Meghan spent Pippa’s ceremony at Engelfield House, not KP?

Meghan spent Pippa’s ceremony at Engelfield House, not KP?

Back in January, there were press reports that Prince Harry had taken Meghan Markle to Norway for a vacation, and then there were internet rumors that they had broken up instead. It was all very confusing and the arguments around it were pointless, and in my head I started referring to Meghan as “Schrödinger’s Meghan”, because she both was and wasn’t dating Harry until we got photo evidence. Well, I’ve got that feeling again, because the reporting around Meghan’s attendance at Pippa’s wedding has been all over the place.

On Saturday, The Sun had a photo and a story about how Harry drove all the way back to KP after the church service to get Meghan, who was waiting at KP. But now the Daily Mail is saying that Meghan was waiting at Engelfield House, not KP.

“Harry, 33, and his 35-year-old girlfriend drove down to Berkshire early on Saturday morning and immediately headed for Engelfield House, the grand privately owned Elizabethan home where the wedding breakfast would be taking place. According to well-placed sources, he and Meghan were given a private suite in the sprawling country house in which to refresh and change (contrary to reports which suggested that the prince made a 100-mile dash to London later in the afternoon to collect her from Kensington Palace).

“Harry then made his way to the wedding ceremony at St Mark’s Church, also situated on the Engelfield estate, with his brother, Prince William, who had joined him along with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their two children. The couple were reunited afterward the wedding breakfast – which the prince attended on his own – but arrived together for the evening reception at the Middleton family home shortly after it started at 7pm, with Harry driving them himself.

“According to one onlooker Harry and Meghan stayed until the early hours of the morning by which time many members of the wedding party were drunk. The prince, however, was on his best behaviour. ‘I’ve seen Harry pretty smashed at more parties than I care to remember,’ said one source, ‘but this time he appeared to be on his best behaviour. Surprisingly Harry didn’t drink that much as he was very gentlemanly around his girlfriend. It looked like he wanted to make a good impression on her.’ Harry and Meghan returned to Kensington Palace in the early hours of the morning together.”

Who to believe? How about Richard Palmer, and by that I mean none of the reports about anything involving the follow up to Pippa’s wedding because the press doesn’t truly know much of anything. Palmer, a royal reporter, wrote on Twitter:

“I’d be interested to hear what PRs thought of Pippa and James’s wedding. Great images but did refusing to give info to reporters help? The couple’s decision to employ an obstructive and unhelpful showbiz PR meant papers had to be more resourceful. P & J lost control imho. Being unable to even confirm the name of the best man from official sources made it difficult but I think most papers got around it. Today is a good day to buy a paper and read edited coverage rather than the scatter gun, often contradictory pieces online, I feel.”

So all the reports about Harry and Meghan, all the reports about the best man speech, all the reports about the groom’s speech – including the one where he said Kate did a really good drawing of the church – yeah most of that is probably crap and even if their sources are real, the sources may be lying. Palmer says a Middleton source lied about who the best man was: “A Middleton family member said Spencer was bm but he said not and we, like others, know Justin gave a best man’s speech.”

So yeah. Hopefully there will be no more Pippa’s wedding coverage ever again.

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38 thoughts on “Meghan spent Pippa’s ceremony at Engelfield House, not KP?

  1. Still, the only thing that I cared about was MM’s dress. :/
    I do think that they are going to get married and I do like Meghan and I think they fit. But I don’t think their wedding is going to last long, unfortunately.
    Differently of Catherine that really really wanted this life for her, and was after Prince William and getting used to the idea of being a royal for more than 10 years, Meghan is not the type of woman that can give up on her whole safe for the sake of a men.
    I’m sure now is all rainbows and butterflies and she probably thinks that she can manage it. But I don’t think it’s a fair relationship at all, Because she is the one that will have to give up on everything: her American citizenship, her career, her style, her country, everything that she believes and wants will come second and the crow must always win, we all know that. So goodbye not just to her blog, or mini skirts, but also personal more serious and personal stuff like her charity (she can’t outstage William, Kate or Harry. So if they at least she will be obligated to keep her numbers down. Her political views and more controversial charities might not being accepted by the Queen), she is found of travels and modern fashion and etc.. This woman that calls herself a feminist will see herself being shaped by her husband’s family and they come first.
    I would never be able to give up on my whole self, while the guy doesn’t have to give up on anything for us.
    I hope that I am wrong, but I think that they will get married in the begging of next year and they will last no more than 4 years.
    Ps: I hope you all can understand my English, I’m still learning.

    1. “I would never be able to give up on my whole self, while the guy doesn’t have to give up on anything”

      I’m the same way. I understand compromise in a relationship, but compromise is not one person changing their whole life while the other changes nothing. I could never change my whole life for someone. I wouldn’t even change my last name if I got married.

      It really does make me sad thinking about Meghan changing so much of her life to suit the royal family.

      I don’t like speculating on how long a marriage will last, though.

    2. I’ve had really similar thoughts. It has made me think of an analogy in my own life which will take a moment to make sense but which seems appropos: I have some health issues and have considered a hysterectomy. My gynecologist said, “Many women think that it’s something they’re prepared for but it has many more implications than one might anticipate. I want you to be able to stand in the mirror for five minutes and look yourself in the eye and say, ‘I am done having children. I am finished considering that part of myself as vital to who I am.’ If you can stand with yourself and that reality, then you’re ready for surgery.”

      Similarly, Meghan needs to be able to be truly transparent with herself about what the ramifications of royal life will be, sit with that for a long time, and see if being stripped of so much of how she has construed her self to be is something with which she can live. Thinking you can change a guy is foolish. But thinking you can “breathe life” into The Firm has the potential to be soul crushing.

  2. I think this cloak and dagger behavior is putting a bounty on their relationship. People want pictures of “the kiss”, “the hug”, the “look of love”, etc. Harry is starting to venture into William-like behavior with the press.

    It was said that Simon “Princess Kate” Perry of People magazine got bids/rights. If that’s the case, the Midds are holding out for the money.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. I agree. I think Megs *thinks* she knows, but she has no idea. She will have to work for the Firm with all of her heart and soul, but constantly be denied recognition or appreciation. The UK media will make sure of this. They will rip her apart, whilst propping up the Lazies as a paragon of Royal virtue. The hypocrisy might drive her mad.
      As an Actress she is used to positive feedback, or being able to alter her behavior to induce it. Not now. And judging by Harry’s reaction to her negative press, he too will have to adjust to being unable to protect his wife. (Ask Fergie and Andrew!). Their future happiness rests on their ability to handle the injustice which will come their way.
      Megs needs to talk to both Sophie (hard worker who barely receives any press) and Fergie (dubbed the Duchess of Pork by a sadistic press corps).
      I think she is all in. But no, I do not envy her. As others said below, this is a Faustian pact.

  3. As their relationship progresses, they will have to be in public more. Otherwise, Meghan will not have a true idea of the massive attention that would follow her the rest of her life. Intellectually, yes, she’ll realize a royal is a public figure, but I would imagine the actual experience is something one really needs to get used to handling. I think Invictus will be their time to be very public. Until then, maybe another polo match with her on the sideline.

  4. Whether or not Harry traveled 100 miles or round the corner to get her doesn’t change the fact that he was a gentleman who escorted her to the evening festivities. So many alleged rules were in place, no pics, no couples sitting together, password to enter, etc. makes me wonder if people even enjoyed this stiff affair. The other fact is that since the Middleton’s insisted on taking away people’s phones and no cell pics have been seen of her means they are out to make as much money as possible out of an ‘exclusive deal’. I for one only clicked on the wedding coverage to see Harry & Meghan together and what she wore so I was sorely disappointed but totally understand why they shied away from the impact they would have caused. Thankfully, now that it’s over, we will see and hear the last of Pippa **eye roll**

    1. No cell phones really gets to me. People go to weddings, they take photos. I bet there were the special few who were allowed to, like the Midds and a few highfliers. This was like going to a wedding on lockdown, not terribly spontaneous or joyous.

      The part that astounded me is reports of Roger Federer playing table tennis. It’s almost like he was the entertainment, had to sing for his supper- play a few rounds with a tennis star.

      I suspected the romantic Harry story was all hype. And as it turns out the entire wedding was made up of PR lies. So I’m done with the rags and don’t believe a word they say. Our chains got yanked bigtime and I hope it backfires bigtime.

      If Harry is turning into a privacy paranoiac like Willy, he’s not going to be much liked in the future. He needs to get over himself and introduce Meghan to the world so that people can get to know her instead of making a big deal about it. Unless, of course, he’s going to make another Waity out of her.

      1. I think if the bride and groom ask the guests not to take and/or post photos, then it’s rude of the guests to do so. Some people just want to keep things private and not have their stuff all over the internet. And I see nothing wrong with taking people’s phones to ensure privacy. Harry and his RPOs should have done that in Vegas in 2012.

        1. That’s fair enough, but what if the bride and groom/Middleton’s have already made a financial deal to publish their own photos that obviously include images of their guests? Can these guests refuse to give their consent to these photos being published?

          1. I think that anyone should at any time be able to refuse to have their photo taken and published, whether it’s in a magazine or on social media. If Pippa did a photo deal, then her guests should be able to say they don’t want their photo published.

            I actually really hate when friends post photos of me online without my consent, and I never post a photo of friends online without asking them if it’s okay first.

          2. I really hate that too MMR. The only social media I’m on is Twitter and that’s mainly for catching up on news around the world or following royals. I don’t even follow my husband! So when someone says ” oh, saw pics of you from so and so’s BBQ last weekend on Facebook”, I’m all very grrrrr

            I even know of a long friendship ended because one would not take down group pool pics from a Las Vegas holiday and the one friend was uncomfortable because she was in her bathing suit. But, you know, the poster looked great in all the photos, so I guess we all found out what she cared about most. Not time with friends but her own image. Sad. They still don’t speak.

        2. MMR: i think a magazine deal would have been difficult thing to negotiate in this instant because the Matthews family don’t want their images plastered in the media.

          How do i know this? Observation and the curious disappearing images.

          I ‘watched’ this wedding via photo agency libraries because i had a very busy weekend, and it was the only way to get information quickly.

          As each agency updated their library, many pictures of various Matthews family members were posted including the elusive press-shy sister.

          …..however, by late saturday evening, many had been taken down and by sunday all clear pictures of them individually had been removed whilst the group ones had their faces blurred or they are hidden behind other people.

          At this point in time, you can still find pictures of the groom’s father, but only because he is standing behind Pippa and is occasionally caught in the shot. None of sister except in silhouette or the back of her head, mother’s hat and coat. Very fuzzy images of mother in the background of James and Pippa shots. most had been taken down. At best, her clothing stands out, but not her face.

          No pictures in all the numerous articles about this wedding. They’ve been removed.

          Only one agency has photos of the aristo friends like Percy and afew of Ma and Pa Matthews, but you can’t copy the image nor can you buy it, so i assume they’ve locked them down with a view to deleting them (haven’t checked in the last few days if inages are still up).

          It would be impossible to have a magazine deal upwards of the rumoured £1M cost of the wedding without corresponding pound of flesh of the illustrous guests even if said guests are unknown to the public.

          I think the Middletons are content with the publicist’s success in turning their wedding into front page news globally plus freebies / deep discounts of every single namechecked vendor/service in the media.

          1. It’s a marriage then of two competing sets of values with both families: one intent on milking the spotlight and discounts at every opportunity, and the other demanding complete privacy. It will be interesting to see how Pippa balances the two, given her preference for attention. As you said, the publicist did her job, but as mentioned elsewhere, her contract is open-ended for her to promote whatever Pippa has next in mind. I’m not sure how she will be perceived next time. Yes, she got her wedding plastered around the world but the blanket coverage irritated, and she was perceived as a ‘nobody’ by too many people. I guess we’ll see how things unfold.

          2. That’s fascinating! Thankfully there are still a couple of Jane with her fantastic green heels (I just checked and found only one article, in The Sun.).

          3. I saw KM on covers of People and another American gossip rag and Pips is only on it in a thumbnail photo. I’m not sure how her PR was a success except for luring businesses with promises of prominent advertising. I just don’t get a swoon worthy vibe from this wedding. Glad it’s over. The photo of Pips and Moderately wealthy James looking lost and alone in the airport put a period on the entire silly affair. I really don’t know what Pips has to offer the public in talent or short lived fame.

          4. Indiana Joanne: the fact that People and any other non British publication would cover this wedding at all or the extent that it did points to the work of the publicist. Doesn’t matter that Kate got the covers.

            It was big enough of a deal to merit coverage on tv as well as blanket front cover of sunday papers in the uk.


            There can be no doubt in the gossip world intersectioned with royalfans that Pippa got married this weekend!!

          5. So Hera, Is that’s all that was to be accomplished? Just getting her name in the papers (the NYT wedding item was a paid announcement)?

            I naively thought it was to reveal something noteworthy about Pips in the process of putting out all sorts of information that had the equivalent noninterest of grass growing. I even pitied her PR because there is nothing to recommend her except for her overly sinewy arms and heavy fillers and botox.

            I guess I completely missed the point.

          6. Indiana Joanna: raising Pippa’s profile was the point. This wedding was made into an event such that whatever Pippa does next will be an easier sell.

            Don’t forget that her star waned after her disastrous forays, so it had to be raised in some way. No one will remember that MM was a rumoured guest whivh piqued their interest. The headline will always be about Pippa. And a PR worth their fee will leverag the blanket coverage into a career for Pippa. Let’s hope she manages her second chance better than the first chance.

            This is how the Kardashians rolled out. Kim had the tape, but the family raised their profile via PR without having anything to offer the public unlike Kim.

            The tv show didn’t reveal any talents, but the family made sure to be papped incessantly thus feeding the tv show which fed their fame and before long they were flogging products to the public as they continue to do.

          7. Thanks, Hera. I’ve never seen an episode of the Kardashian show so unfamiliar with their PR moves. However, it’s pretty funny that Pips has used their PR template.

    2. Re taking people’s phone… It doesn’t necessarily mean Pippa did a press photo deal. Plenty of celebs do that at their weddings or events, without doing a press photo deal. Harry and his RPOs should have done that before letting a bunch of random into his Vegas hotel room in 2012. It’s about privacy, not necessarily photo deals. I see nothing wrong with telling people not to take photos or not to post photos on social media or even with taking people’s phones away. If I were a celebrity and didn’t want my wedding publicized, I would do the same thing.

    3. From the perspective of a photographer’s wife and assistant, more couples should make guests cough up their phones, iPads, and cameras. Guests ruin more shots than anything else at weddings because they don’t respect the photographer and jump in, disturbing everyone. We had a bride once wonder why there weren’t more shots that she had requested. It’s because we couldn’t get them due to the fauxtographers always getting in the way. Also, if pics are posted to social media before you want them to be or aren’t happy with them, there’s nothing you can do. Cameras other than that (very, very expensive) photographer’sare a distraction and an insult to the people who spent tons of money to learn how to do this and don’t really care to stand around for hours because they can’t get shots thanks to the guests. IMO, if you want outside cameras allowed in, don’t waste your money or a photographer’s time by hiring one.

      1. When my husband and I had our studio we added in a clause that they essentially gave up the expectation of getting every shot they wanted or hoped for if their guests weren’t curtailed. But I also didn’t have a problem gently reminding guests that I’d been paid a lot of money to get the shot they were hindering!

  5. I totally understand why these “celebrities” hate being photographed etc, I can only imagine what their lives might look like, you know, walking down the street and someone whips out a camera and starts clicking away at you without even asking if it was okay for them to take pictures of you etc…I’m sure it would infuriate the heck out of anyone. And Harry has been burnt more often that he probably cares to count, the nazi uniform, the nude pictures of him in Vegas…all were results of someone taking pictures of him in the most vulnerable moments and selling him out. I think the first pictures of them together walking from Soho were from someone in Soho that tipped off some pap because both are seen trying to avoid the bright glare of the cameras clicking away at them….you know… I don’t think I can put up with any of that if it were me!! That might be one of the many reasons why Harry is turning into a paranoid freak, he’s like “never again will I be caught with my guard down” etc. Having said that, Pippa and the Middletons desperation to make this wedding into what it wasn’t really infuriated me to no end. And I for one are no longer clinking on any article regarding anything Pippa, I don’t care if it has Meghan or Harry in the headline, I’ve had enough.
    In regards to Harry and Meghan, I believe they will appear in public at some point, but if they want that to be on their own terms, I think we all owe it to them to respect that. I think the entire world is applying way too much pressure on this couple and we all need to kind of step back and let them do what they wanna do in their own time. In regards to them ever getting married, I don’t know if they will or won’t and if they do if they’ll last or not. Love is strange, you’d be amazed at how much people would give up to be with the person they love. I read of a woman that gave up ALL her life in Britain and everything that came with it and went and married a Masai warrior, and the couple and their daughter now live among the Masai with the woman doing all the house chores etc, love is strange. Meghan might be another of those that would give up everything to be with the man they love, or she might not and divorce him in a few years, who knows? I was thinking the other day that maybe this girl is smart enough to have her lawyers whip up some kind of agreement, you know prenup or other, that might have her live a more flexible life. She has been in Hollywood long enough to just walk into anything!! I think she got a good head on those shoulders. Plus, she has her mom and dad on her side, and lots of other people (in the shadows) that can advise her positively so, I think this girl is gonna be okay. If princes Diana managed to live and do things her way back in the 90s, get a divorce and get millions of pounds from the BRF, I think Meghan in 2017 or 2018 will be smart enough to have something of some sort, y’all know what Im saying. I think she gonna be just fine.

    1. The Nazi uniform incident was all Harry’s fault. He should have known better than to wear a Nazi uniform costume. The Vegas photos… I hate to blame the victim but at the same time I think it was incredibly stupid of Harry’s RPOs not to take everyone’s phone away before letting a bunch of randoms into Harry’s hotel room.

      1. MMR, I totally place the blame on Harry, he is the victim but still, he should have known better than to do any of that stuff… But having said that, I believe Harry is showing us that he learnt from his mistakes, he no longer letting his guard down no more, and I really don’t blame him. Even though he was the one that should have known better, still, trust was broken by whoever took those photos of him and sent them to the paps. So now he’s like fool me once….
        And don’t forget the paps clicking away at him and Meghan during his friend’s wedding in Jamaica, Harry looked really pissed in those pictures. He probably was upset because him inviting Meghan, he might have assumed that there would be no photographers or that at least the hotel would take all necessary measures to prevent any people taking pictures etc, but then he got there and lo and behold everyone is focusing on him and his girl everywhere they went and taking pics of them!! I wouldn’t be surprised if the royals demanded that either the Midds take these extreme measures or the royals are not attending, you never know with these people.

        1. I could see William demanding strict measures and holding the page boy and bride’s maid hostage to ensure such measures were met.

    2. Totally agree with this – we asked guests not to use phones at all during the ceremony after going to dozens of weddings where NO ONE watched the couple get married – they were all staring at their phones trying to get good pictures. I wanted to say no pictures at the reception either, but I got vetoed. Goes without saying but I am not famous 🙂

  6. This whole wedding thing was a PR spin gone out of control, so many lies were told to turn this wedding into the wedding of the year. I almost think that Harry and Meghan were used to prop this up even more, because of the recent attentions on them. Richard pretty much called the Midds out… he is kinda Gansta… I was never truly 100% on he fact that the Midds use the Media to the extent that some have claimed, but now I do.

    1. I love when Richard Palmer tells it like it is on Twitter. His Twitter rants are legendary.

    2. Hi Josunfun, I think H&M were totally used as props to drum up interest in this wedding. A shame really as I would have been interested anyhow, maybe not as much but still interested. Now I’m just pissed at being lied to.

  7. Wow, it is truly amazing the amount of lies and deceit surrounding this wedding! Why did J&P hire a PR person if she was going to be obstructive and unhelpful? Or did J&P, in order to please William, tie her hands so tight that she was forced to spin tales? Either way, I’m pretty sick of the whole affair and if I don’t see photos of Pippa again for a long time, that will be just fine with me. Just one more thing, I’ve noticed some of the post-wedding articles allude to the fact that “generous friends” helped the Middleton’s finance this whole affair. While the articles never say who was this generous, I think it’s rather gross of Pippa to demand such an extravagant affair that her family could not afford.

    I’m still struggling with Harry and Meghan. Everyone here makes excellent points about H&M and how they should be the ones to decide the pace of their relationship. And while I agree with all of these points, I want to see them out and about together, I want to see them hold hands, etc… After 6 years of Cambridge reality, I’m in desperate need of some good old fashioned fairy tales. I am hopeful that since Harry is not the heir, his wife will be allowed a bit more leeway to chart her own course and take on causes that mean something to her and not just what the Men in Gray think she should do. I am also hopeful that he might have a bit more of backbone and insist that his wife be allowed to continue championing causes already close to her heart. Either way, I guess only time will tell.

    1. Herazeus pointed out that the PR woman, Jo Milloy, earned every penny of her fee because interest in Pippa’s was concocted, and sustained. If that was the short term benchmark, she did a great job. Clearly, the minute-by-minute blanket build-up of pretty much nothing was forced down people’s throats, infuriating them; those interested in the wedding felt the bitter after-taste of lies spun to reel them in. If this was Pip’s last hurrah in the public spotlight, okay. But if she wants more – as suggested by the ongoing nature of Jo Milloy’s contract – hasn’t she kind of screwed herself? The only things we know for sure was that (1) Pippa needed the world to give her attention, and (2) anything and everything was thrown at the event to make us notice. And post-wedding, there is now an attempt to dial back the excess of deal-making by claiming that it was the kindness of ‘generous friends’. The fantasy that Kate is now an accomplished artist was also thrown into the mix to see if we’re complete mugs.

      Lauri, I don’t envy Meghan. Going forwards, she would need to give up everything, and he nothing. She would need to be subservient to William and Kate; that is real punishment, to be forced to be less than who you are. For the rest of your life. Answering to dolts. Is Meghan’s interest in causes robust enough? Being introduced to the level of privilege of royalty must be utterly dazzling, to have access behind the curtain, the ego stroked to an enormous extent, to be world famous by association with more to come (possibly). I can’t help thinking, though, that it’s a deal with the devil.

      1. The killer for me is that none of them appear all that bright, are effectively uneducated and uncultured especially compared to Meghan. No title, no privilege, no money is worth that kind of hell to me. It’s like making a deal with a charming, amusing devil and willing to pay for it with your soul, only to discover once you’re in hell that the devil is a moron and a dullard. For eternity.

        1. I agree. I don’t envy her either. However, at least she has accomplished stuff on her own beforehand. Also, I think being a minor celebrity has given her greater insight into the job than what Chelsy or Cressida had before they dated Prince Harry. It could be that she won’t feel that stifled because she’ll be more focused on raising children and will still get to be active in causes.

        2. You are right there. To have access to so much in life yet still be largely incurious and lazy suggests that too much unjustified privilege arrests development, leading to flawed characters incapable of much at all. If not carrying the moniker, ‘royal’, what and where would they be?

  8. I can’t think that Pippa is worse than any other attention seeking wannabe – a la Kardashian style. TR James and his family don’t need a few $kkk from Hello – but a deal of some sort has been done. Pipps has never been considered “marriage material” by the Home Counties matrons so she settled for the son of a self made man – much the same as she is. If she couldn’t have position then she was always going to marry “big money”. Luckily for her James was carrying a torch for her over many years – if you believe the rags – so she is now “off the shelf” with access to big bank accounts. Deal done.

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