Archie Harrison celebrates 1st birthday

Archie Harrison celebrates 1st birthday

I never realized how close Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Archie Harrison‘s birthdays are – they all fall within a two week period. Yesterday, May 6, was Archie’s first birthday. To mark the event, Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex released a video of Meghan reading to Archie through Save the Children UK as part of their Save with Stories campaign.

In the video, which was filmed by Prince Harry, Meghan is reading “Duck Rabbit”, and Archie, adorably, pulls in another book instead (until he drops it on the floor). Also, you can hear him saying “dada” (I think) at the end. It’s a nice video – it’s always adorable seeing the wee royals in action.

I honestly didn’t think we would get anything (photo or video) to mark Archie’s birthday. I’ve thought (and said) for years that we wouldn’t get as many photos of Harry’s children as we do of William’s simply because there isn’t as much of a reason for Harry to release photos of his kids, and since Harry and Meghan left working as royals I thought it would be even less likely that we’d get photos now. So this is a nice surprise.

The Duke of Sussex/@SaveChildrenUK via Getty Images

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