I could barely believe my eyes when I tuned in and read that thread. The accusations of bullying were puerile. KMR is one of the most mature and intelligent sites and if posters can’t handle buoyant, reasoned debate they ought to be posting elsewhere instead of disrupting the site with crocodile tears and whining.

      Hopefully it’s just a breather before normal service resumes but KMR if you are listening please, please get back to what you do best. Xxx

  9. I’m just back from vacation (in Iceland – highly recommend to all!) and stumbled upon the insanity in the other site/thread.

    I hope everyone – and especially KMR/MMR – is doing okay and hanging in there. I must have missed the vitriol in the Pippa wedding thread about W&K parenting abilities so I was surprised at the parenting post on KMR, but I’ve enjoyed this blog because it seems like (most) people are able to have constructive, interesting conversations, even when disagreeing with each other. Some of the other sites I read have also descended into chaos on certain topics (especially Sparkles potentially marrying Harry) so I’ve enjoyed coming here.

    Stay strong, KMR!!

  10. Maybe sometone needs to monitor the site. KMR has been an asset to the blogging world. A thoughtful and fair site. Many wonderful people the blog — and this one. It is a challenge, I am sure, to work so hard and see things start to go off the deep end. Support and thanks to KMR/MMR for hard work and fair ways. Don’t give up.

  11. Gosh, I miss Meghan’s yoga walk or trips to the vets with her dog! I need some wardrobe inspiration and since her and I have similar styles, I know I’m missing out on some great ideas.

    1. Yes, it’s awfully quiet on the H&M homefront these days. She seems to have become a ghost. Darn, I was hoping they’d announce an engagement after the wedding boondoggle. Dullsville.

      1. Oh me too Maven I was hoping to crack out the champagne and dust off the hat!!!

  12. Off topic – what’s happening to KMR blog/website??!! It’s been a week & I think something bad has happened. KMR are you reading this? Please update us! I miss reading your articles and comments on the royals. I’m sure I’m on behalf of many of your loyal readers & commenters. Please reply……

    1. It’s been 8 days and I’m concerned. Us regular readers and commenters want you back! Don’t let the trolls get you down. They only come out when they sense an opportunity to really cause trouble. At least let us know you’re ok.

        1. KMR said in one of her more recent posts that she started a new job so that is most likely where her energy and attention are these days.

    2. I really needed a break after the comments section on the parenting article, so I’ve been taking one. I needed to get away from the insanity that that comment section turned in to.

      1. I am pleased you had a break KMR and that you are back. I think things get so heated sometimes it gives perspective and you deserve it working flat out covering this and the other site.

      2. Glad you are back. Your break was well deserved and still you are back before Kate has resurfaced. πŸ€“

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