Harry & Meghan release a Christmas card with Archie

Harry & Meghan release a Christmas card with Archie

Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex have released a 2020 Christmas card via one of their patronages, like they did last year. The digital card features Harry and Meghan in their back yard in front of a playhouse (??) with Archie and their two dogs.

This year, the couple chose The Mayhew, one of Meghan’s patronages, as the source for their card’s publication. The Mayhew also received a personal donation from the couple as a Christmas gift, and released the message they received along with the card.

This year we, as a family, have made donations to several charities with you in mind. From a local California organisation that helps families transition out of homelessness, to two of our U.K. patronages: one that supports animal and community welfare, and the other, a memorial fund for a cherished friend that helps to educate children and fight poverty in Uganda, we have honoured their work on behalf of all of us.

The Mayhew

The Sussex’s spokesperson also released a statement about the photo:

The original photo of the family was taken at their home earlier this month by The Duchess’s mother.

The small Christmas tree, including the homemade ornaments and other decorations, were selected by Archie, and the tree will be replanted after the holidays.


The photo on the card was run through some sort of filter to make the image look like a painting (??) (or has the entire thing been digitally created? I’m not too familiar with that type of thing, but that’s a really convenient dog placement, you know😉 ).

Doria Ragland via Mayhew

I’m not really feeling the photo. It’s fine, I guess, but I don’t find it artsy, I find it kind of annoying. The “artsy” vibe the Sussexes love isn’t my thing, and I know they want to obscure Archie’s face so we don’t know what he looks like, but if they’re going to do that why release a photo in the first place? The Sussexes have transitioned to being celebrities, and, other than the Kardashians, what celebrity releases a Christmas card/photo with a full on spokesperson comment, you know. I think it’s completely fine, if they want privacy for Archie, to simply not release photos or information about him.

BTW, Harry and Meghan really should have opened their own Instagram after their Sussex Royal one was shut down. This type of thing works much better being released on their personal IG rather than a spokesperson releasing what should just be an IG caption.

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