Year in Review: Best & Worst of Meghan’s 2019 Fashion

Year in Review: Best & Worst of Meghan’s 2019 Fashion

I wasn’t blogging for the majority of this year, so instead of the typical year end fashion poll I want to do something different: I want to go a little bit more in depth in my discussion of The Duchess of Sussex‘s fashion moments throughout 2019 because I mostly didn’t have a chance to comment on her fashion choices this year. So I’ve put together a “Best & Worst” list of 5 of my favorite outfits Meghan wore this year, and 5 of the outfits which I hope she donates to someone else so that we never have to see them again.

Disclaimer: Fashion is subjective and these choices are my own opinion based on my own fashion tastes.


5. Purple Aritzia “Maxwell”

One Young World

I love purple, so whenever a royal wears purple I’m biased toward liking it, and this purple Aritzia “Maxwell Dress” Meghan wore to the One Young World opening ceremony on October 22 falls into that category. Would I make tweaks to this outfit, maybe; is the dress a bit plain, sure; but it’s a very pretty purple dress so it automatically has to land a spot in my faves list.

Of the outfits I’ve actually blogged about this year, this was one of two I recalled instantly when I was thinking about this list, so it makes the number 5 spot.

4. Black Everlane Jumpsuit

Embed from Getty Images

I didn’t much cover Meghan’s fashion during the South Africa tour because I wasn’t a fan of most of it, but this black Everlane “Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit” Meghan wore to the Mothers to Mothers visit on September 25 was a hit for me. I love the sleekness of the jumpsuit with the statement earrings and her hair pulled back.

3. Black Loyd/Ford Dress & White Aritzia Blazer

Embed from Getty Images

Number 3 comes from the Morocco tour which took place in February. During a visit to the Andalusian Gardens in Rabat, Morocco on February 25, Meghan wore a combo of a black pleated Loyd/Ford dress with a white Aritzia “Babaton Keith Jacket” with the same Gas Bijoux “Onde Drop Earrings” as outfit #4.

For this outfit, I like the combination of flowy and structured, simple but with a statement piece, similar to outfit #4.

2. White Amanda Wakeley & Calvin Klein

Embed from Getty Images

Meghan wore this combo to the “The Wider Earth” performance at the Natural History Museum, in support of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, on February 12. Meghan paired a previously worn Amanda Wakeley white coat with a white, bespoke version of a Calvin Klein dress from the Resort ’19 collection.

Meghan wore her hair in an updo with stud earrings and Ralph Lauren sage green suede pumps and clutch.

I love the white on white with the color accents. I think Meghan looks so chic here.

1. Burgundy Joseph & Hugo Boss

Embed from Getty Images

I went back and forth for a bit about which outfit I would put as my number one choice for favorite for 2019, and I settled on the one outfit which actually cause a real world purchase for me this year: Meghan’s burgundy Joseph sweater and Hugo Boss leather skirt and matching Sarah Flint pumps from the One Young World round table on October 25.

There have only been three times in my, what, 7 year royal watching history where a royal has influenced a real life purchase for me and this sweater was one of them. I purchased a $20 burgundy sweater from Amazon after seeing Meghan in this outfit and I love it. So this outfit wins my top favorite spot for 2019 on that fact alone.


5. Meghan’s Sleeveless Trench Dress Collection

Embed from Getty Images

Meghan, stop trying to make sleeveless trench dresses happen, it’s not going to happen.

Meghan wore three different sleeveless trench dresses this year and all three of them are unflattering: they’re bulky where they shouldn’t be, they wrinkle easily, and they focus the eye on the midsection. I know the trench dress/blazer dress is Meghan’s “thing”, but Meghan needs to pick a new “thing”.

Meghan’s first sleeveless trench dress of the year was worn to the presentation of Archie on May 8: Meghan wore a white sleeveless trench dress from Grace Wales Bonner.

Embed from Getty Images

The second and third sleeveless trench dresses were born worn in South Africa during the tour. Meghan wore a beige Banana Republic sleeveless trench dress on October 1 to the University of Johannesburg ACU roundtable; and a pink Nonie sleeveless trench dress on October 2 for various visits and a reception.

Embed from Getty Images

4. Green Erdem

Embed from Getty Images

You know, when I saw this outfit I didn’t like it but I couldn’t quite pinpoint why, but then I looked up the designer and of course this is Erdem! Of course I dislike the Erdem!

The color is stunning on Meghan; she looks so good in emerald green. But the fabric is so thick and heavy on her, plus the heaviness of the embroidery and the straight neckline… it’s just not flattering.

3. Floral Brocade Dress

Embed from Getty Images

It amuses me that this coat ended up on both my Best and Worst list. The white Amanda Wakeley coat is not what’s making this Worst list, though, it’s the boxy floral brocade dress that’s the worst.

I think Meghan had the same problem Kate did where they don’t want to wear proper maternity clothes so they wear non-maternity designers and end up looking weird because the clothes aren’t made specifically for a pregnant woman.

2. Brown Staud Dress

Embed from Getty Images

For several events in South Africa on September 24, Meghan wore a floor-length, short-sleeved, belted shirt dress by Staud in what I can only describe as a “puke brown” color.

There are so many things happening with this dress: it’s got boob pockets, a large belt, buttons down the front, and a full skirt. It’s too busy, and the color does nothing for Meghan.

1. Bespoke Blue Floral Carolina Herrera

Embed from Getty Images

Why does this dress exist!?

For an audience with Morocco’s King Mohammed VI on February 25, Meghan chose this bespoke Carolina Herrera “Floral Printed Silk Chiffon Short Sleeve Gown” in blue (Meghan’s version is more lined than the original).

This dress doesn’t even look good on the model. Not only is the pattern awful – and tricks the eye to make the wearer appear wider at the shoulder which is not a great look on any woman – but it has a dust ruffle and flutter sleeves and a drop waist and it’s a big tent of a dress. Pick one design element, Herrera, and stick to that, don’t pile on five.

I do prefer sleeker looks in general, and I typically hate floral patterns, as evidenced by my top 5 favorite picks, so this dress was never going to be my cup of tea, but… Meghan is such a pretty woman, she deserves better than this.

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